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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  February 26, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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everybody else in the field will look back, including chris christie who famously said, don't worry, my time is coming to attack donald trump. >> i heard him say that. it doesn't seem like it was that long ago. >> all right, "washington post" newsroom. we'll have to take a pause. >> we'll do it. >> all right, ruth, chris, jennifer, i appreciate it. we'll be back monday, "mtp daily" sunday, meet the press on your local nbc station and coming up right now, "with all due respect." i'm john helemann. >> and i'm mark halperin. with all due respect to everything else. >> texas, i'm here to proudly say i'm endorsing donald trump for president of the united states. dallas texas, where everything, including endorsements is bigger. this has been a very dramatic
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day on the campaign trail. where to start? how about with this huge and surprising endorsement, former new jersey, christieç todd wittman, backing donald trump. fort worth, announced his own new jersey endorsement, governor chris christie. why would a high profile member of the establishment throw his support now behind donald j. trump. here is how christie explained his decision. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. we sat down family. do we want to play any role in the campaign, or not. i concluded, along with mary pat and the children support it, that we wanted to be with the person that could provide the strongest leadership for america and the person that could best make sure that hillary clinton never gets within ten mielles o the white house. it was clear, the only choice was donald trump. the best choice was donald trump. the last thing is, our family is
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one that prides loyalty. and the fact is, we've been good presents with donald and his family for many years. i don't send smoke signals. i'm endorsing the person i believe is the best person to defeat hillary clintonç and restore american jobs, restore american prestige around the world, and restore the faith and confidence of the american people again. we are an exceptional and great nate e nation. >> we're going to breakdown the extraordinary tag team press conference late near the program. but nor, why did chris christie do the endorsement and how does it change the republican race? >> all right, we have a lot of time to talk about this mark. we'll have a start with the first part. why? chris christie has made it clear throughout the race that he thought the freshmen centers, ted cruz, marco rubio are not ready to be president, and can't beat hillary clinton. that kind of ruled them out as endorsements, especially since
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christie took rubio out in the debate. john kasich and donald trump, and i think chris christie quite reasonably looked at the race and said i'm going to back the winner, the most likely republican nominee and the row hibt prohibitive favorite. who in some ways is similar to executive experience and on somç issues. i also think temperamentally, he is like me, a brawler, political beast. and he stands the best chance of beating hillary clinton as he said in the press conference and that's the guy he wanted to be paired up with. >> this is an extraordinary event. i was in the room when christie endorsement was unveiled. they kept it a secret until they walked inside by side. almost a silence and then kind of a gasp in the room. when you think about it, it's not surprising. they're friends. chris christie is one of the calculators in the party. i he thinks the chance for
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anyone else is small. you get on board. i think revolutionizes the race, i don't think anyone else now can go into super tuesday with momentum, barring some huge event. christie confers a huge amount of credibility within the establishment, a huge amount of momentum and a lot of other establishment types on board. maybe not between now and super tuesday, but if trump does as well as i think he will, christie will have been on the ground floor of what is going to beç a flood of endorsements. >> right, you know, christie is already out trying to wrestle them up. i think, look, they're both republicans. a lot of conservatives don't like donald trump. they don't like christie for the same reasons. i think you're right about the revolutionary nature of this. a guy who has been making the argument now for some number of days that the establishment had to get behind him, coalesce
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behind him and now one of the biggest figures has not only got behind marco rubio, leading the march into the column for donald trump. it totally blows his political rationale and what he was trying to set out to do between now and march 15th or so when florida votes. >> bad for rubio, bad for john kasich as well, the only g governor in the race saying i choose trump over kasich. think people will speculate about these guys being a ticket, the model of clinton/gore tweeming up. coming andç making a strong te. northeastern tough guys. if i were hillary clinton or bernie sanders, i would be worried about running against trump/christie ticket. they're potentially very potent. >> it would be a lot of speculation about that already. you know, we both tried oy not
