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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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papa! you're no son of mine! or perhaps it's time to seize the day. don't just see opportunity, seize it! (applause) good tuesday from brooklyn, new york. imer cahill. we're inside the brooklyn roasting company here. we continue the coverage for push for votes in the empire state ahead of the primary which is just one week from today. we talked a lot about the anti-trump forces over the last two weeks. is new york a new focus for those efforts? i'm told those groups are spending a grand total of zero on tv ads here, this on the heels of 2 million spent in
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wisconsin. in fact, kasich is the only republican throwing down cashier in new york, about $177,000. ted cruz has been focused on other states like california where he was on monday. it's important to point out, too, the gop rules here in the state of new york where donald trump holds a sizeable lead. this is, of course, his home state. if he wins half the vote in new york, he will automatically get this state's 95 delegates. according to the latest nbc news wall street journal marist polling, trump stands at 96%, close to his rival. there is a similar lead for hillary clinton who holds a lead of 14 points over bernie sanders in new york. the numbers here, though, only tell us so much. today there is a new question, one that until recently seems to be reserved for the other party. could the growing divide among democrats now boost the chances of a republican victory in november? our teams are digging into that
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and much more as they follow the democratic campaigns across the state. we want to begin this hour with kasie hunt who is covering the sanders campaign in syracuse, new york. part of that polling found that 30% of sanders supporters said they wouldn't support hillary clinton if she was, in fact, a nominee in a general election. i'm sure behind the scenes the sanders campaign is saying, not going to be an issue because their candidate will be the nominee. but it is something to chew over. is there some concern about whether or not this is leading to a divide within the party? >> erica, this is something that the sanders campaign has actually been dealing with for many months now, some of it coming through on line, for example. there is some back and forth between hillary clinton supporters and bernie sanders supporters that turned a little bit negative, that the sanders campaign had to actually come out and push back against. when you come to sanders rallies, it is not hard to find people who will tell you, yes, i love bernie sanders but no, i
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will not support hillary clinton. i just can't see myself getting out there to vote for her. it's partly -- we talk a lot about how sanders has a lot of first-time supporters, people who are new to the process. those are, in many cases, the type of people who say, i'm not going to come out in the general election if it's hillary clinton, but i would support bernie sanders. now, sanders' campaign, of course, has shifted somewhat in their posture towards how aggressively bernie sanders is willing to attack hillary clinton. when we first started out, if the crowd started to boo hillary clinton, bernie sanders himself would often say, tell them to back off. so you know what? that's not what this campaign is about, we're going to stay positive. that's no longer the case. he will allow those crowds to boo, and he has a long section of his stump speech that includes hitting hillary clinton on various policy areas, even if he's backed off on that unqualified statement we saw a couple days ago from him. the latest of these is fracking,
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a subject that's very important here in upstate new york. take a listen to what bernie sanders had to say about that earlier today. >> when she was secretary of state, in fact, she actively pushed fracking technologies in countries all over the world. [ booing ] >> and she still has refused to come down firmly in favor of a national ban on fracking. >> reporter: so you could hear that crowd there booing loudly when he mentioned secretary clinton. i think the question here, erica, they privately acknowledge they he to win new york to keep this going. if, in fact, bernie sanders doesn't perform well here and the rationale for continuing to stay in the race starts to dim, how exactly is he going to go about concluding or potentially bringing the party together, if you will? and i think there are still some
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questions about the tone and tenor of how that might happen were that to be the case. now, of course, we have to say bernie sanders' team arguing, of course, that they still have a path to the nomination, and sanders himself getting quite frustrated to suggest he doesn't have one. we still are at the point where there are enough pledge delegates on the table for bernie sanders to make more of a run. we're going to see how he does in new york or these other delegate rich states on tuesday, erica. >> we want to turn to kristen welker who is covering the clinton campaign. bill clinton is about to hold an event. i want to talk to this same issue with you that we kicked off with kasie, 30% of the sanders supporters saying they wouldn't support clinton in a general election. the numbers are about half for clinton supporters. what are you hearing from the clinton campaign about that? because that must be a major concern. what's the plan for winning some of those sanders supporters over, if need be?
