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tv   Caught on Camera  MSNBC  March 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding fast. building 18 homes in 4 ½ months? that was a leap. but i knew i could rely on american express to help me buy those building materials. amex helped me buy the inventory i needed. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at a new day with new scrambles at a donald trump rally after the shoving matches last night in chicago. this morning the secret service rushing the stage in ohio. and now a new trump event is
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scheduled for this hour. will security be able to keep the peace? good to be with you this afternoon. i'm frances rivera at msnbc headquarters in new york. the backlash over these skirmishes is not going away. >> he doesn't want to say anything to his supporters because he doesn't want to turn them off. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. >> right now he's taking advantage of their understandable anger and frustration. >> we want to get along with everybody. but when they have organized professionally staged wise guy, we've got to fight back. >> it all comes three days before a slate of winner take all elections that could determine the future of this race. a defiant donald trump earlier today in ohio fighting back against critics blaming him and supporters for the violent
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confrontations at rallies last night. >> the democrats hate the republicans. the liberals hate the conservatives. we have got to change our thinking. yeah, and if there's a group out there just throw them the hell out. that's okay. we cannot let our first amendment rights be taken away from us, folks. we can't let it happen. we can't let it happen. we have a right to speak. i mean, we are law-abiding people. we're people that work very hard. we're people that have built this country and made this country great. and we're all together. and we want to get along with everybody. but when they have organized professionally staged wise guys, we've got to fight back. we've got to fight back. >> meanwhile, new reaction from trump's republican rivals using some of the harshest language to condemn him. >> donald trump has created a toxic environment. and the toxic environment has allowed his supporters and those who sometimes seek confrontation
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to come together in violence. there is no place for this. >> he doesn't want to say anything to his supporters because he doesn't want to turn them off. because he understands that the reason why they are voting for him is because he has tapped into this anger. this boiling point we have now reached has been fed largely by the fact that we have a front runner in my party who has fed into language that basically justifies physically assaulting people who disagree. when the person you're supporting for president is going around saying things like go ahead and slap them around, i'll pay your legal fees. what do you think is going to happen next? someone is going to literally believe it and take it upon themselves. >> would you support him as nominee if he's the nominee? >> i don't know. i still at this moment intend to support the republican nominee, but it's getting harder every day. >> i will support the republican nominee. >> trump and his rivals are in at least one of five states which will hold a primary during the next supertuesday election three days from now.
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ted cruz holding events in missouri. marco rubio crossing florida with five events today. john kasich also in his home state of ohio. hillary clinton will travel to the buckeye state after holding an event in missouri. and bernie sanders is in illinois. one of his events is in chicago. we have a team of reporters fanned out across the country including gabe gutierrez, tony de copel and kristen welker and kerry sanders. let's start with kerry sanders. kerry, after last night's chicago event, todayday to be and now cleveland. whap is cleveland more aligning with? chicago or dayton? and what are people there saying? >> well, frances, it's a little hard to hear because it's getting loud here. but i think you're talking about the concern about violence here. there were thousands of people
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here in cleveland. donald trump is expected to take the stage here momentarily. we see the crowd here. in fact, well, i do know as donald trump takes the stage we'll pause for a moment and listen to what he has to say. remember, there are those here who are strongly in favor of him. and those who are here who fear that donald trump could become president. and those protesters may show themselves here whether it will be calm we don't know. let's listen for a moment. >> thank you, everybody. this is incredible. look at all of that media back there. look at all those of cameras. oh, boy. they know who to follow. i wish i could be honest. i wi we had a tremendous hangar like this. it was packed with people. and i was called by my people. they said you were so tight in my face, my face shook the whole
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screen. they didn't want to show the crowd. they didn't want to show the crowd. the whole thing was big. no good, right? no good. very dishonest people. i have to tell you that. so, you know, i have to thank -- before i even begin, but i have to thank a couple of friends of mine. they're incredible people. they are just incredible people. so early, look at that. look at that. look at that. shocking. do we love our protesters? right? we love our protesters. all right. get 'em out of here. get 'em out. where do these people come from? you know, bernie was saying, mr. trump should speak to his crowd.
