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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  February 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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succeed president obama. >> that is a low blow. >> i think in the white house, we'll have enough political capital. >> you're not in the white house yet. >> ted cruz turns a scene from "office space" into an attack on hillary clinton. >> and whoops, who pulls this ad off the airways? >> maybe vote for more than a pretty face next time.
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>> president obama admitting to ellen why he's california dream. >> it's good to get out of washington, which sometimes can be depressing. >> to get out of washington? or what part is depressing? >> well, washington. >> good afternoon. i'm andrea mitchell in washington. over immigration and social security clashed over the issues with the obama presidency and the legacy. with bernie sanders taking offense to the latest line of clinton attacks. >> i think we have been an ally.
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have you ever disagreed with a president? i suspect you may have. >> calling the president weak, calling him a disappointment and calling several times that he should have a primary opponent when he ran for reelection in 2012, you know, i think further than saying we have our disagreements. >> one of us ran against barack obama. i was not that candidate. >> alex seitz-wald joins me now. you've been covering hillary clinton going back. what do you make of the debate? >> a new tone to her. it's been striking, much hotter and calmer this time around, and i think that reflect it is larger message. she's the adult. she's the realistic one in the room and lets sanders be hotter and more passionate, but i think
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that bit you played, it's an issue that was brewing for a while and had it out in a big way. especially important into south caroli carolina, where we expect 50% to 60%. obama is a 90% approval rating and bernie sanders doesn't have a great answer on this. he did talk about finding a primary candidate in 2012 and obama was a disappointment and one of us ran against president obama but more accurate to say that barack obama ran against hillary clinton than the other way around. >> and the question that judy would have asked of them last night of bernie sanders last night about the obama legacy came out of kasie hunt, first
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bernie sanders and hillary clinton referred to kasie hunt's question and answer last night. let's play that. >> you don't think obama closed the gap? >> no, i think it's bringing millions of people into the political process. >> president obama was the recipient of the largest number of walls donations of anybody on the democratic side ever. when it mattered, he stood up and took on wall street. so let's not in any way imply
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here that either president obama or any candidate would not take on health insurance companies or the gun lobby to stand up to do what's best for the american people. >> let's not insult the intelligence of the american people. people aren't dumb. why in god's name does wall street make huge campaign contributions? i guess, just for the fun of it. they want to throw money around. >> so hillary clinton took what bernie sanders said to kasie hunt, said, just today in an intervi interview.
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>> he said he would be better on race relations. bernie sanders is calling for a political revolution. his party has been in control of the white house for the past eight years. there is an inherent tension there. it's one thing to call for revolution after george w. bush is in office but it's his party and president in power. bernie sanders hasn't been a democrat for most of his life in politics. he's a long time independent, so he's got to figure out some way to tell this line. democrat, independent, support barack obama or somewhere in the middle? >> what a great job they did. good debate. thank you very much. and the republican race now shifted to south carolina where voters share their feelings about the candidates including this focus group led by our pollster, peter hart. >> ted cruz. >> negative. >> word or phrase for a feeling. >> feeling? divisi divisive. >> opportunist. >> family driven.
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>> car sales man. >> john kasich. >> good businessman. >> second choice. >> john kasich. >> still learning about him. >> john kasich. >> good governor. >> john kasich. >> i'd go for him. >> donald trump. go right around the room. everybody got their word? one word. i want it fast. i want it served up to me. >> leader. >> flashy. >> alpha dog. >> rich. dogmatic. >> narcissistic. >> divisive. >> marco rubio? >> rising star. >> marco rubio. >> fresh race. >> marco rubio. >> strong politician. >> marco rubio. still new. >> marco rubio. >> immigration. >> marco rubio. finish your turn, senator. >> needs experience.
