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tv   MSNBC Live With Tamron Hall  MSNBC  February 10, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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headquarters right in the hard of manchester, new hampshire frrx the gop candidates, it's on to the next one. that, of course, is south carolina. the primary there a week from saturday, preceded by a debate this saturday night. ted cruz and jeb bush will hold rallies in south carolina during this hour, followed by john kasich and marco rubio in the next hour. then, donald trump tonight. and we have already heard from some of them this morning. take a listen. >> there's something going on. it's a movement. the people want to see a smart country. they want to see us take the country back. they want to see great deals, not horrible deals. >> who do you see as your biggest competition now, kasich, cruz in south carolina? >> a great question, but i think all of them. they're all accomplished people. they're governors and senators, and they're all very good people. maybe. >> i'm talking about donald trump here. targeting that person with extreme negativity. can your positive message hold up under that kind of withering
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attack that has claimed other candidates? >> well, matt, here's the thing. you know, somebody wants to mess with me, they're messing with the wrong guy. i'm not going to sit there and be a marshmallow and have somebody pound me. >> we're getting into the part of the campaign where the race is getting narrower and less people in the race. there's going to be a real focus on policy. we'll see how people hold up. >> a conservative needs to win the conservative party's nomination. i'm the most conservative governor and most conservative candidate with a proven record in the field right now. that's my case. >> but already, there's big breaking news on the democratic side from senator sanders' campaign, just moments ago, bernie sanders met with the reverend al sharpton for breakfast in harlem. sanders reaching out to african-american voters as he looks ahead to south carolina's primary. that state that's been called hillary clinton's firewall, i'm sure you have heard that over and over. according to the latest
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nbc/"wall street journal"/marist poll, black voters in south carolina prefer clinton to sanders right now anyway, 74% to 17%. joining me by phone is the reverend al sharp, founder of the national action network. thank you for joining us. i heard you say to the press standing outside, you had a laundry list of things you wanted to talk to senator sanders about. what's your focus of this meeting? >> the focus was to deal with the litany of issues that african-american and latino voters are facing from the criminal justice system to the economic disparity, inequality to educational inequality, to what is going on in flint, michigan. secretary clinton went to flint on last sunday. i wanted to know what he intended to do about flint. what he intended to do as he has dealt with the economic issues of the top 1%.
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even as you dumockerateize the economy, race still factors in because we still have an inequality in wealth and in income. he answered very forthright. he was very candid, very open. i said to him on the 16th, secretary clinton is meeting with the heads of major civil rights organizations, all of us will be meeting with her. would he also meet and talk to everyone? he said he would. my main concern, tamron, i have not endorsed anyone. my concern is that as the first black family in american history moves out of the white house at the end of the year, the concerns of blacks don't move out with them and we're marginalized. i thought it was very important and significant that on the morning after his huge victory in new hampshire, he would come to harlem and have this meeting. >> but reverend al, you have people who say the optics of it
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make it appear as if these are important issues to bernie sanders, but you and i both know there are people who will see this as pandering. they will say it wasn't until black lives matters activists stormed the stage last summer with bernie sanders did some of these issues even get on his radar. how does he explain this, and how does he avoid this looking or appearing as if it's all pandering to the black vote, which the clintons, of course, have also been accused of? >> i think both sides are going to be accused of that. and i think the jobs of activists is to make sure that the issues are larger than the politics of it. because when you go constituency, they're going to accuse you of pandering. you have to convince people you mean it, that you have the track record, and that you have shown the commitment. and i think it is not the job of activists and civil rights leaders to convince people. our job is to put the issue front and center and make the questions become part of the
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mainstream agenda in this presidential race, which it has not been and it must become even more so. >> reverend al, can you tell me how the meeting came about? did you hear from the sanders campaign? >> ben jealous, who has endorsed him, and who headed the naacp called me and asked me would i have a meeting with him. he said why don't you have breakfast? i said i'll take him to sylvia's. i sat at the same table that i sat with then-senator barack obama in 2007 when we ultimately went with him. i'm not saying where we will go. i'm more about an agenda than a candidate right now. that's who we're going to beat the drums on. i look forward to him meeting with the civil rights leadership collective as well with secretary clinton is going to do with the heads of national organizations next week. the agenda must be front and center in south carolina. >> now, i realize this was just an initial meeting, a lunch. and you pointed out there's
