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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  April 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," law and disorders. as trump plays the anti-immigration card. >> we cannot have this folks. we don't have a country anymore. you know i am looking at statistics where your crime numbers are so crazy, they go through this roof. we cannot have it anymore. >> party crashers, bernie sanders blasting the democrats from blocking independence from blocking in primaries. >> the problem that i have now is not in my view that the republicans are winning the election. the problem is the democrats are
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losing elections. the democratic party has to reach a fundamental conclusion. we are on the side of working people or big money interests. [ cheers ] and when hell freezes over, what could make republican leaders embrace donald trump? perhaps, how much they dislike ted cruz? >> lucifer in the flesh. >> i fully agree with jonh boehner and maybe he gives lucifer a bad name by comparing him with ted cruz. good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell in washington with another twist of the race for the republicans.
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mike pens, former member of congress expected to announce his support for ted cruz this hour. four days before the critical primary for the cruz campaign. nbc's katy tur is live outside trump's tower. joining me here in the studio is kasie hunt and kristen welker. katy tur, let's talk about the donald trump rally in california and how important it is in indiana for him. it is important to make a break p important for cruz than it is for trump. >> reporter: absolutely. the endorsement is a blow to donald trump. this is the campaign that has not relied on endorsements and frankly does not need many endorsements. the people may have been rejected washington and so endorsements from washington from establishments and governors have not done much to sway the needle for donald trump. this could potentially help ted
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cruz. the polls are still close to the donald trump, their campaign is still feeling positive about that. they feel comfortable going into states like california and new jersey that are next. after that, a big win on tuesday which netted them 109 delegates and not including the unbound delegates. the majority will say they'll vote for donald trump at the first ballot at the convention. >> kasie, the stop trump movement depends entirely on ted cruz and on his chances in indiana? >> it really does. i have to tell you having been in indiana a couple of days. the census, the momentum is with donald trump and not with ted cruz right now. a lot republicans have been watching indiana politics feels like this was going for trump before he got that momentum and out of those five states on tuesday. before ted cruz called it a
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basketball ring, um, which you know, we have been joking about that, it is series business in indiana and basketball. before this carly fiorina announcement of the ticket which generated buzz of the day of but did not seem to hold much water over the long-term. this tenpence endorsement is a d card. he does not expand the pool of voters for ted cruz. a lot of these conservatives from places that are hard hit by the manufacturing changes, they may have been with pence in a statewide election. the people really in play are kasich voters and establishment republicans and mitch daniels' republicans. whether or not mike pence can help with that group is not clear. >> another missed fire is ted cruz is playing too big in the runway so he cannot land in
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indiana today. >> he ended up backing in indianapolis, i guess doing a news conference. >> having a series of things. yes, don't portray small town indiana. >> kristin welker, while all of this is going on on the democratic side, you have -- at the same time of this gender war of donald trump. is this the potential of backfiring against him in the election. to your first point, bernie sanders is still in this race and he still by all accounts fighting to have an influence on the party platform. what secretary clinton fights for is she becomes. he's saying the race is not over yet. he's very vigorously campaigning in the state like indiana and he's spending in all of the states coming up in california. secretary clinton is not spending at all. she has pivoted in the general election and he's hitting back
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very hard at donald trump for his women's card comment. he's fund raising off of it. that line that we all now memorize that secretary clinton keeps on saying that if that's the women's card of fighting things like equal pay, deal me in. this could really backfire donald trump because right now his unfavorability is so high. >> the other thing is that and they do not think they can win in indiana, they are not going to be excampaigning at all in indiana. hillary clinton maybe doing some other east coast campaigning. she's not going to indiana. they are conceiving that bernie sanders is likely to win that first open primary in a long
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while. that's right, she will be in kentuc kentucky. i think it is her first stop on monday. they have been saying for quite sometimes. we think we are going to get a lot of momentum for sanders campaign. if we head in california with a lot of wins under our belt, we could have a big win in california. of course, all of that is possible but he still gets stuck with the mass. >> and in terms of ted cruz, it just seems to me that he did not get the ballot that one might expected from this would seem like a hell mary introducing the running mate, the carly fiorina card. >> on that point think about when reagan did this, it was seen outside the box and in so many ways it should have been the biggest headline of that particular day. >> and he did it after so many
