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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  April 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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everyone should read his piece. i'm sorry we're out of time, but it's the online magazine. a beautifully written piece about the trump campaign. chris hayes is up next. ted picks carly. let's play "hardball." >> good evening. i'm chris matthews in washington. after donald's sweeping victory, the republican primary is moving to its end came. ted cruz and john kasich should get out of race. cruz through a political hail mary naming carly fiorina to be his running mate. trump accused hillary clinton of duties the night of benghazi attack. trump accuse clinton of playing the woman's card and mocked her for shouting.
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we'll get to it all. we get to the question of todays was the sound we heard from the republican establishment. an msnbc political analyst, tell me this. is that the sound of death we heard last night? >> that's the sound of death. he's almost certain to get over the delegate threshold. if he doesn't, he will get close enough that they can not deny him. looking at that fiorina press conference, i thought you have because i thought you often say this, doesn't anybody know how to do this anymore. doesn't anybody know how to play this game. first we had cruz-kasich. that failed. >> that marriage was only a three-day marriage. >> be back with it. we got to watch trump destroy cruz. >> okay.
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>> we had 11 debates and won every single one of them according to drudge and times and all of these great places. won every single won. i was with my wife and i'm watching his stuff. i can't watch him for long periods. we will this. the flourish. i have such a headache. i said it's terrible that he can say everything i said, exactly the opposite. she said nobody believes it. they don't believe it. he said i'm not going to build wall. folk, we're going to build the wall. believe me. believe me. [ cheers and applause ] we're going to build that wall
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and you know who's going to pay for that wall. they called me over after a debate some of the politicians a few weeks ago when we had some left. now we're down to two stragglers. they called me over and said thaul never be able to build wall. a 13,000 mile. 2,000 years ago. they owe us.
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if you look at the trade imbalance take a look at it. not only with china where it's $500 billion a year. we're going to end that very quickly. mexico, with mexico we're talking about 58 billion a year. on trade. on trade. 58 billion. they do better. they have the good side. you know what that means. that doesn't include all the drugs that are being sent across the boarder and poisoning our youth. i have respect for mexico and the mexican leaders. i love the mexican people. i'm leading in certain polls. i was leading in polls with hispanics. i'm going to bring jobs back. we're bringing jobs back to our country. we're going to do numbers. there are consequences when you leave. we'll talk about it. say what you want, indiana, i've been talking about carrier now for four months.
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with all the things going on and everything we're seeing and all the people we have seen, there's nobody that will be able to do what we're going to do together as a movement. we have a movement going on. nobody has seen anything like it. we have tremendous people supporting us. you know jeff sessions. when cruz gets up, he dunce anymore. the man he most respects is senator jeff sessions from alabama. he came out and endorsed donald trump. i don't believe he's endorsed a presidential candidate before. >> we're back. let joan finish her thought.
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trump is doing is we cut in for his substance he makes something that sounds new. consult your local app somewhere it's available online. he got a great boost from bobby night who is a hero like arnold palmer. he's also known for throwing chairs and choking players. it's rough house. >> you have people who are excited about this. you asked me about the republican party. i have a tiny bit of sympathy for the republican party. they don't deserve it. they don't know what to do with this. these are their voters. this is a majority of their voters. we've said it. i know i've said. he's now over 50.
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he's at 60. this is who this party wants. it's going to be hard to deny it to him. >> ted cruz isn't giving up. he may have given up in his brain but not in his physical actions. he picked carly fiorina who came this like tenth. she lost her job and lost statewide in california. three time loser. he puts her on the ticket. he highlighted her ability to stand up to donald trump, which she did do. let's watch. >> over and over again, carly has shattered glass ceilings. she's careful, measured, serious. she doesn't get overly excited. she doesn't get rattled by what is getting thrown at her.
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we all saw that. with saw the debate. carly confronted donald trump. one of the great principles of bullies, they feed off of fear. they don't know what to do when a strong, powerful women stands up and says i'm not afraid. >> isn't there a bigamy situation here. didn't he just over the weekend marry kasich. what's going on here? how many marriages in a week? these are desperate. these are chapels in las vegas busy. >> he rolled out the kasich thing a few days ago. >> saturday night or sunday night. >> they pledged their troth. the problem was that the next day kasich said, i don't know what you're talking about. i want people to vote for me. >> no mas. >> no mas. he spent one night with cruz and that was enough. he sobered up. that was that.
