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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 21, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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a woman on the 20. although unfortunately due to the wage gap it's only worth $17. harriet tubman set to make history once again. we'll tell you what other new money is on the way. and after crunching the numbers it seems john kasich isn't the only republican presidential candidate with a math problem. why the only hope for ted cruz is now a contested convention. plus, policy speeches, teleprompters and speechwriters, donald trump says his campaign is evolving, but some old habits die hard. 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 out west. it's "way too early." ♪ good morning, everyone. it's thursday, april 21st. i'm alex with. donald trump is planning to adopt some traditional campaign tactics. "the wall street journal" was
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first to report that the campaign said it hired a speechwriter and that the candidate is practicing with a teleprompter. a tool that he once said should be outlawed for presidential candidates. trump will deliver his first policy speech next week in washington -- the topic, national security. before his indiana rally yesterday, he met with the state's republican governor mike pence with new jersey governor chris christie at his side. it comes amid talk of trump softening his tone and he called his chief rival senator cruz instead of lyin' ted. >> i thought it would be very undignified for me to get up at that particular moment with all of the people and, you know, pretty much the world watching last night because everybody wanted to see what was going to happen in the great state of new york. >> but back on the stage at his rallies yesterday, trump quickly returned to his old ways and attacks. >> in the case of lyin' ted cruz, lyin' ted, lie, oh, he lies. i'm millions of votes ahead. millions.
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millions of votes ahead of lyin' ted cruz. i'm about 300 delegates ahead of lyin' ted. they asked lyin' ted about water boarding. he didn't want to answer. do you think this happens with lyin' ted cruz? believe me. there's no path for lyin' ted cruz to get the nomination. he's out. i yi yi, lyin' ted, comes over here he starts ranting and raving and starting lying. we have lyin' ted, we have crooked hillary. i won't go over the others because they're now defeated. once they're defeated you don't have to mention their names anymore. >> the associated press has declared that ted cruz has no path to the nomination. finding him mathematically eliminated in the race. he needs to win the 99% of the
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delegates and kasich needs 158% and trump only needs 57%. but his campaign said he's on track to reach 1400 by the cleveland convention. he said this about the campaign. >> i think any candidate that doesn't have a path to winning, that that's the time when you should suspend your campaign. at this point, kasich has been mathematically eliminated. he needs more than 100% of the delegates to be the nominee. that's obviously impossible. you can't get more than 100%. >> well, yesterday, cruz offered a new rationalization that no one will reach 1,237. >> what is clear today is that we are headed to a contested convention. i'm not going to reach 1,237. and donald trump is not going to reach 1,237. we're going to arrive in cleveland with me having a ton of delegates and with donald trump having a ton of delegates. and at that point, it is going to be a battle to see who can
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earn the support of a majority of the delegates elected by the people. the only condition in which i would leave the race is if it was clear there was no path to victory. at this point, we are headed on path to victory. >> one day after her blowout win over bernie sanders in new york, hillary clinton travelled to pennsylvania where a new monmouth university poll shows her ahead of sanders by 13 points. that state will hold one of fife contests next tuesday. she trumpeted her win in new york and the only other candidate she mentioned by name were donald trump and ted cruz. >> we had a really, really good day in new york yesterday. [ cheers and applause ] but here i am in pennsylvania because i really want to work as hard as we can together for the next week to get a good result on april 26th.
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when i hear donald trump and ted cruz talk about international issues, i mean, what they say is not only offensive. it's down right dangerous. i mean, when cruz says things like oh, let's just pull out of nato, or oh, what difference does it make if other countries develop nuclear weapons? i mean, loose cannons have a way of misfiring and it is very clear that what he is saying is causing a lot of surprise and concern around the world because when you run for president, it's not only americans who are listening to what you say. >> meanwhile a new analysis from nbc news projects that clinton could reach the magic number of delegates needed to clinch the nomination as early as may 17th that the latest she could reach it is after california, new jersey on june 7th. that comes as "the new york times" reports that a clinton
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super pac has begun reserving $125 million in digital advertising for the campaign. meanwhile the sanders campaign is spending cash as soon as they raise it. he raised $46 million in march and clinton raised just over $29 million, but they spent $46 million in march as well and clinton ended with $12 million more in the bank than sanders. it comes as former obama strategist david plouffe said, sanders run a stunningly strong campaign. the sanders campaign has yet to respond directly to the charge but last night on msnbc the strategist offered up this rationale for staying in the race. >> bernie made a commitment to go through to the end and i'll tell you why. because millions are part of this campaign. they've contributed to it, literally millions.
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they participated in it as volunteers making phone calls on behalf of the campaign. more than a million people have come to events we have had around the country. all of the people who have been such a big part of the campaign he wants to give them an opportunity to vote for him and we're going to stay in the end to make sure they have the ability. we think we can win more states and we think we can prove he will be far by the strongest candidate in the general election and we would hope that the party would endorse him. the most dramatic changes are on the way for american currency. in a historic announcement the treasury department says that harriet tubman will become the new face of the $20 bill. there are major face-lifts in the works as well. tom costello reports. ♪ >> reporter: enjoying a sort of pop revival 200 years after his death, the man who created the nation's financial system today got a reprieve.