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>> reporter: well, there is no doubt it's a concern, erica. in fact, secretary clinton was asked about the challenge of trying to win over senator sanders supporters during an interview with the editorial board. she expressed confidence she would be able to do that. but being able to do that is going to depend to some extent how she fights this battle. she has to walk a very fine line. she is being aggressive going after senator sanders as she tries to lock up new york, but she has to do it in a way that doesn't alienate her supporters, and that is undoubtedly a very tricky task. her supporters say she's not going to let up on her speech against senator sanders, but her team saying senator sanders is not strong enough to take on donald trump if he does, in fact, become the gop nominee.
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secretary clinton going after sanders about guns. he has a somewhat checkered past on that issue. take a listen to what she had to say yesterday which raised some eyebrows. >> he frequently says, i represent vermont. it's a small rural state. we have no gun laws. here's what i want you to know. most of the guns that are used in crimes and violence and killings in new york come from out of state. and the state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in new york come from vermont. >> reporter: the vermont governor who supports secretary clinton actually said that that was incorrect, and the "washington post" giving her three pinocchios today. i'll read you a little of what the post had to say. the difference between this
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point using per capita calculation and the raw number, one percent of guns with source states identified in 2014 came from vermont, is so stark that it creates a significantly misleading impression to the public. there you have, and erica, this is what happens sometimes when we get into this ugly season of politics, particularly when you're locked in a tight battle, and that is what's happening here in new york. kasie laid out why new york is so critical to senator sanders. the clinton campaign sees it critical to her campaign, because if, in fact, she wins here, and if she wins by double digits, she could come close to putting this race away. we'll see what kind of backlash she gets from getting three pinocchios from the "washington post." i'm about to head into an event with bill clinton. she and secretary clinton have been criss-crossing the state, and she's heading into a rally this afternoon. >> she got three pinocchios when
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talking about guns from the "washington post," but there's also been missteps from bill clinton as of late. last night in came in an odd skit with hillary clinton and mayor bill de blasio. there seems to be a joke that fell flat, racially charged as many people are clarifying this morning. how is that impacting the clinton campaign today? >> reporter: well, it's creating yet another distraction, erica. that skit over the weekend with secretary clinton, mayor bill de blasio, they made a joke about cp time. they used it to describe politicians, but, of course, cp time can also be used to describe what is called quote, unquote, colored people time, a stereotype suggesting that people of color are late to things. they got some backlash for that. bill de blasio came out, of course, his wife, his kids are african-american. he said, look, it was meant to
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be a joke about politicians. it wasn't at all meant to poke fun at that and wasn't meant to offend anyone. i've been talking to the clinton campaign about this all day. they say they absolutely agree with bill de blasio, that it wasn't meant to be offensive, but as you point out, erica, it comes in the wake of former president bill clinton sort of erupting when there were people who sddisagreed with his 1999 crime bill, so the timing not that great. that being said, the clintons do have a very strong relationship with the african-american community. erica? >> kristen welker for us in new york city today. kristen, thanks. as the democrats duke it out for the delegates here in new york, hillary clinton has been reminding people that when you look at the votes, she actually has more in the race than either party. news analysis by nbc finds that in fact even though she has 2.3
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million votes on senator sanders, she has a job ahead of her. it's not as easy as touting you may have more than 2 million votes over your competitor. >> there's maps, there's debates. i put out an article today looking at this analysis. here's how hillary clinton put it. she likes to point out, even as you and welker were pointing out, she says she's leading in the votes no matter who you compare her to. take a listen. >> donald trump hates it whenever i say it, but i've gotten more votes than anybody running for president. [ cheers and applause ] >> i've gotten 9 million votes, a million more than he's gotten. [ cheers and applause ] >> and 2.5 million more than senator sanders. >> we all know it is a chase for delegates that actually gets you to clinch the nomination, but we're hering more about the raw
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vote on both sides. she is correct. you see there, 9.36 million to sanders 6.97 million, and if you want to see this sort of apples to oranges comparison, on the republican side she does have more, 9.36 million to 8.19 million, than donald trump, as her aides point out has gotten a lot more media than she has and as a matter of the popular vote, she's got more people. where the map turns to political debates, of course, you can look at the history of the gop field and remember that donald trump's number comes amidst a very, very crowded field. so by any stretch of political science, his number is more impressive coming against 10-plus than what she's been doing, which is basically tennis with one other partner. >> you almost forget how many people were once in this race on the republican side until you put up all those pictures to see what we started with, and now we're down to only three.