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>> halle, first to you. these one word reactions, people really get it. they really nailed all sorts of characteristics that we can all see and observe ourselves. >> reporter: right, and especially car trystics the candidates are aware of. they've brought caroline and katherine out there. people can see the humanized ted cruz even though unlikable as a family man is a benefit to the campaign. you talk about cruz being unlikable, andrea, and that is a line of attack we see pushed by, who else? donald trump. you know, he's been tweeting
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even again this morning, calling cruz a liar. this is in addition to calling cruz nasty. in his own word association game a few days ago. we are continuing to see that line levelled by donald trump. the question is, is that going to work here in south carolina? >> in fact, ted cruz used the children, had the children, i should say, in a memorable campaign ad that's one of the things he did. rubio in new hampshire, he seems to have something with the residents of south carolina. >> reporter: one of the respondents said rising star and one said inexperience. it's up to marco rubio to bounce back from the disappointing fifth place finish in new hampshire. there's a debate tomorrow and all eyes on him. in this phase of the campaign, he's tried to make it more aggressive and going after his
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rivals, showing some spunk, if you will. he was trying to remain above the fray but in south carolina, he's trying to take it to donald trump. saying he's too crude to be president. he's going after ted cruz on immigration, calling him inexperienced and going head to head and probably will go head to head with jeb bush tomorrow. his mentor, and he's saying that he has a foreign policy experience that jeb bush does not have as governor of florida. so the voters we have spoken to here in south carolina, they are really giving marco rubio another look. the question will be whether enough of them will do so in order to have him reboot his campaign from the disappointing finish. now today, he does plan to speak here at this forum, with courting evangelical voters something that ted cruz son of a baptist preacher, ted cruz has gotten the vote. he feels more will come to his
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camp. he identifies himself as a roman catholic but his family attends evangelical services and when he was much younger, he practiced mormonism. the marco rubio campaign is hoping with a more looser marco rubio, allowing him to speak to the media more. he's holding lengthy press conferences. >> much longer than we've seen. >> exactly. the key for marco rubio to reboot the campaign, so far the campaign is trying to do that, but a big test will be the debate tomorrow. andrea? >> indeed. that debate is quite a showdown, and peter alexander, you've been out with governor kasich who did so well in new hampshire. he's an unknown quantity in south carolina. >> reporter: yeah, i think that's very much the case right now. you can see there's the governor with the south carolina chamber of commerce. i want to be courteous to him as
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i talk to you. they try this optimistic vision so successful for his campaign. the campaign doesn't anticipate they'll win south carolina. frankly, they think the pressure is on marco rubio and jeb bush right now and other states like the state of michigan. in fact, that's where governor kasich is going to be spending much of monday and tuesday next week. he'll be in michigan campaign advisor saying they hope to put as much in michigan as new hampshire, trying to stake their claim to that state and midwestern states, they'll focus on going forward and fund raising has been a big effort for them. after the strong second place showing a million dollars online and they have new ads out this morning, two of them in south carolina. both focusing on that positive vision that they believe will resonate across the state and in terms of fund raising, a big defecti defection. when chris christie led the race, a guy, a former cofounder,
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brash outspoken billionaire $2.4 billion according to forbes and trying to help get john kasich on the map, not just in this area but really across the country. >> that's good news. because ken langone has helped. it could really help him, especially because he's so well connected to the new york stock exchange and all of that wall street money. it's okay for republicans. it's not for the democrats. peter alexander, thank you to hallie and gabe as well. a new ted cruz ad as a hillary clinton look-alike playing a scene from the cult classic "office space." we talk about this year's ad wars and a lot more. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve. i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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we agree we've got to get unaccountable money out of politics. we agree that wall street should never be allowed to wreck main street again. but here's the point i want to make tonight. i am not a single issue candidate, and i do not believe we live in a single issue country. >> hillary clinton's closing argument to frame the rival to drag into the summer. chuck todd's political director, the moderator of "meet the press" host of ntb daily. i think you need another job too. >> i'm just fine, thank you. >> we are both dreary eyed from the two weeks that have been. >> yeah. >> the home base for a night or two. so what do you make of this new strategy to say, he's not practical, it doesn't add up and he's a single issue candidate if you combine wall street and campaign finance, he doesn't have the scope to be president of the united states? >> it became crystal clear
9:18 am
