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tv   Up  MSNBC  March 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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thank you. imagine if the things you bought every day... ...earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, two united club passes, priority boarding, and 30,000 bonus miles. everything you need for an unforgettable vacation. the united mileageplus explorer card. imagine where it will take you. good morning, everyone. i'm kate snow, live from bayside marketplace in beautiful miami. and donald trump's rallies continue to be a focal point this morning. again last night in kansas city, disruptions, and some angry words.
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and now donald trump is calling for protesters to be arrested. >> i hope these guys get thrown into a jail. i'll never do it again. it will destroy their record. they'll have to explain to mom and dad why they have a police record and why they can't get a job and you know what? i'm going to start pressing charges against all these people. okay? and then we won't have a problem. >> and bernie sanders responding today to trump's claims that sanders supporters are part of the problem. disrupting trump events. >> at a rally in ohio, he has called you out. he says you ought to tell your supporters to stop coming and protesting at his rallies. what is your response? >> we have never, never once told anybody to do anything like that. the truth is, this guy really is a pathological liar. he says the first thing that
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comes to his mind. i guess he's referring to me as a communist. i think it's terribly important that trump tell his supporters that in america you don't go around beating up people who are protesting or who have a different point of view. he's got to start changing his rhetoric and not blame other people for the problems that he is causing. >> trump's republican rivals criticizing trump on the campaign trail with just days before crucial primaries. listen to how ted cruz, john kasich and marco rubio responded on saturday when asked whether they would still support trump if he were the republican nominee. >> my answer is the same, i committed at the outset. i will support the republican mommy, whoever it is. >> makes it very extremely difficult. >> let's just everybody take a deep breath and we'll see where it goes. >> i still, at this moment, continue to intend to support the republican nominee.
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but getting harder every day. >> and at this hour, we're rolling out brand-new nbc/"wall street journal" marist polls as the contests heat up in the delegate rich states of florida, ohio, and illinois. donald trump leads the field here in florida by a nearly 2 to 1 margin over marco rubio in our latest poll. trump leads in illinois, as well. but john kasich holds the edge in his home state of ohio. the governor hoping to clinch his first win. on the democratic side hillary clinton leads by a large margin here in florida, and in ohio where she leads bernie sanders by 20 points, in illinois clinton still leads but by a slimmer margin just six points separate the democrats there. donald trump continuing to stoke controversy this morning, with a new tweet, quote, bernie sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events. be careful, bernie, trump writes, or my supporters will go to yours. that threat being lodged ahead of trump's three rallies in
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three states today, we begin with hallie jackson in bloomington, illinois, where donald trump will be speaking just a couple of hours from now. hallie? >> hey, there, kate. yeah, people here bracing for possibly yet another chaotic day in bloomington. you can see the line forming behind me. folks heading into this, what looks like an airplane hangar here. trump is now talking tough against these protesters who interrupt his rallies. promising to push for their arrests to, in his words, stop the craziness. new clashes in more cities at donald trump's rallies. protesters, pepper sprayed during duelling demonstrations for and against trump in kansas city, and in cleveland, verbal arguments turning ugly. >> go back to africa --. >> reporter: in dayton this dramatic moment, secret service jumping onstage to surround trump, blocking him from a man trying to rush him. this new video showing a different angle. the candidate clearly startled.
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the protester, quickly arrested. >> i was ready for him. but it's much -- >> it's okay now. >> reporter: all right, kate so some technical difficulties. that said, the tweet you're talking about is now seeming to pick up some momentum online. trump and bernie sanders essentially, you played some of the sound back and forth. trump saying be careful bernie or my supporters will show up at your events. i'll tell you yesterday in dayton, ohio, we were at a rally in the morning and the first protester or one of the first protesters to be escorted out was yelling bernie/clinton 2016. you've heard those chants. bernie himself has disavowed that or said he's not the one organizing that. his campaign is not the one organizing that. but certainly a story line to watch today with all of these candidates out on the campaign trail. the big question here, we've spoken with people who are rattled by the increasing violence at donald trump rallies, but, will any of it rattle the voters heading to the polls in places like ohio and
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florida, where you are? >> yeah. and i've also spoken to voters, i'm sure you have, too, hallie, who are emboldened by all of this. who want to go to trump's event tonight here in boca raton because they want to see it all and feel the energy of a trump rally. >> that's exactly it. it's kind of a spectacle. yeah. >> all right. hallie jackson thanks so much. let's bring in msnbc's tony decopele in westchester, ohio, where trump will hold a rally later this afternoon. also trymaine lee is in kansas city. let me start with you. you've been out on the road, you're there, you were in missouri last night, and i know you know all about what happened in chicago, you got there just after that event on friday night. how do you compare what happened in kansas city last night to what happened friday in chicago. where are we at on a sunday morning? >> i'll tell you what, in so many ways, it's kind of like the trump tornado kind of rolled through the midwest.
