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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  March 28, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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mitchell reports," an eye opening foreign policy document. in the war over the wives, there's no sign of a cease-fire. >> he sent a photo to gq
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magazine, frankly, that's fine but he sent it to everybody. he knew about it 100%. he knew about it 100%, just so und understand. >> he said he did. >> he's a liar. >> as sure as you sitting there, he knew about it. >> saturday sweep. a caucus for bernie sanders this weekend as the democratic challenger ready for another chance to take on hillary clinton. >> i would hope very much that as we go into new york state, secretary clinton's home state, that he would have a debate, new york city, up state, wherever. >> manhunt. belgian police with more surveillance video of the man in white still on the loose. even as the death toll rises for american victims. in pakistan, a horrific easter sunday targeting christian families at a
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playground, killing of at least 72 people, mostly women and children. good day, i'm andrea mitchell in washington. donald trump and ted cruz lobbying accusations at each other in a primary race that gets more contentious by the day proving there's no civility in this civil war. joining me is katy tur with the trump campaign. katy, you've been through this. you've seen the way trump attacked and counterattacks and changes the subject, but here, he's going after ted cruz and blaming ted cruz for what was a super pac release against melania trump that started the battle of the wives. and ted cruz denies any movem t involvement. is there any evidence? >> reporter: no evidence at the moment that ted cruz had anything to do with the super pac and the image of melania that went out to utah voters with the message, vote for ted cruz last week. either, trump does not know that or understand it's a super pac
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or accusing him of criminal activity or he just doesn't really care and the point he's trying to make is that he's trying to undercut ted cruz's, not his viability but his candor with voters, trying to paint him as somebody who's dishonest. and he has been doing that for quite some time and this does fit in line with a number of attacks that donald trump has lobbed against ted cruz over the past few months saying that he was dishonest when he came to the vote in iowa when he tried to blame ben carson was dropping out of the race. he's been calling him lying ted for a few months. this would fit into that with being dishonest for the photo of melania. but he's taken it to a new level by retweeting an image of what somewhat called an unflattering image of ted cruz's wife and threatening to spill the beans about her.
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why get into the gutter? why continue with this? are you going to stop it and start to act more president issue for wisconsin voters looking for that sort of thing? he said, yes, but essentially, ted cruz started it. >> and katy, trump was on the radio today with charlie sikes. let's play it because he identified himself to trump and trump was unaware of this as a member of the never-trump part of the republican party with the conservative base. >> introduce you to wisconsin by getting an apology from you for heidi cruz or what you said. >> an apology who sent out a picture of my wife to everybody? >> that was an independent group. >> no, it wasn't. no, he knew about that. is ted cruz going to apologize for starting it and sending out that picture? >> and that's your stance?
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>> i thought it was very inappropriate. >> that's exactly the radio interview you were talking about. kelly o'donnell in wisconsin covering the kasich campaign and beginning, kelly, on "meet the press" to hint, possibly, at not supporting trump, if he is the nominee. >> reporter: one of the issues through this season is going up against tradition. it was never a doubt in past cycles that of course, republican rivals would ultimately support the nominee and the pledge they take and the efforts toward that are meant to unify the party eventually to remind people that all of the jousting that goes on, primary by primary will all fall to the wayside. but this has been like no other year, of course. john kasich, like some of the others signed the pledge, raised his hands saying he would support the nominee. but now, sort of tapping the brakes a little bit. we're here at a west salem location where he's going to be.