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big primary wins. >> of course, this was related more directly to the play for the convention, of course. i was struck by the fact that when cruz made the announcement, it did not necessarily hold as the headline of the days because donald trump in the race, the question for cruz if he loses in indiana, it is really going to be how many republicans start to come out and call for the party to unify behind donald trump. is that really the tipping point where you start to see people calling on ted cruz to get out of the race. you have seen it from trump supporters already and if you start to see republicans who are on the sidelines and who are frankly more interested in seeing a unifying party going forward and starting to calling him getting out, that maybe the beginning of the end. >> the point on that, andrea, that's a challenge for donald trump moving forward. if he does become the nominee, he will have that more established backer. >> katy tur, do they see any
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risks going after hillary clinton on the gender issue given the fact of negative voters and that could include a lot of women potentially and moderate women who are not entirely comfortable of some of the languages that was used. >> reporter: they don't see a risk in this which is why you continue to hear donald trump attacks hillary clinton on the campaign trail. he's been doing it now for six to eight months. he's dumped on her what so ever and now he's co-oping a lot of bernie sanders' criticisms. today he said that he was going to use bernie sanders calling hillary clinton unqualified as one of his campaign ads. they do not believe going after hillary clinton is going to hurt them when it comes to gender. they solemnly believe that hillary clinton is a flawed candidate and women don't like
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her which is what donald trump said. whether or not if that's the reality of things. that's something we have to wait and see. all of those that are around donald trump do believe that come general elections, he will become a little bit more moderate and he will start talking about economic issues. >> didn't mean to interrupt you in just a second, mike pence is about to make his endorsement. let's go to that show. >> who are you voting for in the president primary? >> well, this is an exciting time for indiana, is it? >> to have candidates in both ballot c political parties traveling all across the hooser state. we really celebrate that and i am grateful for all the candidatings a candidates are coming through indiana and dedicating the time and energy. this is a time for choosing and
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all of america is looking to indiana to make a choice. i have not met with all three of the candidates as of tuesday of this week. i want to stay clear, i like and respect all three of the republican candidates in the field. i particularly want to commend donald trump who i think has given voice to the frustration of millions of working americans with a lack of progress in washington dc, i am particularly grateful that donald trump has taken a strong stand for hooser jobs when we saw jobs of carrier company abruptly announcing leaving and ing indiana. i am grateful for his voice in the national debate. i have come to my decision of b who i am supporting. i will be voting for ted cruz in the republican primary.
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>> you know him personally and you know his education and you know his experience and his background and his constitutional roots. what is it that makes you to look in his direction of what you do? >> well, it is a great question. you know as you know i am a reagan's conservative. when i was a teenager, i was active and democrat politics and i started to hear the voice of the foreign california governor. i was drawn to the republican party and throw my career and now governor of indiana, those are the principles that animate my excerpt vservice. i look for opportunities to support men and women who had the courage to stand on those reagan's principles. i see ted cruz is a principle
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conservative, dedicates his career to advocating the reagan's agenda and i am pleased to support him. greg, you know from hi careemy i know a little bit about taking a bit spender in dc. i admired the way ted cruz has been willing to stand up fort s for taxpayers and repealing obamacare. i have to tell you -- i am very impressed with ted cruz's devotion and knowledge of the constitution of the united states. of the freedoms that are in shrine there in our bill of rights from our liberties to our second amendments. of course, i appreciate his strong and unwaivering stand for the sainty of life for those reasons and supporting principles that have always
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animated my public service. i am voting for ted cruz in the upcoming primary. >> i see the work -- i know that you were able to finally meet with governor john kasich. your mentions of these principles as what drives you. they are fine. a lot of people said they liked them and we know a whole bunch forgot about that when they got to washington. what us it about senator cruz that says -- he says that i believe it and he's going to do it when he's up there in the bright light. >> i think the man who has shown the courage of his convictions. it is not a popular thing of washington dc taking the leadership of your own party, i know that firsthand. i did it when i was there. i opposed federal spending whether it is administration of
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republican or democrat. he's been willing to do that. i respect the right and the views of every hooser in making their determinations in the upcoming primary election. i urge every hooser to make up their own mind. for me, to lead is to choose. here of this time of choosing when people of all across america are looking to indiana to make a decision. i just wanted to make my decision known. let me be very, very clear on this, greg, who ever wins the republican nomination as president of the united states, i am going to work my heart out to get elected this fall. indiana needs a partner in the white house in our prosperity. i mentioned all the good news in indiana. we are a record employment and more hoosers working ever before. how much more we could do if we had a republican administration
