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tv   Lockup Louisville - Extended Stay  MSNBC  January 10, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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an inmate's stress prompts an emergency response. >> he's been trying to abuse himself all day. threatening suicide. trying to swallow things. >> i'm in here because of ike and tina. that's what i named my hands. ike and tina. >> a repeat offender is charged with beating her mother and must now rely on her daughter for support.
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>> please don't forget to get the money, alexis. you know where to put it at in the machine? >> mm-hmm. >> an inmate known for his brawn decides to focus on his brain. >> keep it coming. keep it coming. keep it coming. >> and -- >> she was stabbed 19 times. >> after two prison sentences for attacking women, another inmate is accused of an unthinkable act. >> he's going to have emotional triggers that nobody else in this jail can understand, and he's safest being by himself. ♪ ♪ >> louisville, kentucky, is a city of landmarks.
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many of them household names from the world of sports. in the heart of downtown, however, there's a landmark of a different sort. the louisville metro department of corrections jail houses 2,300 inmates, most of whom have been charged with crimes and are awaiting trial and the resolution of their cases. >> there it is. >> in the bucket, boy. get all that. >> the vast majority of inmates are men, who try to pass time with sports activities themselves. but in the eight dormitories housing the jail's daily average of 210 female inmates, much of the focus is on beauty. >> pencil. out of commissary. you draw and color with them. and they're also good for makeup. great eye shadow and great mascara. just add a little warm water to
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it and voila. i put yellow on for me because of the uniform. >> monique jeffries might have an eye for color, but it's her hands that landed her in jail. >> i'm in here because of ike and tina. that's what i named my hands, ike and tina. >> why? >> because ike was aggressive. and tina finally fought back. >> are you a good fighter? >> i'm going to pat myself on the back. yes. i'm 39, and i ain't never took a loss. and the only person i ever took a loss to is a male. but i refuse to let a woman beat me up. >> fighting has earned jeffries three prior assault convictions and numerous jail stays on related charges over the past 15 years. >> people are going to look at it and watch this and say she's too old to be fighting. you're not too old to give an ass whooping, and you're not too
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old to take one. >> jeffries, i basically know my whole career over 12 years, she's seen me go from officer to lieutenant. it's kind of like following a professional relationship through her career coming in and out of jail and my career going through jail. so it's pretty unique. you coming back? >> [ bleep ] damn, i'm moving out of town. >> we've had this conversation before. >> he's one of the good ones. yeah. he's my favorite. >> jeffries' latest assault conviction for which she is now in jail awaiting sentencing struck closer to home. during an argument she knocked out two of her mother's teeth, gave her a black eye and burned her arms with a curling iron. jeffries said her mother provoked it, and she is confident that she will be released on parole at her upcoming sentencing hearing. >> nature itself joins in. let the rivers clap their hands. let the hills be joyful together before the lord.
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>> but the judge could give her up to five years in state prison. >> i'm learning to control my anger. that's why i'm in here. >> while faith might keep jeffries calm, maintaining her femininity lifts her spirits. >> if i don't get up and glamify myself and just lay back down, i'm depressed. so i get up and i take a shower at night and i take one in the morning. i get up, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and i lay right back down. >> it's not just women that are concerned about their appearance at louisville metro. the jail allows for a makeshift barber shop where male inmates can get haircuts during their one hour of daily recreation time. >> well, we cut hair in the jail. >> darryl campbell is one of the inmate barbers at louisville. >> triple fades, double fades. >> that's my favorite barber in here.
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think he might be the best one. >> for campbell, most cuts are routine and remind him of his life on the outside. but occasionally he's called upon to groom inmates from a special wing of the jail. >> that's horrible. i'm sorry to hear that. >> this dorm is dorm 7. it's a single-cell dorm. it's a 23-hour lockdown. which means they're in the cell 23 hours in the day, 1 hour out during the day, and it's a noncompliance psych dorm. >> today sergeant dejarnette will escort dorm 7 inmate anthony politi to the gym. >> i was out there the other day. there were so many people out there. it was really cold. >> politi is in the dorm while psychiatric staff continue to monitor and evaluate his state of mind and medication, though he is currently considered to be stable. this will be politi's first haircut in the 3 1/2 months that he's been at louisville metro. >> come on, big cat. got your arm band? get that for me.
