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tv   Lockup Raw  MSNBC  March 11, 2016 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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[ sneezing ] a cold can make you miserable. luckily, alka seltzer plus cold and cough liquid gels. rush liquid fast relief to your tough cold symptoms. fast, powerful liquid gels from alka seltzer plus thank you for staying with us tonight. this has turned out to be a night that may go down in history in the darker moments of major american politics. here's how we think we got here and i think we got here by deliberate means. i don't think this was an accident. one of the really important, really intense things that's been going on in our country over the past few years that has mostly been happening outside of big time electal politics that is been a justice issue in
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cities and suburbs all over the country where major controversy and at times public unrest has broken out in response to police killings of african-americans. in the st. louis area we saw ferguson, missouri go up in a coldron there. in chicago it was dashcam footage. in cleveland it was the story and then some almost unbelievable of cleveland police rolling up on a 12-year-old boy in a city park and shooting him dead in an encounter that took less than three seconds. that was timamar rice. those are not the only cities, but those three happen to be the
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three most recent stops of itinerary of the calendar of donald trump whose rallies have been racially charged for months now. but as donald trump's campaign left the deep south and prepared to swing into chicago tonight and cleveland tomorrow, we've seen one part of this phenomenon is becoming more intense at donald trump rallies. there have been in stanstans in past where he's spoken about how great it be would to beat people up at his rallies or he said he would pay legal fees if people would beat up people at his rallies, but this blood lust call for a tougher america where there are more beatings and where anti-trump protesters
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should fear for their lives, as he heads into these cities i want you to watch how that part of donald trump's rhetoric has escalated. we've put date stamps on these comments from him. these are from him at his podium at these events. we have laid them out in chronological order. if you want to see the deliberate act that created what happened tonight in chicago, well, watch where it came from and where this cult nates is what happened over the course of today and tonight and it is it nothing like we've ever seen in mainstream politics before. we've seen this at at fringe of stuff barely called politics. when i was kid growing up you used to see this kind of thing, but this is now mainstream front-runner, republican national politics and tonight in chicago it really turned into playing with fire, but if you want to know where it came from and you want me to prove to you
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that it was deliberate what happened tonight in chicago, here is where it came from. >> if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato knock the crap out of them, would you. seriously. i promise you i will pay for the legal fees. i promise. i love the old days. you know what they used to do to guys like that, they would be carried out a stretcher, folks. like to punch him in the face, i'll tell you. in the good old days they'd rip him out of that seat so fast, but today everybody's politicly correct. our country's going to hell with being politically correct. going to hell. get him out of here, please. get him out. get him out. are you from mexico? are you from mexico? are you from mexico? get out of here.
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get out of here. out. this is amazing. so much fun. i love it. i love it. we having a good time? u.s. usa! usa! usa! >> get him out. try not to hurt him. if you do, i'll defend you in court. they had four guys, they were swinging and swinging. the next day we got killed in the press. we were too rough. give me a break. right. we don't want to be too politically correct, right, folks? get him out of here. get him out. get him out of here. get him out. are these rallies the most fun of everybody? do we have the most fun?