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mr. trump -- you know where they come from? bernie's crowd. they're bernie's crowd. thank you. get 'em out. good. every five minutes or so, one of bernie's people and sometimes hillary, but there's not a lot of flavor, not a lot of fervor with hillary so you don't have too much of hillary, i'll tell you. so anyway. thank you. oh, where do these people come from? but i want to introduce two friends of mine. they've done an incredible job. they love cleveland. they love ohio. they own this place. they run it beautifully. patrick park and raymond park.
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come on up here. get up here. come on. what a great guy. where is raymond, patrick? get raymond, come on. these two folks, they employ a lot of people. they spend a lot of money in the area and i just wanted to thank them very much. come here, patrick. >> any buckeyes here? the next president of the united states, the people's choice donald trump. >> that is an amazing family, i want to tell you. they love you. and i love you. i really do. so yesterday in chicago we had a little bit of a problem. we came. we were not allowed to exercise our first amendment rights.
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because a professional organization which printed circulars and printed signs and everything was printed, very professionally, you know, i'd like to see them hand drawn a little bit, right? it doesn't look good when they're printed out. but they disrupted things. and they really stopped. we had 25,000 people coming and they really stopped these people in terms of our first amendment freedom of speech. a terrible situation, i have to tell you. and it just makes all of our friends and supporters more angry. we're going to go to the polls on tuesday and we're going to be resounding victory. resounding. and i really appreciate you being here. this is our final push. you know, all over the world they're talking about what's happening. the momentum that we have, it's a movement. they're calling it a movement. it's not me, it's you.
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i'm a messenger. believe me. i'm just a messenger. people are fed up with what's going on. and by the way, they're fed up. they're fed up with the stupidity in washington. they're fed up with the stupidity of trade deals and labor deals. they're fed up with the fact that they haven't had an increase in the last 12 years if you can believe it. the middle class, the workers aren't being taken care of in this country. we're losing our jobs. we're losing our factories. they're going to china. they're going to mexico. so we are here and the great mayor, your great mayor said, you know, mr. trump, right here on the left you have the ford foundry. and that's moving to mexico. and on the right you have eaton and that's moving to mexico.
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now, when you think of it, isn't it ridiculous? what are we doing? what are we doing it for? who are we doing this? for what? and then we have a protester that says -- what are they protesting about? we want to keep our factories here. we want to keep our manufacturing here. we don't want them moving to china, to mexico, to japan, to india, to vietnam. it's crazy. it's crazy. what we're doing to our country is crazy. and, you know, you have these people -- i'm a conservative person, but i'm in theory not so conservative on trade. and these really stupid people, they call themselves the elite. now, i don't think the elite -- i don't -- oh, another group. get 'em out. thank you.
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get 'em out. get 'em out. troublemakers. they're bernie fans. remember when they took over the microphones from bernie? remember? they took over the microphones, two young women took over the microphones and he walked back like this, right? these are bernie's people. oh, boy. wouldn't it be fun to meet bernie in the finals? wouldn't that be fun? all right. get 'em out. and hillary, too, to a lesser extent. get 'em out. get 'em the hell out. look at the hillary sign. look at the hillary sign. oh, look at the hillary sign.
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unbelievable. so we're going to stop it. we're going to stop being the stupid country because that's what people think of us. we're going to be the brilliant country. we're going to be so smart. we're going to be so sharp. we're going to make great deals. we're going to bring back our military. we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to take care of our vets. we're going to get rid of common core and we're going to have local education. we're going to repeal and replace obamacare. it is a disaster. we are going to have incredibly, incredibly strong borders. we are going to have strong
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borders on the southern border. we are going to have a wall. we're going to have a wall. a real wall, folks. a real wall. and who's going to pay for the wall? who? you better believe it. they're paying. they're paying. okay. okay. so here's the story. we have trade deficits with virtually every country we do business with. with china, it's 500 -- think of this -- $500 billion. and you're losing plants over here and you're losing a plant over there. and you're losing another plant, i hear, over there. any direction i can point to, you're losing jobs, you're losing your plants. we're not going to let it happen anymore.
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you have a governor who i've gotten to know, and he's abandoned the state. he's lived in new hampshire. he's lived there. he moved to new hampshire. he said he's going to win. i won in a landslide. he moved to south carolina. he said he was going to win. i won in a landslide. he moved to michigan. he said he was going to win. and if he didn't win michigan, he'd drop out of the race. and i won in a landslide. why didn't he drop out? and now he said he's going to win ohio. i don't think so. i really don't think so. i really don't. i really don't think so. but your governor, i don't know if you know this. nafta has been a tremendous problem. your governor when he was a congressman voted for nafta. okay?
