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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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good tuesday, everyone. i'm craig melvin coming to you live from urban farmer restaurant here in cleveland, ohio. we are hearire in one of five states where voting is under way. voters heading to the polls in the high stakes super tuesday to a few hours ago. the biggest prizes up for grabs. ohio and florida. win or take all states on the republican side. contests that could be make or break for john kasich and marco rubio. the reckoning, ted cruz has been banking on victory against donald trump in what he hopes will soon be a two-man race. on the democrat side, the big question. can bernie sanders prove the polls wrong and pull off a michigan-style upset in the buckeye state? >> if there's a large voter turnout, we're going to do just great here in illinois and missouri and ohio and hopefully north carolina and florida.
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>> earlier today, donald trump sounding confident about his party appeal. >> biggest people in the party are calling. they want to sit down, they want to make me eat. a lot of respect. people are calling because they see what's happening. >> called him? maybe. paul ryan's people said the speaker picked up the phone at trump's request and called three other candidates as well, but when questioned today about calling trump out over the rallies and the rhetoric, the leading republican not running for president towed the party line. >> republican primary voters will make this decision. this is not our decision to make. >> we are on the ground covering all of today's primaries. state to state. we start this hour moments ago,
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president obama has stern words for republicans and democrats about the divisiveness about this campaign season so far. the event was an annual pre-st. patrick's day appearance and visiting head of state and house speaker paul ryan toward the beginning of the president's portion of the speeches turned his remarks to the harsh rhetoric and the violence we've seen on the campaign trail so far. >> i'm not the only one. divisive rhetoric to those who don't look or vote like we do. misguided attempts to shut down that speech. however offensive it may be, we
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live in a country where free speech one of the most important rights that we hold. in response to those attempts, we've seen actual violence. and we've heard violence from too many of our leaders. >> president obama calling the rhetoric vulgar and divisive. luke was in the room there during the speech. he joins me live from capitol hill. this is not an event where usually a whole lot of news is made, what else did the president have to say? >> reporter: i've been covering these throughout the years. they're usually light hearted festive affairs. the speaker of the house next to the president of united states. the head there at the table as well. they toast with wine and eat a wonderful meal and tell bad irish jokes. president obama took the occasion to what his fairly most succinct criticism of how the
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campaign has unravelled saying too often, we accept this as the new normal and too much silence from our leaders. and remember, this is a room on capitol hill full of congressional leaders. the speaker, the senate majority leader, congress on both sides of the aisle. obama went out of his way to single out paul ryan say he spoke up, we assume that means his ban on muslims and david duke as well as the recent violence at his rallies. but obama taking the occasion that was not expected to be a real serious moment and made it deadly serious saying that he's been dismayed by the vulgar rhetoric and n' this election cycle not a reflection of america and it has to stop. it can't be exported saying in front of the head of ireland, really striking words at where no one expected today, craig. >> luke russert.
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back to super tuesday. donald trump no sign of tempering his rhetoric. jacob rascon covering the trump campaign. what kind of night is donald trump expecting to have there, jacob? >> reporter: he's really confident about florida. we know that in part because last night instead of going to florida as planned, he went to ohio in which the polls have him a lot closer there. in florida, you can't watch tv without being bombarded by trump and anti-trump ads. in fact, the rubio and anti-trump movement spent $15 million on advertisements in the state compared to trump who spent about $2 million in the state. but the polls still have him within 20 points of the next runner-up. marco rubio not doing well in the polls at all. one features women saying actual
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quotes from donald trump about women that, of course, not very flattering and here's how he responded on "the today show." >> would you like to take back any of these comments you've made? >> let me just say about that. that was an ad put up by mitt romney's people. mitt romney is a sour guy. >> but to matt's question, would you take back these quotes? any of these things you've said in the light of day, maybe that wasn't the great thing? >> i have not seen the ad. i've heard about the ad, but i have not seen the ad. >> reporter: he said he hasn't seen the ad but he really wants to win ohio. he cancelled the florida event to go to ohio and this morning is out with seven or eight tweets about ohio. even one featuring a new video with his daughter, talking about it. he knows what's riding on ohio. 66 delegates. not more than any of the others, but it's really symbolic.
