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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> today i am nominated chief judge merrick garland to join the supreme court. >> president obama nominating his pick for the supreme court today. i'm thomas roberts. we remain live here at the bayside marketplace. beautiful downtown miami where it's a breezy 81 degrees and a big day in news in the 2016 race, with super tuesday election results that enforce campaigns, ended campaigns, and basically changed everything. first, president obama's much anticipated nomination of judge merrick garland to the supreme court. garland is a chief judge on the u.s. court of appeals for the d.c. circuit. the most important federal appeals court in the nation. the 63-year-old clerked for supreme court justice william brennan and is a harvard grad as well. >> thank you, mr. president. this is the greatest honor of my life. other than lynn agreeing to marry me 28 years ago. >> with the court now evenly divided with four liberal and
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four conservative justices, senate republicans are vowing to block this nomination. >> and it is the senate's constitutional right to act as a check on a president and withhold his consent. action on a supreme court nomination must be put off until after the election campaign is over. >> so we have our team of correspondents covering all of the angles of this breaking story. and the developments that have happened since the announcement late this morning. we want to start with justice correspondent pete williams. so pete, what in judge garland's background sets him apart from the ourt rumored named that were on president obama's short list? >> the idea that the white house felt he would be the person that it would be hardest for the republicans to oppose. he's well liked personally by members. he's been confirmed before. when he was confirmed for the court of appeals, he got 32 republican votes and strong support from many republicans who are still in the senate.
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so the white house was basically saying if you confirmed him once before, why wouldn't you confirm him again? he has a relatively moderate judicial record. i think they thought thototality of judge garland was noncontroversial, well liked, somebody it would be hard for people to understand if they weren't into the politics why he wasn't getting a confirmation process. >> and we know now from senator bernie sanders putting out a statement on this candidate, judge garland, and senator sanders says that this has been in judge garland's respect, he's been referred to as a consensus nominee before. and he also said that there should be no question that he should be confirmed. kelly, let's talk about the white house. they know they face an uphill battle on this one, but what's their strategy to help push their nominee forward? >> well, thomas, this is really about drawing out republicans in an election year. especially those senators who are up for re-election.
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and will be in contested fights in states that could swing to either party. that will be part of it. and there's also sort of a shaming quality, if you will, of trying to shine a light on the fact that senate republicans so far are standing firm in their opposition to consider this. with just a couple of exceptions where there might be a crack in that veneer, and that would be mark kirk of illinois, who is in a very tough re-election, and so far, we know of one republican in the senate, susan collins, who will agree to meet with merrick garland, although she is also saying that she believes that the decision should be reflected in the november election, when the public decides which president. many republicans are on point saying that they think that should be the person, win or lose for their party, who would decide who sits on the court. for the white house, it's about trying to shine this light and make a lot of pressure, which will be easy for democrats who are running and democratic
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activist groups and democrats who just don't understand this tactically. we heard from white house press secretary josh earnest sort of setting up what the fight will be over the next weeks and months. >> it certainly is not appropriate for anybody in the united states senate to suggest that they're going to use politics as an excuse to not do their job. >> so you get the idea there. we will hear that
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susan collins, we have kelly ayotte, jeff flake. also rob portman and mark kerr. you heard what mitch mcconnell had to say and he invoked the bible. i don't think we've heard that phrase much when it comes to this issue of not going forward with hearings, but how unprecedented is it to not take this seriously, to not hold hearings, to vet the potential nominee? >> i don't know if i've heard of a case where there wasn't a
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hearing or consideration. nobody has to vote one way or the other, but i don't what these guys are worried about. are they afraid they're going to like the nominee? you have hearings. that's our obligation it seeps to me. the president had an obligation under the constitution to make a nomination. we have an obligation to consider it. not necessarily the vote for it, but to at least hold hearings. let the american people get a look at this guy. let us all understand what his background is. what kind of judge he would make on the supreme court. and move forward to call this a principle, i just don't get it. what's the principle? we don't do what we're sent here to do? and the president is is the president for four year, not three years and one month. there's a lot of loose talk about lame duck. that's between the election an the new president being sworn in. if this president's a lame duck now, so the one-third of the senate and entire house of the
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representatives. let's just get on with it. susan collins is absolutely right and we ought to hold hearings. to say as some of my colleagues have, i'm not even going to meet with this person. that doesn't even pass the straight face test. >> it's interesting how you break down the timing and logic used behind this, but i want to play for efb what your colleague said the last hour. take listen. >> the senate has never, never confirmed a nominee to the supreme court, to a supreme court vacancy and opened up this late in a term limited president's time in office. this is only the third vacancy in nearly a century to occur after the american people had started voting. and a presidential election. >> so, senator, that's a different tone from hatch than the interview he gave to news max that i brought up with our luke russert, saying he felt garland was a fine man, then said about president obama, he probably won't nominate him
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because this appointment is about the election, so i'm pretty sure he'll name someone a liberal democratic face wants, but in talk iing about that, bernie sanders put out a statement saying they find garland to be a pretty consensus nominee, that this would be something both sides would want because they don't know what they're going to get out of a next president. is that a fair concern for who comes in next? >> i think it is. i think these folks are rolling the dice politically because this fellow apparently is a centrist and a consensus builder. i don't know, i don't know enough about him to characterize how he would be as a judge, but there's a chance any way that if the democrats retain the presidency and retake the senate, which is certainly a possibility, they could end up with a much more liberal justice as a nominee, maybe a moderate in hand is better than a liberal in the bush or a conservative in the bush that they may not get, so i don't understand the calculation, but let's get away from that.
