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tv   MSNBC Live With Jose Diaz- Balart  MSNBC  March 28, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm steve kornacki here in new york city, where we are following new developments related to the brussels' terror attacks. two more americans have now been confirmed dead. we have also a new appeal for information on the so-called man in white, who was seen at the airport with the two suicide bombers. all of this as a massive manhunt continues across all of europe this morning. we will have much more on all of the latest developments on that, as this hour unfolds. but first, that presidential race here in the united states, it had came into march like a lion, and it looks like it is going to go out that way, too. wisconsin, that is the next state on the primary calendar, a week from tomorrow. the candidates will milk america's dairy land for ul it's worth. three of the five remaining contenders are going to be in the state today. this morning, ted cruz is pointing the finger at donald trump tabloid story over alleged
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extramarital affairs, but trump denying he or anyone in his campaign had anything to do with that report. >> do you condemn this story? >> i don't care. i mean, really, i don't care. "the national enquirer" did a story, it was their story, it wasn't my story. it was about ted cruz. i have no idea whether it was right or not. they actually have a very good record of being right. but i have absolutely no idea. frankly, i said, i hope it's not right. >> but the war over wives escalating, as the war on terror becomes a main focal point on the republican campaign trail. trump is now outlining his foreign policy agenda in a lengthy interview with "the new york times." he calls his plan america first. but as you can imagine, his critics say the idea puts the u.s. last. and as the math really starts to matter, trump is now also threatening to sue the republican party. he says the that cruz is stealing his the delegates. we're going to tell you what the cruz campaign says about that, ahead. meantime, on the democratic side, bernie sanders giving his
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campaign some more time, thanks to a big weekend, the biggest weekend bernie sanders has had yet. landslide victories for the vermonter in three states. all three states that voted on saturday, alaska, hawaii, and the big one, washington state. all of it, though, not making a huge dent in hillary clinton's commanding lead in the overall delegate count. sanders' now wants the democratic party to add another debate in clinton's home state of new york. so, also, sanders' native state in new york. that will be a contest that comes on april 19th. sanders demanding a debate before that april 1th contest, one of the biggest one on the board. let's start this morning on the republicans. nbc's katy tur is covering the trump campaign for us. she's here with us in new york this morning. so we mentioned it a second ago. one of the things donald trump made news with over the weekend was this threat to sue the republican party. this is over what happened in louisiana. louisiana, a state where donald trump won the primary over ted cruz, but then they have the
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primaries, and then they have these conventions, district county conventions where hay come up with the actual delegates to the convention. cruz did better than trump. tell us what's going on there. >> the trump campaign is now trying to say, hey, wait a minute, we don't like the rules to this game and flagging what happened in louisiana as one of those instances where they don't like what's going on. cruz, of course, getting a few more delegates than he was originally going to get after donald trump won that state. these are the republican rules. these are the -- it's the way it's always gone. and the trump campaign does know this. they do have a delegate team in place, a convention team in place. they understand that this sort of thing might happen. and so they have people that are out there, that are going to go out, and they're going to try to make sure those delegates that they've won remain their delegates. and also, the unbound delegates. those that don't necessarily have an affiliation, from states that don't hold caucuses and zombie delegates, where there are rubio delegates or former carson delegates. and they'll go and try to negotiate with them.
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>> zombie delegates. there's a new term. did they get caught sleeping here, the trump campaign? >> i think in louisiana, they got caught sleeping, certainly. the team they announced i think came a day or two before louisiana happened. and when i spoke to the team about it, they told me that they weren't so worried about louisiana, a lot more states to go, a lot more delegates under their belt. they believe they're going to get to 1450, that's what their internal projections say. so they're not necessarily worried about these delegates in louisiana. and they're confident they're going to be able to negotiate with the delegates and say, hey, you know, you have a -- you're in the state gop. do you need us to come fund-raiser there, need us to make an appearance? you have a very strong right-to-life platform. do you need us to make our platform a little stronger? whatever they want, the donald trump campaign will try to figure out a way to give that to them, in order to make sure they stay the delegates on the first ballot, and also on the second ballot. >> we haven't had a second ballot at one of these on the
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republican side since 1952. '48, actually, on the republican side. if you look ahead to the next contest, before we get to talk of this brokered convention, wisconsin looms a it has big test here. if trump can win wisconsin, that brokered convention talk might die down a little bit. we saw polls that show a surprisingly close race with ted cruz. >> i think the prospects are favoring ted cruz, certainly a little bit more than donald trump. it's a pretty republican state in terms of the counties that vote republican. there are three counties surrounding milwaukee that have voted strongly republican. i think the top three republican-voting counties in the country for the past few years. like 90% turnout or something. so if donald trump does not do well in those counties, he cannot hope to take the state of wisconsin. in fact, he's going to be on a milwaukee radio show earlier today, or in a couple of hours, i think, and he'll be trying to convince those voters to come out and vote for him. so he'll make a push in
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wisconsin, but as you've been reporting, it's a wild card state. anything goes there. and if he doesn't get it, the talk of the contested convention grows stronger. >> if cruz beats him in wiig, not only psychologically, is that a blow to trump, but it also raises the possibility, he'll lose a lot of others like that. the other thing grabbing the l headlines, how personal it's gotten. is there any sense, is this helping either of them? is this hurting both of them? any sense how this is shaking out with actual republicans? >> we have not been on the campaign trail for a week, so i'm not exactly sure how it's shaking out with individual voters. but from my past experience, i can tell you, wherever donald trump's gone on the offensive about women, particularly, i haven't seen a negative effect on the campaign trail in terms of his supporters. the ones that like him like him no matter what. they don't necessarily pay
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attention to the day-to-day sniping back and forth. even women, they like his track record with women when it comes to business. we have a lot of polls out there that show that he is doing badly with women. there's a real gender gap for donald trump. that's something that could hurt him in a general election, especially against hillary clinton. but i'm not entirely sure the campaign is worried about a gender gap at the moment. what they're hoping to do and what they believe they'll be able to do and what they've done so far is turn out strong numbers for the white male vote. and if they can continue to do that, the gender gap doesn't need to be bridged, it just needs to be mitigated a little bit. and then they'll be able to get over the hump, in order -- according to the campaign, at least. >> that's the theory of the case. katy tur on the trump beat, thanks for that. now let's bring in dan balz, and former rnc chairman, michael steele. thanks to both of you for joining us. dan, let me ask you this. could you assess for us right now what the state of the stop-trump movement is? have day come up with a game plan here to deny trump the nomination? or are they still suffering from
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chaos and disorganization? >> and still more hope than practicality, steve. i mean, if you look at everything that has been tried so far, there's been no real consensus on what to do. there's been no clear strategy on what to do. i mean, it's been a kind of a situation-by-situation, grabbing at any particular opportunity. and i think that's one of the reasons it's not been terribly effective. they have had great difficulty, i think, rallying around ted cruz, because it's, you know, it's distasteful to many in the establishment to be supporting him. they have had trouble, particularly the current generation of republican leaders, getting behind john kasich. there's just no alternative that they find a consensus strategy for, so it continues to be kind of haphazard. >> so, michael, how do you see this playing out? let's put a scenario on the table and tell me what you make of this. if donald trump does fall short of 1,237, the magic number of
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delegates there, let's say he's sitting at 1,160, something like that, ted cruz a couple hundred behind him there. the case that donald trump is going to make, and he's already starting to make it, besides the threat of a lawsuit he put out over the weekend, the case he'll make is nobody got more votes, nobody got more delegates, nobody came even close to me in the primaries, therefore, it would be unfair to give the nomination to anyone but me. how strong would that argument be in a scenario like that? >> i think it would be a fairly strong article. there's been polling that's come out in the last couple of weeks by "the washington post" or "new york times" that has shown that some 55%, roughly of delegates or republicans don't want a contested ballot. who feel that, for example, the person with the most votes should win the nomination. so there's now beginning to emerge among rank-and-file republicans this sense of, we don't want the drama in cleveland. we don't want to get to cleveland and have this, you
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know, this blow-up, which further weakens our nominee coming out of the convention, and weakens our ability to win in the fall. you're beginning to see a great deal of consensus around the idea of actually trying to win this fall, amongst rank and file republicans, while establishment republicans, lindsey graham, for example, on "morning joe" last week, saying, yeah, i'm supporting the guy. i don't really like him. and we're going to lose this fall, anyway. that attitude is really turning off a lot of people. so you're beginning to see people settle around the idea of a trump nomination, simply because he will have the most votes, he will have the most delegates going in. and therefore, probably, should get the nomination. >> and dan, does wisconsin loom sort of as a moment here, a potential moment where donald trump can really put distance, extra distance between himself and the rest of the pack. if he wins wisconsin, does that set him up to be on course to get the first ballot nomination, versus, if he loses, this thing is more wide open? >> it certainly helps, steve. every victory he gets moves him
