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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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tonight we're about to hear from mississippi. >> around the ten second mark we put the following animation on the screen. this is our first poll closing of the night in the state of mississippi. do we get to say one mississippi, two mississippi as we count down. it's now 8:00 p.m. eastern time. we can tell you the following. nbc news, msnbc are projecting that when all the votes are counted, hillary clinton will be the democratic victor and we are authorized to say this is a significant win for the clinton campaign for the democrats in mississippi. now, moving over to the right for the republicans. the race characterized as too early to call. donald trump leads for the republicans in mississippi. ted cruz is in second place. kasich and rubio, quote, trail far behind. that's how the race looks at
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8:01 eastern time. our first poll closing of the evening. >> obviously, the main contest there is for first place. too early to call on the republican side is important. there may also be a momentum consequence in terms of the very bottom of the race in mississippi. if john kasich and marco rubio are both far behind the two men who are in first and second place, if that means that marco rubio could be placing fourth in mississippi, that will have consequences for the overall perception of his viability in the race. obviously, he didn't expect to win mississippi, but nobody expected marco rubio to be coming in behind john kasich. it's happened in two states so far, including one where marco rubio came this fourth. that's going to be very interesting to watch. the mississippi on the democratic side is not a huge surprise. we'll see what kind of margin secretary clinton is able to run up over there both in the state and with black voters. >> chuck, what have we learned?
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we think of these things as ribbons through the country. >> if you're ted cruz, you're happy we don't call at poll close. many of the states that trump did win, we were calling at poll close. there's a reason we're doing too early on this. it means we want more information. it means we watched what happened on saturday. louisiana was much closer than the initial exits seem to indicate. you want to see some of the raw totals come in. that, in and of itself, has to make cruz feel good. if rubio finishes fourth in mississippi. we may not hear about hawaii until 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. that's a bit of a blow to him. at tend of the day, we're talking about trump and cruz. rubio and kasich still get mentioned because they sometimes target this state and sometimes
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target that one. there's only two campaigns that have significant support, that's trump and cruz. >> south carolina you saw the tide endorsement from statewide elected officials. you saw all the governors endorse them. >> get the endorsement of that governor. >> the number of high level endorsements look like what you've got if you're a front-runner. >> this is the worst problem a party could have. the two front runners on the republican side are the two people that the republican party doesn't want on their ticket. the people running for re-election in the senate, don't want to be asked every day do they agree with donald trump on this or they don't want to be asked every day do you agree
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with ted cruz on that. nobody in the party wants to be questioned eed every day. >> let's check in with the clinton campaign. as we're reporting a significant win tonight in mississippi. kristen welker covering at headquarters. kristen. >> reporter: good evening. the clinton campaign celebrating that win this mississippi, but, of course, it was a win they were expecting. the stakes much higher here this michigan where our polling shows secretary clinton has a double digit lead but the internal polling shows the race is much closer. what happens here in michigan could set the tone for the rest of the race. if secretary clinton wins it would solidify her status as the front-runner. if senator sanders wins it would prove he's competitive in these larger, diverse states. we've seen clinton attacking sanders for posing the auto
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bailout. that's an issue that resonates in michigan and throughout the west. a lot of folks credited with savoring the economy and saving millions of jobs. senator sanders very aggressively firing back saying that's a distortion of his record. i have to tell you, it's an argument that has resonated. we'll have to see if makes a difference in the final polling. if secretary clinton were to win tonight, it wouldn't be enough to put this race out of reach in terms of the math, but it would give her a lot of momentum. her supporters cautioning he's got to be careful not to indicate or suggest that senator sanders should get out of this race and her supporters have to be careful not to do that as well. they don't want to alienate sanders supporters. he has enough cash to stay in the race. >> a little bit of interesting television politics. donald trump is on record saying he will speak at 9:00. he will appear at a press
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conference style event. that happens to be right after the michigan polls close and it does set up a kind of stack situation if people are waiting to hear from hillary clinton in cleveland. >> reporter: certainly does. we continue to get these image offense what a general election match up might look like. based on my conversation with officials they are increasingly girding for a potential donald trump matchup looking into his business practices, considering all of those controversial comments that he's made. one campaign official telling me that secretary clinton is eager to lock up this no, ma'am medicati -- nomination quickly because she wants to pivot to the election. he's unconventional the the campaign trying to determine how they will go after him. one official says it will be critical to make sure he doesn't gain traction in the mind of