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several meetings to follow. can you tell me what, give me an example of something from his record that senator sanders pointed to that would have satisfied you with this initial meeting being more than a photo opportunity for him in the heart of harlem. >> he talked about how he went to jail in chicago with dr. king. he called for the governor of michigan to resign over flint. i thought that was significant. he says that it's not enough to just talk about the money and the senate, which he certainly things the money that are being proposed ought to be there, but he called for governor snyder of michigan to resign. he also said that he is a firm supporter of our dealing with affirmative inclusion of black in terms of making sure the inclusion is there when i raised the economic issues. so i thought that the highlight for me and of course we'll get into details when we meet with
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the broader group, but the highlights for me was calling on the governor of flint to resign. something that i think all presidential candidates now can have to ask whether they agree with that, since he's now the one that won the democratic primary yesterday in new hampshire. >> reverend al sharpton, host of politics nation here in msnbc, thank you for joining us. very interesting meeting. thank you. >> thank you. >> i want to bring in our boston globe political editor, shira center, jamal simmons, and msnbc political analyst, mother jones washington bureau chief, david corn. you have all been listening to this meeting, some of the intel from reverend al. i'll do a quick roundup. what do you think, wake up this morning and bernie sanders is in harlem. >> well, we know that the hillary clinton campaign people have been saying again and again that iowa and new hampshire have not representative of the diverse electorate, particularly democratic electorate. >> which is a fact.
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>> it is a fact. doesn't include african-americans and latinos. we move to south carolina, where there is, as the poll just showed, a whopping advantage for hillary clinton amongst african-americans. so bernie sanders needs to start working that field and making his case before that. i think, though, whattened here in new hampshire, if i can stay in that for one moment. >> we're going to get to it. >> it's quite amazing in terms of the complete collapse that hillary clinton had amongst democratic and independent voters here. under the age of 45 or 50, she lost 3 to 1. we're not talking about kids, the idea that the kids are for bernie. no, people who are working, who have families, may even have teenagers, did the same. and the other thing that stood out to me, they asked people who voted in the democratic primary, do you think hillary clinton is trustworthy? we're not talking about republicans who say benghazi, benghazi, benghazi. democrats, 54%, said they did not think she was honest. >> which we have been hearing
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rumblings of outside of her party. shira, let me bring you in on that since we're going to stick with new hampshire. as david pointed out, some of the numbers that are also stirring, 11% overall, bernie sanders and steve kornacki is standing by, he beat hillary clinton with women voters across the board by 11% here. part of her speech last night was, i'm going to try to do better, paraphrasing. i will connect, even though many of these women don't support me, i will show them why they should. how is it that we're here, where this is the part of her message where she's nuancing, of all things, it seems. >> i know. the irony, especially compared to her 2008 campaign where she didn't emphasize her gender as much, where she didn't talk about breaking the glass ceiling, the ultimate glass ceiling until the very, very end of the campaign. the irony is so striking this is the campaign where she really tried to make an overt effort to appeal to female voters, to talk about it as this major
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milestone, and women under 65 are not buying it, at least not in new hampshire. i think it says a whole lot about generations of women in this country and how they vote. you know, it's obviously very hard to talk about these groups, demographics monolithicly, but younger women are having a hard time seeing the appeal in a hillary clinton candidacy so far. >> that's interesting you say that. as shira pointed out, it's easy, i think frrx the media to look at groups in a monolithic way. they do it to women, young voters, and the drum has been beat on black voters. as we move into south carolina with nevada in middle, and we'll talk about nevada, how does hillary clinton avoid some of the same problems with overall female voters that she could potentially face with black rea york post was covering bernie sanders in harlem. one of the first persons at least they say they spoke with, i dropped my pen on that one,
