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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  March 29, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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e three quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. good morning. i'm steve kornacki. we come to you with breaking news. the end to the hours-long hijacking of an egyptian plane that was forced to land in cyprus. all passengers appear to be safe, and the suspected hijacker is now in police custody. this all unfolding just ments ago. it was making a domestic flight from alexandria to cairo when a hijacker claiming to have
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explosives forced the plane to change route. again at least 55 passengers on board. the country's president saying that this was not related to terrorism. msnbc's ayman mohyeldin is on the phone with us. we hear this might have been something to do with a terrorist event, but egypt government saying not the case. >> reporter: the initial indication we're getting both from the cypriot ministry of foreign affairs as well as the initial reporting there, that this did not have any political motivation behind it. in fact the man who is believed to have been the hijacker identified at seif eldin mustafa hijacked the plane motivated by what's being referred to as a personal matter. this is a flight that took off from alexandria heading towards cairo, should have been a very
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short flight, not a lot of passengers, about you was redirected towards l aisarnaca cyprus. we understand from the egypt presidency they were following it closely. egypt air was providing -- and reported that all of those that had been taken hostage, including the members of the crew, have been released unharmed. they are working to try to get those people back to egypt and whatever destinations they were headed there were some reporting attributed to the cypriot ministry of foreign affairs suggesting it was not political reasons. it's not yet clear whether or not the hijacker actually had any explosives on him.
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he did say he had explosives, and that's how he was able to comma comma commandeer the plane. steve? >> ayman mohyeldin joins us on the phone, thank you. all passengers appear to be safety, and that plane was bound from alexandria through cairo, redirected to cyprus, but again at least 55 passengers appear to be safe. we're monitoring the situation. as we learn more, we will get it to you as soon as possible. turning now, though, to politics to the race for president. republican front-runner donald trump and all the leading candidates back on the trail in wisconsin today. trump is in janesville this afternoon, the home of how speaker paul ryan. there donald trump will be
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holding the first of many events in advance of next tuesday's pivotal badger state primary, but trump's return to the trail is arriving with turbulence as protests in negative media swirl an his arrival. six people were arrested late night at the site of his event this morning. they were holding signs chanting "no homes for hate." he also had a contentious interview entered. the wisconsin conservative talk radio airwaves. he was asked about his personal jabs at ted cruz's wife on the popular charlie sikes show. >> hodge should fathers and mothers explain this? is this the way you want your sons to behave? >> i thought it was a dead issue until i spoke to you. >> really? >> i radio rather be talking about trade. >> we'll have more from that
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interviews. we'll have more from that in just a minute, charlie sykes, will be hosting wisconsin governor scott walker on his program in just an hour, in about an hour from now. walker is expected in that appear wrans to make his endorsement in the race for president. rumors are swirling he'll be throwing his support behind ted cruz. again, we are expected to find out in an hour who scott walker will be endorsing in the race for president as it turns to his home state. also this morning, new national polling numbers with some movement on the democratic side. bernie sanders creeping up on hillary clinton in our latest nbc news survey monkey weekly tracking poll, clinton losing four points since last week, this after caucus losses over the weekend, questions over her e-mails. sanders within six point nationally. we'll talk with members of both
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the clinton and sanders campaign thor. on the republican side, donald trump actually gaining ground since last week, now with 48%, getting very close to that 50% mark. 48% in our newest national survey, ted cruz a distant second place with 27%. can trump carry those numbers through to an important win in wisconsin? let's head out to the trail. jacob is in maiden son on the protests waiting, and tony decopo is on trust's wisconsin radio rumbles. jake, overnight donald trump not on the ground as these protests played out, but he's in janesville, paul ryan's hometown and protesters were ready for him. >> just a taste of what we're expecting today. in fact thousands say they will attend the protests today for donald trump's rally. a woman not affiliated with any group started a protest page several days ago, which is unusual.
