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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 2, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall coming to you live from our msnbc election headquarters in new york. the question, are we a day away from seeing donald trump all but seal the deal in becoming what he's already called himself, the presumptive republican nominee. that is the question. he certainly has a big lead in the polls in indiana, but trump today still criticizing the system. >> the bosses have delegates, they have a crooked delegate system where they go in and try to get delegates so they can play games. but i tell you what, the voters wouldn't stand for it. when you win by millions of votes and that's what i've been saying, it's a rigged system.
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the bosses want to pick whoever they want to pick. >> trump's primary rival, ted cruz, barnstorming across indiana, all but indicating, though, that everything hangs in the balance based on the hoosier state. >> i think the entire country is looking to indiana, and really depending on indiana to pull us back from this cliff that we're staring over. >> still, senator cruz remains defiant. asked nine times on "meet the press" whether he'd support trump as the republican nominee, cruz repeatedly deflected. here it is. >> i am going to beat donald trump. we are headed to a contested convention and we're going to win. >> say it. for him or against him as the nominee? it's a time for choosing, is it not? >> chuck, chuck, you're welcome to lobby for support for trump as much as possible. we are going to beat trump. >> on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders is beginning a rally right now. this is a live look from evansville, indiana.
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our new nbc poll shows indiana, senator sanders trailing hillary clinton by four points. however, by the numbers, sanders would need to win 81% of the remaining delegates to reach that number, 2,383. secretary clinton is now looking ahead while senator sanders insists that he is still in this race for the long haul. >> the convention will be a contested contest. >> let's keep going together. let's organize and mobilize. let's make sure that love trumps hate once and for all. >> secretary clinton there campaigning. also today he's hitting up kentucky and west virginia while senator sanders, donald trump, ted cruz as i mentioned in indiana. as always, our nbc correspondents are out on the campaign trail this morning. let's begin things with jacob rascon who's covering the trump campaign. he joins us live from carmel,
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indiana, where the republican front-runner will hold the two rallies today. it appears trump will reach over 1,000 delegates if he takes indiana, but he is still hitting home this message of the system being rigged. it seems that's been an effective argument for him and he wants to keep the drum beat. in a way telling the establishment don't try me. >> reporter: i think so. i think you're right and it's really resonated. maybe that's part of the reason why too he's kept it going. whenever he mentions it in his rallies, indiana included, the crowd goes wild. they really like that argument, that he's an outsider, that anything that is done to try to keep him away from the nomination is rigged, is corrupt. it really resonates with the crowd. so he's never lost -- this is important. he's never lost being this ahead in the polls. our new poll shows him 15 points
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ahead. he is expected to win here by double digits. that's huge. that essentially means the nomination is all but guaranteed. and his campaign knows it. his campaign is feeling very confident about this. and they know that the polling has been -- hasn't had him ahead by that much until our poll came out. and they believe it's because donald trump has gone after this cruz versus kasich or cruz and kasich alliance, which our poll also shows a majority of republican voters disagree with. he's been railing against that deal, that agreement on and off in indiana. he's really gone after that. that also seems to be resonating with the folks here. now, the people in line here, you've got a few dozen as is usually the case about six hours before the rally starts. these rallies in indiana have not been the -- have not been the biggest, but they have always oversold. but it's partly because they're smaller venues, only 1600 people
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will fit inside here. but he's at it again with two rallies today, and he thinks he can clean it up and it will be essentially over after tomorrow, tamron. >> thank you very much, jacob. let's go to hallie jackson who's covering the cruz campaign. she joins us from merion, indiana. with that report you heard from jacob, hallie, what is senator cruz's plan? it seems like everything has imploded around him and he's admitting that it all rests with indiana and he's behind there. >> reporter: his plan, tamron, to put simply is to just keep going. you know, he held a media availability, he spoke with reporters maybe about a half an hour ago and he was asked directly what happens if he loses tomorrow night. what does he wake up wednesday morning and do, does he stay in the race. the senator's response was absolutely. he says he is staying in this as long as he has a viable path to the nomination. so what does that really mean, especially after you hear jacob talk about how the trump team feels very confident they can lock up the nomination. here's the deal, trump hasn't
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actually locked up the nomination just yet. he hasn't hit that magic number of 1,237. he could do so, it will get much easier if he wins tomorrow night and he could lock it up let's say in california on june 7th and that's the point where you may see cruz no longer make the argument that mathematically he has a viable path. even if the math doesn't mean trump has the race locked up, look at the momentum argument. cruz is making the argument that he is the person who can beat trump in a head-to-head matchup and he's the one at a contested convention can take down donald trump with delegate support. what we're seeing over the last 48 to 72 hours, number one, if cruz does lose to donald trump by double digits or so, that undercuts the argument that he can take him on, given that john kasich has all but conceded indiana and isn't even campaigning here. number two, you're seeing some softening of this delegate support. how does cruz make the argument