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if he can take ohio, he can essentially wrap this up. >> jacob rascon. i was at the rally. he said he thought florida was pretty much a lock. an meanwhile, a forgone conclusion, at least it was, if he does not carry, he could dismiss hopes and now the florida senator once seen as the future of the republican party seems to be open to staying in the race even if he does lose florida. >> you realize it's win or take all in florida, but what i meant was, are you going to drop out or sort of, if you don't take first place, are you going to tie your horse to john kasich's card or to senator ted cruz? what's your plan? >> yeah, well, our plan is to be in utah on wednesday and continue to campaign hard. i never said my campaign is built on the outcome of a specific state. especially the way it's going
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now. >> reporter: some speculation there's a larger strategy at work though. if rubio does hang on. if he holds on to his 166 delegates, those delegates so far, how optimistic is the rubio campaign? i know they did a local media blitz. how optimistic are they to turn his fortunes around in florida? >> hi there, craig. they insist the polls are wrong. they say they have been wrong and that, you know, they are really betting on this historic turnout. it would have to be a historic turnout in miami-dade county to turn this thing around for marco rubio. as we mentioned many times, he's down from 17 points in one poll to more than 20 in others. and this is really at this point continuing to go to utah and
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never said it was riding on one state but previously said he felt that the winner of the republican primary here in florida would be the eventual republican nominee. so the question will be what will happen if he loses big here in florida? will he stay in the race? i asked him yesterday. he says he does plan to go on to utah. privately, his campaign acknowledges it would be a devastating defeat. but a lot of people are asking, will rubio stay in? they said they do believe the hispanic turnout here in south florida will help him come from behind. craig? >> gabe gutierrez in miami, thank you. ohio's governor, john kasich faces sort of the same dilemma as marco rubio. he must win his home state to rationalize. he said repeatedly he'll drop out if he loses ohio and this morning he said he'll have a lot to say about the donald trump
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coming up. here's kasich taking aim at a new ad featuring donald trump's comments on women. >> i just saw a commercial, i guess it was last night of the comments made about women. i have two daughters. they see this stuff. what do you think they think? we'll have more to say about that, but that will be not designed to be negative as much as it is to point out things i've seen that are deeply disturbing in this process. >> msnbc's tony de culpo. there's the gauntlet on trump. the democratic voters could do some damage and stop trump with their votes today. what are you hearing about that particular strategy? >> reporter: that's right, craig. in ohio, it's on the outskirts of youngstown and it's been a
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focus of the campaigns to make a pitch to a working class voter. you can see a few behind me casting their ballots here for the first time. we won't know where the numbers end up but we see an interesting trend. in ohio, you can take any ballot. you come to the table and we're about to arrive at it and you can get a republican ballot or a democratic ballot. doesn't matter what you're registered as. this is a democratic area. most people here are registered democrats. no republican officials elected anywhere in office and yet, election official monica lewis is telling us, you see democrats here and pick the republican ballot. >> there's a lot of people switching over, surprises. i'm just surprised how many republicans suddenly we have. >> ever seen anything like it before? >> no. >> who do you think it favors? >> i have no idea. because there's some people who say, they start talking about trump and others don't say anything. you don't know who they're voting for. >> reporter: thank you, monica. so the polls show kasich with a
10:12 am
slight lead over donald trump, but those polls tend to focus on republican voters. if democrats are crossing over into the republican primary, it's going to be hard to estimate what impact that could have on the race. it could be a toss-up by the end of the day. craig? >> fascinating. absolutely fascinating. msnbc's tony de culpo in struters, ohio. trent duffy the national spokesman for the kasich campaign. immaterial i want to go back to the news conference. the impromptu news conference that kasich had this morning asked if he was aware of trump's repeated disparaging comments about women prior to the last 48 hours. i want to play another part of that answer. >> i really was not. i focus on what i'm going to be doing with my next event. i'm focused on who is winning the golf tournament i'm interested in. that's about it.
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i don't really focus on what somebody else is doing in some other campaign. >> okay, so trent. i get that running for president is a pretty demanding job. but has kasich been under a rock for six months? how can he not have heard any of disparaging comments? >> that's him being glib. he's seen it on the debate stage. he's being presidential because he's the only one with a record. he's certainly aware. the scenes we saw on friday night and we saw again on saturday morning we play, that is a new development. and what he's been talking about and has been stepping up. the tone and tenor of this campaign is not going to unite america. he believes that we do need to unite our country so we can address our big challenges, get job creation going again, get america working again.
