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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 8, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm thomas roberts. let's get to it. after two days of near nuclear rhetoric in the democratic race for the nation, bernie sanders detours the conversation back to what would qualify as a more civil tone. now, we are awaiting hillary clinton expected to appear at any moment in a campaign event in buffalo, new york, the former secretary moving her campaign operation upstate today. this is just hours after rival clinton and sanders had separate interviews, each engaging the state of the race. first hillary clinton sitting down with "today"'s matt lawyer. >> he doesn't think you're qualified to be president. >> well, that will be up to the voters of new york and the other states that will be passing
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judgment in the weeks ahead. i think it's kind of a silly statement, but he's free to say whatever he chooses. >> then senator sanders, who backed down from his questions about the former secretary's readiness for the oval office. >> here's the truth. i've known hillary clinton for 25 years. i respect hillary clinton. we were colleagues in the senate, and on her worst day, she would be an in iffi infinit better president than either of the republican candidates. >> she's qualified. >> of course. and keeping the heat on ted cruz over those controversial remarks on new york values. this time it's john kasich hitting cruz with a new ad. >> ted cruz sneered at our new york values. >> i think most people know exactly what new york values are. >> all right, to our political team, as the 2016 race is covers from all angles today, i want to bring in jacob rascon.
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jacob, paul manafort is now the new man at the top. what else can you tell us about his new, consolidated role in the trump campaign. >> reporter: thomas, this is undoubtedly a new phase of the campaign. you have this very small, very fight and unconventional campaign expanding, coming off the heels, of course, of that big wisconsin loss. paul manafort hired just over a week ago as the new manager. mr. trump in the release says he's taking on responsibility dealing with everything, the delegate process, as well as reaching out to the d.c. office, the congress, reaching out to the sort. in an interview you heard him say he only answers to trump which suggests corwin lewandowski, is their influence lost there? and the campaign tells us, no, this is a natural growth and the
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campaign maturing. this is always what was sort of going to happen, and that still corwin lewandowski runs the day-to-day operations, he has the enormous outlook and is focusing on the general election which they fully expect to go to. so you have two sides here. you have no doubt, more responsibilities going to somebody else who is arguably part of the establishment. he says, he said in the interview today, it's one thing to work with the establishment, it's another thing to buy into it. he has known mr. trump since the ' '80s. he refers to mr. trump as donald, that they'll be working very closely. and there's new questions about what it all means, thomas. i want to bring in our colleague, nbc's kelly o'donnell. kelly is following the kasich campaign. kelly, we have kasich at a new
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york event with us today. tell us how the campaign is banking on the northeast to help him gain some momentum as these super tuesday contests for new york on the 19th and then we move mid-atlantic on the 26th? >> thomas, you can imagine they understand the position of donald trump as a hometown son here. at the same time also seeing whatever momentum there might have been for ted cruz's success in wisconsin, it could be blunted here by his comment about new york values, which really spreads to the whole region. and so the kasich campaign has been hitting that hard, trying to sort of take ted cruz down, which helps accumulate delegates for john kasich and that moves the ball forward. here in connecticut, they don't vote until the 26th, but this is part of that piece, where he's wanting to attract enough delegates to keep the story credible about his candidacy. i've got some frequent flyer miles when it comes to attending john case kick town halls, and
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i've seen delegates having to explain to her. he believes the dell, all the different steps, and they'll look seriously at who could win in the fall and who could do the job as president. there are a lot of steps and he's asking voters to move along with that, because it is different and not something they're accustomed to. i asked mr. kasich about the fact that voters are asking him about this more, and what is his responsibility to strain it. >> i think the media has created a very negative attitude about conventions. the convention is nothing more than an extension of the political process. >> and so what he's talking about is that there will be a process. he thinks it should be a transparent one and that his team is just building the
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ingredients needed to be able to credibly play in cleveland to make his case. thomas? >> which only means more sky miles for kevin o'donnell. . he's walking back those comments he made about hillary clinton's qualifications and a series of indian pieces. >> here's the truth. i've known hillary clinton for 25 years, i rm hillary clinton, and on her worst day, she would be an infinitely better president than a of the republicans. >> and hillary clinton is in buffalo, new york today hoping to capitalize on her two terms in the state as a senator, and she's relying on her empire
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state roots to win this state. has there really been a strategy shift on their part after a string of losses? we know that bernie sanders comes into new york with a different state of momentum? >> hillary clinton very much wanting to regain the momentum in this case, so when you had that interview with senator sanders with the new york daily news where he seemed to struggle with some of his answers, secretary clinton was quick to jump on that and to attack him for that, and i was at the root of this whole back and forth, really. what you're seeing noul. this comes as you have some pardon i.