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usually it's an orbized group, but when the protest page got thousands of likes, and thousands saying they were going, different organized groups stepped in and took over with her consent. so now we have severity organized groups many saying they're coming in from chicago, less than two hours away, and they have to shut it protest down. we have -- with an immigration rights group are hold a tutorial class, teaching people how to protest in nonviolent ways and de-escalate the situation. we know many protests we have seen violent outbursts between protesters and trump supporters or police, and so these groups are trying to make sure they can have a protest that shuts down the event, but that doesn't
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cause any violence, which they know will become the headline. a lot of protesters are taking flack from people online who say this is a free speech issues, about but the protesters say we are not concerned about that. we see this as hate speech from donald trump, so they don't look at it as free speech, or many of them don't. they look at it as hate speech, so they feel it's their duty to stand up and do something about it. thousands saying they'll go. we'll see how many will show up. we'll see what effect it has on the actual trump rally. steve? >> yeah, we will be watching, obviously remembering that rally that was shut down in chicago a couple weeks ago. some indications maybe that did help trump with his conservative base. we'll see how this one playing out today. jake, thank for the time. msnbc's tony deculpo, this is interesting, tony, talk radio, it's influential in a lot of
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republican primaries around the country, particularly in wisconsin, the twist here is the hosts particularly charlie sykes, very anti-trump. that caused some fireworks yesterday? >> i'm in janesville at the wedge, this is paul ryan's hometown, now for his civity and decorum, and crlie sykes represents those values on the air waves. el trump's first campaign appearance in the state of wisconsin, he didn't think it was going to happen, because he assumed that donald trump or someone on his staff would google charlie sykes, and all the way in was saying he was a buffoon. >> you've heard of minnesota nice, wisconsin is also quite nice. they value conservative
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principles, but decorum and civility also. when he pressed trump to clear the air to address the tone, he didn't get the answers he was looking for. take a listen to one particular mother where charlie is pressing donald trump on the melania ad in utah. take a listen to this. >> seasonal your standard that if a supporter of another candidate and not the candidate himself does something despicable, that it's okay for you personally, a candidate for president of the united states, to behave in that same way? i mean, i expect that from a 12-year-old bully. >> i did a retweet. i have a very amount of fervent supporters. they were angry about what they did. >> your wife is a beautiful classy woman, why can't you say the same about ted cruz's wife? >> i don't know ted cruz's wife. i'm sure she's excellent. i just don't know her. >> so, steve, there you have a
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moment where donald trump has an opportunity to say, look, i think ted cruz's wife i'm sure is a wonderful woman. had el ducks it. paul richardson, the first baptist church group, they have breakfast here at the wedge all the time. what do you think about the issue here, the handling of ted cruz's wife. >> i think it's terrible. you don't bring in your wives. i want to know what donald trump and the rest of the people, those candidates are going to do for us. i don't -- it's a fiasco bringing if all those wives and stuff and arguing. it's not good for our country. >> thank you very much. i'll let you finish your eggs. >> they counties are deeply red and incredibly active. turnout rates at 79%, 3%, 84% f donald trump can't win here, it's hard to imagine how hi wins wisconsin overall. steve? >> very interesting comment
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there. i'm not sure it's scientific, but the tone of the air waves out there on the conservative side suggest there's probably a lot of that sentiment. tony dokoupil, thank you very much. congressman, thank you for joining us. i don't know if you could see it our hear it, but we had a reporter in a diner in wisconsin and asked a patron at the diner what he thought of donald trump and his comments about ted cruz's wife, that retweet about ted cruz's wife, the diner said he thought it was terrible. newt gingrich also had some thoughts on this. this was just last night on hannity on fox news. i want to play what newt gingrich said. >> for trump to get sucked into this at a personal level, tweeting about -- or repeating a tweet technically. >> retweet. >> about mrs. cruz, is just utterly stupid.
