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tv   With All Due Respect  MSNBC  April 19, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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polls close in 3 hours. the start of a seven-week sprint. every tuesday will matter from here on out. tonight, williams, maddow, matthews will have up to the minute results. we'll back with more. steve picks up the coverage right this instant. i am so excited about both campaigning here in new york, voting here in new york and i love new york. >> i definitely voted for trump. >> who would have thought it was a great honor. i think it's great honor for new york. new york is a special place. >> we hope to get some
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delegates. we'll see. we want to get a few delegates. i can't make a prediction. >> i'm for bernie sanders. >> she said she would wrap up the nomination today. >> i'm afraid she's going to be d disappointed. >> there isn't much more the candidates can do. the voters having their say. the candidates fored to wait and see what the voters decide. a lot on the line in both parties. an opportunity for hillary clinton to really create some distance. maybe too much. maybe insurmountable distance in the race. on the republican side donald trump trying to recover from a tough couple of weeks. getting out maneuver bid ted cruz. a chance for donald trump to win big. the question is how big could he
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get. they would love to get to 1237, the magic delegate number for him. we are getting this hour. our first look at the exit polls. we caution, you this is first wave. first of all, the democrat side here in new york, compare it to 2008. that was hillary clinton versus barack obama. we're what seeing is a story we have seen throughout there primary process. eight years ago, 58% of democrats in this new york primary called themselves very or somewhat liberal. today that combined number nearly 70%. that's a big jump in eight years. that's a new york democratic electorate that's gotten more liber liberal. we have seen this in state after state. it's a clear pattern. the democratic party of 2016 is significantly more liberal than the democratic party in 2008.
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this is true in reverse on the republican side. we'll get to that a minute. i jumped the gun here. this has been a primary fight here in new york. bernie sanders saying hillary clinton unqualified. the sanders campaign saying the clinton campaign is crossing the line. we asked new york voters if hillary clinton is your party's candidate, what are you going to do? two-thirds said they will vote for her. another 20% say they will probably vote for her. f th13% o democrats saying if clinton is the new mexiominee, not voting for her. about the same here. 60% saying they definitely vote for sanders as the nominee. 21% probably a little higher there on the democratic side. pretty much consistent numbers for both candidates. keep that in mind as we move to
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the republican side. i said we're seeing that ideological shift on the republican side. they call themselves very or somewhat conservative. this year, is a over 70%. 71% call themselves conservative in some way. the republican party in this state, we have seen this nationally, but the republican party nationally more conservative today than it was eight years ago. these are two parties moving in opposite directions on the political spectrum. remember, also this, new york, this is a fascinating one. the number of white evangelical voters, such a big part of the republican party but not so much in new york. 23% of voters in this primary calling themselves evangelical. 49%. this is the second lowest number. massachusetts was donald trump's
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best state so far. massachusetts has the lowest number of white evangelicals. the highest number was mississippi. if donald trump is the nominee in november, 52% of the republicans say they are voting for him. 18% say they will. that's a total of 70. you have 26% saying they won't if ted cruz is the nominee, only 24% saying they are definitely voting for him. 41% saying that if ted cruz is the republican nominee, they're not voting for him. he had so much of that comment. he made new york values. that's haunted him in this campaign. that may be haunting him now. you can see john kasich, 30% saying they won't vote for him. close to 70% saying they would.