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going into cleveland that he is the one that can beat trump when he has not been able to do so in indiana. a place where a couple of weeks ago campaign aides were talking about it being similar to wiscons wisconsin, where the stop trump movement and ted cruz pulled out a very key victory. wisconsin and indiana don't share similarities when it comes to the type of conservative or the type of support cruz has gotten from let's say talk radio folks, from even the governor. scott walker was a very important surrogate for ted cruz in wisconsin. governor mike pence, while he is backing cruz in indiana and is on the campaign trail with him today, including this stop here in merion, indiana, where we expect them to be walking in in just about an hour, pence has also talked very highly of donald trump and has made a point to emphasize that he likes and respects all three candidates in this race. so for cruz it is going to be an uphill battle. that is why he's pulling out all the stops. he's got five campaign events across the state today, surrogates out everywhere.
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carly fiorina, his wife heidi cruz, mike lee. in a way the band is back together here in indiana as cruz for the next 24 hours looks to make a very hard push. >> hallie, all of the things you just outlined from carlo fry fiorina, his wife on the campaign trail, how many days can we keep saying it's an uphill battle when at some point the cruz campaign has to say something more than we'll keep going. if it's an uphill battle and the road is crumbling that you're traveling on, how much of a spin can they keep providing here? >> reporter: listen, my sense is they will go until donald trump locks up the nomination if that happens on june 7th, that is what you will see. things could change, but the cruz campaign feels as though there is a possibility -- as long as there is a possibility mathematically, albeit very up likely that cruz cannot step out of the race. who knows how that changes. cruz already when you talk to campaign aides and say how do you feel about indiana, they
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talk about california. so you're right that it -- we keep saying it's an uphill battle, it's an uphill battle and indiana is very critical for him. i think what you'll see after tuesday night if cruz is not able to pull out a victory is a sense that it is just a matter of time before donald trump inevitably ends up potentially locking this thing down. who knows what could happen, right? the campaign will probably do well in nebraska. that is a state that is very favorable to ted cruz and they're looking at places like washington. when you look at the calendar and trump's momentum, tamron, again, it's tough to see how cruz makes a big play if trump is able to lock up the nomination. >> it will be fascinating to see if he comes out with another big endorsement, what strategy might stick after this stop trump alliance with kasich fell apart, what next for this campaign that they believe will stick other than the message of let's just wait and see. thank you very much, hallie, greatly appreciate it. as ted cruz makes his possible last round of campaigning in indiana, donald trump holds that strong 15-point lead over cruz.
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now, can the stop trump forces that we've within talking about pull off a win in the midwest before this summer's convention? kasie hunt has been following the stop trump movement. we just spoke with hallie about these folks and now there are reports that some of the members of the stop trump forces may be looking to trump for jobs. if that's not a white flag, i don't know what is if that turns out to be true. >> reporter: tamron, that's right. i mean that's what i've been hearing as i talked to republicans over the course of the last 24 or 48 hours. there is a sense of resignation, i would say, to the fact that donald trump seems to be steamrolling his way to the nomination. of course there's a couple reasons for that. i think the stop trump movement underestimated just how much momentum donald trump would get out of winning those five states last tuesday in such a commanding way. there just was not the expectation really that that would happen. they thought that they would matter less. that's part of why they didn't
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spend their money there. turns out that was probably a big mistake. and the people that i have talked to this morning who say if indiana had come right after wisconsin, right after that win, it's possible cruz could have locked this up. but the reality of having those states in the middle just really took the air out of things. the people who are, quote unquote, stop trump movement people are now finding themselves having difficulty convincing fellow operatives, fellow republicans that they really should keep this going. you saw jon huntsman come out today. he, of course, the former utah governor who ran for president in 2012, essentially arguing that the country needed to come together. he was probably the most moderate republican standing on that debate stage at various points in 2012. to have him come out and say that this should be a unity ticket is a pretty noteworthy marker. the other thing i will say, tamron, to a certain extent this is something that's born of ted cruz's own making. the way that this race played out. when you talk to people who are trying to help him stop donald
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trump now, part of their problem is they can't convince people to get on board with somebody that nobody in washington likes. and that's because ted cruz, you know, conducted himself in a way when he was in the senate that alienated almost everyone who was elected in his party. that was enough to carry him to the senate from texas. it was enough to keep his fund-raising going. it was enough to create his own political brand. but it was not enough when all of a sudden those were the only people left who were willing to stand up and oppose trump. when the real is if you're in the stop trump movement and trying to convince people to give you money, give you time, invest, when the choice is donald trump or ted cruz and donald trump is winning, that's a tough sell to have to make. i think that they're realizing that they're not going to be able to make it for very much longer. >> all right, thank you very much. joining me to digest some of this, republican strategist, former white house aide to president george h.w. bush, joe watkins. joe, it's a great pleasure having you on. >> thanks, tamron. >> i'm sure you heard our reporters on the ground.
