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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 24, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," tracking the terrorists. police are hunting for at least one man believed to be connected with the deadly bombings in brussels. and as the investigation grows, the broader scope of the terrorist problem in western europe is becoming increasingly apparent. >> the european news organization is saying they now believe that the isis networks in europe are greater than they had estimated talking about around 5,000 europeans being recruited to isis. >> security in the homeland. here in the u.s., the attorney general says law enforcement is on guard. >> while we have received no specific credible threats to the homeland, we will continue to remain vigilant to be sure to keep the american people safe from harm. the wives war. donald trump and ted cruz
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battling for the republican nomination and taking it to a new low involving their spouses. >> hey guys, knock it off. the world is falling apart. man up. you've got great wives and families. give me a vision. talk about things people really care about and not this scrap off because these are serious times and you're not behaving like you want to be president of the united states. you're behaving like you're on a reality tv show. >> good day, everyone. i'm andrea mitchell in new york two days after the terrorist bombings in brussels that killed 31 people and wounded hundreds more. authorities continue the frantic hunt for clues to so many unanswered questions as new information continues to surface about the possible suspects linked to the attacks. police say three of the suspects seen here in a closed circuit tv image can be seen pushing carts, luggage carts, disguised as suitcases as they walk through the airport check-in hall.
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we've learned that this man is 24-year-old najim laacroloui. he was believed to be related to one of the paris attackers. and had a hand in making the explosives used in paris. the man to the right is not known but believed he abandoned the suitcase at the airport and fled before the attack. and the man in the middle. 30-year-old abraham and familiar because of a violent criminal record. he was deported when trying to cross into syria. his younger brother, 27-year-old khalid was responsible for the subway train. both brothers now dead helped facilitate the paris attacks. almost captured in a raid last
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week in belgium. with the latest, nbc global correspondent, bill neely. i know that this is an intensive manhunt and it's hard to know what the authorities are actually doing and how close they are getting, but the people in belgium must still be very much on guard as well as they are in mourning. >> reporter: andrea, you've put your finger on it. i think this is a police investigation and a policem police manhunt but also an operation that's struggling. i just talked to police spokesman and he said, quite frankly, we don't know how many people are in this cell and we don't know where they are. that's a pretty frank admission. we've got some names. yes, there's a man in the white jacket who's in the photograph who has clearly escaped. there are reports that there is another man, a second suspect involved in the metro bombing and that they have an image of
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him on a cctv camera carrying some heavy luggage. that's not confirmed by nbc news but really, the police are struggling. they don't know how many people were involved in this, who they are, where they are, and where they're being and hiding. it's an investigation struggling and people behind me are worried that the cell could strike again because no one really believes that this is over. the other interesting development this morning, andrea, was a court hearing involving salah abdeslam, the man arrested in brussels on friday, a man who authority believe, strongly systemat lly involved in the paris bombings. he had initially said he did not want to be extradited and would fight extradition to france. he now says he wants to go to paris as soon as possible to explain himself and his lawyers said that he had no prior knowledge of these bombings and
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that he has, in fact, now stopped cooperating with the police. the police, by the way, have a very different view of abdeslam. if they haven't got him on friday, he would undoubtedly have been part of the plot here and taken part in the bombings of brussels. andrea? >> will he be facing charges for the paris attacks and then potentially face charges in brussels? why would they extradite him to france and he was arrested here and conceivably connected to these attacks? >> reporter: yes, he could be, but i think probably simply under international law, not just european law, all the evidence connects him to the paris attacks. >> got it. >> reporter: if you remember, the trail of evidence from one of the attacks, the suicide vest he allegedly dumped in the car and i think it's the french and the killings of 130 people in
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november. >> that would be the strongest case. there was a moment of silence throughout the city or maybe the country today. >> reporter: there was here behind me at the main central stock exchange. there was a very profound silence and then it was followed by applause. it was both an act of remembrance and defiance and now you can probably see and hear there are a lot of young people on the steps behind me and they are chanting. they are singing. we are all together. they're showing their patriotism towards this country. they simply don't want to be to be a situation where the bombers win. there are enough things shut down. the airports, for example, over the easter holidays will be shut until at least sunday. most metro stations still running but still a city in some
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degree of shock but these young people behind me definitely want to show that life must go on and should go on in order that the bombers do not win. >> it's so moving to see the people wearing the scarves and the balloons and heard and watched some of them there saying we shall overcome. adapting the iconic civil rights anthem from the united states. all of this, the resilience, so moving. thank you so much, bill neely. and will belgium finally answer the call? will this be a wake-up call to all of europe to better coordinate intelligence and law enforcement cooperation? and what more can europe do to protect itself from future attacks? i'm joined now by nick beirnes. former ambassador to nato and school of government. good to see you, nick. thanks very much. >> thank you, andrea. >> we have seen, in fact, calls
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from war coordination. we heard in hillary clinton's speech and i think an informal advisor to her campaign in her speech at stanford yesterday, she cited evidence that the u.s. gets those flight manifests now from europe. that's a requirement that's been demanded by the tsa, yet, european governments as close as they are, the 28 european members of the eu do not share those manifests with each other in many cases. how can that be? >> reporter: that's right, andrea. and i am an advisor to secretary clinlt a clinton and she put it this way. that is a long struggle that they work together and have to fight together on it. it's not, we can't win this struggle if we alienate ourselves from the muslim world. that's been the message, from donald trump.