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in terms of what is at stake tonight, the delegate count. we've been talking about this. bernie sanders is running from behind. you have three columns here. it's confusing but this is the key one tonight. the allocated delegates. tease a these are the delegates at stake. the sanders campaign have been saying we need to catch hillary clinton in this column and this column, the super delegate, these elected official, party leaders, they automatically vote. this column will be forced to change its mind if we watch her here. that's what the sanders campaign is saying. they are down 240 coming into tonight. it's two complicatcomplicated. there's one state, washington, all of washington comes in to vote, it's taking a long time. it will be down to 210. new york, such a big state. so many delegates. if hillary clinton win, she could bump that 210 number up with in way where bernie sanders won't have enough state s to
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catch her. he would eat away at the delegate number. you get it south of 200. that's with a big upset win. that would be a big upset but still give him chance down the stretch to catch her in that pledge delegate category. on the republican side, this is the situation coming into tonight. again, 95 delegates up for grabs new york. a chance, a chance donald trump grabs all 95 of them and next week there's a chance he could run the table in northeast and mid-atlantic. donald trump's goal is to get the number back over 400. trump going for the sweep. cruz, kasich tonight hoping to cut into that trump advantage. it's a big night. we have every angle from the campaign trail covered for you with our election team. the backdrop expecting a big night here. we're learning about a campaign organization that is in a bit
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of, there's a shuffle going on right now. some people saying a shake up. >> several different sources speaking have told us that there has been a campaign shake up with paul manafort in charge of campaign and strategy. he's also been given $20 million from now until july to make sure that donald trump successfully gets through july and into the general election. that's important because so far this has opinion a really thrifty campaign. they only spent 33 million according to the last public filing. the next one comes out tomorrow. we'll find out if the number has been up since then. 20 million in three months versus 40 million in ten months, that's a massive influx of cash for this kpacampaign. they have been diminishes
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according to our sources. notice donald trump hasn't done sunday shows the past few weeks. his surrogates are doing this. he's al been a little more concise on the campaign trial. he has a stump speech in connecticut that lasted 35 minutes. we're hearing him talk about issues. issues that are tailor made to each city instead of the outrageous statements we had been hearing in the past. the campaign is focusing on making sure their message gets out and not creating any unforced errors. we'll see if that continues tonight. we'll see how this victory speech goes. this is first victory speech we're had with the new folks in charge. >> thanks for that. let's turn to kristin welker. she's at the cross roads of the world, times square. this subject of unity, the clinton campaign probably got to be happy with those exit poll
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numbers we just showed after this really contentious campaign. not seeing democrats saying they won't vote for her. >> you have to think the campaign very encouraged by those numbers and the polling heading into today. all the polling showing with the double digit lead. they are down playing expectations. it's all going to be about the margin. secretary clinton can win by double digits tonight, she can almost put this race out of reach mathematically for senator sanders. that's why you have seen her so aggressively bomb storming this state and also her top surrogate. former president bill clinton he's had as many as four events day throughout the course of this campaign. with the stakes so high as you pointed out, we have seen rhetoric heat up in recent days. senator sanders going after secretary clinton accusing her of campaign finance malfeasance.
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the clinton campaign pushing back against that forcefully and saying that's destructive to her if she becomes the nominee. that becomes the central question. we have been talk about this all day. how does senator sanders want to end this campaign if the nomination is put out of reach. it's a point that secretary clinton touched on a little bit today while speaking in washington, d.c. take a listen. >> after this campaign with so much ugly, divisive rhetoric. we're going need unity. america doesn't grow by building walls. we grow bring breaking down barriers. we all rise together. >> that word unity is one you'll hear a lot in the coming days from the clinton campaign. i'm told they're going to focus heavily on pennsylvania. those are the two most delegate rich state for the next two set
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of contests. steve. >> let's head uptown to harlem now. chris, hillary clinton, black voters have been her firewall in this democratic primary. if bernie sanders will pull off that upset he needs to make end roads. what are you hearing up there in harlem? >> we find some people voting for bernie sanders but this is clinton country. there's no doubt about it. the turn out has been really big. we've had consistently people coming out that have been here all day long. there's been lines but a steady stream of customers. 1500 people plus have voted here. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders have made appearance here in harlem. hillary won a game of dom knees. he spoke at a traditionally black church. they have really been courting these voters here. this really is a place, one of
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the places in the state where hillary clinton wants to run up her margins knowing this is her stronghold. shaun just cast his ballot. who did you vote for and why? >> i voted for bernie sanders. >> because? >> two reason opinions. being foreign policy. i know a lot of people talk about bernie sanders not having a lot of foreign policy experience. he doesn't want to get involved in wars and other countries affair. hillary clinton is more hawkish. she might have more experience,
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i don't like the experience he has. i was listening to a podcast. former obama advisors talking about their experience with her and how well she was prepared in cabinet meetings and they're overall positive feelings about her as cabinet member. it made me feel more comfortable with her as candidate. >> but not enough to win you over? >> right. >> thank you so much. appreciate you sticking around. we'll see in the end, the folks are big clinton supporters. very confident about what will happen here in harlem especially when you look at the african-american vote versus the white vote which is a big split between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. >> all right. let's go to jacob.