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>> i want to show you the delegate count. should john kasich win ohio tonight as he is projected to do according to a lot of polls we see over the next week or two? here's the math. trump will be in the lead by about 200 delegates. i think we have the math. trump in the lead by 200 delegates. there it is on the side. kasich is going to be in the last place still. we crunched the numbers. a lot of smart guys in dc. even if kasich wins tonight. he has to win 110% of the remaining delegates. that's not possible, as you know. so is the only strategy left a brokered convention, are you hoping for some sort of floor fight not far from where i sit here in cleveland? >> well, look. nobody looks like at this point if john kasich goes on to win ohio, as we're confident that we will. that means no one is going to reach that mark that you
10:15 am
mentioned of 1,237 delegates. so it does go to the convention. a process designed to allow the republican party to choose the nominee it believes represents the platform of the party and the perception of the party and the leadership and the agenda of party going forward against hillary clinton. that guy is john kasich because he continues to pull far and away much better than any of the other candidates. there's a new poll this morning, craig, that showed the kind of damage that donald trump could do to the republican party, not just this soocycle but going forward. a poll amongst millennials, if trump the nominee, 52% would support hillary clinton versus donald trump. i think as this continues to play itself out, you see some in the republican party realize the long-term damage that this could do not just for this election, but elections in the future. >> trent, i was at a rally in viena and asked several trump supporters about the scenario
10:16 am
and more than three or four said there will be quote, hell to pay if donald trump goes into that convention and does not leave cleveland with the nomination. >> i'm not surprised they would say that, but the fact of the matter is, craig, the majority of republican voters are still not voting for donald trump and they have a right for their voices to be heard in the process to play itself out and if the donald trump continues to, you know, win or whatever, he'll win the fight at the convention. that's just another process that plays itself out. >> trent duffy with the kasich campaign. good luck tonight, sir. >> thanks, craig. on the super tuesday part two, bernie sanders has another big opportunity to rattle the democratic race. and just like the republicans, it all comes down to where we sit. ohio. will we see another michigan-like upset? other states casting their
10:17 am
ballots as i speak. who sticks it out and who's political, i'm sorry, whose presidential hopes are toast? we'll head to the voters and see what they are saying. a look at the microsoft pulse. should the gop establishment rally behind trump if he wins florida and ohio tonight? vote at we'll reveal those results later in the hour. testing, testing... 1, 2, 3, 4... ♪ ♪look out honey... ♪because i'm using technology...♪ ♪ ♪ain't got time to make no apologies...♪ ♪ ♪soul radiation in the dead of night...♪ ♪love in the middle of a fire fight...♪ ♪ ♪honey gotta strike me blind... ♪somebody gotta save my soul... ♪baby penetrates my mind...
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i've gotten more votes than he has. so i don't think he represents the vast majority of americans. they're more interested in solving our problems than venting our disappointment. >> that was hillary clinton a few moments ago addressing
10:21 am
front-runner donald trump outside of a polling station there in raleigh north carolina. clinton, bernie sanders facing off in five criminal democratic primaries. if clinton wins florida and north carolina, that means she will have won every southern state. right now, she also has a commanding delegate lead over bernie sanders as well. but if bernie sanders does manage to pull off another super tuesday surprise and come from behind in ohio and illinois, perhaps, it will deal quite a blow to hillary clinton's efforts to lock up the nomination. joining me now, deputy communications director that bernie sanders could eke out a victory that is similar to michigan and missouri, a state a lot like kansas, and in clinton's home state of illinois, where she, of course,
10:22 am
has close ties to rahm emanuel, who is not very popular right there. >> reporter: you know, craig, actually, we feel really good about where the race is and confident going into the night. she has a soft command and a lead with the delegates by 223 going into these contests and we feel very good about how she'll do in florida, the most delegate-rich state tonight and in north carolina, and we think we're really competitive in the other state. we expect to come out tonight with another lead in the delegates. >> i want to talk about the msnbc town hall and the take on the senator's response to a question about trade. take a look. take a listen.