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they said the democratic voters had taken blacks for granted, especially the clintons. >> you know, tamron, there's a big, broad problem with the clinton campaign. they've got to fix. it's been a problem for a long time. they have to get a compelling vision, a message that people in america, democrats in america want to rally for. here's where bernie sanders is right. the way a democrat wins is to turn out people, young voters, white progressives, a mix, and then try to win over swing voters. but you have to get the energy out of the democratic base if you have any chances of winning. david just mentioned the firewall in south carolina. i have been saying for a long time, i think hillary clinton's support in the african-american community is very wide. i'm not sure how deep it is. this morning, there may be some cracks in harlem with ben jealous and now al sharpton entertaining a conversation. there will be black voters who say, wait a minute, let's listen to this bernie sanders guy, hear what he has to say, and let's see whether or not we should get behind him. that's a dangerous moment for
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senator clinton, secretary clinton. i think you're starting to see her campaign pick up on that and try to run a more targeted effort at african-american voters to hold them back from going to sanders. >> david, let me bring you in. january fund-raising cadollars, hillary clinton, $15 million. bernie sanders, $20 million. he said he collected another $3 million following that razor thin, you know, win for hillary clinton in iowa. >> we can talk demographics and something a little crass about that. but there's energy is an issue, too. passion. and you see again and again that bernie sanders has a coherent message. a vision. you know, you can agree or disagree, but people know what he stands for, and they are being drawn to that. hillary clinton seems to be flopping about a bit, trying to figure out what to say other than she has a great resume and that she's competent and can be pragmatic. voting for a president is often an emotional act for a lot of
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people. it's about your feeling. you want someone who represents your own visions and your view of america. and just coming in and saying, well, i have a great resume, i can do a good job, michael dukakis tried that in '88. it didn't work in the general. i think clinton, besides playing demographic politics, has to find a way to connect with a broader range of democrats as a prelude of connecting with a broader range of americans. >> in your opinion you say there's something crass about talking about demographics. in reality, if you live outside of new hampshire or iowa and you're black, you're saying a lot of these things don't hit necessarily home to what i'm talking about day to day. you are an american. we're all part of it, all concerned about the economy. but certainly when you look at gender, pay equality, you look at black lives matter, some of the community issues, demographics, is not crass. >> have after overarching message that gets people excited
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and i'm all about addressing community policing, criminal justice, immigration issues. they have to be addressed. you have to tell people things that get them excited. it has to be more than a laundry list tick-off. >> i want to transition to the gop race and what happened there. i was at the john kasich headquarters last night. speaking of energy, as david pointed out, it certainly seemed, jamal, that kasich has the energy. so much so, already, donald trump is taking a swipe at him. let me play what trump said on "morning joe" regarding his biggest threat now moving forward. >> who's your biggest threat now moving forward? now we got through iowa, we have gotten through new hampshire, as you assess the republican field, who is the biggest threat? >> honestly, i think they all are. they're all smart, intelligent, very accomplished people. i wouldn't necessarily pick one. john is a little bit closer than the others, but that could be an
8:15 am
outlier also. you never know what's going to happen. i was very happy with our poll numbers because you're right about, i was listening to before the polling was just about exactly right. we had the polling at 34%, 35%, 32%, probably the result was even a little higher than the polling. but i think they're all really potential threats. but i'm okay at handling threats. >> he's okay at handling threats. jamal, what do you think of that? what do you see as the line of attack to beat out governor kasich if he is the one coming out with momentum? >> you know, john kasich is a really compelling candidate in a general election because he comes from a state of ohio, which already has a huge number of electoral votes. he's been winning in that state. he's kind of the middle of america moderate guy. he's not moderate in his politics. very conservative, but he's moderate in his personality. that appeals to a lot of people. the question is conservative people up and down the primary schedule will buy into that. if you look at the primaries as