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in chicago, and st. louis, and then hit here on main street in kansas city. from the very beginning emotions were running high on both sides. but it had been relatively peaceful especially after what we saw in st. louis where people were squaring up to fight each other, where some were bloodied and arrested. 32 in fact. in chicago we saw the bedlam out on the streets. in the very beginning this was kind of peaceful and calm. then at some point something happened in the crowd. you saw police officers on horseback. spraying pepper spray with some sort of irritant into the faces of some of the protesters. a few other fights about to break out. and people had to wonder, you know, when will this fire be contained? on both sides of it. and i spoke to a number of trump supporters who were kind of using some of the rhetoric that donald trump uses. he's talking about the protesters as jobless, as on welfare, as you know, they're not voting and they're lazy. using that kind of same, incendiary rhetoric. again it wasn't as volatile as the events in st. louis and chicago.
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but it was a tough sight. it's clear that this thing has gotten ugly and we saw that again last night. just the rhetoric from both sides was pretty shocking. >> and tony, context is important here, obviously. we're showing clips of isolated incidents. but i want to ask what you you saw yesterday, one of the clips i've seen this morning i believe you shot with your cameras of people screaming at each other. >> that's right, kate. that was outside the cleveland international exposition center. it's an area outside the airport. a industrial area. no one's community. but two groups came, there were black lives matter protesters, and there were core trump supporters. just following the event it heated up. there was that core contingent of protesters saying dumb trump. there was also contingent of trump reporters handing out
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fliers saying don't yell at the protesters, sing. they had the lyrics of america the beautiful on there. the people i've been talking to in ohio at the savannah center, which is a wedding venue in a suburban part of north of cincinnati, they've got a much more positive message. like yesterday they're saying we're going to have a very, very happy time here, be about supporting trump, not confrontational. and if protesters should arrive. by the way, they've got an area across the street roped off, geese and protesters apparently going to enjoy that damp, swampy area across the street, they're not going to engage. you heard trump say yesterday if protesters deinterrupt his event he's going to seek to press charges, he's going to quote ruin their lives. some heat added to that threat today because he's going to get an endorsement on stage by the sheriff of this county. kate? >> trymaine, let me go back to you. there's been a lot of talk about whether these protesters are organized. whether for example might be rallying people to come out to donald trump events specifically.