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that didn't work. everybody has said if you're going to keep this thing owing at all, which i'm dubious about, it's got to be indiana. it's got to be indiana. the only thing cruz had left was to cash the one bargaining chip that he might have had if by some chance he got to the convention which was to offer the veep to somebody in cleveland but he played that card now, which is idiotic. >> i hope you know how to defend your party because this is ridiculous. this is picking vice presidents on the fly and to get you through the night. >> or at least indianapolis. >> he just married kasich and now he's going to her. if i were her, winning now and indiana, she ain't going anywhere near him. >> what happened is that trump had a huge night on tuesday.
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>> five for five. every county. >> if you look at that podium, there was no cruz-fiorina placard. i think they had to up their time frame. indiana polls are changing so fast that the cruz team said if we're going to do this thing later, let's do it sooner. >> here's the thing. indiana, is an open primary in the sense. donald trump threw people like bobby knight the same louis thing. cruz will be well organized but probably won't be enough. >> it is going to be match up. it's not going to a marriage made in heaven but it will happen.
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last night trump accused hillary clinton of playing the woman's card. let's watch. >> i think the only card she has is the woman's card. she's not nothing else going. if hillary clinton were man, i don't think she would get 5% of the vote. the only thing she's got going the woman's card. the beautiful thing is women don't like her. look how well i did with women tonight. >> what a set of numbers he's come up with. i'm in the sure that is true at all. let's watch this. >> the other day mr. trump accused me of playing the quote, woman card. well, if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card then deal me in. [ cheers and applause ] >> well, on morning joe today
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donald trump was asked to respond. let's watch what he said. >> i haven't quite recovered. it's early in the morning from her shouting that message. i know a lot of people will say you can't say that about a woman because a woman doesn't shout. the way she shouted that message was not, i just, that's the way she said it. i guess i'll have to get used to a lot of that over the next four or five months. >> what do you make of that? >> when i heard him last night and this morning, i thought back to the early days of his campaign when some republicans worried he have a clinton plant. remember bill clinton had a phone call and told him to run. i think he is going to help hillary clinton change the map. this is a polarized country and i admit that. when women hear what trump says not just about her but carly fiorina. you'll have republican women for hillary which this country. she's going to mop the floor with him.
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this will turn out women like nothing before. >> we'll keep track of what you predict. i still think you're right. you think trump will go down the toilet if hillary is up against him in. >> no, absolutely not. >> who's got the odds? >> she's got the odds. it's no question. she's historic candidate. trump is so unconventional. the idea that these general election polls mean anything now, is garbage. i think trump has the chance to get there. >> what states does he pick up? give me some states. >> look what he just saw. new york. >> howard, will you break this up. >> what about pennsylvania. >> i think that's unlikely. i'll say there, the one big thing that hillary needs to worry about here is that donald trump is a professional
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political wrecking ball who's out to topple every establishment in the country, politically. that's how he's succeeded so far. >> how does he topple women majority vote? >> it's his whole message. he's going to try to portray hillary and bill and the clinton foundation as the democratic party and washington, d.c. as the center of everything corrupt and constitutional. >> lots of women voters don't like hillary. >> there are republican women who don't like her but democratic women love her. >> you're not right about that. >> i think this will be fairly easy election to vote in. you'll know your side clearly. those 5% in middle will decide it. thank you. i was surprised by your answer. you've come around. >> i haven't come around. >> you guys are accepting him. >> i like democracy. >> will you tell that to reince priebus? >> i will. >> he's not familiar with that form of democracy.
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donald trump's move to the general election to foreign policy but does he pass the commander in chief test? we'll have two people right now. terms of surrender. hillary clinton all but certain to clench the nomination, what does bernie sanders gain by fighting on? what will it take for him to bow out and give clinton some breathing room? the hardball round table is here for his latest stunt. stunt. does cruz realize the more he struggle, the faster he sinks? let me finish with this dishonorable game of picking vice presidents to light up the scoreboard for a few minutes. this is hardball, the place for politics.
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my foreign policy will always put the interests of the american people and american security above all else. america first will be the major and overriding theme of my administration. >> welcome back. calling for an america first appropriate to international engagement. donald trump out lined his foreign policy vision in major speech in washington. he said this country had been rudderless under president obama. trump did not offer any new specifics about how he would defeat isis but said his strategy is to be more unpredictable. >> then there's isis. i have a simple message for them. their days are numbered.