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general election voters. think think that's what happened in this republican primary and they want to prevent it from happening if she were to face off against him in a general election. >> thanks. >> if secretary clinton takes the stage any time soon or if any of the major candidates take the stage soon, we'll get to them. while we're waiting for those speeches, let's start to look at how hillary clinton put together what is described as a significant win. what do we know about how she won? >> this is a anatomy of a land slide. it's fairly close but she's winning it. this is only a third of the democratic electorate. more than 60% of the democratic voters are black. hillary clinton is winning 90% of the them. 89%. also her coalition skews a little bit older, we don't have the graphic but among afric
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african-americans over the age of 65, she's winning 95-5%. we can show you the republican race here. we say donald trump is leading. here is one of the biggest reasons. white evangelicals, three quarters of the electorate tonight. donald trump leading them, 45-40 over ted cruz. these are the voters. ted cruz has been going after hard. the trump lead, about half the electorate very conservativcons. what's propping trump up now, you look to somewhat conservative. this is a third of the ele electorate. he's almost two to one. there's a slight chunk moderate in this electorate. landslide for donald trump there. that's why he's characterized as leading this race. >> once again, we're looking at state in which ted cruz key democratic, white evangelical voters, he's losing them to donald trump this mississippi. stunning. that's got to be bad news to the cruz campaign just in terms how
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they are forecasting the night. >> we have a clinton surrogate with us. congressman betty thomas is with us. congressman, i'm curious, obviously a sweeping vict ining. we're careful to repeat this wording, significant win for hillary. how do you look at the prospect of a well financed challenger in the democratic party continuing on down the road even after a big win in mississippi tonight? >> well, you know, we all looking forward to philadelphia and july. if the sanders campaign is still up and running, we'll go to the convention. i'm convinced hillary clinton will be the nominee for the party. in my state here, the message is
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golden. >> is there any way you would tweak or change the clinton campaign? have their reaction times this campaign been what you would like? >> the real thing we're worried about is the enthusiasm gap. our job over the next few months is to get it to the poipt that you c -- point that you can win. the enthusiasm is not where it should be. we have professionals in the campaign. we have the right message and the right temperament. i'm convinced by the time we get to november, we'll be there. there's no sense in peaking now and trying to hold it. we need to build it. >> you represent a terrific truth. there's no hiding the fact that in the republican party there is a reality television star in
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effect with 100% name recognition who is getting all the oxygen, so far getting most of the press coverage. we don't know anything about who will be the nominees here. >> that's correct. on a democratic side we'll build. we'll continue to watch the food fight on the republican side and whoever is left standing, we'll be ready for them. secretary clinton is a seasoned individual. she's one who is very comp tent and one we have confidence in from the stand point of being the best candidate. what we look for is an aggressive campaign. we want to move it to the issues. the name calling really has no place in a presidential election. at some point, the republican nominee we hope they can get the basics of how you'll run this
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country and be a world leader. so far they have not demonstrated where they are. >> benny thompson, thank you very much. also a super delegate, i should add. thank you for much for joining us tonight. a break for our coverage. we're back right after this. man 1: [ gasps ]
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man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried? man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
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we're back. 8:15 eastern time. you saw the victory on the left. you saw the wins for hillary clinton. the race is on the right among the republicans. we still have this as too early to call. 15 minutes past poll closings. donald trump followed by ted cruz. kasich, rubio trailing far behind. >> that's the first look at the vote. a whopping 2% in -- 1%.
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>> all of michigan counties close at 8:00. we hold off on calling the state until 9:00. we cannot stop the reporting of. >> there will be data reported from michigan as you see here going from 1% into 3% and even though there will not be poll closings across the state until the top of this next hour. in terms of the democratic contest in the stakes in michigan, one of the real interesting thing s the racial demographic that we see in mississippi with half the electorate turning out today. it will be a significant black turn out in michigan as well. it will be about a quarter of the electorate. the question is whether black voters in the deep south who are going by 80 points for hillary clinton whether that holds true for black voters in non-southern states. that's the key issue heading to the michigan polls closing in 44 minutes.