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that much closer to it. both in terms of the number of delegates, but also in a sort of psychological sense. but every loss heightens the idea that there is some problem that he's got, that he's going to fall short. i mean, to michael's point about the convention. i think one of the things we can't tell at this point is the degree to which the party, when they arrive in cleveland, when the delegates arrive in cleveland, see trump as somebody who could possibly win in november, or might take the party to a historic defeat. and i think it's obviously too early to know that. the polling today is not necessarily going to be the polling we see in july. but i think that's one of the elements. and the -- if he were to continue to lose primaries, like wisconsin, that will raise more questions about his durability was a general election candidate. >> michael, i want to get you to weigh in on this, too. this is a debate that's sort of erupting within the media, especially over the weekend, there was a column in "the new
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york times" on sunday. it says, my shared shame. this is nick kristof, a columnist. he says the media helped make trump. and obviously, i think you hear this a lot. i'm curious what your take is on the origins of trump's rise. there is a school of though out there that this is all media coverage, it's saturation media coverage, therefore, donald trump will be in first place. nobody else could be. others will look at it and say, that saturation media coverage has given trump one of the worst overall popularity ratings any candidate either. what do you make of it? >> this is the ashes and cloth part of the program for our media. where they sit back and dawn the look of, oh, my god, what have we done? yes, they were complicit and culpable in the way they covered donald trump. donald trump's no fool. you know, he's the bright, shiny object. you want to cover, you're going to cover the bright, shiny object. and he knew that. and jacquohn kasich makes the c here i stood on the stage for lo
6:13 am
the seven months, totally ignored by the press, governor of one of the most important states in the country, and here i stand now, still ignored. so the media has to reconcile itself after this election in how it covered donald trump, relative to the other candidates. i think it's a legitimate point and question to raise. i just love the fact that they're now kind of taking the whip and lashing themselves with it. >> dan, you cover politics. you cover the republican race. what do you make of that argument nick kristof put out there? >> well, i think in some of the points nick made are argument. but i will say this. i don't think that the media created donald trump. i mean, if you look at the attention he's gotten, a, i give him credit for understanding modern media in a way that other candidates apparently did not. he has been able to dominate. but a lot of the coverage has been negative. i mean, a lot of the coverage about him has been negative. and what he has had to say has been very controversial. it's not as though this was all
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positive coverage. so, you know, donald trump has won these, because he has found an audience. and i don't think it's simply that he got a lot of time on television. he hit fairly quickly in the polls right after he became a candidate, and has continued to stay high in those polls in the republican race, through good coverage and bad coverage. so i think the idea that the media is, quote/unquote, to blame for donald trump, whatever that actually means, is incorrect. >> yeah. i got to say, i'll just editorialize for a second here. i think it's obviously a complicated subject, but the point you made there, dan, is one i tend to agree with. and it's simply, the story here, one of the big stories i'm interested in covering is the people who have stuck with donald trump through all the negative coverage, through all the things he said, i think the revelation that so many people in this country will stick with him through that is a huge story and something that's worthy of a lot more exploration. anyway, dan balz and michael
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steele, thank you to both of you for joining us. both the republican and democratic front-runners will be on msnbc this wednesday night. donald trump will join chris matthews for an exclusive town hall. that will be 8:00 p.m. eastern time. and that will be followed immediately by hillary clinton on a special edition of the rachel maddow show. all of that wednesday night right here on msnbc, the place for politics. and turning now back overseas to the brussels terror attacks, the belgian health minister saying today that the death toll has now risen to 35 victims, in addition to the three suicide bombers. the state department confirming that two more americans who have not yet been identified were also killed in those attacks. two other americans, justin and stephanie shul stephan stephanie shults were confirmed to have been killed in the bombing. hundreds of protesters, most of them thought to be part of a right-wing group, clashed with police over the weekend in brussels. police firing water cannons to try to get them to disperse.
6:16 am
officers said the protesters were carrying anti-isis signs and chanting anti-immigrant slogans as they marched. nbc's keir simmons is in brussels this morning with the latest on the investigation. keir, what do we know about the arrests and the new calls for a closer look at airport surveillance footage that's been released by the police? >> reporter: right, steve. don't be misled by the calm scenes behind me. you may be able to hear some music playing around the memorial in this square. but, in fact, there is an intense manhunt underway by the police and now asking for more information this morning about the man in white. the man wearing a hat, seen in surveillance video, at the airport, and that appeal, including that video, previously we had simply seen still images in there that videotape now, as you can see, you can see him walking through the airport. now, beside him are the two
6:17 am
suicide bombers, who moments after this footage was taken, detonated their explosives. it had been thought from belgium media that the police had apprehended this man, that they knew who he was. now they are appealing for more information. as this morning we hear that three more suspects have been charged with participation in a terrorist group. and steve, that news that some folks who were injured before didn't make it through the weekend, bringing the total who have been killed in these attacks to 35. a state department official confirming that the u.s. now believes that four americans were killed in the attacks. >> all right. keir simmons in brussels, thank you for that. and staying with other news overseas, a deadly terror attack to tell you about in pakistan, that took place yesterday on easter sunday. a suicide bomber taking the lives of at least 72 people at a large children's park, a popular attraction for families on weekends. reports say the majority of parents and children were waiting in line to get tickets
6:18 am
to the park's swings and train when a suicide bomber blew himself up. a splintered group of the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack, saying they intentionally targeted christians celebrating the easter holiday. authorities say nearly half of the victims were children. we take a quick break now. when we come back, we'll get back to the presidential race and to the democratic contest. it was a big weekend. it was the biggest weekend he's had yet, in fact, for bernie sanders. he swept washington, hawaii, and alaska by gigantic margins. but is it too little, too late to catch the front-runner, hillary clinton? i'll head over to the big board. we're going to break down all the numbers and answer that question. we got another one. i have an orc-o-gram for an "owen." that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge. mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪
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our calculations that, in
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fact, we can win the pledged delegates, and at a time when we have the momentum, we have won five out of the six last contests in landslide fashion, in all of the national polling that i have seen, we are beating donald trump by much greater margins than is secretary clinton. >> bernie sanders pulling off some badly needed victories and big victories in the chase for the democratic nomination. three wins for sanders, three wins by enormous margins. start in washington state. this was the biggest prize on the board saturday. take a look at this. bernie sanders, 73. hillary clinton, 27. this was a caucus, move to alaska. look at this, bernie sanders breaking 80% in alaska. an 82-18 romp. again, a caucus state, and the thirty state on saturday, also a caucus state. also a sanders' landslide. 70-30 in hawaii. so three state s on the board
6:23 am
saturday. three enormous sanders' victory. what does that do to the bottom line question. you just heard sanders say he believes his calculations are they can catch hillary clinton in the pledged delegate race. that is this column right here. he says allocated, we say pledged. that means these are the delegates awarded in the primaries and in the caucuses. there's obviously been a lot of talk about the super delegates, the elected officials, the party leaders that get automatic votes. these are not locked in, so the sanders' theory of this race has been if they can get ahead of her in the pledged delegates, these super delegates will have no choice but to switch allegiances. the question in this race is can bernie sanders make up enough ground and catch hillary clinton here? now, not all of those delegates from those big wins are counted on saturday. when they are, hillary clinton's lead in this column is probably going to be about 230. 230 pledged delegates over bernie sanders. so can he erase that 230 pledged delegate advantage the rest of
6:24 am
the way? we'll take a look. this is what it looks like the rest of the way. bernie sanders in the states you see shaded in here needs to make up 230. can he do it? first thing, here's a piece of bad news for him. i'll give you two states here. wyoming and north dakota. what do these stays have in common? small caucus states. bernie sanders have been winning almost all of the caucus states. he's done numuch better in caucuses than primaries. the bad news for bernie sanders, these are the only develop caucus states left on this map. there are caucuses in the virgin islands and puerto rico. only two caucus states left. that's probably an advantage for hillary clinton going forward. here's the other problem for bernie sanders. this is the biggest obstacle. the delegate-rich bunch of states in the northeast. new york, pennsylvania, new jersey, maryland. you add the delegate totals in those states together, it's nearly 40% of all the remaining delegates left, and here's the thing. there are polls in each one of those states that have hillary clinton leading by 30 points or
6:25 am
more. so if bernie sanders cannot erase those gigantic deficits in those states, then hillary clinton just in those four states, stands to increase that margin, from 230 to 430. and that would mean if you take those four states out of it, you look at the rest of the map, the new england states here, wic coming up, indiana, kentucky, go out to the west coast, oregon, california, to erase 430, sanders needs to get close to 70% out of those states. that is an unthinkably large sum. so that's what he's up against. he has to win and he has to win big and he has to pull some big shockers the rest of the way if he's going to knock off hillary clinton. anyway, bernie sanders hoping he gets more stage time with hillary clinton before the new york primary. that's going to be april 19th. he told chuck todd on "meet the press" yesterday that he wants another debate. >> i would hope very much that as we go into new york state, secretary clinton's home state, that we will have a debate, new york city upstate, wherever.