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working with the republican in congress. i get very excited about indiana here in our bicentennial years. i just encourage every hooser to examine these candidates as i have and listen carefully of their decisions and make their decisions and exercise their rights to vote this coming tuesday, if not before. and at the end of the day, i am very confident that our parties is going to come together around nominees -- whoever that maybe. governor mike pence from indiana endorsing ted cruz after praising donald trump. joining me now is the former republican, chairman, how much weight does the governor has? >> he has weight as a governor,
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there will be those who'll be impressed by this. as far as changing anything or bringing in new voters that ted cruz is going to need in indiana, nothing. i don't think it will draw anything. from the scale it is 1.5. >> the language that mike pence just used, i would urge people to vote who they want, i will be voting for ted cruz, it tells you how scared republican elected officials are becoming of donald trump voters. that's what i heard over and over again as people were lobbying mike pence and talking about these. he was concerned. he's a natural cruz's fit. he's a ted cruz republican. this should not be hard. >> let me bring in katy tur. we interrupted you to go to mike menac pence. what you heard at the top of out sourcing and how he would fight for indiana jobs. >> reporter: that comes as no surprise. governor pence is up for his own
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reelection campaign and it should be a hard one and it is the one that alienate any of his supporters. indiana could go for donald trump but it is a close race right now. it is a natural thing for him to come out and praise donald trump but then endorse ted cruz. look, he's an evangelical. he's a natural fit for ted cruz. he cannot afford like many establishment figures across the country to alienate trump supporters. they have been loud and vocal and adamant about donald trump and not the other candidates. so, in order to remain true to his grass roots, an endorsement of ted cruz is something he would have had to have done here. you heard him speaking about all the candidates but glowingly about donald trump. the trump campaign maybe
9:19 am
disappointed by this. not being an endorsement for them has got to be happy. >> michael, i want to play a bit of bob corker yesterday who gotten off the phone with donald trump and told something that trump mentioned. this is the chairman of committee showing not only his praise but also a reflection of tennessee is likely to vote. let's watch. >> you know, i may change my mind. the fact that is i have been meticulous of not trying to choose side. i am the chairman of the foreign relations committee. the speech was given and i liked it. i want to hear more about that. >> any indications that he may end up endorses. >> yes, if i am the trump campaign, i will take that mike pence's snipet, and that's my
9:20 am
commercial. >> how important is indiana? oh, this is the final firewall for the cruz campaign. this race is all but done but for indiana. okay, you want to stake a claim here, you go give it your best shot. at the end of the day, donald trump wins indiana and everybody you watch will start to fall out. you are beginning to see members of congress to do that. the movement is there and donald trump is to put the final nail in that coffin for ted cruz and continue the movement. >> thank you to all of you, michael and kristin and katy tur in front of trump's tower. coming up, bernie sanders with a cause. geo jeff weaver is joining me next. you are watching "andrea
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on the campaign trail, bernie sanders is changing his focus. instead of attacking hillary clinton head on, he's taking on the democratic party. >> of what i am having now is not in my view that the republicans are winning elections, the problem is the democrats are losing elections. the democratic party up till now has not been cleared about which side they are on on the major issues facing this country. >> bernie sanders' campaign manager, jeff weaver, is joining me now from vermont, great to see you, thank you very much. >> happy to be with you. >> let's talk about indiana and that's where bernie is at today. what are your expectations, hillary clinton is not going there and she's not spending any money. the assumption is they are con
9:25 am
seeding to indiana to you. for him it is an open primary process. as you know, it benefits the senator. he's campaigning for every vote and delegate from now to the end and every democratic voter whether they live in california, indiana or iowa. it is all the same. he's going to speak to voters all across the country no matter where they are. >> given of the fact of the calendar and close primaries and they were not natural states for him. is indiana a must-win for bernie sanders change ing the momentum around? >> it is apart of our strategy regaining out through may. december is going to do really well and we'll go to the primary in june. there is also new jersey and
9:26 am
montana and the dakotas and mexico. we'll be competing as well in puerto rico and columbia. he's going to be going across the country taking his message and a future that works for all people and not just the very wealthy pele. >> james sanders was on with rachel maddow last night, he asked the question of what is it that bernie wants. this was her answer. >> i think what we want to do is really change the agenda of the democratic party. what we want to do is say let's have an open party and let's have open primaries and the same day registrations. >> is that the main goal if it turns out that you don't get enough delegates to win the nomination, is it to have as many delegates as possible to have real leverage in philadelphia of the convention?