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do we have the most fun? yeah, get him out of here. get him out. get him out. so disruptive. remember when bernie sanders, they took the mike away from him, that's not gonna happen with us folks. that's not gonna happen. remember that, he walked away from the mike and he stood back and he watched these two young girls talking to the audience and they said we came to listen to him and he was standing in the back as two women took the mike away. that doesn't happen to us. get that guy out of here. get him out. get that guy out of here. get him out of here. get him out. we had some people, some rough guys like we have right in here and they started punching back. it was a beautiful thing. they started punching back. in the good old days that doesn't happen because they used to treat them very rough and
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when they protested once they would not do it again so easily, but today they walk in and they put their hand up and they put the wrong finger in the air at everybody and they get away with murder because we've become weak. we've become weak. >> anybody who tells you there's no connection between the behavior of the mob at these events and the behavior. of the man at the podium leading these events is not watching what he's been saying from the podium and what he has been saying and the way he has been egging this sort of thing on, it is escalating. that very last clip we just showed, that was in north carolina on wednesday night and that was when the trump supporter threw that sucker punch elbow in the face of the protester who was being taken out of the event. that man with the ponytail throws the elbow right here, he's since been charged for doing that. if you want to know why things escalated today to the point where this rally had to be
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cancelled tonight in chicago because of security fears there was no way it could be kept under control and it very quickly proved the point, consider that trump supporter was charged with physically assaulting that protesters yesterday. he was arrested and charged yesterday and then this is how donald trump today again in st. louis, not exactly a city that is at ease on issues like this, this is how donald trump today talked about violence at his rallies, talked about the rightness or wrongness of supporters throwing punches at proteste protesters. this is what happened today at the event before chicago went off the rails tonight. >> you know, part of the problem and part of the reason it takes so long is nobody wants to hurt each other anymore, right? and they're being politically correct they way they take them out so it takes a little bit longer and honestly, protesters
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realize it. they realize there's no consequences to protesting anymore. there used to be consequences. there are none anymore. so that's it. thank you very much. thank you. are they gone? yeah, they're gone. our country has to toughen up, folks. we have to toughen up. these people are bringing us down, remember that. they're bringing us down. no reason for it. these people are so bad for our country, you have no idea, folks. you have no idea. they tribute nothing, nothing. they can get up and when they're being taken out they can raise their bad finger up in the air and drive people, which is very unfair, and some people get very angry at that because you know what that represents and then when they get a little bit overly angry, they're in
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trouble, the guy that raised his finger, no, that's no problem. that's no problem. get out of here. get out. get him out. trouble maker. get him out of here. hurting this country, folks. hurting this country. big mouth. get him out. go home to mommy. go home -- go home and get a job. go home, get a job. get a job. i'll tell you, these are not good people, folks, just so you understand. these are not good people. and i heard this was going to happen and they said, mr. trump, would you like to cancel? i said absolutely not.
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[cheers and applause] these are not good people. these are not the people that made our country great, but we're going to make it great again, but these are not the people. [cheers and applause] these are the people that are destroying our country. get him out. get him out. come on. let's go. get him out. >> that's the way that donald trump has been talking about protesters at his events, that's the way that he has been directing his supporters at events to treat those protesters. that was today. if you want to know what led up to chicago tonight, that was donald trump's display of leadership and calming the waters at his event this afternoon. apparently officials of some
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kind in st. louis were worried enough a tt what would happen a that rally that they said maybe the event should be cancelled. it was not cancelled. it went on and mr. trump said we cannot be rough enough with protesters anymore, these are terrible people, that we need to toughen up because they do something to a protesters that gives them the finger, that is -- that's what he did in st. louis. they didn't cancel st. louis. they did cancel chicago after the streets were full around the venue after the venue was full of thousands of people and they let them all in and then they called it off and then they left and just let them fight it out. literally fight it out. american presidential politics isn't like this for anybody else. american presidential politics did not get this way on its own. this is the work of an american presidential candidate who
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of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. one of the images tonight was a group of young people holding up this sign in the sort of mez neen of the pavon there as the vent was getting called off and as stuff was breaking out. we're going to be speaking with a protesters after this break. we'll be right back.
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bae systems. you recall yesterday at the debate i said that presidents can't just say whatever they want, there are consequences to the words of a president. there are consequences to the words of a presidential candidate as well. you have a candidate in donald trump who clearly has used language that appeals to anger and in some instances has said to the crowd let's beat this person up or let's do this or
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that. it shouldn't surprise us that you see a growing amount of violence at his events. there isn't violence at my events or ted's events or kasich's event or a clinton event. there's only one presidential candidate who has violence at their events and i do think that donald needs to realize that some of the rhetoric that he's used is growing increasingly disturbing for a growing number of americans. >> that was marco rubio, florida senator and presidential candidate speaking earlier this evening in response to what happened tonight in chicago. this donald trump event being cancelled for security reasons. the trump campaign was earlier saying that they had cancelled the event on the advice of the chicago police department. we'll talk about that in more detail later on. the chicago police department is saying they never recommended to the trump campaign that they cancel this event.