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indulge in that too much. it will be unconventional in the same kind of way that donald trump has run his whole campaign. >> yeah, all right. before the christie bombshell, everybody in the political world thought this day would be driven through the news cycle by what marco rubio said this morning. at an event in dallas, he followed up on his aggressive debate performance, pulled the gloves off and ridiculed mr. trump's tweets, his backstage makeover and a lot more. grab your personal water bottle, because we're going to play it at length. >> it's time to pull his mask off so that people can see what we are dealing with here. what we are dealing with çhere my friends, are a con artist. he is is a con artist. what has donald trump do when things go wrong, he takes to twi twitter. let's read some. you'll have fun. all right, number one, here is
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the first one. lightweight marco rubio was working hard last night. this is true. the problem is, he is a chalker. and once a chalker, always a choker, i guess that's what he meant to say. he spelled choker chalker. he called me mr. meltdown. let me tell you something, last night in the debate during one of the breaks, two of the breaks, he went backstage, he was having a meltdown. first, he had this little makeup thing applying, like makeup around his mustache, because he had one of those sweat mustaches, then he asked for a full-length mirror, i don't know why. but he wanted a full-length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet. i don't know. then -- >> so as i suggested, on any other day in this race, that
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here is what trump said. >> he is not presidential material that. that i can tell you. he doesn't have the demeanor. he is a nervous nellie. i watch him backstage. he is a mess. a total mess. you know, i joked recently about can you imagine putin sitting there waiting for a meeting and he walks in and totally drenched. i don't know what it is. i've never seen a human being sweat like this man sweats. >> all right, that's not all. moments later, after trump and christie took after him in the press conference, the two tough guys held a joint rally, and >> honestly, i thought he was going to die, rubio. he was so scared, like a little frightened puppy. and he kept saying the obama ç
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phrase, over and. so then i heard it once. and i said that's fine. big deal. i'm standing here. he is right here. chris is over here. and chris was sort of cool, because he was like this. i couldn't do that. i wanted to stand up straight, i don't know. but this looked like peri mason. that's what it was. and chris started going into him. so he said the obama phrase once, that was fine. twice, i said he just said that. that was strange. but that's okay, right. twice. then a third time. and i said, it was like a robot. and then a fourth time and fifth time, i said this guy is cracking up on us. and he was sweating so badly, i have never seen anything like it. it looked like he just jumped into a swimming pool with his clothing on. >> here is what we don't need. we don't need another washington politician in the white house, do we? do we need a first term united
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states senator in the white house? do we need a united states state aj let me tell something to marco rubio. president of the united states is not a no show job, like you treated the united states senate. >> it's rubio. >> trump has been in a lot of fights obviously, but rubio versus trump is already pretty incredible, and at this point, who is winning? >> i don't want to -- mark, i want to pause for a moment. it's not incredible. it's like oh, my god, oh mierks god, oh my god. the nuttest thing. the whackiest thing. i thought rubio was great last night on the debate stage. i wondered what effect it would have on trump. this morning, rubio performance that he gave, i thought rubio was funnier and more loose,
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almost on a roll. then you see the nasty. when he is in full wrecking ball mode, it was an unprecedented take down on rubio. he is, you might call him a thug, youç might call him a bully, you might like it when he does it, but when he goes into full attack dog mode, stand back. he took marco rubio and tore him to shreds. >> thank goodness another republican debate next week, because assuming marco rubio and donald trump are both still in the race, it's going to be fascinating to see them on the stage. my hats off to rubio in the sense that he kept at it. i think the problem with his attacks in the debate and attack today is he is not driving a frame on trump. you know, saying that the guy is, you know, he said a million things about him. his phrase using, slipping my mind, con artist, saying he is a con artist, i get where he is coming from on that, but he is not really restricting himself to that. he is raising all sorts of other issues. you know, i think it's fair to
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say that rubio looked at his chances of doing well on super tuesday, look where he stood in florida and decided he needed to radically shape up the race with a stand up routine. >> right. here is the thing about trump. we've talked about a hundred times before. part of the reason he is powerful when going negative, ç offense, is because he finds something that really resonates in very simple, third grade level with everybody. calling jeb bush a low energy candidate. that's that's that's on the money. calling cruz a liar. with rubio, it's basically is he a small, lightweight guy. a baby, right. one of the things that's true about rubio, questions about whether he has the experience. trump takes that one nugget of real critique and then blows it out and makes it cartoonish, and makes it effective, because it rings a bell of resne.