6:26 am
on the important issues, facing new york and, in fact, the country. >> are you worried she won't debate you anymore? >> yeah, i do have a little bit of concern about that. but i certainly would like to see a debate in new york state. >> and covering the democratic race for us today, we have msnbc's kasie hunt and nbc's kristen welker. ca kasie hunt on the bernie sanders beat, let's hear from you. we played that clip from bernie sanders a minute ago saying, his campaign's calculations are that they can catch hillary clinton in that delicate math we went through the on the board. we showed how steep a climb that is. specifically, what are they telling you in terms of how they think they can do that? >> well, steve, i think there are two states you want to really focus in on. and you highlighted, of course, the northeast region. but before you get there pb we have wisconsin, which, of course, we now have about a week and a half. this is the first week of 2016 with no votes. no voting, and no debates. this is going to give bernie sanders and hillary clinton, also, a chance to kind of camp out in wisconsin.
6:27 am
and it will give them a chance to test their theory of the case. which is that when they are able to put bernie sanders some place and let him campaign, repeatedly, let voters get to know him, he tends to do much better. you saw that happen in michigan, wisconsin, of course, has some more progressive traditions that they think could help. if you can beat hillary clinton in wisconsin, it's going to make those upcoming contests after that, just that much more intense. and in particular, the focus from the sanders' campaign, and i think from the clinton campaign at this point, as well, is new york state. and he's, of course, way behind in the public polling there. but if he were able to draw even with her, maybe in some of those areas where she won, when she ran for senate in new york, some of those white working class voters in upstate new york, that they might be able to pull off something of a surprise. and that would be a real blow for the clinton campaign. >> kasie hunt in washington. and from washington, we head out to madison, where those candidates will be camping out for the next eight days, and
6:28 am
kristen welker on the hillary clinton beat. obviously, clinton still has to have an eye on this democratic race, especially after a weekend like bernie sanders just had. at the same time, she would like to move on and she would like democrats to move on to a general election, a hillary clinton versus donald trump possible election. what are you hearing from the campaign on that front? >> reporter: you're absolutely right on both of those points, steve. the clinton campaign making it very clear, they are still locked in this primary battle and focused on that. a state like wisconsin is critical for all of the reasons that kasie just laid out. but we're increasingly seeing secretary clinton pivoting towards the general election and donald trump taking aim at him on the trail. and i've been talking to clinton campaign officials, who are shedding a little bit of light on what their general election strategy might look like. they say the gop contenders have given them a bit of a playbook for what not to do. they say a few of the miscalculations, one, underestimating donald trump. thinking that he is going to in some ways, implode. that never happened. and in some ways, that allowed
6:29 am
him to go unchecked. they also think that attempts to meet trump on his level backfired. we saw that with marco rubio. instead, secretary clinton, i am told, is going to hit trump on the territory she's most comfortable. that, of course, substance and policy. we saw that unravel last week, when she really criticized him, took him on over a number of his foreign policy stances, and i'm told they are going through his past business practices, trying to undercut his business record. they're concerned that that is something that appeals to working class voters. and of course, they need those working class voters in order to win the white house. and finally, they think that donald trump's own words could be his achilles heel. some of those controversial comments that he's made, that have alienated minority voters. and women voters. and if you look at our recent polls, steve, secretary clinton beats donald trump among women nationally, 60-31%. that is a huge margin. now, all of this comes as we're getting new headlines today
6:30 am
about that e-mail controversy. that drip, drip, drip continues over her e-mails. it's one of the things that makes her vulnerable in a general election, and donald trump tab taking him at her over that issue. and also her record as secretary of state. steve? >> all right, kristen welker in madison, wisconsin. thanks for that. and up next, governor john kasich is digging in. he insists he has no plans to drop out of the republican race. that he is ready to go the distance, all the way to the republican convention in cleveland this summer. i'm going to talk with the kasich supporter, congressman charlie dent of pennsylvania. that's one of the next big states the kasich campaign is focused on. we'll talk to him, next.
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we'll be with you shortly.. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can wo better. with xerox. the narrative over the last week has been, what is wrong with the party? kasich's the guy who can win the general. some people have said that kasich would be the best president. i mean, get out for what? if i would have gotten out, trump would be the nominee, he would have won ohio, and
6:34 am
frankly, we'll win some districts in wisconsin. we will move to pennsylvania, where i'm basically in a statistical tie with trump. >> governor john kasich telling chuck todd, it's a long way to cleveland and resisting calls to drop out ahead of key republican contests in the next month. now, it is an uphill climb for kasich. he trails trump by more than 600 delegates. he's even behind marco rubio, still, who ended his campaign earlier this month. joined now by congressman charlie dent, a republican from pennsylvania and a supporter of john kasich. let me start with this question, from your standpoint, donald trump is ahead of everybody right now, strategically speaking, what is the best way to beat donald trump and to deny him the nomination? >> let me just say, we've been here before. in 1952, bob taft had to lead in delegates going into that convention. he was well ahead of dwigt eisenhower, and the delegates made a decision they wanted to
6:35 am
nominate the most electable candidate. they did and they were right. and clearly donald trump is in the lead, but i believe, and i know you have a path where donald trump can get to 1,237 delegates. that's possible. but right now i believe with john kasich and ted cruz in the rates, we can deny donald trump that majority. >> so congressman, there seems to be like a dispute here, where if you talk to soom cruz people, they say the best way to deny trump is cruz has to have a one-on-one. kasich's taking votes that would otherwise go to cruz and that would help stop trump. you say you need three to do it? >> if it were just a one-on-one race between donald trump and ted cruz, donald trump would win. he'd get the majority very quickly and before the convention. i think that's a lot of hot air coming out of the ted cruz campaign, because ted cruz has no chance of getting -- virtually no chance of getting a plurality of the delegates going into cleveland. this is the same case as john
6:36 am
kasich. but the issue becomes electability. who is the most electable? and by all measures, john kasich is by far the most electable of the three republican candidates. i think that's the issue we need to be focused on. look at the real clear politics averages. it shows jaohn kasich with abou a seven-point lead over hillary clinton, donald trump losing by about 11 and ted cruz losing by a few points. i think we have to focus on electability right now. and everybody knows that john kasich's the right guy. and i believe he's the second choice of a lot of voters right now. >> could you see a scenario, if you get to that convention, trump is short of 1,237, cruz and kasich teaming up? >> i think that would be rather hard to do at this point. i really don't see that coming together, a kasich/cruz ticket. i just don't see it. in my view, both donald trump and ted cruz present enormous general election challenges for the republican party. and that's why so many of us are determined to make sure we nominate a thoughtful, common
6:37 am
sense person like john kasich, you know, who has not offended large swaths of the american public. >> you said, though, it is possible that donald trump clears that 1,237 magic number and gets the nomination. if that happens, will you support donald trump as the republican nominee? >> well, i would cross that bridge if we get to it. i'm not convinced we're going to get to it. i'm sticking with john kasich. if that does happen, i must say, we have serious concerns about donald trump's fitness to serve as president right now, particularly given some of his recent comments, and especially most recently in the aftermath of brussels, commenting about retreating from nato, which is the foundation of america's national security policies, since the end of the second world war. so i do have some concerns about him. >> but possibly, you'd still support him? >> well, i'm not ready to cross that bridge. i just am not, i am completely committed to john kasich. i don't believe that donald trump is going to have a plurality -- i mean, a majority of the delegates going into that
6:38 am
convention. and when it's an open convention, we're going to have a fight. this is a fight about the future of the republican party. i joined the party of abraham lincoln for a reason. abraham lincoln, ronald reagan, george h.w. bush, a lot of great people kpp and i'm very concerned where this party goes in the event we elect assemble who is -- he seems to be so ideologically unmoored and scattered. i'm very concerned about that. and particularly in the aftermath of so many comments that we've had to disassociate ourselves from over the last several months. >> charlie dent, thanks for the time. >> thank you, steve. >> all right. and a reminder about some upcoming back-to-back msnbc town hall events. governor john kasich is going to be joining chuck todd this wednesday night, 7:00 eastern time, then after that, donald trump is going to follow with "hardball's" chris matthews at 8:00 eastern. both of those back-to-back right here on msnbc, wednesday night on the place for politics if still ahead this hour,
6:39 am
wisconsin's primary now just eight days away. but candidates from both sides are already focused on the badger state. hillary clinton, ted cruz, john kasich, all of them are there today and donald trump is set to arrive tomorrow. we are going to talk about how critical wisconsin is for both parties, next. we were born 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ as we age, certain nutrients longer than ever. become especially important. from the makers of one a day fifty-plus. one a day proactive sixty-five plus. with high potency vitamin b12 and more vitamin d.
