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tv   First Look  MSNBC  April 21, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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one more thing to debate. should we e-vote? 89 days to cleveland. that does it for us tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. it's thursday, april 21st. breaking overnight the wwe superstar known as chyna was found dead in her home. the donald becoming a conventional candidate, is it a mistake at this stage? then to delicate diplomacy. president obama meeting with saudi leaders to calm tensions there and at home. plus, charges filed in the lead water crisis. then a wild scene as a dust devil erupts at a a college softball game. and queen elizabeth celebrates her 90th birthday. "first look" starts right now. good morning. thanks for joining us today, i'm
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betty nguyen. overnight, the pro wrestling legend chyna who found dead at home. joanie laurer was a major changer in the wrestling. she is often credited for giving women's professional wrestling he jitd whatsy. she's the first and only woman to win the intercontinental championship. chyna starred in several reality tv shows including "celebrity rehab." later she performed in several adult films. an announcement of her passing on her twitter page called her a real life superhero. the cause of death is unknown at this time. joanie "chyna" laurer dead at the age of 45. now to election 2016 and donald trump shifting to the more conventional candidate. nbc news has confirmed that trump has started practicing using a teleprompter and that the campaign has hired a speechwriter. trump is set to deliver his first policy speech next week.
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touching on foreign policy and jobs. the moves come as his convention manager paul manafort another recent hire gains more control over the campaign, signaling more of a shift in strategy over the tactics favored by corey lewandowski. and in maryland last night, hundreds of protesters gatderred outside -- gathered outside a trump rally. one american got arrested after an apparent mace attack. there were other arrests. now the focus of the race turns to what could be a triumphant next tuesday for the front-runners. five states are up for grabs and the latest polling shows hillary clinton ahead of bernie sanders by 13 points in pennsylvania. while in connecticut, clinton is ahead by nine points. on the republican side, trump has a commanding lead in connecticut. he is 20 points ahead of john kasich and nearly 30 points ahead of ted cruz. we have both sides covered as you know. starting with peter alexander and the republicans. >> reporter: donald trump storming into indiana. >> you love indiana, right?
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the hoosiers, the hoosiers. >> reporter: the front-runner looking to stick it to the stop trump movement that's now counting on indiana to derail his path to the nomination. >> the only way we can beat the dishonest, rigged system is by you continuing to come out and vote. >> reporter: nbc news obtained this internal memo where they believe he'll clinch the nomination with more than 1400 delegates. he took aim at rival ted cruz. >> lyin' ted. lyin' ted cruz. >> reporter: just hours after he appeared more disciplined celebrating his new york knockout briefly discarding his signature name calling. >> senator cruz is just about mathematically eliminated. >> reporter: cruz acknowledging he can't get enough delegates to win outright before this summer's convention. >> we are definitely headed to cleveland. and in cleveland, the people are going to prevail. >> reporter: next stop -- the northeast and mid-atlantic where
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trump is heavily favored. here in pennsylvania he'll be competing for 54 unbound delegates who can vote for any contender at the convention, no matter who winner here's next week. peter alexander, nbc news, philadelphia. i'm kristen welker covering the democrats. after a commanding victory in new york, hillary clinton taking her surging campaign into battleground pennsylvania. based on the nbc news delegate count, clinton can now lose every remaining state and still clinch the nomination. she's calling for party unity. >> and to all the people who supported senator sanders i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. >> reporter: under mounting pressure, senator sanders took a day off at home in vermont to rest and reassess his strategy after vowing to fight on. >> i think we'll do well, and we have a path toward victory. >> reporter: nbc news has learned sanders is battling for big victories in states like