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it is frankly weakened everything that trump ought to be strengthening. >> congressman, i know you're supporting him, but on this question of whether it was right to do that, to retweet that unflattering image, is donald trump wrong on this? >> that's the case where two wrongs don't make a right. the ad that was run in utah on behalf of ted cruz about donald trump's wife was inappropriate, and really family needs to stay out of it. i think i saw a poll that said about 71% think the wives and family need to stay out of the policy texas. well, does that give you any concerns as a supporter? you heard that radio interview. the host charlie sykes gave him opportunity after opportunity to say exactly what you just said, and he didn't seem to want to. >> it gives me equal concern about ted cruz and frankly a lot of other republican candidates throughout this whole process. i think a lot of america is
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ready for them to focus on the issue, and it's been a circus and unfortunately republican primaries have been this way. i do think it's time to shift towards the issues, but donald trump's style has resonated, as you said earlier in the show, his numbers have risen to 48%. ted cruz is sitting below 30%. i think it's obvious that ted cruz seems to have a ceiling, too. i don't even know if it's 30 or 35%. >> some people say, that, yes, donald trump has won the most primaries so far, and obviously by far the most likely of all the individual candidates to emerge, so he's doing well. i'm not arguing he's not, but i think one argument you hear from people is maybe he would be doing better, crossing that 50% threshold, maybe getting the party to embrace him. instead of digging his heels in, you know, we just heard that clip on the interview, the host says your wife is a beautiful woman, can't you just say that
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about ted cruz's wife? all he can say is i don't know her and starts talking about retweeting somebody. is he his own worst enemy styles? >> i think that donald trump has a method to his madness, if you will. i of course was one of the members who met with donald trump a week ago monday and, you know, the donald trump we met inside the room does have a lot of humility and charisma. i think you'll see that more as we move through this process, but yeah, the sooner the better. >> give under the circumstances a sense -- ben carson said something similar to what you just said he had met with donald trump privately. he saw somebody different than we saw. give us a glimpse of what you saw. could you? >> yeah, no. i saw a guy willing to sit down a bunch of lawmakers. newt ging run and gym -- jim
6:16 am
demint was in the room. he was willing to take constructive criticism, and he listened. his persona was quite different from what we see on tv. he's managed to navigate a field of 17 presidential candidates, have it weeded down to three, and he's got a command been lead. so it's unorthodox, something we haven't seen before, but it's certainly resonating with people. ronald reagan had a lot of courage in his speak about what need ed to be done, but what donald trump is saying is certainly striking a chord with the antiestablishment move across the country. i think the establishment needs to realize that donald trump is doing something right and they're doing something wrong. >> congressman, a representative from tennessee, thank you for the time. we appreciate it. >> thank you, steve. and tomorrow night the front returner, donald trump, who we have just been talking about will sit down with our own chris matthews for a special wisconsin
6:17 am
town hall event. that will be right near on msnbc, and that will follow another big msnbc town hall, this one will feature john kasich, the governor of ohio, he'll be joining chuck todd from new york city from queens, new york. that will start at 7:00. back-to-back town halls right here on wednesday night. you're not going to want to miss either one. coming up, we'll turn to the other business race, the democratic fight between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. a new poll has that race tighter than ever, just down to six points. could next week help sanders close in on clinton's delegate lead. and a startling comment from susan sarandon last night has a lot of democrats talking this morning. the oscar winner and bernie sanders supporter telling our own chris hays that she's not sure that her and other supporters could get behind
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders are zeroing in on the state of wisconsin, holding its primary one week from today. both candidates have events in the next hour. sanders will have a tonight hall in appleton. we're going to go to the biggest city in the state, to milwaukee, where kristin welker is standing by. before today, hillary clinton had the spotlight in wisconsin yesterday. she gave a major speech on the subject of the supreme court, on president obama's nomination of
6:22 am
may merrick garland. tell us the message hillary clinton was trying to deliver yesterday. >> reporter: steve, good morning. that speech underscored that she's fighting on two fronts. her primarily battle. she very much has an eye on the general election. at the used that speech yesterday, steve, to call on republicans to give merrick garland a fair hearing, but she also used it to take some of the sharpest aim yet at donald trump, including calling some of his birther claims raci racist, and she asked the audience to imagine what a donald trump presidency would look like in terms of what kind of nominee he would pick. take a listen. >> as scary as it might be asked your slfz, what kind of justice would donald trump appoint?
6:23 am
they say a trump nomination will set their party back decades. i agree. it will set the republican party back if donald trump is their standard bearer, but donald trump didn't come out of nowhere. what the republicans have shown, they are not reaping with donald trump's candidacy. >> reporter: steve, those words also another indication that secretary clinton and her team all but certain that donald trump will be the gop nominee. meanwhile, she continues to files this primary ballots. according to our latest online poll, secretary is leading senator sanders by only six points nationally. that is the smallest margin since our survey first started. of course that comes on the heels of senator sanders raking up big wins over the weekend in
6:24 am
alaska, hawaii, and washington state. so he's got more delegates heading into this weekend. he's also got more momentum. now wisconsin is the next big battleground. he's looking very threatening and president clinton campaign nervous about the prospects. so secretary clinton stumping. she has three events here today, trying to hold on to this state, so she can have momentum going into some of the bigger states, new york, new jersey and of course the big one california. >> kristin welker in fp milwaukee. and joining us from burlington, vermont, campaign manager jeff weaver. thank you for a few minutes. wisconsin is the next one up. you just heard kristin welker's report. at the same time when you look at this national delegate map, we were running through some of these numbers here yesterday.
