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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 2:30am-3:01am PDT

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coast, 2:30 out west. this is "way too early." ♪ hey there, good morning. it's friday, april 29th. i'm alex witt. chaos as donald trump kicked off his california campaign last night. anti-trump demonstrators in costa mesa grew from blocking traffic to protesters aggressively swarming cars. at one point, busting a police cruiser's windows. with one man stomping on it. protesters forcing police to close streets, others witnessed people jumping on street signs and throwing bricks. the smell of burnt rubber filled the air as a car was doing doughnuts. police say 20 people were arrested but reported no major injuries in what was the worst violence since the fights inside
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trump's cancelled chicago rally back in march. this time, fights broke out between opponents and supporters outside. local affiliate kabc has this footage of a trump supporter bandaged. but it was a different story inside trump's rally with 18,000 people at the orange county fairgrounds. largely unaware of the violence unfolding outside. at one point, donald trump called on to the stage the families of victims of violence committed by undocumented immigrants. during the -- turning the mike over to camille shaw whose son was killed in 2008. >> as american citizens we demand america first. we don't care -- we don't care about illegal aliens. we don't care. americans first, first things first. >> former house speaker john boehner had some choice words for ted cruz during a visit to california this week. boehner said that while he would vote for donald trump in a general election, there is no way he will ever vote for cruz. >> lucifer in the flesh.
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[ applause ] i have democrat and republican friends and i get along with everybody. but i have never worked with a more miserable son of a -- over my dead body would he be president. >> yikes. cruz said after tweeting tell me again who will stand up to washington? trump who is boehner's texting and golfing buddy or carly and me? >> john boehner had some interesting comments last night. he allowed his inner trump to come out. i don't know the man. i have met john boehner two or three times in my life. if i have said 50 words in my life to john boehner i'd be surprised and every one of them has consisted of pleasantlies, good to see can you, mr. speaker. i never had any substantive conversation with boehner in any respect. during the government shutdown, i reached out to john boehner
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and i offered for mike lee and me to come over and work with the speaker. can we resolve this and actually get something meaningful done to stop the disaster that is obamacare? john baner's response was i have no interest in talking to you. when boehner calls me lucifer, he's not directing that at me. he's directing that at you. what boehner is angry with is the american people holding him accountable. >> but for ted cruz's claim to have never worked with john boehner, cruz once worked as boehner's lawyer from 1998 to 2004, but they had little contact when cruz reached the senate. and boehner is not alone in his opinion about ted cruz. pete king added this. >> i fully agree with john boehner and maybe gives lucifer a bad name by comparing him to
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ted cruz. listen, what boehner was most concerned about ted cruz perpetrated a fraud and a hoax when he shut down the government, a vague promise he'd be able to take obamacare out of the budget or to end obamacare. ted cruz knew it would never work. that it was never going to work, but he did it any way. shut down the government, cost the government money. served no purpose whatsoever. other than to boost his name identification. meanwhile t pact between ted cruz and john kasich to stay it of each other's way has hit a snag. cruz rejected the idea of an alliepts while kasich vowed to go all the way to the convention. >> i recognize the media is all eager to talk about the alliance. there's no alliance. john kasich made the decision to withdraw from indiana. let me say to folks at home who may have been considering supporting john kasich. john kasich is a good and honorable man. but he has no path to winning and john kasich has pulled out. he's withdrawn from the state of indiana. >> i got up yesterday, okay, d
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and -- well, i started thinking about my campaign. started thinking about my effort. so i thought about should i keep going? should i carry on? what is this all about? i thought deeply about it. so i have decided to keep going. and there are going to be people who are going to criticize me for that. and it's not always an easy road. i'm going to do my very best. >> meanwhile cruz raised the stakes in indiana and paul manafort looks at it differently. >> we are at the edge of a cliff staring downward. and it is the common sense and good judgment of the hoosier state that's the one thing that stands between us and plunging over the cliff. >> can indiana be the nail in
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can coffin for ted cruz? >> last tuesday was the nail in the coffin. >> well, hillary clinton has launched a new attack against donald trump. the republican front-runner has claimed that clinton is playing the woman card to win the presidential race and now she's using those comments in a new political ad and here's part of it. >> the only thing she's got going is the woman's card. >> she's playing that card like i have never seen anybody play. ♪ >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the women card, then deal me in. >> her campaign is fund raising off of trump's comment, saying to donate to get your official woman card. here's how trump responded last night. >> i mean, it's a fact.