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let's just go back to the basic question. fr let's have hearing, see what this person's views are and let each senator make up their mind based on whether they think he will be a good supreme court justice. that to me is the issue right now. and you know, hair splitting about when the vacancy occurred, the constitution is clear. four years is the term of the president. the president is the president right now and has that only gags to make a nomination and i think we have an obligation to consider it. i find it a pretty straightforward proposition and to say we're not going to have hearingings, not even going to meet with the person, i just don't get that. >> will we hear from senator mitch mcconnell the senate has the right to with hold consent. thanks for your time. i appreciate it. >> thank you. so, we want to ask you to weigh in on today's pulse question and just to let you know what it is for today, should the senate approve
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president obama's supreme court nominee. now, the pulse is live. check it out, but so far, 90% feel yes, 10% say no. check it out. up next, the other big story. super wednesday as we evaluate all the votes from yesterday's super tuesday. donald trump comes out big. tripling his delegate lead over ted cruz, but doesn't win ohio. out on the trail with the remaining three candidates, keep it locked in here to nbc. the place for politics. i take pictures of sunrises,
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donald trump is already taking advantage of this big super tuesday win he had. now, we have nbc news confirming the final scheduled republican
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debate in salt lake city is going to be canceled. now, this comes after donald trump said he would not be attending. so, then john kasich said if donald trump's not there, i'm not going to go and now, we have no debate on monday night. we have trump and clinton both having big wins yesterday. trump is the winner or apparent wirn of four or five contests and hillary clinton appears to be on track for a clean sweep should missouri be confirmed in her favor. truch even got in a parting shot of his favorite target. marco rubio. in fact, he sent something out via twitter reminding rubio he said the winner of florida would take the nomination. trump, of course, walloped rubio in his home state and this morning, trump spoke with "morning joe" about his most important adviser during his campaign. >> who are you consulting with so you're ready on >> i'm speaking with myself, number one, because i have a very good brain and i've said a
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lot of things. i know what i'm doing. i listen to a lot of people. and i talk it a lot of people. at the appropriate time i'll tell you who. i have a good instinct for this stuff. >> still, there are certain party establishment members, leaders, talking about ways to deny trump the nomination in cleveland once they get to the convention. however, trump says once they do that they can expect trouble. >> we're way ahead of everybody. i don't think you can say that we don't get it automatically. i think you would have riots. >> there is donald trump talking what the proossibilities could . i want to start with katy sws tur. >> trump said he said he wasn't
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going to the debate the other day. we've been expecting him to say this for quite sometime. he had been saying negative things about the debate. saying they are pointless, he didn't want to do them any longer. we expect fed they won ohio or florida or both that he with say he wasn't going to do it. that's what happened with the salt lake city debate. and the rnc confirmed he is not going to do it. >> all right. so when it comes to the surge after super tuesday, where do they have their sights set next? >> arizona. arizona on saturday. that's big place of support for donald trump. we have seen him good through a few times over the campaign season. one of the biggest first stops back over the summer when he began talking about immigration. he had a rally there pretty large. very large for that time especially. but the campaign is feeling confident right now. they believe they are going to get to that number of 1237 delegates. they believe they will be able to go to the convention and say that we have the required number, the magic number of
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delegates. and if they don't, they say we will still have the majority of delegates. and if you don't give us this nomination, then we believe there's going to be real discord within the party. donald trump talked about riots. i mentioned that i thought maybe something that could happen last night before donald trump said this. his supporters are so passionate, so dedicated to him, that you just have no idea when or what will happen if something like being -- having the convention of nomination, excuse me, taken away from him, what that could do. >> and being short delegates, he could try to make friends with marco rubio folks. there's a batch there. but a parting shot from trump to rubio via twitter and now today via instagram, taking shots at hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton. this is in line with a lot of the inthat gram videos we have seen him do in the past. it is pretty harsh. pretty negative. i think we have it. should we take a look? >> sure. >> [ dog barking ].