11:19 pm
i won't tell them where, and i won't tell them how. we must, as a nation, be more unpredictable, we are totally predictable. we're sending troops. we tell them. >> trump took aim at his general election opponent clinton, accusing of her being awol during the 2012 attacks of benghazi. >> after her failed intervention in libya, islamic terrorists took down our consulate and killed our ambassador and three brave americans. instead of taking charge that night, hillary clinton decided to go home and sleep. incredible. by the way she was not awake to take that call at 3:00 in the morning. >> when making that personal charge of character, trump
11:20 pm
dismissed statements made by secretary clinton about her location on the night of those attacks. john allen reported after 1:00 a.m. this washington hillary left the state department for her home where she stayed up to work until 4:00 a.m. she said she remained in communication from her home and did not sleep at all on the nights of the attack. here she is. >> i had secure phones. i had other equipment that kept me in touch with the state department at all times. i did not sleep all night. i was very much focused on what we were doing. >> she went home to sleep and didn't try to save the life of her friend chris stephen and went onto say she didn't answer the phone call.
11:21 pm
we know the facts of that night that our ambassador was confirmed dead by 2:30 a.m. d.c. time and she went to bed at 4:00. what do you make of it? one of these two people is lying. >> my assignment is understood. it was to talk about the overall speech and -- >> he said that in his speech. he made that charge. >> he did. i would say -- >> what did you make of that charge when you heard him say hillary clinton was asleep and going to bed rather than save her ambassador. what the you make of charge? >> i really wasn't thinking so much about some of the political comments that were made but what i did think about was the wide ranging nature of the speech. to be honest after the kind of campaign we've had over the last few months that have been painful to watch, i was pleased with what i heard. i thought it was a great step
11:22 pm
many the right direction. i thought it laid out a vision for america. obviously, some details need to be filled in. i thought it was very, very good and was pleased at what he had to say. >> what did you make of his promise he would be unpredictable. >> he said i'm not going to take use of nuclear weapons off the table in middle east or in europe. now he's saying i want to be unpredictable. what does it say to you when he says unpredictable in terms of weaponary or whatever. >> you have a candidate that is drinking out of a fire house. we're seeing that evolution. i will say this week.
11:23 pm
i saw headline in one of the major publications that you and i both read. the headlines were foreign leaders were afraid of donald trump. many of the people around the world that are our friends are scared of what you might do. they call george schultz. they said to ask him what's going on. i understand that's what you do on this program. the fact is, if you look at the broadness and the vision i thought it was a major step forward. >> thank you. >> there he is saying hillary
11:24 pm
clinton went to sleep when her friend and ambassador was getting killed and didn't bother to answer the phone. throwing these things out that aren't established by fact or system by either party. >> we sort of live in a post-truth world if republicans can understand call him out on a bald face lie. what he anticipates is that by telling it enough is that people will stop paying attention. i love bob corker but he's got to call donald trump out when he's saying that hillary clinton was sleeping when she was trying to lead our way through this crisis. this is what's so dangerous. >> what did you make of that? he said he likes the idea that trump will keep them guessing. >> this idea that foreign leaders are scared. they're not scared that the united states is going to beat them in some global competition. they are scared that donald trump will ruin the world around them. that's a different kind of scared. >> i would think the comment he made to me, he said i won't take nuclear weapons off the table even in the middle east.
11:25 pm
i can't conceive where we will use a nuclear weapon in europe to kill isis people. who do you attack a band of people as sleeper cells all over europe. >> that's why foreign leaders are scared because of this casual approach the nuclear weapons. these aren't tactical approaches to the problems. this speech is wild in how stunning the contradictions are within it. he does have this section where he says we need to be more unpredictable. he talks about the obama administration being a lack of consistency. they have to be more consistent in the world. it's amaing in a 20-minute speech he managed to contradict himself. >> somebody said to me today, how do you keep people in syria where they were born and can belong to keep them from racing to europe and here.
11:26 pm
we have to make some effort. that's one alternative, bring them here. >> he doesn't know whether he wants to engage with china which is what he talks about or whether he wants to start a trade war. he doesn't know if he wants to work with muslims or keep them out of the country. it's a speech for 20 different people wrote a photograph or two and threw it all together. >> do you think we're weak now? do you think that president obama is weak? >> i don't think we're weak. i think we're weak in minds of people who view american power as the extension of our military prowess. there's nothing about the paris climate change agreement that suggests america is weak. we're expressing our power through diplomacy. that's a different kind of strength maybe a little hallowed
11:27 pm
to neo conservatives. >> he does talk about being bullied. once you push a country like putin, how do you know you don't push them too far and not get into a fight? you don't be a bully and not get into a fight. >> you need your friends. >> great having you on. up next, how well bernie sanders bow out of this fight for the democratic presidential nomination. what is he looking to extract? this is hardball, the place for politics.
