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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 15, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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and good super tuesday morning to you. i'm jose diaz-balart reporting live from miami. it's make or break. a day on the presidential race, and we're smack dab in the middle of it. the epicenter, florida. it's also the ides of march. none of the remaining candidates wants to end up being cesar. the big prizes for both parties today, florida and ohio. winning it all still won't give anyone a golden ticket to the nomination, but it will make it easier. john kasich and marco rubio are
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locked in what appears to be must-win situations at home. for rubio today, might be the beginning of the end. the final three florida polls show the freshman senator trailing donald trump by an average of 21 points. he insists his campaign will go on despite a homestate loss. after a busy day that went late into the night on monday, rubio has no scheduled events today until his post-elecrally tonight in florida international university here in miami. meantime, donald trump remains the man to beat. voters today will go a long way in determining whether he'll be able to get to the magic number of delegates. wins tonight in florida and ohio would put him closer to avoiding a contested convention. >> we have a big election coming up. we can really change things. and you know, marco's not going to do it. >> i can't wait to stand before the nation and give you thanks for helping us win florida. >> if you're here tonight, or you're at home watching on television and you're thinking about possibly supporting marco rubio or john kasich, i want to
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invite you, come join us. we welcome you to our team. >> i will never take a low road to the highest office in the land. i will not do it. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty punk-ass thuggery stuff that's been going on with these quote/unquote protesters. >> our political team is here, and ready to go this morning. but first, breaking election news to get to. people trying to vote in the jacksonville area here in florida are seeing some delays because of a computer problem. msnbc chief legal correspondent ari melber is here to explain exactly what's happening. good morning. >> good morning, jose. that's right. we're talking voting issues in florida. something familiar to many. we're talking specifically about duval county here. this is an area with a lot of voters that went for romney in 2012. and we can show you some video here of duval county elections
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call center. what they're trying to do is fix the glitch that relates to how people electronically check in to the center. there were some reports on social media that all basically balloting was somehow erroneous or had to be changed. that's not quite right. our legal unit here spoke twice this morning with the duval county elections folks, and what they basically said is the check-in electronic system is down. they tell us it will be up, quote, soon. so they're using a paper check-in system instead. what's important about that, and we watched these issues closely because of course, they can affect turnout, they can affect li lines, even results. what's important to note is it's not the ballots themselves. this is an area that has always used paper ballots and continues to do so. but the electronic system which is an accuracy check here, is down and they're now papering over it. the only other thing i want to mention in terms of florida, and you think about how dense and vibrant it is, is duval county is a place where there's over
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half a million voters registered. so obviously, they want to get things right early in the morning and not have problems go on through the rest of the day. if you're watching in florida, this does not restrict your ability to vote in any way. you can rote just like normal. we're monitoring how they're doing the check-ipsystem, jose. >> ari melber, thank very much. we'll keep you updated on those early voting glitches right here in florida throughout the hour. turning now to west palm beach and jacob rascon who is covering donald trump. let's go over the best case scenario for trump tonight. what happens if he wins ohio and florida? >> he could win ohio and florida. i mean, he's neck and neck with john kasich in one recent poll. john kasich is ahead by a few points in another poll. but he certainly could win. if that happens, it puts him over 700 delegates. in which case, he would need to win the remaining 53% of delegates to hit that magic number, which wouldn't come
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without effort, but it's doable. but the real big headline may be at that point, it becomes nearly impossible, essentially impossible, for anybody else to get to that magic number. ted cruz would need something like 80% and john kasich can't get there. could never really get there. and then marco rubio either. of course, remains to be seen if he'll go on even if he does not win florida. but essentially, he knocks out the competition. and he is the only person who can get to that magic number, jose. >> jacob rascon in west palm beach, thank you very much. of course, the stakes here in florida could not be higher for marco rubio. for weeks now, the senator has said the future of his campaign will come down to florida. but as voters go to the polls, it appears he's kind of walking that back a bit. >> yeah, well, our plan is to be in utah on wednesday and continue to campaign hard. i have never said that my campaign is built on the outcome of any specific state. especially the way it's going now. our plan is to continue to move