10:23 am
these trade agreements. my record is strong and she goes on to talk about free trade versus how she's been portrayed on trade. in the general election, this is very much going to be an issue. trade and jobs. how is she going to handle that if, let's say, donald trump is the republican nominee? >> she's going to handle it the way she's handling right now to get out there and set the record straight. there's been a lot of distortion on record on trade. she has a very strong record on standing up for growing jobs here in the united states and protecting american workers. so she was setting the record straight. you'll see her do that in the general election. as hillary said in the town hall, 95% of the world lives outside of the united states. that's billions of customers for american manufacturers and believes in american workers. if we can create a fair playing
10:24 am
ground, they can outcompete any record. first, create american jobs, second raise wages in this country and third, does it protect our national security? and she looks at every trade deal individually and voted for some and against others but we saw the progressive senator on msnbc today talking about one of the reasons he supports her is he thinks she has the absolute best record and the best plans to be smart and tough on trade to protect american workers. >> a short time ago, president bill clinton stopped by a polling station in chicago in a last minute push for the higher voter turnout there. this is what he said about the close race in illinois and why his wife, hillary, isn't doing that. take a look. >> there should be a race for president. and there's a blame candidate and a responsibility candidate in this race. i'm betting the responsibility
10:25 am
candidate will win. >> tad devine appeared last hour on "andrea mitchell reports." he doesn't accept that. it is resonating all over the country. what's your response to that? >> i think that the president has a strong point. we need a president of the united states who doesn't just rail against trade or wall street but has real plans to negotiate and force tough trade deals that protect american workers and hold wall street accountable and hillary clinton is that candidate. she has the toughest track and how to grow jobs here in america and i think that it will really resonate with voters. >> kristina schake, thank you for your time. >> thank you. the anyone but trump strategy in ohio. who knows a thing or two about
10:26 am
the buckeye state. we'll be back here in cleveland when we come back chlgt .
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usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. . i didn't say that. i haven't looked at it yet. somebody asked me the question and i haven't seen it. i never said i was going to pay for fees. >> if you're open to that, wouldn't that be rewarding violence? >> well, maybe so. and maybe that's why i wouldn't do it. >> donald trump taking a step back this morning after indicating to msnbc's chuck todd on "meet the press" he might be open to pay the legal bills of those who get into fistfights. former secretary of state in ohio. recently joined the key conservative group opposing donald trump called our
10:30 am
principles pack. let's talk about trump's rhetoric in a minute. first though, you oversee elections here in this state. what odds are you giving john kasich tonight? >> let me say the turnout this cycle is closer to the turnout in 2008 than 2012. for me, it comes down to how much of this was baked into the cake with early voting. it looks as if pro trump vote was baked in the cake and it gave me an almost insurmountable margin of lead. the governor has a great ground game and commands the appearatu in the state and claim they have a good early voting strategy. and it's all going to come out,
10:31 am
i think, in the wash this evening. >> today, as you probably know, paul ryan, speaker of the house said despite the comments donald trump made about women, mexicans, despite the violence in rallies, he will still support the eventual nominee even if it is donald trump. can republicans really say that they hate this rhetoric, but then turn around then embrace the candidate behind it, come november? >> well, look. the reality is that you have seen what the pressure from the right has done in changing his rhetoric, even as we speak. he did faint in the direction of paying mr. mcgraw's legal fees. now that those of us who in fact deplore that language and the implications that he would support somebody who, in an
10:32 am
unprovoked manner, sucker punched a citizen. even if that citizen was engaged in disruption, that was wrong. and we, in fact, through the force of our speaking out on it, we've gotten him to back off of that language. this is going to play out in the convention. donald trump is not a standard bearer of conservatism. as a republican, he's been here today, gone tomorrow, here today, gone tomorrow. he's off and on. he's the only republican in the field that has ever supported hillary clinton. a lot will wash out at the convention. >> that, everything you said right there may be true, but i'm telling you, i was at a rally just outside of youngstown. a donald trump rally, supporter after supporter said, if you guys go to the convention in cleveland and he has more delegates than the other
10:33 am
candidates and doesn't walk away with the nomination, it is going to create a rift in the republican party, create a divide that will never be able to be fixed. are you prepared for that? are you prepared to have the republican party torn apart over donald trump in cleveland? >> well, look. let's play this out. i'm a 40 year veteran of elected politics. the convention is the republican national convention. it's made of grassroots republicans. it is not the extension of the so-called republican establishment. as you have reported and many of your reports today, a lot of folks voting in ohio in our system are democrats who have, in fact, crossed over to perhaps vote for mr. trump. and as a consequence, we're not going to see any part of that process to non-republicans. we will work this out and i think we'll have a unity ticket
10:34 am
coming out of cleveland. >> ken blackwell, former secretary of state. thank you, sir. we'll go live to florida and missouri as well for a look at how voting is going across the country. any hitches or things going fairly smoothly? you're watching msnbc, the place for politics. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24. calling 844-844-2424. or visit first - they limit where you earn bonus cash at you? then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass... quicksilver from capital one puts nothing in your way. you simply earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. you can't dodge the question...