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joining us now is a rally support participant. thanks for being us with. i appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> tell me about your decision to protest tonight and tell me what happened when you were inside the venue. >> so basically a bunch of us decided to go to the protest and put this banner on because he's really something that does not in any way represent what chicago is for any us. he's something actually like completely the opposite of that. it's funny the rhetoric to me that really stuck out that i was hearing before the commercial break in talking about the troublemakers and i didn't understand that many people in a that rally would have thought of us that way, but the reason we were there is because the chicago police thought -- it's the exact same rhetoric talking about who are the troublemakers. the troublemakers so often are
7:19 pm
people of color, not to mention children of color and they're being murdered by our police departments, by our military and it's horroric to see someone who is gunning to be the president of the united states to use the same violent rhetoric. >> let me ask, given that that's your critique of him as a candidate of what he represents, i have to ask you about this decision that you guys made to put the symbol on the banner. that's an allegation against him that he's running a nazi style campaign. obviously whatever the argument is behind that, that's going to make people see red. >> if it's going to make people see red, perhaps it would be the blood of children that have been murdered in the same name of violence by police across the country. if they want to see red, yes, that's the same red that fills
7:20 pm
in the nazi flag. the words that are behind his campaign. any other campaigns of hate that this country or other countries have seen. they should see red. they should see it. >> i'm sorry. i lost you there for one second. let me ask you also, in the -- sorry. in the venue, we so see when you guys moved from the upper area where you were down on to the floor, what did you experience there as the events had been announced it was cancelled and as it was breaking up? >> well, we went on to the floor because a lot of other protesters were on the floor, including police, and we wanted to make sure they were okay and we wanted to be with people that were on our side and we were encountered by a lot of white subu subu suburbs who decided to rip the
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banner away from us because that's the only thing they could demonstrate to us. if they could understand that our rhetoric is on par with theirs and ethically correct tl then they wouldn't have a leg to stand on. >> did you get shoved around in a way that was uncomparable? >> yes, absolutely. many of them were pushing us and trying to rip the banner from us. you can see my mouth moving on tv staying stop, stop, you don't need to do this, back off. leave us alone. there is so much anger there and you're totally right that trump is telling people his rhetoric is intentional around violence because he knows that's what hits home with a lot of people when they're suffering from poverty and violence when
7:22 pm
there's racism perform ating culture that violence gets to the heart of that and he's playing on that. he's playing people for that. >> one of the protesters tonight against donald trump who we actually captured footage of with the scenes of the cancellation of the rally. thank you for being here. >> thank you. i should tell you that we do have a little bit of new information from the chicago fire department. the fire department confirms that they transported three people from the site of the rally tonight to the hospital. three people injured, one officer, who is listed as being in good condition, and two civilians who are also listed as being in good condition. this appears to be the officer who is hurt. he's got blood coming out of some wound on his scalp or side of his head. he's able to walk on his own power. he'll be a chicago police officer, but he could be
7:23 pm
university of chicago police. again, the tally that we've got from the chicago fire department is one officer injured and taken to the hospital and in good condition and two civilians injured and taken to the hospital in good condition. we've got a sound bite listed as s1. i'd like to play that as a fact checking thing. we got a notice from the chicago police department essentially trying to clarify whether or not they were the reason that this rally got cancelled so suddenly tonight. one of the things that was really remarkable watching this scene unfold live is there are all these thousands of people crammed in this room and it's an intense atmosphere because it's a lot of trump support erers an protesters like the one you heard live on air. all these room in the same room with this intense atmosphere with this increasing violence at these events and then there's
7:24 pm
this live no warning announcement that this event was cancelled. the trump campaign seemed to characterize it as an event that was made if not by the chicago police department, then at least in conjunction with the chicago police department. this is how they announced it. >> mr. trump just arrived in chicago and after meeting with law enforcement has determined that for the safety of all the tens of thousands of people that have gathered in and around the arena, tonight's rally will be postpone in had until another day. thank you very much for your attendance and please go in peace. >> many people did go in peace, some people did not. it's interesting though. the wording of that was after meeting with law enforcement mr. trump determined that for the safety of tens of thousands of people, tonight's rally would be