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what's your sense of the level of organization? >> there definitely is a level of organization, i think it's more on the local grassroots level. we've seen from city to city they've experienced their own levels of unrest around police violence, et cetera. you look at the ferguson protesters who've been pushing on the ground and fighting and protesting for more than a year and a half now, you look at the fallout in chicago, with a long history of activisactivism, but built around the killing of laquan mcdonald by a police officer. then you come to kansas city where they've had issues with police. they're tapping into the energy and foundational structures already in place. so it's not hard to imagine going state to state, the same way, after michael brown was killed, we saw the protests and activism and folks taking to the streets in different cities kind of loosely coordinated but again, i think what we're seeing that's different than a ferguson the kind of coalition that you're seeing out here the young, old, black, white, hispanic especially. so you have folks holding up the
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mexican flag right next to folks holding up black lives matter signs and young, white activists who see trump as a fascist. that's a little different. so if you are able to kind of go to the city and tap into those different organizations i think that's what you're seeing and that's where you've seen a lot of the power fuelled by the frustration. >> and tony, we've been talking this morning about this new tweet from donald trump, where he sort of suggests that maybe his supporters ought to show up at bernie sanders events. are you getting the sense that there is kind of a bernie sanders crowd at trump events of disruptors, and maybe some trump people would head over to bernie events? there are certainly bernie sanders supporters coming to trump events. one of the protesters yesterday was a nurse from year the ohio/west virginia supporter. she drove all the way to cleveland to be there. some of the protester who were
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immediately kicked out met in the parking lot not with even preengagement, they made some eye contact, had an understanding, decided to stick to the. not that kind of organization, not professional certainly not. but there is a clash of movements here. the bernie revolution against the trump movement and i wouldn't be surprised if some trump backers do show up at bernie events in the future. >> yeah, you'll have to ask some of those folks in line whether they're planning on doing any of that now that he's put that tweet out there. tony dokoupil, thank you so much. and trymaine lee great to see you. back in florida, marco rubio desperately needs a victory on tuesday. new nbc polling out this morning shows the florida senator 21 points down to donald trump here. rubio will hold his first event of the day in the villages retirement community, and that's where we find nbc's gabe gutierrez. gabe? >> hi kate, good morning. yeah, you're right. rubio set to hold an event here this afternoon in the villages. and then he's stopping by to greet his volunteers in the
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orlando area. this morning, another round of media interviews but you're right, kate, this is a very uphill battle for marco rubio. now according to this new nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist poll he's down 21 points in his home state. rubio also commenting on what's going on on these donald trump rallies and he's saying that if donald trump is the nominee, that he fears the republican party could be defined for this for years to come. he's also laying part of the blame, just part of the blame. he says there's no doubt that president obama has contributed to the divisive culture in america. but, he made it clear that he doesn't believe obama is responsible for any of the violence that happened over the last two days. but just generally, that obama has contributed to this divisive culture. now the question will be, will rubio be able to gain any traction here in florida over the next two days? a lot of critics have said that he hasn't had enough of a ground game here and he just isn't drawing simply isn't drawing the large crowds that we've seen
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donald trump draw. not even close. rubio's events draw several hundred people. of course donald trump drawing thousands to each event. kate? >> all right gabe gutierrez following marco rubio across the state of florida today. gabe, thanks so much. now, let's turn to the democratic side. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are battling for every vote, of course, with critical states set to weigh in on tuesday with a lot of talk about trade, and health care. nbc's kristen welker is in cleveland, ohio. kristen? >> kate, good morning to you. secretary clinton and senator sanders will be campaigning here in critical ohio today. but on saturday those violent protests loomed large. the rivalry between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is escalating. both were temporarily unified saturday, blaming donald trump's rhetoric for stoking violent protests at his rally in chicago friday. >> that is not leadership, it is political arson. >> violence at rallies is not
6:15 am
what america is about. >> reporter: trump then accused sanders supporters of starting the demonstrations. >> they were taunted, they were harassed by these other people, these other people, by the way, some represented bernie. our communist friend. >> sanders fired back in an interview with reverend al sharpton airing today. >> we have never, never once told anybody to do anything like that. the truth is, this guy really is a pathological liar. >> this comes as the democratic race is heating up. sanders increasingly competitive in states like ohio, illinois and missouri after his surprise win in michigan. his call to reform job costing trade deals resonating in the rust belt. >> instead of wages going up, they're going down. >> reporter: on saturday clinton also called for stiffer trade laws but created a small dustup when she accused sanders of being absent during the 199os health care fight. >> i don't know where he was when i was trying to get health
6:16 am
care. >> reporter: then a sanders aide tweeted this video from 1993, sabders standing behind the then first lady during one of her health care speeches. >> and i'm grateful that congressman sanders would join us today. >> reporter: the clinton campaign pushing back, arguing she was the one leading the battle for health care reform. the tense back and forth underscoring the very high stakes on tuesday. >> i promise you this, i will work my heart out for you. >> reporter: kate, the clinton campaign says even if secretary clinton loses some of these midwestern states, if she wins florida, and north carolina, she could expand her delegate lead on tuesday, still if senator sanders has a strong showing, this race could go all the way to the convention. kate? >> all right. kristen welker up in ohio. kristen, thanks so much. donald trump, with a commanding lead here in florida, in our new poll out today. can any of his challengers turn the tide in these final two days before tuesday's primary? as we go to break, "saturday night live" poking fun at the
6:17 am
recent protests at donald trump rallies and ben carson's endorsement of donald trump. >> breaking news right now, we're getting word now of yet another incident of violence at a donald trump rally. apparently the victim was this man, dr. ben carson. who was atacked moments ago by an angry mob that mistook him for a protester. we go there now. >> it's okay. i'm fine. guys, what did i say? not this one! vo: know you have a dedicated advisor and team who understand where you come from. we didn't really have anything, you know. but, we made do. vo: know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. al, how you doing. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated
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every society must be governed by rules of discourse. because once you lose the rules of discourse you lose the discourse.