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you also have some. secretary clinton is unqualified and our -- we asked former president bill clinton today if he thought senator sanders would have made the same charge against a mail sand date if he does subconsciously believe there are different standards applying to more and, right now the. both candidates will be criss-crossing this state in the coming days. . casey, let's talk about the calculation that goes into bernie sanders.
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it's i eye small play to get back. i think it an argument with hillary clinton that was going to be untenable in the long run. i've been talking to snore aids to the -- senior aids. the clinton campaign is supposedly trying to disqualify him. they're going to make him seem like he is not capable of being president. in talking about his being a single issue candidate, et cetera. but the reality was this was going to be hard to defend in the long run, these strategists say. it was going to be hard to get out there and stay in day in and day out. in the event she does become the
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democratic nominee, that could prevent long-term problems for the party. but you have to remember, they do feel very strongly that they needed to ratchet up the criticism of hillary clinton. bernie sanders himself, obviously, felt that he needed to hit back at her, and there's been some warnings, too, that new york is just going to be a tai tough i think you're seeing bernie sanders respond to that. >> meanwhile, strictly on the sanders campaign and what the future means for them as they're ramping up to new york and beyond that to april 26, what can you tell us about the vatican trip.
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>> very. . there were reports that came out either were reported by broom berg news that the vat and you. senator sanders pushing back, providing nbc news, danny freeman, with the invitation that bnnn it sounds like the sanders campaign is going to go ahead with this. >> kasie hunt reporting from brooklyn for us. kasie, thank you so much. we've been asking whether you think hillary clinton and bernie sanders will actually month. cast your vote there on the.
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nbc foreign correspondent a mmaaman amanal al dine. what we learned is that one of those individuals who has been arrested is a man known as ibrahim abrine. they've been looking for them since the paris attacks back in november. it's also not clear -- and this was released by since those before us sales attacks back on march 22.
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it's not clear physical -- spra attacks both in brussels and in paris. we'll certainly know that in the next 90 minutes where. >> the most sought after fuj tef. >> we have communication coming up here that we'll have on msnbc. up next, we return to the rope lines on the campaign trail. now kmeents with black lives matter protesters. . we got more of the president's response, plus the significance of that moment for the 2016 race. we're back with much more after this. ♪ in new york state, we believe tomorrow starts today.
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welcome back, everybody. here's a live look in buffalo, new york from the buffalo transportation pierce arrow museum. this is where hillary clinton is going to kick off her second event of the day, and a qualification view between bernie sanders and hillary clinton seems to be cooling off a little bit, not a lot. let's take a look at matt lauer's taped interview with hillary clinton. >> he doesn't think you're qualified to be president. >> well, that will be up to the voters of new york and the other states that will be passing judgment in the weeks ahead. i think it's kind of a silly statement, but he's free to say whatever he chooses. >> is he qualified to be president? >> here's what i believe. i believe voters will be looking at both of us, but i will take
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bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz any time. they pose real threats to our values, to groups of americans, some very large groups like women. but so many people are hearing what's going on on the republican side and wondering, what is this about? how can we tolerate it? >> i want to get to that, but as senator sanders, in your opinion, said or done anything during the course of this campaign or during the course of his career in the senate that disqualifies him from being president of the united states? >> i never said that about him. >> i know, i'm asking. >> i never said that about him. his response to me was a misrepresentation of what i've said, but also kind of a historic amnesia. because on all of those issues, he supported president obama, he supported joe biden as our vice presidential candidate, he supported john kerry when he ran. each one of them has, according to him, not been qualified. but i think in the heat of the campaign, people say lots of
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things. there are contrasts between us, and i think that's fair game. >> so for his part, sanders trying to shift the conversation back to the issues, calling the, quote, of course. >> is she reacting more than she did? >> i respect hillary clinton, and on her worst day she would be an infinitely better president than any of the other candidates. >> she's qualified? >> of course. but i hope we get away from these attacks which, by the way, the media like very much, perhaps we can do that today, and start focusing on the real issues. >> do you worry, though, senator
11:20 am
sanders, as this campaign goes on and on that the damage is being done to whichever of you becomes the eventual nominee? >> no, that's media stuff. here's real stuff. people want to know why they're working longer hours for lower wages. kids want to know why they're graduating college 50 to $75,000 in debt. >> as the campaign tries to get above the fray, fault lines are beginning to form. the latest national polling shows the candidates statistically tied. so are we witnessing a democratic party fracture? the aut hor of "fracture: the clintons and the great divide." is bernie sanders expressing his
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success? >> i think it's not part of the democratic party as it is the movement overall because that includes democrats and non-democrats that identify themselves as liberals. there are people who are big d democrats who are hard core and want hillary clinton, and there are liberals and progressives that think we need to have big change to enact the ideas. >> the moment yesterday when president bill clinton confronted by a couple in philadelphia from the black lives metre movement, and he was there to campaign for his wife and we know that the president is not afraid to engage with folks, you know, and that's his right. but take a look at what the president had to say today. >> i talked to a lot of african-american groups. they thought black lives mattered. they said, take this bill because our kids are being shot in the street by gangs.
