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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 8, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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[cheers and applaus [cheers and applause] >> but in order to do that, we can't be talking about building walls or turning the clock back. we have to build on what made america great in the first place, our energy and optimism, our openness and creativity. nobody working harder than americans. nobody inknownats better. if we working to i know america will outcompete anybody anywhere in the world and create a future that will hold out the promise of america to every kid with a dream, every aspiring worker,
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everyone who works hard and does their part should be able to say i can make it in america. [cheers and applause] >> but to get there, my friends, we do need a real strategy. we have to invest in core american strengths. i voted for the rescue funds that saved america's auto industry when it was on the brink -- [cheers and applause] >> and as president i'll always stand by our auto workers and auto makers, but i'll also invest in manufacturing and small business and clean energy. [cheers and applause] >> i've set some big goals. i want us to install .5 billion more sol yar panels all within the next ten years and let's start creating more good jobs
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that can't be outsourced by repairing -- by repairing our failing infrastructure, including all the dangerous water pipes not only under flint, michigan, but under a lot of american cities. jackson, mississippi has a lead problem. so does cleveland, ohio. [cheers and applause] >> more than 14% of the cleveland's kids have been exposed because of lead in paint so with he hae have problems in paint, in the saoil and in the water and i want to stand right here in cleveland and tell you as your president, if i'm so fortunate enough to be in that office next year -- [cheers and applause] >> -- we're going to tackle this lead problem everywhere our children are at risk.
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[cheers and applause] >> and we're going to stand up to cooperations that seem to have absolutely no loyalty to this country that gave them so much in the first place. [cheers and applause] >> look at nabisco laying off 600 workers in chicago, moving a production line out of the country, even though the company has long received tax breaks from the state of illinois. they have no problem taking taxpayer dollars with one hand and giving out pink slips with the other. look at the eden corporation here in ohio, they get millions of dollars in tax credits and government contracts to make electrical equipment, but that hasn't stopped them from using accounting tricks to move their
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headquarters overseas and paying their taxes over home. now they're shutting down a factory and eliminating more than 100 jobs and moving that company out of the country and they gave their ceo a pay out of more than $11 million. we should make corporations pay for the so-called inversions with a new exit tax. [cheers and applause] >> i want companies to know if they walk out on america, they're going to pay a price. and if they ship jobs overseas, we're going to make them give back the tax breaks they receive here at home. [cheers and applause] >> because we can take that money and we can put it to work investing in communities that are left behind and bring those jobs back to america.
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now, there should be no doubt if you cheat your employees, exploit your customers, positive lut the environment, relationship orip off the taxpayers, we will hold you accountab accountable. but when businesses do the right thing, we will stand with them. we will reward sharing profits with workers, not just shareholders and top managers. [cheers and applause] >> it's good for everyone when companies treat workers like assets to be invested in, not costs to be cut. it's simple economics. america grows when your paycheck grows. and i know -- i know the idea of
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corpora corporate patriatism because we're in thissing to so we need to breakdown the barriers holding back our families and our country and don't you think we've waited long enough for quality affordable child care and paid family leave. [cheers and applause] >> and don't you think it's time for equal pay for equal work for women. [cheers and applause] >> i sure do. and let's breakdown the barriers that stop our children from getting the quality public education they need and deserve. [cheers and applause] >> every child should have a good school and a great teacher,
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no matter what zip code they're from. [cheers and applause] >> and let's breakdown the barriers so that all our students can graduate from college debt free. [cheers and applause] >> and people already burdened can pay it off as a fair percentage of their income with a definite end date so you finish your obligations. let's invest in black colleges and universities which play such a vital role across our country. so we have to breakdown all the barriers and those include ones that are still rooted in bigotry, in bias, in prejudice. the truth is, more than half a
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century after rosa parks sat and martin luther king marched, we know race still plays a significant role in determining who gets ahead in america and who gets left behind and we know that there are problems we have to be honest and face. you know, when a young man, tamar rice was shot, that was painful for everybody. >> don't forget other people. >> there are a lot of names we could be reciting, not just here, but across our country. we have to invest in our community, we have to help everybody succeed, because that will be good for all of us. [cheers and applause] >> usa!