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he's in queens. we think of new york city politically as a big mass of blue. there are some red patches in that blue mass. you're in up with of them right now in queens. tell me what you're seeing there. >> down here it's republican strongholds of new york city. there's 51 city council districts throughout this great sdi. only three are republicans. this is one of them. we're seeing something that's fascinating. people are requesting that are ballots. we're hearing a lot of democrats request or inspect request republican ballots. they cannot do that here. it's an issue for donald trump if he wants to sweep the 95 delegate kodell delegates coming out of this. this is grace running the polling place. how many have tried to switch to another party? >> i want to give a truthful
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answer. i want to make sure i'm accurate. this is on tv. >> and speedy. >> we're not allowed to lie on tv. we had over 375 voters. we had between 199 and 209. that's a huge number. that's a huge number. i'm running out of applications. >> this is grace. steve, you heard it from here. if donald trump wants to win all 95, he has to get over 50% of each congressional district. we'll see what happens here. grace will keep her eye on it for you. >> we're naming grace our honorary hourds beeward beach
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correspondent. >> yes, i am. ahead, the latest on the ted cruz campaign including a live report from nbc hallie jackson and a conversation with a cruz supporter. the ugly tone damage, which ever candidate gets the nomination. good news for democrats on that front in the exit poll. i'm going to talk to caroline maloney about that. that's ahead.
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how will you do next week? >> keep working at it. when people find out i have these pittsburgh value, that helps. >> john kasich was in pennsylvania. he was talking about pittsburgh like ted cruz was in mad talking about donald trump this utah. >> in the republican cannot
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carry bright red utah, we're looking at a walter mondel blood bath across the country. it may cost up the senate and the house. the bill of rights is in jeopardy. >> cruz is not counting on winning in new york. that makes sense opinion the polls show he's running third coming into today and very distant third. his game plan has to be focusing on the states that come after thork. joining me now from brooklyn is hallie jackson. she's been covering the cruz campaign. wisconsin feels sloo long ago. is he still making the case this thing has changed in any meaningful way? >> he's still making the case. the question is if he had the
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win in his sails, where the wind went or the sales, tonight in northeast and mid-atlantic will not likely be good states for ted cruz. that said, campaigning believes one this race turns towards the beginning of may, once we get to indiana, one we start heading to the midwest and west, it will be better for cruz. he's on defense talking about his delegate hunting strategy. he's just coming off late this afternoon. pretty testy exchange with sean hannity about this. listen. >> all of this noise and complaining and whining has come from trump campaign because they don't like the fact they have lost five elections in a row. i cannot help that the donald trump campaign does not seem capable of running a let monade stand. elections are won by showing up for the candidate they support. >> strong words from ted cruz.
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telling me the trump campaign is in free fall, in their words, which is why they believe trump is going after ted cruz. that said, look at where the polling is not just in new york but in places like pennsylvania and maryland. places where cruz wants to compete. donald trump up by double digits. it will be a struggle for cruz to win. hallie jackson in brooklyn. a bit of 2016 came to capitol hill. a to trump advisor held talks with republican lawmakers trying to drum up more support. you might say more support for the front-runner. rnc chairman met with party members the explain delegate rule to try to reassure them that the process isn't rigged. that's charge donald trump has been flinging about. congressman, thanks for taking a few minutes.