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a testing case for your messaging and this is why it's so important for hillary clinton to get there, you have to have a compelling message that people in your base party will show up and vote for so when you go into the general election, you have a chance to win over people and actually get your people to the polls. that's what i think john kasich has to figure out. >> shira, that is, and i'll get david on this as well, may be the difference out of iowa, out of new hampshire, some of this anger, specifically when it relates to donald trump supporters, it's populist mixed with native anger, regarding some of that momentum. john kasich is refuting that. he's already started talking about criminal justice reform and some of these things that libertarians may want to hear. >> yeah, so john kasich really benefitted from new hampshire's open primary system where the large swath, more than 40% of the state are independent voters and can pick a democratic ballot or republican ballot on primary day. he really benefitted from the system. not every state in the primary
8:17 am
calendar in the next couple weeks has that system. in fact, few do. that's a problem for kasich in the long rung. my question for his strategy is what place does he have to come in in south carolina in ten days for him to be considered a success? donald trump is leading in polls there, okay. ted cruz has a natural base among the state's social conservatives. marco rubio is also competing for the social conservatives. where does that leave john kasich to nab a slice of the voter pie? it's very difficult. if anything, he'll have more success continuing on to the march 1 super tuesday if he has the funds and momentum to keep him going that long. >> we have someone from his campaign joining us later. real quick. >> the jeb bush campaign is ready to pash him for expanding medicaid and cutting back on defense bases when he was in congress, saying he's not conservative in a state that likes conservatives. >> we're asking his campaign about that when someone joins me later. i would like to bring in steve kornacki. he's been so patient, digging deeper into the numbers.
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steve, obviously, with new hampshire behind us, we can chew on this, but the question is also, what does it tell us about nevada? what could it tell us about south carolina and beyond? dm the point david was making earlier is spot on when you look at the results from new hampshire on the democratic side. i think maybe we have misunderstood bernie sanders's coalition or at least his potential coalition. a lot of talk in the race is hey, it's really tough for bernie sanders to replicate what barack obama did in defeating hillary clinton in 2008, because basically, bernie sanders can get the same white voters that barack obama got. they tended be younger, college-educat college-educated, upper scale income wise, and cannot get the african-american support that barack obama had. what we're seeing in new hampshire is interesting. bernie sanders certainly still needs to work on getting african-american support in south carolina, but in new hampshire, we see bernie sanders building a very different coalition with the voters here than barack obama put together. look at this. when you look at income, voters under $50,000, bernie sanders beat hillary clinton last night
8:19 am
by a better than 2 to 1 margin. when you look at voters who don't have a college degree, again, an overwhelming sanders victory over hillary clinton. he did much better with voters who don't have college degrees than with voters with college degrees. the significance of this is in 2008, this was the opposite. barack obama was in a state like new hampshire, barack obama was winning the college-educated voters. he was winning the upper-income voters. he was losing with the noncollege voters and losing with the lower income voters. the significance when you move outside new hampshire, you think back to 2008. there were a lot of states as this race stretched through april and may and june, a lot of states where hillary clinton was blowing out barack obama. states that had high lower income blue collar white voter populations. pennsylvania, west virginia, kentucky, parts of ohio, appalachia, these were states where barack obama got blown out in many cases. these numbers are suggesting bernie sanders while he still has to make inroads, while he has challenges in a state like south carolina where he's going
8:20 am
to need african-american support, this also suggests there are a lot of supports that were not in play for barack obama in 2008 that could be in play for bernie sanders. so we could be seeing a very different kind of coalition here being put together by bernie sanders. >> all right, thank you very much, steve. a pleasure having you on. we'll talk with you later. as well throughout the day, steve looking at the numbers. coming up from new hampshire, on to south carolina and nevada. the candidates are quickly moving to those two next big contests. events are under way, set to get under way in the palmetto state. jeb bush will hold a rally in bluffton, and ted cruz is in myrtle beach. we're going to take you to those events, and also hearing developing news potentially regarding governor chris christie. and we'll also talk with congressman mark sanford out of south carolina. what are the tea leaves showing him could happen in the gop field in his state?
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we're following developing news regarding governor chris christie out of new jersey. steve is back with me. there are couple reports indicating he may be ready to call it quits. >> we know last night in his speech, he said he's not going to south carolina today. going to go back to new jersey, mull his future, have an announcement. we're hearing no official decision yet made by chris christie. we're also hearing he may still be in new hampshire. he stayed in nashua. the hotel is telling us he has not yet checked out. >> can they tell you that? wait a minute. >> that's what we have been told. >> i don't think the hotel can tell you that.