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usa! >> ohio's been very important in our history. you've given us a lot of trail blazers. people who were successful, people who really did so much for this community and for this state and indeed for our country. and i am proud that they were my friends. and i am proud that we have leaders like the ones i mentioned earlier who are helping us move into the future. but here's what i want you to know, when you run for an office like this, it's a leap of faith. and what's important is we've got to focus on how we bring our country back together.
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the divisiveness, the mean spiritedness, that's not going to move us forward. we need to stand unite d. trying to divide us between us and them, it's wrong. it's goes against our most cherished values. america belongs to all of us, not just those who are already successful, i want to be the president not for those who are already successful, they don't need me, i want to be the president for the struggling and the striving for people who have a dream and who are looking for a way to achieve that dream. [cheers and applause] >> and we've got to resist forces trying to drive us apart, whether they're political forces or economic forces. there are a lot of them out there. they seem to have forgotten what made us great in the first place.
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you know, america is great. we don't have to make it great. we -- [cheers and applause] >> we have to make it whole. and by that i mean we've got to get back where we're supporting each other, where we're helping young people get involved in national service, finding ways to give back to our communities. every one of us has a role to play in the future that we want. that's the spirit powering this campaign and it comes from those who have contributed most less than $100. it comes from ernesto, a college student in defiance, ohio. he gave $7 to hillary because he says he wants a president who will help break barriers, not only for
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latinos, but all people in america. it comes from liza in texas whose child has down's syndrome. money's tight but she sent me $20 because she wants to unify this country and open up opportunities for everyone, including children like hers. i want you to join this campaign. please go to hillary or text join at 47246. when i get a note like i did from these two people and when i meet so many across the country who, yes, they have the struggles in their own lives, but they still fignd it in thei hearts to help others, i know that's the people we are. we are better than what we are hearing in the political rhetoric of this time. we are better -- [cheers and applause] >> -- than what we are being offered by the republicans. i've seen the young people in
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flint, michigan working to help and heal their community. i've met people across this country in city after city who are starting small businesses and i've met mothers who have lost their children to gun violence. they're turning their mourning into a movement. all of them are living out what the scripture tells us. let us not grow weary in doing good for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. if we reach for love and kindness, instead of bigotry, we can see the best in each other, not the worst. if we lift each other up, instead of tearing each other down, there's nothing we can't do together. so i am grateful to all of you and i want you to know that if you work for me in this next
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week as we move through this week of travel and door knocking and phone calling, if you work for me and if you vote for me, i will work my heart out for you. [cheers and applause] >> i will work every single day to make a difference in your lives, to knock down the barriers that stand in your way, to make sure that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential and that america, we live up to ours and our best days will still be ahead of us. thank you all and god bless you. [cheers and applause] hillary clinton in cleveland, ohio. she chose to come outcome out during donald trump's remarks so
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we aired that on a live, but taped basis. while she spoke as you may have been seeing on your screen, this is the story that is playing out. this race we originally had posted as too early to call, the judgment of our election unit right now is that it's too close to call. with 61% in and that's a sizeable number, separated by, as you see, 14,000 votes, give or take, that is the democratic race with bernie sanders in the lead in michigan to the big board steve, what's going on in this race? >> we have a barn burner on our hands right here. you put the margin up there, it's just under 15,000 right. this was bigger earlier. i can show you what's happening. we have real time election drama playing out and the ep i center
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of it is detroit. that is wayne county. so hillary clinton right now is leading by 23,000 votes here. we expect this is likely to expand. it's unclear where the vote is coming from. it looks like about 60% of the vote is in from wayne county. this margin was much closer earlier. what you have in this county -- this is the biggest county on the democratic side, you have a real divide in terms of the population and in terms of the voting patterns in detroit and the counties outside of detroit. early in the night bernie sanders was competitive here and what happened about ten minutes ago hillary clinton's lead exploded from a couple of thousand votes and now it's up to about 23,000. it looks look detroit started reporting the returns. the lion's share of this county, so hillary clinton, it's about 15,000 statewide, it has to come from wayne county. she has to drive that number,