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it will be the pain staking world of police forces, agencies, judiciaries cooperating and piecing together the puzzle of these islamic insurgents who have taken up residency in european countries. many of them citizens of those countries, the paris attackers and the belgian attackers of those country. we have to identify with europe. europe is our largest trade partner and investors and home to nato. i thought secretary clinton's message yesterday was exactly what we need, which is to work with these countries, trust them, that they can help us and we can help them and then include the arab world in that. >> i know that we didn't ask you to come on as a surrogate in any fashion for the clinton campaign but as an expert on europe, you have this dual role. i want to ask you about trump because he tweeted today, nato is absolutely leobsolete and chs on terrorism instead of the things it's currently focused
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on. he talked about pulling back from nato and hillary clinton said it's time to strengthen alliances. it's fair though to say that nato as a collective instrument of defense has at many times including the bosnian war initially and other instances have shown itself to be slow to respond, unwieldy. is there more that nato can do to step up to the threat of terrorism? >> reporter: i think winston churchill said the only thing worse than to fight with allies with without them. it's been that way since the truman administration. the largest member of the alliance and the most important. to say nato absolutely leobsole shallow statement and un-wise and it doesn't conform with the facts. i was ambassador to nato on 9/11 when the nato allies pledged to support us in afghanistan.
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they went with us to afghanistan. they're all still there. the majority of them went to iraq. nato together stopped the kosovo war and went into bosnia. nato has proven its value to the united states and in a large integrated 21st century world. for the united states to choose to be without allies andhat's what donald trump is saying, that we should essentially go it alone, he wants to even more than that. he wants to dig a mote around the united states and pull up the drawbridges. it is a recipe for failure in our foreign policy. and so we've got to cling to our alliances, build our alliances, prove on their deficiencies, but where would the united states be without nato? in a far inferior position strategically. >> how could abdeslam hide out in plain sight in the same neighborhood among friends and family for four months since the paris attacks and not have been captured sooner?
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>> right. well, it's easy for us to sit back, i think, and play monday morning quarterback, but i must say, having lived in brussels for three and a half years, the belgian government, of course, i think needs to build a stronger security service. it's a small country of 11 million people in the heart of europe. brussels is not just the capital of belgium. it's the capital of europe in many ways. it's the home of the eu and home of nato. i think what you're seeing in the debate this week is stronger intelligence and security and you began the program, andrea, saying there has to be tighter coordination among the countries of europe and then across the atlantic with canada and the united states. there are lessons being learned this week. we've got to do better because this is a long struggle ahead against islamic terrorism in europe, the middle east, and north africa. >> now, i know that you when we first met at the nsc, the top expert there and i have just
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come from cuba. there was some criticism over the president on that state visit going to the ball game which was hugely popular in cuba but there was a sense of disconnect because it was the day of the terror attacks and the president was with raul castro and, you know, really enjoying this baseball game but it did seem discordant and went to argentina, big events today commemorating the 40th anniversary of the end of the war and i announced he'll be declassifying cia documents on the american involvement in that war. very important to human rights experts but then a state dinner last night and the president was tapped on the shoulder by a dancer and ended up doing the tango. what can the leader of the free world, the president of the united states do when he's sitting at the head table at a state dinner and someone engages him in dancing? is that awkward?