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>> so what we're seeing with that is him already looking forward and ahead to the general election and focussing on hillary clinton. he said he would be relentless against her. but that is also an indication of just how well his social media team understands how to use social media. how to use the pithy little videos. that is what we saw with that. that is something he knows will go viral. something he knows will start a conversation. it is unusual, nontraditional and in line of what we have seen with this campaign all along. >> katy tur, thank you so much. now we have former attorney general of florida, ken, thank you for joining us. we want to start with news we had out of washington, d.c. and president's nominee of merrick
11:23 am
garland. would senator cruz typically support him if there wasn't someone under foot? >> that is further down the road than i'm prepared to answer. i haven't talked to ted since the announcement. he previously committed to stick with his republican colleagues in the tradition the democrats have set of letting the american people have a say on the next supreme court justice by holding it off for the next president. i don't think, frankly, there's enough information out there yet on this particular judge to answer your sort of deeper level question and frankly, we're not prepared to do that because ted has staked out a position with his republican colleagues of holding off and withholding their consent until after the american people speak in the november election. and nobody is better prepared for exactly those kind of appointments than a person who was chief justice's clerk. who argued before the supreme court nine times and submitted
11:24 am
80 briefs and has been the primary defender of the constitution in the u.s. senate since he arrived than ted cruz. >> what do you about the cancellation of the gop debate, that trump wasn't going to attend and saying if trump isn't going, i'm not going. and cruz could have had two hours of air time. but it is not happening now. >> well, i think it is very sad. and i think the reason that donald trump bailed out is he is afraid. as this field whittles down, the debater who destroys donald trump on the debate stage, ted cruz, and donald trump is very stark. donald trump demonstrated an ability to go deep on any of the policies and to the extent that he does, he frequently comes off as a big government person of more bigger government on health care. that's the biggest example where ted has a free market solution
11:25 am
after obama care. and trump's insistence that social security is just fine. well you got to be doing common core math to think social security is just fine. ted cruz addressed in the last debate how he would start fixing that problem so that people of my generation and younger will have something to look forward to in social security. when you get into the depth of these issues, ted cruz is brilliant and able to discuss them in detail and depth and propose solutions that the american people are supportive of. donald trump can't do that. and he loses ground when he is put in that position. and so instead of getting better at it, he is just bailing out. and from the cruz perspective, we think that's very unfortunate and a great loss for the american people because they will not hear a substantive discussion this week. and that's not good for our election.
11:26 am
>> it won't be happening before arizona. we will keep people posted whether or not it happens in utah or arizona next. ted, thank you, sir. i appreciate it. now governor john kasich will be denied the critical possibility to build on the momentum after winning in ohio. the campaign calling trump's decision to bow out disappointing but not surprising. kasich was on the trail in pennsylvania a short time ago when he stuck mostly to policy and vision for the country. he weighed in on president obama's supreme court nominee. >> we need harmony in this country. i'm not going to take the low road to the highest office in the country. okay? i think a president can send a nominee up in their last year. not like i'm worrying what i'm going to do in seven years. but the fact is, when you have someone that created this complete polarization, and now i'm reading, by the way, in the paper, that republicans in the
11:27 am
house can't get together to figure out how to pass a budget. it is like a total melt down. >> i want to bring in senator of minnesota, member of the senate judiciary committee. thank you for being with me. >> thank you, thomas. >> and your opinion on the biden rule. we heard it today from mitch mcconnell when biden was chairman of the committee you sit on now for the judiciary. he revokes that for a reason and explanation as why they wouldn't take a hearing on merrick garland. what's your opinion on that? >> i think you had senator mcconnell himself wrote things about moving forward with nominations. you've had senator grassley talk about keeping politics out of nominations. i wasn't even around when things were said. but now i'm here. what i know is that the president has nominated an incredibly qualified person. someone who oversaw the prosecutions of the oklahoma city bomber and the unibomber. someone who today stood in the
11:28 am