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23,000, she has to drive that up even higher, close to 50,000. let's see what she can do with the vote that's left there. quickly in terms of where there is still an outstanding vote that could potentially offset that, if you're a bernie sanders supporter you're looking here right now. this is grand rapids. bernie sanders is winning this entire area. of the state. only about 6% of the vote is in in grand rapids. outside of grand rapids, not much of the vote here. look here, this is a college county. bernie sanders doing so well with college-age votesers. you have the university of michigan. right now maybe the surprise is as close as it is if you're a sanders supporter, you probably wanted a bigger number. this could get bigger for bernie sanders. but right now from the city of detroit, can hillary clinton expand that margin that she's
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getting in wayne county and as she expands it -- it's still not updated. as she expands that are there enough areas left in the rest of the state for bernie sanders to offset it. we have a real barn burner here in michigan. >> because this is an all hands situation, i'm going to ask chuck todd to come here and join us at the desk. we're here with lawrence and eugene. what do you make of this? >> this would be a big deal for bernie sanders if he can win. >> it's a big deal if he loses and it's a big deal if he wins. >> with these numbers, i went to the university of michigan and i kind of know the state, it's really hard to tell who is going to win this because -- she's going to get those votes. i think there's more to come in kent and that's going to be
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mostly bernie sanders. it's going to be very -- my old friend dan rather would say it's tight as a tick. >> this is happening in the real america. it could not happen in donald trump's vision of america. bernie sanders, this is the first serious jewish candidate for president vying for the top of the ticket in his party. bernie sanders is leading 64-36 in dearborn which is a 67% arab/muslim community where he is leading. so the jewish candidate for president in america tonight is carrying the muslim vote. >> do we bring up harry ford and his views on jews. that only adds to the irony. >> it is an incredible subplot within what's going on. there's so many stories in michigan that are separate and different and heightened in
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michigan. obviously there's flint water. there's the radical emergency manager law there. there's the detroit public schools. detroit is such a bigger city than everything else in michigan. i think it's bigger than the next biggest five cities combined and the public schools in detroit you would not believe they're american schools from the conditions they're in. then you have stories like these and other cities in michigan that are not just majority arab-muslim or have muslim governorance. michigan is such an interesting slice of the united states and to have as steve said a barn burner here is truly interesting. >> it's the challenges that face the next president. if you talk about -- he wants to
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repopulate the city. you brought up the school issue and flint. that's an infrastructure challenge. if you have one thing you would wave a magic wand, you love to bring up the infrastructure challenges in this country. it's airports, schools, water, you name it and then never mind the issue of income and equality and manufacturing. there's a large case to be made that michigan is the petry dish of america's problems. >> it's clean coal. calling it infrastructure an not jobs is a huge mistake. >> i know. >> pick a road in new york city, i dare you -- >> can we consider the one lucky thing that's happened in michigan and flint and that's occupying this space of the calendar in the presidential campaign. imagine if michigan was down in
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june where california is. i mean flint was going to get real attention by democrats only, but it has gotten all the more because of its placement in this calendar. >> can we go back to the democratic race, if bernie sanders could have transaction in the african-american community, he would be in a much better place. this race is close because he has gotten very little traction. it's all the african-american precincts that are out. >> as far as we can tell so far is 65-30, it's a much smaller margin than she's been enjoying. >> it goes to what we were talking about before, the southern is more rural -- exactly. everybody wants to debate it in court, but still it is something that sanders i think is --
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>> been trying to make that inroad. >> if he had he would be in a different place delegate wise. >> i'm going to take us to a break. if anything should change we'll come blowing out of the commercial break. please don't leave us. on the other side we'll continue to drill down on this too-close-to-call race. bernie sanders out with 67% in. man 1: [ gasps ]
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man 1: he just got fired. man 2: why? man 1: network breach. man 2: since when do they fire ceos for computer problems? man 1: they got in through a vendor. man 1: do you know how many vendors have access to our systems? man 2: no. man 1: hundreds, if you don't count the freelancers. man 2: should i be worried? man 1: you are the ceo. it's not just security. it's defense. bae systems.
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. it is a critical state, especially among the democrats, and right now a difference of 21,000. we've watched it grow with more percent of the vote in. bernie sanders out ahead of hillary clinton. coming up on 3/4 of the votes in. >> we can show you a few things happening as these votes come in.