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let me pick up on what we're just talking about with hallie. two weeks ago ted cruz said it was a turning point. he talked about the stop trump forces consolidating around him. here we are now ted cruz looking at finishing third not just tonight but in a whole string of state next week and being 400 delegate behind donald trump again. what happened to that turning point? >> i'm going to disagree with that analysis and people who think wisconsin was not a big deal. let's bear in mind there's two camps now among the delegates. if you add up the anti-trump numbers they exceed the trump numbers. donald trump is behind in the race for delegates. that puts a huge burdens on donald trump to win 90 out of 95 delegates in new york. to sweep some of the states
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nerks week, to clean up with new jersey after. the key will be this. donald trump has to do well this new mexico and two or three other states. if he doesn't, even if he does well in the northeast, his home turf, he will not win the first ballot. the key to any kind of sporting event is get the most points on the scoreboard. it's good to have a bunch of yards on offense. it's more important to score touchdowns. getting yard s like getting the citizen voter to vote for you. scoring touchdowns is when you get delegates to vote for you. ted cruz is doing well with scoring the touchdowns. >> let's talk about indiana for a second. when we get out of the the northeast, that will be the first big contest, may 3rd. it's stand alone contest. i take your point there's faction of the republican party that seems resistant to donald
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trump. is this a problem for you? if john kasich is coming in second place in new york and some of these mid-atlantic northeast state, does that raise the possibility that donald trump will continue to benefit from divided opposition given the chance to win another state there even with less than 450% of the vote and start to get close to that delegate number. >> no question the voters who disagree with donald trump's demeanor or public policy positions or lack of track record on major public issues they have been divided. marco rubio suspended his campaign. if kasich drops out that forces the anti-trump candidates to go to cruz. he will do well in washington, california, new mexico and
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nebraska. it will be up to governor kasich to decide whether he wants to help nominate donald trump by staying in the race. it's important to remember these factors. all the polling data says that donald trump is the least likely to win. his polling numbers are the worst in the history of polling of presidential candidates. i'm talking about the unfavorables at 65 to 70%. that's before the democrats start turning their fire on him. if past history is any guide, the unfavorables will go up to 65, 70%. you add that kind of future expectation with hillary clinton already beating donald trump now by ten points. that's going to tell you why the delegates are leaning toward dead cruz because they want a nominee in november who is competitive and keep the senate and house of representatives. we not only risk losing the white house but also the senate and the house. >> i take your point, you want kasich out of the way. let me play devil's advocate.
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you're citing the polls. kasich does better than hillary clinton. it's a double digit win in those polls. you can say i'm to most electable. if the party wants to consolidate around ted cruz, he can say no new york, if he comes in second here or next week, we say why are you asking me drop out. shouldn't ted cruz drop out so i can have a lot at donald trump. >> i agree with the statement that john kasich is the most electable. with donald trump and ted cruz voters and delegates, a very important issue is border security. governor kasich is very much in the united states chamber of force leaning crowd. he's not going to be able to get people who believe in border security like i do. we will not go with john kasich because he's not strong enough on border security.
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we believe that to be a major issue in the 2016 general election. >> all right. thanks for the time. >> thank you. coming up, we're going to go live to bernie sanders high school. his alma mater this brooklyn. voters there are at the polls as we speak. more than half a century after he graduated.
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two and a half hours until the polls close. our correspondents have been hearing from the polls all day. demonstrates have been sharing strong opinions about the field including there supporter from brooklyn. >> it's scary. kasich is a moderate in the field. he doesn't have a prayer of getting the nomination on the republican side unless there's a fight at the convention. it's the only way. >> brooklyn is where we find cal perry. he's at james madison high school. this is the high school bernie sanders attended. it's a polling place today. we said yesterday we had you on, bernie sanders went there. chuck schumer went there. there's a lot of history in that building you're standing. >> yeah, four nobel laureates went here. chris rock went here.
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he dropped out. probably not a good example. bernie sanders backyard. place he may find trouble and a lot of the voters have a familiarity with her. that will make a difference. >> i'm voting for hillary. he's probably the most qualified. what we're so bad about is a piece of prosperity. if she can match that, i'm fine with that. >> the other thing that's happening here, very interestingly, israel is playing a role in this. this is the nineth congressional district. a will the of people watched that debate. they heard that back and forth between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. that i can like her stance on israel here. that's a determining factor. >> that's fascinating. you have bernie sanders. he's so far the most successful jewish presidential candidate in history, in american history. his home congressional district and he may end up being tripped
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up on that issue. very interesting. thanks for that. coming up, if the democratic race turns nastier and nastier, what's the risk to the party come november? is there one? i'll ask new york congresswoman, next. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. sanders campaign accusing clinton of breaking finance laws. sanders is going to have rally there in about an hour or so. kelly, the fact that bernie sanders is in pennsylvania tonight and not new york, can we read anything into that?