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oregon and indiana and aiming to run the table in the progression bastion of california. >> we have to win most of the state. >> reporter: still t race is all but over. and clinton's surrogates are calling on sanders to scale back his attacks. >> he's got to veer away from the personal attacks. continue his campaign, but change his tone. >> senator sanders will continue on the strategy which we believe is the winning strategy. and senator sanders will fight back when he's attacked. >> kristen welker and peter alexander reporting. the sanders campaign adviser tad divine was speaking out about sanders' path to victory. >> right now, we think we can get there. think we can win more pledged delegates and the states. we think we can prove that he will by far be the strongest candidate in the general election and if we can make that case and win it, then we would hope the party would endorse him. >> well, this morning president obama will meet with the leaders of six arab gulf nations in
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saudi arabia in what's shaping up to be the very tense summit. the president and saudi king salman held private talks on wednesday looking for common ground on the wars in syria and yemen and on how to fight isis. they're considering legislation to hold the saudi government liable in u.s. courts and administration officials say the issue did not come up during the talks. the white house pushed back against the notion that president obama was snubbed wednesday when the saudi king did not show up at the airport to greet the president. curt schilling has been fired from his position as baseball analyst by espn. it came after he posted an anti-transgender meme on his facebook page. he has a history of posting controversial memes on associate media. he was suspended last summer, and just last month he said on a radio show that hillary clinton should quote, be buried under a
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jail somewhere. the network says that espn is an inclusive company. curt schilling's employment has been terminate. the flint michigan water crisis is now a felony case. three have been charged and stephen busch and michael brisby are accused of failing to ensure that corrosion control methods were in place when flint switched water sources. mike glasgow who ran the water treatment plant is accused of filing false reports about the water qualities. the various charges carry up to five years in prison. bill schuette promised more would be chargeled but would not say if governor rick snyder was a target of the investigation. both pleaded not guilty and were leased on -- released on $60,000
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bond. glasgow has not appeared in counter. queen elizabeth turns 90 today. she will light the first of 1,000 beacons that will be lit across the u.k. and worldwide to mark the occasion. more events to mark the celebration are planned in the coming months. look at this new stamps featuring the queen with three future heirs to the throne according prince george. as you can see 2-year-old george needed a little boost to reach the height of his father, grandfather and great-grandmother. big changes are coming to the u.s. currency. an announcement from the treasury department and it plans to replace andrew jackson with one of the most revered figures in u.s. history -- harriet tubman. an escaped slave who fought to help others escape. will become the new face of the dollar bill dollar. she will be the first woman in
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u.s. paper currency in more than a hundred years and the first african-american ever. meanwhile, alexander hamilton's image will remain on the front of the $10 bill. women who led the suffrage moment will appear on the back of the $10 and the civil rights leaders on the back of the five. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> hi, there. good morning to you. the dow and s&p 500 are on pace for a four-day winning streak after hitting intraday level highs with the financials sectors leading the way. we have a ton of earnings reports this morning. biogen, general motor, verizon, under armour, plus alpha bet formerly known as google and visa are the big ones to watch after the beg. companies across the u.s. are losing a staggering $10 billion a year from employee opiate addiction. it's causing huge amounts of absenteeism, and lost
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productivity and the one-third of the pain killer prescriptions funded by health care plans are being abused? and volkswagen reached a deal to settle the case over its cheating of diesel emissions test. vw is set to offer back nearly 600,000 u.s. diesel cars. the company will pay $1 billion to compensate owners about $5,000 each. betty, back over to you. up next, a 24-hour waiting period may be wanted for anyone who wants viagra for sex. and merriam-webster is adding 2,000 new words and phrases to the dictionary. among them is fomo, fear of missing out. and hella and revenge porn, and nomophobia, that is the fear of being without working access to the cell phone. oh, no. we'll be right back.