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in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. make or break tuesday, whatever you want to call it tonight. five states could decide the democratic front runners rack up insurmountable delegate leads or hunker down for the long haul. in florida, ohio, missouri, and north carolina. florida, of course, a crucial state for the republican candidates with 99 delegates up for grabs.
10:38 am
>> reporter: let's show you what is going on in here. folks make phone calls all day long including janette rubio and i talked to in the last hour. she tolds me s me she remains optimistic with the language the last few days and weeks. people eating. based on a pushback from donald
10:39 am
trump over the weekend and have to wait until the polls close to find that out. >> msnbc's jacob soboroff in florida, thank you, sir. on to missouri now. a state with an open primary which could be key to this election season, especially for bernie sanders and hillary clinton who are locked in a tight race there. msnbc's cal perry is talking to voters outside of a polling station and what's it like out there? we've be >> reporter: we spoke to a gentleman just earlier about how he grew up a republican but changed the party. take a listen. >> i used to be a republican. republicans made up my mind, many years ago. when they decided on the southern strategy of richard nixon. they decided to be the racist party. >> reporter: listen. the keys of this state, as you
10:40 am
mentioned, hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a very tight race. now on the republican side. the rules are if you get 50% of the vote plus one vote, you take all the delegates. 52 delegates. for the republican candidates not donald trump and if john kasich wins in ohio, it is possible that republicans could have a contested convention on their hands in july. we'll talk about that scenario with ohio's lieutenant governor right after this. you're watching msnbc live, from the urban farmer restaurant in cleveland, ohio. when you think about success, what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student?
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is all that petty punk ass stuff that's going on. >> if you have a headache, if you're dying. >> sarah palin and donald trump riling up voters yesterday. i had the chance to visit the trump rally in youngstown, ohio. it was my first trump rally. i spent some time talking to supporters and one thing i heard over and over again, there's practically nothing that's going to dissuade them from voting for donald trump. take a look. >> is that real or temporary? >> it's real. >> what is it about donald trump that makes one go out and get his likeness ink on his arm? >> i support a revelation for a new kind of government. >> what happens if we go into the convention, trump doesn't have enough delegates and goes to the floor of the convention and he doesn't get the nomination? >> i think it's going to be
10:45 am
political hell to pay. >> i'm out here to support donald j. trump. all of us know he didn't have to do this. he could have been, you know, laying back, enjoying the fruits of his labor, but when he stepped up and said the things that he said, he's going to run. i admire him for doing that, for me. he's running for us. >> some of the stuff he says, he's pretty edgy. sometimes, he's misogynistic. >> and you're okay with that? >> some call him racist but i think people today are too oversensitive. >> reporter: you think he's got a good relationship with the minority groups and women? >> i wouldn't say it's a good relationship but it's the relationship we need. >> reporter: he hasn't said anything so far this campaign season that's made you wince or do a double take or anything like that? >> i mean, some things about women, but i know he's joking. >> do you? >> i hope he's joking.
10:46 am
>> she hopes. with more than 350 delegates at stake today in five states, many believe today is the make or break day for republican candidates. their chance to stop donald trump from gaining the party's nomination and with john kasich up in ohio, many are preparing for the very real possibility of a brokered convention here a few weeks ago. talking about that, governor of ohio and mary taylor, good to see you again. >> good to see you. >> a brokered convention. trump supporters say there is going to be hell to pay in cleveland. something speaker paul ryan said a short time ago. take a listen. >> the republican primary voters are growing to make this decision. this is not our decision to make. i am speaker of the house. i am going to keep doing. when i see our principles being
10:47 am
distorted, we're going to stand up in defense of our republicans. not just conservative principles but american principles. what can we control? we can control our agenda. that's what we're doing. with respect to who the nominee, that's going to be selected by the voters. >> if donald trump is the nominee, do you still support him? >> i don't think that's going to be an issue because john kasich is going to be the nominee. >> you think john kasich wins on the floor in cleveland? >> john kasich is going to win today in ohio. and ohio is an important state. the only one that beats clinton in ohio. there are a thousand delegates left after today and -- >> even if he wins every delegate, that's not enough to reach 1,237. >> if we end up in a contested primary. i do believe john kasich could be strong. and we talk about the difference between contested versus something that's already been
10:48 am