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slide that on there. >> politi has been charged and pled not guilty to murder, rape, sodomy, and tampering with physical evidence. >> how are you doing? >> i want all this off. >> what else you want? what do you want done to your hair? >> i don't know, whatever you recommend. >> all right. raise your head up for me all the way back. >> according to police reports and the prosecution, politi committed an especially vicious crime. at the time, he was living at a rooming house in louisville, after having recently completed a prison sentence. the police report says politi and a 45-year-old woman were engaging in sexual activity. the sounds of a struggle prompted another rooming house resident to call 911.
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>> i just had a manicure done two days before i come here. whole works. had my eyebrows arched. now they're back to klingon, you know, eyebrows. >> despite his not guilty plea, the police report says politi actually confessed to strangling the victim to stop her screams. but he now says he confessed under duress during his long interrogation and doesn't really remember what happened to the victim. >> i mean, i black out sometimes, do stuff and don't remember. and it really ain't my fault. i don't know why it happens. it just happens. >> there's a mirror over here so you can look at it. >> politi says he only remembers falling asleep with the victim, then waking up and going to a store. >> when i came back from the store, i laid down. then i heard the police there, bam, bam, bam, bam, police, open
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up. and i pulled over the sheet or the comforter, and there she was. i just seen some blood. and the body was like it was dead. i was just about to open the door, and they bashed it in. and i didn't know what to say except, could i light this cigarette? >> according to the autopsy report, the victim was strangled and suffered massive internal and external wounds caused by a sexual device that was confiscated from politi's room. >> i'm usually a real good guy. people trust me with their kids even to babysit. i mean, i'm not a bad person. >> but this isn't the first time politi has been charged with a crime of a sexual nature. coming up -- >> i hear a lot of voices. >> anthony politi opens up to the jail psychiatrist. >> are they telling you to hit me now? >> and -- >> he told the officers he swallowed a comb. he's spitting up blood. >> a disturbance sends the special operations response team into action.
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boxing champion muhammad ali might very well be louisville, kentucky's most celebrated native son. but fame and fortune have eluded many of the other would-be or former athletes inside the louisville metro department of corrections jail, including thomas "bam bam" lewis. >> what's up? i mean, bam bam's a good nickname i've had since i was 12 years old. when i boxed, i mean, it was a good nickname. when i competed in arm wrestling, i mean, i guess it's a pretty good nickname to have. well, i don't box anymore. i quit. i'm too old for that stuff. but i've always got to find something to compete in, so arm wrestling's a good sport. and i've seen even the old guys get in there and really kick
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ass. >> the problem is lewis can't always find many opponents willing to arm wrestle him. but he has found another way of testing his strength. it involves outdated phone books. lewis is currently serving a one-year sentence for nonpayment of child support. he says it was always hard to make ends meet without a high school diploma. but now, thanks to a program offered by the jail, he's just days away from receiving his ged. >> my mom's proud of me. finally can say she's proud of me. after a lot of other stuff, she's always worried about me in boxing, always worried about me getting hurt in competition and other stuff i do. she don't really like tattoos.
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but this is one thing i can actually say she's proud of me for. >> while lewis has made the most of his time at louisville metro, some inmates continue to struggle. the special operations response team, or s.o.r.t., has just been alerted to a disturbance involving an inmate currently on suicide watch. it is jail policy to document such calls on video. >> behavior has been self-abusive. today he is stating that he has swallowed items. he's told the officers he swallowed a comb. he was spitting up blood. also, we did catch him in an attempt to swallow part of a toothbrush. he's been strip-searched. >> he a level 1 inmate, which means he's on suicide ups because he keeps trying to harm himself. >> and being naked? >> he refuses to put the smock on. [ yelling ]
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>> the inmate, laron moore, has just banged his head into the door frame. >> grubbs. he just rammed his head into the wall. >> just give it to him right now. >> medical personnel are called to administer a sedative. >> ow. >> take it easy, man. >> i didn't take anything, man. >> moore, who has pled not guilty to 13 charges including wanton endangerment, receiving stolen firearms, and evading arrest, is placed in a restraint chair, where he is secured at the feet, arms, and waist. >> this guy has had issues in the past with self-abusive behavior. the restraint chair is to prevent that behavior. >> officers also place protective head gear on moore to prevent further self-injury.
