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tv   The Rachel Maddow Show  MSNBC  April 2, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at in the spring of 2010 on april 27th in 2010, a really bad thing happened. a sad thing happened during the morning rush hour on the subway, on a g train. it started in queens, it was at the start of the rush hour, 8:2450ur7b8s morning -- 8:08. the man that was driving, that g train, he died at the controls. and this is not like a train that has a whole crew. it's not like an airplane, where there is a co-pilot that can take over if something happens with the pilot at the controls.
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this was one motorman driving the train. he had a heart attack and decide at the controls, with all of those rush hour commuters on board the train he was driving at speed. you know what happened to all those people on board that train, nothing? it's sad he died at the wheel the people on board that train were completely safe. even though it was the middle of rush hour t. reason they were all okay is because of one specific thing. if you are a motorman or a motor woman conducting a new york city subway train, you have to hold this handle down, the way this person is holding it down in this pick. tilting it being toward himself, right? if the person driving the train let's go of that hand him on board the train, stops holding it down like that. that hand him springs upright. >> that brings the train to a
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stop. it's called a deadman's switch. if there is nobody there to hold that handle down, that stops the train. when the hand him springs back. it's literally designed to detect if the guy who is driving this ting has turned into a deadman. so they call eight deadman switch. devices have existed for a long time on trains, on subways. some airplanes have something similar where the plane will kick into auto pilot, which lowers the altitude automatically, in the event the cockpit becomes non-responsive. so if no crew members in the cockpit give any response, to the stimuli in the cockpit the fear is that that means maybe the cockpit has lost its oxygen supply. so the auto pilot kicks if, brings the whole airplane down to a lower altitude, basically as a safety measure. and it's done specifically as a response to the pilot and
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co-pilot doing nothing. it's basically a deadman's switch. and there are a lot of different kind of these used in a lot of different circumstances. but the basic idea of a detdman's switch is it kicks in if you don't do something. if you don't check in or somehow register your presence overtly, that, itself, is the trigger. and it can be a trigger to shut something down like a speeding g train in queens at rush hour on a tuesday morning or it can be a trig tore set something off, like, for example, a hand-held detonator, where maybe you have to keep some sort of switch depressed and if you let that switch go, if you release it, then that's what sets off the explosion. that's a common spooky plot twist in thrillers and spy movies, right? but it's also a real thing, an effective basic form of insurance. if you hurt me, i will let go of this deadman's switch. we will all blow up.
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do not hurt me. a sort of dead man's switch has apparently just been installed on this strange threat that is now becoming a truly strange subplot in the presidential race right now. we reported at the start of this week on the resurfacing of the d.c. maddal scandal if washington. the d.c. madam case was an escort service that thrived in washington, d.c. for something like 13 years. it started in the early '90s. it was eventually shut down in 2006. when the government brought criminal charges against the woman that ran that agency. she and her lawyer decided they would fight back against those charges if part by releasing records from the escort service, releasing their phone records, so by them releasing those phone records in 2006-2007, we learned about how profile clients of this, for give me, high end hooker service in washington. so the george w. bush and a czar
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and a sitting republican u.s. for, family value, conservative senator. several other bold faced naimd names in washington basically got outed in that escort service. it's interesting. they didn't get outed in court. they got outed as a part of a media and pr strategy run by the woman running the escort agency and her lawyer. now, the woman that run the agency has since died. she killed herself not long after she was convicted in 2008, after she found out she was facing a long prison sentence. the lawyer, with whom she released those records, he is still around. he is back in the news. because he has long maintained that pack when that court case was brought, those phone records that they released, which was such a scandal and politically devastated at the time. he has long maintained, those weren't the only phone records they have. he says they have hundreds of names from the escort service's
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client lists, there are thousands of phone numbers. these are all records he says he has access to from his time working on that case, but, he says, he can't legally release those to the public, because there was a restraining placed on him by a federal court in washington, d.c. so again that court case was property in 2006. and even as that case has started to fade in memory, there have always been, you know, reminders of it here and there. the d.c. madam came up again when david bitter tried to run for louisiana governor this year. it's a part of the reason he's not the louisiana governor right now. those unreleased record, there have been wonderings and whisperings about what other names might have been in the d.c. black book, what names and phone numbers in that record nobody has seen yet. in that restraining order, nobody thought the names would see the light of day. as we reported earlier this week, though, something seems to
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have changed on that front this year. in january of this year the lawyer from the d.c. madam case. again, he has those records. he is under court order not to release them. he says he came to a realization, to a decision at the beginning of the year, he had a new reason to want to release those records. he says he wants to release those records, because they are a matter of national importancech he says what is in those records is relative to the 2016 presidential race. over the last few weeks, he has been trying to basically get released from that restraining order. he has been trying to get permission from the courts to release those remains records. he has now made an application to the u.s. district court, which initially put in the restraining eerd. he's made a representation to the u.s. circuit court of appeals in d.c. he's as of this week made a representation to the united states supreme court saying, quote, time is of the essence.