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chris matthews is in michigan. the reaction to what appears to be a significant win for hillary clinton in mississippi. >> i'm looking at what you're looking at is this interesting situation where you have a large black population. i think it's being called the black belt. it's because of the cotton culture. huge numbers of people who identify with the democratic party. the republican party is white dominated down there. you have these parallel movements. hillary is doing well. donald trump is doing well. right along the gulf of mexico of from louisiana, we'll see if it gets to florida and the panhandle. you have a vulnerable group, african-americans who always feel vulnerable politically in the country being a minority. they're looking to hillary clinton because they have known the clinton family and trusted. they feel confident. they need somebody they trust deeply and for a long period of time. bernie sanders had a hard time breaking in there. on the trump side, i wonder whether he would have the same
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appeal to the deep south people as to the big city type. the reagan democrat. he seems to have that too. nobody wants to hear that but the whites feel vulnerable too. that's true down there because of the large black population. you have these competing groups competing and going to the safe corner there. i'm going to go right now to a couple of guests. steve henderson, you know this area. opinion editor, which is a good job to have and susan demos who is the publisher and editor inside michigan politics. trump could win tonight. if he does, what's happening? >> that vulnerability among white voters, i think you see a lot of white voters in michigan. this is home of the reagan democrats. i think those people still feel as though the economy is leaving them behind.
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they're not unemployed but under employed. they work harder and longer and make less. >> up where rossperot did well. >> he won. >> absolutely. i think you'll see it again. >> how much of it is white flight? white fear like that? >> there's a racial undercurrent to this. there's a racial undercurrent to the fact they left the city. the policies that fueled the growth of those counties. i keep saying over and over in this race that vase is sort of unspoken element that is all over the republicans.
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>> this is the toughest question of the year for me, can you distill out the defensible nationalism on trump and these stupid wars? can you push the bad stuff away or essential to his appeal. >> depends which voters you're talking about. there are lots of voters who aren't going to say i believe that white people have been put, kept down too long. they'll say i have been. i'm not making what i need to make. i think that immigration is a huge problem. where did my job go. it went down to mexico. >> out here seems like people identity themselv identify themselves with the country though. our countries have been kicked around. i'm not just the one being kicked off. my country is getting kicked around. that's how trump appeals to people. >> true.
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the racial part, to me, is the tool that trump and others use to manipulate those people sboop believing the problem is mexican immigrants or black people. we've seen this over a long period of time in the republican party. this is not new. >> let me ask you about the black community here. is it got the loyalties to the clintons we have seen in the south? >> there's an incredible institutional loyalty to the clintons. >> what do you mean institutional? >> our office oholders. there's a tremendous amount of support for them that way that does filter down into the voting. i would be surprised to see bernie sanders push that back all the way. >> this is a home of a strong labor move. we love the uaw historically. i still have romance about it.
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what about the word socialism and bernie? does it work? >> i haven't really heard a lot of pushback in the democratic primary if he were to win the nomination. we hear about it non-stop. >> you mean push back for the republicans? >> absolutely. i think people aren't put off by that. >> i thought union members wouldn't mind it. >> they don't mind it. he's still not resonating. >> he hurt himself with the explosion of the auto bailout. >> somebody called it clumsy. the word ghetto, i don't think you hear that much. you hear hood. >> it wasn't so much what he said about race, it was the way
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he looked uncomfortable saying it that a lot of black people said this is somebody not comfortable talking about the issues. >> the chemistry is great for the clintons. >> that works automatically for them. >> i could even get that. thank you. back to you. >> thanks to your guests. as we go to break, let's take a look at numbers from michigan. this is raw vote. look at these percentages so far. the reason you will hear no characterization until the top of the 9:00 hour is that four michigan counties don't close until then. we've had poll closings in a majority of the state at 8:00. you see the raw vote underneath each candidate. we will characterize it no further than that. it's part of the fun of an election night, which will continue right after this.