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>> the nurses will keep monitoring. the officers will be checking him every 15 minutes. and he'll have an inmate one-on-one watcher that will sit outside and observe him also. and we'll just keep a check on him, and probably here in 30 minutes or an hour, maybe if he's -- if the medication takes effect, then we might look at taking him out of that restraint chair and placing him back in his cell. >> psychiatric staff will also meet with moore in an attempt to better understand his self-abusive behavior and to formulate a treatment plan. over in the women's wing, monique jeffries has been formulating fashion plans for herself and her dorm mates. >> it don't make her look no better. [ laughter ] >> she makes earrings from candy wrappers. >> look at it. bam. boo-yah. >> and she also makes jewelry
9:18 pm
from comb tines including the one for her facial piercing. >> it's called the marilyn monroe. i change it like every three days, i change it and put a new piece of comb in it. because when you eat, bacteria and stuff, i don't want it to get infected. >> jeffries' homemade jewelry could be confiscated because in jail any item that is altered from its intended use is contraband. but she can legally acquire her raw supplies like candy bars and combs from the jail commissary, a virtual general store. >> that's real important to the inmates if they've got money on their account because they can buy cookies, pops, potato chips, soups. >> i try to not eat a lot of sweets because i'm a diabetic. my commissary snacks are cupcakes, pop-tarts, snickers. >> and how do these qualify as not being sweet? >> i act naughty sometimes during my -- i'm not supposed to have sugar, but i have it just
9:19 pm
in case my sugar level drops. >> but jeffries faces another risk every time she wants to place an order for new commissary items. >> hello? how are you doing? >> having enough money on her inmate debit account to pay for it. >> i'm lucky, each time that i've been incarcerated, that somebody's put money on my books. and most of the time i was incarcerated, my mother put money on my books to make sure that i was all right. >> answering machine came on. >> that's one source of funding jeffries has lost. she is currently awaiting sentencing for an assault on her mother that included knocking out two teeth and burning her with a curling iron. >> you can put -- will you put $100 on my book? and that will last me. i can't eat this food in here. i tried. it made me sick. >> so today jeffries reaches out to an ex-boyfriend for commissary money. >> i am grateful. huh?
9:20 pm
he said, you sit up here calling me, have everybody calling me, telling me you're starving. you ain't hungry. >> you ain't hungry. >> i was. i have been hungry. i think with me that's the most important thing when you're locked up, food and that phone. >> call you later on tonight. i sure will. you have a nice workout. okay? and i appreciate everything you do for me. okay. bye. >> feel better? >> no. because he was yelling at me. coming up -- >> i tell him give you $25 so you can give it to me. and don't take it, alexis. hello. >> monique jeffries seeks another source of commissary funding. her daughter. >> why do i have to be your mama? why do i have to be there when i need you to be there? >> and anthony politi relives the past. >> i wrote stuff on the wall in blood, and it was threatening. s in control of the finances.
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most of the inmates inside
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the louisville metro department of corrections jail prefer living in dorm-style housing units where they can at least socialize and have access to tv. but anthony politi is happy to be housed alone in his cell and to occasionally chat with a neighbor. >> politi. what's up? you got a haircut. let me see. you ugly, man. >> i could not be in a room with 20, 30 people all day. that would drive me insane. you know, i'd end up hurting somebody or i'd make them hurt me. i just couldn't do it. >> politi is charged with murder and rape. but despite police claims that he confessed after he was arrested, politi says he has no recollection of the murder. >> how did the 40-year-old girl end up dead in your room, man? what happened? >> i don't know. somebody strangled her, they said. >> somebody strangled her, it weren't you? >> i don't remember. >> i'd have been pissed if i came home and there was a dead body in my room. i'd have been pissed, man.
9:25 pm
>> well, from my past experiences, i don't know, it's possible i did it, but i don't think i did. i really don't. i've done [ bleep ] before and not remembered it. that's when people pissed me off, though. >> this is not the first time politi has been charged with a violent crime where he says memory failed him. he once served a 15-year prison sentence for assault with intent to commit murder after he stabbed an ex-girlfriend. >> she was stabbed 19 times. i don't remember it. >> shortly after his release from prison, politi was living with family. a female relative said he attempted to rape and strangle her. politi denies all that but admits to another disturbing action. >> i wrote stuff on the wall in blood, and it was threatening. i didn't write anything threatening, but because it was blood -- >> what did you write? >> i love you, i love you, i love you. stuff like that. >> whose blood?