11:22 am
we have 13-year-old kids planning their own funerals. she don't want to hear any of that. and listen to this. because of that and the background check law, we had a 46-year low in the deaths of people by gun violence, and who do you think those lives were that mattered? whose lives were saved that mattered? [ cheers and applause ] >> two women in the crowd got up and started screaming that they were angry about the crime bill i had signed and that i was responsible for mass incarceration, which is interesting since hillary was the first candidate to say there are too many young people in prison for too long for non-violent offenses and we need to let them out. i know those young people yesterday were just trying to get good television, and they did. but that doesn't mean that i was most effective in answering it. >> so let's talk babout the 199
11:23 am
crime bill, and a lot of people say it reappointed itself. a lot of people say it only got approved because of the black caucus in 1994. so it did have a lot of support in the minority community. >> lots of support, but you have to take yourself back to that era. a lot of people are too young to remember, quite frankly. my oldest daughter was born in 1995. she wouldn't remember this era at all. back then you had the apex of the crack epidemic. you had places like east flatbush and brownsville and brooklyn who were literally in terror and being terrorized betwe by the drug wars between blood lines. you had a cocaine war that was causing mass death. you had black mayors, black pastors literally writing to the clinton administration saying, do something about it. even before that, you had 1973,
11:24 am
these draconian laws passed that really criminalized drug use and inflamed these sort of wars between rival gangs. then in '86 you had ronald reagan pass that bill that made the disparity between crack cocaine really large. it was a dialogue between them and the black community, and many in the black community, bernie sanders, joe biden, they wanted it, violence act. >> they wanted some good tv, they got it. they wanted to demonstrate a moment where they could get under the president's skin a little bit. hillary clinton was not in elected office in 1994, but what does this demonstrate from '08 to 2016 about the greatest person you could have on your side for you, the spouse and the former president, as being proactive and an achilles heel
11:25 am
at the same time? >> it's incredible that the bill in the bill clinton era is largely useless. she cannot comment about many good things in that era because we are relitigating many of the decisions made by bill clinton. he's being repudiated about decisions he made. we're now looking back in retrospect, but the reality is the crime bill in and of itself did not cause mass incarceration. it began well before that, in the 1980s. but bill clinton still wants to fight over his own record when his job as a surrogate is to fight for hillary clinton and what her campaign wants to say, and her campaign is conceding that a lot of those ideas are wrong. if she's conceding it, and bill clinton, i'm sorry, i know you want to fight for your record, but the thing to do as a surrogate is not to fight for yourself or your legacy. in that moment he should have fought for his wife's campaign. black lives matter is in a very different place from where he is mentally and emotionally, and i
11:26 am
think he needs to get back on track if he wants to be helpful to hillary clinton. coming up next, wyoming democrats' caucus tomorrow. i'll be speaking with the chair of the state's democratic party about what it's like to go blue in a very red wyoming. that's next, stick around. mary buys a little lamb. one of millions of orders on this company's servers. accessible by thousands of suppliers and employees globally. but with cyber threats on the rise, mary's data could be under attack. with the help of the at&t network, a network that senses and mitigates cyber threats, their critical data is safer than ever. giving them the agility to be open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. i am totally blind. i lost my sight in afghanistan. if you're totally blind, you may also be struggling with non-24.