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and that's what we're careening toward. and the saddest part of all is the republican party is the party today that is hosting that debate. >> that was marco rubio, bemoaning the state of his party, and the rhetoric of donald trump here in florida. hoping to gain some ground on the front-runner ahead of tuesday's primary here. the winner of florida's primary, the republican side, will take home all 99 of the state's gop delegates. and on the democratic side, 246 delegates are up for grabs on tuesday here in florida. those delegates will be awarded proportionally. let's bring in political analyst sean pitman and director of communications for the florida republican party. good morning, gentlemen. happy sunday morning. >> good morning. it is a warm one already here in miami. let's look at our new poll again for a second. it hasn't changed too much. but we've got a new poll out this morning, nbc/"wall street journal"/marist showing donald trump at 43% here in florida. marco rubio at 22%. still. despite the fact that he has
6:22 am
been trying and trying. he's all over florida this morning. is there any way, sean, that he pulls out a win here? >> you know what? i think it's late. i think it's a little late and the polls have gone back to being above 20%. i mean, it looked like he was gaining some ground a week or so ago. but, and there was some hope then. but even then the hope was very, very slim. >> as you were listening to him you noted along, said he's making some sense about what he's staying about the party. >> i think what he said yesterday, he sort of hit on the nail on the head. i mean when you start talking about discourse and i mean, he goes back to what i was suggesting to you yesterday. now is the time for responsibility. i mean, donald trump has pulled a band-aid off of some of our wounds here in america, but now it's about how do we respond to that? and, donald trump is not showing the responsibility of somebody who can be president of the united states. i mean, he's still ensuing the anger and the fight. you saw the tweet from last night.
6:23 am
>> yeah, actually the one this morning? >> this morning, sure. >> where he says that he wants his own supporters to go now to potentially to bernie sanders events. in "the washington post" this morning, gop political consultant said that trump's rhetoric is almost verbatim what segregationist george wallace was saying in his third party 1968 presidential campaign. this was the quote, i don't know what's in trump's heart but i don't care. what he's saying is really hateful. what did the democratic party do with wallace? they rejected him. are you at a point in your party where you need to reject the words of donald trump? >> well, i think that's very much going to be up to the voters. i think this is a time, a very unique election, where voters really need to pay attention to every single word that the candidates are saying. what does that message mean for america? what does it mean for our communities? what does it mean for our party? that's a decision they're going to have to make march 15th. that's the case that marco rubio is making on the stump. are we going to unite behind, you know, a message of moving forward, of progress, of
6:24 am
opportunity? or he's making the contrast are we going to unite behind donald trump. at the party we're encouraging voters to pay very close attention and to play a key role is what is a very key election. >> on the other hand i spent last evening with trump volunteers here in florida, in south florida, and they are energized. sean, they are convinced that this -- none of this is trump's fault. they don't see it as him provoking anyone. they see it as him leading a movement that's going to bring change to this country. and i can't tell you, i met a woman last night who made 10,000 phone calls. 10,000, to people across florida as a volunteer for donald trump. >> well, you know what? you can't just look at this and one bubble and simplify it. these aren't people who don't believe in this movement. i mean, they believe in it because he's tapping in on some things that's affecting them every day. what are we pretenting not to know here? america has changed. no longer with a high school
6:25 am
degree can you actually go out and get a job, earn a living, send your kids to college. now, the -- these people have found the person to speak for them. and he's speaking in simple terms that they can go and talk to their friends about. that's why she made the 10,000 calls or however many calls she made because she can speak to what he's talking about and that brings in the anger, and the fear, and they think they can do something about it by voting for him. >> wadi if jeb bush doesn't step in and endorse marco rubio before tuesday, is it over for marco rubio? >> i don't think so. the reality is that marco rubio is spending a lot of time here in florida but he's also spending it in key areas. when you look at the event he has today and the villagvillages a senior community, these are strong republican voters. these are individuals that are going to participate in our primary. they're either going to vote today or probably march 15th on election day. so he's focusing on key areas. then in orlando the i-4 corridor, persuadable republicans live. and there's a great opportunity.