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he voted for nafta. he was a managing director of lehman brothers when it failed. it went bankrupt and it almost destroyed the world. lehman brothers was the beginning of a tremendous mass destruction. and he was a managing director of lehman brothers. you've got the highest budget increase of any state in the united states. now, here's the story. you got lucky. right. you struck oil. okay? before him you struck oil. if you didn't have oil, boy, would you have problems right now. but now the price of oil is down, you're down. and wait until you see what happens to ohio in a little while. it's going to be a big problem. it's going to be a big problem. he's now in favor of the transpacific partnership. it is a disaster.
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it's going to ruin your car industry, totally ruin it. and believe me, that deal is very bad for a lot of reasons. number one, you shouldn't sign with that many countries. do you know the document -- >> breaking away from the donald trump rally in cleveland, ohio. his second of the day with some swipes taken at john kasich. and on the right side of your screen, we see john kasich at his event. let's listen to that. >> you don't have a great team, you're going to be a very bad president. and as the governor, we have a guy who -- couple people who came to me and said we need to integrate. we need to integrate our development talal we need to integrate our development talaly disabled int our society. and we have many employers beginning to hire our developmentally disabled. when we announced this program we were up at the ohio health where they had hired people. you know, some have to work in what they call a sheltered
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workshop. many can be out of that. when i announced the program with kevan miller and john martin, moms and dads were crying. i'm going to tell you another thing. you realize that there was a time before i became governor that if you had a son or a daughter who was autistic, that you could not get insurance. did you know that? and this had languished for a very, very long time. and i remember there's a -- i like to call her the joan of arc of autism here in ohio. and i called her up, i made the decision working with the leaders in the legislature to extend insurance coverage for parents that had autistic kids. and by the way, our autistic kids can grow, function, have a normal life. it's so fantastic. and we're recognizing that in our society. but i called this woman and it was right around christmas.
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and this is the best part of this job. i said i have a christmas present for you. we're going to make sure that parents can achieve insurance for the autistic which she had been fighting for for about ten years. and she shouted and cried and weeped. she said it's the best christmas present i ever had. those are the kind of things you like to do when you're governor. because some of it is just cool. okay? and that's the way to be as a president. you have to be connected to the people. you know, i think when you're president you come and do town halls. you get out here amongst them. you can't be isolated living in that place. by the way, my daughters have told me they're not moving to washington if i'm president anyway, so i'll be around. i'll be playing over there at mound builders, okay? you might get a little traffic when we bring the motorcade in, but it'll be okay. it'll be great. get it? yes, sir, back here? yes, sir?
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>> breaking away from this live event here. it is governor john kasich's town hall meeting in heath, ohio. you see that on your left. stark contrast to what you're seeing on the right side of your screen which is donald trump's second event today. this one in cleveland, ohio. certainly all the buzz being after the skirmish yesterday in his rally in chicago that forced the cancellation of that event. but certainly interesting to see this take. and the two differences as these two gop rivals are in ohio ahead of the primary. certainly dr lly dramatic devel today. forcing everybody else from the left and the right to address it and the violence now that we've been seeing at these events and certainly earlier what we saw. even at an event in dayton, ohio, with donald trump there. mostly trump supporters, but some skirmishes there that led to one protester being charged with disorderly conduct as well. i want to bring in michael
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steele, senior adviser to jeb bu bush. as you're watching this, i don't know if you're able to hear donald trump at all. but pre-dayton and pre-cleveland, a lot of people are saying what's donald trump's message going to be after we saw the message, the shoving, the pushing, the screaming at that arena in chicago yesterday. but his tone was pretty much calling the protesters thugs, wise guys, get them the hell out of here. continuously heard that. was that the best tone to take? was that what you were expecting to hear from donald trump? >> well, sadly i'm afraid it was what i was expecting. but it's not the best tone to take. look, the american people are frustrated. they're angry. we've had the weakest economic recovery since world war ii under president obama. the middle class hasn't had a raise in 15 years. people are hurting. people are scared and uncertain. but the way you have to deal with that is by offering real solutions, constructive policy changes that will make life better. and donald trump's not doing that. you know, i think the reason