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ari melbur, thank you for breaking down those numbers for us. a reporter for the "new york times" joins us now. these new msnbc numbers shows hillary clinton with a 14-point lead over sanders. i want to take a look at one of the most recent ads. >> bernie sanders is the only candidate for president who opposes fracking everywhere. why? because fracking puts dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals in the ground and threatens our drinking water. bernie. he can't be bought by them because he's funded by you. >> so fracking is, in theory, the main point of that ad, although as we can see, it's not the only thing happening there. is this type of advertising, these points, these tactics, have those been shown to be effective when it comes to new york voters?
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>> well, you know, it reminds people of where bernie is on this one issue that is probably his best sell in a part of the state, new york city and also the hudson valley, where he needs to compete and where he's fighting against a candidate in clinton who is very popular. i think it's his way of reminding people of where he is on the fracking issue. it's been very divisive in new york state, but people in new york city are actually worried about their water and about the effect of potential fracking upstate on the quality of their drinking water, which, of course, comes from all north of the city, erica. >> there was a really interesting piece this morning in your paper, in the "new york times," about ad spending and how much of the money has been focused on negative ads. more than half of those ads that have half of the spending tar targeting donald trump. we saw more than half the money spent in florida. didn't seem to have much of an impact on donald trump. the opposite could be said when we look at wisconsin. when we look at new york, there is not as much going on here.
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is it because in some minds this is a foregone conclusion that donald trump being from here is going to take this state on the republican side? >> it's probably because new york city is the most expensive market for advertising in the country, i think. so it's hard to make your dollar stretch, and boy, $12 million sounds like a lot, erica, but in new york city, it can go pretty quickly. i think it is donald trump's state. he's going to win here. it's his home state. the question is whether he can get over half in those congressional districts and really sweep up the delegates. but if i was the anti-trump superpac, i would probably be looking for some other places to spend the bulk of my ad money where i can get more bang for my buck. >> when it comes to those negative ads, i'm. at the end of the day if these ads didn't work, people wouldn't buy them, they wouldn't make them. is the negative advertising,
11:16 am
though, of 2016 having the same impact that we've seen in years past? >> i think trump actually has more, you mentioned the state of wisconsin. it's easier to find people. the local radio show was against trump, so that hurt him. i do believe negative ads work, but they have to be against the right candidate. trump gets so much earned media, free media, that it just swallows up all the paid media you could possibly afford. so it's tricky. you can take the bark off someone like trump, but he can respond with a tweet and get as much air time as that in a week if he says something controversial. >> i want to just move over a second. we spent a lot of time talking, of course, about the splinters in the republican party, contested conventions. now that we're looking at the democratic side, and there is some concern about splinterring
11:17 am
within the democratic party. >> i think a lot depends on what happens. . but then. the fallback here is influence in the party trying to reshape the party's flat form, perhaps on issues like fracking make a big difference. if his supporters think he's acting unfairly but he's allowed to have his say at the campaign, the more the party is perceived. i will say, erica, this primary is patty cakes compared to the
11:18 am
go. there is a lot going on between these two candidates right now, by historical standards. the micropulse question is up, and we asked you, should the parties change their nominating process to reflect the popular vote? headed over to we'll check out the results this hour. . why he may be looking to make amends even if thoerz aren't interested. the upcoming preside ksenator s
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. welcome back. we are coming to you, of course, from brooklyn, new york. just to give you a sense of how big the burrough of brooklyn is, if brooklyn were a city by itself, it would be the fourth largest in the united states. its residents are just some of the 4.4 million registered voters here in the big apple. across the state there are more than 7 million, which means a focus for the candidates need to extend far beyond this new york metro area. donald trump is in rome, new york today. that's where we find msnbc's jacob rascon covering the trump campaign for us today. jacob, good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. we're expecting over a thousand
11:23 am
people, and mr. trump knows this is trump country, as he likes to call it. what is resonating here is the corrupt process. when he talks about how rigged it is in albany, the crowd goes crazy. that's what he calls people that are slighted by the rules, don't understand the rules, maybe feel their vote doesn't count. i talked to someone who just switched to vote for donald trump because she believes he is the only candidate in her lifetime who has a real chance of busting the system, so to speak. so this is why he's making the argument. even though we know he lost big in colorado, really because he was outmaneuvered, and because his children, ivanka and eric, didn't register in time to vote for him in the primary, we know he's working behind the scenes
11:24 am
on delegate maneuvering. but he continues to hit this hard, and he expect him to do it again today. erica? >> hitting it hard, of course, we are hearing from the rnc tweeting out, and i'm quoting here, the rules were set last year. nothing mysterious, nothing new. the rules have not changed, the rules are the same, nothing different. how is the campaign responding to that response to donald trump's line of attack here? >> reporter: so behind the scenes, we know he's hired a new convention manager, paul manafort, who is hiring his own people, and behind the scenes they're working on that. they're catching up. they admit they were outmaneuvered. i traualked tie trump adviser w said they were outmaneuvered in colorado but they expected to lose there becau. but they continued to, mr. trump continues to hit this hard because it registered, this argument, so well with the voters.
