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tv   The Last Word With Lawrence O Donnell  MSNBC  March 8, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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we welcome you back. >> as we say. ♪ >> does that help? >> that helps enormously. thank you very much. >> here's the plotline, so far, tonight. michigan, for the democratic party. split look for the democrats, as you'll be hearing. it's all on the big board behind me. bernie sanders was awarded the state of michigan. it took a long time after poll closed for good reason and a very high percentage before that call came in tonight. earlier in teche evening, it waa
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landslide victory in michigan as hillary clint hillary clinton continued her success in the south. the gop primary, late tonight, ted cruz was the projected winner over donald trump, 42-29%. gob primary in michigan. looked like a second place finish for a while there. don trump in multiple sclerosis mstz. the national map right now, the
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last graphic right there in the corner, marco rubio. and nothing for john cain on the national map. >> hi, rachel maddow. >> hi. kind of a big board meeting, isn't it. >> the issue on the republican side remains the same. donald trump is going to win or nobody's going to win. right now, it looks like the only other person in contention to even try to win is ted cruz. his probably best shot of winning anywhere else was in michigan. right now, he's not even second in michigan, he's third to ted cruz. marco rubio is telling everyone tonight that it doesn't matter unless he wins hawaii.
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he's hanging it all on his own state. he's going to have difficult times for a small d democrat. we knew that was sort of a forecast. you look at ease of victory tonight. there's no reason to compare him and hillary clinton at this point. kpept for the fact that they're both front runners.
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he's in a commanding position. >> he's run even with them essentially with evangelicals, give or take depending on the sat. look, you laid it out very fully. it's do or die next tuesday. >> is there any coherence to the places where cruz won? he has won in spots. >> he's won in places where it's ushltly -- you can tell a ted cruz statement in a few ways. number one, it touches the state of texas. number two, it's a closed primary.
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and then the third part of it is a little more rural. the problem for cruz is he's not demonstrated an ability to go. all he is is a better-funded vergsz. he's yet to prove he can do something greater than that. north carolina, he can pick awful a lot of places. we'll see how he does. illinois and missouri, he's going to spend time. he needs to win. missouri should be right for him. that's a southern like the state. it's called control as much as anything else.
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i think there's a shot that he has there. and if he's going to be the nominee, he kind of needs to win now. >> obviously, there's been a lot of news about cruise making this very big, splash shi entrance. people are seeing them as a big, psych out move. the whole point of it is just to bash him. i want to get rubio out of the way sooner or laterment i've got a quick way to get him out if we dilute his vote.
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now, it strengthens trump short term. one of the things is rubio and cruz. they do have more supporters and the two have been in each other's way in some of these states. i think a lot of this is driven by personal antipathy. >> chris matthews in detroit. i called this the if you would have told me a year ago election season, everyone starts every sentence on the democratic side, on the republican side. if you would have told me a year ago, i wouldn't have believed here.
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that would that would have been a wild pick, i have to tell you. what about rachel's argument right now? will the party nominate someone who didn't come in first.
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>> look, those are the rules. >> i know the rules. >> there's usually a way to get the deaf sit filled occupy. >> i don't know what his path forward is for losing florida. >> what's cruise going to win next week. >> i think he could win western missouri. >> that's the whole point. if rubio got out.
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>> how does cruz win? >> he could win if marco was effectively out. >> listen to the big industrial states like michigan, ohio, pennsylvania. he's not going to win. >> he came in second in michigan. >> he's pretty strong. >> when do we give trophies out for second. these are winner-take-all states. we don't get a trophy. no cigar. >> look, if donald trump did well in these states. but these other candidates are going to have to decide. if donald trump was any other candidate, it would be over.
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it was a strange, defensive campaign. >> would you still think you have political power? >>. >> i think he has the best path to the nomination. they're going to try to rally behind cruz. you have lindsay graham talking about getting behind cruz. and that he can work with cruz.
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>> he must be very louk kill in his opposition. >> whether it's jeb bush or your guy. >> i think we're going to see a major problem. >> i think trump, if he doesn't get the nomination, probably be with the people with that. >> it doesn't look like a peaceful ending, either way. a break here when we come back of our live election coverage on this supertuesday, two, have we agreed to call it?