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that any political party has ever seen. >> that's pretty strong. that was senator bernie sanders earlier today saying if he's not the democratic nominee, he implied crafting a progressive party platform. a senior aide for hillary clinton, there's no indication she's planning to adopt major parts of sanders platform. that's a negotiating position, obviously. now senator sanders is letting go hundreds of staffers from his campaign team. no more payroll for those guys and women. he said we don't need people right now in connecticut. that election is over. we don't need them in maryland. we're going to allocate our resources to the 14 contests that remains. that means we're going to be cutting back. it's not 14 states that are left. there's some territories and stuff like that. i think there's nine states in d.c. that you would think of as state of the unions.
11:32 pm
he's warmer her up. that seems to be his case. here he is making it. >> they will go after hillary clinton in ways that i have never, ever gone after clinton. things like the clinton foundation or e-mail situation. i don't talk about that. i've never talked about it, one word on this campaign. i suspect that donald trump and the republican party will go after her in many, many ways that we have not. >> he's a member of the united states senate. let me ask you about terms of agreement here. it seems to me that both sides are taking out their position. senator sanders said i'll bring enough delegates to philadelphia, the convention to right the platform. hillary clinton says we're not
11:33 pm
doing anything he tells us to do. how does this get worked out at tend as part of a deal? >> it reminds me when hillary clinton said i want respect for millions of people who supported the ideas i put forward. that's the position she took in to the convention into the platform. that's the position bernie is taken out. these are issues that have resonated and he's been talking about and those can be ideas that can be part of the united movement going forward into the election in november. >> let's take an example, universal health care. medicare for life. is that something you think that the senator sanders will insist upon being in the platform? >> i think the types of things we'll see are huge emphasize on
11:34 pm
global warming policy. >> like no federal law against fracking, would he push that far? >> absolutely. on trade he will push her a lot harder on tpp. >> he's already done that. >> she said she's against it but hasn't laid out how. is she with him in terms of this agreement. >> you think he might, this is something that i think would sound fantastic politically. to say the litmus test the next justice who hillary clinton or bernie sanders would get to make must be somebody who swears to god they're going to get rid of citizens united. they're just going to do it.
11:35 pm
i don't know if he would put it in those words. >> how about the idea that money is votes and the whole idea that george will loves this. the richer the person, the more votes they have. that's what they believe. >> it's the complete opposite of jefferson and lincoln. >> thank you. great to come on. i love that you senators are coming over to this place on nebraska avenue. >> a pleasure to be with you. >> of any war you get to keep your horses. lincoln was good on the south when the confederacy fell apart and they ran out of ammo and trains to build an army. he gave them their horses back. he let people have dignity in their defeat. what does hillary give bernie sanders?
11:36 pm
>> well, that's the big question. when i talked to tad divine he was mentioning some firm commitments. i asked him what does firm mean. he said that's to be determined. the senator was talking about with respect to tpp or perhaps fracking policy. i think you need to step back and recognize that sanders has moved clinton over far further than a lot of people thought she would. she had them come out and say tmm is not something to endorse. what you mentioned just now, citizens united as a litmus test, she had come out and said she will not appoint someone who wants to keep citizens united in place. these are big extractions already. >> here's the question. does hillary have any call on this? just because he had delegates
11:37 pm
bound to her in the first ballot, are they bound to her in the platform or can bernie poach a lot of her delegates? >> i'm not familiar with rules of the platform committee. it's my understanding he could have some. keep in mind, bernie has not just moved clinton but the party at large. is that the type of platform we want to be associated with. i think they say yeah, we do. >> the washington post gave us a preview of the way the republicans will attack. looked like one of those soviet posters. i think everything sam said is right. we're going to watch that.
11:38 pm
everybody will watch that. thank you so much. m up next, it's not nevada either. up next ted cruz picks carly fiorina as this week's running mate. he named john kasich as his running mate over the weekend. trump's reaction to cruz. we're watching hardball, place for politics.
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one of the great principles of bullies, they feed off of fear. they feed off of people who will cower in the corner when they yell and scream and insult and holler and curse. they don't know what to do when a strong, powerful woman stands up and says i am not afraid. >> welcome back. that was ted cruz' latest effort to try to stop donald trump. cruz picked carly fiorina as his running mate. just minutes ago donald trump blasted cruz for picking a running mate at this point in
11:43 pm
the race. >> cruz can't win. what's he doing picking vice presidents. he can't win. on television they say it nicely. he has no path to victory. that's a nice expression. that's mathematically eliminated. he's mathematically eliminated. he has set a record though. he's the first candidate who is mathematically who is eliminated who chose a vice presidential candidate. >> i have to laugh sometimes at this absurdity. let's bring in the roundtable.