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this is a steel company. he'll be doing a town hall meeting in a little bit. if you hear the counting behind me, that's the team setting up his own audio system for this. when i say tapping the brakes, andrea, what i'm talking about is john kasich really boinltpoiboinlpointing out two things. does not want to say that donald trump is the ultimate nominee. he doesn't want to put that out there. as the man running third in this pack, it makes sense. he doesn't want it to be a forgone conclusion. anyone fighting the nomination would do that, but beyond that, he's saying he will look at the situation day by day assessing some of the rhetoric that's going back and forth he doesn't like the inclusion of families as that should be off limits. a couple of things. john kasich is trying to remind voters he's got the fight to try to keep pushing this towards some sort of an ultimate decision at the convention and secondly, not wanting to signal to people he supports donald trump and some of the things
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that he's been saying and for someone like john kasich who's been a traditional republican for a long time, that is really very different as a candidate in the way he finds himself now. not wanting to jump on the trump bandwagon or alienate voters who might say they could take another look at john kasich. andrea? >> katy tur at 30 rock. kelly o'donnell in wisconsin. thank you. foreign policy has emerged as a big issue. david joining me now. chief washington correspondent. took part in a television conversation and donald trump, for about 90 minutes last friday, david, thank you very much for joining us from princeton today. donald trump comes to washington last week doing the aipac conference, the pro-israel american lobbying group. and gives a speech on teleprompter laying out his view of the world at least in terms
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of the middle east. does the interview with "the washington post" or the interview with "the washington post" editorial board raising a lot of questions about his view of the world. what do you, in your interview with him, was most surprising? >> i guess what struck me about this interview, andrea. we had been asking him to do it for a number of weeks. was that as we tried to push him beyond the familiar lines of this campaign, which were, you know, build the wall. ban the muslim citizens entering the u.s., the things that have been familiar. we wanted to see if there was a broader doctrine how he would conduct foreign policy different than the way it's been conducted before. and what we found was that in fact, it would be quite different. he has a very transactional vision, as you might expect of somebody who spent his entire life in the business world, of our alliances.
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he said if japan doesn't pay more for its presence of u.s. troops and they already pay more for any other ally we have for housing them and feeding american troops, then he would think about pulling our troops out of japan. if the saudis didn't pay more and go fight isis, we would no longer buy their oil. if the chinese didn't behave better in the south china sea, he would take it out. it was very transactional. what was interesting to me, as somebody who with you, andrea, covered a lot of foreign policy over a lot of decades is that the knock-on effects of these decisions i don't think he had given a lot of thought to before. if you pull back from the japanese and they no longer become convinced that you're covering them with your nuclear umbrella, all of the sudden, they may be interested in getting a nuclear weapon and he said he was fine with that. >> he was fine with nuclearizing
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in japan and south korea. >> he said south korea occurred without discussing. he believes, and pardon me for take talking over you there. >> jump in. >> he said he was okay with south korea getting its own weapon to deter the north. the south then is do these become so destabilizing to start an arm's race around asia? >> if you think about the implications of withdrawing our bases from asia towards what happens with china, what happens, as you say, as south korea gets a nuclear weapon, japan gets a nuclear weapon. is that what we want to see and don't we use those bases for counterterrorism to protect the u.s.? they are bases for drones and for intelligence gathering. >> that's absolutely right. the middle east is a great example of this.
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our bases are not simply there to protect the country where the bases are. sometimes, they are there to give us a forward operating space that we desperately need. we need a way through pakistan, you may remember to feed our troops in afghanistan. we have bases in africa that we use to be able to land drones. we have many countries that we have quiet agreements so that cia and other intelligence operations can run through there. and these are not usually just financial transactions. they're built on a level of trust. certainly, true about the five eyes. britain, the united states, canada, australia, and new zealand which share a huge amount of intelligence and find useful because it reduces our ability to have to collect around the world but if you haven't been in government and he has not and freely admits
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that, you haven't yet got a full understanding of what the other elements of these alliances are all about. >> one of the things that struck me in the interview both with you and the "washington post" is that if he doesn't know anything, he changes the subject to something he seems more comfortable with. like i'm a counter puncher against rubio. tactical weapons and he talks about, well, i'm a counterpuncher. i went up against rubio and then he segues into, you're all a beautiful people. will you introduce yourselves to me so i know who the hell and never answers the question about whether he would use tactical nukes. >> a lot of politicians do this. they go back to familiar lines. and they prep themselves for debates. we're in a different stage of the campaign. if you believe he's heading for the nomination and certainly not a done deal, that would
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certainly be where a lot of the money is today, then you are at a point where you begin to have to deeply probe what the policy issues are. and it's particularly important for him to get up to speed on this because sooner or later, if he does get the nomination, he's likely to be debating the former secretary of state, who's got a pretty good background in all of this set of issues from even the years before she was secretary. so he's got a steep learning curve out here. we've seen feel people do that. it's the toughest out there and by the end of his presidency, he had interesting insights but it was a steep learning curve and i think the same will be true of mr. trump. >> let me ask about his
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advisors. he said he depends on his own brain. he at times said i watch the sunday talk shows and read your newspapers, but his circle of advisors is very small. he explains the better advisors or the better known advisors are locked up in contracts to network tv. not sure if that's true. what do you know about these advisors he's at least named? >> there's a point in the transcript of our interview and we posted the unedited version on the "times" site so if anyone wants to go through the 15,000 words of this, they're all out there. i asked why his advisors are skewed towards former members of the military. the ones he talked about the most. he said it's important he build up the military and so forth. the difficulty, if your primary advisors have a military background, they're likely to reach first for military solutions. it's what they know best.