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we are back and still in play. you're going to land in a mansion kal place. you can't believe they don't ask you for a pass port. and you realize, you're home still. >> and you realize you've made a bad decision about where you live because you don't live there. >> tonight, we've got a bunch of results already. democratic and republican results from idaho, what the o 8 is that marco rubio is going for it in hawaii. check your caucus location here and go vote for me.
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>> things are going great for everybody kpept marco rubio. >> look at this. look at this. look what's going on here. speaking of weird, our own friend mentions them away.
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>> what's going on with a delegate situation on the democratic side? >> this is a huge night for bernie sanders. >> they give these things out proportional. it's proportional by district in the state. it's not official, but it looks like brksz ernie sanders might have won more districts. so it looks like there are districts in mississippi where
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sanders didn't even clear the 15 pnt threshold. what does that mean 36 delegates up for grabs in mississippi tonight. going to get about 892 and sanders is going to be about 74. you've allocated. if you add these together, what does that mean for hillary clinton. about 761 when this night is finished. so he'll be down 216. >> came into the night down lez than 200. >> remember, his theory is they catch hillary clinton here, these superdell gats change their minds.
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that's why it's so hard to come from behind in the democratic race. >> that's what it was. he got big wins in caucus states. 45, 46% of the votes in those states. proportionately, he was getting by winning the small states. >> the margin matters. >> the margin matters. >> can i say one other thing?
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raurns o'donnell is with us. they say that the ted cruz campaign, specifically in hawaii, sent out an e-mail blasz telling them that marco rubio was getting out. they're calling that a dirty trick. it lurt ted cruz. is this the sort of thing that's going to potentially rez nate around the candidacy.
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i do think it's an area rez ig nating. however, they didn't do enough to magnify. but i really think they could have blown it up even more. >> if it's a dirty trick. as dirty tricks go, the only place, the only place where marco rubio had any kind of chance to do anything. this's kind of a ring of credibility. if we've heard something like this about you before and now,
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here it comes again, it is a credibility. >> a perceived sliegt in the hands of donald trump, gets m magni magnified. >> this time, to your point, it wasn't rigged up. >> partially, because they don't have megaphone right now. rubio is kind of just getting pushed aside. maybe he'll win ohio, but it doesn't look like testimony add right now.
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>> if you're in charge of the rubio campaign, what's your sense tomorrow. how do you send him out? what do you do? >> he's got to go out there. rubio owes it to those voters to stay on the ballot. he'll be forced to kick them out the doosh. as soon as they get a front
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runner, i thrill it's more toshlt e important to stay storm. it's thursday night's debate. this is his last shot. the big tling is that he doesn't e didn't have a job. is there a case to be made before losing badly in his home state if he ever wants to, say, run for florida governor. en the one land, he.
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>> he should run in minnesota. oh, problem solved. >> we'll be back after the break right after this. >> or puerto rico.
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nchtsd raise your hand. i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. >> it is like nothing we've ever seen before in modern history. reaching a new level of urgency. >> his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> you refused to give them their money back. >> do you see the money they spend? do you see the millions in negative ads about me? >> a lot of people adpree with me that donald trump should not be president of the united statess.
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>> i will not stop the fight until we disavow a man with the kkk. >> it's broken all the rules of history so far. and i think it's going to have a few more before will finish. >> it has been one week of the stop donald shep ard and the lights. the establishmented trying to do a break stoun. yeah, here we are, the board doesn't change. let's bring in our next two guests to talk about this.
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a lot of campaign speempbs. the republican congressional committee. >> steve, i'll start with you. >> tonight, donald trump is the overwhelming front runner. he becomes the presumptive nominee. john kaisich atempting to win ohio.
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they're atempting to kb sun advocates. if it were to happen, it would stump him ri up: >> well, ben, that's where you come in, i'm aflad.
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>> here's what's interesting about it and nose who might choose to derail dojd trump will take some sol sill. mitt romney, after if seventh week of march, had 54% of the dew delgaks. has 43 pst. that is a tough directly, unless he wins both ohio and florida next week. so this is not so much a trump vers versus cruz, trump versus rubi,. this is making it able to amastz two delegates to come to the cleaner with the r.