6:25 am
the reality for you guys is you've done well, done better i think than anybody thought at the start of the campaign, but to actually catch hillary clinton in that middle column. those are the pledged delegates you win, to actually catch her there, and you've said that's your goal, you have to start winning some big states by big margins, big primary states. is that something you can do? >> absolutely, steve. washington state was a big state. we got about 70% of the vote there, and we are winning a lot of small states. when the aggregate those small states, it gives you a tremendous advantage. >> since the 15th of march we have whittled down secretary's clinton's laid by some 90 delegates. we are coming on strong. senator sanders is out campaigning. there is a path to victory here.
6:26 am
we have mapped it out internally, and the truth is the path got easier. even we did not calculate in the huge marges by which we won six of the last seven contests. we're headed where we mapped out to be at this point, so we're feeling good about this. >> for our audience, i want to put this map back on the board. we had this up while you were speaking. these are the stasis that bernie sanders won. what i said to ask you is, if you look at a lot of these that his's won. these are caucus states, states that have a lot lower participation than primary states. primary states where people can show up all day. caucus states you've got to stick around. they attract a lot more hard-core activist types, i guess you could say. there's only two more caucus states left to vote. is it fair to say that your campaign struggles more when it's not caucus states? >> i think if you look at new
6:27 am
hampshire where senator sanders won by 22 points, michigan where we came from, over 20 points from behind to win that state in perhaps the biggest upset in the democratic primary history, i think he has demonstrated he can win in primary states, and michigan is a big, divert state, as far as diversity narrative goes, you know, hawaii is the most diverse state in the country, only 25, about a quarter of the population is white. senator sanders won that state overwhelmingly. he's winning with latino populations in many, many states. this campaign is really growing, there's a tremendous amount of momentum. our grass-roots supporters are continuing to support both with votes and financials. we raised $4 million since saturday. so we're feeling good. >> you guys have been calling for another debate you have the upcoming nor primary, calling specifically for a debate in new york, joel benonsen with the
6:28 am
clinton campaign was asked about that. i want to play what he said and gets your response. >> sure. >> snowstorm sanders doesn't -- doesn't get to decide when to debate. let's see if he goes back to the tone he said he was good to set early on. >> what's your responsible to that? >> let's be clear. when secretary clinton was down and lost big, they wanted another debate. you all hosted that debate. we agreed to do it. in return they agreed to do three more. this is not us demanding more. these asking us to do what the clinton people have already agreed to do. it would be very dishonest for them not to do the debates that they have promised to do. they promised one in march. we want let's do it in michigan. another one in april and another one in may. we don't know why secretary clinton appears to be concerned about having a debate in new york. if we're going to have one in
6:29 am
april and they've already agreed to have one in april, why not in new york? that's where she was elected twice to the u.s. senate. i don't understand what the clinton campaign is afraid of in terms of debating in new york. >> thank you for that. we are going to ask the clinton campaign to respond to exactly what you said karen finney is here. he's saying, look there was an agreement between their campaign and your campaign. they honored one in michigan. they said there should be two more. >> here's what i would say to that. i agree, we did have a process by which we said let's add four debates. we suggested flint, but let's go back to that process. instead what we saw -- and i've been in politics a long time. indeed what we sauce with this weekend sending a public letter demanding a debate in new york. statement we saw a worst report that said they're polling on attack lines again hillary clinton.
6:30 am
now, that's after having started this campaign saying i've never run a negative campaign ad in my -- >> is that a reason? if you had an agreement in principle to hold debates, campaigns get rough, is that a reason to say never mind the commitment to debate? >> i think there's two pieces to this. number one, we had a process. at joel said, he doesn't get to decide where and when to debate. let's go back to the process that had been working well rather than making this into a gimmick, at the same time they're talking about how they're going to attack hillary clinton. >> where does the process you're talking about stand. has -- >> there have been conversations so let's have those conversations. again, you know, here's the thing. i understand why they want to do this. i am a good spinner, but you have to give it to jeff weaver. the spin on what you just heard about the way they plan to go forward is just ridiculous.