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this isdetroit, wayne county, you see a 24,000 lead for hillary clinton. grand rapids, we did get another dump of votes out there and you can see bernie sanders, this is about 1/3 of the vote in and bernie sanders with about a 6,000 vote lead over hillary clinton. if that holds for the rest of the returns there and he's winning big in this area, that's more than 10,000 more votes still to come for bernie sanders from there. so that could offset a little bit of the damage that may be done to him here in wayne county. also one thing worth mentioning, we talked earlier about this county, this is the home of the reagan democrats, it's dead even right now. there's still a lot of votes to come in, but it's dead even. here is a place that we've paid attention to, this is where flint is. still a considerable amount of vote to come there as well. bernie sanders and hillary clinton tied right there. a wild card is we're not clear
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is the vote coming from flint or the area outside flint. these distinctions between the cities in the outlying areas are key in a night like this. >> thank you very much. all these places have such resonance right now both in political history and in our current news. right now our friend chris matthews is in detroit and he's with the mayor of flint, michigan. over to you chris. >> thank you. it looks like your area is about 50/50. are you surprised? you're backing hillary. >> i'm glad people are coming out to vote. that was something i think was a surprise to come people, when you look at all the issues we've had going on in the city of flint, i'm glad people are coming out to vote because for such a long time we haven't had a voice. we were under emergency manager so our voiced been taken. people are being close attention. we had a debate there and they're coming out to vote and they're paying attention to what's going on. i did -- i am a hillary
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supporter and people have asked me why and one of the things i said was as soon as i did the emergency declaration back in december, she contacted us. she started high-level people to flint and looking at what they could do to help the situation. they've been in constant contact with us. we started the flint waterworks that we announced yesterday to help the young people because this water issue has spilled over into so many other areas and economic development has been one of them. so we have a large number of young people between the ages of 16 and 24 that need something to do, that need an opportunity, they may not be in school or they're unemployed so they knew that was an issue for us. what i liked was she put her money where her mouth was. she helped support us. she reached out and got a donor to get this kick started.
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>> compare that to the response of sanders. >> it was interesting because one thing very to say, we want a democrat, but i haven't had any kind of conversation with senator sanders. that was a little surprising to me. >> he was called for the resignation of the governor. >> as have a lot of people. >> does that meet the problem, just knocking on the head of the top person? >> no, that doesn't meet the problem. one of the things we talked about is we need some money. that's going to help our money. we need some money and we deserve some money and resources because flint didn't have a voice in this change that occurred and we deserve some things as a result of what's happened so we need some money. so whoever is there, they need to get that to us. the state has a surplus and we should have received some of those funds already and we should be a priority we have a health criminal cases and a structure crisis going on in the city of flint. >> the congresswoman said the issue of losing all those jobs
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when general motors pulled out was related to the water crisis. >> yes. it was. i mean, it's all related to this water crisis and that's been the thing. it's just so funny when you bring up general motors and you talk about the water crisis, one of the things we noticed was immediately general motors stopped using the water. >> really? >> yes, they said it rusted their parts as we continued to stay on it. >> so they had the money to do it. >> they had the money to do that. and they saw something was wrong even they we did too, we the people saw something was wrong but our voices weren't heard. >> how much do you buy the argument of the bailing out the auto industry was the bad trade deals. >> some of both of that and one of the things that we've talked about is what we need to have happen is we need some companies to come back and invest in flint. we need that to happen we have
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to rebuild our city. >> has does hillary clinton do that as oppose in had to bernie sanders. >> what we're doing with the young people is it's more than delivery of water and healthy foods to the families, it's job training because with this infrastructure crisis job opportunities are going to be coming so we want to get people trained for these jobs so they'll have a skill, we hope they stay in flint, but wherever they go it's something no one can take away from them and they can be a contributing person in their community. that's one of the things that we've looked at. so we want to start building jobs and we want to start training our own people. >> you need federal money. >> we need federal funds. >> you need congress as well. >> we need both of those. we need state and federal money because we can't fix this situation. we don't have the money. we know the state has some, but there's not enough there so we need federal assistance as well. >> should the governor stay in office? >> one of the things i've said