8:25 am
okay. >> that doesn't mean he's not there right now. but obviously, the clock is ticking on this. this is not the performance he wanted last night. certainly when you talk to people in trenton, there's a lot of expectations he's going to be back in trenton rather than south carolina. >> he spent so much time here. >> this is the state he banked it on. he did, even if he gets out of the race, he did go after marco rubio and probably did drive marco rubio down here. >> thank you. i know you're going to dig around. you cannot find out someone's hotel information legally. thank you. >> donald trump will hold a rally tonight at clemson university. while the republican runner-up, john kasich, will hold a town hall in mt. pleasant. south carolina will also play host to the next republican debate on saturday night. for weeks now, that state has been blanketed by aggressive tv ads including a new one out just today from donald trump going after ted cruz. >> took more than a million dollars in sweetheart loans from
8:26 am
wall street banks and failed to disclose them as required by law. runs a campaign accused of dirty tricks that tried to sabotage ben carson with false rumors. ted cruz, the worst kind of washington insider, who just can't be trusted. >> joining me now, south carolina congressman and former governor, mark sanford, who is yet to endorse a candidate in this contest. thank you so much for joining us, congressman. let me ask you, you have not endorsed yet. what are you waiting at this point? >> well, i'm waiting and watching with every other voter in the first district of south carolina or for that matter, across the state. it's going to be a contest of ideas. it will be a hard-hitting one, i suspect in the next ten days. >> what is the most important group to watch out of your state? i know that evangelicals make up a big part of the state, around 55% of the republican primary voters. it seems that evangelicals have a very interesting relationship with donald trump. they trust his leadership,
8:27 am
except his faith at this point, but also have someone more in line with some of the ideals and values that they express in a ted cruz. >> yeah. you know, i think it's going to be interesting to see the difference in the way that unfolds. what i would argue is that the real fuel behind the trump candidacy in south carolina is economic populism. the area where he's strongest, oddly enough, is indeed the evangelical belt of our state, up in the upstate, but i think that what's driving that is, again, economic populism. that's the old area of small textile towns across upstate south carolina. some of those folks haven't been a part of the new age of manufacturing that's come to the upstate. and so i think it's those pockets of economic hurt that are really the fuel behind his campaign. i think the cruz message probably fits more naturally in the upstate, we'll see hi those two weigh out. >> i know former president
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:28 am
george w. bush was in a radio ad, also a tv spot released by his brother's super pac last week. i want to play a bit of what's airing there on television. >> the first job of the president is to protect america. our next president must be prepared to lead. i know jeb. i know his good heart and his strong backbone. jeb will unite our country. he knows how to bring the world together against terror. >> our last poll in january has bush at 29%, bush at 36%. what do you see happening for bush, and can his family help him in the state that's supported the bushes? >> i think they are coming. it's going to be old home week in south carolina. south carolina historically has been good to the bush family. i think you're going to see that play over again. my sense is that he has a degree of forward momentum post-new hampshire. i think it's going to be a complete jump ball between trump, cruz. i would have said rubio before,
8:29 am
but i think it may well be bush that fills that spot in sort of a tough three-way contest. although rubio is not exactly out of the mix. he has a good ground game, as you look across different parts of the state. that's not where cruz is, but it's fairly strong relative to what you would see in the trump organization. >> congressman sanford, thank you so much for your time. we'll be excited to move right along to your great state. thank you, sir. coming up, a couple of republican rivals will stop back on capitol hill today for a key vote on north korea sanctions. but not without some quick campaign events in south carolina. we're expecting to hear from senator ted cruz appearing any moment now in myrtle beach. marco rubio, live pictures of ted cruz's wall. and we have an event also coming up with senator rubio in spartanburg, the top of the hour. we'll have more from all of the candidates and where they have moved on to. these are live pictures at the
8:30 am
crowd gathers to meet up with marco rubio. can he recover after what was clearly a disappointing night after being taken on by chris christie in that last debate? we'll be right back. be good. text mom. boys have been really good today. send. let's get mark his own cell phone. nice. send. brad could use a new bike. send. [siri:] message. you decide. they're your kids. why are you guys texting grandma? it was him. it was him. keep your family connected. app-connect. on the newly redesigned passat. from volkswagen. or if you're young or old.are if you run everyday, no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin.