11:22 am
that you're seeing so much frustration, so much anger is that it's hillary clinton the democratic front runner offering more of the same. doubling down on president obama's economic record that has been a miserable failure for millions and millions of americans. >> well, michael, when you talk about that and you talk about that anger, it's that very anger that donald trump is saying is invigorating his own campaign, his own supporters. he even said it in his words here in cleveland. saying take that anger. so when it comes to the violence that we've been seeing and we haven't seen it yet here although he's referred to the protesters at this event, do you think that's something that will finally go, you know, i think this may be it? or do you think it will embolden them? especially in the days to come? >> well, i certainly worry about it. i mean, he's certainly not changing his tone. he's not changing his rhetoric. if you look at the anger that he's stoking, it can be very dangerous. and when you've got a frustrated and angry american people who
11:23 am
look at a gridlocked washington, look at things not happening, not getting done. look at a president who is utterly failed to lead for the past six years, that's leading to a lot of anger and frustration and he's taking advantage of that. he's fanning those flames. >> well, interesting to see when it comes to who he's attacking, you know we heard him take those swipes against john kasich earlier. but also when it comes to bernie sanders. we saw that attack as well. arguably the other candidate with the same populist appeal. i want to play this for you and we'll talk about it on the other side. >> these other people, by the way, some represented bernie our communist friend. now really bernie should tell his people there weren't any hillary people there. you know why. i mean, in all fairness to bernie, the reason there was no
11:24 am
hillary people, there's no fervor. say what you want about bernie, at least they have a bit of fervor, right? so he should really get up and say to his people, stop, stop. not me. stop. >> and he pretty much had the same message at the top of the hour here at this rally saying the same thing. any time somebody would be out there, he'd say those are bernie fans. when it comes to trump backers who are independents or former democrats, how is that going to play out? >> i think there's no question that both senator sanders and mr. trump are pulling from the same pool of disaffected, angry voters. i think it really speaks to the fact that a disheveled socialist from vermont is the only serious challenger to the democratic front runner speaks to the weakness of the democratic bunch under president obama. you've got no real challenge to hillary clinton who is by any standard an incredibly weak front runner. i mean, she's under investigation essentially by the fbi at this point. yet she is only being challenged
11:25 am
by a -- you know, a democratic socialist from one of the smallest states in the country. >> what are you expecting to see leading up to tuesday? florida, ohio. he has another rally a little bit later on this evening in kansas city. marco rubio essentially needs florida. he has five stops today. >> i think all of these are going to campaign hard. there's a large number of delegates on tuesday. i think it's probably the fire break where non-trump candidates can make a stand, block his path to the nomination, and get to the point where we can have a convention and a convention that nominates a conservative republican candidate. >> again, in the same sense where marco rubio is saying when it comes to ohio, vote for john kasich so we can deny trump those delegates. thank you michael steel, i appreciate your being with us. i want to get to tampa, florida,
11:26 am
now. gabe gutierrez has more. we had a tweet, a response from trurp earlier calling marco rubio and his minions about early voting. and now rubio saying he may be scared of losing. >> hey there, frances. good afternoon. yes, marco rubio wrapping up a retail stop here in tampa. he has one later today in pensacola. you're right. donald trump tweeting out within the last hour or so these allegations of rigging the early vote on what he says on the part of the rubio campaign. the rubio campaign pushing back hard on this releasing a statement saying marco has a ground game of dedicated volunteers working on behalf to win florida. trump must be scared of losing, the rubio campaign says. now, we have not seen any evidence of any rigging of early voting and donald trump has offered no such evidence as well. but earlier today, marco rubio
11:27 am
seeming more visible frustrated than i've seen him in a long time. he really pushed back against donald trump and what responsibility he bears for lowering the political discourse in this country. look at what rubio had to say earlier today as he spoke with reporters. >> leaders cannot say whatever they want. because words have consequences. they lead the actions that others take. when the person you're supporting for president is going around saying things like go ahead and slap them around, i'll pay your legal fees, what do you think is going to happen next? someone is actually going to literally believe it and take it upon themselves. >> an interesting moment from that press conference, rubio says he no longer knew, he wasn't sure if he would support donald trump for president if he was the nominee. this, of course, comes several days after donald trump's three rivals had pledged during that debate to support the republican nominee whoever it was. now, rubio seems to be wavering on that. john kasich seems to also be