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she's playing the woman card, it's the only thing she's got going it. that's it. >> what about. >> she's playing it as much as she can. i have been watching it. every time she raises -- if you raise your voice, look what he's saying, give me a break. she raises her voice much more than i raise mine, believe me. with his path to the nomination narrowing, bernie sanders is turning a critical eye to the democratic party. at a rally yesterday, he focused less on his democratic challenger and more on the party itself. >> the problem we're having now is not in my view that the republicans are winning elections. the problem is that the democrats are losing elections. the democratic party up to now has not been clear. about which side they are on on the major issues facing this country. the democratic party has to reach a fundamental conclusion -- are we on the side of working people or big money
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interests? >> meanwhile "the washington post" reports that out of all of the candidates who have run for president this year bernie sanders has spent the most money on his campaign. according to the paper by the end of march the senator from vermont had spent nearly $166 million. at the same time, we have also learned that the clinton campaign isn't spending money on ads. it appears to be the first time since august of last year that the clinton campaign has been dark over the airwaves. so a bizarre scene played out in baltimore yesterday when a man wearing an animal costume with what he said was a bomb underneath walked into a television station and then threatened to blow the place up. they say he tried to give employees a flash drive with something he wanted them to air on the news. after barricading himself, police say he walked out on his own accord. when he refused to show his hands as ordered, he was shot and wounded by snipers.
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a robot was then used to remove the explosive vest which turned out to be fake. >> what we have found out those devices were actually chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil with wiring connecting each of them. there was also a small mother board and that mother board has been described as something that you might see in a fire extinguisher. >> police say the man also set his car on fire in the station parking lot. employees were evacuated. no injuries were reported. in california, federal officials arrested three people yesterday with ties to one of the san bernardino attackers, syed farook. those taken into custody were his brother, and maria cher nick and she is married to enrique.
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the three arrested yesterday were not charged with terror related charges. it relates to the questionable marriage between the two. prosecutors say the marriage allowed her to stay in the country. all three pleaded not guilty in court yesterday. this morning the u.s. is blaming the syrian government for a deadly air strike on a pediatric hospital in the northern city of aleppo. the u.s. says that the hospital was targeted. nearby buildings were also shelled. activists say at least 60 people have been killed in aleppo over the last two days, a clear violation of the cease-fire declared in february. vice president joe biden is headed to the vatican today. he's expected to discuss cancer research at a conference on regenerative medicine. he is expected to meet with pope francis there. he made an unannounced trip to baghdad and he met with the prime minister and other officials. the meeting came a week after
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president obama expressed concern over the stability of the iraqi government. well, let's go from there to business where comcast the parent company of msnbc has announced it will purchase dreamworks animation in a $3.8 billion deal that will compete with disney. cnbc's nancy hulgrave is joining us live from london. what does this mean for the future of comcast? >> it's a near $4 billion price tag there and comcast, the parent company of msnbc, they're buying dreamworks and it's intended to boost the family friendly offerings because nbcuniversal films has had success when you look at despicable me and minions. this translates to success for theme parks. they want to incorporate them into the theme park business. they hold rights to shrek, kung fu panda. films that viewers have seen many times over.
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so that is seen as good for the brand when overall expanding the family friendly offerings as well. the overall deal was representing a 27% premium to the share price before it was announced so no surprise there. we saw a significant stock in that neighborhood for dreamworks stock yesterday. but it wasn't all good news for u.s. stocks. it was a down day across the board. particularly for the dow jones industrial average having its worst performance since the middle of february. dropping some 200 points. that was largely due first to some disappointment over the bank of japan deciding not to offer more stimulus there. that trickled over into the u.s. by the end of the day the real focus was on comments coming from legendary investor carl icahn. he said that he had dropped his position all together in apple. apple when it moves it moves the entire market there due to the sheer weight in the dow. the presence in so many portfolios across the board. but icahn said despite apple being a good company time for him to get out. and he's citing particular fears
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over apple's business in china. guys as we stand today, the last trading day of the week and the month, u.s. futures pointing to the slight rebound for now. >> that's good. thank you very much, nancy hulgrave. up next, a big night for football fans. we'll take you to the 2016 nfl draft. plus, a good samaritan rushes to free someone trapped in their car after rain comes to mississippi. another 20 million people are at risk of severe weather today. bill karins has the forecast next on "way too early." what are you doing right now?
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that pick comes after trading the two first and two second and two third round picks to the tennessee titans to move up to number one. and no surprise here the eagles took the other top quarterback, north dakota state's carson wentz at number two. he's followed by ohio state's jeremy bosa chosen by the chargers. another buckeye running back sensation ezekiel elliott. and ohio state in fact had five players selected in the top 20. just the second school in history to do that. but round one of the draft wouldn't go down without some drama. ole miss laremy tunsil's who was slated as a top pick fell to the miami dolphins at number 13 after a video posted to his twitter account ten minutes before the start of the draft showed that player smoking a bong. when asked about the video, he told reporters his account was hacked.