9:26 pm
>> mine. >> after the relative chose not to confront him in court, politi's charges were dropped to wanton endangerment, and he was sentenced to another seven years in prison. less than a year after his release, he was arrested on his current charges of murder, rape, and sodomy. >> he was talking about getting the death penalty if they tried to give you a life sentence or something. >> i'm not doing any time anymore. >> not doing no time? >> either let me out the door or, you know, give me the death penalty. >> death penalty, which would you rather take? the injection or the -- what's it called? >> injection. i would never do the gas. >> you'd rather take the injection? oh, my god, man. you are crazy. >> the injection is a little more humane than the gas. >> believe me, man, you are crazy, man. >> mr. politi, how about you sit over here and i'll sit here. it might work better. >> while he awaits trial at louisville metro, politi receives checkups from the jail
9:27 pm
psychiatrist, dr. easley. >> how have you been? >> not very good. i can't sleep. during the day or at night. either -- i hear a lot of voices. sometimes i go over the same thought -- think about the same thing over and over till it keeps me up all night. sometimes they argue among themselves, and sometimes they argue with me, telling me to do stuff over and over again. >> so the voices tell you to do things you don't want to do? >> yeah. >> can you give me an example? >> i mean, sometimes it's violent things like hit this person. hit them, hit them, hit them over and over again. hit them here, you know, hit them there. >> are they telling you to hit me now? >> no, they're telling me to shut up. >> politi went on to describe several graphic accounts of sexual abuse he says he suffered as a child. >> is there anything else you want to tell me about? >> not that i know of. >> are you safe here in the jail? >> as long as they keep me in that little room i got.
9:28 pm
>> all right. we need to be wrapping up. i'm going to change your medicine a little bit. all right? >> all right. >> i hope you feel better. >> all right. thank you. >> thank you for talking with me. can i come back and see you? all right. thanks. >> this is a man who has an unusual -- i mean, enough that it even surprises me. his life is that unusual. his background. so he's going to have emotional triggers that nobody else in this jail can understand, and he's safest being by himself, without triggering all that. >> coming up -- >> i won't touch -- i mean, i've got to touch them, but i don't like to. >> a louisville metro lunchtime tradition. and -- >> you don't want your son on the streets. >> no, sir. >> is that why you were hurting yourself? >> yeah. >> dr. easley attempts to get through to laron moore. believe tomorrow starts today.
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the hour's top stories, the mexican government has officially notified joaquin "el chapo" guzman, that he's wanted in the united states and that begins extradition procedures against the former fugitive who was recaptured on friday. in flint michigan, they'll be handing out bottled water because there's toxic levels of lead in the city's water supply. now it's back to lock-up.
9:33 pm
last call. come on. >> at the louisville metro department of corrections jail, lunchtime means the cellophane-wrapped meals most everyone here calls szabos. >> the reason we call them szabos is because years ago our vending company was called szabo and they made the sandwiches at that time. and we no longer use them, but the name stuck with the sandwiches. >> would you eat that szabo right now? >> no, i would not. >> why? >> why? well, for one thing inmates prepare it. >> inmates like brian walden. >> what you do is you lay five rolls, four pieces of bread with two pieces of mustard, two pieces of cheese, three cookies, and then you just wrap them up. a szabo wrap. i won't touch them. i mean, i've got to touch them, but i don't like to. >> but making szabos earns walden $3 a day, and he appreciates that. >> it comes in handy because i'm indigent. i don't have people to come visit me and put money in my books. you work like a slave, but i mean, you can't complain. yeah, it keeps your mind from wandering or getting pressed out
9:34 pm
because i've got a little girl at home. you know what i'm saying? keeps me from thinking of her too much. pressed out means depressed. some of that louisville slang. >> walden is not alone in feeling depressed about leaving a child on the outside. laron moore's recent self-abusive behavior resulted in his being removed from his cell and placed in a restraint chair. now in a calmer state of mind, he explains why he was upset. >> my son. i know -- i know some way he's missing me as much as i'm missing him.