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and so one of the things i asked him is why not more former diplomats? why not academics who served in government and people who think about soft power, diplomatic solutions? all the other elements in a tool kit that would be part of this. you were just in cuba. that's a tool kit that was used for opening up the relationship with the cubans. largely economic, right? so the advisors are important because it tells you in which direction the advice may well be skewed. >> david sanger, thank you. >> thank you very much. senator bernie sanders wracking up some very big wins over the weekend in saturday. >> we are making significant inroads in secretary clinton's lead. we have a path toward victory.
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our campaign is the campaign of energy, of momentum, which really to a larwill lead to a l victo victory. >> sanders picking up 55 delegates by our new count but barely making a dent in clinlt's commanding lead. can sanders translate this to upcoming primaries? say nothing of wisconsin next week. joining me, kristen welker from madison, wisconsin, where she is covering the hillary clinton campaign and msnbc's kasie hunt here in the studio with the latest on bernie sanders' sweep. first to you, kasie. let's talk about bernie sanders with these big victories. he's still more than 200 pledge dell gaegates and say nothing oe strategies but trying to build on this with wisconsin and where
9:17 am
he could conceivably have a big win and he's demanding a debate with hillary clinton and a debate in new york which she is not yet biting at. >> she's on the foot with demanding more debates now but the margins on these states were incredible. the clinton campaign for the longest time said we're not going to let that get to us. it seem as though he managed to pull that off and it's already inspiring. we're still waiting on the final numbers but likely in the millions since the election results came out. that's going to let him continue be up on the air waves in many of these bigger states. that's a real challenge. but he does have to win these bigger primary states with the kind of margins that he was winning these caucuses if he hopes to catch up to her in this pledge delegate lead. they hang a lot on new york state. if they're able to take it to new york state, that would make a statement that would go beyond
9:18 am
what we've been able to see him do so far. it's still a really tough road for him. >> and christian, in wisconsin, that i remember jesse jackson winning wisconsin. o they've had a pretty good track record in wisconsin. >> reporter: absolutely, progressive candidates and working class voters here who will like senator sanders' message and secretary clinton, her campaign down playing expectations and could weather a loss in wisconsin. still though, to underscore the point that kasie is making, the climb the steep for senator sanders. he netted fewer than secretary clinton netted by winning florida alone and she still has a larger delegate lead than barack obama had at any given point. they are still very much engaged
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in this fight. however, secretary clinton continues and increasingly, taking donald trump on the trail is a sign that she's ready to pivot to this general election and doesn't want to underestimate trump if she doesn't find herself facing off in a general election and anticipate to take a similar tactic today and delivers a speech on the supreme court. she will take another shot at donald trump. >> kristen welker and kasie hunt. thank you so much to both. up next, live pictures. there is a prayer service in honor of the victims from last week's attacks. we will have the latest on the investigation coming up next. and the devastating easter sunday attack in lahore, pakistan. children, children and family, christian families playing in a park, slaughtered by a branch of the taliban. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. hrough your morning is nothing new.