6:31 am
as you pointed out, we're talking about caucus states. there's only 3% of the delegates in caucus states. he needs to win by 57% of the pledged delegates in the remaining states. thus far has been unable to do that in big states. their argument to their folks -- to the press yesterday was we didn't win in those states because we weren't really trying. how offensive is that to the voters in that state? how is that a good strategy? >> i want to be clear on this. the bottom line for the people watching bernie sanders is saying he wants to debate in new york before the april 19thth -- we had that clip from joel bennenson. bottom line, will hillary clinton be participating before the primary? >> remember, as the senator from the state of new york, she absolutely the voters in this
6:32 am
state, they know her well. they know when she says she's going to do something, she gets it done. we have every reason to want to debate in new york, but again we're not going to be drawn into the games and gimmicks by the sanders campaign while they're trying to create a narrative about momentum when they have loss states by more than 2 to 1. 2 to 1 the african-american vote, have not demonstrated the ability to put together the robust coalition that you need in this country to win the presidency. she's got 2.5 million more votes than senator sanders, and we've got a larger lead in the pledged delegates than senator obama did in 2008. so let's have a conversation about what's real in the math instead of these spin games and gimmicks. >> i take your point there. we had the board up yesterday. we were running through those numbers. it's very hard toss a scenario where bernie sanders catches
6:33 am
hillary clinton. let's talk about the flip side. when we started the campaign had been hb was ahead of bernie sanders, he was viewed universally as a nuisance capital. it's still unlikely he will catch you in pledge the delegates. it's possible he will win 20 states, 1800 delegates. that is much better than anybody expected at the beginning. you know what that says? >> at the very beginning of this campaign what we said was absolutely right. we always said it would be competitive. we always said we were looking at the long game, this was about not just the early four states, but the big picture. that's what it takes to win the nomination in our democratic party process. so i can remember having conversations with friends like yourself in the media who thought we were crazy to say that, it actually turns out we
6:34 am
were right. >> karen finney, thank for the time. >> thank. don't missed a super-sized rachel maddow show tomorrow. she'll be talking one on one with both hillary clinton and bernie sanders. a john kasich town hall live at 7:00 followed by a donald trump town hole at 8:00, and rachel maddow's one on ones with the two democrat candidates at 9:00. it starts right here on msnbc, the plates for politics. coming up, it is all eyes on wisconsin as republicans gear up ohio governor john kasich spending his day across the badger state, but are there signs when why kasich is pulling radio ads and switching up campaign strategy? we'll give you the details, next. owen! hey kevin. hey, fancy seeing you here. uh, i live right over there actually.
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we have one person with no political experience at all, and the other one, let me tell you, the republican party and conservative commentators have talked about seven years for electing a first-term senator who haven't accomplished anything. i'll let you finish the sentence, okay? >> john kasich making the case. that is just outside the milwaukee. kasich is going to be there later today. kelly, interesting news on the kasich front yesterday. we've polling inw wisconsin showing -- words that he's
6:39 am
redire redirecting resources. >> reporter: i'm so glad you played that particular clip. that was really a slight variation, but at important one in how john kasich talk about his rivals in the race, pushing more on the first-term senator idea that ted cruz hasn't done enough. this is a standard in campaign life, where it's always notable. i talked with governor kasich about this. he also addressed reporters on this, and basically said in his words they have enough money, they wanted to reallocate resources to areas where they think it can be more effective. he's also talking about wisconsin thought in the whole state, but in congressional districts. we were in college town, bluer part of the state, and he was
6:40 am
talking about -- to the voters, saying please help me do well in this part of the state, meaning because it's congressional district by congressionally district, in states where he might pick up more blue-leaning, left-leaning republicans, that's where he wants to show some strength, then looking ahead to pennsylvania. he was born in pennsylvania, feels very strong about that, but, of course, all of this is in the context of running far behind donald trump and ted cruz, and so the allies of john kasich are now trying to say a vote for ted cruz is a vote for hillary clinton a play off the idea if you vote for kasich, you're helping trump. that criticism was a slight ratcheting up against ted cruz. >> that's interesting what you said there. the cruz campaign is saying kasich is in the way, the
6:41 am
casesic campaign say cruz is in our way, both of them trying to stop trump. a basic question hasn't been answered, about strategy, is the best way to stop donald trump top one solidified unified candidate, or is the best way this conquer and divide approach? case inwinning ohio, they kind of split up the map. and we're almost in april. >> they don't want to work together they each want to be in this. kasich is always making the appeal to voters that he believes he would perform better if on the it can't in november, not as the vp, about you in a head to head against hillary clinton he believes he's more electable. though he will never admit being frustrated, i think there's a sense of why hasn't the republican party gotten behind
6:42 am