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we're good. five million? good. we scale on demand. hybrid infrastructure, boom. ok. what if 30 million people download the app? we're not good. we're total heroes. scale on demand with the number one company in cloud infrastructure. much of our attention has been focused on new york, but there is a democratic contest out west in wyoming, and hillary clinton has the delegates. 14 delegates are up for grabs. hillary clinton has a lot of high-profile democrats, like the democratic chair. anna is one of the superdelegates that's pledged to
11:30 am
hillary clinton. anna, bernie sanders does well in caucus states, and if the state goes to bernie sanders, will you change your allegiance as a superdelegate to senator sanders? >> well, i'd like to say, first of all, thank you, thomas, for having me on. it's fun for wyoming to be in the spotlight even if it's just for a few days with 14 delegates at stake. >> they all matter, they all matter. >> they all do matter right now. and i will definitely weigh in after saturday and take a look at who will eventually have the most pledged delegates and make a decision. i will, you know, hold my vote until the national convention, as i'm sure the other superdelegates from wyoming will do the same. >> so hillary clinton has not visited the state. we know president clinton has. the sanders, senator sanders and his wife, have been there. there is attention on wyoming. and it is important as all delegates counts.
11:31 am
do you think hillary clinton is missing an opportunity by not campaigning there in person? >> i don't think so. i think we've had great presence with having president clinton come in. we've also had ken salazar came in this week also to speak to some of her supporters, and it's been great and interesting to see some of the endorsements that have come out from wyoming leadership, including our tribal leaders on the reservation who have endorsed secretary clinton's campaign this past week. >> as we know, wyoming is typically a very red state. talk to us about what it's like to be the chair, to be blue existing in all that red, and the attention that maybe now you will get from the national party as we see how critical, how pivotal all states, all delegates are. >> it is interesting. we've had a lot more action from the organizers in the campaigns this year than we've had in 2008. and so it's been great for the party to be able to increase our
11:32 am
data and information from democratic voters and even from republican voters who have switched over to be able to participate in the caucus. many of them were not able to participate in their own caucus. i believe there were maybe a thousand republicans that showed up to their county caucuses. we are expecting numbers higher than 2008, which was about 8,000. so similar to what has happened in the other western states, i think we're going to have record turnouts and we're pretty excited about what that means for us in the future. it's great to show off, you know, in a state where we are outnumbered about 1 to 10 with the republicans, and we're going to put all this activity to work for us in november to elect some wyoming democrats to our legislature. >> we'll be watching very closely tomorrow. great to have you on. thanks for your time. >> great. thanks for having me. coming up next, we head to colorado. republicans there picking up the delegates that will represent the state in the national
11:33 am
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(vo) purina pro plan bright mind. nutrition that performs. . hi, everybody. welcome back. i'm thomas roberts and let's get you caught up to where the presidential candidates are today. let's start with the democrats. hillary clinton will begin speaking any moment now in buffalo, new york. later after that event she'll head to rochester. her campaign continues to focus on upstate new york, ahead of the primary on april 19. bernie sanders spending the day in his hometown of brooklyn. he is said to hold a rally at the top of the hour, followed by another rally at 5:00 p.m. eastern. and ted cruz and donald trump are taking the day off on the campaign trail while.