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they were treated quickly and efficiently. i can't tell you anything about that. i hope for the people they're okay. i feel very sad for the people around me. hurts and how it works for me. my people are there. the other peoples who work together with me and if you can stick together, i hope. >> resilience. bombing survivor attending today's interfaith memorial in brussels to honor the lives lost in last week's terror attack. the death toll in brussels has
9:24 am
now risen. 35 people died in tuesday's attacks including four americans, the state department said, overnight. and belgium police issued a new appeal with new video asking the public for any information. it's in brussels where the prayer service has begun. gabe, what can you tell us? what is taking so long to find this man? the man in the hat. >> reporter: hi there, andrea. good afternoon. as you mention, a very significant development today. that man who had previously been charged, he was the only one that had been directly linked by authorities to the brussels attacks. he was released today and that's especially surprising because local media here in belgium and
9:25 am
previously reported citing their own police sources that he may have been that person in that cctv picture that we've been seeing over and over again. that surveillance picture of that so-called man in white. that man in the hat. so now it appears that it's certainly not and we know that because this morning, belgian police released a call for help. they're asking the public for information leading to the arrest of that so-called man. there's certainly lots of questions regarding this information but many raids and the rest happening throughout europe and suspects in custody. italy, netherlands and france. several raids over the past days but none specifically linked to the attacks in brussels. this comes as the death toll has risen to 35 over the weekend. at least four people passed away while in the hospital. that number, 35, does not include the three suicide attackers, but to remember the lives lost, right now behind me,
9:26 am
there's a prayer service, an interfaith prayer service in both french and flemish where people are remembering the victims. we saw airport workers including cargo services and wore the protective vests in solidarity with any colleagues that may have been hurt and we also spoke with one person who you heard at the top of the segment who said that it was very important for him to be here. he suffered shrapnel wounds in his legs and said it was so important for him to be here in terms of healing, all the support he has received is better than any surgery. >> gabe gutierrez in brussels today. and europe is far from alone in this onslaught of terrorism. a devastating attack in a crowded crowd in lahore, pakistan, leaving more than 72 people dead. most women and children. a splinter group claiming
9:27 am
responsibility saying they were targeting christians celebrating easter. ri richard engel, what do we know about the splinter group and why this park and why lahore? >> we don't know much. it's a splinter group from the taliban and pakistani officials are claiming doubt about the responsibility saying it wasn't just christians who were attacked. it wasn't just christians killed and wounded. that many muslims as well died in this attack. that's not surprising considering the population breakdown of lahore, an enormous city in pakistan. but the group did claim responsibility to nbc news and others saying the specific target was christian men. but men don't appear to have been the target here. the suicide bomber struck in this park. witnesses said it was not very far from several rides that people, mostly children, were on
9:28 am
and parents around the edges watching them on the rides. a terrible attack, a very high death toll. 72. that's a high death toll for any suicide attack. so it speaks to that powerful bomb and a crowded area. >> do we know anything about the bomb? a vest? a car bomb? i haven't seen the specifics. >> reporter: i haven't either described as a suicide bomber but whether that was something he was wearing or something that was carried, i haven't seen that level of detail. but the controversial issue is about this claim. pakistan doesn't want the world to perceive this, that it was a deliberate attack on christians, particularly christian families while they were out celebrating easter. but at least this one claim of responsibility from a relatively minor but very aggressive terrorist group is saying that that is exactly what happened. that it was targeting christians. >> just horrific.
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with humira, remission is possible. religious freedom bill which would allow businesses to refuse services based on opposition to same-sex marriage. announcement amid rising pressure from civil rights group and many companies including comcast, the parent company of nbc and msnbc including the nfl and coca-cola and of course, our parent company as well, to avoid signing the bill. >> it is about the character of our state, and the character of our people. georgia is a welcoming state. it is full of loving, kind, and generous people.