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the theme of the senator cruz campaign right now is just keep going until we can't. what do you see happening after indiana, if donald trump does win double digits in that state? >> what happens is, is that ted cruz has to begin dialing back his comments, his attacks on donald trump and he has to begin to make peace with donald trump. if donald trump wins tomorrow, as i think everybody expects him to do, especially if he wins by double digits, ted cruz has got to stop talking about a contested convention and stop talking about how he's going beat donald trump and he's got to make his peace with donald trump and start working on bringing the party together, because the party has to be unified behind the nominee. >> but when you think at what seemed at the beginning 1700 republicans running for president, in fact 17, very few, if any, have made peace with donald trump. marco rubio still lingering out there, john kasich making no move or giving us any indication that he's ready to make peace if he drops out of this race. so at least none of the top tier candidates, if we can call them
8:14 am
that, who once ran against donald trump have made peace with him on this eve before he may very well pass 1,000 and the number that people feel would be reasonable for a contested convention, even if he doesn't hit the explicit number pointed out by the gop. >> well, it's different for every one of the folks that ran in the past, especially if you ran for the presidency and you still have delegates. you might want to use those delegates as bargaining chips. it really depends on what you want to do if you were somebody that ran in this current presidential cycle, what you might want to do. especially if donald trump wins, what you might want to do in a potential trump administration. you might hold on to your delegates from a timing standpoint of donald trump. and then again depending upon where you are in your career. if you're a current member of the u.s. senate or u.s. house or current sitting governor, a lot depends on how donald trump looks on your state and how it impacts you with your constituents. but for lots of republicans and lots of members of the house and
8:15 am
senate and especially those running for election or re-election, they have to make their peace with donald trump. they have to get familiar with the front-runner. they have to find out what his platform is going to look like and then see what it means for them in their individual races. >> but i think they believe, it seems, joe, that they are familiar with the front-runner and what they have heard they don't even like. there was an article over the weekend, the list of people who would not want to be donald trump's vp. that search for that individual who wants to stand on the stage with him may be very difficult. i do want to get your thoughts on something he just said an hour or so ago on cnn regarding his foreign policy. you mentioned become familiar with his policies. this is what he says about his foreign policy experience. let's play it. >> i do deal with leaders around the world. i built a great company and right now we have hundreds of deals being negotiated all over the world by my company. ideal with presidents and i deal with prime ministers, i deal with everybody. i probably have more experience than virtually anybody looking at this office.
8:16 am
>> more experience than virtually anyone looking at this office. there are reports that hillary clinton of course has transitioned her focus to donald trump, anticipating that this will be the matchup if she gets the nomination. as a republican when you hear him say that, what is the truth here, versus hillary clinton or bernie sanders? what's your assessment as a republican? >> my assessment as a republican is we have a long way to go, but donald trump as the nominee of the party stands a chance to win the fall election. i think whatever the polling data says today, i wouldn't necessarily believe it. i would say that donald trump has a great chance of bringing independence into the fold and some democrats, what you need in order to be viable in a fall election. he can do that because of the fact that he's a brand. even before he was a politician, even before he was somebody running for the presidency, he was a brand. he was a brand a lot of people bought and have high regard for.