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forward. right now, i'm focused 100% on doing what i can do in the next 24 hours to make sure i get these 99 delegates in florida. it would be a huge boost to our campaign of course moving forward. >> i want to bring in gabe gutierrez here in miami who has been on the trail with rubio in florida. good morning. a lot of the headlines are, marco has a very tough mountain to climb. all of the polls seem to show that trump is way ahead. what does he -- and what do the people think? >> jose, this is a day of political reckoning for marco rubio. his campaign is betting on what would have to be historic turnout in order for him to pull out a win here. he was once seen as the future of the republican party. and today, the polls show that he is down double digits in his home state. it's not the homecoming marco rubio wanted. arriving in miami monday night, once again an underdog. >> we don't know how close this
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is going to be. >> rubio's rise, meteoric from a city commissioner in the late '90s to speaker of the florida state house. then he pulled off a dramatic upset, trouncing a sitting governor to win a senate seat in 2010. a young star seen as hungry and thirsty. decided to run for president against his mentor jeb bush in the middle of his first term. rubio treading water until his third-place finish in iowa, that his campaign spun as a victory. >> they told me we have no chance because my hair wasn't gray enough. >> but then came the debate. >> let's dispel once and for all with thisviction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. anyone who knows that barack obama isn't doing what he's doing on purpose doesn't understand. >> there it is, the memorized 25-second speech. >> labeled a robot, rubio finished a devastating fifth in new hampshire. >> let's make marco rubio the next president of the united states. god bless.
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>> he bounced back to second in south carolina. but sank to fourth in nevada. before finally taking on donald trump. >> i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i saw you repeat yourself five times five seconds ago. >> the insults soon got personal. >> he should sue whoever did that to his face. you know what they say about men with small hands. you can't trust them. >> jabs he later regretted. >> that's not something i'm entirely proud of. my kids were embarrassed by it. and i -- if i had to do it again, i wouldn't. >> rubio now facing long odds on his home turf. >> people aren't really sure who he is. he was a tea partier, then he wasn't. he was for immigration and then he was against it. his brand name is just that. his own name. marco rubio. and there's not that much behind it. he does have some experience. you know, he's been in the senate a little while, but he has a lot more ambition than he has experience.
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>> senator, have you not thought about wednesday? >> yeah, we're going to utah. >> what do you tell the folks of utah? >> we're on our way. >> now, if the polls are right, there's a lot of speculation about what is next for marco rubio. does he stay in, does he get out? if he gets out, does he return to the private sector, make money, maybe run for governor in 2018? right now, the campaign is laughing off all of that speculation. they all insisting that he will win tonight. it really would be a historic comeback. >> because all the polls seem to show him down. and some of the most recent ones up to 20 points down. gabe gutierrez, as he's known in south florida, thank you very much for being with me this morning. >> good to be with you. >> chris jansing is in cleveland this morning, where all eyes are on the man who could stop trump in winner-take-all ohio, john kasich. good morning. this is a guy who is widely popular at home. it seems it shouldn't be this close. why is it this close? >> he won election and re-election by landslides.
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he's voting right now in ohio, i know the town well, where i went to college. this is such anp unpredictable race with so many variables. it's giving all these campaigns palpitations. here's why. first, you have a situation where they don't know where the crossover vote is going to go. if there are enough democrats crossing over, who are they voting for? are they crossing over to vote for trump or to vote against trump and for kasich? secondly, remember when marco rubio says if you're my supporter, vote for john kasich? will they do that, and what kind of numbers? but maybe what's really unpredictable is for all his popularity, there are pockets of this state that are still really hurting. it's not recovered from the recession as quickly as other states. he touts a big tax cut he gave. yes, he did, but it also meant that they cut to localities. >> i interrupt you. sorry, chris. i want to interrupt you.