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well, look at this video. this is from uruguay. that's why the tornado is spinning in the opposite direction n the southern hemisphere. this guy needs to get out of the way. but it's too late. right through -- right through the outer edge of that tornado. powerful tornado too. that person is lucky to be alive. we don't know why they didn't flee, but maybe they don't see a lot of tornadoes down there. maybe they didn't realize what was doing to happen. well, as far as this morning goes, we have had a little bit of severe weather in two areas of texas. large storms and hail north of st. angelo. and more storms heading for the waco area. thunderstorms down along the gulf coast in louisiana. as we go through the day today t cold front is finally on the move. this storm system will make it to the east coast in the next two days. for today though, most of the rain showers will be up through indianapolis, ohio. thunderstorms in houston once again today. we could see one to two inches
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of rain there. the flash flood threat exits southeast texas and it will lessen by the time they get to midnight. for today, just a picturesque, beautiful spring day. boston all the way down to the i-99 corridor. atlanta, late day shower possible. florida looks nice today too. tomorrow, the rain arrives for the east coast. >> i like how excited you got about boston. you said boston. i get that. >> i lived up in that part of the world for a little bit. >> absolutely. all right, thank you, bill. a 6.0 magnitude tremor rattled ecuador overnight and just -- in just the latest aftershock following the massive earthquake killed 525 people. many people are still missing and thousands also remain homeless. next to south carolina where a newly proposed pill would require a 24-hour wait time to get viagra and a sworn statement from your partner detailing your sexual problems. now, this may sound crazy, but
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that's the point. representative mia mcleod admits it's a tongue in cheek response to all the rules that male-dominated legislature places on women who want to get abortions. >> i understand why people like to joke about this bill, but it's no laughing matter for women across our state. and so the requirements were intentionally ridiculous. in maryland, a kalamazoo shooting survivor returned home on saturday. ab abby kopf was believed to be brain dead and then she spoke her first word and it's left her supporters in awe. check out what looks like a typical college softball game
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between the hornets and eagles until -- look at that, a dirt devil pops up. what's the deal with this? >> it happens on the clear day, it has to be sunny and calm. it's because of the difference in the heating there. >> what about the timing of this? >> i mean, yeah. they're very common in the desert southwest on hot summer days. >> or possibly the worst timing for the game. well, the game did continue, but the folks in lynchburg, virginia, have one heck of a story. they're probably trying to get that dust out of their eyes. 17 minutes past the hour. "scrambled politics" is next. and sometimes, i just don't eat the way i should. so i drink boost® to get the nutrition that i'm missing. boost complete nutritional drink has 26 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium and vitamin d to support strong bones and 10 grams of protein to help maintain muscle. all with a great taste. i don't plan on slowing down any time soon. stay strong. stay active with boost®.
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coming up on 20 minutes past the hour. here is your thursday "scrambled politics." we are looking at the march campaign numbers and bernie sanders outraced hillary clinton. he pulled in $46 million compared to clinton's $29.3 million. however, clinton had $29 million in the bank, compared to sanders' $17 million. on the republican side, trump stock in $14 million. $11.5 million which came from trump himself. ted cruz raised $12.5 million and john kasich had his best fund-raising month yet, raising $4.5 million. ted cruz started april on top money wise with almost $9 million in the bank. trump a notch over $2 million and kasich just over $1 million. kasich did pull in a big endorsement from the providence
2:21 am
journal ahead of tuesday's rhode island primary. the paper writes that although trump cannot win enough delegates in remaining contests to secure the nomination, a vote for kasich quote represents a protest vote at this point, but he's a good protest vote. influential former senator alan simpson endorsed kasich saying he has the right temperament and leadership skills needed. stephen colbert had a big guest last night -- donald trump, sort of. >> mr. cartoon trump, thank you for joining us. >> hello, new york. bow before me, you have made me your emperor. woo! >> you've said -- i want to get this right. you said you want to bring a touch of show biz to the convention. what do you mean? >> that's right. democracy is a snooze fest, you've got to jazz it up. >> how will the glitz and glamour translate to the convention? >> glad you asked. first i'd gold plate the entire
2:22 am
city of cleveland including the people. then i ride in in a chariot by show girls and then i announce the vice president optimus prime. together we'll transform america to be great again up, roll credits. >> and that's how it goes apparently. that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." look who is here this morning. joining me in studio, jonathan allen in person. >> so nice to see you. >> i know, in the flesh, so great to see you. you want to talk about this donald trump there? >> yeah, i was trying to figure out which is more cartoonish, the one on the set there or the one we see every day. though he's getting less and less like that. >> i was going to they, he's making a bit of a shift here. is he going mainstream and is that a big mistake because a large part of his appeal is that he speaks his mind. he goes unscripted and says it feels like he feels it. >> i think he has to convince a lot of the folks in the rep condition party and -- republican party and the independents he wants to be president of the united states.