11:28 am
wavering. ted cruz is the only one today who seems to have stuck by his plenl. rubio speaking out forcefully against donald trump saying the republican party could be defined by this behavior if donald trump is the nominee. this all comes on a backdrop of marco rubio fighting for political survival here in florida, his home state. he's down 6 to 23 percentage points in this state. his campaign insisting that it will win here. >> fighting for that political future overall in that state. gabe gutierrez, appreciate it. if you are just joining us here on msnbc, want to show you the situation earlier today. secret service agents jumping on stage apparently to protect donald trump. we'll have more on the protests and the security events right after this. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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a very busy afternoon here at msnbc headquarters. i'm frances rivera in new york. is plit screen here of what is happening right now when it comes to the gop rivals. on the right donald trump who is speaking live at his rally in cleveland, ohio. on the left, john kasich at a town hall meeting there addressing his supporters as well. and certainly in light of last night's clashes, security concerns in the wake of them at the trump rally in chicago. during trump's remarks at the dayton rally. secret service surrounded the candidate. someone was arrested before he got to the stage. right now i want to turn back to cleveland and tony is with us in. especially we know more protesters have been there. they're all outside or have some of them made their way inside that venue? >> reporter: we gathered with some protesters just before -- we gathered with some protesters
11:33 am
before they went in. they were going to stick together. that plan has come to fruition. they were ejected five minutes in. i want to bring in the organizer behind this action. what were you hoping to accomplish? >> well, we were hoping to accomplish pretty simply we wanted to put forward that as white people that we are here to support our friends of color. that we're not okay with racism. we're not okay with fascism. we're not okay with othering people. our chant was, no trump no kkk no fascist usa. the kind of racism they spew in there feeds violence throughout our society including the police. >> reporter: how were you treated while you were ejected? >> very well by the staff. it was incredibly professional. pleased with what happened. it was a smooth process. the escorted us out. they were friendly. we shook hands. they just said make sure you don't come back in. and that was very fair of them. they wanted everybody to have the chance to speak. >> reporter: i want to bring in one other individual here.
11:34 am
i didn't catch your name. >> my name is jeff lake. >> reporter: this is another protester. can you tell us what happened? >> we, i was with the group. the security guards came up and said we'll have to ask you to leave. i said okay we're not here to cause any trouble. so they had about four security guards with us. about one or two in front of me, one or two in back. i had my cell phone out and i was filming everything as we're leaving and one of the trump supporters came in front of me and he put his sign in front of my face, in front of my camera. so i stepped aside and got a clear shot and kept filming as we're walking out. so he came up behind me, beside me and he put his foot right in front of me, stepped on my foot and he punched me in the ribs as he shoved me forward. i almost fell. i turned around, i started shouting at him, don't touch me, leave me alone. and luckily there was a security guard directly behind me that
11:35 am
caught everything. they allowed us to leave easily. >> reporter: you had a punch in the ribs. you were thrown out. was it worth it coming out here today? >> absolutely. i would have done it over again. this was a thing we needed to do. i don't think sitting at home on -- being active on social media is great but doing stuff really matters. >> reporter: thank you very much. frances, that is group one that got tossed out. we're hearing from kerry sanders inside that another group was ejected. we'll track this throughout the event. >> curious to know if they had intended on doing this even before the situation and squabbles in chicago or if they were motivated and inspired by what they saw last night. tony there in cleveland outside of that trump rally with those protesters. thank you very much. nbc's hallie jackson is in dayton with more on the trump campaign. a lot of chaos earlier in the rally today. i know your reporting was that one of the protesters had jumped
11:36 am
through a bike reich and broke a bottle. and there were charnls. >> reporter: let's talk about that incident that happened that caught everybody's attention here off the airport. somebody apparently according to the airport police department here jumping the bike racks and attempting to rush up on stage with donald trump. the secret service and the campaign confirming this. stopping this individual before he got up there. but you had this moment where donald trump was talking. you saw him kind of grab the podium as four secret service agents got on stage and surrounded him. a tense moment in what had been rather low key for donald trump. a saturday morning rally where you did see scattered interruptions. you see protesters escorted away and walking out. it didn't seem to be the organized protests that is happening elsewhere in ohio and that happened in chicago in st. louis yesterday. now, this person 32-year-old thomas dimosimo is being bookd at a local jail.