rose garden and choked up just at the thought that it is not just about his nomination but really about the future of an independent judiciary. and yes people have to do their jobs and we have to have hearing. that's what i hope we do. you already have senator flake and senator collins saying that they would meet with the nominee and in fact senator collins said she has to do her job. >> one thing i want to tell everyone, senator, before we had ken kuch nelly on, surrogate for ted cruz and i was asking about cruz's position about merrick garland. he has a statement saying a so-called democratic nominee is the so-called field that donald trump said he with make someone who would rule along with other liberals on the bench like justic justice ginsburg and just
11:29 am
sotomayor. rob portman was asked about that. this is what he had to say. take a listen. >> i meet with folks all the time. and i'm not in the habit of turning down meetings. if i did meet with him, it may not be a good use of his time. because i'm not going to change my position because it is based on the principle of this nominee having the pollity of reshaping the court for generations. >> in the short game of politics in washington, d.c. right now, senator, is the reaction that we're seeing from certain colleagues of yours a mistake because of the fact that they went away this on who the next president is and that nominee to be vetted when they don't know exactly who they will get. whether hillary clinton or donald trump or ted cruz, who can take the white house. >> i don't think they should be making that political compilation. i think they have a nominee in front of them. and the constitution says that the senate shall advise and
11:30 am
consent. this is a nominee who in the past had support and strong support of people like senator hatch and senator mccain and senator collins. and a number of other republican senators. senator inhoff. this is someone who is a person of merit. someone who decided to leave a fancy job at a law firm and work in a room with no windows, to be a public servant, prosecute cases for america. they don't have to vote for them. we are just asking for hearing then they can register whether they are for or against. but i do know a number of my colleagues from the past when sotomayor and kagen were nominated that they like had judge garland. they hoped it would be judge garland. now they have judge garland. i hope this fine man has the opportunity to meet with people and have a hearing and up and down vote. >> i know that judge garland,
11:31 am
also working with the white house in making calls it make the meetings happen on capitol hill. the other thing i would like to rebook you, i know you're going on the president's trip to cuba as part of that delegation, so i would like to ask you on-air it come back before you good. do you leave this weekend? >> we leave sunday. i'm very much looking forward to going. i'm going to lift the em barrmb. i think the president's visit will hit it home. not just for the people of cuba but for the people of america. the opportunities there for selling american goods to 11 million people, 90 miles off our shore. >> i would like to get you back on the show before you leave. >> thank you. >> i will reach out to you for tomorrow or friday. senator, thanks for your time. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> as we've been telling you, hillary clinton widened the delegate lead. but bernie sanders is vowing it stay in this race until the
11:32 am
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welcome back, everybody. we're following breaking news coming out of france. we have this to report. about four people arrested in paris on suspicion of terror. officials say that the three men and one woman are accused of preparing violent actions in france. i want to bring in chris, foreign editor for the "daily beast." what were their plans, chris? >> thomas, the interior minister who oversees the police said to be very cautious about saying this was planned for an imminent attack or that these guys were planning on an imminent attack. but it does seem they were trying to figure out how to carry out another attack here in france. and this comes on the heels of a shootout in brussels yesterday.
11:36 am
not too far from the neighborhood that was the center of the planning for the attacks on november 13th. so it feels like the level of tension here has gone up dramatically. >> and chris, are they making a connection to the attack that happened on the 13th or any type of inspiration that this group, these four that have been arrested, again for preparing violence actions? >> yeah, well, thomas, they're not making a direct connection. they're not saying that these people who are arrested at dawn this morning in a suburb of paris, in one of the outer neighborhoods of paris, they're not saying that those people were involved in november 13th. but they are saying that one guy particularly who the police are calling youseff was a very bad actor. had been in jail, under house arrest, and had been, they believe, in contact with the so-called islamic state in
11:37 am
syria. we are looking at at least one guy who was a very hardened jihadest. and two accomplices. and the woman living with him. who may or may not have been an accomplice. >> the "daily beast" foreign editor, chris dickey. thank you, sir. >> our commander-in-chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. when we care a president, banning all muslims from entering the united states, when he embraces torture, that doesn't make him strong, it makes him wrong. >> so then we have hillary clinton taking aim at republican front-runner donald trump during hire victory party tuesday night in west palm beach.