orchestrated. i think that we could, you know, if we end up contested, it's part of democracy. it's letting the delegates choose who their nominees are going to be. if we end up with the candidate who, by that time, doesn't have enough delegates to win. >> what are you hearing about turnout so far? >> so far, i've heard the turnout on both sides is up. republican and democrat. >> i wish we had more time. good luck tonight. best of luck to you. still ahead, the latest ad targeting donald trump. >> bimbo. >> dog. >> fat pig. >> real quotes from donald trump about women. >> women. you have to treat them like [ bleep ]. >> and you know what? i'm going to start pressing -- >> will those words resonate? we'll take a closer look at the difference female voters are making in 2016. this is msnbc. the place for politics. here's a look at today's microsoft pulse question. the results at least. should the gop establishment rally behind trump if he does
10:49 am
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10:52 am
>> dog. >> fat pig. >> real quotes from donald trump. how about women. >> it doesn't matter what they write, as long as you have long and beautiful piece of [ bleeping ]. >> dropping to your knees. >> women, you have to treat them like [ bleeping ]. >> that new ad from the anti-trump principle pac is running in ohio, i saw it last night. donald trump and his campaign, no stranger to controversy. matt lauer asked him this morning whether he regrets or would take back some of the
10:53 am
comments about women. >> every single poll of every single state i've kwon, which i've won a vast imagine, but every single poll coming out of the exit polls, i lead with women, i lead with the military, i lead with the vets. >> but to matt's question, would you take back any of the quotes, any of the things you've said? in the light of day, maybe that wasn't the greatest thing to say. >> obviously i have not seen the ad, so i would have to see it. >> stacey polk is vice-president of greater cleveland, democratic san dr sandra williams is here as well. lifelong clevelanders we should note. donald trump is right. if you look at the most recent poll, nbc survey monkey, weekly tracking poll, not only does he have an overall lead, 41%, 41% of women say they support donald trump. there are the numbers right
10:54 am
there. what is his appeal with women specifically? >> i can't speak to that. i believe that as women, we should engage in the process, and we should do what we can to exercise all our options. i just ask that my women co voters get as much information as possible, and make informed choices that they can live with, because those choices do have consequences that affect us all. >> it sounds like you're not a trump supporter. >> i can say that we should examine all of our options. but i cannot say that i am a trump supporter. >> okay. senator, let me come to you, because i want to play this sound bite from a young lady i talked to last night at a rally in youngstown. not old enough to vote yet, but we talked about some of the things he has said about women specifically. take a listen. >> he speaks his mind. he just says weihat he wants.
10:55 am
>> you don't find him offensive. >> no. >> anything in the campaign season that has made you wind surf, do a double take or anything like that? >> i mean, some things about women, but i know he is just joking. >> do you? >> i hope he's joking. >> she hopes he is joking. she hopes. but again, 41%. approximate boggles the mind. how do you explain that? >> i would have to assume that most women believe donald trump can't be that bad. you know, sometimes politicians make statements in order to get attention from the media and others, and i think maybe for any woman who would be -- who would make a decision to actually vote for donald trump, i would have to think that they would not realize how dangerous his statements have been in the past and would hope that he would backtrack on some of those things as it comes to the general election, when he does
10:56 am
not have the competition from so many men that are -- >> clinton and kasich favored to win here in ohio. you've got ears on the ground. what are you hearing? >> i'm hearing that clinton is going to take it. we are hoping that clinton comes away with a big win here in ohio. i believe she has made her case known for years to people in ohio about the work that she will do, as to president of the united states. people know her. people know her from her husband. people know her from the work she has done as secretary of state and on social issues that many people in ohio care about. i believe she'll come away with the win. i'm not sure what it will look like on the republican side, but we're working very hard to make sure that we get a big win here for clinton. >> stacey, kasich to lose tonight? >> i believe so. >> are you a kasich supporter. >> i'm part of the ohio large
10:57 am
swell of grateful ohioans who have ben fritefited from the ka leadership and he has brought this state far from where he found it and we hope the momentum can manufacture to pennsylvania avenue. >> ohio state senator, sandra williams, thanks to both of you. i appreciate your hospitality. that's going to do it for this hour in cleveland, ohio. i'll see you back here tomorrow. thomas roberts picks it from miami. counting down from tonight's results, we'll start with chuck todd, and then 6:00, brian williams, rachel maddow, chris will actually be here in cleveland as well. you're watching msnbc, the place for politics.
10:58 am
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