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he's saying the supreme court must consider the case. they must give him per pigs to release those ordz. they must do it soon, because he says it's a matter of national importance. it has to be now. it may very well affect who the people of the united states want to affect as their next president of the united states. so that's where we left it on tuesday of this week, after he had delivered that application to the united states supreme court saying, please, let me release these rompdz as of now, we got news, now, two more things have happened. first, is that the lawyer in this case now claims that he has installed a deadman's switch on these records. he says now when he realized or he came to the decision that these records, these unreleased escort agency records were relevant to this year's presidential race. he says he took out what amounts to an insurance policy to protect himself so no one would be threatened to harm him physically as a way of preventing these records from
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being released. montgomery blair sibley told u.s. news and reports and later told us he has hidden online on four different servers, pdf version of these escort agency records, which he says includes the names and addresses of 815 alleged clients of the d.c. madam. he set up a doom's day switch, a deadman's switch, which is basically designed to automatically reveal the location of those records online if he does nothing for a period of 72 hours. remember, a deadman's swipe is not activated by you doing something. it is activated by you unexpectedly doing nothing. the way he described it to us today is as a quote, 72-hour clock. he told us, quote, the 72-hour clock releases the records, if i disappear for 72 hours. i reset the clock daily. stranger things have happened.
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so i am taking no chances. he then further elaborated to u.s. news and world report, telling them today the 72-hour clock is rigged. so it specifically does, if it counts all the way down, all 72 hours without him acting to reset it, quote, dozens of reporters will receive a website link directing tlemg where to find the documents online. quote, if i die, disappear, whatever, they will be out. so that's the first thing that's happened today want there is a deadman's switch on the d.c. madam unreleased records. at least the lawyer says there is. so i don't know if you are, let's just guess. let's say you are a presidential candidate who is on the d.c. madam phone list. you better hope nothing happens that prevents him from resetting his blessed 72-how far countdown clock or else the way he explains it. if that happens, ka pow, all the results come out.
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all the records. who knows this could absolutely be an empty threat. he has shown know prove he has done this, of course, without access to the documents ours, we can't verify his claim one way or another. this is what he is claiming on how he acted to protect this information and acted to protect himself as the possessor of this information. steps one, deadman's switch. the second thing that's happened today is that his application to the united states supreme court, which says that they should release him from this restraining order and let him release the es skorlt agency records, that application with the supreme court got put on the docket at the supreme court today. look at the supreme court website. yes, it is april fool's day, it says it was documented on april 1st, 2016. apparently, they do not make april fool's jokes. this is real. it did get put on the docket. >> that does not mean the supreme court will necessarily
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hear this case. >> that does mean, chief justice john roberts will take a first crack at deciding whether or not the supreme court should tang it up. honestly, i'm not a lawyer, just a layman's observation, it seems very unlikely the supreme court would take up this case. it is now on the docket. they will now at least consider taking it up. it is a possibility and now here's what you need to know about what this may or may not mean for the u.s. presidential race. because if what the lawyer is saying is true. if there is something in these unreleased d.c. madam phone records, which is relative enough to the presidential races, that it could affect the way people will vote or may affect something else important about the race. if that's true, then speed matters. right? timing matters. these records getting published now would have a manifestly different affect than these manners published in december, after the election. if they are something significant the timing matters. you got to go fast.