11:38 am
that's just a short drive from trump's second home. and the former secretary of state is now all but certain democratic nominee after winning all five primaries over senator bernie sanders. it was a clean sweep for hillary clinton. winning battle ground states by double digits. winning 636 delegates to sanders 282 increasing overis all lead by 707 delegates. clinton only needs to win 41% of the remaining delegates while sanders needs 76%. but keeping his message positive in the wake of defeat, sanders addressed supporters in phoenix as candidates descend on arizona, the site of the next primary context. >> we started this campaign at 3% in the national polls. we have come a long way in ten months. [ cheers and applause ] >> so joining me now from chicago national spokesman for
11:39 am
the rainbow push coalition, jonathan jackson. thank you for being with me. as we look back in the calculus of super tuesday, we have senator sanders losing your state, despite leaders like you, popularity of mare ron emmanuel. were you caught off guard by hillary clinton's victory there? able to take the state when the sanders' camp thought they might have another win on their hands? >> actually i'm very encouraged. we can also credit the ousting of an unpopular states attorney, anita alvarez. it was a 30,000 vote difference out of a 2 million vote cast system for democrats. he as down 30% by most polls a week ago. and this campaign is ten months old and as opposed to his competitor of 28 years running for these offices.
11:40 am
so he's had the entire establishment running against him, a lot of mass media ignoring him, and so to be within 30,000 votes out of 2 million votes cast in ten months is awesome. >> definitely they've add trajectory that worked with their momentum. but why, and do we have a compilation from your standpoint, that you can explain senator sanders still has trouble breaking through with minority communities? with nonwhite voters? especially given the evidence of hillary clinton's dominance through the southern states so far? >> well i think if we look at the roadmap ahead, we've gone through 26 primaries and caucuses. 24 more to go. and started ten months as opposed to 28 years. he has opted on a matter of principle not to use super pacs and not to try to lobby the super delegates. but in fact it bring more participants into the system.
11:41 am
so opposed to going to a dinner for special interest and picking up a million dollar check to go it a super pac, in these last ten months he asked individuals to give him $27 on average. it would take 27 million people to raise $1 million. that's what he has done. fund-raising pickeded up substantially. now that we are out of of the area that is favored, clintons, 28 years, two terms as president, two terms as first lady, as u.s. senator, as secretary of state, as candidate for president, for first time run in ten months, he is closing the gap. >> so jonathan, let me ask you, though, certainly you talk about the support that bernie sanders has seen from donors, from voters, contributing to that campaign. he's also gotten big endorsements. your dad, reverend jesse jackson, has not endorsed yet. have you spoken to him about a candidate he likes or timing of when we might hear an
11:42 am
endorsement from him? >> he has opted not to endorse. i've endorsed senator sanders because in 1988 when my father was running i remember senator sanders endorsing my father, in burlington vermont with open arms. i'm very familiar with his history with civil rights in chicago. and the work he had done in 1960s by fighting to desegregate, marching with martin luther king, jr., people that are my heros. i look to him as a true american statesman. an politician. his track record is unbelievable. 50 years of public service. and he is still moving very strong. >> you bring up sanders endorsement of your dad at a time when bernie sanders pretty much stood alone. as a person in a position of power. so do you think that your father will return that favor by supporting bernie sanders soon? >> i think that you can ask him. but mr. sanders certainly has my
11:43 am
support and i've been very public about it. i look at mr. bernie sanders as being like a branch in american politics that he endorsed an african-american minister in vermont. it wasn't popular, but was the right thing to do. i look at him as having sowed the seeds of economic justice in equality. he endorsed and embraced president obama. this has been a life-long challenge for senator sanders and i'm proud to be a rising delegate for senator sanders. >> jonathan, thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> thank you. the race is half over. >> yes, sir. yes, sir, thank you. >> not over. >> joining us now, senior strategist for clinton campaign. yes, jonathan wab the race is not over just yet. as we look at this joel and numbers of 61% of republicans who doesn't vote for trump, if forced to vote for clinton or
11:44 am
this fall they would consider a third candidate. what what do you think of cross over potential? >> i think those numbers suggest there are many republicans dissatisfied with the prospect of donald trump. and i think it creates a problem that republican party knows they are grappling with. i apologize for the laryngitis here. but that's a problem of a cross-over vote we should be concerned about. and i think they will put some purple states in play that haven't been in past elections where mr. trump at the head of the ticket which he appears to be destined for. >> so joel, i'm sorry that you got a little bit of laryngitis. >> yes. i hope you can hear me okay. >> give your voice a rest. yes, i can hear you well. let's look at this instagram video post bid donald trump. seems to target and demean your
11:45 am
candidate all in one fell swoop. take a look. >> [ dog barking ]. [ laughter ] >> all right, so, that's donald trump using social media so get a point across, taking a swipe at secretary clinton. how do you think that the clinton camp is prepping itself to take donald trump one on one? >> look, we know that he is an unconventional candidate. you can't view him in the same light you view with the candidate, of course, and he has had some success. but i think running for president of the united states and a lead are for the free world, americans understand the magnitude of that job and a real president can make a real difference in their life. an showman.