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>> trump has had a lot of strength in his campaign. he hasn't had heavyweight surrogates. a few spokes people, but not a lot of people that could command the national stage, the way john snunan did. he has a specialty in that has trump was, so i suspect while trump will certainly not need backup, you know, on any given day, there are times when it would be greatç for trump to l christie go out and hit rubio. i suspect if rubio is in the race for the next couple of weeks you will see that happen. when we come back, the lines of attack against donald trump. which ones might work, after this. y back pain i couldn't sleep... so i couldn't get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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marco rubio and ted cruz hurled attack after attack after attack at donald trump at the debate in houston. there were some new attacks and classic oldies. the list of them included that
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donald trump defrauded students at his business seminars, that he hired foreign workers to build his hotels, and that he wouldn't be successful without getting a lot of money from his father. mitt romney continued trolling the donald on twitter last night, after trump said he wouldn't release his tax returns under going an audit. romney tweeted, quote, at real donald trump, can't release returns while being audited, but if scared, release earlier returns. in another tweet, more hashtag bombshells where he should release them. trying out different things, trying to figure out what sticks. which of the lines raised last night and the tax return line, which is raised last night and by romney, could actually do damage if picked up by the press against donald trump? >> well, i think the tax return line, the taxes thing is actually, to çme, the one thats most promising, right. both because it has mitt romney
3:17 pm
as a high profile advocate of that line, and romney can speak from a certain kind of experience about that. but also, because there really are questions. questions of what is in those tax returns, questions of why trump, who is being so open with the press in so many ways, why so elusive about this. the irs says no reason he can't while under audit. even if you believe, people wouldn't want to put their tax returns under those circumstances. why can't he release past years. and the idea is trump says you don't learn something from someone's tax returns is[ this is a story the press understands. not just from romney, but from tradition presidential campaigns going back and the press unders well enough and seized on it again and put pressure in this area. >> trump was asked a couple of times today during the press conference about releasing past years and ignored the question. i suspect it will come up again
3:18 pm
and hard to answer. the otherç thing that came up last night about this question about israel. he wants to remain neutral. not a very popular position within the republican party. i think trump, this is one where i think trump is takingment position on the merits. no political upside to say it, but he is saying it, and i think to the extent there is something they can put him on the defensive, it's that. >> yeah, i think that's right. i think that's right. again, to go to the return of the taxes, trump has made this argument that, you know, you couldn't really find -- these are not -- it is not a way to look at my net worth, you couldn't find anything. i thought it was ridiculous, and i'll say why. it's true, your tax returns don't, even complicated, you can't determine someone's net worth on that basis, but there is also the fact if you looked at enough of his returns, you could come to a pretty good idea about what kind of financial state he is in. and if it turns out that donald trump is not worth anything like
3:19 pm
what he has claimed, he it could be a real problem for his credibility. the last thing i'll say is this foreign worker thing, if there is real real substance to that charge and the press gets on top of that, that could also hurt him, because it could make him like the one thing he can't afford to look like, is a hypocrite. >> i disagree with what you're saying about tax returns. you have to go back a lot of years to flush that out. i believe the business stuff is not going to go any where. i don't think trump supporters will care. they can say all they want, bankruptcies, the vodka, et cetera, although he said he is still making the vodka for his clubs. the reality is he is a billionaire, whether it's two or ten, he is a billionaire. people are not going to say he is unsuccessful. he gained the system, paid a low tax rate and he has been honest about that. i've talked about how they want to stop trump. these are all things that could
3:20 pm
do some damage and nick him, i don't think they could stop him. if they're all over the map, they don't go other one unifying frame on him. >> right. >> all right. >> we'll see. the taxes -- go ahead. >> all right, when we come back% we have to go to break, the democratic race in south carolina, and more, after this word from our sponsors. it relies without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp.
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eve of the south carolina primary, the entire clinton family in the state trying to run up the score anticipating a huge win when the polls close tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. meanwhile, bernie sanders who spoke at the university of chicago last night, hitting clinton harder than ever. >> i just wanted to take a moment to talk a little bit about some of the differences that she and i have on some important issues. i am very proud to tell you i do not have a super pac. i do not receive many millions of dollars from wall street. and i have not given speeches forç hundreds of thousands of dolla dollars for wall street. we raise our campaign funds very differently. i voted against the war. my opponent, secretary clinton, voted for the war.