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john kasich is speaking right now. >> what's been the biggest surprise of your first national race? >> well, i would say the biggest surprise has been the fact that there, i found how many people out there are lonely and don't seem to have anybody that listens to them or spends time with them or encourages them. that's been the biggest surprise in the race, is that i have and to realize that there are a lot of people who just would like to be made to feel special. and it's been a great thing to see. >> what do you have to say to donald trump today? >> you're not going to ruin my day after i voted myself for president. i have nothing to say to him. >> a lot of work leading up to this day. how do you feel? >> i feel great. we're going to win. i feel terrific. great. you know, do i seem like i'm nervous or uptight? i'm having a great time. >> what's it feel like to vote for yourself for president? >> it feels -- well, i learned you need to vote for yourself because if you don't, you could
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lose. so it feels very nice. it's a long road for me. and i'm -- i am very, very humbled by the campaign and the experience and the attention. and you know, attention and success can be very, very dangerous if it's not handled the right way. so i try to check myself all the time to make sure that i'm handling it the right way, which is to be appreciative of the opportunity and -- >> could you talk about -- >> can i finish? >> how your faith stabilizes you with that? >> well, look, it's all about keeping your feet on the ground. all of the opportunities that you have are really a blessing. and grace, and that's what matters. and everybody here, this is our moment in time. before we know it, we'll all be gone.
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we did the best we can while we're here. but you have to watch all the time when you get a lot of attention because, you know, the proverbs say an unguarded strength is a person's greatest weakness. i have a lot of good friends around me. >> you were in your home town last night doing a rally. it's a big day for you, but also for the people that, your neighbors, your community. what are you hearing from -- what did you hear from them last night? what did they have to say about your bid and having you come home? >> well, i mean, i think people are proud. you know, it's really interesting because i have been ask asked do you regret the fact that you have been so positive in the campaign. and we all know that by the fact that i ran a positive campaign or our team has run a positive campaign, that there were probably missed opportunities to get attention early on. but by continuing to run the race, the positive campaign is
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now starting to shine through, like a beacon. all over the country. and as a result of that, it tells you you do the recognize thing, even when sometimes -- first of all, i was never tempted to go negative. that was never, never temptation. in the third debate, that's -- i was the first one to challenge donald trump. for his position on immigration and ben carson's position on medicare. can i finish? >> yes, sorry. >> sometimes i take time to think before i finish. but running a positive campaign has been really, really good. and i think my neighbors have been proud of me. i know my daughters are, and my wife. i will be, however, forced going forward to talk about some of the deep concerns i have about the way this campaign has been
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run by some others. by one other in particular. but today is not the day to do that. i have been very concerned. i just saw a commercial, i guess it was last night, of these comments that were made about women. i have two daughters. they see this stuff. what do you think they think? we'll have more to say about that. but that's going to be not designed to be negative as much as it is to point out things that i have seen that are deeply disturbing in this process. and i think i have a right to do that. as a candidate, but in terms of rolling around in the mud, that's not where i intend to really ever go. even in the fall election. >> governor, you have been -- >> what's next after ohio? after you win ohio. >> we're going to pennsylvania tomorrow. >> governor, you have been teasing you're going to say more on this for the last few days. >> i'm not teasing anything. i'll let you know when i have something to say. >> is it a strategic decision to do that. >> we don't do a lot of
7:17 am
strategic things about what i say, have you noticed? i say what i want to say when i want to say it. i don't know. i'm building things up in my mind, thinking. >> are you saying you weren't aware of these thing before? >> i really wasn't. i really wasn't. i think you even asked, jake said something in the debate. i'm not really paying that much attention to that. it took for me to see the friday video, and then i actually 48 hours ago asked chris schrimpf, to give me a list of all the quotes, which i really hadn't seen before. things move fast in a presidential campaign. you don't really focus on -- i focus on what i'm going to be doing at my next event. i'm focused on who's winning the golf tournament i'm interested in, and that's about it. i don't really focus on what somebody else is doing in some other campaign.