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6:43 am
2014. an average of the latest polls in wisconsin shows trump leading by less than two points. cruz right on his heels in that state. this with just eight days to go until the crucial wisconsin primary. and to preview that contest, let's bring in scott bauer, associated press correspondent based in madison, wisconsin. scott, thanks for taking a few minutes. let's start on the republican side out there. i keep hearing, when we put polls up like we just did, that shows is polls very close to trump, they say, cruz has not done well in these bigger, northern states, and yet here he is, right behind donald trump. one of the reasons people keep telling me is that conservative talk radio in wisconsin is particularly powerful and particularly anti-trump, what can you tell me about that? >> that's right, conservative talk radio in the milwaukee market is very strong, very influential and they had, for a long time, been on the anti-trump movement. and a couple weeks ago, one of the main hosts there, charlie sykes, he came out and endorsed
6:44 am
ted cruz and just last week on wednesday, senator cruz made an appearance at an event in the milwaukee area, hosted by charlie sykes. so you have these conservative milwaukee, suburban counties that represent in a lot of ways the mainstream republican party in wisconsin, listening to talk radio and talk radio is saying, now, vote for ted cruz, and definitely don't vote for donald trump. >> and we've been talking about this, how critical wisconsin is. it's a stand-alone contest, the only thing on the board for april 5th. there's nothing for two weeks after that. it's so critical for this whole idea of momentum. if donald trump wins wisconsin, we'll have two weeks of donald trump looking like a winner. if he loses, two weeks of donald trump looking vulnerable. from his standpoint, if he wants to gut out a win in wisconsin, what's he need to do? >> he'll be here tomorrow night, his first appearance, and he picked janisville, interestingly
6:45 am
enough, the hometown of house speaker paul ryan, to make his first appearance here in this campaign season. wisconsin on the republican side awards 18 delegates to the statewide winner, and then there are 24 delegates that are split up among the eight congressional districts. so, it is winner take all, in the sense that if you come in second, anywhere, you don't get anything. but you can lose the state and still pick up some delegates and some congressional districts. that's what john kasich's hoping to do. trump and cruz both think that they can win statewide. but, there's a possibility that you could have two or maybe even all three of them coming out of here with some delegates on tuesday. >> on the democratic side, meanwhile, people look at wisconsin and they say, this is a state made for bernie sanders. least people from the outside. they say, college students, liberal tradition, russ feingold, this should be sanders' country. it looks like a close race, it looks like a race he can win. why isn't he doing better there? what do we not doe about wisconsin that we should? >> remember, wisconsin is a
6:46 am
purple state in a lot of different ways and on the democratic side, you have madison, the capital city, that's a strong democratic city, fits the bernie sanders profile of a lot of liberal, white voters. he's been here twice now. he came in july and had a rally with 8,000 people, the largest -- or 10,000. the largest at that point for any candidate. he was back over the weekend, got another 8,000 people in madison. he's looking to build on that type of support in wisconsin. but also in milwaukee, you have a democratic population that is very favorable to secretary clinton. a lot of african-american voters, a lot of more urban democrats, that kind of fit her profile. she'll be in milwaukee tomorrow. she's coming to madison today. she's definitely making a play in wisconsin. but, again, it will be -- the polls have shown, at least last month, the polls were showing it to be very tight between those two here. and i think it remains to be seen yet how well bernie will do
6:47 am
here. >> scott bauer with the ap in madison, thanks for the time. >> thank you. and some happy news this easter sunday. this from the donald trump campaign. it has nothing to do with politics. but it is the news of a childbirth. donald trump's daughter, ivanka, posted this photo on social media, announcing the birth of her third child, with her husband. baby theodore was born yesterday at 5:43 p.m., grandpa trump re-posted his daughter's photo, offering his congratulations. and adding, i'm so proud and love you. it's time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. erin hershorn hated leaving his beloved pooch at the kennel when he went out of town. he knew there had to be a better option. so he started dog vacay, an online service that connects pet owners with pet-loving sitters. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc.
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6:51 am
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just mns from now, supreme court nominee merrick garland is scheduled to have the first of several meetings with senators on capitol hill. at the top of the hour, he's going to be meeting with joe donnelly, a democrat from indiana. later, he'll sit down with another democrat, ben cardin, from maryland. let's dpe to capitol hill. luke russert is camped out there for today, following all this. luke, democrats today, but the big question is, any signs of wiggle room here, any signs this could produce wiggle room among republicans? >> no. and i could tell you, i don't think it will because, steve, mitch mcconnell has made the calculation that despite their poll numbers showing republicans would like to see mr. garland
6:55 am
get a hearing, mitch mcconnell believes the backlash from the conservative base would be much more severe from the editorials or anger from moderates who are more quote/unquote country club sensible republicans. he thinks the backlash from the base would be much worse than any of the opining they might give. hence, he's going to hold firm on this position for the 1st time in modern history not to have a hearing for a supreme court nominee. what the garland doing today? what is usually standard. you go around capitol hill, you meet with senators. today, joe donnelly of indiana, ben cardin of maryland. both democrats, both sympathetic to his cause. tomorrow is interesting because he meets with mark kirk of illinois. kirk is one of 3 republicans who suggested hearings should go forward. the other one, susan collins of main. she's a modrtd. the third, jerry moran of kansas, quite conservative, and he said look, under the past rules of the simple decorum of the senate, not only should we have meetings, we should have
6:56 am
hearings. there will be cracks along the way, more likely than not. but chuck grassley is getting a lot of heat back in iowa, but mcconnell, from everyone i have spoken to close to him, he is going to hold firm on this because he thinks that conservative outrage against him and against republicans if he were to move, just an inch, would not be worth it in any capacity. >> luke, quickly, do we have any sense, garland has to know all of this is maneuvering is going on around him. does he really think this is going to end with him getting a vote, getting a hearing, getting on the court? >> maybe he's an optimistic guy. maybe he's not as jaded as you and i are that we think this is not going to happen. i think he walked in right behind me, but garland is kind of the perfect selection for this. he's 63. he's viewed as a moderate. if in fact he does go down, he can be this phoenix who has risen from the ashes to be known as the good guide. he went out there for the
6:57 am
president. went out and showcased his middle of the road sensible credentials. and he does go back to the d.c. court of appeals. not a bad place to be. seemingly, he probably understands the stakes and more likely than not, he's not going to achieve his dream. but you get a meeting with joe donnelly the day after easter. >> luke russert on capitol hill, thanks for that. that's going to wrap up this hour of msnbc. i'm steve kornacki. jose diaz-balart is up next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
♪ everything kids touch during cold and flu season
7:00 am
sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. we begin with breaking news out of belgium. the state department confirming two more americans whose identities have not been released were killedige the brussels terror attacks. this after two americans were confirmed to have been killed in the brussels airport bombing. president obama called their families yesterday to offer his condolences. the search continues for the suspects tied to the attacks.