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about that people have asked me i said he's got to make a decision. we have talked about is we have an investigation going on. if they find out he's responsible as we know he won't be the only person on that list, whoever is found responsible so be it. >> including him. >> including him. that's what we've been waiting for in the city of flint. we've been waiting for an investigation. we wanted to know who knew what and when they knew it. >> it sounds like watergate. >> it does. that's what it reminds me of. whoever is responsible we want them held accountable at all levs. >> it's amazing your background, which is. >> i'm a psychologist. >> that's dr. carrkaren weaver, mayor of flint. >> thank you. what an urgent matter it is. >> i know -- i won't go on at
7:34 pm
length about this, i would say the mayor has been a remarkable public servant to her community taking over at a time of anger and complete loss of fatith of government and she has done everything that is humanly possible to restore the faith of government to the city of flint. that's a woman that has been tireless in handling that crisis. >> never understand why american companies don't just put down roots and move to michigan where they would be so warmly received and have a trained up, motivated workforce waiting for them. to andrea mitchell we go in washington. andrea. >> reporter: i think this very closely fought election which some clinton supporters some of the professional politicians there say she could pull out they say in about 20 minutes they'll see more of wayne county
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they'll know which way it's going to go, despite for her big push for the auto bailout, hammering her over the trade issue could have hurt hillary clinton. she came in the polls with a big lead and he tonight has sent out a fundraising e-mail and we know how effective bernie sanders is with his fundraising e-mails saying whatever happened tonight in michigan has closed the gap. they may or may not win, send in your $3 now. that's the way he's been effective throughout this. it's clear no matter what happens tonight in michigan, this is an encouraging sign to him. he has not closed the gap with the african-american voters in the north, that said he is doing very well in the rust belt tonight and this is going to encourage him. he was going to keep going anyway, but this is it going to make him a more fierce competitor against hillary
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clinton. just a word about marco rubio, i've got to tell you every republican rubio supporter in the senate because they're all against ted cruz and more so -- they're against donald trump, they believe that he hurt himself terribly the week before last with the way he went after donald trump. they think that it reinforced the kbr eimpression that he is young and too shallow and not ready to be president of the united states and that attack mode was meeting trump at his own level and they think that was demeanamaging to his politi aspirations. >> we're going to slip in another break here and when we come back an update with this michigan race with fully 75% of the vote now in, too close to call, difference approaching 25,000 votes.
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we are back. here's the reason we've been a bit whip sawed after witnesses the trump event we swung right into the democratic race in michigan because this is a pot boiler right here. just north of 25,000 votes separate with 78% of the votes in. taking a brief step back to what we witnessed from florida, let's bring in our friend steve
7:41 pm
schmidt and we don't point out often enough this is -- we're going to steve at the big board first. you have new numbers. >> let's give you an update on what's happening and i think we can show you where the ball game is right now. we've been paying attention and now close to 60% in wayne, 26,000 vote lead for hillary clinton. how many of these votes in wayne county that are left are from the city of detroit versus are how many are from outside. there are all sorts of rumors online, but if they're all from detroit, the expectation is that hillary clinton's doing really well cleaning up there and she could drive up a much bigger margin here. that's what she needs to do, the second big wild card, same question, how many of those votes are from flint and how many are from outside of flint. if those are flint votes that are not in yet, that could be
7:42 pm
hillary clinton getting a big margin out there. for bernie sanders, same question. this is grand rapids. there's still about 35% to come from here. so sanders can get his margin up there and the other wild card for bernie sanders and if you're a sanders person this is what you're hoping, this is where the university of michigan is and eastern michigan, you're hoping the precincts in this county you're hoping this is university of michigan, eastern michigan, you're hoping those are college precincts. those are the variables right now. >> to close to call right now in michigan. if you're a bernie sanders supporters all the purple on that map looks very exciting to you and keep in mind that the delegates tonight in michigan will be both of candidates are going to get a similar numbers of earned delegates out of michigan. joining us from cleveland is a bernie sanders supporter who you know it's nina turner.