tonight. they settled on a strategy. they want to turn this on sanders. the more it's about her, the better sanders does, if they can turn the focus on to sanders and make the primary a bit more of a referendum on him even if it's simply to get more attention to his proposals. for some voters, too expensive. for some voters, they'll think it can't be done. it's clear that that's where they're headed, and that's what -- and correct me if i'm wrong, but i felt she spent more time talking about his proposals than her proposals. it appeared to me to be by design. >> the sub seth set of that is into south carolina with a 90% popularity with south carolina voters and pointing out correctly, earlier that day, we had aired kasie hunt's interview with bernie sanders and
9:19 am
distancing himself from obama. >> his messaging does do that. he will have aheart hard time rg from this. you want a revolution while barack obama is the president of the united states. he's been straddling the fence. now that he's made it, it's becoming an issue and look, i thought he had a pretty clever retort reminding there's only one of us that ran against him. >> a little disingeneraloudisin. >> he ran against her. obama ran against clinton. she was in first. >> but there was a, you know, you could just see, sanders was quicker on his feet. >> he was good as a debater. >> you saw him. >> you saw two heavyweights last night. i thought both were really good debaters. i watched it again. >> she was excellent, and he kept up with her. and that is probably what is now surprising some of the folks. >> she is concerned about her
9:20 am
base, not just the african-american vote that they're competing and rolling out different endorsements and different tv ads. >> this is quite eye opening statements. whoa. >> but here's hillary clinton trying to bring back the women. give me the love. >> i have spent my entire adult life working to make sure women are making their own choices, even if that's not to vote for me. >> do you believe you will be the instrument of thwarting history, as senator clinton deeps claiming, might be the first woman president? >> well, you know, i think from a historical point of view, somebody with my background, somebody with my views, somebody who has spent his entire life taking on the big money interest, i think a victory would be of some historical
9:21 am
accomplishment as well. >> i have said many times, you know, i am not asking people to support me because i am a woman. i am asking people to support me because i think i'm the most qualified, experienced, and ready person to be the president and commander in chief. >> the ad wars. ted cruz has had very edgy, clever, some would say, ads. but there's a question. i just want to play part of this "office space" spoof for you. because i was talking to a political science professor just yesterday about civility and discourse in this campaign. we talked about profanity, a lot of other obvious issues and then this pops up. ♪ clinton needs to explain what ♪ ♪ why they done with who ♪ a real clinton knows they're entitled and don't get to know what they do ♪ ♪ what's loaded and some fat apple file ♪ ♪ clinton plays a victim for
9:22 am
promotion ♪ ♪ a clinton kills it off with a smile ♪ >> now, that's a ridiculous rough. >> first of all, ted cruz is not running against hillary clinton yet. and i think the parody is great in politics or anything, but -- >> whatever, there was the line, that looked vicious. it was sort of, whatever it is. >>. >> i'm not sure it plays in south carolina, the bible bet. >> i'm not sure if it does either. overall, the cruz campaign is the only one that tried to be different when it comes to tv ads other than bernie sanders and the america ad. i think it's been a total ripoff by political consultants this year. the cookie cutter formulaic tv ads that the lion share of ads. or the individual campaigns, has been atrocious and to take all this money that has been just wasted, so i think the cruz campaign is smart to try to find stuff that cuts through.
9:23 am
i think the rubio ad was clever but had to pull it because of the one actress connection. >> had to explain to our viewers. >> also, trump connection. could have been clever but the way they had that woman, the hillary clinton look-alike going, i think, that was like a line that appeared to have crossed. but again, larger picture, they're trying to do something different which is why other campaigns haven't? i don't know. >> the reason why that other anti-rubio ad was pulled down was that the actress who said, looks like just another pretty face. turns out she had another career. >> she was an actress in some risque -- >> that's also not good in the bible belt. i want to play a bit of undecided, the republicans. >> the focus group. >> peter hart asking one woman about donald trump. you watch. >> i think sometimes, we can see an independent, and speaking of trump, you know, as the flashy
9:24 am
red stilleto, and it's great, it's fun, it's jazzy and great. fun to watch. but at the same time, when you have got real hard work to do, you need something sensible. >> what a great description. >> sensible shoes, not that with the red. >> you can get a lot of work done in a cistiletto. it's laborious. >> i've seen your shoes, especially on snow days. >> you're probably the only person i know that can wear stilettos and get a lot done. it was a fairly interesting conversation that peter had. this was a group of voters, not trump fans but ready to tolerate him. he's won them over. six months ago, they wouldn't have thought of supporting him for the republican nominee and got his skeptics says, i'm not crazy about this but i'll support him over heblillary clinton. that's progress when you think about it for donald trump. >> thank you for coming on. we can catch chuck later today, 5:00 eastern on "meet the press"
9:25 am
daily. and sunday, "meet the press," the guests will include donald trump, john kasich, and marco rubio. >> post-debate. we'll ahave them all. coming up real deal. john kerry negotiates a temporary cease-fire but can the assad regime keep it? you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose. but at bedtime... ...why settle for this? enter sleep number and the ultimate sleep number event, going on now. sleepiq technology tells you how well you slept and what adjustments you can make. you like the bed soft.