11:37 am
they're working to winnow down a list to the final 37 who will attend the national convention in july in cleveland. on the scene today in colorado springs, the msnbc delegate hunter jacob soboroff. jacob, talk about how this fight is playing out on the ground and how folks are making the case for why they should be picked? >> ted cruz may be off the campaign trail today, but his campaign is going in full force. the congressional 2 ballots, the ballot box will be closed in two minutes. the reason i'm outside, the whole thing moved out to the courtyard. you're seeing people coming up and speaking for 20 seconds each -- are the ballots all in? >> we have two or three more. >> two or three more ballots coming in. i actually see rick fernandez
11:38 am
here on the ted cruz slate. hi, jacob soboroff. a lot of people are looking to see ted cruz be more balanced with the bound delegates and unbound delegates to either tip the scales for ted cruz or go the other way. did you talk to the campaign, is this about making deals with the campaign? how did this come about? >> it's not about making deals at all. i think what's nice about ted cruz's campaign, it's about being active and grassroots oriented. i've been in this arena for about six years working on campaigns working locally, and i think it's a matter of you get some recognition as a leader within the party, and then you get those requests from the candidates because they know we'll get things done. that's what it comes down to. >> rick, you ultimately could tip the scales to -- you're not going to tip it to donald trump but against him, certainly. you could stop him from getting that 1237 on the first ballot. i asked this of other delegates here today. do you feel a sense of power
11:39 am
given a group of these delegates come to states without popular votes, about 150? do you feel a sense of power in that role? >> maybe not so much power. i feel a large amount of responsibility to the people that vote to put delegates in and also to make sure we do have a strong integrity-based process to select our candidates. if it's trump and he comes through with the majority of delegates, i will back trump on that, but i'm also going to fight to make sure ted cruz is our nominee, and i do feel responsible to the folks here to do that. >> thanks a lot. nice to meet you, sir. thomas, what's happening here today is what you saw here but four times over. ted cruz is 9 for 9 so far with delegates out of colorado, second district now closed. we'll see this happens twice more tonight. 12 delegates will come out of here today. additional one tomorrow, 17 total. could be huge. can't understate it. protect cruz. >> really big. jacob, thank you very much. guys in the control room, can we
11:40 am
put up jacob's graphic again? i don't know if jacob has seen it himself, but it's great and i love it. with jacob running with that microphone there on the left-hand side. >> yeah, i like that. thank you, thomas. i heard you might have drawn it yourself, and if so, thank you very much. >> i'm very creative, but i can't take credit for that. coming up next, pennsylvania's upcoming primary. could it be a prizeworthy fight of rocky balboa. they discuss the clash for the keystone state, next. at does it? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves? is it finally witnessing all the artistic wonders of the natural world? whatever your definition of success is,
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11:44 am
a lot of people don't know olmstead did buffalo's parks as well as central park. i loved bringing a delegation from ireland here to buffalo. i loved visiting and helping sister janice at the response to love center. i ate more chicken wings and beef on wet than i can remember. hope to get some before i leave. but i want to tiell you just a little story, because, you know, when people run for office, they come out and make all kinds of promises, right? they say what they think you want to hear, and then maybe or maybe not they deliver. during my campaign, i spent a lot of time in '99 and 2000 here in buffalo, and i stayed at one
11:45 am
of the hotels, and i got to know the people that worked at the hotel. i would talk with them and greet them and thank them, and the very last time i was here right before the election in 2000, so it probably would have been like the weekend before the election, as i was getting ready to leave, one of the maids came up to me, and she had been somebody i had seen now for about a year back and forth. she came up to me and she said, i want to ask you something. i said, what is it? she said, please don't forget buffalo. and she handed me a little snow globe with a little buffalo inside. and i put that on my dresser. i see that every single day. [ cheers and applause ]
11:46 am
>> i'm not going to forget buffalo, i'm not going to forget niagara falls, i'm not going to forget jamestown, i'm not going to forget western new york! >> hillary clinton on the stand talking about her time in new york and also about her connections to the folks there in buffalo. of course, if you are on the campaign, you talk about the food the locals love, and anyway, buffalo home to the chicken wing which hillary clinton says she may get some before she leaves. but let's go to where the cheesesteak is the most important meal of the day. with me, george watkins, and nbc contributor james peterson, director of africana studies at lehigh university. i won't ask you about the cheesesteak, although maybe i should, and the best shop to go to. we look at these parallel tracks that the campaign is running
11:47 am
with hillary clinton in new york, and james bill clinton has been campaigning for his wife in pennsylvania. coming up on the 26th, we have the pennsylvania primary. she scored in 2008 with just a six-point lead over sanders. what is going on there? >> i think there are a lot of progressives in the state of pennsylvania who are feeling the bern. remember, that's a six-point lead with a four-pointer r erro and i think that's maern the clinton campaign wanted to have. because of the momentum over the last six or seven contests, because of what he did on the "today" show today, kind of pulling back the red meat piece of political discourse, i think that's going to play well with pennsylvania voters, and i think, again, there are a lot of leftists and progressives in the