8:17 am
i think donald trump is the kind of skillful candidate to be able to reach out to some independents and to some democrats and to say join us. join with me. look at the fact that i'm not in anybody's hip pocket. i'm somebody who has national and international experience. i've had success in business. i have already the respect of a number of world leaders because i've been doing business in their countries for a long time. >> but some of this exaggerated resume, joe, listen, you say he's a brand. coke is a brand but new coke failed. this is a different situation when he's just on the stage with bernie sanders or hillary clinton, and you are saying that you have the most foreign policy experience. some of these passes that donald trump has received by, i think, general consensus, he won't get in a head-to-head matchup. he will not be able to sit on a debate stage with hillary clinton and say he has more foreign policy experience. you may disagree with some of her decisions. >> no doubt. >> but to say he has more experience, i don't think that that would fall under any category of truth.
8:18 am
>> clearly, hillary clinton has just the consummate foreign policy experience having been the secretary of state for at least the last four years under president obama. so i don't think anybody would disregard the depth of her experience. but donald trump would say don't discount my experience. i've been in the business world for a long, long time and i've been doing business internationally for a long, long time. i know personally a number of these world leaders. he'll be able to talk in a way that many other past candidates for the presidency that haven't had the experience can't talk of. i think it's going to be a very, very interesting and highly competitive campaign in the fall, especially if it's between donald trump and secretary hillary clinton. and don't discount donald. don't suppose that he doesn't have the capacity to reach out and to reach back to folks who may not have supported him in the spring and in the fall and even the wintertime to win their support going forward for the fall election. very skillful candidate.
8:19 am
people have been counting him out from the beginning. >> people see that there may be a tsunami of a pivot coming from donald trump's campaign to pull in some of those people. last quick question, is it over after indiana if he wins by double digits? >> yes, i think it's over if he wins by double digits, it's over after tomorrow. he's the nominee. >> good to see you. happening now, senator bernie sanders just took the stage. he has a campaign rally in evansville, indiana. if the question to senator cruz and governor kasich is that things are over, should that same question be posed to bernie sanders? well, it has been and we'll have what senator sanders is saying today. also ahead -- >> we do not want to get hurt. we don't want to hurt anybody. >> move back. move back. >> these are the images coming out of seattle, a may day march erupts into violence. some protesters throwing rocks,
8:20 am
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welcome back. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are back out on the campaign trail this morning, but the focus of their campaigns could, of course, not be more different. clinton knows she can afford to lose to sanders in every remaining state and still secure the nomination. she has now set her sights on the general election with a matchup against donald trump. secretary clinton is skipping indiana today, choosing instead to campaign in kentucky and west virginia, two deep red states where trump has some of his strongest support. speaking at the naacp convention in detroit yesterday, clinton took aim directly at the likely
8:24 am
republican nominee. >> the leading republican contender is the man who led the insidious birther movement to discredit the president's citizenship. we cannot let barack obama's legacy fall into donald trump's hands. >> as for senator sanders, meanwhile he's got three events in indiana today, starting with a rally, as we pointed out, in evansville. yesterday sanders called a press conference vowing to stay in the race all the way to the convention. >> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority of convention delegates by june 14th with pledged delegates alone. she will need superdelegates to take her over the top at the convention in philadelphia. in other words, the convention
8:25 am
will be a contested contest. >> those comments by sanders come even as his fund-raising efforts have taken a big hit, down $20 million over the last month. that's a 40% drop in fund-raising numbers. nbc's chris jansing is in ft. wayne, indiana, with the latest on the democratic race. chris, let's pick up on bernie sanders and how he's defining a contested convention based on the superdelegates who by all accounts are with clinton. >> reporter: yeah. so let's look at three sets of numbers because i think they're all relevant to heading toward that contested convention in philadelphia. the first set of numbers you already mentioned and we can put another full screen up that shows you the fund-raising for bernie sanders. for the first three months of this year, he beat hillary clinton. last month they were virtually tied, although she raised almost another $10 million for democrats. it's 40% down for him, as you pointed out. that is a significant drop based