11:25 am
erica? >> certainly resonating with a lot of the folks there, a lot of his supporters. donald trump dropping some interesting names when talking about filling some vice presidential picks. not all those people were as excited as donald trump was when he brought up those names. how was it for some of those folks? did they make some of those names being on a ticket with their guy, with donald trump? >> reporter: no, they don't like john kasich, for example, or scott walker. i haven't heard anybody be really mad about marco rubio. it is important to note when he mentioned these names, all he really said was, i like marco, i like walker, i like kasich. of course, marco rubio said he would not run as somebody's vice president, and john kasich has said that repeatedly, including again this morning. and scott walker, when he heard about what trump said this morning, he said he just laughed about it, but not much more than that. there may be more names that he's considering.
11:26 am
he simple isy said he likes the people. the names that didn't rise were the names like ben carson. >> jacob ras con for us this afternoon. jacob, thanks. >> he needs 130% of the remaining delegates to secure the nomination, which makes for some tough math. but john kasich says he's in it for the tough haul. we're going to cover his campaign here in the city. when the live coverage -- >> i generally vote republican, but i'm kind of waiting to see if a bloomberg of sorts will come out. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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in syracuse, new york. let's listen in. >> very real differences that exist between secretary clinton and myself. [ cheers and applause ] >> and there are a lot of differences. [ cheers and applause ] >> all of you know that our current campaign finance system is corrupt and is undermining american democracy. [ cheers and applause ] >> as a result of this disastrous citizens united supreme court decision, which we are going to overturn, big money
11:31 am
interests have been pouring unbelievable amounts of money into the political process. and one of the key differences between secretary clinton and myself is how we raise money for our campaigns. when we began this campaign, we had to make a very important decision. should we do what every other campaign was doing -- you
11:32 am
answered me before i gave the question. this is a smart group. you gave the right answer. and that is, should we establish a superpac? well, we thought about it for a tenth of a second, and we agreed with you, no superpac for us. [ cheers and applause ] >> because we understood that you can't stand and fight for working families and the middle class if you are dependent upon big money interests for your campaign.
11:33 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> so we did something that for contemporary american politics was extraordinarily radical. we rejected the concept of a superp superpac, and we said to the working families of america, if you want a candidate who is prepared to stand up to the billionaire class and the powerful special interests -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- then we need your help. and i'll tell you what happened, and it was something extraordinary. it was something that in a million years i never would have dreamed could have happened, and
11:34 am
that is, since we began this campaign, we have raised over 6 million individual campaign contributions. [ cheers and applause ] >> 6 million! [ cheers and applause ] >> and that is more than any candidate in the history of our country at this point in the process. >> and that is bernie sanders there speaking to supporters in syracuse, new york this afternoon. as you heard, he started off by saying he wanted to tout some of the differences between himself and hillary clinton. of course, both of whom are campaigning hard here in new york state. he was talking about campaign
11:35 am
financing and fundraising. we will let you know what else comes out of that event. in syracuse, new york, our kasie hunt is, of course, on the scene. in the meantime, with 97 delegates up for grabs on the republican side, and logging plenty of miles is a criss-cross of the state. ted cruz is off the trail today after spending money campaigning in california. voters there won't cast their ballots until june. nbc polling shows ted cruz trailing behind the frontrunner, donald trump. john kasich, as you can see, is in second place. he's taking new york by storm, making one stop here in manhattan, and he was just at a jewish restaurant and a school. john kasich at times really sounding like he was taking direct aim at donald trump. >> reporter: very much so, without using his name, but it
11:36 am
was unmistakable. by using some of donald trump's slogans and some of his bravado turned against him. what john kasich was trying to do was offer him as an alternative in a formal speech that really laid out what he calls his vision, two different choices for voters and voters in the republican primaries to consider, do they want the harsh rhetoric, do they want some of the harder lines that trump and, to some degree, ted cruz are taking, or do they want to consider, how would that have an effect on the country in terms of how everyone gets along with everyone else, and how the u.s. is viewed in the world? so this was an porimportant wayr kasich to try to be the grown-up in the race. he believes there are grown-ups tired of the noise, even though certain things have always worked in campaigns and bravados always get attention, they hope there will be those who want to turn to a different choice, and that being kasich, even though he has only won his home state. to give you the idea of sort of the tone and what he's sort of