7:01 am
in belgium alone, there were 13 house raids on sunday, looking for anyone linked to the terror cell. and belgian police today issuing a new appeal for information on the man in white, shown on airport surveillance video walking next to one of the known suicide attackers at the brussels airport. meanwhile, brussels police are calling for calm after riot police clash said with protesters near a memorial for the victims of last week's attacks. police turning water cannons on the protesters thought to have been from a right-wing group who carried anti-isis signs and chanted anti-immigrant slogans as they marched. ayman mohyeldin is in brussels with the latest on the investigation. what do kwwe know about the new arrests? >> we know that the continued operation counterterrorism operations are not limited only to belgium anymore. earlier, we got word from the netherlands that in fact a man had been arrested there, a 32-year-old man that now france, we understand, wants extradited
7:02 am
to that country in connection with a possible terrorist attack they're investigating there. but here in belgium, we got word from the raids that took place over the weekend that out of the 13 homes that were searched and 9 individuals that were detained, there are now three people who have been charged with belonging to a terrorist organization. though they did not specifically say that's the federal prosecutor's office, they did not specifically say if they were in some way, shape, or form connected to last tuesday's terrorist attacks at the airport and the subway station. but as we were saying, the investigation does continue. the federal prosecutor saying now that the man, the only man that has been charged with last tuesday's attack is this individual known as faceal chefue. what we were surprised to learn is belgian police are saying he is not the man in white that is seep in the surveillance video. the reason that's a significant development is for the past several days, local belgian media had been reporting cheffou
7:03 am
was the third suspect, the man seen with the other two suicide bombers at the airport. this morning, belgian police are once again appealing to the public for any help or information in trying to identify him. as you mention, though, the death toll from tuesday's attack has now risen to 35 people. that does not include the three attackers. 35 people now reported dead. four people died while they were being treated at the hospital. we also got confirmation, as you mentioned, two americans were killed. no confirmation on their identities yet. a lot of different pieces of the puzzle here moving over the weekend as well as on monday. we are expecting an interfaith memorial to take place where members of various religious communities are expected to come together and pay their tributes for the victims, following yesterday's protests that really raised some fault lines between the right wing groups that participated and those that were paying their respects at the memorial behind me. >> ayman mohyeldin in brussels, thank you very much. i want to turn to the middle
7:04 am
east and that horrific suicide bomber attack that left more than 70 women and children dead and hundreds injured at a park in pakistan. rehema ellis joins us from our london bureau this morning. >> jose, a stunning attack on this group of people who were gathered in this park. military authorities now and pakistani authorities are now saying they're launching a military-style crackdown on islamic militants who may have been involved in this deadly suicide attack. as you point out, police say that more than 70 people were killed, 29 of them at least 29, were children, and some reports are now saying as many as half of those killed may have been children. another 320 people were injured. and depending on the nature of the injuries, sthoerts are cautioning that the number of dead could go up. a fraction of a pakistani taliban group has claimed responsibility for this suicide bombing, saying it was deliberately targeting
7:05 am
christians. today, pope francis came out and called the attack in his words, quote, reprehensible and said it bloodied sunday. he called for prayers for the victims. the attack happened as we pointed out in a crowded park on easter sunday as people were enjoying the easter weekend. and reports say many people were lined up to buy bus tickets or i should say train tickets when the bomb went off. this is the deadliest attack in this country since 2014, we understand, when about 130 students, you might remember, they were attacked and killed by a group of militants at the school, a military-run school in pakistan. back then, and now again, pakistani authorities have called this brutal attack reprehensible and say that it, they must find the people responsible for this. and this has happened in a section of the country that is one of the richest parts of pakistan, and this area, lahore, is also the power base of the prime minister.
7:06 am
more than 70 people killed. 29 of them, at least 29 of them, children. and more than 300 people were wounded in this attack. jose. >> rehema ellis, thank you very much. and turning back to this country and the ever changing fast moving presidential race, the candidates are making their way to wisconsin. the site of next primary. it's a week from tomorrow. this morning, republicans are still going over two people who aren't even on the ballot. donald trump and ted cruz are fighting over their wives after that anti-trump super pac used a picture of melania trump and the front-runner threatened to, quote, spill the beans about cruz's wife. with less than four months to go before the convention, trump is threatening to sue the gop. he said cruz is stealing his delegates. on the democratic side, the weekend belonged to bernie sanders. he won big, all three contests over the weekend. he beat hillary clinton in alaska, in hawaii and in washington state, with over 70% of the vote in each state. even with the new momentum,
7:07 am
however, his path to the nomination remains narrow. he managed to slightly chip away clinton's lead in pledged delegates, but overall, clinton holds a 675 delegate lead with less than four months to go until the convention. our political team is all here with us this morning. starting with msnbc host and political correspondent steve kornacki. good morning. >> good morning to you, jose. let's take a look at that narrow path for bernie sanders. big weekend for him. can he catch hillary clinton? so this is the column you just mentioned, the pledged delegates. we call them allocated. this are the delegates you win in caucuses and primaries. they're not all counted from the weekend so this is going to tighten, but it's going to be a lead of about 230 for hillary clinton. the sanders theory here is basically, he's got to catch her in this column, in the remaining primaries and caucuses, and then the super delegates over here, the elected officials, the party leaders, they'll be forced to chachs their mind and goy to sanders. that's the theory. can he pull it off, can he make up 230?
7:08 am
this is the map, what's coming up. you see a couple problems right away for bernie sanders. i'm going to x off wyoming and north dakota. these are caucus states. the three sanders won were caucus states. most of the states sanders has son so far have been caucus states. these are the only two caucus states left the rest of the way. also, take acloo at the next state, wisconsin, the polls close there. bernie sanders could win wisconsin, but likely if he wins wisconsin, it will be narrow. of the 86 delegates, he might take 46 of them or so. he could chip away slightly, again, 230 is what he needs to make up. here's the real problem looking ahead. new york, pennsylvania, maryland, new jersey, the mid-atlantic, huge delegate rich states. they all have polls that show hillary clinton leading by 30 or more points. if that holds, if she gets anything like that, that 230 is going to jump to 430. that's going to mean in every other state to come, california on the west coast, everything
7:09 am
here in the middle of the country, sanders would need to be getting about 70% of the delegates out of those states if he's going to overcome that kind of a deficit. he not only needs to win wisconsin, he needs to pull some of the upsets of the century, basically, in the mid-atlantic and then a lot more after that. there is a path, i guess, jose, but narrow. boy, that's putting it mildly. >> certainly is. steve kornacki, thank you very much. let me bring in our reporters on the trail. kristen welker is in wisconsin. katy tur in new york, and kasie hunt in d.c. good morning. katy, talk to us about the lawsuit that trump is threatening the rnc over. >> it's over what happened in louisiana. what i can tell you is that donald trump won in louisiana back in march, but under rnc rules with how close it was, he and ted cruz split delegates, about 18 each. since then, though, ted cruz's team has gone into the state convention, and they wooed over what are called unbound delegates. also zombie delegates. the unbound delegates are people
7:10 am
that didn't have to go to a certain candidate, and the zombie delegates basically came from carson or rubio. and they were able to woo them into the cruz campaign, convince them to go for ted cruz, which means ted cruz actually has about a ten-delegate lead in louisiana over donald trump. donald trump is saying that this isn't fair. now he's threatening a lawsuit over it. the reality is, these are the rules for the rnc, the rules that they have always been. now the trump campaign wants to go in and change them because they don't perceive them as fair. remember, he has threatened lawsuits a number of times in the past. certainly ted cruz, over his canadian birth and negative ads. marco rubio as well as a host of other people. so far, he has not followed through on the majority of the lawsuits though. >> zombie delegates, i'm learning something new every day. hey, and talk to us about this back and forth over trump and cruz's wives. what kind of impact is this having on trump? >> well, that remains to be seen.