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i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit a lot of live events we're watching for you. ted cruz ability to speak in myrtle beach, in south carolina. senator marco rubio holding an event in spartanburg. john kasich in mt. pleasant, and bernie sanders is in new york city today. he had a big meeting in harlem with the reverend al sharpton. ted cruz and marco rubio won't be in south carolina for long. they're taking a short break from the campaign trail today and heading back to their jobs on capitol hill. the senate plans to take up legislation that will hit north korea with tougher sanctions after it launched a long-range rocket into space and claimed to have successfully tested a
8:34 am
hydrogen bomb. luke russert joins me from washington. obviously important vote, but it's optics that matter in that town, and having these two candidates back for the vote matters. >> without a doubt, tamron. and before i came on to talk with you, i was reviewing the stats with our capitol hill stutitian about how many votes these senators have attended. if you go back to last year when they made their announcement in the terms of votes missed. ted cruz has missed about 33% of the votes in the senate. bernie sanders, about 17% of the vote. marco rubio, over 50% of the votes missed since last year. since this campaign started in 2016, they have missed all but one vote, rubio has missed all but two votes. so the capitol hill day job not exactly the highest priority. why is this vote today so important? well, what north korea has done in 2016 by testing what many believe to be a hydrogen bomb as well as recently launching a
8:35 am
satellite to enhance their nuclear capabilities, they want to get on the record on what they view as a very important national security issue. the sanctions target north korean money entities from china. it's going to be an overwhelm g overwhelmingly bipartisan vote. cruz and rubio will come back for that important national security issue. sanders will miss this vote, but expect him to show up. someone who covers capitol hill daily, the hoopla has arrived here on the hill. more cameras than we have seen in quite a while. >> luke russert live for us on capitol hill with a big, xooising day. thank you very much. and up next, it was a rough showing for hillary clinton in new hampshire, losing some key voter groups that backed her in 2008. we'll look at clinton's strategy moving ahead, next. [thunder rumbling] ♪ [chattering]
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8:39 am
"the view" where he talked about his decisive win last night and recent attacks from his rivals. take a listen. >> a lot of hard work in front of us, what i think the message that we're bringing forth, that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness. we're not seeing that fairness right now. >> over the weekend, bill clinton, he really had -- he went hard on you, i thought. he says that you're hermetically sealed from reality. trump and his acceptance victory speech, so-called, he said you want to give away our country, talking about taxes and things like that. what's your response to all that? >> my response is that what we have, first of all, i was disappointed in president clinton. i have known him for 25 years and i like him and i respect him and i don't this campaign does not degenerate -- >> he's fighting for his wife. >> i understand that. nonetheless, let's keep it on the issues, not making personal attacks. >> meanwhile, hillary clinton is
8:40 am
spending the day back at her home in upstate new york with no events scheduled today, as her team moves past the loss in new hampshire. her campaign is signaling a, quote, more aggressive strategy going forward. beth has covered the clinton campaign before. you were on the trail. it's interesting, bernie sanders from harlem to the view. midday audience, large female audience. and expressing disappointment in bill clinton's attacks on him. >> yeah, he's being really smart. he's really keeping this momentum going that he got last night. hillary clinton, as you said, is off the trail. she's doing debate prep. she and senator sanders have a debate tomorrow night in milwaukee. you know, he could be doing the same thing because that debate is going to get a lot of eyeballs. instead, he's riding the momentum, going to "the view" to harlem. that's a constituency he needs to work with, african-american voters. he's signaling he's not giving
8:41 am
up any ground to secretary clinton in that respect. >> beth, i'm sorry. we're in the world headquarters. there was the loudest sneeze i ever heard in my life. it shuddered the room. it startled me. >> you never know what might happen. >> not in this town. that was the case last night. predictab predictably, bernie sanders won. as you point oud, you never know what happens. people thought maybe hillary clinton would have a bit more success with female voters, particularly those who are past college aged, 30 and on. what are you hearing regarding a correction of her strategy and how do you compare it to 2008 when you actually covered her campaign then? >> it couldn't be more different, tamron. new hampshire saved her campaign in 2008. this blow out of new hampshire is just devastating. it's the biggest margin of victory for a candidate over another ever in a primary. and that's just devastating to secretary clinton, who counted on new hampshire, those women,