6:26 am
so he's, in my opinion, really visiting the right areas, and he's making a strong push. and we know that marco rubio has been here before. we're looking at these polls but in 2010 in his senate race when he was going against a republican governor he's been here before. so it's going to be interesting to see what the outcome is. >> should add to that you're absolutely right about what marco understands in that i-4 corridor, almost 50% of republican votes are there. so he understands he needs to spend this time there to try to change those folks' minds. >> that's where the villages is, right? that's where he is this morning. >> where he's at. >> and spent all day yesterday. >> it's important for him to be there. >> thanks so much. great to see you both. happy sunday. marco rubio as we say in the fight of his political life. when we come back we're going to head to rubio's own neighborhood here in miami and we ask the senator's neighbors who they're supporting this election. stay with us. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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primary here. it is do or die for the marco rubio campaign. the florida senator is hoping that support in his own backyard helps him pull off a huge comeback on tuesday. jake or sober off who spent some time, literally in the senator's own backyard. >> it is a nice neighborhood, kate. west miami is where marco rubio touts. he sort of came up in this working klaas and then middle class environment. he started his political career as a city commissioner in this neighborhood, large latino population. if he wants to do well he's going to have to do well in this neighborhood and in the miami-dade county area where we are right now. i went over there to see what's happening firsthand. let's take a look at that. >> it is a beautiful day in mr. rubio's neighborhood. he lives just right down that way and that's why we came out here to west miami to see what marco rubio neighbors think about his chances to win the florida primary on tuesday. i'm just walking the neighborhood because you know your neighbor's running for president. >> yeah. >> i know. >> you do know? >> yes. >> you think he's got a chance of winning? >> i hope so. >> are you a marco rubio
6:31 am
supporter? >> yes. >> are you going to vote for him on tuesday? >> yes, i'm going to vote for him. i already vote. >> so you did the early vote? >> i did the early vote. >> what's your dog's name? >> bale la. >> who are you voting for? marco rubio? >> marco rubio. >> your name is cynthia, right? >> yes. >> so you know your neighbor's running for president? >> no, i did not know that. >> come on. >> my neighbor is running for president of? >> the united states. marco rubio, he lives right over there. >> no he doesn't. >> yes, he does. >> really? >> you didn't know that? >> no, i didn't know that. i just moved to miami so i don't really know. >> he lives literally on the street, down on the street. >> good to know. >> so -- don't particularly like him. >> you don't particularly like him? >> no. >> you think he's going to win on tuesday? >> i really hope not. >> what is this right here? >> that's the name, you know, the rubio family. >> it say s rubio. i think i read he wrote this when he was a kid. >> maybe.
6:32 am
you never know. >> so, wow. what happens on tuesday here if he doesn't win? >> not too much. we love him. anyway. >> you love him anyway. >> oh, yes. >> you live around here? >> up the street. >> so you know your neighbor's running for president? >> yeah, right. >> you going to vote for him on tuesday? >> no. >> who you going to vote for? >> i don't know. >> you think he's going to win? >> no. >> people in the neighborhood like him? >> my neighbors don't. going to be tough. rubio's got to win, florida, right? if he doesn't, that's it. that's it. >> that's it. >> that's it. >> so, kate, yes, marco rubio is down and he's down pretty big in our new nbc news poll down here in florida. built if there is any silver lining, and some of his neighbors aren't going to vote for him, it's that some of these folks voted early. about 200,000 people voted early in miami-dade county. more republicans than ever before like we saw across the country, frankly and so if he's going to do well it has to be with this early vote. >> because people may have cast those votes weeks ago.