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and so, the d.c. maddal lawyer is going through these channels. now. he is asking for permission to be released to release these records legally. but he is also explicitly threatening. if it's the only way you can get him out. he will release them if he has to. montgomery sibably the lawyer, gave us the statement, quote, trusting that the chief justice will promptly make his ruling and allow me to file my request to modify the restraining order, i will be taking no action with those records until he rules. >> that said, quote, if i am denied the right to file and receive a hearing on my motion to modify the restraining order, then, yes, i will release the record of the d.c. madam relative to this presidential election. so what he's saying is, maybe the supreme court will take this up. maybe the supreme court will say, yes, take this up. in which case, they will wait
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until he rules an fought release the records. if they say no, they will not clear him to release those records, he says, unequivocally, he will release them anyway. so that's one way they might get released. the other way is if something happens to him that prevents him from clicking his 72-hour countdown clock. in which they will be released automatically. which he has not shown up to hit reset. at least though he says. maybe this is all a dock and bull story. maybe there is nothing in those recordsch he's the d.c. madam lawyer that released those records. he says, not only are these records extent. not only do they exist, not only does he have access to them. he says they are relevant to this selection and if he is right, we are all about to find that out soon. because one way or another, these things are about to come out. tic toc. everybody freak out.
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>> i have an addition to make to your political science textbook. so please get out your red pen, maybe a sticky note. what we're adding is going in the section that starts with w. what we're adding is a theory we will call the willie wonka. in the willie wonka world of political science, you can win the contest and then lose your prize for the simplest of reasons. >> because he broke the rules. >> what rules? we didn't see any rules, did we, carley? >> wrong, sir, wrong, under section 37-b of the contract signed by him, it states, quite clearly, that all offers shall become nul and void if -- and you can read it for yourself in this photo static copy -- i the undersigned shall forfeit all rights, privileges and licenses and hearing contained, et cetera, et set remarks facts intendium, et cetera, et cetera,
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it's all there, black and white, clear as crystal. you stole lifting drichgs. you both have it, it has to be washed and sterilized so you get nothing. you lose. good day, sir. >> one presidential candidate broke the rules this year in the same way. facts mentus gloria el et cetera. he broke the rules. he was a presidential candidate, sure. but he protect the rules. whatever those were. you really might now get nothing because of it. it's an amazing story and that's next. good day, sir. don't let dust and allergies get between you
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>> okay. april fool's day is almost over. just a few more hours to go. so hang in there, keep your head down. they serve as a reminder, though, because there is a day we call april fool's day, doesn't mean you are impugn from cruel jokes the rest of the year. i take, for example the university of south carolina men's basketball team. the gamecocks. great name. they have appeared in the ncaa tournament eight times since 1981. the last time was a decade ago. a couple weeks ago, the gamecocks got word they were about to make their big comeback. they are back after a 12-year hiatus. the coach and athletic director for the team got a tech message on selection sunday saying, you're in! congratulations. this was a huge deal for them, a huge deal for the university of south carolina for about ten minutes. because ten minutes after they
3:21 am
got that yay, you're in, text. they got a follow-up coen phone call saying, oops the text was wrong. never mind, you're not in. pretend you never got it. >> that story got a bunch of attention this week. so much so the ncaa issued a public apology for the screwup. the university of south carolina mad about it. rightly so. a super disheartening thing to have happened. even if they only perceived for a moment that something was being taken away from them, right, even if they never had a spot in the tournament to begin with. if they actually had earned a spot in the tournament and had it tan away from them after the fact. now that, that would really be something to complain about. that would be what's happening in south carolina in the presidential race right now. south carolina held their republican primary. it was pretty much a blowout. fought really did donald trump win by double digits. he ended up getting every single
3:22 am