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>> i actually found this criticism of president obama to be really grossly unfair to him. he works seven days a week. he works 15 hours a day. he was in cuba ending the cold war division between cuba and the united states and he responded to the terrorist attacks in belgium. he called prime minister. he issued a very good and tough statement. he was clearly with belgium. but we are a global power. that was not an attack on our homeland. it was our allies. i think he responded well to that. but he has to continue the duties of being president of the united states and the opening to cuba is vital, frankly, what he's doing in buenos aires is more important. because the president is taking power, we may see in argentina that rejoins the community of nations after being isolated itself. so economically, politically, argentina can be a very powerful friend of the united states. the president was doing his job for the american people and i
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think sometimes, you know, you have to give him a break because he is working hard and doing his best for our country. >> how many of us can say we can do the tango? one quick footnote here. you have a huge interest in this given your background with the n bosnian war. the war crimes convicted rativan karadzic responsible for the massacre that we all, the horrors we experience back in the '90s. your reaction? >> reporter: well, itit's suchn important closure. it bends towards justice. justice has been done today. ratavan is responsible for war crimes. the 260,000 people dead and two
9:16 am
and a half million homeless. i'm very proud in the clinton administration, president clinton led the way to stop that war and i can't help but think of richardho holbrooke in a defeat, ended the bosnian war and he deserves so much credit historically for bringing that war to an end. but boy, this was the right decision for the victims in bosnia. >> thank you for remembering richard holbrooke today. thank you so much, nick buns, always. >> thank you. family feud. donald trump stepping up the personal attacks on ted cruz's wife, heidi, in this bizarre battle of the wives. that's next on "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. this is joanne.
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well, in a campaign where nothing has been offlimits, now we've reached a new low or a new level. it's the wives. joining me limits, now we've reached a new low or a new level. it's the wives. joining me is hallie jackson with ted cruz, in wisconsin all important next week, a big chance for cruz to further close the gap with donald trump and donald trump accused of attacking melania with a suggestive picture from gq back when she was a model and then at least was a false claim according to ted cruz. the attack, the tweet attack came from an anti-trump super pac but ted cruz went back against or trump went back
9:21 am
against heidi cruz. i mean, i don't know where you start. straighten me out here. >> reporter: it's one of these things that you go, man, okay. here we are in 2016. so let's jump into it. you've got this social media ad that came out from the anti-trump super pac that went out to target earlier this week essentially conservative women, mormon women in utah ahead of that state's caucus. it showed melania trump from her british gq shoot a while back and saying, this could be your next first lady or ted cruz in the utah caucus. donald trump did not take kindly to that and he blamed ted cruz for this in that tweet. because remember, she was a profile for a magazine. she's a former model. the person who created the ad, the strategist told us that she stands by it. she doesn't feel like she crossed a line because donald trump has obliterated all lines and the goal of the superpac
9:22 am
make america awesome is against donald trump and why off limits? that's the conversation had and also tweeted about it overnight. saying donald trump, your wife is lovely, my wife is the love of my life. let's leave them out of this even after retweeting a supporter who put two pictures of the wives back-to-back, one less flattering photo of heidi cruz and one of heidi trump. the spouses getting dragged into the race and using it to attack donald trump's character. in cruz's mind, this is the character of somebody who would do this. is this who you want to be in the white house? trump is coming back at cruz with a new instagram attack out based on the endorsements cruz has been picking up and turned to the political size but he's hitting, essentially running lindsey graham, jeb bush, talking badly about ted cruz prior to their endorsements of him. trying to cast shade, basically, on these endorsements that cruz has picked up, andrea.
9:23 am
a wild 24 hours in this race and with wisconsin less than two weeks ago, we can expect it to get even wilder. >> kristen welker, who would have thought the democrat would be the one whose spouse was not involved in the political fray? >> at least not for now, andrea. that's absolutely right. >> so hillary clinton. what is her agenda today? she's again focusing on national security after giving a major foreign policy speech at stanford. and now you're covering another national security forum today. >> secretary clinton tries to draw distinctions that he could be facing off against and trying to paint herself as the adult in the room particularly when it comes to national security. yesterday, she gave that sweeping speech calling for increased information sharing with the united states and european allies. today, she'll be holding a round
9:24 am
table with members of the muslim community here at usc and clearly trying to make the point that some of this divisive rhetoric that she would describe as divisive rhetoric from donald trump, from ted cruz calling for patrolling of muslim communities, for example, is dangerous and counterproductive. that's a little bit of what you can expect to hear from her but clearly making a shift to the general election by taking on her potential republican challengers. some democrats cautioning her, don't pivot too much because you could wind up alienating some of sanders' supporters but clinton officials tell me, look, the major miscalculation on the part of the gop is to underestimate donald trump. secretary clinton not going to make that same mistake. >> kristen welker and hallie jackson, just another day on the campaign trail. thank you both. the brothers behind the brussels attack hope to build a dirty bomb. more on that next on "andrea
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experts tell nbc news the brothers also spied on a top nuclear researcher in the hopes of building a dirty bomb. according to a former french intelligence official. khalid and abraham planted a hidden camera outside of the belgian researcher's home. the video footage was seized in a raise in november. joining me now is evan coleman, terrorism analyst and amman live from brussels. what could they have accomplished by spying on this guy? >> it's a little bit desperate the idea he could make the dirty bomb, but that's how dedicated these folks were.