6:33 am
when he was maybe a little bit more at the top of the polls. >> man, you want your neighbors to like you. >> you want your neighbors to know you exist, too. i can't believe that one lady said wait, what? >> she may have taken a walk over there. >> she was know. jacob, thanks so much. nice to see you here in person. how much is the bernie sanders campaigning fuel -- campaign rather fuelling the protest at recent donald trump rallies? we're going to explore that issue as we roll on from miamitwo days to the florida primary. u're an at&t small busis expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs. you should probably get your eyes checked. good one babe. optometry humor. right now get up to $650 in credits to help you switch to at&t. find fast relief behind the counter allergies with nasal congestion?
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6:37 am
with donald trump calling out at least one protester, wearing a bernie sanders t-shirt. and according to reports about friday night in chicago, a lot of those protesters did identify as supporters of bernie sanders. chanting, bernie, in the arena. a tweet posted friday night from the account people for bernie reads, quote, remember the #trumprally wasn't just luck. it took organizers from dozens of organizations and thousands of people to pull off. great work. msnbc's alex sites wald writing yesterday, quote, if sanders doesn't win the democratic presidential nomination the anti-trump showing in chicago foreshadows a possible future avenue for his movement. and joining me now from cleveland to discuss all of this is the author of that piece msnbc's alex sites wald. so much to unpack this morning. we've got this new tweet i want to start with from donald trump, just out this morning, talking about bernie sanders' supporters and he's been accusing them of really inciting some of the protests at his rallies.
6:38 am
if we can put up that tweet. he said this morning, bernie sanders is lying when he says his disruptors aren't told to go to my events. be careful, bernie, or my supporters will go to yours. sounds like a threat in some ways, alex. like maybe we're going to see now trump supporters showing up at bernie rallies. how much do we know about how many sanders supporters really are going to these trump events? >> right, kate. yeah, if we wanted to see any deesalation, that tweet shows we won't see that with trump wanting to turn the tables on bernie sanders. i talked about a lot of the organizers involved in that effort in chicago and protesters interrupt every single trump event as you know. but that was really different because it was so well organized. and a lot of them were bernie sanders supporters. a lot of them were active in local bernie sanders community, local black lives matter communities, and they planned it carefully online. there were social media campaigns. there were group meetups in person. and one of the organizers told me that they turned the place
6:39 am
into a bernie sanders rally. so what i think is happening here is, you know, for both donald trump and bernie sanders, there's something kind of in their political interests here for bernie sanders he gets to be elevated and put on the same plane as donald trump, you know, kind of pushing aside hillary clinton who's been out of the news while this spat between the two of them has been going on. and for donald trump, he can kind of accuse these protesters of being astroturf of a rival campaign. take a look yesterday at cleveland. i was at this rally. what he had to say when some of the protesters interrupted. he basicly accused them of being sent directly by bernie sanders. >> you can get him out. get him out. yeah. get him out. that's a bernie person. it's a bernie person. that's a bernie person. get that bernie person out of here. held up a sign, i'm a protester.
6:40 am
all right. get him out. get him out. >> now the campaign officially tells me that they have nothing to do with this. but it's, you know, grassroots supporters groups that are behind this effort. but, look, i don't think this is going to go away any time soon. the bernie sanders supporters that i've talked to think this was a huge victory for them. they would like to see this repeated down the line. >> sanders this morning speaking with al sharpton did not explicitly say don't go. he said i'm not responsible. but he never actually called on his supporters not to attend trump rallies. >> absolutely. i mean, book, think they that donald drum is a dangerous person for the country. and they -- a lot of them think that bernie sanders is the only one who can stop him from being president. that if he loses the nomination, hillary clinton can't do it because they think it takes an outsider to take on an outsider. this is the fight that i think both sides want to have. >> hmm. msnbc's alex seitz-wald. good to see you.
6:41 am
donald trump's imposing lead in florida may be even more surprising when you hear how many ads on television here and radio are targeting the billionaire businessman. more on that front after this break. it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank. feel like this. look like this. feel like this. with dreamwalk insoles, turn shoes that can be a pain into comfortable ones. their soft cushioning support means you can look like this. and feel like this. dreamwalk.