dell fat in the state. since then, he has gone on to be the national front runner. even though he's the national front runner, he doesn't look like he has the race wrapped up in terms of delegates this summer. enter obscure rule of the south carolina republican party. starting this year, south carolina republicans decided they have a rule which says that in order to get on the primary ballot in south carolina as a republican, you have to pledge your loyalty to the republican party. well, donald trump did pledge his loyalty to the republican party early in the campaign. here he is, holding up the actual pledge. but this past week, he reniged on that pledge, he now says he doesn't believe that anymore. he will no longer pledge the nominee this fall, because he's not being treated fairly. he is uncommitted to that pledge. now, here's the question if south carolina. if donald trump, by his own admission is no longer loyal to
3:23 am
the republican party, does that mean he's now retroactively ineligible to have competed as a republican in the south carolina primary? this is not just some esoteric argument. the chairman told "time" magazine breaking south carolina's presidential-primary-ballot prejudice, it could resolve them and put delegates in jeopardy. really? i mean, donald trump is now outright saying he no longer stands by that republican party loyalty pledge he took. legally, those, within the republican party rules, i mean, those 50 delegates he earned in that primary, are they really going to say those aren't his anymore? are they going to take him away because he no longer believes his pledge? really? joining us now is joel sawyer, a strategist, a former director of
3:24 am
the republican party. joel, it's nice to see you. thanks so much for being with us tonight. >> thank you for having me tonight. >> is this something that happens all the time in south carolina politics. we're just noticing it for the first time for this red hot presidential race or is this weird in south carolina, too? >> this is weird for south carolina, i think we will say. it's interesting, because if you look at the way south carolina conduct down ballot races, anything outside the presidential race, we actually have sore loser walls in south carolinach they're unique. you have other places that actually say, if you lo ez the primary. if you are not your party's nominee, then can you fought run for another party, for you know a petition candidate. you cannot take any other proactive action to get your name put back on the ballot. so it's a law in place for sore losers, if they happen to not win the nomination. that was the fear with donald trump, if he ran, he was a popular candidate.
3:25 am
if he ran and did not get to that magic number of 1237, does he then run as an independent? so that's why there was this big push to have him sign the loyalty pledge in the first place. >> the pledge, itself, seems unenforceable. the way he has reneged is not ripping it up or unsigning it, but just by saying he no longer considers himself bound by it. is that the sort of thing that would be seen as determinative in terms of his eligibility in the state? is that what they would adjudicate? >> it's hard to say, donald trump if this cycle is pick up your marbles and go home candidate. when he doesn't like something the way the rules are playing out. he makes a threat. in this case, you know the threat was, well, maybe i'll run as an independent after all. which is a threat he has been making throughout this process. i will say, you know, party conventions and party nominating contests are not ba we learn about in 10th grade sifx.
3:26 am
it's not who gets the most votes wins. it's this willie wonka-type contest with a lot of different rules and subsections. you know, if i were donald trump and i saw prevus coming up, i'd start to worry a little bit. >> it sounds like you don't expect donald trump will get all the delegates out of south carolina. if you had to bet, what kind of slate do you think south klein will send to the convention? >> you know, it would be tough for me to envision a scenario where they were not bound to donald trump on the first ballot. which is where they are now. they have to be bound on the first ballot. unless somebody sues or creates a court controversy out of this i have a tough time believing it wouldn't play out that way. the real worry for donald trump is going to be what happens after that, after that first ballot, if he doesn't get to the magic number of 1237. if he goes to a second ballot and a third ballot, he better shore up or make some effort to
3:27 am
make sure his folks will go on there and be with him after the first ballot if he expects to carry it to the contest, if it does go to a contested convention. >> the former director of the south carolina republican party. thanks for being here, just a moment. i feel like you are our south carolina interpreter. it's alwaysifies to have you here. >> any time, any time. >> it's funny, when you talk to people about what will happen in this race. what joel said there, i expect this will happen, unless something crazy like this happens, court action or somebody sues. you know what, that is becoming less an less crazy all over the countries right now. there is already court proceedings over who the delegates will be in the virgin islands right now, can you bet it's going to be happening in more states other than that, boy, is this going to be fun? all right, got more and more coming up next. stay with us. >> thanks, et cetera, et cetera. it's all there, black and white, clear as crystal.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. >> so here's suspect as yet unexplained, but it's something to watch. the national republican party made a big hire todaych his name is tellly lovelace at the republican national committee. congratulations to you, mr.