7:18 am
so it's really the first time that my eyes were really opened, which meant i was probably like a normal voter, to be honest with you. >> governor, why do you continue to say you were the first one to take on donald trump in the third debate? by that point, scott walker and rick perry had gone after trump -- >> maybe they did. they -- >> carly fiorina had had her interaction with trump. >> that was a different thing, sort of name calling. i brought up the issue of immigration. right down here in westerville, you hadn't been assigned to the campaign yet. they didn't know we existed. you know, some of you were down there at that rally. remember that? before the debate. and in all seriousness, that's when i started to point out the differences on immigration, and again, that was when ben carson basically said we don't have to have medicare anymore. but look, i'm just saying, this was not something i ignored, but
7:19 am
in terms of what i saw on friday night and what i have seen since then, reading these quotes, it's taken me to a whole other level. >> why are you waiting? >> because -- what? you don't even know what i'm going to say. the people will know, when i feel like i want to say something, then i'll say it. that's the end of it, okay. i don't operate on somebody else's timeline or somebody else's schedule. including reacting to events. i react on my timeline and my schedule. because when you're governing of the seventh largest state, you learn to be cool about things. >> do you think, governor, people will ask for a democrat or republican ballot, will they switch parties in the election? >> one lady told me she was. we'll see. one lady told me yesterday, she didn't know. we were at the -- youngstown, and the lady made me the hard boiled eggs and said i really wish i could vote for you but
7:20 am
i'm a democrat. i said, you can switch tomorrow. she said, i will, and i'm going to call my sister. >> governor, has pete rose talked about endorsing you? >> i haven't talked to pete rose, but arnold tweeted some cool stuff out. i guess he sent something out today telling people they need to vote. that was cool. i just got earle bruce and jim trestle, of course, and urban meyer. that's pretty cool. and if -- when i win here today, maybe i can get barkley to finally come over. i would like to travel with the round mound of rebound. >> thank you. >> thank you all. hey, let me tell you one other thing. in all seriousness, let me tell you one other thing. it really is pretty amazing. where i came from, we all hear these stories. you know, the stories could be about you, too. this one just happens to be about me. to have started here as an aide,
7:21 am
all the way back to nixon and all the way back to church, and all the way back to my family, and then you come in here today. you cast a vote for yourself for president of the united states. it's pretty remarkable. but you know, at the same time i say it, i just want you all to understand, if any of you ever see me and i had apologized to somebody here just the other day because i wasn't -- didn't respond as appropriately as i should have. if any of you ever see me getting out of control, i want you to take me aside and i want you to say remember what you told us at that press conference. okay? because i just want to be a good guy. helping my country. that's all i really want to do. okay. thank you all very much. >> well, john kasich there speaking to the media right after voting.
7:22 am
chris jansing is still with me this morning. chris, it's very clear that governor kasich wants to be, well, the anti-trump campaign. >> there's no doubt about that. i think you heard him talk about the other variable in this race today, which is how will republicans respond to what they have seen over the last 24, 48, 72 hours that maybe is not reflected in the polls? those are things we don't know. but it really struck me yesterday, jose, when mitt romney was out on the campaign trail with him, although he didn't officially endorse him, he said america is counting on you, to the voters. that's kind of the message from a lot of the establishment republicans who are saying, this is not somebody we want to be president of the united states, and i know that the leadership of the republican party here, who is all for john kasich, they know him, they have worked with him for a very long time. they believe that if he doesn't win here tonight, that not only does it speak ill of voters but they're also very concerned
7:23 am
about what it means for the presidency because they don't think that donald trump in a very competitive state like ohio could beat a hillary clinton or even potentially a bernie sanders. so so much at stake here. and i'll just make one final comment. i have been out with john kasich on the campaign trail. what you saw there, and he hasn't gotten a lot of media exposure, is exactly the guy you see. pretty low key, pretty thoughtful. it would be remarkable if he was able to extend this race. he really is sort of the polar opposite in temperament and delivery of donald trump. jose. >> chris jansing in cleveland this morning, thank you very much. all 66 of the republican delegates at stake tonight in ohio will go to the man who carries that state. with me now is ohio attorney general, mike dewine, a supporter of john kasich. governor, thank you very much, attorney general, for being with me. governor kasich says he wants and expects to win tonight. is it a dangerous bet to say all or nothing in ohio?