11:44 pm
i'm amazed at this promiscous running mates. >> cruz had to change et up a little bit. it's a hail fiona pass for sure. she's not of the kind of stature that would be a game changer. he needed a game changer. >> did he shop around before? >> i think he did. i disagree with mark. i think, first of all, it's worth remembering that carly fiorina has a lot of traction. >> you have the highest chair. >> that's because i'm the tallest. >> i have to live with it. >> you have to. i'm bigger than you. you have no choice. i also have very frightening heels on and you do not. you're stuck with it. people for get that carly has
11:45 pm
quite a lot of traction in california republican circles. that's really one of the things he's bearing in mind. the other thing that if you go out and talk to republican primary voters in a lot of these states, the universal opinion is we really like carly, we didn't think she had a big enough name to win the nomination. he's picked somebody who has a tremendous amount of support amongst the delegate pool who basically is universally liked by a lot of republican voters and somebody who might be the only person who can really help him win in california. i think it's probably a smart move. >> how good are her roots out there? >> good. i consulted for her there. she won decisively in the california primary. >> show would frontally attack trump aggressively. if she can get him to say a few sexist things.
11:46 pm
>> that's what's going on. is this the role in basketball of fouling the player to get the ball back. she's going to get him to attack her and she wins and cruz wins. >> i think that's absolutely right. she's a great attack dog. i think cruz is hoping to have that. cruz sure doesn't. >> can he resist? remember he said one time. he took a shot at her looks which was stupid in any setting. why you always interrupting? everybody interrupts. i interrupt. why is he singling her out? she gets to him. >> women get to him generally. >> he knows that. she knows that. >> paul manafort is saying don't let her bait you the next five
11:47 pm
days. >> he's only going to win this indiana primary. trump seems to have trouble with women who sort of tweak him in a certain way. >> when i started an anti-trump super pac he called me a whacko. i think picking carly is smart. she's probably one of the best, if not the best communicator within the republican party. cruz isn't. she's better. i think that's going to be very useful in addition to the baiting. with regard to the california point, i think she still has a lot of traction there. she's not living there. she's not voting there. she won the california senate republican primary decisively. don't forget even though she was a much more conservative, less well funded and seen as less delectable candidate than meg whitman. she out performed her by quite a lot.
11:48 pm
>> up next, three three will tell me something i don't know. they're already doing that.
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the hidden strength of hillary clinton and donald trump, donald trump i'm surprised by moderate voters, the parties are going further and further away, but hillary
11:53 pm
and trump state after state do well among this moderate vote and that's where sanders and cruz are losing this campaign. >> i'm with you and it makes me happy. >> i don't disagree with this. >> any moderates here. >> no. >> yes, liz. >> my fun fact, last night bill schuster is bringing legislation endorsed by his girlfriend's employer managed to eek out a victory against an unknown tea party guy. >> i was shocked. >> my prediction, i think hillary is going to look a lot wider for a vice presidential choice. i think she's going to look for somebody who has a reputation for honesty. i think he might be a little bit too far to the right.
11:54 pm
>> we'll talking moderate now. you think tim cain is too far over. >> i think he's a possibility. >> i think hillary clinton will look at the electoral map. >> i think that helps tim. >> we'll be right back. this just got interesting. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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let me finish tonight with the bipartisan fact that a selection of a vice president has become a joke. the first george bush or somebody on his team picked dan quail. nobody took it seriously and not the reaction to his own selection. john kerry a serious man in most other circumstances picked john edwards as his running mate. no one took edwards seriously. i remember interviewing him that year and noticing that there was not a piece of writing paper or paper in sight anywhere. no newspapers, not even a novel to pass the time away. what was this guy reading to be a heartbeat away from the president. what had he ever read? what's this thing about the vice president? john mccain is someone i respect most of the time picked sarah palin. she did not even possess the
11:59 pm
maturity to finish her one term as governor. it was never clear why she left the office. that's laughable choices are less honorable than the ones we see on veep. why? it's not meant to be serious. now comes carly fiorina. announcing his veep, cruz is probably not expecting a longer trip, he points to the advantage she brings to his ticket. he says the country knows her by her first name. she is sufficient to id her. this is how bad it's gotten. we peek veeps not for the history books, but to get us through the week. when we're packing up next tuesday will we honor this
12:00 am
mating with fiorina any more than we did cruz and kasich. this is hardball. chris hayes starts right now. tonight on "all in". >> my vice presidential nominee carly fiorina. >> the amazing thing is that basketball ring here in indiana. >> he called the rim a ring so he doesn't know too much about the basketball world. >> then the sanders campaign lays off hundreds of staff. >> look, we are clearly the underdogs. i'm very good at arrow rhythm ma tick. >> but vows to stay in the race and trump gets specificish about foreign policy.