11:37 am
asking voters to come along with him, here's an excerpt of what he said during his big speech earlier today. >> i've stood on a stage and watched with amazement as candidates wallowed in the mud, viciously attacked one another, called each other liars and disparaged each other's character. those who continuously push that type of behavior are not worthy of the office they are seeking. [ applause ] >> reporter: and that sentiment does get a good reaction when i'm on the campaign trail with john kasich from people who attend his rallies and town halls, that notion that the person who becomes president should live up to what the best of america is. at the same time, you can also get john kasich to be a little tougher directly on donald trump or ted cruz, usually when we're doing the reporter q and a with talks about events.
11:38 am
but he really tries to take that sort of high road. we stopped at the matzoh bakery today. it's trying to get in tvr burrough and getting people to notice. that that is in no way in his future. has that come up again today snd. >> about one day. a voter will ask him about it, and he will make the point that it's about running for president. if that doesn't work, he'll go back to being ohio's governor. the way he. and sounds like he's a man who won't run. straight ahead, do new
11:39 am
yorkers feel he deserves. we're just one week ahead of crucial primaries. stay with us. >> i think they're probably slightly less implementable, but i would absolutely vote for bernie if he were to be nominated for our party. right under this tree. ♪ (man) some things are worth holding onto. they're hugging the tree. (man) that's why we got a subaru. or was it that tree? (man) the twenty-sixteen subaru outback. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. weinto a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better.
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11:43 am
inventing? more than 30% of sanders supporters say they wouldn't support hillary clinton if she were the nominee. of the folks you've met, is it more about the candidate or the party that's more important in 2016? >> reporter: good afternoon, erica. we are here at famous 188 in the bronx, and people we've been talking to in the bronx this morning and afternoon are really focused on the issues. it's really about the issues. the vast majority of people we've spoken with are democrats. it's the most democratic county in new york city, so really the choice here is hillary v. bernie. my friend here, tony, tony garcia, is somebody we just met here in the restaurant. tony, have you made a decision between hillary clinton and bernie sanders? >> for sure i'm going to vote for hillary clinton. >> tell me why. >> she's got a good practice,
11:44 am
she's got a lot of good ideas for the future, for the united states. it's better than donald trump. donald trump, i don't know what he's talking about, you know? clinton is in the money. >> you think she's the person that could beat donald trump? >> yes. >> reporter: let's say bernie sanders is the nominee instead of hillary clinton. would you support bernie sanders in the fall? >> yes, i will support bernie sanders. >> reporter: you would support either one? >> either one of them. >> reporter: erica, that is what we're generally funding, that people like both of these candidates. i think that's the big takeaway we got from folks we talked to this morning and afternoon. people like bernie sanders' ideas as far as looking out for those who have the least, and they like hillary clinton in temperatures of her preparation for office. we definitely found more hillary clinton support here in the bronx and maybe latino voters we spoke to today, but we found those voters would support bernie sanders and vice versa
11:45 am
that we've spoken to today. >> i'm not sure how much attention this is getting on the streets in the bronx, but hillary clinton and bill de blasio were together on stage not too long ago, and they had what was being billed as a joke, maybe a little skit that kind of fell flat, probably, to put it mildly? how is that playing in the bronx? is anybody talking about it? >> reporter: well, i can tell you that proactively people didn't bring up the skit, but when we explained the skit to them, showed them the daily news story about them where they're being really scorched about this skit, people generally said they thought it was bad taste, a bad idea, that it's never a good idea to try to do comedy, especially ethnic comedy, but a lot of people weren't outraged. well, bill de blasio's wife is african-american. they sort of wrote it off as a bad joke. we saw from one voter, the best
11:46 am
idea is a democrat idea. >> the latest marist poll shows 64% of new york primary voters say donald trump should be nominated if he has enough delegates, but he's still short of that number of 1237. nbc's cal perry is in the heart of suffolk county today. that's where donald trump will be on saturday night. what are you hearing from voters? what they saying about the delegate rules and about their votes? >> interestingly, when you talk abo about, they want the most votes to count. take a listen. >> i think there is going to be an uprising if he doesn't.