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we're back. l let's go to the big board. mississippi democrat. hillary clinton big win. the race on the republican side too early to call. we're half hour away from our next call in michigan. ted cruz this second place and kasich and rubio is our official wording. far behind but sharp eye viewers
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will notice dr. ben carson. >> we're looking at 1% in here. if you're the marco rubio campaign looking up and knowing it's not a mistake. it's not a typo. ben carson is tied with john kasich in third place tie. that's got to be a little chill down the spine for marco rubio and his supporters. in terms of what he know about what's happening this mississippi, our friend steve has a little terms from the data in terms of how the race may shape up. >> we heard a lot object that in the last couple of weeks. he said question not win when there are closed primaries and it's republicans only. that's hen he gets in trouble. mississippi is an open primary but check this out. among independents -- we're going back to you. >> let me interrupt you. speaking of the republican race
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in mississippi, here you go. our projected winning, donald trump. he will win the gop mississippi primary and the other anyofinis order is as follows, ted cruz, john kasich and with 1% in, this is early raw vote, ben carson's on the board but our wording still has kasich and rubio in that order far behind. >> ben carson is no longer running for president. >> he's no longer a candidate for the republican nominee. >> a lot of ballots around the country threw out this campaign and had former candidates on the ballot. it has no consequences for the rubio campaign the fact it puts carson on the board ahead of him has got to be a psychologically uncomfortable position. >> now that we're uncomfortable.
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>> let's pick back up with steve. >> among independents, about a fifth of the electorate call themselves independent and donald trump won them. when you take the independents out, donald trump has trouble. among republican voters, those who identify as republicans in mississippi same thing. an eight-point win for donald trump over ted cruz. independent, republican didn't seem to matter. here is the other one that didn't seem to matter that's mattered big in other states. education. donald trump cleaned up among those who don't have college degrees. among those who have post-graduate studies, he won by 16 points in mississippi. >> interesting. we've been informed we're calling cruz officially in second place in mississippi. we're projecting when it's all over ted cruz will finish
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second. interesting race. poll closing at 8:00. call it 8:30. >> the mississippi margin was always going to be important here. the way the rest of the field stacked up would be important here. >> still is. >> if marco rubio is in a fight for third or a fight for fourth with ben carson, you know, the case for marco rubio is becoming increasingly fantastical. it only comes from the pundit class and donor class trying to make the case after state after state of republican voters say no to him. >> that's absolutely right. marco rubio could in one of these states he ends up in single digits. he's not doing well. i don't know where he goes from
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here. i guess he goes to florida and makes last stand. he's young. he's obviously pretty good at this but maybe not good enough to win this year. he might want to try again. he's got a calculation to make in the next week. one firm prediction i make is from mississippi we'll hear other campaigns saying a majority of republican voters still voted against donald trump. that will be right, but it will be true that larger majorities of republican voters voted against ted cruz and against john kasich and against marco rubio. we don't have michigan yet, but from mississippi trump is still it. >> if we end up with a very striated result where you have trump and cruz up top, what that says is not trump is winning
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because ted cruz is slintplinte the vote, they keep picking trump. >> rubio had an extremely night so far. if he finishes in single digits in mississippi or in michigan, that's going to be really, really devastating for him. like you were saying just the case is harder to make. i think he really has been clinging to what is his message. he has a great story, but what's his message. it's not resonating with voters. maybe in florida he can pick up a little traction. i think there's been millions of dollars and he's paid for millions of dollars in anti-trump ads but in other states that's not having impact. >> when you describing talking to people in mississippi and talking to people in terms of their perception of this race, it sounded like you were predicting it wouldn't be such a good night for trump. are you surprised he's won and we've been able to call it already? >> i think that as cautious
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optimism on my part. i think probably a little bit delusional. >> you're being cold. >> i'm going to be honest. i was talking to people that i was trying to make the case against trump. >> ip see. >> one point about mississippi, a lot of establishment republicans are from mississippi. mississippi has gone rogue tonight. with donald trump and ted cruz. >> the governor of mississippi endorsed ted cruz. >> ted cruz is somewhat rogue. he's been supported by mcdaniels who is the rogue senate candidate. what voters are just choosing an even more rogue candidate in trump. >> exactly. they're picking the two roguest guys and not the establishment candidate. >> it is amazing how endorsements are the kiss of
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death this year. it's not true on the democratic side. endorsements seem to help as they do. on the republican side all you need is somebody currently in high elected office to say they support you and that will knock you down in the polls. >> let's ask steve what he makes of the republican results so far. steve. >> it's another commanding primary victory for donald trump in state that ted cruz before the polls close tonight was supposedly going to challenge donald trump in. we look at marco rubio, rachel used the word fantastical and it's the right word. increasingly when you start to look at this race, donald trump is winning primary after primary. he's moving closer and closer to the line of becoming the presumptionive no, ma'minee des the process. >> we put on the full frame
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graphic that for the first time included marco rubio's name. if we can go back to it. it is again, 1% of the raw vote in. we've called the race in mississippi for trump. we have said that ted cruz will finish in second. it drops off a single digit cliff after that. rubio and ben carson are going back and forth at the bottom. it's a striking image when you can consider the press rubio was getting a week, two weeks ago. will the establishment rally behind marco rubio? >> marco rubio's campaign ended the night in new hampshire where chris christie went after him and marco rubio who was poised to win the new hampshire primary to come in second place, had a poor finish there. i said at the time he was going to probably bleed out slowly over the course of the next weeks of contest.