8:26 am
on losing new york, looking at the delegate math. it is, however, enough for him along with the layoffs and those saved salaries for him to continue through to california, to d.c. and on to the convention. second set of numbers, the delegate count that you mentioned. look, even if he's able to convince those superdelegates in the states that have already voted for him to switch over, he is still -- still has a huge deficit, so the delegate numbers for him to say it's an uphill climb, it's virtually straight up and down. the math does not work in his favor. so what does work in his favor? a couple of things. one, and that's what i'm showing you here and that is this line. everywhere we go, there are still huge lines, thousands of people who turn out for bernie sanders and they like to shout about it, they like to hold their signs. but there is a reality check here. this is part of a movement, that's what he likes to call it, that's what they call it. these are folks who understand the delegate math when you talk
8:27 am
to them, whether it's here or every state i've been to, they know what the superdelegates are, they know what the count is, they know the fund-raising is down, they know that his average donation is $27, but they believe, a, that there is still a possibility, however small, and that there is a larger message about the progressive movement within the democratic party that they're here to continue to support, tamron. >> chris, you mentioned bernie sanders and his view of the path forward. senator sanders is speaking right now in evansville, making the case, making the distinction between hillary clinton and himself. let's listen. >> we represent working people. we are not going to take their money. and over the last year, over the last year, we have done something absolutely unprecedented in american political history. we have received as of today over $7.3 million individual
8:28 am
campaign contributions. anybody know the average contribution? >> $27. >> $27 bucks. i was just at the whout correspondents' dinner the other day. president obama knew the 27 bucks. and what is revolutionary about that is that we are showing the entire world that you can run a successful and winning campaign without being dependent on powerful special interests and the billionaire class. and that we can come into office as president of the united states without being indebted to anybody except the american
8:29 am
people. now, secretary clinton has chosen another approach to raise her money. she has not one, but several super pacs. in the last reporting period, her major super pac reported raising $25 million from special interests, including $15 million from wall street. in addition to that, as you know, she has given a number of speeches on wall street for $225,000 a speech. now, i kind of think if you're going to get $225,000 a speech, it must be a pretty good speech, don't you think? must be an -- >> we are hearing the similar
8:30 am
message, the campaign stump speech from senator sanders distinguishing himself, as he describes it, from hillary clinton. let me bring in joan walsh, msnbc political analyst, and a supporter of hillary clinton's campaign. joan, let's go back to the math before we started listening to senator sanders. he talks about the superdelegates. as chris jansing pointed out, as we've shown on "meet the press" and all of the other stations, the math is 2345not there at th point. >> the math is not there. even if he got what he wanted and the superdelegates in the states he won gave him their support, if he got that, he would still be way behind hillary clinton in superdelegate support and in pledged delegate support. she's won the most number of states, she's won open primaries, closed primaries. it's getting -- i was a little bit perplexed yesterday when i saw that he was having a press conference and kind of reverting to that we do have a path forward and we're going to appeal to the superdelegates. that's not what he seemed to be saying last week so i'm not
8:31 am
quite sure what's happening with the campaign. >> it's already been noted that donald trump has taken a number of comments that were repeated by -- that were said by senator sanders, he is now repeating it as he ramps up his attacks on hillary clinton, assuming that they are in the matchup here. donald trump has said that kasich, cruz should drop out. when does hillary clinton say it's time for bernie sanders to drop out? >> she doesn't. >> why? >> i think she really wants to bring those new voters into the party. i don't think she wants to alienate them. i don't think anyone -- i don't know any clinton supporter bhoz saying he should drop out. what people would like to see is a stick to the issues, fewer personal attacks on her and also lighten up a little bit on the rhetoric around why you have a path to the nomination because you don't and there's also -- there are a number of people fomenting an idea that he's had this stolen from him. that the fact that independents couldn't vote in new york is some kind of voter suppression rather than a legitimate if controversial ruling by the state democratic party. this is not voter suppression.