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his image will stay on the $10 bill. but andrew jackson, a slave holder ex-president is getting the boot. replaced by abolitionist icon hec harriet tubman replaced on the 20. what does she mean to this it this? >> it doesn't matter where you come from and it doesn't matter where you started off with, you can change our country. >> reporter: she did that an escaped slave and member of the underground rail road, tubman becomes the first woman to appear on american currency in a hundred years. at her statue in harlem -- >> it makes me proud as a black woman. very proud. >> that's the first black person on the $20 bill. >> reporter: the plan had been to put her a $10 bill, but some pushed for the redesign of the 20. women who led the suffrage fight will appear on the back of the 10 and civil rights leaders at the lincoln memorial on the pack of the 5.
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>> jack lew predicts the new bills will be unveiled in 2020 to mark the 100th very of the woman's right to vote. the water crisis in flint is officially a crime. stephen busch and michael prysby have pled not guilty. they're accused of altering lead test as a results and misleading the authorities. both face prison time. a third man michael glasgow who ran the city's treatment plant was charged with falsifying reports. he has not yet appeared in court. meanwhile on capitol hill yesterday, the senate passed a bill to modernize the nation's energy policy but it did not include an aid package for flint. something michigan's two senators pushed for. as many as 500 migrants are feared to have drowned after the overcrowded boat capsized off the coast of libya. between 100 and 200 people fled libya in the large, unseaworthy vessel. once at sea, smugglers brought
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more people on board from a second smaller boat sinking the overloaded ship. 41 people survived, drifting at sea on the smaller boat until they were rescued. they are being housed in a stadium in greece. strains have begun to the show in the traditional allies in the middle east, israel for one. and yesterday, president obama was snubbed at the airport but later met with king salman amid a time of heightened tension. in the wake of declassifying the 28 pages of the document as to who financed 9/11 and that the foreign governments would be held liable. saudi arabia has always denied a role in the attacks. the two leaders discussed joint action on isis and he pushed the saudis to be more open to diplomat wh diplomacy with iran.
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and the volkswagen will unveil a plan in court today to buy back the 500,000 diesel cars that it rigged to evade u.s. emissions tests. cnbc's nancy hulgrave joins us live from london. what does this mean for consumers and the company going forward? >> well, alex, it is good news for the company as far as investors are concerned. we have seen the stock rally for a second straight day on this news. however, we don't yet have confirmation of volkswagen of what in deal looks like. when we talk about what it means for the consumers, as you touched on there there are reports that volkswagen could be ready to buy back around 500,000 cars. now, these are the cars that have the diesel engines fitted with the so-called defeat device that the company has admitted cheat on admission test standards. what this means when we talk about the buy back, it will be at current values for the vehicles. one analyst tells me that's around $15,000. so some customers may choose to keep their car if they don't have the cash to then go out and buy a new vehicle.
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in that case they could be eligible for $5,000 in compensation. remember, they got already $1,000. so if you're happy to continue driving the cars this not a bad deal. this will hopefully remove some of the legal battles. we are expecting results from volkswagen due out tomorrow. we did get a big rally overnight that carried over into the boost for the asian markets as well. some due to earnings optimism and gains in oil prices. we are seeing that global rally fade and the next stop will look for the ecb for future direction. back to you. >> nancy hulgrave, thank you. senator lindsey graham met behind closed doors with supreme court nominee merrick garland in the capital yesterday. while he spoke to his credibility as a judge, republican supporters stood beside him. >> my view is that the next president should decide, that
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we'll let the next president decide. we're well into the nominating process, that's what i told him and i think that's the right answer. it's nothing against him personally. i think he's a very capable. honest judge. of the handful of those who met with garland, only mark kirkland and susan collins said that the judge should receive a prompt confirmation hearing. an indiana lawmaker is under fire for alleging using funds to play for a trip. the campaign paid more than $2,000 for airline tickets and covered expenses for a rental van and thole room during a -- and a hotel room during a trip to california with his wife and family. sussman's campaign manager claim it was part of a campaign trip and he repaid the portion of his family's trip after questions were starting to be asked about it. the wrestling world is in mourning. plus, curt schilling is now a former espn baseball analyst as well.
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what the red sox great did to get himself fired by the sports netwo network. those stories and a check of weather when "way too early" comes right back. (engine winding up) (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction...