9:35 pm
but i try not to think about it. >> moore, now on new medication, has been taken off suicide watch. the jail's goal is to return him to general population. >> hi. >> how are you doing? >> i'm doing pretty good. how are you? >> that decision will depend in part on whether dr. easley feels he's ready for it. >> what made you so mad and angry? >> that i let my son down because i ain't never -- my father was there, but he was doing the same thing i'm doing, in and out. and i feel like if i can be there with my son more and more, he won't turn to the streets like i did. like i was looking for a role model -- >> so you hope your son doesn't imitate -- if he does imitate you, that he imitates the good parts. >> yeah. pretty much. >> you don't want your son on the streets. >> no, sir. >> is that why you were hurting yourself? >> yeah.
9:36 pm
>> make more sense of it to me. >> basically, most of the males you sit here in jail, period. you had a father that wasn't there or had a father that was in and out of their life where they have no role model, a male in their life. there's only so much a woman can teach them, a male, a son basically. and i just feel like i let him down. >> and you didn't want your son to be disappointed in you like you're disappointed in your father. >> i just feel like if he was there in the past, i probably wouldn't be here today talking to you. i'd probably be successful somewhere. i'd probably have a job or something. >> and what are you going to do to make sure nothing bad happens to you? >> stay focused. >> okay. we're going to try to move you from the single cell this evening, after shift change. so it will take several hours. don't get aggravated. if it even takes till tomorrow. okay?
9:37 pm
we're trying to get it done. okay? >> okay. >> i'll see you. okay. have a good weekend. all right. >> just as moore's son occupies his thoughts, one of monique jeffries' daughters, 20-year-old alexis, occupies hers. >> i'm getting dolled up today because i get my visit with my daughter, and i'm just excited. >> for alexis, visits bring mixed emotions. >> i really don't like visiting. i'm not going to lie. because i feel like i shouldn't have to come here and see my mother behind a screen. >> though alexis has had to adapt to her mother's frequent stays in jail, adapting is something she's done all her life. >> she got shot accidentally by a sawed-off shotgun. my daughter. she has one arm. she was 17 months old when it
9:38 pm
happened. and she's the most intelligentest person i've ever met. and she is so strong. >> i'm here to see monique jeffries. >> monique jeffries. >> yes, ma'am. >> even though i go through like most people i know, hell and back. and just hoping that my mama can get out and share it with me. >> have you thought about what you might want to talk to her about? >> money. i'm running low on it. i need $30. >> hey. look at you. >> did you cut your hair? >> huh-uh. >> look. >> you got nails. >> you see how long they are? >> they are. ain't bit them off. that means you ain't been nervous or angry. >> i miss you. you look beautiful. >> thank you. >> during the visit, alexis gets a cell phone call from monique's brother. >> oh, my god.
9:39 pm
tell my brother i miss him so much. >> your sister says she misses you so much. >> tell him to meet you to give you some money for me. tell him to give you $25 so you can give it to me. and don't take it, alexis. hello. >> i am listening, mama. >> tell him we don't have that much time. what'd he say? >> he said i'm going to give you some money. >> i want to be happy with her, no stressing about having to be locked up and having to have money on the books and money on the phone when you've barely even got money, you know, to eat and do everything else. >> i can't wait to see your apartment. don't do anything else so i can help you decorate. >> i just put a little mirror up and this little thing that say hope and this little thing about god. just a little couple things. you supposed to be here. you know, you done missed enough. i have my first apartment, first little car, first everything. >> i know. >> at the end of the day
9:40 pm
sometimes you just being around and me coming to see you and to hear your voice helps me get over everything. you know i'm crying. i know. you know i'm still going to love you. >> yeah, i know. i miss you so much. i don't want to make you cry, make your makeup run. but i miss you so much. >> it will be all right. >> stay away from people that be trying to get me in trouble and fight. >> at the end of the day we've got to learn how to walk away. >> i'll be walking away and reading my bible, everything. and when i say i've been reading my bible, you should see how people look at me. >> your bible? the lord needs you, and you need the lord. >> so please don't forget to get the money, alexis. you know where to put it at in the machine? >> mm-hmm. >> alexis, please put it on there today. please before you leave. >> i will. >> and i miss you and --
9:41 pm
>> i miss you and love you too. i am. >> bye-bye. >> at the end of the day it's like i don't care what she does, what anybody says or any of that. i just feel like, you know, it's my mother. so just because she is like my best friend and bundle of joy, it's like why do i have to be your mama? why do i have to be there when i need you to be there? coming up -- >> okay. look at the cameras. >> a graduation. >> welcome to the dorm. some guys in there. >> a transfer. >> a salam aleikum. >> aleikum salam. >> and a conversion. urgent diarrhea. now there's prescription xifaxan. xifaxan is a new ibs-d treatment that helps relieve your diarrhea and abdominal pain symptoms. and xifaxan works differently.