8:42 am
middle-aged, older women to carry her to victory last time. they did not do that this time. she, of course, correction is going to be hard. she's a very well-known person. probably the most famous woman in the world. people have made up their minds about her, and it's going to be hard to correct for that. nonetheless, she's going to a state where typically the clintons have done well among african-american voters in the past. that's a large group of voters in south carolina. she does have a chance to revisit this and do it again. >> all right. thank you very much, beth. great pleasure having you on. by the way, one note to update you on. nbc news has allocated 15 delegates to sanders and 8 to clinton in new hampshire. in addition, clinton has the backing of six of the state's eight super delegates, so the overall count out of new hampshire is sanders, 15, clinton, 14. combine those with the delegates awarded out of iowa, and clinton leads sanders 44-36 on the long road to the nomination. as we head to a break, a live
8:43 am
look at bluffton, south carolina, where jeb bush is holding a rally there. you see him already starting up with his supporters, or likely supporters. we'll be right back. ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money. he decided to save money by switching his motorcycle insurance to geico. there's no shame in saving money. ride on, ride proud. geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides.
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no matter who you are a heart attack can happen without warning. if you've had a heart attack, a bayer aspirin regimen can help prevent another one. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. bayer aspirin. now it's on to nevada, south carolina, and beyond. >> now we take this campaign to the entire country. we're going to fight for every vote in every state. >> and we're back now with an up close look at the next battleground for bernie sanders and hillary clinton. that's nevada. that's where the democratic caucus is a week from saturday. the same day as the republican primary in south carolina. joining me live now from las vegas is veteran nevada political reporter, one of our favorites, john rolston, sta state-wide on pbs. so good to see you.
8:47 am
i follow you on twitter, and you tweeted on monday, hillary has an advantage, but it will be closer than people think. and she's not a lock. what numbers are you looking at? >> well, there's not been any reliable polling at all, tamron, but it's just been clear what's going on, even before what happened last night in new hampshire, and of course, you know how big momentum can be in politics and how it's difficult to get past a media narrative. the facts are these, hillary clinton was here in nevada six months before bernie sanders set up his first office here. she has the infrastructure, the people who worked in nevada for both obama and clinton in 2008. she has all those advantages. she's made outreach to the hispanic community and dreamers, specifically. she's had public events here. sanders got started very late. as you well know, he's been raising money like crazy. he's opened up a whole bunch of offices here, and get this, he's outspent her on tv here substantially. and just yesterday, put another
8:48 am
million dollar buy into nevada, even before the results of new hampshire came out. he's now bought twice as much tv as she has here. >> what are the tones of his ads? what do you see is the overall message he's trying to get through with the ads? >> well, i think what he's doing is the same thing that he's doing across the country, and what you saw in the speech, the victory speech in new hampshire, tamron. he's talking about income inequality, talking about opportunities being blunted in america. and he's appealing here to young people just as he is across the country. he had huge rallies both on a soccer field here in southern nevada and up at the university of nevada reno in reno, where you had these young people who were just flocking to him. i'm not quite sure that the analogy to barack obama in 2008 is the same, but you have seen the exit polling. you see the problem hillary clinton has attracting young people to her campaign. >> and just quickly, john, this issue, this allegation that some of the nevada culinary union
8:49 am
workers allegedly having dirty tricks passing themselves off as union members and using culinary buttons to lobby, what happened there? >> yeah, that's not just an allegation. in fact, the sanders campaign eventually acknowledged it. the culinary union workers obviously are a huge percentage of the vote. the culinary, we should say, is remaining neutral so far, but it has half of its population is hispanic. workers in casinos are an important part of the elector e electorate. these bernie sanders folks disguised themselves as culinary people, put on the distinctive yellow culinary buttons and got access to private employee dining unions. the culinary union was called about this and shut it down and the campaign apologized. people might not realize, it's a quirk in nevada, there are going to be caucus sites on the las vegas strip for these folks to go to, about half a dozen of them, tamron. >> we'll be talking to you a lot over the next few days. thank you so much for joining me today. >> you bet.