3:32 am
lovelace, that is a big exciting few job. now, this was an important move for the national republican party. fought just because i'm sure tellly lovelace is a fantastic hire, but republican party headquarters had an awkward exodus lately of all their top 3w4r5k staffers. in the past month alone the rnc outreach director left t. communications director for black media left. over the past year the rnc has lost four of their top plaque staffers. before the addition today of mr. lovelace the national republican party was looking at the prospect of having virtually no african-americans in any permanent jobs at all t.rnc is not commenting publicly on the plaque exodus. as we know the black staffs left of their own accord, it's a coincidence. maybe they don't have an issue
3:33 am
with the republican party, maybe. we'll see. awkward timing, right?
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3:36 am
little peeky toe corner of the state. 2 million of the 2.9ple people in the state live in clark county, which is vegas and its suburbs. now. nearly half of everybody else in the state lives up there, upper left corner, basically if reno, tomorrow, that gets to be the unlikely center of the american political universech because tomorrow, the republican party is holding its little county convention to elect delegates to the state convention, which will then elect delegates. it's usually as boring as it sounds, but the year, that unassuming sounding event. it may get a little crazy t. local paper, the reno journal is predicting turmoil at this event. they say they are seeing quote serious chaos and friction between the ted cruz and donald trump faction in the county, as they scrap for every delegate
3:37 am
plinging proverbial brussel sprouts in what is expected to be the proverbial food fight there. happy saturday, we will be keeping an eye out for you. today, north dakota republicans kicked off their state convention, which is also usually boring, forth dakota republicans are fought holding a primary this year, they're not holding a caucus either. instead, state delegates in fargo this week will be choosing among themself, which 28 of themself, which 28 lucky folks are going to get to go to cleveland, the delegates have the extra joy of being unbounds when they get to the national convention, which means, they can vote for whoever they want. even on the first ballot, donald trump, ted cruz, your mom, chris hayes, anyone. that makes north dakota delegates extremely valuable and makes the pros sect of being a north dakota delegate extremely
3:38 am
fun. ted cruz will make the trip to fargo, tomorrow to court these folks in person. donald trump will be sending ben carson to do the courting on his behalf. whether you fall in love with ted cruz or ben carson, these guys need those delegates. they don't have one to spare. we learned donald trump and ted cruz lost delegates when marco rubio came back from the dead for a handful of delegates that he had probably, seemingly, maybe, left behind. senator rubio of course, suspended his campaign. after he did that, the republican party of alaska decided they would essentially give away the five delegates maarco rubio gave to alaskach they reapportioned them to donald trump and ted cruz. alaska republicans figured, why not? marco rubio is no longer running. let's give away his delegates. no big deal. wrong. after the alaskan party did that, marco rubio sent this
3:39 am
letter, demanding his delegates back. saying his decision to suspend his campaign for president of the untied states. that's what it says, the untied states. he says that decision was fought intended to release any national convention delegates. so this is intriguing, right? marco rubio is no longer running for president. he has suspended his campaign. he will never be president of the untied states. but he is determined to hold on to his delegates, anyway. it's not just in alaska. he's done this in alaskach he is doing this in 20 other states. he sent that same letter with the same untied states typo to all 21 states, demandsing his delegates back, even though he's out of the race. interesting, right? asked about the senator's motivation for doing this, a spokesman for marco rubio says the candidate quote wants to give voters a chance to stop trump. because by holding on to his delegates, senator rubio makes it harder somehow for donald
3:40 am
trump to win the tom nation? not incidentally having a few delegates in his back pocket, might different marco rubio a chance to play himself, amid the chaos. it becomes a jump baum for the nomination. why not pick a guy that ran and won a bunch of delegates? until then, marco rubio hangs around, handing out mistyped letters. he appears not to endorse anybody else any time soon. he does still have sway in this thing. marco rubio is nowhere near the leaders. 172 delegates is not nothing. he has 29 more dem dpats than john kasich, who is technically still running. marco rubio in for the long haul tore the jumpball for whatever he can do with 172 delegates. in my lifetime, i could not have dreamed of a race that is this bonkers, binoculars, untied,
3:41 am
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>> eric cantor was promoted by the football two in congress the pa majority leader, it was a great honor. a little of a surprise for anybody that never got much done in his time in congress during his 13 years in congress, he sponsored six bills, one rename a very nice post office in mr. cantor's district. another bill cleared the way for a new design for the u.s. nickel. er rick cantor got stuff like that done. he had sort of a bigger job tan his list of accomplishments might suggest when he was in congress before he eventually got turfed out by a primary in his home district. shortly before, though, eric cantor has one big success if 2014, he was voting for health research for kids with health money that used to pay for democratic and republican conventions. eric contour didn't sponsor that