9:29 am
that's how involved they were that they were coming up with very elaborate schemes, even farfetched schemes in order to cause a lot of damage and an eye into what these guys would like to achieve. they look at soft targets. but sometimes they're bigger than their capabilities but serve as a wake-up call they look at targeting individuals as well as groups. they're looking at high profile individuals and realizing, killing or kidnapping someone like that can have the same impact like a major terrorist attack the other day. >> you've now gone and reported in a highly radicalized neighborhood. talking to people there, how alienated and how disaffected do you find people? is there sympathy towards these accused attackers?
9:30 am
>> reporter: this is a complex situation. we went 20 minutes outside of brussels. this is a unique town because it has one of the highest if not the highest per capita number of foreign fighters that have gone from belgium to join or fight with or alongside isis inside of syria. now when you speak to the community there, they're going to tell you a few things. one, they're aware of the problem there and that's why the belgian government, local municipalities have a deradicalization program to prevent these things from happening. they feel alienated and vulnerable and they are also concerned about the rise of
9:31 am
islamophobia taking police stati station, place in the west. it's making it easier to target them. one father told me a couple of years ago it was not uncommon to stand outside of the mosque of friday prayers and see people with flyers handed out given to young people trying to recruit and radicalize them. they are also aware that the solution has to come from the community as well, that it is through these communities that they can try to identify some of these people who the police recognize came from places like molenbek. >> the president of argentina said there's no need and against our laws and constitution to be having surveillance as ted cruz suggested against muslim communities because they are so much better integrated and assimilated in the united states. i want to ask you about these
9:32 am
power plants as well to evan. on the nuclear power plants, two have been reduced in staffing. there's concern that they might have been targeted. >> yeah, look. what's important to understand about these folks is that they understand the area they're in very well. they're belgian. they're french. this is where they live. and they're looking for a way to create a big bang. they're looking for a way to push isis into the headlines. and it's to be understood that now after paris, they need to really come up with something that has oomph and this attack we saw two days ago, that might be the result of them pushing forward something they already planned because of the concern they were about to be discovered and detained. we don't know what else they were planning and because there's possibly up to two individuals being sought, we have to be on guard that there may be other things in the works. are they going to go after nuclear power plants? probably not because it's a very, very complex target to go after but that is what their
9:33 am
aspiration is and they recognize by going after a target like that, they can have an outsized impact for a small number of people in a tiny country like belgium. >> eamon, what about the fact we have so many of these terror incidents with siblings, brothers, family members? one possibility is that isis and other terror groups prefer that because it creates better operational security. you don't have to worry about as much intercepts of electronic communications. >> reporter: who more can you trust than your own family members? right? from that perspective, you look at it that many of these individuals and we've seen it now in a few different cases in the case of the boston marathon bombings and "charlie hebdo" and the paris attacks and in brussels. certainly, there is a phenomenon referred to as the pipeline phenomenon. once a pipeline is established, it's a close knit network of people that have access to the
9:34 am
information and the plot and i think isis prefers to have an operational separation if you will between cells and that's why you see a common pattern that these individuals know each other sometimes for many years. it was that they knew each other for many years before the attacks. >> thank you so much. evan kohlmann still here. and several americans unaccounted for after the attack. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. a fair price, quality service, and that horrible smells are really good at hiding. oh, boy. there it is. ♪ ohh. ooh. [ gags ] so when you need a house cleaner or an exterminator, we can help you get the job done right, guaranteed. get started today at angie's list, because your home is where our heart is.