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>> imagine what that convention fight musz be like. >> well, in fact, that's not a rule. each in fact, in 20 12e, the
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number of states required was increased by that convention from 5-8. and the 2016 convention can make that number one-18-28 or 57 and then i. to say the temporary rules versus the rules that we think they'll stick to is a nice set. >> it's the world in ch we all live. bt sht sh you believe the types of insider play that will be necessary to win a fight at the convention.
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if the other plart t are going to take who have the expertise to lay out a plan laid out by somebody like ben who would be able to look at the rules, to-and-a-half dwat the rules d and. >> let's say hefts short narrowly of the threshold to be no, ma'am nated. they would be rested away and the nomination with marco rubio.
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and ill thrill it could lead to u.s. >> ben pvp. >> willing to go to the republican party to have that kind of fiegtsd wut a significant number of delegates didn't end up with the nomination. >> if someone gets the ma i don't recallty shlgtsz
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abslightly right. that's exactly it. you want both of those guys heading into a fight. they're just going to use different weapons. no one is fighting here. you can tell the dids you want a reteet toble n m h.
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tyke pneumonia. some aadulthoods think they're too active or they will ri to fete tick. hoernl. >> my mom mod it and she was >> my mom mod it and she was serious.
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we are back on this "superfuse" 2 evening. one thing i don't say aumpb enough, procedure iing 6
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. >> sanders, you just walked into this hotel room here having learned you got stuck on a plane and weren't able to be here for the results. you saw that on the plane? your reaction? >> we were all very excited. i mean, we were going to be here for the really. but a cancelled plane got uz here, but just now. so i'm expected today go up and sing to my hus. squl ha wla's his move like right now having expectedly where you know in michigan. >> what happens next. you are, n many ways, a close,political advisor.
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he's got the who he will thing dwoun tomorrow mplt there's been a lot of people questioning him. i'm not going to let them do itmented if idea is it's not just about bernie. and the issues he needs to keep giving voice to and what's happening now.
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the states that he keeps on winning. >> i think in termings of the agenda and the voice to to the end. >> sthaks vsh much. >> she wore her luz vrjts both
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in opposition to their party establishment. so i think it's going to
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continue: what hillary reelizes mother i think he's going to stay with this thing. he's not going to get a second shoet. he's zef five in clans in history. lookout. he's headed to cleveland pretty darn strong. so i think the democratic far is in much better shape.
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prepare him ri clip tone's performance to believe the. him ri clinton has won this fight. so the republican candidate is in much, much ush
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looking down the primary catten daryl, particularly on the democratic side in michigan. the biggest state that is demographically almost identical to michigan is, of course, ohio. and everybody's been talking about florida and ohio on the republican side. but ohio is suddenly become a reality lo kus of overirng orn. >> florida, illinois, missouri mo,north carolina and ohio. do the pros pekts look different font on the. >> e think it's excitingst hi his supporters already had that and they needed something to
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plak then really belief that they had a shod. the pops in michigan said absolutely the opposite. >> yeah and he had a great night mplt doblt r donald trump had the best night. in two ways. not just in vote-et ging. but in his coop troll ode plead yach yachlt. >> we strnt had a everyone itened he fees that. blgsd it was about imposing
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35 pbt he refused to answer it. he belittled the foort her who.
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>> he's 2 defendanted a place where he sold band dads dick hvr i recall. >> have you ever seen this process that you've never seen to not being kwinble he's if only one to testifity.
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>> i think the people are beginning to see that. and, secondly, because of that. just wait one week from tonight. we are going to wimpb the state of ohio. and it will be a very interesting game. >> he says if he doesn't women
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sfr ohio, we will yet anymore out of the ration. so a week from doing tonight. r sh rr
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say. >> do you want us to hum the music. ♪ does that help? >> it helps enormously. thank you all very much. >> here's the plot line so far tonight -- michigan for the democratic party. split look for the democrats as you will be hearing. it's all on the big board behind me. bernie sanders was awarded the state of michigan. it took a long time after poll closed for good reason, and a very high percentage before that call came in tonight. earlier in the evening, it was a land slide victory in mississippi as hillary clinton continued her success in the south. a huge victory over bernie sanders in