7:24 am
>> well, john kasich is going to win tonight. i have been all over the state in the last week. the momentum clearly is moving his way. so he's going to win tonight. he is also the strongest candidate in the fall. to win ohio. and to beat donald trump. i think really what's going to happen tonight, you're going to see that spotlight move over towards john kasich. something that really is only begun in the last several days. when people start looking at john kasich, we're down to four, maybe three after tonight, people running for president. he's going to get a lot more attention. and just as you saw in that press conference, it's going to be someone who is very candid, someone who is very open, and someone who really has a track record. here's a guy who balanced the budget, the federal budget, came back to ohio, he inherited an $8 billion shortfall. today we have a $2 billion rainy
7:25 am
day fund. he's brought over 400,000 jobs to ohio. so he's got -- he's got the record. and i think he's going to really begin to resonate with the american people. and he's going to win tonight in ohio. >> with all of that that you just mentioned, why do you think it is that donald trump is just as popular, some say, in the polls, even more, than your sitting governor? how do you explain that? >> well, i don't think he is more popular. you know, if you look at kasich's popularity, it's in the 60%. if you look at his popularity among republicans, it's much, much higher than that. he's very popular in the state of ohio. look, i think we have people who are voting for trump who are very upset. and i understand why they're upset. i think when they look at john kasich's record, they're going to find someone who is doing and has done exactly what they wanted done. a lot of people are voting for trump and saying, look, we can't have these deficits to go on and
7:26 am
on and own. a lot of people voting for trump who are saying we need more jobs. john kasich is someone who has brought jobs to the state of ohio. he has done it. he has balanced our budget in ohio. he balanced the federal budget. so it's a spotlight begins to turn on john kasich tonight, i think the race is going to fundamentally change. >> ohio attorney general mike dewine, thank you very much for being with me this morning. appreciate it. >> thank you. just moments ago, house speaker paul ryan addressed the recent violence at a donald trump rally. listen to this. >> it's pretty clear that there's a concerted effort by people on the left to disrupt these rallies, to disrupt these events, and that needs to be condemned and we condemn that. having said that, i think as candidates, all candidates have an obligation to do what they can do to try and provide an atmosphere of harmony, to reduce the violence, to not incite
7:27 am
violence and make sure we're appealing to people on their best ideals, that we're going to unite the country around ideas that unite the country so we can actually fix our country's problems. >> so much ahead on this make or break super tuesday. live from bayside marketplace in miami. up next, hillary clinton expected to build on an already strong delegate lead over bernie sanders. we'll break down that side of the race next. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders
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you get a company that's more than just the sum of it's parts. centurylink. your link to what's next. well, all eyes on the delegate count once the voting results come in later on this evening. i want to bring in nbc news senior political editor mark murray. good morning. >> good morning, jose. >> let's talk about the democratics. how do things look right now for hillary clinton and bernie sanders dm. >> when you look at the pledged delegates, awarded on how the contests break out, hillary clinton has more than a 200 pledged delegate lead over bernie sanders. that is likely to grow tonight, regardless of how the midwestern
7:31 am
states like ohio, illinois, and missouri play out, given her very big leads in florida and in north carolina. and jose, when you add super delegates to the count, her lead over sanders is more than 600. with sanders and his supporters are hoping for is if they're able to sweep the midwesternitates, they have a lot of momentum ahead to the next seven contests over the next month which would allow him to chip away at hillary clinton's very big delegate lead. but as we kind of list right there, jose, the math is very daunting for bernie sanders. >> you know, even today, i still get asked a lot about what exactly is a superdelegate, mark. >> and quick answer, jose, is that most superdelegates are current elected members, the democratic party. bernie sanders technically is a superdelegate. bill clinton, a former elected official is a superdelegate and so are all of the democratic united states senators as well as members of congress and governors. >> let's talk about the
7:32 am