7:43 pm
a high-profile supporter of bernie sanders. thanks for being with us. >> you have to be heartened looked at these michigan results tonight thinking about what's going to happen next week in ohio. what's your perception as a sanders supporter of this too-close to call race tonight in michigan. >> we are excited as i am on the edge of my seat as i'm sure are many of sanders supporters, but it shows that his honesty and consistency has taken hold in the state of michigan. i was there with him in michigan and we have been fighting all the way through and that's coming out through the votes that you're seeing right now. it is close as you know. he was about 20% down last week and in july about 50 points so he is really closing the lead. the more people hear his message his indignation for the working
7:44 pm
class and poor in this company, the way he fought against trade deals that took away jobs both in michigan and ohio people are starting to hear his message is this the first result we got was out of mississippi which looks like it was a lopsided victory for secretary clinton. she's won across the south in this early part of the primary so far, but if senator sanders looks to have done as well as he did in michigan, what other states besides your home state of ohio where you think tonight's message and tonight's results might bode particularly well for him. >> i think in the other states of the midwest. this is really about the heart, soul agreement that bernie sanders has and as we continue to move we know we have some of the bigger states coming up in june. california, new york. those are two places where i think bernie sanders will be strong. we're going to be pushing hard in those states, especially
7:45 pm
california, because we know there are a large number of delegates there and california tends to be a liberal state. the more people who hear his message and they see he has been a champion consistent, he doesn't change his message based on polling, he doesn't change his message depending on what audience he's talking to, he has been a champion of the every day people and it is starting to resonate. >> former ohio senator, nina turner, one of the highest profile supporters for senator sanders anywhere in the country. thank you for being us. >> under 15 minutes now for polls closing, in the next one, idaho, we have a too close to call race. we'll talk to chuck todd on the other side of this break. ♪
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no annoying hold music. just a real person, real fast. whenever you need them. great, that's what i said. so your business can get back to business. sounds like my ride's ready. don't get stuck on hold. reach an expert fast. comcast business. built for business. we're back. we're waiting to hear from bernie sanders who is locked in this, a too close to call race for a big prize this evening separated by 32,000 votes, 84% of the raw vote in. over to steve. >> just a kick update. we got a few more votes in wayne county. hillary clinton's lead still nearly 25,000 right now. again, about 60% of the vote there.
7:50 pm
we'll go back to you. we're going to bernie sanders who is appearing before supporters. >> what looks like a very small venue. >> who said that bernie sanders is not going anywhere. ened i want to thank the volunteers that we had in the state of michigan for knocking on doors and the phone calls that created this successfully night for us. in the last week we have won three caucuses and two of them were record-breaking turnouts and whether we win or lose tonight in michigan, basically the delegates here are going to be split up because of proportional representation. what tonight means is that the bernie sanders campaign, the people's, the revolution -- the people's revolution that we're talking about, the political
7:51 pm
revolution that we're talking about is strong in every part of the country and frankly we believe that our strongest areas are yet to happen. we're going to do very, very well on the west coast and other parts of this country. what the american people are saying is they are tired of a corrupt campaign finance system and super pacs funded by wall street and the billionaire class. they are tired of a rigged economy in which people in michigan, people in illinois, people in ohio are working longer hours for low wages, worried to death about the future of their kids and yet almost all new income and wealth is going to the top 1% and the people of america are tired of a broken criminal justice system in which we have more people in jail, largely african-american, latino, native american, more people in jail than any other major country on earth.
7:52 pm
so we started this campaign as many will remember ten months ago. we were 60 or 70 points down in the polls and yet we have -- what we have seen is in poll after poll, state after state, what we have done is created the kind of momentum that we need to win. so once again this has been a fantastic night in michigan. we're very grateful for all of the support that we have gotten from that state and we look forward to going to illinois, ohio, missouri and the other states that we will be competing in next week. thank you all very much. bernie sanders at a hotel appearance in miami, obviously a very small event. steve, you were saying? steve is not here.