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(ray) she wants to learn things. the difference has been incredible. (vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. here in florida, you really can't turn on the tv in certain parts of the state without seeing a campaign ad, as millions of dollars are being poured in. in the last two weeks a stunning 76% of all ads targeted donald trump. according to a recent report. let's take a look. >> i know words, i had the best words. >> [ bleep ] >> he gets the nomination they're going to sue [ bleep ] >> she said [ bleep ] >> i don't [ bleep ] >> we'll beat the [ bleep ] out of them. >> they're ripping the [ bleep ] out of the -- >> donald trump campaign violence. >> like to punch him in the face. >> knock the [ bleep ] out of him. they'd be carried out on a stretcher folks. i promise you, i will pay for the legal fees. >> now trump's campaign manager
tv-commercial tv-commercial
6:45 am
faces criminal charges for allegedly assaulting a female reporter. >> but trump has also gone on the attack here spending over $50,000 in miami, going after hometown senator marco rubio. >> he used the republican party's credit card to pave his driveway, and to live it up in las vegas. when he got caught he said he had used the wrong credit card. but he had used the same republican party card for six flights between miami and tallahassee. then, billed the state for the same airline tickets, and pocketed the cash. >> and with 246 delegates at stake, the democrats also blanketing the airwaves here. >> the latest refill was $14,700 for the same ten vials. and the company that's called valiant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing.
6:46 am
>> who benefits from this exploitation? and to understand that it is not only the workers who suffer, but every worker in america, because that pushes us into a race to the bottom. >> here to discuss the florida ad wars, steve litz, political reporter for our nbc station in miami wtvj and david heller is with us, as well. thank you for being here. steve, let me start with you. we've got some new information this morning, too, that there may be on top of all of that another ad coming based off the rally that turned violent in chicago. for donald trump on friday night. and that ad could hit airwaves here tomorrow. according to "time" magazine i couldn't believe this, anti-trump ads have aired 7,000 times in the last two weeks. 7,000 times. and yet, it's not really making a dent, if you look at our poll today. >> that poll just out this morning, so you had those polls
6:47 am
a few weeks ago that had mr. trump ahead of mr. rubio by some 20 points and that remains the same. >> 21 this morning. >> even after all of that that we have been through. what the candidates like to do is put some space between themselves and these negative ads. so it's the super pacs that run these ads so the candidates can take more of the high road and talk more of substance, as opposed to the attack ads. but are they effective? probably so. you may have some folks who are on the line, who have not made a decision yet as to who they want to vote for when you see some of those ads, some of those words by mr. trump, that could persuade voters that is -- >> the one with all of the, the bleeps and all the nasty words from trump, i think that's running primarily up north, isn't it, david? >> that's exactly right. >> they're trying to target those republicans who live in the northern part of the state which people sometimes compare to like southern georgia or southern alabama. >> the problem is those ads don't talk about policy. and voters tend to vote on the basis of themselves. they don't vote on process. they vote on what's good for me?
6:48 am
and when you look at say hillary talking about how she's going to reduce the cost of prescription drugs. she's actually talking about things that voters care about. the language that donald trump uses, first i'm not really sure that's what voters, republican primary voters are all that concerned about. it doesn't affect them directly. and second, if you look at those polls, you see, there's a very small number of undecided voters to begin with, so the amount of effectiveness those ads are going to have is by definition going to be limited. >> i just want to show the numbers again. conservative anti-trump super pacs have spent over $15 million. >> yes. >> on ads here. rubio's super pac, the one that supports rubio, $11 million. >> yes. >> rubio's campaign only spent a few thousand dollars according to the associated press. trump's spending about $2 million. but the number that catches me is the rubio, the pro- -- the pac that supports rubio, $11 million. >> yes. >> and it's not working. i keep going back to that. >> it -- it's hard because, he -- what they're talking
6:49 am
about, is not what republican primary voters vote on. they're talking about his language. and that's just not where they live. it's, you know, it's why -- kate it's why in d.c. when they had the primary yesterday, kasich and rubio get 37%, 36% each. >> and rubio won. >> rubio won with 37%, kasich 36%. it's where the establishment is. but those aren't the establishment voters down here in north florida. >> how about the slick production of the words ad where they put the monitor, presidential seal behind the monitor, presidential podium in front to create a kind of a scenario that hey, should you elect somebody like this, this is what you could get. you could get as the commander in chief. >> we're only going to see more of them in the next 48 hours. >> and i've had my tv on here a lot. we know these campaigns, and these pacs are spending millions of dollars down here. not the airwaves are not flooded in south florida. but the further north you move. >> further north you go. the i-4 corridor across the middle of the state. tampa, saint pete. that market. i'm afraid we're running out of