11:47 am
>> you're worried about what could happen in cleveland, then? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: and if somebody else gets the nomination, will you view that as -- >> i'm going to be very unhappy. yeah, very unhappy. . now, as you mentioned, donald trump will be holding a fundraiser day. the cruz supporters wondering, erica. >> i think we had a little bit of audio trouble. i couldn't hear what you said at the end, but we'll continue talking to you in suffolk county in long island. april 12 symbolizes how far into the year women would need to work to make one men earn at the
11:48 am
end of the previous year. this house has served as headquarters for the national women's party since 1929. of course, it doesn't change the reality for working women in 2016. according to the latest data, a woman working full-time earns 79% for every dollar a man in that similar situation earns. president obama addressed that today. >> equal pay for equal work should be a fundamental principal for our economy. or professional tennis player or soccer player, your work should be rewarded, whether you're a man or a woman. >> amy holmes is a conservative and former speech writer for former bill writer aaron fritz. good to see you, as always. >> thank you very much.
11:49 am
nice being here. >> it definitely plays differently on each side of the aisle. looking at the 2016 race, is it figuring prominently? >> well, it certainly is on the democratic side of the aisle. the issue of the wage gap. now, it might surprise you to hear me say this is a sclukt, and she's a senior. >> yes, men make more than women, and there's not a smoking gun in terms of discrimination explaining that. so what explains that pay differential and it has to do with life choices. women tend to drop out of the work force when they have a child, where men tend to take their life a little serious, and when it comes to solutions, they are identifying a different problem. on the republican side of the
11:50 am
aisle, for example, debbie fisher, a republican from nebraska, she has a bill that would have more transparency in allowing workers to tell each other how much they make so they can go into negotiations with their employer and make sure that they are getting paid fairly. that's a sort of more free market libertarian solution, whereas on the democratic side, you see a lot of laws getting passed that would penalize supporters if they're getting work based on gender. >> do you think it's getting worse than in years past? >> i think it is because more people are coming to the table to talk about the different factors that go into. now that we have sort of a more knowledgeable economy that makes it easier for people to construct jobs and their workday around needing flexibility to help take care of kids or help take care of elderly parents.
11:51 am
just having the internet, that, alon alone. >> let's shift gears if you will. at this point we don't even see ted cruz in the state. is donald trump just a forego g foregoing. rudy giuliani, new york city's former yarpd r r. we also have seen gop county leaders are coalescing around donald trump in new york state. so it looks like drimp. >> and we see him in the polling, and if he gets more than 50. there's still a lot of talk and especially at some trump events
11:52 am
about what thz. the rules have been in place for some time. they have not changed. how do you think these voters remember. and if donald trump supporters do feel he was robbed and refuse to support the republican nominee if it's not mr. trump. that is. he was asked if he would support the republican front. you need to support the frontrunner in order to get their delegates. . they're wondering what this will look like, if it's going to be a coronation -- sorry, a light just burst -- if it's going to be a coronation or if it's going
11:53 am
to be a brawl. >> there will be plenty of excitement, that is for sure. amy, thank you. >> thank you, erica. today's microsoft pulse question. should the parties change their nominating process to reflect the popular vote? here's where the results currently stand just a little before the 3:00 eastern hour. 77% of you say yes. >> house speaker paul ryan is planning to quiet the presidential rumors once and for. we'll see headquarters in washington, d.c. where speaker ryan is expected to say once againhat he will not be running. why is he coming out and saying it today? we'll have more on that live from brooklyn, new york, right after this.
11:54 am
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good day from new york. i'm brian williams. we're coming on the air 3:00 p.m. eastern time to hear from the speaker of the house. he's known by another term to millions of republicans across the country during this wild election season, and that is their potential savior at the convention. but paul ryan apparently will get up in front of microphones in about 15 minutes and say fully and formally take himself out of contention for that and say if nominated, he will not serve. 'l


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