republicans. how could tonight's race affect the delegates for them? >> on the republican side, the race is much closer. according to our latest math, donald trump has about a 95-delegate lead over ted cruz, and of course, those numbers are going to change. but what is so striking about tonight, and why tonight is so important, is that if donald trump wins both florida and ohio and they're both winner-take-all contests, you're going to see him be on a path to get to that ma magic number of 1237 delegates needed to clinch a majority. he would need just about 50% of the remaining delegates to get there. if donald trump only wins florida, where he's leading in the polls, but loses ohio to john kasich, then he needs to win 60% of the remaining delegates, and that's a much more difficult road for him, and probably a more likelihood of having a contested convention in july in cleveland, ohio. >> mark murray, great cityiseei you. voters in five states today, including right here in florida,
7:33 am
could pay a pivotal role in shaping the direction of the democratic nomination for president. kristen welker has more from miami. kristen. >> hey, jose. good morning to you. the stakes for the democratic could not be higher tonight. secretary clinton feeling very confident about her chances here in florida.she's going to hold a big rally and also feeling good about north carolina. senator sanders likes his chances in missouri and clinton's home state of illinois. all eyes are on ohio. a lot of polls show clinton with a lead, but the campaigns think the race is much closer, particularly after sanders' surprise win in michigan where his message on trade and the economy was resonatinresonating. in recent days, we have seen clinton more aggressively target her message about how she's going to bolster the trading sector. but last night at a pair of town
7:34 am
halls hosted by msnbc, they saved their sharpest attacks for gop front-runner donald trump. >> he's been building this incitement, he has been leading crowds in jeering protesters. he has been talking about punching people in the face. he's been encouraging the manhandling of both people who are attending as well as journalists. >> this guy has insulted mexicans, muslims, women. he's insulted veterans. john mccain, a war hero. the american people are not going to vote for somebody like that. >> jose, we're getting a new snapshot of the race. according to our latest poll, secretary clinton still tops sanders among all democrats nationwide, 54% to 41%. that's down a little bit from the last time that survey was taken. secretary clinton has a big night tonight, if she were to win ohio, that would almost put this race out of reach for senator sanders. but if he has a strong night,
7:35 am
particularly throughout those midwestern states, it would just increase his momentum heading into the end of the month and april. jose. >> kristen welker in downtown miami, thank you. a live look now at voters casting ballots in struthers, ohio, one of five states with primary contests today. and in florida and ohio, the biggest prizes. we're live at some of the busiest polling centers in both states. and a reminder to get the results to these make-or-break primaries, you can do so with brian williams, rachel maddow, and chris matthews starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc.
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voters are hitting the polls in five key states on this super tuesday. the two states with the largest delegate prizes are ohio and right here in florida. we have our team of reporters in both states. tony dokoupil and trymaine lee in ohio, and thomas roberts in florida.
7:39 am
let me start with you, tony. good morning, you're at a polling station. what's the scene there like? >> hi, good morning, jose. i'm in struthers, ohio, part of the youngstown metro area. a area hard hit by industrial decline. the unemployment here is double what it is in the state, and the campaigns, trump, clinton, kasich, sanders have made here as saviors for a working class voter. we won't know where the voters end up. but an interesting trend is developing. at this table behind me,ina und ohio law, voters can arrive and make a choice. even if they're registered democrats, they can choose a republican or democratic ballot. here's the fascinating part. in a town where there are no republican elected officials, half of the people have selected republican ballots. they take them to one of these voting booths along the line to make their decision. they are either voting for trump or against trump in a cross-over vote hat is really unprecedented in these parts, according to the
7:40 am
election official in charge of it. if they are democrats voting against trump hoping to hurt him, voting for kasich to upset the race, it's a form of raiding and is illegal, but election officials don't think we'll see prosecuti prosecutions. i want to go to trymaine lee who is about 160 miles away. what's the situation where you are? >> hey, thanks, tony. here we are in westerville, about 25 minutes north of columbus, which is the state capital. this location is the second largest location in franklin county. six precincts vote here. you can see now, there's a line behind me. there's been a steady flow of voters come in, despite the light rain and chill outside. voters are coming here to vote. interestingly enough, in 2012, president barack obama won franklin county with 60% of the vote compared to romney's 38%. donald trump was in vienna yesterday for a rally, a few hours away. there have been a lot of controversy surrounding donald
7:41 am