8:32 am
>> but the things you pointed out in lieu of saying to him drop out of the race, taking away the three things you've just pointed out, lighten up on her, stop doing this, then he would have nothing to say on the campaign trail. so, therefore, you are asking to get out of the race. >> no. i mean i think that he can continue to make a contrast with secretary clinton in the ways that are valid. i think there are differences between them and i think that his message of free college, they differ on how to do that, but i think there are a number of messages that are really important that he's getting into the heads of the american people. and his supporters are not going to vote for donald trump no matter what donald trump does so i'm not terribly worried about that. >> but some of them have said they won't vote for hillary clinton. you have the never trump movement that's not able to be successful and you do have a movement of never hillary. they're on my twitter page all day long. they may be anonymous, but they're there. >> they're noisy, they're vocal, there aren't very many of them. there are lots of clinton
8:33 am
supporters who said the same thing in 2008 and they voted for obama. >> i want to play a moment from the white house correspondents' dinner where president obama mentioned hillary and let's play it. >> i've said how much i admire hillary's toughness, her smarts, her policy chops, her experience. you've got to admit it, though, hillary trying to appeal to young voters is a little bit like your relative who just signed up for facebook. dear america, did you get my poke? is it appearing on your wall? i'm not sure i'm using this right. love, aunt hillary. >> so are we looking at aunt hillary versus what some have referred to as crazy uncle trump? i'm not saying that he is, i'm saying, though, this is the -- if we're going by nicknames, since he likes to dole those out to people, how does she start
8:34 am
transitioning in a way that does not underestimate trump's appeal to potentially young people, he says african-americans based on the job, unemployment, this is what he says and based on, again, some of that anger. she's in west virginia and kentucky for a reason today. >> she is. i mean she has spoken along on the campaign trail about the death rates among working cla-- class white women. there are lots of issues for her. we saw a poll that millennials support hillary clinton over donald trump something like 61-29. he's going to have a very hard time. >> but they're not reliable. listen, the millennials, a lot of young people supporting bernie sanders, we saw 30,000 -- 27,000 people show up in new york and he still lost handily. >> right, right, but i don't think that donald trump is going to be the one to motivate them to come out. i think she will be able to do that. i'm not worried about that. i don't see him making inroads with african-americans.
8:35 am
i saw a poll number today in florida. his negativity with latinos, 87% have negative feelings in florida. so when we get to the swing states, it gets -- some of these negatives get even higher. so i'm not saying he can't be elected, i don't want to say that, but i think he's going to have a very hard time and i think people will warm up to aunt hillary when they see the alternative. >> joan walsh, thank you very much. i didn't see that one coming. coming up, seattle is cleaning up this morning after the annual may day march erupts into violence. at least five police officers injured, nearly a dozen people are under arrest. the latest on the dramatic scene that played out there. we'll be right back.
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it was all pencil and paper. started out, the surface pro is very intuitive. with the pressure of my hand i can draw lightly, just like i would with a real pencil. i've been a forensic artist for over 30 years. i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resolution powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. tensions are still high in seattle after yesterday's melee. it started as a may day march in
8:39 am
support of worker and immigration rights. things got chaotic later in the afternoon as so-called anti-capitalist protesters, many dressed in all black, clashed with officers. police used pepper pray, flash bangs and rubber bullets to disperse the crowd. gadi schwartz joins me now. gadi, what's the fallout this morning? >> reporter: hi, tamron. it was a very, very chaotic night last night. the fallout this morning is really cleanup here in the middle of seattle. right now you see people coming out of the starbucks. and the starbucks that they're coming out of, one of the doors is actually boarded up with plywood. this door right here, the handle was completely ripped off. the window smashed in last night as protesters made their way through here. those protesters part of that may day rally. the may day rally started off very peaceful. it was a demonstration for workers' rights, for immigrant rights. around 6:30, 7:00, there was a big group of people wearing
8:40 am
masks, had their heads covered in scarves, they came and started to confront police. police had these barricades that they built basically with their bikes and they were pushing people back. that's where the clashes really started. a lot of people throwing things at the police. they threw bricks, they threw rocks, they threw sticks and even molotov cocktails. thankfully on this of those responded. but the officers responded with pepper spray, rubber bullets, flash bangs. things really escalated. it took two or three hours for police to contain them in a parking lot. they arrested nine people, five officers were injured. those officers suffered injuries from things thrown at them, some cut to the face. one of the officers was actually injured when a protester bit them. that officer, all of the officers expected to be okay. meanwhile back here in downtown seattle, there is some damage but all of that is expected to be repaired a little bit later today. tamron. >> all right, gadi, thank you
8:41 am
very much. great a scene playing out there. coming up, you might recall this viral video. the workers at indiana carrier plant learning they would be losing their jobs as the plant moves to mexico. it became a major talking point ot campaign trail, especially for donald trump. up next, what those workers are saying about their plight and the fact that it is now a campaign rally and cry for trump. also this morning we're looking back at some of the funniest moments from the white house correspondents' dinner. i was there hanging in on all the fun. here's president obama joking about the gop front-runner. >> they say donald lacks the foreign policy experience to be president. but in fairness, he has spent years meeting with leaders from around the world. miss sweden, miss argentina. with that, i just have two more words to say. obama out.