3:44 am
bill. he was basically congratulated as champion in the house. he had steered federal money to health care tore kids. he had done it by raising taxes and taking the money of public funding of party conventions. who needs the people, who needs public money? corporations can pay for the party conventions, right? of course they will. that was majority leader eric cantor's success, 2014, weeks before he resigned before his term was over. his republican colleagues made him a lovely farewell video about his time if congress. he went off to a new and lucrative job as an investment banker. that was that, corporations would pay for conventions. no more public funding. the corporations will pay. his work was done. until now. now the one thing eric cantor managed to do when in office,
3:45 am
besides give us a new look for that nickel about one eric cantor accomplishment is coming to haunt his friends. when in this election they are faced with a front runner they can't abide for stop, now in this election, his plan to fund the conventions, it's coming back to haunt republicans. it turns out corpses would fought maybe like to be the sponsor where the front runner is donald trump and mr. trump said there could be riots. corporations may not want to sponsor the convention this summer. according to "new york times," some of the best known corporations are nervously grappling with what role they should play, given the likely nomination of mr. trump, whose candidacy alienated many women, plaques, and hispanics. coca-cola gave the republican convention over $16,000. last time around wal-mart us the far has not sent a single penney or a nickel.
3:46 am
this will be the first set of presidential conventions that won't receive any federal funding. where the burden will fall directly on the shoulders of corporations or the party. thanks to eric cantor's pet projects. and it happens to be the same election when mr. cantor's republican party has a nominee scaring off corporate sponsors if droves. republicans really do need to pay for this convention somehow. maybe they can persuade mr. cantor to do this bill. it might be the least he can do with the legacy he left him. oh remotes, you've had it tough.
3:47 am
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. >> something is about to happen -- yay! whohoo, truck's here, friday night news dump time. wendy mcneil. hello. >> hello, miss rachel. we have lucy dpra from boston, massachusetts, is playing with us tonight. >> hi, lucie. >> a long-time fan of the show. she is known on twitter as jessidres. she is studying to learn special ed. >> i know you have just interests. i feel i am crossing the space time twitter continnium is there it's nice to have you. thank you. it's great to have you here. i know you know how this works. we'll cut right to the chase. you will get three questions of this week's news. if you get at least two of them right, you will win this piece
3:49 am
of junk. >> the amazing, really cool rachel maddow show cocktail shaker. >> not at all to work. if you go ahead credit. what is the random office swag? >> these cool grand large paratroopers. they're really cool. you throw them. they fly down. yeah. they've really cool. >> these are my responsibility. there are things that have non-working parachutes you can throw and hurt a small child if you are not careful, they're definitely a choking hazard, but tons of fun. >> i won't bring them t my 4th graders. >> don't bring them to your 4th graders and don't bring in a cat. steve will determine whether you got the right answer. lucie, steve, steve, lucie. >> good evening to you both. >> hi. >> question one. although, hillary clinton leads overall in the democratic presidential contest. on monday's show, we reported on one aspect of the campaign in
3:50 am
which senator bernie sanders is totally cleaning hillary clinton's clock. what is that? is it, a, his super pac is ten times the size of her super pac? b, he has one ten in a row among states that hold caucuses. c, he has one ten in a row in states that hold primaries. or, d, he is way ahead in the polls in the next ten states that are scheduled to vote? >> well, i know he has been having trouble with the primaries, but he's been doing well, really well with the caucuses, so i'm going to go with b. >> steven, did lucie get that right? >> let's check monday's show. >> he lost the first two caucuses barely in iowa, a little in nevada. since then of all the caucus states, he has one ten straight. >> yes, the correct answer is b, lucie is one for one. >> whohoo. question two, this week we paid uncomfortably close attention to
3:51 am
the scandal involving the conservative governor bob bentley. before a phone sex tape of the governor and his alleged mistress was released publicly the governor apologized for what he called inappropriate comments. but even after the phone sex tape surfaced, what has the governor insistently denied? has he denied, a, that he was governor when the affair happened. as he denied, b, that his wife had any issue at all with the affair, because they're in an open relationship? has he denied the affair had any physical components or, d, has he denied that he enjoyed the affair? he said it was quote strictly business. >> well, i know that from the multiple playings of those tapes, he seemed to enjoy it quite a lot. and that quite obviously minded, because she went and left him. so i'm going to go with c.