8:50 am
and a quick update now on results from last night's republican primary. of the 23 delegates from new hampshire, nbc news is also allocating trump kasich with 4 and cruz and bush with 2 each. trump is now the leader in the total delegates at 17. cruz is in second at 10. rubio 7 and kasich at 5. speaking of kasich, after a strong second place showing in new hampshire, the republican governor is turning his attention to south carolina. he actually sent his bus down before he even left new hampshire. up next, one of the people in charge of kasich's successful new hampshire campaign. we'll talk about the strategy moving forward and his positive campaign that he says he wants to run. longer than ever. as we age, certain nutrients become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d.
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8:54 am
shots from all over that state. and this one happens to be an event held by john kasich. it's a town hall, fresh off his second-place finish here in new hampshire. the ohio governor worked hard for that result, taking part in more than 100 town hall meetings, 106 actually, during months of campaigning here, but with the south carolina primary ten days away, governor kasich will have less time to duplicate that successful strategy in that state is known for more bare brand knuckles. here tom rath. thank you so much for joining us. already rivals are coming after governor kasich. i want to play what jeb bush said this morning regarding what he sees are some of the flaws in governor kasich, if he is to get the nomination. let's play it. >> when he had a chance, he expanded obama care through medicaid. and governors across this country had a chance to take a stand against obama care. many did. here in florida, i was as a
8:55 am
private citizen, i fought for stopping the expansion of medicaid and we were successful. other states did the same, but in ohio it was expanded. he'll have to explain that down here. >> so how does the governor explain that? >> well, first of all, i welcome that kind of discussion that's focussed on issues and the differences between these people. that's an appropriate thing to do in campaigns. and governor bush was a governor, and he understands that each state has to make its own decision on federal programs. that's the core part of federalism. ohio made a decision, what was best for them, it's limited in terms of its impact and it has expanded the roles of people with insurance greatly and it's cut down the cost of the program. that's a discussion governor kasich would welcome with governor bush. >> already again as well donald trump saying he heard a commercial that was a little bit negative. it was a john kasich attack against him. he's also preparing. we've seen this with marco rubio and ted cruz, you make some movement, trump comes after you.
8:56 am
appears jeb bush believes he may have a chance in south carolina, governor kasich said he will remain positive. he said last night, we never went negative because we have more good to sell than to spend our time being critical of someone else. how does that work in south carolina where we know it can get, as i said a little more bare knuckle? >> well, others can do that and i think a distinction from that is staying positive and telling them why you think you should get it or why you should move forward as opposed to ripping somebody apart. sooner or later we have to get through this process. we'll have a nominee that the party closes around. if we rip each other to slehred that's not good for november. >> what does governor kasich need to do in south carolina to move forward? >> we have to have a strong showing. i'm not going to define that by percentage. i think there are some delegates you can win proportionally in that state. we're certainly going to compete for those and we're going to try to capitalize on what happened
8:57 am
last night here, not just on the trail but in terms of gathering resources. >> thank you so much. he's already picking up where he left off with a town hall he is showing up right now. >> looks very familiar. >> thank you so much for joining us for this hour and thank you for joining me during our time here in manchester, new hampshire. thanks to my team in new york and here for putting it all together. up next, andrea mitchell reports. we'll see you soon in south carolina. our cosmetics line was a hit.
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♪ right now on "andrea mitchell reports" -- the winners. new hampshire crowns the outsiders with victory. >> we want to thank the people of new hampshire. >> a huge voter turnout. and i say huge! >> boy, do we have a ground game. you know, we learned a lot about ground games in one week, i have to tell you that. >> what


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