8:42 am
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and they danced. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you. it became clear that the best way to stay competitive and protect the business for long term is to move production from our facility in indianapolis to monterey, mexico. >> 2100 people are going to lose their jobs afterca carrier made that announcement that the company would be moving to mexico. the move has been a big focus for both bernie sanders and donald trump. sanders spoke at the carrier plant protest on friday. trump has attacked the furnace manufacturer at a number of his rallies since the announcement came in february. nbc's ron mott is outside the plant speaking to some of the employees and union representatives about the closure and their thoughts on the 2016 race. so, ron, what are they telling
8:46 am
you? >> reporter: well, they're telling us that they can't not talk to us, tamron. we've talked to a couple of folks as they come off the plant grounds here. it's the lunch hour, so we're seeing a few cars come and go, but what they're saying is that this is an unfair move. they're using the word "greed." the company is saying this is a cost containment project for them, that they want to save some money in the operating of this business, so this building has been here for 66 years. they have operated here on the west side of indianapolis since the 1950s. we spoke to some union officials earlier today, because donald trump, as you know, has made this a staple of his campaign. he went to two rallies yesterday, he hammered the corporation again yesterday and said that's fine, you take your plant to mexico, but you bring those furnaces back in to america, we are going to hit you with a 35% tariff if there's a president trump. so i asked these union officials, donald trump appears to be in the best position to win the republican nomination. secretary hillary clinton
8:47 am
appears to be in the best position to win the democratic position but the union has endorsed bernie sanders. he was with them on friday. here's what they had to say about a general election matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton and who they might support. watch. >> we've got to take a look at whoever the nominees are on both sides and we're going to have to re-evaluate who's really with us on our issues and who's going to be supporting us going forward on these trade deals and on helping people like the folks at carrier. hopefully be able to retain those jobs here. >> reporter: and these are pretty good manufacturing jobs here, tamron. a lot of the folks who work here are making upwards of $50,000, $60,000, $70,000 and those are hard job to replace. >> developing now, the latest on the battle over prince's estate. his family just leaving court a short time ago. as we've reported, prince left no will and could now be worth hundreds of millions of dollars.
8:48 am
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8:51 am
and now to the latest on the after math of the death of prince. his family was in court today beginning of a possible, long battle over his estates. blake is outside the courthouse with the latest. >> reporter: good morning tamron, we are talking about $300 million estate here. it is hard to put a number on it. we know it includes money and property and much talked about vo vaults of unreleased music. so it could be well over $300 million when it is said and done. this morning in court, we saw prince's six siblings arrived dressed in black and ready to sink he sink their claims for a piece of their estates. >> since prince had no children,
8:52 am
the estate would be split equally. the judge did appoint reverend trust to affirm the special administrator. the siblings vowed to work together. this is important because even a trust has not been found, the attorney for the trust says, a search does continue. this is not a done deal yet. they'll give more time to look for any will before the division of the asset takes place. it can take for several years. they're going to split it up six ways, keep in mind, it is not a pile of cash that's split up. it is property and unreleas music and opinions of what to do with that and things could get contentious. siblings are vowing towards going forward. no future court date has been set, tamron. >> all right, thank you very much, we'll be right back.
8:53 am
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8:59 am
treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," tipping points of donald trump. >> we cannot continue to allow china to rig our country, that's what they are doing. it is the greatest steps in the history of the world. while ted cruz is far behind in indiana says he's not giving up. >> i am in for the distance as long as we have a viable path to victory, i am competing to the end. >> mark: t . the contested contest, bernie sanders says he's going all the way. >> it is virtually impossible for secretary clinton to reach the majority of convention
9:00 am
delegates by june 14 with pledge delegates alone. in other words, the convention will be a contested contest. >> and last laugh, the president cuts it up with the course for the last time. >> last week, prince george showed up to our meeting in his bath rob. [ laughter ] >> that was a slap in the face. [ laughter ] >> and good day everyone, i am andrea mitchell in washington. ted cruz is 15 points behind donald trump and in indiana and