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that's exactly what's happened. when a candidate says my rationale for continuing this this race and i'll be the nominee because i'm able to put together a victory in my home state but nowhere else, that's not a rationale. it's an alternate reality vision of the universe. marco has a tough choice to make. he's young. he's talented. timing is an underappreciated virtue in politics. clearly this year wasn't his time. it's the year of the outsider and the insurgent. he's got a tough decision to make whether he wants to stay in the race leddi iheading into fl. >> let's fit in a break. we'll be back after this.
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easily the image of the night so far. you heard the phrase political
5:41 pm
red meat. this is a still picture from our own katie of the scene next to the podium where donald trump is due to speak. trump steaks, trump water, trump wine. katie tour standing by. >> reporter: hey, there. this is an unusual campaign. i'm pretty sure you don't normally see the candidate's steaks on display next to the podium where he will announce victory, at least in mississippi so far tonight. donald trump already tweeti ini out a thank you to mississippi. a good indication the the establishment attacks are not working against him. we look at the break down of who went for donald trump in that state. you'll see the less educated went for him than the more educated. also when it came to very conservatives, they went for ted cruz, but the moderates, less
5:42 pm
conservatives went for donald trump. it's a good indication he will do the same thing in michigan tonight. that's a rust belt state with a lot worvkers. he's been hammering home the idea he'll bring back jobs. we'll see how he does there. if he wins michigan or mi mississippi both good indicators he's not losing anything. the establishment attacks against him are not working. >> what better way to answer mitt romney's charges than to display the trump products to the podium. it may be more qvc than gop. >> also the pile of raw meat, no matter the consequence. it's weird. we should mention what's going on in michigan is we're going to get a characterization of the race when all polls in the state
5:43 pm
close in about 17 minutes. there are four counties in michigan up in the upper peninsula that are in a western more time zone which means they will be voting until the top of the 9:00 hour here on the east coast. that's when we'll get our first characterization. we do have about 15% in and the republican primary and about 23% in in the democratic primary even ahead of the formal poll closing. from the data we have in and from our exit polls, we can get a bit of a window what's happening in michigan. >> what we have in particular is a good chunk. nearly half the vote from the single biggest vote producing county in michigan in republican politics. that's right here. you see here. i think i can circle it. that's oakland county. that's right outside detroit. a lot of college graduates. high per capita income.
5:44 pm
it was a 21-point win over rick santorum. it's why romney won the state in oakland county, michigan. you can see donald trump clinging to about a 3,000 vote lead. this is the biggest republican county in the state about half in. >> we're waiting for the piece other than the oven mitt of the state of michigan. some of the prettiest territory in all the land. at the top of the hour, we'll have a characterization of the race in michigan. here is 16% of the raw vote in thus far. please stay with us.
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we're 12 minutes away from an official characterization. this is early, raw vote. quite a bit of it in, actually. we're up to quarter. this is raw vote out of michigan as we await poll closing in the last four counties that happen to be in the central time zone. we're also back to the mississippi result tonight. how it bodes for somebody like marco rubio.
5:49 pm
jose is in florida tonight. what do you think tonight does to florida politics? >> well, well, well, my dear friend. donde esta, marco tonight is the question. let's see what's going on in mississippi. if ever florida was important for anybody, i guess it's important for the senator from this great state who all the polls show is not even leading in the polls against donald trump. things could change before a week from today but he has a very, very difficult mountain to climb here in florida. not exactly a state known for its mountains, if you know what i mean. >> i was just down there and people and northerners and easterners forget donald trump is regarded as a resident of florida. it's win of many residents but
5:50 pm
he's down there a lot. >> he is down here a lot, especially the winter months which would make him kind of what lot of millions of other people want to do when it's cold up north and they want to come down to place that's permanently summer in. he has an incredible residence. it's a club as well. he's got the doral golf club here in south florida. he's got a lot of property. spends a lot of time here. he spends less time than marco rubio has. marco is pretty much from here. a lot of questions are, why is it that marco rubio has not been able to make traction or have traction in his home state. that, i think, is a question that a lot of us will be asking regardless of what happens a week from today. >> we can also count on our friend to speak candidly and donde esta, marco may be the phrase that pays tonight.