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and now to breaking news. an agreement announced overnight to a temporary cease-fire in syria. the deal supposed to halt the fighting between assad government and some rebel groups within a week to allow desperately needed humanitarian aid ravaged by five years of civil war and especially populations held hostage in the last few weeks but it would not apply to isis, also fighting
9:29 am
against assad. announcing the plan alongside his counterpart, secretary of state john kerry called it ambitious but the real test will be executing the troops on the ground and reaching a more permanent peace agreement. kier simmons is in damascus with the latest. >> reporter: there are people in damascus who are optimistic. others say they simply do not believe there will be appear end to the fighting. the cessation of hostility is said to come to effect in a week's time, not applying to the fight against isis or the al qaeda affiliated group jabbxa. but willing to help communities under siege, where children are dying of starvation. the secretary of state knows that this agreement is ambitious, but the humanitarian push is crucial. it comes at a time when the syrian army backed by russian air strikes has been advancing
9:30 am
in these strategically important aleppo province possibly with another siege there and there are pictures of president assad everywhere. he is clearly still in charge. one question today, will he really want to see an end to the fighting when his forces are on the offensive? andrea? >> kier simmons, thank you so much. of course, the russians still propping him up. straight ahead, the race after race. clinton counting on african-american voters in south carolina. join me to take the pulse on the voters, coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc.
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defiance is in our bones. citracal pearls. delicious berries and cream. soft, chewable, calcium plus vitamin d. only from citracal. >> they're leaning towards hillary. the younger, they are leaning towards bernie.
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so, you know, i mean, the younger, they're filled with student loans. bernie saying things they can relate to, and i guess hillary is saying things the older crowd relates to but they don't realize we need more. we need more as a people. >> you sound like you agree with that. >> every bit of what he's saying, i agree. >> two south carolinians in the barbersh barbershop, barbershop politics joy reed joining us in a minute. are there enough bernie supporters, perhaps young enough to help him upset hillary clinton in south carolina? joined by msnbc contributor johnathan capeheart and when we talk about south carolina, yesterday, i was talking to the democratic party chair jamie harrison and said bernie is building support, he's on the ground. he's picking off some key operatives, but he's talking about campaign finance reform in wall street, and what they're talking about in the barbershops and the beauty shops are putting
9:35 am
food on the table, getting the kids to school, you know, crime, and the way the police operate. it's just, that's the church conversation. not wall street and campaign finance reform and citizens united. >> well, the challenge for senator sanders is translating his mantra of income inequality, the criminal justice system, reforming it, translating it from up here to the folks in the barbershop and the beauty shop. the african-american voters in south carolina, for whom these are not just the theoretical issues but literally life or death issues. so if bernie sanders can bridge that gap, i think he can close the gap with secretary clinton, the african-american vote and then we have to talk about the generational divide where you have older african-americans who remember the clintons, remember president clinton and think highly of them, loyal to them,
9:36 am
and then you have younger african-americans for whom bernie sanders message about criminal justice reform and income equality and free public college resonate with them, so, you know, when you've got secretary clinton saying, yeah, i'm for that too, but how do you pay for asking these questions? she she's up here but bernie's here. >> now joy reed joining us from columbia, south carolina. and now i guess to the gender, rather, the generational divide between women in new hampshire. the younger and older women the way they relate to hillary clinton. but you're on the ground. so you tell us what you're hearing in the barbershops. >> reporter: i tell you, andrea. not what i expected. when i came down here, i sort of had the conventional wisdom that you definitely had a two generation sort of message from african-americans that, as jonathan said, older african-americans saying, we're
9:37 am
going to be with clinton because we know them. younger african-americans, more open with bernie sanders, but what we found out with columbia and maybe this is a columbia thing and maybe this is the people we happen to have spoken to, but really not a lot of passion here, even among older african-americans for the clinton candidacy. sort of an undecided sense, trying to figure it out and a lobbying campaign that's sort of reminiscent of 2008 where younger african-americans are really lobbying their parents, lobbying their grandparents. one of the things we have to remember is the electorate floor of 2008, the expectations are much higher now. what people want now is not, stay the course.