7:25 pm
postponed it. was an arguable and difficult decision to cancel it that way once there were already thousands of people in the streets and thousands of people inside the venue, including lots of people who disagreed with each other very strongly. after that happened a spokesperson for the chicago police department came out and said that the chicago police never recommended to the trump campaign that he cancel this event. the chicago police department spokesman tells the associated press tonight that the chicago pd never told the trump campaign there was a security threat. they said there was sufficient manpower on the scene to handle any situation, but mr. trump and his campaign cancelled the rally in chicago. i should mention that according to the chicago police department not only did they not tell donald trump to cancel this event tonight, they say that the university police department also didn't recommend to the trump campaign that they call off this event. the police say this was made
7:26 pm
100% by the campaign, this decision was made 100% by the campaign and any idea that the police said that you can't do this because it's not safe, the police are denying that that is the way this went down. we've got an interview, an intensive interview with donald trump himself about what happened tonight and why and that's coming up next. stay with us. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me. with once-weekly trulicity. trulicity is not insulin. it helps activate my body to do what it's supposed to do
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honestly i wish he would have came out. there was no fights up until they said it was cancelled. there was people yelling at each other, but there was no fist fights until they said it was cancelled. >> i think that the emotions that the anti-trump protesters were in the room over stop the trump. their presence was definitely there therefore i think trump was scared. he didn't want to come. >> highlighting those clips from
7:30 pm
people at this event tonight and inside that event tonight highlighting one thing we haven't remarked much on tonight which is the youth of the crowd. we're used to seeing at particularly trump political events we're used to seeing a lot of middle aged folks and older. this was a young group, particularly the people left on the floor. joining us on the phone is a reporter from chicago. thank you for being with us tonight. i know this is a busy night for you. >> that's a crazy night. from the minute that we saw this crowd that really as you mentioned they were not trump supporters, i would say 60/40. i would say maybe 40% was trump supporters. it was very diverse, a lot of college students, a lot of people that wanted to come to see the event, but a lot of people who came to cause
7:31 pm
disruption. >> one of the things that we've seen at other trump events going back to the -- before the end of the year last year, well into this campaign, is that his campaign has sort of policed entry into his events to try to keep large numbers of protesters out. obviously some people sneak through, but we've seen things that have made people uncomfortable where they were looking at peoples signs and buttons and making sure it was people who were pro-trump. it doesn't sound like they did that tonight. >> reporter: no. from the minute they announced they were coming to the pavilion we're very close to downtown. we're on a college campus that is a very diverse campus. we were all stunned. this is not the college campus that donald trump would go to. you go to the suburbs. you go out into neighborhoods, out into lake county further away from the city. i have never seen a republican
7:32 pm
candidate have a rally in downtown chicago and i've been here many, many years. so we were sort of dumb founded he was coming here and then to see the people lined up, i thought who is going to be here. sure enough, lots and lots of folks came, but you knew from the beginning these were not folks that were supporting donald trump. >> one of the things that i have been sort of poking at tonight and i recognize it's a provocative thesis, but i feel like this was deliberately created for political effect and the reason that i'm saying that i know it's provocative to say it, but the evidence that i see includes the fact that mr. trump has made protesters and the act of throwing protesters out of his events and his desire that more violence could be directed at those protesters he's made that central to all of these events. escalated in the deep south even
7:33 pm
just today when he was in st. louis we saw further escalation from him. it would seem to me to sort of add that to that thesis that he was going to be at uic. he was going to be in downtown chicago particularly as you see there wasn't any effort to make sure it was a pro-trump crowd. >> reporter: right. we just hung up the phone with the chicago police department because his statement tonight was that he had consulted with law enforcement and decided it was not a good idea. you did not consult the chicago police. they had no idea this was going to happen. they felt that they had this under control. i was in there. i have to tell you, i was a little bit nervous about watching these folks. i thought i was up on the press riser and i go i hope this riser's solid because i'm not sure where this was going tonight. you could feel it.