3:24 pm
back in 1996, gay rights was not all that popular. i voted against this homophobic legislation. secretary clinton, then supported it. >> sanders is going to be in sak campaigning this evening, but he won't be in the state when the results come in tomorrow after spending a lot of the week hop scotching around america. three fer. what results tomorrow will up set expectations. what would constitute a bigger wipe out than expected and what would constitute a moral symbolic victory for senator sanders? >> i think it's possible that those three questions could be compressed into two, mark look, if hillary wins the race down hereç by more than 30 points there have been polls that have her in the 20s, if she were to win by more than 30, it would be a bigger blow out, and it would
3:25 pm
make everyone sit up and take notice. if somehow he managed to actually come within single digits of her, everyone would be shocked, shocked, including the clinton family. all three clintons here by the way. that matters a lot to you. hillary, chelsea and tomorrow, to revel in what they hope will be a crushing victory. >> bernie sanders had to come into south carolina, strong enough to change the paradigm about his ability to have african-american and other nonwhite voters, because they mishandled expectations in nevada. that's not happening. so he is going to lose the state badly, including the african-american, and i don't think the result is going to be close enough to make a difference. he will have to pull a miracle out of his hat or some other thing on super tuesday to getç back into the momentum game. because i just don't see him doing well enough in south
3:26 pm
carolina based on everything i've been told to leave the state with momentum. >> no, i mean, look, as i said, meeting within the six or seven points, it would be such a shock to everybody, to help him bounce out. i was on the trail with him out of this week for a brief time as you know, i was up with him in missouri, kansas, ohio, you know, up there, up in kansas city, 2:00 or 1:00 in the afternoon on a wednesday, 7,000 people had to see bernie sanders. later that night in tulsa, 9,000 out to see bernie sanders. he still believes campaigning on these march 1st[@ states and beyond, there is still a movement behind him. if you looked at those people, you would think that too. she has such a big lead here and some of these super tuesday states, as much as the movement is still alive, he is facing a grim process, not just tomorrow, but all the way through next tuesday or wednesday. >> what it was that worked so well for him in new hampshire, it wasn't just that it was a
3:27 pm
nondiverse he needs to get back to the basics. his attacking her the way he did last night for more than he ever has, i think maybe out of frustration. the chances that are going to work at this point, i think are dim minu -- playbook, calling the other side negative. coming up, tails from the campaign trail, and late ex the longest serving mayor of charleston weighs in on the primary. if you're watching us in d.c., you can listen on bloomberg 99.1 fm on the radio/radio. we'll be right back. to unblock naturally, so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax.
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three or four states in a day, three or four flights in a day, really this push up in until tuesday reflects the facts that they know that if they can't hang at least mostly even with her on super tuesday, that the air is going to go out of the balloon quickly. that said, these rallies are still huge. the rally, you were there in tulsa, oklahoma, inç kansas ci,
3:35 pm
histo missouri. thousands of people so far. they're going to be the test of whether or not the energy is going to turn into votes. optimistic on that front. >> kasie, two questions. simple okay. hibbing minnesota, who is the pride and joy of hibbing, minnesota. who was born there. >> robert zimmerman. you probably know him as bob dylan. >> okay, that's awesome. i'm glad you got that. it would have bummed me out if you didn't know the answer. >> may 24th, my birthday. >> that's incredible. okay. my second question, political question. which is so sanders has(o lash out at clinton. first in chicago, and then you said in today, he threw some punches. is that well calculated or lashing out in frustration at his situation? >> i think it's a combination of the two, john. i think first of all, after the
3:36 pm
nevada loss, it was pretty clear they recognized that one of the ways they needed to stay in the news cycle everyday was to focu% on hitting hillary clinton. we saw his press staff announce that press conference impromptu in massachusetts afterwards saying they were going to hit her in five different areas. i counted two and a half, but the effect was the same. people were focused on the fact that sanders was criticizing clinton. it reflected the frustration. i felt he was sharper on some other notes as well, going farther saying wall street itself is a complete fraud. he hits wall street all the time. the farthest down the line he goes with that language. he was sharper in hitting clinton as well. i think you can sort of feel that there is some stress being placed on this campaign, and that they're really trying to go all out. >> kasie, thank you. let me go back to jen and kristin. jen, real quick from you, you've
3:37 pm
got hillary clinton as kristin said earlier, she is taking off. is she going to be here tomorrow, but then taking off into the super tuesday states. give hee a lome a look ahead wh store? >> she isç going to arkansas, tennessee, virginia, she is trying to really get big leads in the southern states where she knows that she already has an advantage. she didn't win nevada by that much last week, in addition to having a big margin, she wants to have as many big margins, wrack up as many delegates. she already has a 500 super delegate lead. that's what she is hoping for. >> all right, kristin, one quick word. confidence level of the clinton cam pa campaign, high or strstratosphe >> jen epstein, kristin welker.