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>> we're in the disco party phase of every bernie sanders event. probably the best playlist of the campaign season. being in pennsylvania is a sign he's looking past the state where he was born to the next round of competitions come april 26th. pennsylvania is in that list. it's important. made bernie sanders having the epic crowds of the season. i was outside earlier and there were thousands wrapped around the blocks coming up to this recreation center on campus. the capacity in this room is about 7,000 or so. it's been very tense between the sanders and clinton campaigns even this just the last days. we see that ramping up over the last week or so. that latest skirmish if the campaign rules were being
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followed. knowing new york is important for sanders to try to continue a string of victory and important for hillary clinton to plant the flag in the state she represented in the senate. sanders is looking ahead the try to give his message to the next round of states with the kind of audience that's been receptive. we have a lot of young people here but it is beyond that. people have come to here bernie sanders who is notable for sticking to the same speech event after event tau liloring as some campaigns do. he's trying to get people excited about the next round of contests trying to accumulate delegates and make it a credible case he has more room to run in this primary season.
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steve. >> kelly with the sanders campaign. >> some other big ones coming up. if hillary clinton wins tonight, do you want bernie sanders to drop out of this race? >> i would say it's time to unify and focus on our opponents of the republican contest. she has almost an insurmountable lead in delegates. two million popular vote ahead of him. i would say it's impossible for him to catch up. i was hoping this would be the pivotal state where they would decide the unify and work together. >> it seems like it's going in the opposite direction to judge by the rhetoric we have heard.
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>> you can call this election many things, but you cannot say it's boring. elections are about choices. i have never seen such a glaring choice between the republican and democratic party. i was hoping we would be unified as one party after new york. i believe solidly she'll win new york. >> we'll see in a few hours. bernie sanders called hillary clinton unqualified. you have his campaign say and they have broken the rules when it comes to campaign finance. when you look at bernie sanders as he's been campaigning here, as his campaign has been attacking hillary clinton, can you see them turning around and being out there 100% for hillary in the fall? >> i think they need to. anyone who looks at her resume for five minutes can tell she's totally qualified.
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we work closely on passing the response to 9/11, rebuilding after 9/11 and making sure the responders had the health care they deserved. i was even in beijing with her when she gave the famous speech that women rights are human rights and really el vaevated wn and children's issues to national debate. i'm supporting her because she gets things done. i think the american people want a track record of not only experience and ideals and caring but an actual ability to be a change maker and turn policy into laws and programs that help people. she has a proven record her entire life of accomplishing this. i've worked closely with her. there's no one i respect more. i believe she will be president of the united states. >> one of the big issues in this
3:44 pm
campaign, one of the big dividing lines is on the issue of wall street is bernie sanders i will break up the big banks. that will be one of my priorities as president. there's a striking finding in the exit poll we're starting to sift through the data. 64% of the democrats saying wall street harms the economy. 29% of democrats saying it helps and 64% saying it hurts the economy. you represent new york. you represent the people who are saying this and the people who work at these wall street firms. this is part of the economy here. >> i support safety and soundness and honesty and fairness in the financial system. i believe most new yorkers and most americans do. if you look at hillary clinton's record, she was a supporter of the credit card holders bill of rights that cracked down on abusive policies that have returned according to how many
3:45 pm
the pugh foundation and others well over 10 billion to 16 billion a year into consumers' pockets. kale it almost a stimulus package having passed that bill. she supported dodd frank and the reforms. you have to look not at what someone says but what they do. what is her understanding on financial balance and make an economy that works for all americans and honest and fair. that's her record. that's the record she is standing on. regretfully we have to get campaign contributions but i don't see any way where any campaign contribution has influenced her that decision making away from her core values and core principles and ideals. she has stood for reform. she's part of the change. she's been part of taking on
3:46 pm
elements that were not fair and dishonest and wrong and changing it into a system that works for us. we are the financial capital of the world. we want to continue to be the financial capital of the world and a strong economy. she's part of that focus other like minded men and women. >> congresswoman from new york. >> have you voted? >> i did. i got the sticker today. i was out there. thank you for joining us. much more ahead. >> thank you for having me on. >> just over two hours until the polls close. stay with us.