7:34 pm
it was like a about to erupt. i have not seen anything like it. >> let me ask you something you said about the chicago police. we've seen the tape and we've played a couple of times tonight where somebody got up to the podium and said after meeting with law enforcement mr. trump has determined that tonight's rally will be postponed. we then got a statement from mr. trump on fox news saying that essentially police told him to call it off. let's play that. >> people are going to set fed up with it. let me tell you. at some point we had people waiting in line for five and six and seven hours to get in and then they get in and they get shut out and you're talking about right of free speech and all of the other things that --
7:35 pm
that -- that we all know. it's so unfair. you had people that got here at 11:00 and 10:00 in the morning and waited all day and then they get protest eers and the protesters showed up at the same time. they didn't drift in. they just all of a sudden showed up. so at some point they won't get away with this stuff because it's going to be -- >> at some point they went get away with this zstuff. what he actually said a moment later was -- he was asked did law enforcement recommend this to you and donald trump said yeah, they did recommend it. they strongly recommended it. the chicago police department is not saying that's what happened. >> reporter: maybe he has his own eyes and ears in here. because the chicago police who aren't exactly the most willing to go on the record in a moment's notice and tell us,
7:36 pm
they quickly answered my call and said no, we were not consulted. we did not have any part in this decision. he never came to the venue. he was not here. >> never came to the venue, they never met with him, there was no consultation between the police and the campaign, the campaign appears to have made this decision independently to set off this fire cracker in this room that you're talking about and they're blaming it on the police. that's remarkable. >> reporter: i think there would have been a fire cracker no matter what. there would have been one with him in the room and he probably would have had to walk off the stage. there were just way too many people in that room ready to disrupt it. >> political reporter, i really appreciate you being with us. what a night. thanks for being here. >> reporter: thank you so much. >> thank you. because we played the wrong thing, do we have that other
7:37 pm
asserti assertion? can we play that please? >> did law enforcement recommend this to you as well, you have secret service protection. >> yeah, they did. they recommended it. they did strongly recommend it. >> not according to the chicago pd. this is remarkable. this is going to be an important part of this. this will go down -- this will be described by the trump campaign as some sort of victimization of donald trump. these protesters are so against him, the violence was going to be so inevitable, we had no control, the violence was coming from the protesters, we had to act responsibly to protect the public, the police told us they had to because they couldn't restrain these anti-donald trump protesters. let that not be the fake history of this event. the real history of this event is that the chicago police department and the university police department say they did not see a security threat, they
7:38 pm
did not tell the donald trump campaign to call this off. the donald trump campaign created this event, they created this this between the protesters. they got all of those thousands of people in that room and then they decided on their own terms and their own timing to call it off. that's their own creation. they're own deliberate creation. donald trump in his interview, we'll have that for you right after this. my belly pain and constipation? i've heard it all. eat more fiber. flax seeds. yogurt. get moving. keep moving. i know! try laxatives. been there, done that. my chronic constipation keeps coming back. i know. tell me something i don't know. vo: linzess works differently from laxatives. linzess treats adults with ibs with constipation or chronic constipation. it can help relieve your belly pain, and lets you have more frequent and complete bowel movements that are easier to pass. do not give linzess to children under six
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hey how's it going, hotcakes?
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7:42 pm
had 25,000 requested tickets from supporters and they were filling in and a group of people on the other side and i felt and after meeting with law enforcement, we met with them for about a half an hour today, i felt it was just safer. i don't want to see anybody get hurt and so far it seems to be working that way. i felt it was much better to cancel rather than allow this. we had thousands of people outside trying to get in, supporte supporters, thousands of them, and far more than -- i think there are 10,000 seats. we had probably 25,000 people that we said don't come, don't come. and we started working on it a little while ago telling people don't show up and we announced that for security reasons we were going to cancel it. we were going to postpone it and come back another time. >> we've seen a lot of pictures here. >> i think it was the right thing to do under the circumstances. >> we have television pictures now that are going to haunt this country for a while.
7:43 pm
you can watch the thing. it has an ethic factor. you see these people from different background getting in each other's faces and somebody throws a punch, give somebody a finger, you see a person held by the police. these people are so angry and they're angry over the issues you've raised, immigration, i guess. the people protesting at the rally don't like the people at the rally. i know you have free speech. >> we have a country that's so divided that maybe you don't understand it. i've never seen anything like it. on one side you have people that haven't had a pay increase in ten years and the businesses are moving out of the country and they're up jet aset and angry a have people that are angry about other elements and it all comesing to acomes together and you see it all over. you see it at lots of locations. there's a lot of anger in the country and it's sad to see.