11:46 am
not someone who demeans american values. who dismisses people in the country because they don't look like him, sound like him. i think that's why you see mr. trump at a record level of people of his own party who say they would be dissatisfied if he was the nominee. if you compare how many republican primary voters, that's the base to their party, say they are dissatisfied would be within his nominee. he's got a lot to make up for here i'm sure in a short amount of time. he is a strong brand. but right now in america, it is not a positive brand. i don't believe going forward when he goes toe to toe with hillary clinton that he has an argument to make that will make him win over the middle of the road moderate voters who want a president, not what donald trump is offering right now which is a lot of dismissing and demeaning of people. >> seen juror strategist with hillary clinton's campaign, thank you, joel. feel better.
11:47 am
>> thank you. >> so based on what joel was saying right thereabout trump, is the gop in a real crisis? setting itself up for chaos in cleveland this summer. the likelihood after brokered convention and what an establishment would have to do to front-runner donald trump.
11:48 am
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welcome back, everybody. this morning paul ryan's people had to pour cold water over something he said about ambitions. he was talking about the possibility of a contested convention and har wood asked whether ryan might be an acceptable nominee. here is part of ryan's response to the talk of his candidacy. >> people say, what about the contested convention? i say, well, there are a lot of people running for president. we'll see. >> so both ryan and his people say, no, he will not be the
11:51 am
nominee. former deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina, and sarah joins me to talk about this open convention in cleveland. sarah, what are you concerned about? is there a true feeling that there could be the potential of an open convention in cleveland? and if so, couldn't that cause a revolt? like trump for -- >> i think one of the likely outcomes, in part due to john kasich. i think he is staying in this more for himself than his party or country, but if he stays in, i think that's where we are headed. >> you mentioned jorge posada kasich. i want to play something he mentioned a little bit ago talking about trump or cruz. >> either of them can win an election. maybe they are spoiling it for the republican party or conservative movement. it is unlikely that anyone will achieve enough dell gaegate to d a convention.
11:52 am
the convention will be right in the open. there's no closed rooms. nothing but total transparency. >> john kasich also said, sarah, there is no way to the white house without ohio. he is coming off that win in ohio. but that's his only one so far. what is the role for gop party leaders to figure out what this convention is going to look like? if there is the potential to take the nomination from donald trump? >> that's a stunning admission by john kasich that republican primary voters don't like him. that will be the problem with the contested convention if the establishment party elders try to choose someone who clearly like a john kasich who won only his home state and his underperformed everywhere else in the country. so i hope strongly that that will not be the case in a contested convention. and i hope that delegates themselves will be able to work out among, you know, if there is two candidates fairly close in
11:53 am
delegates then that's a true contest. what john case sickkasich is ta about is people in back rooms cutting deals. >> we will try to figure out where it is going to go. sarah, thank you for your time. i want to point out, i've been getting a lot of tweets from folks about birds. we are not under attack by birds. there are just a lot of seagulls around. beautiful seagulls who like it visit us. more from miami after a quick break. don't go away. trolling for a gig with braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer.
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at a time when politics are so co-alessed, at a time when norms and customs of political rhetoric and courtesy and comedy are so often treated like they're disposable, this is precisely the time when we should play it straight. and treat the process of
11:57 am
appointing a supreme court jut justice with the care it deserves. >> we have president obama talking about his supreme court nominee. we have been asking you to weigh in on the pulse question. should the senate approve the supreme court nominee? the 92% say yes. 8% say no. that wraps up this hour of coverage. i'm hopping a flight and going back to new york city. see you back there at 30 rock. my colleague, chris jansing, picks up things from world head kworters. yes, there's my ride to the airport. wait for me. wait for me! bye. we are a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are. kids learn to be brave and curious and all kids speak the language of bug. "hey cortana, find my katydid video". oh! this is so good. (laughs) if you're trying to teach a kid about a proboscis just sketch it on the screen. i don't have a touch screen on my mac,
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