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a "washington post" story how security details argued strongly against the secretary using her blackberry inside the secure floor where the offices are linked to the e-mail server. although they had no idea of that.shaki, thank you for being with us. good to see you. >> you too. >> she had a conference and there's a detailed report about the concerns back in 2009 that she was very eager, according to her closest aides, to use her blackberry, an unsecure blackberry, in the private offices in that suite on the seventh floor of the state department. concerns by dloipmat mdiplomati
9:38 am
that you could not use a private blackberry. we all leave our devices when we go on that floor. does this indicate a sense she thought she was above the rules and did not disclose at this time she was not using back in 2009 that this blackberry was linked to a private server? that was a whole other issue. >> no, andrea. i don't think it means that at all. as secretary has said over and over, it was a mistake for her to set up her e-mail that way. she wouldn't do that in retrospect but nothing new in the reporting that changes the basic facts, which is she was allowed to set up her e-mail that way under the rules at the time. there was nothing she sent or received that was classified. this has to do with where she was using her blackberry and absolutely adhered to the advice given in that memo. there's nothing new that changes the basic facts of this.
9:39 am
>> the fbi is zeroing in and preparing as was anticipated to interview some of her closest aides if not the secretary herself at some point. have you, has the campaign or has the secretary been notified? >> we consider that a positive step. as you know, the secretary has wanted everyone to fully participate in this review. she wants everyone who worked for her to answer every question and she herself volunteered way back in august to meet with the department of justice and answer all of their questions at that time. she strongly believes everyone will see they did nothing wrong with this and looks forward to the conclusion of that report but said repeatedly through this process there should be no interference and everyone should participate including herself and looks forward to the report coming out. she knows it will prove nothing was done wrong.
9:40 am
that was inappropriate in this case. >> bernie sanders swept those caucuses as you probably expected, but there's some bigger fights up ahead and he wants another debate. >> she's very proud of her record here in new york creating jobs, helping new york build after 9/11. so we look forward to the primary here. you know, hillary loves to debate. it's a method she really excels at and a chance for voters to talk directly about her plans about how she'd make a real difference in people's lives and how the math adds up. how she'd pay for her plans. it's something she looks forward to doing and the debates with senator sanders at this point
9:41 am
and agreed to do more. >> the sanders campaign laid out what their strategy will be in this primary and made it clear they intend to attack hillary. they were intending to run a very negative campaign here and it's our hope they don't do that. they were poll testing this weekend. and hillary hopes that the primary contest in new york city is focused on the issues and she's proud of the campaign the democrats have run so far compared to the republicans. >> so that point, there was a stage where bernie sanders would shush up people in his crowds who would boo hillary clinton and the mention of clinton and that's not happening any longer.
9:42 am
chuck todd asked bernie sanders about it yesterday. let me play it for you. >> she voted for the war. what she's done is established a number of super pacs. her largest one recently reported $25 million. and $225,000 a speech. >> chuck raised this issue and that's a it's common examples and this thing heats up.
9:43 am
and i think they've chosen to go more negative. it's in advertising and certainly in the strategy as they take it out on the "washington post." they hope they stay to their plans to make a real difference in the lives of american families. we'll be starting to see them do that but that's senator sanders' choice. >> you're not concerned about the caucus victories? he had a clean sweep. >> we congratulate him on the victories this weekend. we weren't particularly surprised. we know caucus dates are his strong point and tend to bring out a more activist voter and smaller voter turnout and taken place in less diverse states. hillary is really winning in big diverse states like florida and texas. that's why she's so far ahead in the delegate lead. we weren't particularly surprised and congratulate him and look ahead to the primaries. you know, he's done really well in caucuses but there's only two
9:44 am
small caucuses left. as we look ahead, 55% of the remaining delegates will be decided in just three big primaries. california, pennsylvania, and new york. we look forward to working hard in the states and hillary clinton will try to get every vote. >> kristina, thank you. >> thank you, andrea. coming up, looming litigation. why is donald trump threatening to sue ted cruz. that's right next here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. this is my retirement. retiring retired tires.
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9:48 am
chris, first to you. what we're talking about is the ted cruz people doing what the campaigns would do is going back to louisiana and trying to pick up those rubio and carson and other delegates who could be reeled in and at least bound on multiple ballots. >> that's right. this is what you do if you're expecting an open or brokered convention, andrea. you go to try and harvest delegates who were for candidates who now dropped out of the race and now a free agent. you've seen ted cruz go, i believe, rubio got five delegates out of louisiana and proportional allocation there even though trump won the state. they went to them and tried to secure their support and the support of five other unbound delegates. these are not people bound no matter what the voting was like. this is politics 101.