9:27 am
>> well, the primaries is to have as many votes and delegates as possible to win the nomination for president of the united states. that's the primary goal. it always has been and continues to be. part of that process is we have to make changes in the democratic primary process in terms of opening up to young people and right now, young people are increasingly registering as independence even though they are consistent democratic voters. it really overtime is going to hurt the party in terms of its membership and loyalty of voters, if all these voters who consistently voting democratic are excluded in the caucus process. bernie sanders is about bringing in people. he's bringing in new people to the democratic party giving it new life and reaching out, you know, a lot of voting groups who don't traditionally vote consistently. >> you held a conference call and had to lay off more than 200
9:28 am
workers. i know you said it was the normal cycle because you had just gone through the major primaries. there is a defense where you are pulling back of acknowledging the reality of how hard the climb is to accumulate the majority of the delegates. >> we had a thousand of people on staff and in field programs and allty cro across the countr. >> you know, there is not many states now. you know jumping ahead to future primaries and caucuses. you come to the end of the calendar until your field program, it does not have to be as big as it was and that's really the reality of political campaigns. back in iowa and around iowa, we had 1,000 staffers. after new york we had 500 staffers so campaigns in terms of staff half the size of iowa.
9:29 am
that's just the way campaigns progressed. >> there is been a lot of talks about why of a request of an extension of his filing and financial disclosure forum to the senate, why the delay on that and the taxes are not forthcoming? >> well, as bernie as said many times. he and jane are not people of means. they both been on the road campaigning very hard so they requested extensions which are powerful of the course of the senate and he will have focus forms filed on time. the truth the matter is, you saw the taxes he released and his financial disclosure forms. he makes less than a year than hillary clinton makes in a single speech. >> no surprises and nothing that any of us would find politically important in these? >> i think you will find them boring. the response of the tax forms he
9:30 am
will put out --this is pretty boring stuff as promised. yes, it is. >> jeff weaver, good luck out there, catch up with you soon. >> thanks andrea, always a pleasure. coming up, breaking news at the pentagon. there will be no criminal charges for the u.s. crew that accidentally attacked a hospital in afghanistan. our pentagon's producer is coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports." innova tion, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them.