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at least a dozen americans injured in tuesday's attacks in brussels according to the state department. hoping for the best but fearing the worst. some of the stories of the missing. >> reporter: just an hour before
9:38 am
the first blast, emily had spoken to her belgian boyfriend bart and was going to visit her in georgia. >> bart told me he would get in touch with me every step of the way. his last words on the phone call was that i love you. >> reporter: no one has heard from him since. surrounded by family, emily has this plea. >> i have hope that bart, you are coming home. and i love you so much and we all love you and you are okay. >> reporter: also still unaccounted, sibling sasha and alexander pincowski. they were on the phone when the bomb went off. a kentucky couple, justin and stephanie schultz who just waved good-bye to her mother at security. stephanie's friends still holding out hope. >> stephanie is such an intelligent and positive and supportive person. she would just want everyone to
9:39 am
keep positive thoughts. >> reporter: among the injured in hospitals, three american mormon missionaries including richard who remains in a coma and mason wells with second degree burns and his parents flying out wednesday night to be by his side and a belgian basketball player who played college ball in the states. he suffered deep shrapnel cuts. this is taken after the airport explosion. his father in california finally reaching him at the hospital. >> he said that you wouldn't believe what i saw around me. so i'm a lucky one. >> our thoughts and prayers are with those families, for them to be found and recovered. we'll be right back.
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that the republican party splits in two wings? >> we're already split. here's my concern. we can lose in 2016. we probably will. trump makes it competitive. i don't know if he can beat her or not but at least a fighting chance. it's not about 2016. it's about losing the heart and soul of the conservative movement. >> lindsey graham's outlook for republicans if donald trump is the nominee and a worry that has brought him to reluctantly embrace a man he once described as poison. ted cruz joining me for the daily fix. chris cillizza and the washington fix blog and abbi phil filip. i never thought i'd see the day that lindsey graham embraces ted cruz but nothing has been predictable this year. >> 17 candidates including lindsey graham were once running
9:44 am
for this nomination. i would have placed the likely him of him endorsing ted cruz the 16th candidate he would have picked. this is what trump has brought in the republican party. i think lindsey graham is what i hear day in and day out from folks who are in and around in politics. no, ted cruz is not someone likely to win states that mitt romney did not win in 2012 and likely to lose in 2016 but it will be a catastrophic loss or maybe they can hold the senate. that would be questionable. they can hold the house. they can hold the states at the legislative and gubernatorial level and view it as ted cruz with a likely isolated loss wra whereas it's a rippled down loss. more than just a single
9:45 am
presidential election. >> i don't know. you could argue it in different ways. there's a new bloomberg poll, abbi, which shows that hillary clinton would defeat donald trump 54-36. bernie sanders with 58-34 but i've seen other data that indicates that donald trump could have crossover appeal among angry white male voters in pennsylvania, ohio, michigan. he could have some cross appeal. >> there is that concern. i mean, there are two things happening. one is the popular vote, which is reflected a little bit in some of these polls that we're seeing so far. and then the reality of the electoral college. it's about where are these backgrounds that donald trump could force democrats to compete in? we're thinking about places like ohio and pennsylvania and wisconsin. these are places where the white male vote becomes more important and where it's possible, i mean, i think you hear a lot of this from labor who knows their membership and pulled these
9:46 am
people and know when it comes to choosing presidential candidates, donald trump has a surprising appeal among white blue collar particularly male voters part of the labor base, typically, democratic voters. but could swing to republicans. but again, i think democrats are looking at the map and with obama's victories in 2008 and 2012, he started at about 240 electoral college vote and so republica republicans. >> with trump leading the ticket, chris cillizza, you could imagine that his attractiveness i should say for minority voters, african-americans and latinos would be so minimal compared to any of the democrats despite what he said and he's got a 68%
9:47 am
unfavorable rating in the new bloomberg poll. that's astounding. >> this speaks to that donald trump, many republicans view donald trump not as an isolated problem. not just someone who is likely to lose a presidential election but someone who badly complicates the path for a rod portman running in ohio or richard burr who should be okay, a republican running in north carolina and kelly and mark kirk in illinois. >> pat toomey in pennsylvania. >> certainly. these are all states where in a neutral playing field, you might like the republican odds but with a trump candidacy, it could be very problematic. there's a story in the "washington post" today written by my colleagues about how there are already efforts including by the cookoch brothers to distanc and almost certainly will not work. we saw democrats, conservative democrats in 2010 and 2014 trying to run away from president obama saying that they
9:48 am
didn't support him or like his agenda, et cetera, et cetera, within very few exceptions that did not work. >> good luck to that. thank you so much, abby phillip. today, president obama in argentina paid tribute to the dirty war in a remembrance. coincides with the 40th anniversary today of the 1976 military coup that spurred a seven-year period of military rule that continues to haunt argentina to this day and announces plans to declassify documents including key military and cia records that have never been released about american complicity. >> there's been controversy about the policies of the united states early in those dark days. democracies have to have the courage to acknowledge when we don't live up to the ideals we stand for. and we've been slow to speak out for human rights, and that was the case here.