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the tweet has been deleted. and then moments after the offensive lineman's selection the person behind his instagram account posted screen shots of text messages purportedly showing tunsil asking ole miss staffers for money to pay bills. tunsil admitted his mistake when asked if he took money from a coach saying quote i'd have to say yeah. well, turning now to major league baseball, where miami marlins second baseman dee gordon has been suspended 80 games after testing positive for importance enhancing drugs. it was announced after the marlins wrapped up a 5-3 victory over my dodgers. gordon who signed a $50 million contract extension with miami in january is the defending national league batting champion. the president david simon called the news a huge disappointment, but said dee gordon is an important part of our team and we love and support him. let's go now to last night's action on the nba court. in boston the hawks are headed to the semifinals after a 104-92 win over if celtics in game 6 taking the first round series
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four games to two. atlanta will take on the cleveland cavaliers in the second round. and last night's quest for lord stanley's cup, in washington, d.c., the capitals take a 1-0 lead in their second round playoff series against the penguins. washington's t.j. oshie completes that hat trick, netting the deciding goal in overtime. 4-3 over pittsburgh. okay. well, it's friday. that means we'll pay attention to the weather for the weekend. >> i can't get over that tunsil story. he lost millions last night because of that. >> ouch. >> yeah. a big bonfire at the university too. let's get into the forecast. severe storms erupting already this morning. we have a storm in the middle of the country all the way to the east coast. yesterday we saw this torrential rain in areas of mississippi. how about that image there? some areas picked up ten inches of rain in a very short period of time and there was a lot of water rescues that were required. yeah, that's just too much rain for almost anywhere in this
2:50 am
country. some of the military vehicles had to be used to get in to rescue. well, we hopefully won't see that today. but we have the possibility of more large hail and a couple of tornadoes. severe thunderstorm watches have been issued for large hail producing storms along oklahoma and arkansas and the white on the map that's snow once again in colorado. this is quite the snowstorm throughout the day today into tomorrow. first off, with the severe weather, 24 million people at risk of severe storms today. we do expect minor outbreaks. we have the storms producing the large hail, then get a break. the new storms will erupt later on this afternoon and that's dallas-ft. worth, texarkana. now for the snowy part of the forecast, april is one of the snowiest months of the year for areas like denver and colorado. this pink on here is up to a foot of knsnow in the mount new areas. denver is looking at four to six to eight inches.
2:51 am
once you get up to elevation you get more. but interstate 80 headed east out of denver will be a mess today with up to a foot out towards -- out to the plains. in the flat lands. 36 that's it for your temperature in denver. one of the coldest spots in the country. you're hot in the southeast. enjoy that. then the weekend forecast features that storm headed east. a rainy saturday, a lot of cancelled baseball games and soccer. all of your events outdoors. the ohio valley will see a steady rain. thunderstorms in the southeast. saturday is the best day up and down east coast. sunday, a steady rain event from new york city, maybe d.c. a thunderstorm or two. so alex, it's a split forecast. many people have one nice day, but not many will have two. >> we'll take it. still ahead, backlash erupts over the plan to have will ferrell portray ronald reagan over his battle with alzheimer's disease. reaction from the reagan family next on "way too early."
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, there some more headlines. let's get right to it from the control room. hi louis. >> happy friday. some controversy over a new film in development in which will ferrell will portray former president ronald reagan. now the story reportedly involves president reagan in his second term as he begins suffering from dementia. in turn, it's tasked with convincing the commander in chief that he's an actor playing
2:55 am
the president. michael reagan said those involved with the film should be ashamed and tweeted out alzheimer's is not a comedy to those suffering from the disease. it robs your mind and kills you. patty davis writes -- perhaps if you knew more you would not find the subject humorous. alzheimer's steals what is most precious to a human being, connections, the familiar landmarks of a lifetime. i watched as fear invaded my father's eyes and i heard his voice tremble as he stood in the living room and he said, i don't know where i am. now, the film is currently without a director and is being shopped to studios. while we're staying on the topic of films here, roadside attractions has debuted "southside with you." this is inspired by the first lady and obama's first date. it will be hitting the theaters
2:56 am
august 26th. let's take a sneak peek inside the first lady and president's life before they entered the white house. >> well, michelle, all set? >> mm-hmm. shouldn't we be getting to the meeting? >> yes, we have some time. i thought we'd spin by the art center, see some paintings or grab a bite to eat. >> this is not a date. how would it look if i dated the first cute black guy? >> you think i'm cute? >> maybe i'd help women, empower the women. >> all right. to another story here. earlier in the show we told you about ohio state running back ezekiel elliott being taken at number four overall by the dallas cowboys and last night's nfl draft, but before taking the stage elliott walked the red carpet donning at tire he's known for -- a crop top. he has been known to bare his mid dri midriff in the past.
2:57 am
he was known to wear the crop tops to avoid the other players from grabbing him. back to you. we'll see if the cropped top and his skills will work at the nfl. >> that's his thing. did you hear joe scarborough walk into the studio? >> i have no idea -- >> i'm done. that does it for "way too early." coming up on "morning joe" -- >> too early for joe. >> you're actually on time. anyway, ted cruz is going to hit back at john boehner's colorful remarks about his former colleague. plus, protests turn violent outside a rally in california. more that up a dozen arrests after a night of chaos. "morning joe," because joe is here, is up next. >> you're good at this. (pilot talking to tower on radio) once you get out here... there's just one direction...
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