7:53 pm
chuck todd. >> here's what our boiler room thinks that we know. here is the problem, number one, especially in wayne county, these counties are dumping vote by county, they're not doing it by precinct that's why steve keeps saying we don't know where this vote is coming from. is it from african-american precincts or non-african-american precincts so that's why we haven't been able to project this out, that's why our folks are uncomfortable calling this because the models have sanders up assuming all of this sort of goes to form, but we think there could be as many as 300,000 votes still left to county, which seems like a lot. just in wayne we think there's over 100,000 uncounted. in mccomb 30. it could be less than that, but that's why when you have a 32,000 vote difference, while
7:54 pm
bern bern bernie's number has grown, that's why everybody's uncomfortable calling this because how many of these precincts are african-american precincts. >> is part of the reason this is difficult to describe how it's going to end here because in 2008 we had such a weird democratic turnout and such a weird democratic process in the primary? >> that's why i think the polling is way off. >> obama and edwards took their name off the ballot. clinton ran, but she was the only one running. it was strange. >> i'm trying to think of the last democratic primary, but there hasn't been a competitive democratic presidential primary in michigan since 1992. bill clinton beat jerry brown. we had weird feature in 2008 because they were violating the rules. obama and edwards pulled out. they didn't want to give clinton a victory so they pulled out in
7:55 pm
2000 it was a caucus because michigan was trying to hold an early primary and michigan republicans let them do it and the michigan democrats wouldn't let them do it. i think technically lyndon won the primary. >> so there's nothing to use from the past to build a model for explaining tonight. >> i'm going to excuse all of the polling. everybody was off here. that is an explanation of why things could be so off. >> in terms of the total number, we did have that weird situation, but we had 600,000 democrats turn out. tonight we have more than 8 800,000 votes already in. that's remarkable. >> you're talking about 300,000 outstanding. >> that's who it was projected. it's possible -- i think that is at the high end of the
7:56 pm
projection. >> anywhere near that it's so different. >> which also makes a 32,000 vote margin when you're talking a couple of hundred thousand votes to count why we're not calling this. >> now steve is indeed back at the board. sorry. >> let's check in here and we can update. we have more votes coming in. we're basically up to two-thirds now in wayne county. this is detroit -- let's see in my finger is doing that right. there it is. about two-thirds in in wayne county right now. one thing to keep in mind this is what the exit polls are telling us, we're talking about the black vote in detroit and a lot of asufrps is hillary clinton is going to dominate. the exit poll is showing that bernie sanders got around
7:57 pm
one-third of the black vote in michigan. that would be maybe more than double what he's been getting in the southern states. if she's counting on a huge margin, it may not be quite as much as we were expecting. the other thing is we've been looking around the state. there is a lot of purple in michigan here. the population, 50% of all the votes, come from these counties in and around detroit, however there are scattered precincts, we've counted about 200 of them in these purples around the state. a lot of small counties here. you haven't heard of a lot of small counties that don't have a lot of population that are voting big for bernie sanders. you have to factor that in. as we say, we're still waiting on a couple of bernie sanders areas. there's a lot of votes to come out of grand rapids and bernie sanders is doing well there right now and we've tracking all night where the university of michigan and eastern michigan is starting to move more in bernie sanders direction. it was nine points earlier. it's kicked up to 14.
7:58 pm
again university of michigan, eastern michigan university, that's the latest right now. >> thank you. we have what, two minutes before the hour? we are waiting for the idaho -- >> idaho, we haven't talked about idaho. >> gop caucus to become a done deal. at the top of the 11:00 east coast -- >> excited. >> idaho primary, your excitement for the idaho primary is -- >> here's the thing, in small population rural states ted cruz has pulled off a bunch of vib t victories. there's no real polling in idaho that tells us what to expect. the name of the governor of idaho is butch. >> his claim to fame he won time won a tight jeans contest as a sitting logistieutenant governo >> did you mean to say as a
7:59 pm
sitting lieutenant governor? >> okay. >> donald trump 37% is our projection, with kasich in second place, which we haven't -- and cruz by the way has come up in percentage now separated about 1,000 votes. we have not grilled chuck todd on this second place race in gop -- >> it's very tight, but john kasich leading for second. >> the kasich campaign has said second place is a win for them in michigan. here's the democrats, this difference has grown while we're talking about the outstanding vote. >> that's right. >> the entire time we've been talking here tonight as we narrow on -- >> when it was 14% i would have said i'd rather be hillary clinton with what's outstanding. >> you look at bernie's map, if you overlayed trump's map in michigan it would be similar.
8:00 pm
two candidates tonight have connected with the white working class. >> it would make as much sense as anything else this election season. we're ten seconds away from the top of the hour. you know the speak about any projection before we arrive there, but now it is 11:00 on the east coast, and we can give the following projection from idaho. too early to call in a race we are characterizing, as you see, with trump on the left, 0% of the vote in, and ted cruz on the right. graphics happen for a reason. >> there is only going to be a republican race in idaho tonight. there is no democratic race in idaho until march 22nd. in idaho, it should be noted that less than one in ten registered voters statewide is a democrat. it is a state that is very, very, very red. it's interesting, though, the governor of idaho, whose name is butch otter, and who c