11:48 am
state of pennsylvania who are feeling the bern. >> you make a good point of getting the rhetoric back to more civil tones, and joe, we know the rhetoric on the right has been more ramped up about how willing those candidates are to take a go at each other. as we look at the race for pennsylvania, john kasich has said in the past that he thinks he had a really strong showing there in a stas whete where he born, yet he's squarely in third place behind ted cruz, behind donald trump in the quinnipiac polling. obviously it's not that big a gap to retain silver. >> it's going to take some money to do that. pennsylvania is a big state. john kasich has a message that would fit pennsylvania if you look at the people that pennsylvania pennsylvania elects to national office. they generally elect people that have his profile, but if he got out his message, he might have a
11:49 am
shot. donald trump is from the northeastern part of the country, he went to college here in pennsylvania, went to the university of pennsylvania, so he's got roots in pennsylvania as well. i expect that he'll do very, very well here. 71 delegates up, of course, for grabs, and i know it will be a hard-fought fight to get them. i would give trump the clear advantage in all this. kasich has a chance to move up. i don't know that there's lots of room for ted cruz. he's very well organized, has raised a lot of money, and has done a very, very good ground game in terms of getting the delegates. you can't discount him there, either. >> guys, real quickly, if we could just show the video. we don't have to put out the sound from paul ryan playing the clip that's very presidential. i would like to get your perspective on this, because for someone who says they aren't interested in kind of being the underdog to sweep in and save the day at the convention, joe, let me start with you. is this something somebody not interested would do? >> well, if i wouldn't mind
11:50 am
being nominated by my party as president of the united states, i would very much like this kind of an ad. i mean, it makes him look -- remember, efrs the was the vice presidential nominee in the cycle in 2012, so he's somebody who has played well nationally, so he's reminding voters about who he is. very smart to do so just to keep himself in the mind of voters. >> james, five seconds. you agree? >> i agree. you can't really get a real answer from paul ryan until it's actually in the moment. but also, thomas, remember, the state of pennsylvania is a state that sent rick santorum to the senate, so they certainly have an appeal. there is an appeal for more conservative voters in this state as well. >> great to have you with me. thanks so much. i want an update on the pulse question being about hillary clinton and bernie sanders. do you think clinton and sanders ai war of words will divide the
11:51 am
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craftsman. when it matters. so first lady michelle obama was speaking recently about life after the white house in an interview with nbc's al roker. al was recently traveling with the first lady in her recent garden tour, and it was then that the two sat down and talked about the future of the first family. take a look.
11:55 am
>> what would you like your legacy to be? >> i probably have better perspective on it when i get a chance to breathe and step back and think. but if i have to answer the question right now, i just want people to say michelle obama was a hard-working first lady who impacted people's lives for the better and made us proud. >> if you could finish this sentence -- >> okay. >> -- on saturday, january 21st, 2017, the day after inauguration day, i will be -- >> hopefully somewhere warm. i think that's the safest thing i can say. somewhere really, really warm. >> are there little drinks with umbrellas involved? >> you know, i was going to go in, but i thought, oh, let me stop. that will lead the whole story. that will be the conversation, so warmth. >> i've been very lucky to
11:56 am
attend a few events at the white house. there is an enjoyment level, because i've seen your kids around, i've seen your mom around, that this truly was time in somebody's home. >> i'm constantly trying to say, remember, let's have fun, you know. this is a rare opportunity. let's not just get something done, but let's enjoy it. and hopefully, you know, we've created that kind of an atmosphere in the white house. we're going to miss everybody when it's time to go. but don't take me there yet. not yet. >> maybe the warm place. >> let's think warm. and maybe an umbrella in a drink somewhere. >> those drinks are sugary with the umbrellas. donald knows. that's going to wrap things up for this hour. i'm thomas roberts. don't go anywhere. kate snow picks up our coverage next right here on msnbc, the place for politics. is joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry.
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12:00 pm
helhello, everyone, i'm kat snow. happy friday. we begin on a very busy news day here on the democratic side of the race. it is all happening right here in new york ahead of this state's primary on april 19. bernie sanders started his day right here on msnbc defending his comment the other day that hillary clinton is not qualified to be president. but also saying on "morning joe" that it's time to move on. >> if i am being attacked day after day after day, if what the clinton campaign basically says, look, we've lost wisconsin, we've lost six out of seven states, we have to go negative on sanders. if that is what their new strategy is, what am i supposed to do? sit back and say, hey, we're really nice. we have to fight back. let's get back to the issues. hillary clinton have strong disagreements. i respect her, but let's start debatihe


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