trump, the violence, some folks say he's incited at his rallies. i spoke to one voter earlier and asked how does all the controversy, the violence, affect how you're planning to vote. we said what he has seen is not only disturbing and very unpresidential, but it actually affected the way he's voted. he said he has never voted in a primary, but that's what drew him out today. what he has seen surrounding the donald trump campaign. he said he casted his vote for bernie sanders. while it's chilly outside, let's go back to miami. thomas, what's going on in your neck of the woods? >> good morning. we are stationed outside of miami's city hall. we have seen a steady flow of people coming in to the polling station here this morning. interesting to note from the division of elections, they have already released some of their absentee and early voting figures that say nearly 2 million floridians have already cast their votes. again, this is from the division of elections. we had ten days of early voting here in florida for the gop, 99 delegates at stake, winner take all, and for the democrats, it's
7:42 am
246. that's a combination of 214 delegates plus 32 superdelegates. the polling station behind me will be open until 7:00 p.m. tonight. that's different for folks in the panhandle. they're an hour behind. they'll be open until 7:00 p.m. as well, but we'll have official results coming out from super tuesday in florida at 8:00 p.m. this evening. as we look at the numbers county wide, as the division of elections is reporting, miami-dade early votes, over 83,000 pretty much evenly split between republicans and democrats. but if we go just a little to our north, to broward county, they report 82,502 early votes have come in. and that is much heavily toward the democratic side. 2 to 1. we remind everybody hillary clinton was able to carry florida in the primary of 2008. jose, as you know, florida, florida, florida. it's all important about how everybody feels, about who they want to see go through.
7:43 am
this state typically punches the ticket to the general election. we spoke to people today who were undecided right before going in. some folks who are trying to stop trump, and one person who was pretty honest about the fact that they're voting for hillary clinton but they know that she has had missteps. however, they feel she is best suited, most qualified for the job. jose, back to you. >> thomas roberts along with trymaine lee and tony dokoupil, thank you very much. up next, the heat is on for marco rubio, and if the polling is accurate, the florida senator could lose his home state of florida. 99 delegates at stake here in the sunshine state. we're live at another polling place in florida next. you're an at&t small business expert? sure am. my staff could use your help staying in touch with customers. at&t can help you stay connected. am i seeing double? no ma'am. our at&t 'buy one get one free' makes it easier for your staff to send appointment reminders to your customers... ...and share promotions on social media? you know it! now i'm seeing dollar signs.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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7:47 am
points in his home state of florida. 99 winner-take-all gop delegate votes are at stake. winning florida could put donald trump one step closer to the gop presidential nomination. jacob soboroff is at a polling place for the rubio campaign in hialeah, one of my favorite cities in the world, jacob. >> jose, you know way better than anyone else hialeah has the most cuban americans than any other -- more than any other city in the entire country. right now, we're at the james h. goodlet park and theater, a polling place here. if marco rubio wants to win, quite frankly, we should see lines out the door. not so much. very slow here all morning. in fact, the most enthusiastic person we have seen all morning is this woman right here. her name is carmen. i want to introduce you to her because she has been campaigning like crazy for marco rubio. as you can see, carmen, how is it going? jacob, msnbc, nice to see you.
7:48 am
>> nice to see you. >> marco rubio going to do okay today? >> i think so. okay, i hope so. because marco rubio is the only one person who can unify the republican party. >> can you see yourself supporting donald trump if marco rubio doesn't come out of here the winner tonight? >> no, no, no. i'm staying at home. >> staying at home. >> yes, no, no, no. >> show me the strategy here. how do you get people to vote? do your thing, show me. >> because the person who are coming here, who are coming here -- >> they're here for marco rubio. >> for marco rubio. they are cheering. >> cheering for rubio. i'm going to send it back to jose. here in hialeah, carmen's enthusiastic but we could use a few more volunteers out here. >> absolutely, jacob. do me a favor, go to chico's for lunch. thanks. the white house is easing more restrictions on travel to cuba. now allowing individuals to travel on people to people
7:49 am
educational trips on their own instead of only with tour groups, and lifting limits on the use of american dollars there. this ahead of president obama's trip to cuba next week. take a short break and be right back on msnbc. is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is, helping you pursue it, is ours. t-i-a-a. trolling for a gig with can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume.