9:49 am
i don't mean to be dismissive of trump, but this is what you do. barack obama and hillary clinton. it doesn't get a lot of coverage normally. and i'm not clear who donald trump would sue here. the republican national committee, not ted cruz, so i'm not sure sighing ted crthey hav sue ted cruz. >> the threat of lawsuits aside, jayne, we're talking about hand to hand combat state by state takes place because these primaries and caucuses vote, they're voting for people who have been selected at the state convention and those people who will be bound. not bound. >> that's right. we are deep in the weeds here, but that's where the fight is. and when these are selecting the people who will be on the floor at the national convention and what the cruz campaign wants to
9:50 am
do is to make sure that as many of those people are actually supporters of him, on the first round of voting, they will be bound. if their state goes for trump, they will have to vote for trump. if donald trump does not get to the 1237 magic number on that first ballot, then they are free to vote how they want to. and that's why they want all those cruz supporters in the room. so it is trench warfare. and it is something that trump campaign is hardly aware of. they are only now trying to learn and get up to speed and in many states, it's too late. these meetings took place after the primaries 20 some of which have already taken place. >> one other quick thing. in truth, ron paul's people did this in 2012. we saw a little bit of a halt on the convention there. ron paul did this in that after
9:51 am
the primaries and caucuses, they packed these delegate picking operations with ron paul folks and then there were more ron paul people on the floor. >> and just before we wrap it up, to switch parties and gears, jean is reporting on the residual biden versus clinton tension, which certainly could make it more complicated to bring the party together and biden could be a key player with a segment of the voters that she's not been getting to. the working class guys. >> if you look at the fall showdown if it's trump and hillary clinton, trump is appealing to working class white voters. that's exactly who joe biden can talk to and hillary clinton will need to find a way to get joe excited and enthusiastically supporting her candidacy so he can communicate on her behalf with them. >> and this, of course, rivalry goes back and denied by everyone. we know it's true. thank you for your reporting.
9:52 am
chris cillizza. coming up next, supreme court nominee merritt garland meeting with senators at least one republican, yes, indeed. you're watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. i'm caridee. i've had moderate to severe plaque psoriasis most of my life. but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization. before starting stelara® your doctor should test for tuberculosis. stelara® may increase your risk of cancer. always tell your doctor if you have any sign of infection, have had cancer, or if you develop any new skin growths. do not take stelara® if you are allergic to stelara® or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study,
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9:55 am
republican senator mark kirk facing a tough reelection battle in illinois. ranks over the weekend say there should be hearings on merritt garland and a vote for obama's supreme court pick. i'm joined by nbc capitol hill luke russert. i know it's a little break but saying up for reelection, they should at least meet with him? >> reporter: you have three republicans saying they should meet and perhaps hold hearings. collins of maine. no surprise there. she's the wife long moderate. kirk of illinois in a tough election battle coming up against tammy and jerry, more conservative and there are
9:56 am
breaks in the dam. i spoke to aids close to mitch mcconnell and said the majority leader said there will be no hearing and vote and they personally believe any conservative backlash that would go against mcconnell is much, much worse than the opeds that would run against him and the republicans that would be upset about this. they would rather have the support of the base and first time, mcconnell does have support of the conservative base. today, met with donnelly and it's march. he needs to do his job. those are sympathetic figures. we'll see how the meeting goes tomorrow with kirk, a republican. how forceful and how far he wants to go. andrea? >> our man on the hill, luke russert, thank you, luke. and does it for us. for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." wednesday is a big night on msnbc. at 7:00, chuck todd will moderate the town hall with john kasich and then 8:00, a donald trump town hall moderated and
9:57 am
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10:00 am
good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the cleapairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. good monday afternoon to you. i'm craig melvin. a town hall look at west salem, wisconsin. john kasich trying to get back campaign mojo. wisconsin, a very important stop on the campaign trail right now. eight days from now, a must-win state for the so-called never-trump forces. today, those forces got a bit of a lift. a popular conservative milwaukee talk show host layed id in for attacking heidi. >> do you ever apologize? mostl