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we're back. we have some new exit polling numbers for you on that new york primary. this is a key issue, maybing a surprising find. primary voters saying most undocumented immigrants working in the united states should be offered a chance to apply for legal status. 34% saying undocumented immigrants should be deported to the country they come from. let's talk about, let's look at the republican side right here. the news for two weeks have been pretty bad for donald trump. the loss in wisconsin. these convention, state conventions where he's opinion out organized by ted cruz. we talk so much about narrative. how much does the narrative change if trump gets a big win
3:51 pm
tonight? what does that mean in terms of the future of this campaign? >> i think the narrative changes too. we're more likely to get to that 1237 number if he gets above 50%. we're looking at the total like there's 90. if he gets anywhere between 80, 85, we're going to be talking about his possibly eeking it out. if he falls below, then we'll be pretty sure we're heading into a contested convention. i think that's where the narrative will go. as you know on both sides all about the margin tonight. >> republicans, no republican stepped out and said this is the guy to vote for in these districts to keep trump from getting to that point. they led cruz and kasich do their own thing. by doing that, that does give trump a much bigger shot. that could have ripple effects if you go into maryland and
3:52 pm
pennsylvania. >> it says something. i hear from the stop trump crowd. there's this big part that won't vote for him. that big chunk of the party still, middle of april, does not, can't figure out who educationelse it wants. >> if you look at the trump campaign, they are starting to emphasize popular votes over delegates. they know unless there's a big cruz break out in the north eastern seaboard, trump will be coming into this convention with at least about a million vote, popular vote lead over cruz. they're making the case who has the most votes win. >> i won the most states, delegates, how dare you try to take this way from me.
3:53 pm
let me ask you, if bernie sanders can't get over the hump and can't win, where will his campaign go? >> i think if he gets close, i understand that the clinton camp have to win by 500 points or else it means nothing for them. if he gets very close to her in her home state and the state she represented as a senator, that will speak to a lot of people. even though she may end up still being the nominee, i'm going to vote for bernie to keep it close to force them to compromise and stuff. >> i've wondered. >> some advantages unless it's double digits that sanders will move on and plant his flag in pennsylvania. >> that's the strange thing. if the delegate math doesn't make sense, you still see him winning states from now. >> thanks for stopping by. still ahead, the chairman of the new york state republican party going to be here to talk about what to expect tonight and beyond. show me movies with explosions.
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all right. just over two hours from now, polls will close here in new york. joining me now, new york state republican party chairman ed cox. we have been sharing the exit poll numbers as they come in. let me run this by you. we asked republican voters in new york, has this primary process energized or divided your party? 57% say it's divided. 39% say it's energized it. what do you think of that? >> it's done both. we are the majority party in the country. this is a very diverse state among republicans. when you get that extra energy, the divides will happen but we'll come right back together after that. it's going to come back. >> it's going to take some work. we'll come back together.
3:58 pm
we have more legislative seats in the 50 states. we have more state houses. we have the good majority in congress and some more governors than we ever had. when you're that, you're kind of like will rogers. >> you're the chairman here in new york state, is there among republicans in, a sense of hometown pride. >> first time in history of primaries in new york state. the republican grass roots votes will mean something. this is exciting for them. we planned for it. we got our own primary. it's working for the democrats too. we're having excitement on both sides. the vote that is taken. 7%age points can change the whole direction of this nomination. >> what's his relationship? he's universally known here and across the country. this is not a guy who has been working with the republican
3:59 pm
party as an organization in new york. what's the republican party's relationship as an organization here in new york with donald trump? >> as an organization, it's -- he is running for governor. he went upstate. he developed some of the techniques in 2014 that he's now using in his speeches in buffalo and syracuse that he did before he decided not to run for governor. >> new york values hurt cruz here? >> texas is texas. new york is new york. just doesn't work when you can't wear cowboy boots. >> when the polls close, two hours from now. >> cruz could do well. he will do well in areas where trump will do well and take all three delegates. >> ed cox, thanks for that. that will do it for this hour. coming up, a special live
4:00 pm
edition of hardball. chris matthews live from brooklyn. chris will join bryan williams and rachel maddow for our election coverage. that starts at 8:00 eastern. stay with us. new york values. let's play hardball. live from the foot of the brooklyn bridge. the polls will be closed across the state. donald trump and hillary clinton are looking for big victories tonight. the fight for this state has been the hardest fought of the democratic campaign. for clinton a big victoryl


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