7:11 am
what i can tell you is that there is a pretty wide gender gap when it comes to trump's support. he's not winning over women as much as the campaign might have hoped. so far, republican women only see him about half favorably, if you look at the general electorate, i think it's about 70% that view him unfavorably, when it comes to women. there is a big gender gap. certainly, comments like this fighting over wives, retweeting a photo that is not so flattering of ted cruz's wife, there are a lot of women out there who might not take kindly to that sort of thing. so far, the trump campaign doesn't necessarily believe they have a big problem when it comes to this. they pointed to trump's track record in business with women. he said he's been very supportive of women in the past. they believe they're going to be able to win over the women vote. that's what they say publicly. internally, the women vote is not what they're banking ob. they're going for white males. they have turned them out in large numbers so far, record turnout for many of the republican primaries.
7:12 am
they believe they're going to keep going with that. they also believe there are a lot of white males out there who are not going to be excited to vote for hillary clinton. democrat white males and empties, and they'll be able to bring over to the donald trump camp. and if they do that in large numbers, they'll be able to mitigate some of these negatives when it comes to women. >> well, and kristen and kasie, let's talk about the democrats. there are a couple headlines. kasie, the first of the massive wins for sanders over the weekend. >> yeah, jose, the margins in the caucus states were extraordina extraordinary. we have forgotten we heard hillary clinton's campaign talk a lot privately about how they had a caucus strategy at the very least was going to preth them from what happened with barack obama 2008. it seems like sanders was really able to get those huge margins in those western states. now, of course, the challenge for him, steve kornacki walked through a little bit of this. we haven't seen him get margins
7:13 am
like that in any state that's had a primary. particularly in states where there are a high percentage of minority voters. that is really the place that sanders has had to try and shore up. he hasn't shown yet he's able to win over minorities in large numbers. they're going to play a critical role in many of the upcoming contests where sanders would need to post a huge margin of victory, not just eke out beating hillary clinton in wisconsin, a little bit, but by a lot. and unless he's able to start to do that, he doesn't have a clear path to the democratic nomination at this point. that said, i think you saw from the sanders camp over the weekend a little bit of encouragement, reassurance that this path isn't impossible either. sanders himself gets frustrated when the question is why haven't you dropped out? why aren't you letting hillary clinton take the democratic nomination? are you going to support her when you lose? making assumptions like that,
7:14 am
that he should get out. this, of course, gives them more ammunition to say, hey, we're going to keep going all the way to june 7th, california, and to the florida convention, jose. >> and kristen, the e-mail controversy back in the news for hillary clinton. tell us a little bit about that. >> you're absolutely right. another drip in the ongoing drip, drip, drip over her e-mails. a couple articles out, a p wi "washington post" report that details the extent some of her aides were warned against using a private server and an "l.a. times" report that suggests the fbi investigation is moving to a new phase, prosecutors are seeking interviews with some of her former and closest aitds. the clinton campaign not confirming that report. one top official with her campaign telling me this, quote, we have always said that hrc would encourage anyone contacted to cooperate fully, as she did when she personally offered to meet with doj officials last august. she remains willing to answer any questions, to help them
7:15 am
complete their work. now, the takeaway here, jose, may just be that this investigation is nearing its completion. we anticipate that secretary clinton would be interviewed as well, and once that happens, the investigation would likely be finished. the "l.a. times" pointing to the fact there's. no indication, and in fact, a number of sources believe this is not going to turn into a prosecution or a criminal case, but of course, that remains to be seen. and bottom line here is that this continues to give her challengers fodder, particularly her gop challengers, donald trump, she and donald trump have been engaging in a little bit of a preview of what we might see in a general election. secretary clinton taking aim at him in recent days over a whole host of issues. she's going to do it again today here at the university of wisconsin when she slams him and talks about the need to appoint a new supreme court justice. but again, jose, this e-mail issue continues to linger, even as she gets closer to clinching the nomination. jose. >> kristen welker, kasie hunt,
7:16 am
and katy tur, thank you so much for being with me this morning. >> gracias. >> thank you. a programming note, the presidential front-runners will be on msnbc wednesday night. donald trump will join chris matthews at 8:00 p.m. eastern, followed by hillary clinton on a special edition of the rachel maddow show. so much ahead. watching developments on capitol hill where the president's pick to become the next supreme court justice is meeting with senators who could very well decide his fate. after sweeping caucus contests in three states, chief of staff for senator bernie sanders will be here with me, to tell us what's next in his quest for the nomination. plus, donald trump cries foul in the gop delegate count. we'll have more on that. is there or not a possible lawsuit coming? you're watching msnbc. the place for politics. ow it is. you're all set to book a flight using your airline credit card miles. and surprise! those seats sometimes cost a ridiculous number of miles, making it really hard to book the flight you want.
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bernie sanders racked up big wins over the weekend and breathed new life into his presidential campaign. he beats hillary clinton in alaska, hawaii, and washington state. even those impressive victories not withstanding, his path to winning the nomination is still narrow. with me now from washington, michael ian control, the chief of staff for bernie sanders. >> according to our political unit, you have to win two out of every three delegates remaining to get to the madgic number. how are you going to do that? >> we have shown we can come from way behind, and we're putting really good runs across the country. we're announcing our steering committee. we opens headquarters in brooklyn, new york. i think we have good time here to talk to voters and i think when they hear the message
7:21 am
bernie sanders is trying to deliver, they like what they hear. >> these are states, when we look at places like new york and other places, it seems as though, you know, at least the numbers show right now, hillary clinton is doing far, far better than the senator is. >> well, like i said, we have shown we can come from behind from 20 points or more and close these gaps. we're going to do this again. le he's going to get out there, talk to voters. when they hear his message of making the government work not just for the billionaire class for everyone, i think you'll see them come over to bernie sanders and hear what he has to say. >> the senator has refused to answer whether he will endorse clinton if she wins the nomination. what message do you think that sense to independent voters. >> he has always said he would support the democratic nominee for president. that's why he's in the case for democrat. he'll come up for hillary clinton. at this point, we're still working on winning this nomination. we do have a path to victory,
7:22 am
and we would actually like to debate hillary clinton in new york, and we have challenged her to come and do that. there are a ought of people who still haven't heard the senator and secretary debate and it's time to do that again. >> why wasn't this an issue when the dnc added more debates to the calendar for late april or may? why now bringing it up? >> we have been getting through a series of debates and really heavy contests we have done in the last couple weeks. it's time to get back on the debate stage. we have always been supportive of having additional debates. i think it's time to have a couple more. >> and so tell me about what states are you looking forward to in the future? >> we're very much looking forward to new york. we're looking forward to california. we have a good spot in wisconsin. and i think we have a lot of good things to say out in pennsylvania. so we're looking forward to the mid-atlantic states. >> thank you for being with me. i really appreciate your time. >> thank you for having me. >> as we count down to the next big republican race in wisconsin, donald trump is
7:23 am
making big threats. he says a lawsuit is coming after some interesting headlines started to surface in louisiana. katy tur laid out, even though trump won the louisiana primary, cruz made some big gains with delegates at the state party convention. ari melber is here to walk us through whether a lawsuit in this situation is even possible. ari, good to see you. >> as you mentioned, jose, let's look at another tweet that started it all here. donald trump basically clapping back at the louisiana state party saying just to show you how unfair republican politics can be, i won the state of louisiana and get less delegates than cruz, dash, lawsuit coming. before we get into that, i want to be clear about the context. donald trump has repeatedly threatened lawsuits on the campaign without actually doing anything about them. he said if i want to bring a lawsuit it would be legitimate. i have standing to sue him for not being a natural born citizen, and on kasich, he said, i would sue him just for fun,
7:24 am
quote. i don't know if everyone would agree that's fun, but the point is donald trump does this. we all do go along with it. i don't just mean the press, which covers what a leading candidate says, but also the party. the louisiana gop has responded saying his beef isn't with them. it's with cruz. they don't really see grounds for a lawsuit. but they are ready for one if it should come. i think the larger context here, jose, isn't how do you settle a private dispute like this legally? it would be hard to try to get a court to come in and reapportion delegates if there's any kind of good faith disagreement because it's a private-party process. as long as there wasn't something that rose to the level of, say, discrimination or something that was directly corrupt or bribery, the kind of things the government cares about and enforcement, a simple delegate squabble is not going to get resolves usually by a court. there is the political piece where the law and politics mead. that is donald trump is trying to summon a sense of unfairness. we were reporting last week about his own attempts to get
7:25 am
ready for a potential contested convention. groups amassing for him. the last thing i want to show you, a petition with republicans threatening to walk out of the republican party is the nomination is, quote, taken away from trump. that's up to 20,000 supporters and counting. i think that's where the story will also go. it's different candidates arguing whatever the rules may say, in trump's case, he wants to argue he is owed this thing. he has more votes. in cruz's case, you hear the argument, you have known the rules the whole time. if you don't clinch the majority, we settle this in cleveland. >> yeah. going to be very interesting. ari, good to see you. happening right now on capitol hill, the president's pick to fill the supreme court seat left vacant by the late justice scalia is holding closed door meetings with democratic senators. we're live on the hill. >> plus, it may be monday, but easter is not over at the white house. president obama's final easter egg roll finally under way. we're covering that next right here on msnbc live.