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if marco rubio loses his home state of florida tonight, he will be suffering a type of political embarrassment we rarely see in a presidential level. to find something similar, you have to go back to 1992 when bill clinton beat then-former governor of california, jerry brown, on his home turf. right now, i want to bring in politico's florida political reporter, marc caputo, and steve litz, for the nbc station in miami, nbc 6. good to see you both. marc, let me start with you. how does the rubio campaign feel right now? >> i think they have their rosary beads and they're going through the prayers. i have spoken to a bunch of people who are longteam sporters of his and they say they're at the stage of grief called
7:53 am
acceptance. rubio is a man of faith, marco is a man of faith. we probably need a miracle, but we're still praying. >> just doesn't look good. there's no indication in any poll, even a movement. >> since august. since august, donald trump has led. and like the last five or seven polls, he's led by about 20 points. my opinion and the opinion of other pollsters, 20 points seems too high. i feel more it might be in the single digit range, but if it goes to the double digits, that's what we're debating, how big is the loss. >> there were a couple polls that had him closer a few weeks ago. >> about eight points. >> polls came out yesterday, too, a quinnipiac poll which still had trump beating rubio by some double digits in 20 points. >> so steve, if he loses tonight, you know, he says they're going to keep going. is there a future? >> it's all about m & m, not the candy, but money and momentum. the burn rate, the rate you're taking in money versus the rate
7:54 am
you're spending money, and then momentum. you come out of florida and lose your own home state, headed to utah out west and arizona, the momentum is going to be a killer. >> a few lies we forgive in politics. as a candidate is dying, he says, i'm not dying. it wouldn't shock me if rubio got out of the race tomorrow or might pull a jeb and get out tonight. but that's assuming he loses and if he loses badly, i don't see the value of him sticking around. marco rubio is a family man. he has four kids at home. his wife would probably like him to be at home rather than at this point, jousting at windmills. >> the buses -- >> they're fishing. >> is there a future for marco rubio politically if he decides, if he doesn't win florida? >> ted cruz would tell you mathematically, not in a million years. when you do the math and look at the delegate count, should marco cobble his 99 delegates out of florida? as trump continues to make his way through the midwest and
7:55 am
through these primary states, he's cobbling delegates as the lesser candidates are, as the trailing candidates are as well. so marco may move, ted cruz may move, mr. kasich may move. trump's moving at the same time as well. >> yeah, i think the republican establishment is looking more and more like wile e. coyoty, who is trying to make these acme machines and it's blowing up. i said it before, but it bears repeating. they as look as if they're scheming too much. don't get me wrong, donald trump could still be stopped, but it's probably going to take more of a one-on-one race. gr just your thoughts on what happens if kasich does win in ohio. 66 is not that much in the total number. >> no, but it gets him closer to the number one spot. and then the math becomes a big convolulted, but yeah, that would confuse things, i think. john kasich going to win ohio, donald trump going to win florida. >> it's not so much about kasich winning. it's about keeping trump from winning. that's really what they're
7:56 am
looking at. >> that's certainly been the establishment effort, the rubio effort as well as ted cruz's effort. they all say that out loud. >> steve litz and marc caputo. a pleasure to have you guys and a perfect way to end today's show with two good friends. i appreciate you both being on with me this morning. >> that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for the privilege of your time. i'll see you tomorrow right here from miami. tamron hall is up next. she's in cleveland this morning. our cosmetics line was a hit.
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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall. we're live in cleveland, ohio, which could be the most crucial state on this critical day in the presidential race. voting has started in five separate states, holding primary contests today.
8:00 am
and the candidates have honed their closing arguments. here's a taste of what the major players are saying today. >> you got to vote. if you have a headache, if you're dying. >> what we don't have time for is all that petty punk-ass little thuggery stuff that's been going on. >> i can't wait to stand on that stage in cleveland, ohio, in july, and accept the nomination. >> one difference between this and a donald trump rally is i'm not asking anyone to punch you in the face. >> i will never take a low road to the highest office in the land. >> people need to vote as though their future was at stake because it is at stake. >> we have a good vote tomorrow, people come out, we're going to win here in ohio. >> those were the candidates last night, all hoping that that


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