him where, in his words he might be more electable given hi breadth of experience. that's the pitch they are making, yet time and time against we've seen those primary voters in the republican parties have not been buying it. so those who come to the kasich events seem enthusiastic, he is fighting on, but it's a tough sell for john kasich, so he's trying to pick those spots where he thinks he can have impact. >> thank you, kellie o'donnell in waukesha, wisconsin. could the senate reps be coming around, though, to the idea of at least having hearings on garland's nomination? we'll check in with luke russert. he'll be live on capitol hill for us, next. welcome to the world 2116, you can fly across town in minutes
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just a few hours from now, president obama's nominee is set to meet with his first republican senator on capitol hill. he's going to visit with senator mark kirk of illinois this could be just the first of several meetings with republicans, according to misrunning tally 16 say they will not meet with garland, more than 25% of the republicans in the senate. let's go live to capitol hill. nbc's luke russert. mark kirk an interesting first choice here, the ultimate blue state republican senator. i guess this is the triage, tern the hearty up and see if you can get traction. >> mark kirk is routinely
6:47 am
referred to as the most endangered republican, he represent a very blue state, illinois, especially truably? an election year. so it's not a surprise that he'll threat meet with garland. he's one of the three republicans that say they should have a hearing in the senate jewel dish anyhearing to allow an up or down vote. whether or not that move through the gop caucus remains to be seen. from folks i talked to close to mitch mcconnell, they are adamant that he will be steadfast. no hearing, no vote. the position that was made public was just after justice scalia passed away is still very much his position. chuck grassley the chairman has been in iowa over this recess week and has reiterated that moving forward with the hearing would simply just be political theater, that they don't need to
6:48 am
be a part of. now, whether or not there's any break in the dam will be interesting to see. if kirk comes out and says you know what, i think this guy is very qualified that starts to get some momentum, maybe, just maybe you see a bit of a brea, but mcconnell is pretty steadfast. >> we'll be waiting to see what he has to say. luke russert, thanks for that. ahead, wisconsin governor and former presidential candidate scott walker, about 15 minutes from now he is expected to announce who he will be endorsing in the republican race for president. this is a critical endorsement. wisconsin and the next state up, wisconsin's home walker has suggested that trump might not be the best candidate, but could
6:49 am
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6:52 am
i will suspend my campaign immediately. i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> that was scott walker, the governor of wisconsin, six months ago, ending his presidential campaign. his once promising presidential campaign. that could be hard to remember now. in the next few minutes, we'll hear again from governor walker who changed his tune and back the current front-runner? that is not likely. all indications pointing to an endorsement of ted cruz. donald trump tweeted this about the expected announcement last night. quote, after the way i beat governor scott walker and jeb rammed marco and all others in the presidential primaries, no
6:53 am
way he would ever endorse me. we're going to go back to wisconsin for a look at what to expect from walker at the top of the hour, next. technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology in geico's mobile app? mobile app? look. electronic id cards, emergency roadside service, i can even submit a claim. wow... yep, geico's mobile app works like a charm. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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all right. in just ten minutes, the governor of wisconsin, scott walker, expected to make his endorsement in the race for president in his home state. hallie jackson following the ted cruz campaign in brookfield, wisconsin. that's just outside milwaukee. a lot of indications this will be an endorsement of ted cruz. the polls very close in wisconsin right now. could be a very big moment for senator cruz. >> and here's why we think it may be ted cruz if scott walker does endorse. it's because walker has publicly talked about wanting to endorse to have an impact in the primary that's now just a week away. he's also talked about while he likes ted cruz and whom he calls his friend john kasich, he believes cruz is the one with the best chance of stopping trump from getting the republican nomination. ted cruz in 10 or 15 minutes is
6:57 am
set to appear on the stage behind me, campaigning today with carly fiorina. we'll watch what happens in maybe the next half hour. we'll check back with you in a bit. >> i'm sure we will. the latest poll out of wisconsin, a three-point lead for trump there. very close race. this endorsement, if this is what happens in the next ten minutes, maybe that could move the needle for ted cruz in a very big way. that's going to wrap up this hour here on msnbc. i'm steve kornacki. jose diaz-balart is up next. there are two billion people who don't have access to basic banking, but that is changing. at temenos, with the microsoft cloud, we can enable a banker to travel to the most remote locations with nothing but a phone and a tablet. everywhere where there's a phone, you have a bank. now a person is able to start a business, and employ somebody for the first time. the microsoft cloud helped us to bring banking to ten million people in just two years. it's transforming our world.
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and good morning. i'm jose diaz-balart. we begin with breaking news overseas. the hours-long hijacking on an egyptian plane is over. the suspected hijacker arrested. the airport reopened just moments ago. take a look at the picture showing the pilot leaving the plane through the cockpit window. all passengers and crew


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