6:50 am
time. we could sit here and talk about this all day. they're telling me we've got to move on. steve, david, great to see you. appreciate you being here. thanks for joining us. up next, what hillary clinton is promising about immigration reform. will it help or hurt her campaign? now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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6:53 am
promise tonight -- >> i will not deport children. i would not deport children. i do not want to deport family members either. i do not have the same policy as the current administration does. >> that was hillary clinton at wednesday's democratic debate. pressured by univision's jorge ramos to make specific promises on her immigration policies. here in florida where latino voters make up a huge portion of the electric, the immigration issue front and center. joining me, martin o'malley's senior adviser, and political
6:54 am
poster and analyst, also host at news radio 610 wiod in miami, fur nand amaundy. good to see you. gabriella, we heard the sound bite from hillary clinton. you think back to 2008 when barack obama made similar promises, and as we know, he promised immigration overhaul, and it really didn't come to fruition. wasn't able to do that. do latino voters worry that none of these candidates are going to be able to really deliver? >> look, i think there's two different things. one, you're absolutely correct. latinos remember that the president promised immigration reform in his first year. comprehensive imknramigration reform, and quite frankly, are very cynical right now about the possibility of comprehensive immigration reform getting through congress. what ramos was pressing secretary clinton on is something that quite frankly nobody is, which is the details of who exactly she will protect while we pass comprehensive immigration reform. it is not enough in this election cycle to tell latino
6:55 am
voters that you're going to pass comprehensive immigration reform, rather who will you defend and who will you stop deporting in the process that you get congressional consensus. >> to pick up on that, what do you think latino voters are looking for this year? we always talk about them as if it's like a block, but there are republican luteatino voters, democratic luteatino voters. what are they most interested in knowing? >> let's start with the premise that immigration is not the most important issue to latino voters. i know a lot of folks like to give that impression, but it's really the economy. it's education. it's jobs and health care. immigration is an issue of great importance to them, but it doesn't prioritize when they're casting their ballot whether it's here in florida or other states throughout the country. in florida, the immigration issue doesn't have the resonance you see in the southwest or west because the dominant hispanic population here tends to be more cuban, puerto rican. they're void of those status
6:56 am
issues. it's important, however, from the sense that a lot of hispanics feel that the rhetoric around the immigration issue has become anti-hispanic. there's a feeling that the issue is utilized to denounls their place in the country. that's why i think you see a lot of them pushing back. it continues to have great resonance and it's the issue, there isn't any doubt about it, that has driven donald trump to the leaderboard in the polls. >> and on the flip side of that, i have met a lot of latino voters who say there's no way they would ever vote for donald trump. i have met some who actually support him, and ted cruz has said multiple times he wants to do away with sanctuary cities, which is another huge issue. >> i mean, look, i think what's really, really sad about this debate is that as you both said, trump has really been dominating it. and it's a racist kind of race to the bottom on immigration, where on the left, you know, let's remember that hillary clinton came out in nevada and said that she wouldn't deport
6:57 am
dreamers' parents as one of her first campaign events, and then later, bernie sanders adopted what is to date the most comprehensive and humane immigration plan. hillary clinton still hasn't released those details of her plan. i hope she does. and i agree with what furnand is saying that it's obviously not the first issue latino voters cite as their priority. however, it is a filter through which they see candidates. if you're a latino voter and agree with a candidate on the economy, on education, et cetera, but the candidate is offensive on immigration, like trump is doing, you will not vote for them. >> gabriella and fernando, appreciate it. that's going to do it for this hour of msnbc live. i'll see you back here 1:00 p.m. eastern time. join us if you're around. and tonight, weekend nightly news sunday.
6:58 am
chris jansing picks up our political coverage. up next, live in cleveland.
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