11:37 am
he's being charged on two misdemeanors. inducing panic and disorderly conduct. so they took quick action. that was clear. you saw in our footage he was rushed away from the stage. but it does highlight this moment that we really haven't seen before. we've known that donald trump has had secret service protection, but this is one of the first times it was so public and we so publicly saw it in action. >> all right, hallie. as now he is still at that rally in cleveland. interesting to see if what will happen there. thank you very much, hallie jackson. i want to bring in betsy woodruff from the daily beast and jessica chambers from the daily mail. as both of you in this past hour alone are watching this and listening to donald trump, i want to talk to you about the tone. we heard from him in dayton. we heard from him in cleveland. there's a lot of sarcasm there saying, do we love our protesters. and calling them troublemakers, wise guys, thugs. when last night everybody seemed to really, really be on edge to
11:38 am
see how he's going to address this. francesca, what was your take on how he did address it? and is it only going to just help him from here on out? >> donald trump being very defiant today saying that it's not his fault that the protesters are behaving the way they are. saying it's bernie sanders' fault and his protesters' fault. because am sot rallies they shouted bernie, bernie. he's saying that bernie sanders should get ahold of his supporters and not the other way around calling sanders and hillary clinton phony today. bernie sanders responding to donald trump saying his campaign is uniting people and donald trump is the one dividing people. >> well, interesting, betsy, when you look at this and you can see -- you can take it either two ways. when you are extremely passionate trump supporter, some
11:39 am
may say this is it. i'm over it. or the other side could say, you know what? yeah, right on, bring it on. what do you see this as far as which direction will it take when it comes to these supporters? will it -- you know, will it kind of be the breaking point for them? or will it empower them? >> it seems like in the case of trump supporters, things are only going to become more intense and more agitated. last night a cbs news reporter was arrested and charged with resisting arrest. i mean, these kind of things are almost inconceivable, but it's only getting more tense. and the one thing that stood out to me was last night after his chicago event was canceled, trump did an extended interview over at fox and his tone was dramatically different than it is today. last night he said the protesters were only there because they wanted jobs, that they weren't actually protesting him. that everyone was peaceful. he took an almost understanding tone. this morning that tone is totally gone and i think it's doubtful it's going to come back. >> it's interesting when you hear from supporters and what
11:40 am
direction they'll take after this point. but also interesting with his rivals, his other gop rivals and their take. before we saw on the debate stage, they said whoever it is we'll support the nominee. but now saying i don't know. let's listen to marco rubio. >> would you support him as the nominee if he's the nominee? >> i don't know. i mean, i already talked about the fact that i think hillary clinton would be terrible for this country. but the fact that you're even asking me that question, i still at this moment continue to intend to support the republican nominee, but getting harder every day. >> and he went on to say if trump gets this nomination, he says it will shatter and fracture the republican party. to some extent it already has, some say. >> you're seeing from trump's competitors on the gop side today really trying to distance themselves from not only trump's
11:41 am
rhetoric but what they call a culture. they're saying the culture of his events is also very dangerous. hoping that perhaps still one of them will become the nominee instead of him. >> all right, betsy. i want to turn to you. you wrote this week when it comes to ted cruz about the support gathering behind him. what do you make of that knowing there's a countdown to tuesday? could we see that cruz surge? >> i think it's plausible. it's going to be interesting to see what happens especially in the state of illinois and missouri where rubio and kasich haven't been. it looks like we're seeing the rapid coalescing of the brokers. in the sort of tea party activism getting in line behind either trump or ted cruz. trump and cruz both got major endorsements. trump picked up ben carson while
11:42 am
ted cruz picked up an iconic female activist. so we're kind of seeing things come together rapidly. it seems like the emerging consensus is this is already a two-man race. other side of tuesday, we'll know more. >> and let's speak about that. on the other side of tuesday, who's taicing it? >> that's a really good question. i think kasich has a totally decent shot in ohio. it's hard to tell. and to be honest, a number of the polls have been just wildly wrong. look how wrong the polls about the democratic primary were in michigan. so the information we had is very imperfect. that said, i think kasich is going to be more competitive in ohio than rubio is to be in florida based on the information we have. of course trump could also have a great night. >> he could have a great night. before we let you go, let's talk about that when it comes to hillary clinton and bernie sanders as well and how that'll be considered knowing what happened in michigan and how crucial this is going to be. and how really tight it is leading up to that.