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9:34 am
criminal charges are filed. >> all members both ground force and the ac 130 air crew were unawa unaware that the aircraft was firing at the metal facility. certain personnel failed to comply with the rules of engagement and the law of arms conflict. the investigation did not conclude of this as a warfare. >> and joining me now from the pentagon is nbc's courtney. i heard you asked questions about that briefing. there were some time differences of when they said of the communication. i know the doctors at the border called the pentagon of that attack is under way and how long
9:35 am
it took before they stop firing. >> exactly, when general campbell, he was commander, when he briefed us back in november, he said that air crew never knew they were striking the wrong target and they finished ex pending their ordinance and never known they struck the hospital. they were told during the strike that they were hitting the wrong target and left the location. we don't have any real explanation of that difference of the same investigation of why now it is coming out. it was communicated to the air crew. what we know from the general today is that this was not an intentional strike. it was a technical problem and human error. they lost their radio communication while they were flying. it caused them to go off location and grid coordinates to be incorrect when they put their
9:36 am
target location in to the system. the air crew, while they were firing, they were firing for more than half an hour. they never knew they were striking it until they got their communication back. we still don't have a good explanation though for why it is general campbell told us one version of this and we heard another version as well. >> courtney, there was a big red cross, this is the facility that's been there for years and years and they did warn the pentagon in advance in communication of a couple of days earlier that this indeed was a hospital without any taliban involvement. >> and we know now that it was acknowledged on a no-strike list. that's another problem they had prior to taking off. they did not get their premission brief because they left so quickly to help u.s. and
9:37 am
afghan troop that were in combat. when they were on location, they did not realize they were striking a protected hospital. it was nighttime, they could not see it. the physical description were similar enough that they thought they were striking the correct target at the time. >> courtney kuba. terrible incident, 42 people died. thank you for the report from the pentagon today. >> thank you. >> how to women feel about donald trump. that's one, coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph.
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great-looking hair, made easy. just for men. that maybe cute, you know that kind of thing but the fact that trump is saying and it may play in certain quarters.
9:41 am
the feedback is the responsibility we have in a campaign is to elevate the debate. >> you said hillary clinton is playing a women's card? >> i think hillary clinton is playing the experienced card. >> nancy pelosi is jumping all over donald trump for his qualifications. >> caylee hutchinson is joining me now, senator, it is great to see you, thank you very much for being with us. >> if she were not a woman, she would only have 5% of the support. >> i think that's a mistake. he should be going on the issues and the muerits. i think these kind of personal contexts that he's using, personal attacks on his
9:42 am
opponents both republicans as well as democrats is just the wrong type right now. it is time for him to start talking substance and i thought his foreign policy speech was stepping in the right direction. we don't need anymore of these personal, little slice. >> nbc news survey monk aoey one polls that's just released now. -- you were the highest ranking republican senator woman. who has been your experience working in a man's world? >> of course, i have known discrimination but i have to say it is so much better than when i started 25 years ago in public life. it is now, i think much more equal and i think women now have the same records that men have
9:43 am
always had. they serve in public office and they have a record to look at. we have experience. i think that has really levelled the plainfield. i also say and will say there is no discrimination in the united states senate. before that, yes, i was in the house of representatives and i ran statewide. and i can enumerate some slights but i think we have levelled the plainfield and i think we have done it on our merits and experiences and the things we talk about in campaigns in the way we serve. >> and from your perspective in texas and knowing better than other people, why do you think that john boehner and other republicans have such a negative impression of ted cruz? >> well, i think he has gone to washington with a different
9:44 am
agenda, and he has been tough on the people with whom he should be on a team. i think having served in the senate for 20 years, i know that you have to be part of a team when you are in the united states senate or in congress. i believe that you should try to work with people to a good result for both sides or that was sort of the way i was a senator. that's not his way and not a criticism of him. i think he's going quite well in his agenda. it is a different one from mine but i think it certainly prove that he's reformer. he's not someone is going along to get along. i think that was what he wanted to do when he went to the senate. >> and can you see yourself supporting donald trump? >> you know, i don't know what i am going to do.