7:44 pm
>> i'm not going to tell you what to do or ask you because you're the guy running your campaign, but do you want to tell the people who are with you not to engage with these protesters, not to give them a fight situation, not to engage, are you discouraging them? >> i did that in saying that we're going to postpone the rally, we said be peaceful and go in peace. for the most part they have. i think that is better than if we had the rally go through. you have so much anger in the country. it's anger in the country and it's not directed at -- i don't think it's directed at me or anything. it's just directed at what's been going on for years. and it's on both sides. it's a double slip. you have people that are very, very upset about what's happening with the country as a country and you have other people that just don't feel right about things. those people were outside and coming inside and rather than have -- rather than having everybody get in and mix it up,
7:45 pm
i thought it would be a wise thing -- after speaking with the law enforcement, i just thought it would be a wise thing for us to postpone this rally. >> last thought mr. trump, are you going to make any changes in your rhetoric or -- it looks like -- you can't have a rally now in a big city anymore because if you accept the big diverse crowd and then you don't vet people coming in, we're going to see a replay of this because different people are watching this with different reactions. some people say i like that kind of situation, i'll be going the next time. >> we've had more the most part by far the biggest rallies. literally we had over 25,000 people wanting to come today and it's incredible when you look at it. i've had many -- i've the biggest rallies by far. far bigger than bernie or anybody. we've had very little disruption. we've had some protests where an
7:46 pm
individual would stand up and they would taken out, but we've had very little protest. we've had nobody hurt and hopefully we can keep that going. that's why i did this today. i don't want to see people hurt or worse. i think we made the right move. >> i agree. >> rather than forcing a very bad situation. >> we're watching a recurring tape. an african-american guy in his 30s. he's very middle class guy and his sign says i'm really angry. what would you say to him if you had a chance to chat with this guy as what you're trying to do for this country as potential president. >> i want to bring back jobs. 58% of unemployment rate. you have to bring back jobs. i'd be angry too. i'm looking at him and he looks like he's an intelligent guy, but there's a lot of anger and frankly we have to bring jobs back to this country.
7:47 pm
our jobs are going to mexico, all over the world. they're going everywhere but here. you see in a nabisco moving out. >> mr. trump, why did you say go get a job when you say you're going to bring jobs. you recognize these young people don't have jobs. why did you mock the guy today and say go get a job. >> because frankly he was very nasty guy, he was somebody that was giving -- he was very, very loud and he was swinging his fists and he just looked to me like somebody that frankly maybe he did have a job, maybe he didn't, i don't really know. it's something that got said. nothing wrong with saying it, go get a job. it's not easy to get jobs. >> you're saying two things, one thing that makes perfect sense,
7:48 pm
people are not getting a chance coming out of school, nothing's happening in their lives so they're angry, you seem to sympathize with that and then out in the arena you're calling the guy a bum and go get a job. of course he's going to get mad at you. >> he was mad long before i said that. he was jumping up and down for 15 minutes and actually could have endangered people. he was a very bad dude and jumping up and down, very dangerous. nobody mentions the other sides. some of these protesters are dangerous people. you say they have the right to protest and that's fine with me, but some of these protesters are is extremely dangerous and physical and frankly when the other side or when the side that let's say is not necessarily known as the protester when they get tough, it ends up being a front page story. when the protester gets tough nobody writes it. i can tell you stories about
7:49 pm
protesters that we've had that you would be 100% on our side if you saw what happened. it's a two way street. >> do you think -- is this going to effect the voting? everybody's voting on tuesday like in illinois, people are going to be voting in ohio, florida, missouri. did you think people who are coming out on the republican side to vote are -- how are they going to react? >> two people told me this increases the vote for trump because you know what we're doing, we had a peaceful rally here and you're not allowed to have a rally anymore in this county. we had a peaceful rally and in order to make sure nobody gets hurt, i said let's postpone the rally. you can't have a rally in a major city in this country anymore without violence or potential violence. i didn't want to see the real violence and that's why i decide
7:50 pm
n ed to call it off. i met with law enforcement and we didn't do it. it's very tough. i think a lot of people said this is going to increase it. this has nothing to do with my decision today. my decision is i don't want to see people hurt. we can come back and do it another time. >> there's a guy waiving a sign that suggests he's hispanic. he said liberation, not deportati deportation. what's your reaction to that message? >> we have to have people come in, it has to be done through a process and it has to be legal or we won't have a country. they have to come in legally. we have to have boarders. if we don't have boarders, we don't have a country. >> do you think people get the message that watching something like this is lesson and is your argument going to be going between now and tuesday which is important it could decide this nomination process by tuesday, do you think people should come out with the attitude mr. trump
7:51 pm
tried to hold a rally today, it was disrupted and this is wrong. is that the message? >> i think a lot of people think that. i think a lot of people think it was wrong that we were really stopped from holding a rally. i didn't have to be stopped, but if i held the rally people would have been potentially very badly hurt and i don't want to see people hurt. so i think we were given credit for doing this because things like this usually they have the rally, chicago's the home of some very bad rallies. you know that. all you have to do is look back at the conventions they had in chicago and the one in particular as you know were tremendous numbers of people were hurt and i believe killed and i don't want to see anything like that happen. so i made a decision. i spoke with law enforcement and made it in conjunction with law enforcement and i think we made a wise decision because it seems to be working out very well. >> let me ask you -- >> so far it's worked out where nobody's even hurt.