3:38 pm
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if you have high blood pressure many cold medicines may raise your blood pressure. that's why there's coricidin® hbp. it relieves cold symptoms without raising blood pressure. so look for powerful cold medicine with a heart. coricidin® hbp. . leading up to the democratic primary on saturday, residentç filmmaker, griffin hammond to take a look behind the scenes as they try to turn out african-american voters who are key here in the primary tomorrow. >> i decided to come out because i heard she was going to be at the church. central baptist. to me, she stood out more so
3:41 pm
than bernie did. >> hillary fights for us, and we're fighting for hillary. >> we are phone banking. trying to call 10,000 people in this week in eight day period. normally, it's 10,000 a month, but we're super women. >> i think it will be a very emotional event. it will all be teary eyed. >> what was it about treyvon. >> 11 times he said i can't breathe. >> we need to do a better job of listening when african-americans talk about the scene and unsc--n and unseen barriers they face everyday. >> we didn't have to go looking for her. she came to us. >> we have to stand andç suppo her. >> i was worried about nevada, but i'm not worried about south
3:42 pm
carolina. >> we are fighting here in south carolina as hard as we can, but within the context, you know, i think secretary clinton was in california the other day. she is riding off the state. we're not riding off south carolina. >> saturday, the location is at the top. >> sounds great. thank you. >> really important we got two days to make this happen. i'm not -- we hope you're not kbi giving up on south carolina. are you all fired up? >> hey, i've gotten a lot of phone calls. so let me tell you, the phone banks are working. call, call, call all night. >> you let her know killer mike called. >> consider voting. we got one strong for bernie, baby. >> i believe in the candidate. i pick up a sign and stand on the corner, yell at people to vote for the candidate. >> planning to vote on saturday? >> who would you voteç for?
3:43 pm
>> hillary clinton? i see. well, what about bernie sanders? have you thought about bernie sanders? >> if we don't win south carolina, we still move forward, because these are the same voters that will vote again in november. >> a little bit more low-key, a little more discreet, and that doesn't mean he hasn't been an advocate for the african-american communities. >> yes, ma'am, what i like over hillary clinton, he has an economic policy that's beneficial for black men and boys. minimum wage up to $15 for black women with working families, bring home the boys from jail. offering free school and health care. when you go out to vote, i would hope you would be casting a vote for will sanders. >> a lot at stake in this election. i think it's one of the most consequential that we've had in a very long time. >> you know, we're going to win some states. we're going to lose some states. secretary clinton will have good
3:44 pm
and bad days. >> this is going to be a bellwether in the campaign. it's important for her to win big. >> it's not over.ç people are already trying to write out saturday. it's only thursday. we still have a chance. we have miles to go before we sleep, but we still have a chance. >> man, our thanks to our filmmaker, griffin, fantastic. up next, we get schooled about south carolina politics, a man who knows it better than anybody we've ever met. we'll be right back. with creative new business incentives, and the lowest taxes in decades, attracting the talent and companies of tomorrow. like in buffalo, where the largest solar gigafactory in the western hemisphere will soon energize the world. and in syracuse, where imagination is in production. let us help grow your company's tomorrow -
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welcome back to my favorite city, the south, charleston, south carolina, the longest serve legendary mayor, politics, hillary clinton supporter, that would be joe riley. good to see you. >> great to have you back. the mayor of this city for 40
3:48 pm
years, if i remember correctly. you have just basically stepped down. >> that's right. >> just tell me, because we have the primary tomorrow. you're supporting hillary clinton. why? >> well, she is going to be a wonderful president, that's why. she has the experience, the temperament, she has the intel elect. she is seasoned, works both sides of the aisle. we don't need to be yelling at each other. we need to make government work. hillary clinton can do that. i think the world of her. >> if she were to somehow stumble and i'm not talking about the primary, if bernie sanders were the nominee, would than bad or acceptableç but no preferable to you in. >> well, hillary is what the country needs, and you know, i think that bernie sanders has proposals that are not going to get through the congress, and you know, we don't need for american citizens to have more
3:49 pm
battles where you don't get any where. we have problems to solve, we need to work through and you know, i'm realistic proposals from a financial standpoint or otherwise, not, you know, that brings big rallies perhaps, but this country needs to do is work. make government work. you know, saying making america great again, we need to make the government great again. people across the aisles, not yelling at each other and getting things done. >> when i'm sitting on the opposite side, sometimes i say i prefer true/false questions. talk about how the demographics of this state have changed and what thatç has meant for the politics here in south carolina? >> well, you know, there was a shift, you know, really beginning with nixon's southern strategy, so the demographics
3:50 pm
have changed somewhat, but you know, the politics changed somewhat. i was elected in 1968 to legislature, so 48 years ago. as a democratic when there was only one republican in the state legislature. and so we had conservatives and moderates, some liberals, and we worked things out together. and so i think the nixon strategy that kind of changed the party alignments, and then i think the -- some of the politics of the time that are divisive have changed the lay of the land, but you know, but still, we've got good people in government here. many good people in government here. in both parties working to get things done. i ran for the mayor of charleston as a democratic. i changed to nonpartisan. and i worked for everybody. that's what we haveç to do in e country.