9:38 am
they want more change. they're preprogrammed to believe they can have more. and we're fine with the age cutoff not 30, it's 50. >> it's kind of stunning, because if you look at the debate last night, the dividing line was, are you standing with barack obama with 90% popularity down there or against him? and bernie sanders has an uneven message on that point. here's john louis yesterday and there's no one more iconic than john louis. >> i never saw him. i never met him. i was on the student coordinating committee for six years, and was on the march from po montgomery. but i met hillary clinton.
9:39 am
i met president clinton. >> now, this gets to also this c kurflu kurfuffel. jonathan, you were one of the first to uncover that that was not bernie sanders. >> let's be clear. this story happened upon this story by linking into a time magazine story from november when that picture and the university contacted the time and said, that is not bernie sanders. what ended up happening, the picture was captioned bernie sanders. fast forward to january, the university of chicago, determines that it's not bernie sanders, it is bruce rapoport, another student leader at the university of chicago. they change the caption.
9:40 am
i then somehow see this a couple weeks ago and fascinated by the disconnect here. i get in touch with the university. they tell me they change the caption in january because a lot of people came forward. i put out this. i call out tad devine, the strategist for bernie sanders. we e-mail back and forth. the big sentence he gives me is, to be honest, we're not 100% sure it is or isn't bernie sanders, but it's on the bernie sanders tumblr feed as bernie sanders. it is in bernie sanders' campaign bio ad. if that's not bernie sanders, at the minimum, they should take it off their tumblr feed. we heard from bruce rapoport's wife, said that's my mother married to bruce rapoport. we talked to her today. bruce rapoport's, they were only married for five years but during the critical years and i talked to her today. have yet to transcribe the
9:41 am
20-minute interview but the key thing is, i am 100% sure he's wrong, meaning the photographer of the picture, dan nny lyon, ge an issue to fight on the publisher a few weeks ago saying he is 100% sure it is bernie sanders, but bruce rapoport's widow said, i was married to the guy. you don't forget these things. >> joy reed, this is getting back to bernie sanders saying i was in the movement, i was the civil rights leader and hillary clinton saying, i was there too. >> reporter: it's another
9:42 am
dividing line on the debate. online, in social media, jonathan can attest to this too. reporters, journalists covering this campaign have been barraged with, as have been african-americans active on social media, pictures of various -- that's bernie sanders. just proof he was not in the civil rights but he was essentially a leader of the civil rights, the sort of grade inflation, he was calling it. sort of trying to inflate bernie sanders, admirable support and admirable things. and particular ly. >> thank you so much for your reporting. we appreciate that, as well.
9:43 am
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bernie sanders won big in new hampshire but did not net the most delegates out of the state. they split it 50/50 and she was endorsed by members of the governor and other party leaders, so-called super delegates. they get to vote at the convention. i'm joined by ben whittler, a group that's endorsed sanders for president. very active. what are you trying to do to stop the super delegates from going in lock step with this deal where they have.