11:43 am
frances francesca. >> yes, absolutely. in ohio they are both campaigning hard. bill clinton even in the state this weekend campaigning for his wife because of what happened in michigan, as you said. huge upset by bernie sanders there pulling ahead of hillary clinton. and a major argument that he was making in michigan was on the issue of trade. same issue he's making in ohio which is a border state and has similar demographics to michigan. and hillary clinton's campaign is worried that he could do well there. that he could also do well in illinois and missouri that same day. what they are hoping is that she will continue to do well in florida which has a large number of delegates to give out that day. she typically does well with seniors. that's a state that has a large proportion of seniors. they also think she will pick up delegates. they believe that after the voting on tuesday, she will have a, quote, insurmountable lead coming out of tuesday in those pledge delegate counts. >> that is a hope for her camp,
11:44 am
i'm sure. to both of you, thank you so much for your time. appreciate it. >> sure thing. what florida voters really want as their primary approaches, you'll hear from them next. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. then your eyes may see it, differently.ave allergies. only flonase is approved to relieve both your itchy, watery eyes and congestion. no other nasal allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. let your eyes decide. flonase changes everything. whewhat does it look like?ss,
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it's so hard. i thought trump because at least he's different because the rest of them are all career politicians. all of them. they all say the same exact thing. every single time. >> that was one voter in largo, florida, earlier this week sharing her frustrations with the republican party. we sent msnbc's cal perry to florida. interesting to hear what everybody's take is, cal, post chicago rally with trump with the pushing and shoving there. how he's reacting saying those
11:48 am
are bernie fans here. what are you hearing from them this afternoon? >> reporter: you know, it's interesting. we were out here on the pier yesterday watching people fish, talking to them. and we did a whole package and then we came out here today and people had different reactions. seems like the trump message and the visuals are making things more polarized. take a listen. >> no matter what drem graphic you are, you're welcome to the republican party and conservative party under marco rubio. donald trump is doing it through hatred and bigotry. i'm not saying he's a racist, but he's definitely leveraging off it. >> reporter: you were a trump supporter before. are you more? >> when he said he was going to run, yeah. i don't care what he says. we need to vote all them senators out. >> reporter: now, we know that there is a heated -- we know there's a heated battle between rubio and, of course, donald
11:49 am
trump. the key area for marco rubio is going to be this area and just west of here the panhandle. he has to do well up here in the north to have a chance to close that gap with donald trump. he'll be in pensacola later today. but it's a big gap. donald trump is doing very well here. he expects to do well here in the north to balance out that area in miami. it seems like an uphill battle. certainly this was supposed to be a stop along the way to marco rubio becoming the candidate. if you speak to his staff, his campaign members here. and now they're a little bit worried. that this could be the final stamp for rubio. >> interesting you're hearing that from the campaign. because he did speak this morning as far as a little q & a with members of the press. when he asked what's going to happen after tuesday? are you going to drop out? he said i'm not thinking about wednesday. i don't know what i'm going to have for lunch and dinner on that. so interesting to see especially knowing how he needs this.
11:50 am
and even calls for him to even step down before tuesday. to save himself. >> reporter: it's interesting. there's two polls going on here. yeah and i think one of the polls you're hearing from his supporters and people on his campaign, there's a concern people are going to get him to stay in to keep trump from getting that delegate number and give up on the nomination. i think that's also a growing concern. >> also when you have marco rubio saying to voters in ohio, vote for kasich, vote for kasich. you're not going to vote for me but deny the delegates for trump. cal perry, appreciate your time. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are out campaigning. clinton is wrapping up her event in st. louis, missouri, before taking off to ohio. nbc's kristen weller is there right now. what's the focus of her message there? >> reporter: hey, frances. good afternoon. it is a busy day of campaigning for the democratic candidates.