3:51 pm
work for everybody. >> these first four presidential contests, iowa, new hampshire, nevada, battle ground states, up for grabs, purple states basically. this state as you just pointed out has become deep red. why should anybody care about the democratic primary in south carolina. why does it matter? >> well, because the primary matters for the democratic nomination, and you know, president obama won here big eight years ago, and i believe if everybody turns out and hope they do, that hillary clinton is going to win big, and i think that will propel her into super tuesday and i think she -- her campaign will take off. >> one of the reasons why people care about this state, it's the first state you get a big african-american vote, 50% of the primary electorate is african-american. not a big lead just in the state, but especially with black leaders here. talk about the politics of race
3:52 pm
in this state. in 2008, the african-american race was huge for president pobama, things that alienated some people. how is it, how do you explain the fact that so many african-americans here who are not happy with the clintons in 2008 have now gravitated back for this primary? >> you know, i think the dis disenchatment is way overstated. they had the opportunity after all the battles to progress and civil rights to have an african-american, bright, brilliant, wonderful talented, accomplished man elected president of the united states, so that -- how could they do anything else. there was a little, you know, a little anger, disappointment, but that was, you know, that was not widespread. the african-americans were
3:53 pm
always admired president clinton and hillary clinton, they had a choice to do something special for the country, and they did it. but i don't think they ever was any developed animosity with the clintons. they've been coming here a long time. they understand south carolina.
3:54 pm
we work to understand people's feelings and reach out and include other people. so i think the response of this community after that
3:55 pm
hearbreaking event was a helpful moment for our country. it showed how people in the face of something awful like that, can respond not with violence, and anger, but helping each other and loving each other. >> how important is it to the immediate consequences of the confederate flag came down from the capital? i know you were in favor of getting the flag down. how important do you think it is to the future of south carolinaç that the flag came down. >> it's very important. it should have come down a long time ago. i worked to get it from top the state capital, marched 120 miles to do that. it's very important. what we want is all of our symbols should be something for everybody. >> right. >> not anything that is just something for somebody. for everybody. it's very important. >> joe riley, i need to give you
3:56 pm
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3:59 pm
so marks, not just the end of the day, but the entire week. i would like to ask you, who won it? >> oh, so easy, donald trump and the reasons are too many to list. just to say put a punctuation on the mark that big, big, big chris christie endorsement. >> well, i will choose from the democratic side, just so we have a bipartisan flavor, fair to say that hillary clinton won the week campaigning strong here in south carolina all week long and on a big, big win in the south carolina primary. make sure you check out bloomberg politics for the
4:00 pm
results. while you're there, read the great piece on the chris christie endorsement and what it means for the gop establishment. >> check that out, but for now, we say sayonara. >> coming up, "hardball with chris matthews." jersey boy, let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews, washington, four days to go to super tuesday, next tuesday, newly aggressive marco rubio unloading, donald trump pulled a stunner today. news conference earlier today, an endorsement, a huge one. new jersey chris christie. campaign said there was a quote, audible gasp from the room when christie walked in. >> i am proud to be here to endorse donald trump for president of the united states. i've been on that stage. i've gotten to know all the people on th


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