9:45 am
i am so concerned about the direction of our country and about the antibusiness point of view of this administration of our standing in the world. i think there are major setbacks that has happen inside this administration. i don't want to have a continuation of those issues that i think are wrong. i want someone who'll straighten it out and get america back on track to celebrate success, to help people become successful on their merits and that's the american's dreams. i am torn. it is hard i know to go against your base. i have done it myself in different ways and i know it is very hard. i am going to look at the
9:46 am
nominees that i have and i am going to see how that develops and what the difference and issues are before i make a decision. >> when you do, we want to talk to you about it. [ laughter ] >> of course, back in touch. >> thank you very much, senator >> good to see you again. >> joining me now for our daily picks, founder of the washington post fixed log and anne gerin. >> anne, we saw movement from bob corker not quite endorsing trump and it goes back to the shut down. she was choosing her words very carefully there and stepping around the thing ted cruz did that made all his republican fellows and senators krcringed. i was interested in that and i
9:47 am
was interested inside the polite criticism she had with donald trump. it does not sound she's thrilled with both choice. >> and mike pence says he's going to vote for ted cruz be he really likes donald trump. >> i want to go out of this way, particularly, his word to commend donald trump. yeah, i am going to vote for ted cruz. i mean, this is your classic, trying to have it both ways. pence knows that trump will win the state with or without pence being behind. mike pence is up for reelections so he does not want a republican revoting his votes. he felt compelled by the political establishments or others to be forced by ted cruz. you look up endorsement in the
9:48 am
dictionary, that's what you got. >> and jon mccain putting tim kay on the spot as we hear more of who hillary clinton may choose as a running mate. >> take a look. >> thank you, senator tillis. vice president cain. >> either a vice president or your fan club. [ laughter ] >> i am sure there is a lot of competitions for that role. >> tim cain telling "morning joe," he likes his job in the senate and that's where he wants to be. from virginia, he will be replaced by democratic senator. there is a lot of foreign policy experiences as well as peace court service in costa rica. >> and he's good with debates. he's good with the moderates and
9:49 am
he's from a relatively moderate state. he's been wildly successful there. i do not discount the terry -- >> a quick note that there is now a united states embassador to mexico after more than a year of deadlock over the fact that we had to negotiated a enough agreement with cuba. this is all held up by mark cuban marco rubio and ted cruz. >> and the states department. >> thank you all so much. >> coming up, a miracle moon shot, the pope and the vice president teaming up at the vatican today for cancer today.
9:50 am
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and i wish every grieving parent, brother and sister and mother and father who have the benefits of his words and prayers and presence, he provided us with more comfort than even he i think will ever understand. >> the vice president at the vatican today. he was talking about meeting with pope francis in the media not long after the death of his son. nbc's anne thompson is at the vatican covering the vice president. >> reporter: it really is, andrea. i think today you saw the vice
9:54 am
president biden both being personal. obviously, the fight against cancer is a personal one for him because of the death of his son. it is also a political one. he's leading the united states' efforts to create this moon shot of cancer as we know it. the world has to attack cancer with a same kind of urgency it uses when there is a crisis involving of infectious disease. find a way to find data and resources quickly and focus on preventions. 50% of all cancers could be cured. all of that struck a bell with
9:55 am
pope francis and he called on the world to move away on what he calls this globalization of indifference and moving towards globalization of empathy. we suunderstand that cancer cur don't come fast but the one thing we can do quickly is move to help the patients who's sick with cancer. we can care for them and that's what we should do. it was a very moving hour and a half at the auditorium here. >> this is his post vice presidential mission. having it from the vatican really gives us a real sense of power, moral authority. >> reporter: no, exactly, as you said moral authority. there is no question. with the focus of this conference here at the vatican
9:56 am
is on regenerate of medicines and stem cell transplants that's been used for more than 40 years. what you are seeing here is the vatican getting some message of what's around the world, adult stem cell therapies, we think those are good ideas and we support them. we think that's where we should go forward. that too is an important message. andrea. >> thanks so much. >> anne thompson at the vatican. it is a busy day. >> we have a lot of stars including at the podium right now and making sure to tune in by the way to msnbc tomorrow at 9:00 for coverage of president obama's final white house speech. he's been working on it very
9:57 am
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because no one kills germs better than clorox. hello everyone, i am craig melvin. today, on msnbc, pence gets off the fence. >> the governor is back to the candidates. >> i have met with all three candidates as of tuesday of this week. and i want to say clearly, i like and respect all three of the respect candidates in the field. i am not against anybody. i will be voting for ted cruz. >> i have tremendous respect for governor mike pence. he's been an incredible leader for the state of indiana. >> the question now is whether the governor's endorsement


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