7:26 am
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7:29 am
president obama's pick for the supreme court is on capitol hill this morning. merrick garland meeting with two democratic senators today's. he's going to be meeting with a aren senator tomorrow. luke russert is live on capitol hill this morning. good morning. what are you learned about these meetings? >> hey, good morning, jose. i could tell you that judge garland entered a very important question for those from the midwest, because he's meeting right now with senator donnelly of indiana and senator donnelly asked him, sir, are you a cubs or white sox fan? this is in the small amount of time the media was made present. he answered he was a cubs fan, but he had a grandparent who liked the white sox. a little politician, a little leeway. that's precisely probably the most amount of information we have learned this morning aside from senator donnelly wanting judge garland to get a hearing. you're hearing a lot of democ t democrats say do your job. that's the hashtag that has been
7:30 am
popular on twitter. later today, he's going to meet with ben cardin of maryland. someone else who is also sympathetic to his cause. the real interesting meeting is tomorrow, with senator mark kirk of illinois. he's a republican, one of only three who has called for garland to get a hearing. that's actually a popular poll on the republican side. 55% actually would like to see garland get a hearing, but mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader, he believes from sources i spoke to close to him that where the republican base is, is no hearing, no vote, do not allow president obama's supreme court nominee to move forward in any capacity. mcconnell seems very comfortable holding that line, even though there have been some republican defections. interesting to see if there's any more break in that dam, but so far, there seems to be no reversal from mitch mcconnell. each one of these meetings, i have to tell you, every time they meet with a senator at an office like this, every time there's a photo op, every time me or other reporters are talking about, it there's a lot
7:31 am
of feeling on the democratic side it puts a break in the dam. they say, this guy is qualified. at least give him a hearing. mcconnell doesn't want to do that, especially the blue state, purple state senators up for re-election. >> good to see you. thanks somuch. up next, donald trump spending about 100 minutes with the "new york times" to discuss all things foreign policy, saying his views fit nowhere into the recent history of the republican party. we'll discuss those revelations next. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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7:35 am
japan and south korea against north korea. he doesn't mind, he would be okay if japan and south korea go nuclear. american policy for decades since world war ii has been trying to keep nukes out of that arena. he would stop importing oil from saudi arabia if they don't pay more for their defense. we need oil. we are not energy independent. we rely on oil still for our daily needs. he is completely all over the lot on iran, he believes, he complained iran isn't buying our planes. had to be pointed out to him that iran is still under sanctions and cannot buy american planes. he thinks north korea and iran are the biggest trading partners when their biggest trading partner is china. he is completely uneducated by any part of the world. >> with me now to take a look at how realistic mr. trump's foreign policy ideas are, editor at large for the atlantic, steve clemons. >> good seeing you.
7:36 am
>> during the interview, tremp says he is, quote, not isolationist, but i am america first. what exactly do you think this is? >> well, this has been growing in american politics for a very long time. we heard it in the candidacies of people in the past like pat buchanan, and generally, the view is that the architecture in the world, both the economic architecture and the national security architecture in places like nato of the wto have bekim places where other nations are ripping off america. that's one narrative. and what they're doing is essentially the old quid pro quo that used to exist that america was the global security guerarrr of last resort, those institutions provided a better way of life and provided jobs for average working americans. what trump is saying is somewhere along the line, that broke, and those institutions are now harming american interests, and we need to get back to our home base. now, there's a lot of incoherence in this
7:37 am
extraordinary interview, which i recommend everyone read, as long as it is, but it is internally consistent with the view the united states needs to get back to basics. that means dissen tangling itself from much of the world. a fascinating and shocking interview. >> he doesn't seem to put a lot of cost in the cost of, for example, stepping back from nato. the costs involved in letting japan and other countries, you know, supporting their nuclear weaponry dreams. there doesn't seem to be any cost to those costs. >> right. well, japan happens to spend more and give a check to the united states supporting u.s. military that is stationed over there and provides more for their own security and payment to us than any other of our allies. that's something he misses in this discussion, specifically about japan. but the point is, he has no respect for international institutions.
7:38 am
which give leverage to the united states to achieve its own objectives. he sees those institutions as binding and constraining, and as ways for other nations to free ride on american power. and that is a punctuation point in american politics we haven't heard in decades. it's a remarkable statement of sort, and he's basically saying, you know, all of the strategic class in washington that has these high fuluting trait deals and security deals have forgotten the average joe. and that's appealing to a lot of americans. >> and let's talk a little bit about oil. he goes really hard at saudi arabia. you just heard andrea mitchell say the u.s. isn't that energy independent to break ties with the saudis. can his idea even be executed? >> well, global oil and gas are fungible and go across areas. if you create a rupture between the saudis and americans, that oil will find other ways to flow, and markets will happen to sort of remove the sen seic
7:39 am
sensationalism of that. but they have been behind us and supporting our foreign policy for decades and decades, behind the scenes, helping to move oil and energy markets or access for countries we thought were necessary. they were a vital part of u.s. national security strategy, often unrecognized and unthanked. he just wants to walk away from all that. that's really even more striking than saying he would suspend oil contracts. >> and the destabilization of the saudi regime would have deep implications throughout the middle east. >> oh, absolutely. i think that right now, you see much of the middle east being driven, our concerns about isis. a lot has to do with sunni paranoia the united states is abandoning the field and abandoning itsalis and letting iran and shiite interests take over. whether that's real or not, the paranoia is real and that's feeding the proxy conflicts
7:40 am
throughout the middle east and north africa region. one can only imagine that paranoia got knocked up to defcon 5 with donald trump's comments and he's right now looking like he could very well be the gop nominee and run a race where it's based essentially on withdrawal from traditional relationships, withdrawal or renegotiation of nato, scrapping trade deals, scrapping contracts we had with the rest of the world. so the united states will be thrust into a very interesting conflict with much of the world on day one of a trump presidency. >> steve clemons, always a pleasure to see you. >> thank you, jose. >> take care. coming up, bernie sanders is gaining momentum. sweeping three western caucuses. the delegate math still strongly in hillary clinton's camp. hillary clinton is setting her sights on a general election matchup against donald trump. the latest on 2016 next. >> our calculations are in fact we can win the pledged delegates, and at a time when we
7:41 am
have the momentum, we have won 5 out of the 6 last contests in landslide fashion, in all of the nation polling that i have seen, we are beating donald trump by much greater margins than is secretary clinton. ward miles on your airline credit card. now you just book a seat, right? not quite. sometimes those seats are out of reach, costing an outrageous number of miles. it's time to switch... to the capital one venture card. with venture, you'll earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. and when you're ready to travel, just book the flight you want, on any airline and use your miles to cover the cost. now that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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now that's more like it. i have an orc-o-gram we for an "owen."e. that's me. ♪ you should hire stacy drew. ♪ ♪ she wants to change the world with you. ♪ ♪ she can program jet engines to talk and such. ♪ ♪ her biggest weakness is she cares too much. ♪ thank you. my friend really wants a job at ge.