9:49 am
>> coming up here, the u.s. allege iranian cyber hackers. you won't believe what they were going after. that's up next on "andrea mitchell reports." which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool. and we are theic plays) hbug and i'm jess. we are a nano-business. windows 10 really helps us get the word out about how awesome bugs are.
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this breaking news. an update on the breaking news from the justice department this morning. attorney general loretta lynch joined by james comey. they unsealed an indictment in an alleged iranian hackers on behalf of the revolutionary guard. it's on dozens of american banks and the attempt to take control in westchester county, new york. >> these seven individuals conspired together and with others to conduct a series of cyber attacks against civilian targets in the united states financial services industry that in total, or in all or some cost the victims tens of millions of dollars.
9:53 am
pete justice correspondent joining me from doj. did this alleged activity precede the nuclear agreement with iran or subsequent to it? because -- >> it was in 2011. and then intensified in 2012 and the attack on the dam, the government said, was 2013. now, in the dam case, the iranian person charged here managed to get into the controllers that would have opened the gate, had the controller been connected to the gate and it wasn't. it was never connected at that point and it was a warning sign that they were getting into american infrastructure and there's no indication that the iranians said it was a relatively small dam. as for the bank attacks, they had online customers getting to the banks and this got a lot of attention. they seemed to be happening like every week there during 2012 and nobody could figure out where it came from.
9:54 am
this is a new, sort of a new tactic by the justice department here to, in the past, they would figure out who did this, tell the intelligence community and then shut up about it. now they're making it public. they're naming names. they have mug shots. nobody surrender tis under the they'll be putting handcuffs on these guys but the point is if they try to travel or leave iran or go anywhere else, the government wants them to know that the u.s. is watching and the other message here is that now the government with the capability to attribute these attacks to actually penetrate, not just to say where in the world they came from or what country but what key board, what actual individuals carry this out? it's the ability to find these people and the willingness to bring charges and name them publicly. >> it's very interesting, of course.
9:55 am
it's an american penetration of the nuclear system with something the u.s. has never acknowledged. that said, this is a public shaming and be something they can point to at the united nations when they get into a dust-up over alleged iranian violations which of some have occurred. this is a big deal. >> reporter: that's right. you may remember the justice department did something similar by naming publicly members of the chinese army that they said were behind attacks in the u.s. that was a sort of a big change here and there are indications that the fact of bringing of those charges has been helpful in negotiating with china to try to get it to do more about cyber hacking in its country. and so now maybe the thought is that this will increase the leverage on iran as well, but it's also a very public way of telling iran, you can't hide from us. we now know when people in your country are carrying out the attacks and the justice department said these seven men in their 20s and 30s worked for
9:56 am
government contractors in iran that did work for the iranian government including the revolutionary guard, andrea. >> pete, just parenthetically, the white house announced today that the nuclear security summit in washington next week, the president will be having a meeting separately with xin xing xao pin, the president of china as well. pete williams. that does it for us with this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." follow us online on @mitchellreports. live from brussels. dapt. but one thing should remain constant - a financial relationship with someone that understands and cares about your business. pnc corporate and institutional banking offers strategies tailored to your company's needs. know that our dedicated teams of local experts offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at
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♪ whose long dayis sheldon setting up the news starts with minor arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. hi, everyone. i'm ayman mohidin. we are in brussels. a manhunt under way for one confirmed suspect believed to be
10:00 am
on the run. that's the man you see here in white. his identity though is still enknoe unknown to police officials. sources tell nbc news the man spotlighted here is nagim, believed he died at the airport and being a bomb maker linked to the paris attacks back in november. he blew himself up at the airport while his brother blew himself up in the city subway system. but as the hours go by, we are learning more about their plans and an expert tells nbc news they spied on a top nuclear researcher and hoped to build a so-called dirty bomb. the man is a researcher at the city of brussels. as this intense manhunt continues, there are questions whether or not there could be more suspects still on the run. belgian media reported the three suspects had at least one accomplice on the loose and nbc


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