11:51 am
they are locked in an increasingly competitive race especially in these midwest states. campaigning here in st. louis. she's going to talk about manufacturing. this day, though, largely overshadowed by what we saw in chicago last night. both clinton and sanders weighing in with very strong words for donald trump. let me read you a little bit of what secretary clinton had to say today in this statement. quote, we all have our differences and we know many people across the country feel angry. we need to address that anger together, all of us. no matter what party we belong to or what views we hold. should say that violence has no place in our politics. we should use our words to bring americans together. meanwhile, this from senator sanders. dobld trump needs to be loud and clear and tell his supporters violence at rallies is not what america is about. so the two democratic candidates
11:52 am
echo each other in the condemnation of what happened last night. now, they both feel the mid western states are in place. about trade and the economy really taking hold among independent voters and younger voters. secretary clinton planning to more aggressively hit some of those in the coming days as she tries to have a strong showing next tuesday. >> all right. our kristen welker, thank you very much. a reminder for you to watch monday night's town hall. the first moderated by chucked to with bernie sanders. and then with clinton moderated by chris matthews. all here on msnbc, the place for politics. five states will allocate 358 delegate. 99 of them from florida is winner take all primary. with me now is political analyst and former senior political
11:53 am
policy adviser to rand paul. i appreciate your being with me as we were talking about this during break. we're looking at this and just the culture and the tone especially when it comes to donald trump's followers. you have somebody with playground bullilike comments along the way and crescendoing to now. some say it's inevitable. he's to blame. but listen to what trump said earlier today as far as who may be responsible for this. >> the democrats hate the republicans. the liberals hate the conservative. we have got to change our thinking. yeah, and if there's a group out there just throw them the hell out, that's okay. we cannot let our first amendment rights be taken away from us, folks. we can't let it happen. we can't let it happen. we have a right to speak. i mean, we are law-abiding people. we are people that work very hard. we're people that have built this country and made this country great.
11:54 am
and we're all together. and we want to get along with everybody. but when they have organized professionally staged wise guys, we've got to fight back. we've got to fight back. >> so so interesting to see the timing talking about unity, everyone is geps each other, i'm going to be the unifier. he starts to -- protesters, throw them the hell out here. and just the contrast of that message. >> it's just a consistent message he has had for so long that we shouldn't be surprised. this is why we've been -- i've been so disturbed about trump not even for his message, what he says he would do, but for his tactics. he is really an enemy of the first amendment and he also clearly doesn't know what it is. he was talking then about how his first amendment rights are being violated. they aren't. the first amendment protects speech from the government. he -- you know, ever since the night of the iowa caucus, he said he would pay legal fees for his supporters if they beat up protesters at his events.
11:55 am
we shouldn't be surprised this is coming to fruition. it needs to stop now. >> when it comes to the trump supporters, what's interesting is you're waiting for someone to see this is the line in the stand and i can't step over that. i'm done. but to some extent as you see now on the right of your screen for you at home, those are the trump support rs at ths rally in cleveland. his second today. actually they're swallowing him. he's in the middle engaging a lot of the supporters. will it only empower them? especially before tuesday? >> well, i think probably in the short-term it is galvanizing. people who think that the establishment is out to get donald trump. if we take a step back and look at it, what he is doing as the party's front runner is inciting violence. that is scary and dangerous. >> we certainly heard from marco rubio who was really frustrated. he frankly said, i'm
11:56 am
disappointed and i am angry about all of this. and saying now from before where he said i'm going to support the nominee, now every day it's getting harder and harder. and as well john kasich. >> exactly. i think they've tried to keep their pledge to support the gop nominee no matter what. but trump has taken it too far. >> it's taking it too far. and there's more talk about even before chicago, before the squabbles we're seeing. there was talk about the civil war with the gop and the establishment. and what's going to happen leading up to the convention in cleveland. so much talk about brokered conventions. what are we going to see in the days to come? >> i think we're seeing -- this has become way bigger than just a republican issue. this has become an issue of the constitution of candidates and leaders that will protect the first amendment, protect free speech and the right to assembly. and donald trump has shown a
11:57 am
huge disregard for any descent. that's what this is about. donald trump cannot take anyone standing up to him. protesters, it happens with political rallies nap last night was a particularly horrific example. it's going to happen, but donald trump has incited it. >> and then as we've seen continuously in this cycle, we've seen how his rivals on the democratic or gop side pivot in accordance to him. thank you for your perspective. that'll do it for me at this hour. we appreciate your watching us on msnbc. joy reid is next. she'll have more of the campaign in florida before the winner take all primary. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i have smoked for 30 years and by taking chantix, i was able to quit in 3 months and that was amazing. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it absolutely reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior,
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