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mine too. ♪ i'm a wise elf from a far off shire. ♪ and sanjay patel is who you should hire. ♪ thank you. seriously though, stacy went to a great school and she's really loyal. you should give her a shot. sanjay's a team player and uh... and breaking news right now out of belgium, where we just found out a suspect has been released. let's go to ayman mohyeldin in brussels. good morning. >> good morning, jose. we just got a statement from the belgian federal prosecutor confirming in fact the man identified as fay calchefue, who was believed to be the only person charged with a crime in connection to last tuesday's attacks has been released by a magistrate due to a lack of evidence. a stunning twist, if you will, in this investigation. police also this morning releasing that they are appealing to the public for help in trying to identify a man seen in the surveillance video there
7:45 am
on the screen in a white jacket and dark bucket hat. the reason that is so significant is because earlier, in the weekend, the federal prosecutor had charged cheffou with three different counts, including belonging to a terrorist organization, participating in terrorism, and murder. so it was a pretty significant development to hear there was not enough evidence despite the charges leveled against him. he now has been released. so that just happening in the last hour. a setback, if you will, for the investigation as police make that appeal for the public, for any information in trying to identify that third individual involved in the attack at the airport. jose. >> and so the video that we're seeing, not the one at the airport, but the one of cheffou, is him with a microphone, this one. maybe we could explain why we have that, what that video is. >> this is a video believed to have belonged to a man known as
7:46 am
faycal cheffou. it is believed he made this video some time ago when he was doing a documentary. he was doing a documentary film about the treatment of muslims here in belgium. that individual believed to be cheffou has now been released. does not have enough evidence, according to the federal prosecutor, to be charged with crimes in connection with last tuesday's attacks. so when you put it in context of where the investigation was last week, they had identified the two men on the left of the screen in that surveillance video. those two men believed to be suicide bombers. one, el bakraoui, the other, laachraoui. they were able to determine their identities based on dna. they were known to authorities. most interesting, since last tuesday, there has been a manhunt to try to identify who this suspect is, the man in the light jacket, and now they're appealing to the public for any
7:47 am
information, for some time over the weekend, belgian local media was reporting that that man was actually faccal cheffou, but it's been reported as incorrect reporting. there are no arrests in connection with tuesday's attack. there have been a series of arrests, some charges filed against individuals. at least three in the past 24 hours, but their charges that have been filed against them were for belonging to a terrorist organization, although no clear evidence that they were directly linked to last tuesday's attack. jose. >> ayman mohyeldin in brussels, thank you very much. appreciate it. more headaches for hillary clinton after bernie sanders won a big weekend. >> right now, we have a lot of momentum. we're focusing on wisconsin, new york state. we have a path to victory. we are going to win this nomination process. >> i'm joined now by "new york times" political reporter, nicholas confessore as well as
7:48 am
usa today reporting susan. you have been writing about this as a clean sweep for sanders, alaska, hawaii, and washington. is it nervous time for clinton, or doesn't seem like the numbers are looking a lot better for bernie sanders. >> no question, bernie sanders had a great weekend. big victories in all three states that were holding caucuses by double digits. another sign he can do very well, especially among voters who are mostly liberal in two of the states, mostly white, and especially when they are caucus contests. definitely deserves congratulations on that. however, the math continues to be with hillary clinton. you know, hillary clinton needs to get about a third of the remaining delegates. bernie sanders needs to get two thirds of the remaining delegates. that is mathematically possible, but it is unlikely given the proportional representation rules that democrats have, and also given the states we're now going to, states like new york and pennsylvania and new jersey with a high number of african-american voters. they have really turned out in a big way for hillary clinton.
7:49 am
and we only have two more caucus states left. those are the states, the kind of contests that have been best for bernie sanders. >> you just heard, i mean, bernie sanders' campaign head was with us saying they have a history of coming from behind. and susan, they're going to do that in places like new york and other places. it just seems like it's more difficult in places like new york. >> well, if he's able to do that, he did that in michigan. we didn't expect him to win the michigan primary, and he did. that was a big victory. big victory in new hampshire. he needs to do that in the next several big states coming up for him to stay in the race for the actual nomination, as opposed to the race for shaping what the party stands for, which is also something he's been doing. >> you have been following the campaign. as long as it keeps flowing, should we expect sanders to stay in the race? he's pulling in really big numbers. >> he's raising huge amounts of money, jose. putting a lot of money on tv, by the way, and some ways sort of a conventional campaign that way. he's not going to run out of money before the campaign is
7:50 am
over. and it's a tribute to his message and the way he's been able to turn his message of opposition to big money into a source of money from grassroots donors to his campaign. but as susan was saying before, he has got to broaden his appeal. he can't win the nomination by being concentrated in these states like alaska and idaho or in the caucus states. he has to find a way to win a landslide victory in a mainstream kind of democratic state like new york or california. if he can't do that, he can't win the nomination. >> nicholas confessore and susan page, thank you both. >> i want to show you quick what the white house looks rieg right now. happening. final event of its kind for president obama. there you see him. president and michelle obama, the easter bunny, and star wars storm troopers are now greeting the children and posing for pictures. we're going to be right back with these live pictures from the white house. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
an update on breaking news out of pakistan and that horrific suicide bombing attack that left more than 70 women and children dead. hundreds injured at a park in lahore. shawn joins me by phone from laho lahore, close to the sight of the bombing. >> hi, jose. yeah, we're very close to the site of the bombing which is dark right now because it's 8:00 p.m., but we saw horrific scenes today at the hospital where dead buddies were being collected by their families. see spoke to a family as well which had lost many of their family members. some of which were still in the icu. a lot of burials today as well. so far, the death toll now is at 72, with 315 more injured. what we're hearing otherwise besides the tragic news from the families is how security forces are looking right now for the
7:55 am
perpetrators. there seems to have been more than one. some assailants, besides the suicide bomber who did blow himself up. authorities cannot confirm information about who these people are, but raids have been taking place all over the country right now, trying to find those responsible. >> and very quickly, does it seem as though it was one suicide bomber? >> well, yes, it was one suicide bomber, but it's still unclear whether there was others there who did not blow themselves up or whether he was the only one. there are investigators are saying they suspect that there were more than one suicide bomber. right now, they're saying that they're not sure whether they were suicide bombers or just assisting the suicide bomber. there were more than one assa assailants, for sure. >> thank you very much. 72 confirmed dead.
7:56 am
350 injured in this horrible attack. thank you for being with me this morning. >> that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. thank you for the privilege of your time. tamron hall is up next. i'll see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ it was always just a hobby. something you did for fun. until the day it became something much more. and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. but i've managed.e crohn's disease is tough, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing. and when i finally told my doctor, he said humira is for adults like me who have tried other medications but still experience the symptoms
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that's why we're adding 20% more chicken to our chick pot pies with golden, flaky crusts. that's my mom. now serving... a better banquet. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc election headquarters in new york. new developments to report to you this morning from the campaign trail. bernie sanders coming off a huge win, three different states over the weekend. hillary clinton on the road to the next state up, wisconsin. and she is calling for a hearing for supreme court nominee merrick garland. meanwhile, donald trump facing the fire for his foreign policy flubs with both the "new york
8:00 am
times" and "washington post." and ted cruz and the battle of the wives. is he now using the battle to his advantage? and it is just over a week now until the next crucial primary. that's wisconsin, of course, and this morning, senator bernie sanders has new momentum after a big weekend in the democratic race. he is now hoping to capitalize on his three landslide victories in this weekend's caucuses in hawaii, washington state, and alaska. sanders margin of victory in each state, 42 points or higher. >> we are making significant inroads in secretary clinton's lead, and we have -- and we have, with your support coming here in wisconsin, we have a path toward victory. >> but senator sanders still


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