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may cause low blood sugar. imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. and in we go this morning. the olympic torch is being lit in athens, greece. that ceremony under way right now. the olympic games in rio de janeiro, brazil, 106 days away. welcome back to "way too early." time for sports and we have the latest controversy surrounding former big league pitcher turned announcer curt schilling. espn ended its relationship with the red sox after coming under fire, he responded on tuesday with a subsequent most on his personal blog titled the hunt to be offended in which he blamed
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the media for sensationalizing the story. after initially reviewing the matter, espn released this statement yesterday saying quote, espn is an inclusive company, curt schilling has been adviced that his conduct was unacceptable. and his employment with espn has been terminated. "the new york times" reports schilling declined to comment publicly after yesterday's announcement. now sad news out of wrestling. joanie "chyna" laurer was found dead in her apartment last night. nicknamed the ninth wonder of the world blazed the trail for women in professional wrestlings in '90s and 2000s. she was a multitime women's world champion and is the only woman to win the intercontinental championship belt. laurer also starred in several reality tv shows including "celebrity rehab." an announcement of her passing on her official twitter page called her a real life superhero. the cause of death is still
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under investigation. joanie "chyna" laurer was 46. the philadelphia eagles have landed the second overall pick after a trade with the browns. in exchange, cleveland receives first, third and fourth round picks this year as well as a pair of draft picks over the next two years. the eagles received a 2017 fourth round pick in the deal. finally to last night's action on the nba court, after a 102-81 win over the trail blazers. in cleveland, the cavaliers take the 2-0 series over the pistons after matching a record 20 three-pointers. then in miami the heat earned the first 2-0 series lead without lebron james. moving on to the weather now. with nbc meteorologist bill karins. like i need to introduce you. what's up? >> beautiful one more day, alex.
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still a taste of summer for the east coast. middle of the country still dealing with storms. this will be the last day of the rains in texas. it's been like a week straight of this. but once again, thunderstorms are holing in st. -- rolling in st. angelo. if you're in waco to austin, those storms are coming down at you. a little later today they're near houston and down along the gulf coast. there's also some rain in illinois and indiana, especially some showery type of weather. isolated severe storms are possible. heaviest rain in the gulf coast. the flood zone could pick up another inch or two. the river levels they'll stop going down. maybe they'll go up a little bit, and then back down. as far as this evening goes, the storms will weaken. indianapolis probably a brief half hour to an hour, right around 9:00 p.m. this evening where the storms will come through. that should be after the sun sets. should be okay for the after school sports activities. today's forecast this about as nice as it gets for april. 73 in boston.
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78 in d.c. low humidity, mostly sunny skies. florida looks great too. the west is still very warm. but that's going to change a little bit as a new storm moves in. all the rain today that's chicago, indianapolis, st. louis, by the time we get to friday afternoon and evening makes its way to the east coast. this will end our streak of nine days in a row of dry weather for the mid-atlantic up into the northeast. so we are long -- our flowers can use a little bit of water. >> i call this l.a. weather. perfect. thank you very much. >> appreciate it like we do, because we don't get it that often. we bottle it up and run around like crazy people. >> you have a point. thank you very much, bill karins. more "way too early" in just a moment. ♪ ♪
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pretty exciting stuff right now. these are live pictures of what's doing on in athens greece, they're lighting the olympic torch. we are 106 days away. it will travel around the globe as it makes its way ultimately to rio de janeiro for the start of the games in august. let's get over to lewis, other headlines to get to. off to the control room. hi. >> good morning, alex. >> good morning. >> we begin with a story that has the entertainment world buzzing. behind the scenes drama of "live wi with kelly and michael." michael strahan would be leaving
2:55 am
the show, and reports immediately started to fly that ripa wasn't told about the news until minutes before the announcement. michael was there yesterday, but kelly was nowhere to be filled in. ripa felt blindsided by the news. and abc said ripa would be out for a couple of days on a vacation. erin andrews will be filling in. now if you have been on a bad date, wanted to get out a london bar has a sign in the ladies rest room promising to assist you with the escape plan. the sign reads, doesn't look like his picture or just plain weird? come to the bar and ask for rochelle or jennifer, we'll get you out of it or get you a taxi. we want you to enjoy your time here and talk to us. we'll sort it out. the sign was originally for female customers but due to the
2:56 am
attention it's gained there's a similar plan for men being discussed now too. i would hate to be the other person on the other end of this date. i don't want to find out what they mean by we'll sort it out. but that's a pretty funny story there. finally this morning, early in the show we told you that hamilton will stay on the bill, because of the popularity of the musical. and there's a new political musical and it's called "jed." and the play bill if you will, matches the hamilton one. it's a work of 17 mostly college students from across the country who wrote it together in a shared google document online. totaling 70 pages. it's a line by line song by song reinterpretation of the grammy winning play. but the lyrics about the former florida governor. the entire thing is actually annotated and we'll see if someone is brave enough to bring
2:57 am
this to the stage. >> i'm thinking off broadway. >> maybe off broadway. >> yeah. i don't think it will be a broadway one. >> maybe not. thank you. that does it for me on "way too early." coming up on "morning joe," on a warpath. trump is now the only republican nominee who can win without a contested convention. haley barbour will talk about that and much more coming up on "morning joe." real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing
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trump won 89 out of new york's 95 delegates. really breaks it down, trump needs 57% of the remaining delegates to get the nomination, john kasich needs 158%. he really needs to step this up. one district ted cruz lost to ben carson who wasn't running. even when he was running i'm not sure you knew he was running. despite his dismal finish in


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