9:47 am
>> it's easy to forget that the democratic nominee is not necessarily chosen by a democratic process. there are caucuses and primaries around the country, but when you get to the convention, the 712 of the 406 odd votes for the nominee are chosen by people not responsive to an immediate electorate who just voted for the democratic nominee. the super delegates can cast a vote according to their conscience and what and grassroots progressives across the country ask is for super delegates to commit now to support whoever actually wins the primaries and caucuses around the country so that the democratic nominee is chosen through a democratic process at the end of the day. >> how many? >> we've had 2,000 and numbers are rising rapidly. the next step, for each of the
9:48 am
712 super delegates, we start campaigns individually to them to support whoever actually wins the primaries and caucuses. >> president obama, the shoe is on the other foot when president obama went against hillary clinton in a way. >> well, in a sense. then senator clinton suspended her campaign and released her super delegates. and the nomination for barack obama had the sweep of the convention. there was a period where secretary clinton had more super delegates to pledge to support her. they started shifting as they realized the heart of the party was with then senator obama. and were essentially asking super delegates to make the same decision now to go where the voters are and not overturn the will of the people. we don't want a bush versus gore at the democratic convention. >> keep in touch with us. >> i will. >> interesting stuff. up ahead, in it to win it. can john kasich have some magic in south carolina?
9:49 am
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9:52 am
john kasich. >> optimistic. >> john kasich. >> good businessman. >> second choice. >> still learning about him. >> john kasich. >> good governor. >> john kasich. >> i'd go for him. >> ah. a group of south carolina republicans with mostly positive things to say about john kasich. optimistic. second choice. second choice is better than not. good governor. second place finish in new hampshire did help kasich but will help in south carolina. joining by phone is todd kasich strategist ben weaver. how do you introduce john kasich, the ohio governor, the sunny optimist? i think of him as a jack camp, fiscal conservative, sunny outlook, but how does that play in south carolina? you've got the bible belt. you've got the military.
9:53 am
where's the fit there? >> well, look. >> we think we have a bad phone connection. is john weaver still there? we're going to take a quick break and reconnect with john weaver, we hope. we'll be right back. right direc, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock. here's how: invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in to the body through the kidneys
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as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d. john weaver by phone. i want to ask you about, well, i was asking you about kasich's chances in south carolina. >> yeah, of course. look, what's going on in south carolina right now, certainly just in the new hampshire campaign, all the other candidates are attacking each other. cruz is attacking trump. cruz is attacking rubio. trump is attacking cruz, and bush, and bush is attacking everyone and rubio is attacking everyone, while governor kasich
9:57 am
is calmly, methodically, in a very upbeat way, offering his solutions to the problems people care about. and taking his campaign across the state and we're getting a very positive response. in fact, we can't keep up with it. now, having said that, this is a state that has been a sour law for the bush family for decades. this was the end of the plan for marco rubio. the three-two-one plan. although, the middle part of that got blown asunder and the part of the campaign that got spent there in advance of the rival but we're optimistic we're going to do well. we're certainly going to do the best we can, and as the governor said today, he's a scrappy candidate and we're a bunch of scrappy people associated with him. >> people in south carolina, especially against the bush family are famously brutal.
9:58 am
>> yes. no, i haven't forgotten that, andrea. but at the same time, this is a little bit different. that was a one-on-one match, and while john mccain was lislimed that race, this is totally different. the multitude of candidates. and as the governor said yesterday, he's not a pin cushion. if we're attacked, we're going to push back hard but our goal is to continue to take the high road and offer positive solutions to the problems people care about. >> how important is ken langoon copping on boa coming on board? he was a huge chris christie supporter. >> yeah, huge. look, from the moment we started regaining momentum in new hampshire, just prior to the debate in manchester, following the db debate and our second place finish, our fund raising is in gang busters but having someone
9:59 am
like ken sign on in a leadership way, he's the first of many that will be announcing soon. >> and you are on a reporter conference call to have all the joy of the texas chain saw massacre? >> look, he entered the race about a year ago at this time with a shotgun approach to run a joyful campaign. they've now spent $120 million plus. and he can't sell his vision, although, we don't really know what it is. he can't sell his vision or his record. so i guess the approach is to, you know, poison the well for everyone else, so that no one has a chance to see hillary clinton or know who the democratic nominee is. >> we're going to have to leave it there. next time in person. thank you so much. that does it for us. for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports".
10:00 am
6- i'm coming you from the tavern in south carolina. we have a good looking lunch here. tgif to all of you. we've got the republican field stumping across the south today. the clock ticking down to the big debate. marco rubio, ted cruz, jeb bush, and donald trump are all speaking today. noticeably not there is john kasich. he's heading to orangeburg and bl bl bluffton and donald trump is not there at all. he's flying to florida. several match-ups emerging from the feisty group o