7:52 pm
>> that may be a good call. let me ask you between now and tuesday will you try another rally? >> we're doing one. we've had very good -- we've up until this point we've had no problem. we've had a couple of individual protesters. today in saut. louis we had protesters, but they were individual protesters that would stand up and start screaming and be removed. it was not a big deal and it went very well. this is a different circumstance and it's sad when you can't have a rally in a major city in this country. we can't have a rally in a major city. whatever happened to freedom of speech? whatever happened to the right to get together and speak in a very peaceful manor. so it's sad to see this, it's a lot sad to see this, but i felt for the benefit of safety i don't want to see people hurt by chance. >> the only thing is when you set up a rally in chicago, which
7:53 pm
is the city which is a majority hispanic and african-american now, that you went into a situation where you knew there would be a lot of people on a saturday that would have the time and the passion to come out like this fellow we're watching here on tape to come out and protest your situation. so there was really no surprise here, was there, in what happened, given the venue of your event tonight? >> it shouldn't matter. it shouldn't matter. you're the first one to say it. it shouldn't matter whether it was -- whoever lives in the city, it shouldn't make a difference, whether it's white, black, hispanic. it shouldn't matter. >> they don't like what you're saying. >> well, we shouldn't be restricted from having a rally here because of ethnic makeup or anything like that. i'm somebody that feels strongly it shouldn't make any difference and you usually feel that too. that's why i'm surprised you're bringing this up because it shouldn't matter. >> no, i just believe that you could have predicted this. that's all i'm saying.
7:54 pm
you could have predicted this. >> we shouldn't be able to predict it. we really shouldn't be able to predict it. it's a major city in the united states. it's a great city. chicago. it's a place that i have investments and it's a great city and it shouldn't matter that we're having a rally in chicago or that we're having a rally someplace else. i watched your show and you're the first one to say that so i'm surprised you're saying this to be honest with you, but i think we did the right thing. a lot of people are saying we did the right thing. in fact we're being given credit for it and i just -- i think it's breaking up now and it will be -- it looks like it's going to be just fine. >> mr. trump thank you again. donald trump earlier this evening calling into my friend chris matthews he was covering this scenario in krachicago.
7:55 pm
mr. trump wanting credit for him that this rally at this event in chicago was called off. not at the insistence of the police, but a decision made by him and his campaign after it filled up with protesters where protesters are not just roughed up, but mr. trump celebrates that fact from the podium.
7:56 pm
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protesters saying we gonna be all right. this was after the announcement was made that the trump rally was cancelled tonight in chicago. we're keeping an eye on this situation in chicago tonight. the protests do seem to have died down. we're told there are some people out on the streets at the trump tower in downtown chicago. we're not sure how this is going to work out overnight. i will tell you donald trump rallies are planned for tomorrow in dayton, ohio and cleveland, ohio and kansas, missouri. what happened tonight did not happen in a vacuum. when you saw today in st. louis and chicago foretold this story. we'll keep monitoring this situation in chicago throughout the night. this is is a dark and also remarkable day in american
8:00 pm
politics. now, though, we are about to do something which is much more traditional american politics. right now it's for msnbc's town hall with presidential candidate john kasich. he won't fight dirty. >> enough of this trash. go and tell people what you're for. >> he sticks to the issues. we can't elect somebody who doesn't know how to do the job. >> yet his rivals have prevailed. this is a special town hall. >> good evening. welcome to a special msnbc town


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