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louisville metro department of corrections jail inmate thomas "bam bam" lewis has been many things. a tattoo artist. a boxer. an arm wrestler. and a high school dropout. most recently he's shown a talent for disposing of old phone books. one thing he thought he'd never be is a math tutor. >> all right. let's start by finishing up doing -- >> the ones we missed? >> doing the ones you missed. >> lewis says the one thing about jail he's grateful for is the ged program, which he has just completed. and now he wants to pay it forward. >> i'm helping the gentlemen get ready for their ged test. it's just something i volunteer to do. and to help somebody else, man, makes me feel like i've achieved something. you're flushing too much. you've got too much on your
9:46 pm
brain. just calm down, relax, and just work the problem. >> but now it's time for 40-year-old lewis to play a new role. graduate. >> put on my dress. cute little dress i get to wear. >> still, his reputation precedes him. >> hey, listen. you know this is the gift, right? don't rip it in half, bam bam. >> it's too small. >> ged graduates are allowed to have one visitor at the ceremony. and lewis' has just arrived. >> hi, baby. >> i'm here to watch my son finally graduate. >> good seeing you again. it's been a year. >> yes. >> but you finally get to see me walk down the aisle, huh? >> yeah, finally. >> i'm just so glad he's doing this and getting it done. i've been trying to get him to do it for a while.
9:47 pm
and it's the first time i've actually gotten to touch him for a long time. >> keep it coming. keep it coming. keep it coming. yeah. mom, i did it. i graduated. i seen all my friends get their high school diploma and my daughter's got hers. i mean, it's something that i really should have had a long time ago. >> get over there with her. >> thomas lewis, come on up here, tom. give it up for thomas, you guys. congratulations. we have mom here with you? >> yes. >> okay. get in here. hold your certificate. okay? look at the camera. congratulations. >> i knew she was happy and
9:48 pm
proud of me. looking in her eyes said it all. my life right here. >> all right. say your good-byes. you've got to go. >> hopefully i'll be out soon. i'll walk you out. >> okay. >> walk you as far as i can, anyway. they won't let me walk you out. >> no, i don't think they'll let you walk me out. >> oh, no, i'm in black, they might let me get a little further. >> laron moore might feel he's graduating as well. after several counseling sessions and adjustments to his medication, the jail's mental health staff has approved his transfer from a single-person segregation cell to a general population dorm. >> so tell me how you're feeling about this. >> i'm happy. kind of ready to move back to a dorm and get out of the single cell. >> no anxiety about it? >> no. >> i think a single cell's meant to break you down mentally.
9:49 pm
you don't got nobody to talk to. you don't got nobody to vent to. you don't got nobody to do nothing with. it's just you and four walls and the sunlight. so the only time you do -- you've only got time to think, think, think, think, think. >> how are you doing, man? welcome to the dorm. some other guys in there. you'll get along fine. we play cards, watch tv, watch movies. it's all right in here. you'll like it. the doctors work with you. >> due to overcrowding there are no available bunks in the dorm. so moore will sleep on the floor in a boat, a plastic shell used as a temporary bed. but moore's still happy to be here. >> i'm glad to be out of the single cell. been in there for a while. [ banging ] now that ain't me. it used to be me. >> ooh.
9:50 pm
>> reach is a toothbrush. >> that's how we playing? >> another inmate at louisville metro has also seen significant change. six weeks after seeing her daughter. >> i'll be walking away in here reading my bible. >> -- and soon to be sentenced for assaulting her mother, monique jeffries has had a conversion. >> what are you doing, monique? >> going to muslim service. i changed my religion. okay. i've got to go. >> there's no such thing as i hate this group of people or i hate this race of people or i hate this individual. no. they're all a creation of the creator. so you want to respect the creator? respect his creations. >> yes. >> we want to do the right thing and show the people the real islam. how you be kinder to people. you kind to your neighbors. you kind to society. 1:00. got to go. >> oh, wow. i'm mad. >> i got to go.