3:52 am
>> deny that the affair had a physical component. what is the right answer here? >> let's roll the tape. >> he's insistent emphatically that he never had an affair. he said he never had a physical relationship with this staffer. never had a physical affair with the senior adviser. >> yes, the creepy correct answer is c. >> what is physical really anyway? last question, jess, lucie jess. tuesday's show, we reported that an old lurid washington scandal has come back all of a sudden to potentially affect the presidential race this year. which scandal is back from the dead if washington. is it a, abscam, the fake shaikh bribery scandal, c, the iran contra scandal or d that time
3:53 am
when george w. bush's do pestic policy adviser got shop lifted from target? >> i have never heard of anybody getting caught shoplifting from target. >> i'll send you a link. >> and i know it's not the iran contra affair. unfortunately, as much as i hate to remember it, it has to be b. >> d.c. madam. >> steve, you got the answer for us? >> let's check tuesday's show. >> in court filings which we obtained today the lawyer from the old d.c. madam case, sibley, he claims he quote came to believe information contained in the sealed from the public records quote contain information relevant to the upcoming presidential election. >> yep, it is the d.c. madam
3:54 am
scandal. >> lucy, you are an absolute ringer, spectacularch wendy, did lucy win absolutely everything? >> louis ki, you are the owner of cool new swag. >> yay! >> lussi, thank you senior much. if you bring it to your 4th grate graders, we need a picktorial. >> you into ed to come up to boston to my former work place this little museum the isabel stewart gardner pulmonary. >> ohy god tissues best heist of all time. >> every time mention on the show, i internally grown, it meant i'd have five visitors the next day ask about, is this the place where the theft happened? i have to spend a very long time, plaining it. >> i am a sucker for a good heist. lucie, great for meeting you. thanks for being her here. well done. congratulations. >> tell us who you are, where you are from, why you
3:55 am
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i'm sorry, ian't hear you? nice shirt craig. at, we're always looking for unbelievable money saving innovations. >> so tonight here on msnbc, we are debuting something new that has never been seen before. it's a serious thing. i am telling you, it is also riveting. it's a part of news standards here and at other news organizations that we tried to not help terrorists. we try to not help terrorists in anyway, including spreading their propaganda. so when terrorist groups commit atrocities of some kind, attacks of some kind. the way we've phone they've done it is the terrorists themselves have filmed it. they want that film to be circulated. we as a mat of course don't do that. we will report what we know and can confirm. we may take films sore clips
3:59 am
from terrorist propaganda. we take the minimum, only what we can responsibly use without doing tear work for them of actually terrorizing and intimidating people. as a general rule, i think that makes a ton of sense. as news organization, we ned to report what has happened, on our own terms. in the case of terrorism, that means we do not recirculate terrorist propaganda. now, we're at this interesting point, where the independent circulation of their own propaganda by the terrorist group isis, that is the news story about them that is probably the most important one of all. that is the offense. right. >> that is the attack from them. >> that is the way in which they are making themselves a global threat and there is no way to tell that story honestly without showing what it is that they're doing. and so what we're about to do here is something different than you have ever seen. in the course of watching normal news footage, you have not seen what we are about to show you.
4:00 am
you have not seen what they have been doing selling themselves internationally. it's serious stuff. it's riveting. it's news worthy. it's a huge story. msnbc's continual coverage is up next. good morning, i'm alex witt if fork. it is the race for the white house. battleground wisconsin, every single candidate from beau sides is in the badger state today, with the gop warming up the clouds, including sarah palin at a fish fry. >> the entire country, its eyes are on the great state of wisconsin. >> i am so happy to be here. thank youch it is always so good to be in wisconsin. >> you have a megaphone, where you are not speaking just for this state, but the