5:51 pm
>> we're all by lingual tonight. >> a final break here. we'll bridge the top of the 9:00 p.m. hour. we'll have our next characterization of the next state where the polls will close across michigan.
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these are raw numbers as we prepare about six minutes from now, five minutes from now for a characterization of the race on both sides in michigan. right now the raw vote has sanders ahead of clinton and right now with 19% in on the republican side, donald trump leading kasich, cruz, rubio uncommitted and dr. ben carson. uncommitted and carson are out of this race. >> it makes marco rubio looks like he's not losing there, but he's losing. >> he's mid-pack there maintaining his lead. >> the reason we have these results is because it's four counties left in michigan that are still voting. we get the rest of the vote in while we're waiting for that. looking at that vote, steve has some insight for us in terms of what's beginning on in that democratic race. >> we can show you. it's a huge map but the ball
5:56 pm
game for democrats in michigan really is three counties. right here half the vote tonight will come out of these three county. they're starting to report three different characteristics. this is mccomb county. this is historic home of what they called reagan democrats, white, working class democrats. when they coined that term, the democrats that crossed over to vote for reagan, this is what they are talking about. this is the type of voters that people saber knee sanders has been targeting with his message. we talked act this on the republican side earlier. oakland county, higher income. about 60% of the vote is in in oakland county. more than a quarter of all votes cast will come out of wayne county. this is immediately around detroit. this is heavily african-american
5:57 pm
part of the state. we barely have any vote in from there. as we hit 9:00, as more votes start coming in you want to keep an eye on wayne county. >> thank you. >> those areas around detroit also traditionally an american history. chris matthews talked about this earlier. if you had a uaw job, your kids were going to go to college, you were going to achieve that american ideal your children were going to finish in life at a higher economic life. >> one other thing that's going on in michigan on the occasion of this primary is today is the day that they started getting volunteers to work on the signature gathering for a recall effort against michigan governor rick snyder over this flint lead poisoning crisis. they did succeed in getting one approved by the state board that
5:58 pm
has to do that at polling places across detroit and in flint. they're trying to take advantage of what they think will be a pretty good democratic turn out to try to get people to sign up to collect what has to be a huge number of signatures to get him out of office. there's a lot of michigan specific stuff that looms over this race. doesn't translate to national story but it will be important in terms of understanding how this goes down tonight between sanders and clinton. >> this is jupiter, florida. these are live pictures. you may see the recognizable hair from the center of that shot. there's a red carpet at this event for v.i.p. guests of the trumps to stop and be photographed by the press core not unlike a screening or a premier or a high class party where guest vs their photo taken against a trump background. katie is somewhere in that skar
5:59 pm
of moving photographers. note on the far left of the podium shot you can just see the bottles of trump water. >> this is amazing. >> many of the consumer products called out by mitt romney will be on display. there's more of it to the right. it's part of what you deal with when you are a gop challengers of the leading candidate who is a reality star, who is brand name and who enjoys 100% name recognition in this country. we've never seen any aspect of this race before. we are now within 30 seconds of those four counties in the u.p., the upper peninsula of michigan. the nonoven mitt shaped part of michigan where the polls will
6:00 pm
close. that allows us, even though we have raw vote in, to characterize the rate. it's 59:50 in the last ten seconds. we'll show you polls are closing. we'll show you where michigan fits in all of it. here is where it fits at 9:00 eastern time. donald trump has swept the first two states. our projection from msnbc and nbc news is that when all the votes are counted, your winner tonight in the michigan primary will be donald trump. on the democratic side our race is too early to call. 30% of the raw in. bernie sanders leading 51% to hillary clinton's 48. these are the results from earlier. you have a sweep so far on the gop side. for trump, hillary clinton the projected winner heavily in mississippi