2:23 am
i think those who love him understand what he needs to do to be a serious contender for the presidency. >> it's needed i guess to appeal to the general population, if he gets the nomination. >> right. he did what he had to do to get through the republican primary. see if he gets this 1,237 delegates he needs. >> what do you think about this? >> i think the likelihood is that he will either get there or pull up just short. if he's just short he'll be able to find the delegates on the floor. >> all right. if he does get the nomination, could that put the gop's control of the house of representatives in jeopardy? >> probably not. the -- >> there is a talk about though, right? >> right. republicans in washington are concerned about that. i'm not sure that the democrats have put enough candidates on the table in potentially competitive districts. they need candidates that weren't going to be competitive in order to be in a position to take over the house. it's certainly possible, but i think it's unlikely. >> in the meantime, bernie sanders. where does he go from here? i mean, look, he is
2:24 am
outperforming clinton when it comes to fund-raising. we saw the numbers just now, but it's not translating into delegates. >> right. look, the opportunities for bernie sanders to win the democratic nomination have essentially passed. she would have like to withdraw from the campaign. i think right now -- you hear this from some of his advisers they're starting to get into the mode of reassessing what they want to do. this is -- you know, not unlike hillary clinton in 2008 who around early may stopped hitting barack obama as hard. i think we'll see that from him. >> jonathan, always good to see you. great the see you in person. stop by more often. >> any time. >> okay, good, thank you. just ahead, the good folks at nasa treat us to a new view of planet earth as you have never seen before. that's next.
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the greatest collection of shows free with xfinity on demand. a candlelight vigil was held last night in washington, d.c. for the school girls kidnapped by boko haram over two years. it was part of bring back our girls week which? rates the abduction. the giant pandas are on a 15-year loan and it was part of a diplomatic gift after the president's gift to seoul in 2014. the pandas will be shown to the public starting this month. love watching them. all right. so nasa, you'll enjoy watching. it's unveiled new ultra high-definition 4-k footage of the earth from orbit. it gives the astronaut's perspective of the planet. it is part of nasa's new
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television service and to me, it has such a calming effect. >> it shows you how fast you're moving in space. usually you see a still picture or slow-moving video. it's cool. >> it's cool to know we're traveling although we don't feel like it at all. i'm betty nguyen. don't forget to like us on face pack. we'll get to last night's election news, but first i'm sure you all saw this. >> breaking news, in the past few minutes we have learned that harriet tubman will replace andrew jackson on the face of the $20 bill. >> yeah! whoo! >> this is long overdue. harriet tubman is an american hero who risked her life repeatedly to fight slavery. so it's going to get a little awkward in your wallet when she runs into washington and jefferson. [ laughter ] and it's truly exciting to have
2:30 am
a woman on the 20. although unfortunately due to the wage gap it's only worth $17. harriet tubman set to make history once again. we'll tell you what other new money is on the way. and after crunching the numbers it seems john kasich isn't the only republican presidential candidate with a math problem. why the only hope for ted cruz is now a contested convention. plus, policy speeches, teleprompters and speechwriters, donald trump says his campaign is evolving, but some old habits die hard. 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 out west. it's "way too early." ♪ good morning, everyone. it's thursday, april 21st. i'm alex with. donald trump is planning to adopt some traditional campaign


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