9:51 pm
i'll come back next week, and i will see you guys next week. in what? in shah allah. >> i'll be here. i will be at home. >> i'll see you at the mass g. so i'll say in closing a salam aleikum. >> aleikum salam. coming up -- >> okay, we're on the record now versus monique jeffries. >> monique jeffries learns if she will be going home or going to prison. and her mother has something to say about it. >> monique was born as a monster. because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that beef wellington... to see how much you could save on car insurance, go to ah! (car alarm sounds) it's ok!
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9:53 pm
9:54 pm
do you solemnly swear or affirm the testimony you're about to give will be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? >> frequent court appearances are common for jail inmates as most of them are still in the process of resolving their cases. for that reason the courthouse and jail at the louisville metro
9:55 pm
department of corrections are housed within the same structure. and monique jeffries is in court today. she has already been convicted for assaulting her mother. in fact, she knocked out two of her mother's teeth and burned her with a curling iron. now she is about to be sentenced. >> all rise. >> please be seated. >> jeffries is optimistic that she will be allowed to leave jail on parole. her mother, debra brown, is also present in court. >> okay. >> okay, we're on the record now the case versus monique jeffries. >> before delivering his sentence, the judge allows jeffries to make a statement. >> okay, very good. five minutes, ms. jeffries. >> i would just like to say today that i have forgave myself for what i have done. i'm not a savage beast. i'm a human being. i will admit that it got a little bit out of hand, but i
9:56 pm
just didn't intentionally put my hands on her. i was provoked. i'm only protecting myself, and i can't help it if i protect myself to where i'm not going to let anybody put their hands on me anymore. since my incarceration, i have a new religion as a muslim. i've learned more than i have as a christian. and being a muslim requires a whole lot of structure, and i finally found something that's really going to structure me and help me guide myself to be a better person. >> okay. thank you very much, ms. jeffries. okay, commonwealth? >> yes, thank you. debra brown, who is the mother, is here in the courtroom today, and i believe that she would like to address the court, and if the court would permit her, i'd ask her to come forward. >> all right. >> debra. >> yes, ma'am. >> monique done hit me, jumped on me four times within my lifetime. she is a beast.
9:57 pm
i still have nightmares to see her hands come down in my face. she took both of my phones so i wouldn't call the police. she burned me on my arm with a hot curler. and her attitude, she went into her mode, oh, shut up, you're not hurt, your teeth wasn't no good anyway, you going to sit there and you going to let me hot curl my hair and get ready before you call the police. i had to give her a bus check to get out of my home and to leave, but she kept hot curling her hair. i asked her for my phones. she said, you keep on, i'm going to burn you. i grabbed for my phone while she stood there and hot-curled her hair. she kept laying the curlers on my arm. when she knocked my teeth out one at a time. she was hitting me so hard, i did like this.
9:58 pm
and she beat the daylights out of me. >> i understand it's -- >> and i can't take her beatings no more. monique was wrong, sir. >> i understand. i don't want you to get too -- >> i'm her mother. i'm not her friend in the street. you don't hit your mother. you don't beat your mother. >> well, you don't do that to anybody. so okay. well, i appreciate your comments, ma'am. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> okay. well, you know, the court's heard from the defendant and from the victim. and it's immediately obvious to the court that there are a lot of very strong emotions involved here. but, ms. jeffries, i'm going to deny your motion for probation and impose a sentence at this time because i think that you have to accept responsibility for what you've done. so i wish you the best of luck and will impose a sentence of five years -- was that correct on this? >> five years, yes. >> so, ms. jeffries, i wish you the best of luck.
9:59 pm
>> now facing five years in state prison, jeffries was feeling less forgiving toward her mother and her decision to press charges. >> you guys have probably one of the most -- >> [ bleep ] uppest relationship, yes. if she needed blood, i wouldn't give it to her. if she was on her dying bed, i wouldn't even go. i have forgave myself and god has forgaven me. so i'm done. >> monique was born as a monster. and i said i'm going to take this creature off the street because i created her. i hadn't seen her in two years, and i brought her back into my home. i'm embarrassed that my own child beat me the way she did. and that's all i got to say. bye.
10:00 pm
right now we're going to call the sergeant, let them know what's going on. and there's urine coming up the floor. >> recently sentenced to prison, a troubled, young inmate attempts to make a final impression on staff. >> why can't you ask like you have some sense? >> another inmate acts out in order to achieve a very different goal. >> i'd rather be someone for lf


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