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tv   First Look  MSNBC  May 4, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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it's wednesday, may 4th. right now on "first look" ted drops out as the donald becomes the likely nominee. but a bernie win is another thorn in hillary's side. new details surrounding the final hours leading up to prince's death. the military has identified the navy s.e.a.l. with the infamous grandfather who was killed in the firefight with isis terrorists. plus, the already massive takata air bag recall gets bigger. much more on a busy wednesday. "first look" starts right now. good morning, everybody. thanks so much for waking up with us today. the world is waking up to the realization that billionaire
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entrepreneur and reality tv star donald trump has defeated 16 challengers to become the likely republican nominee. >> it's been some unbelievable day and evening and year and never have been through anything like this. but it's a beautiful thing to watch and a beautiful thing to behold. and we're going to make america great again. >> trouncing his republican opponents, trump's lead was enough to place him within 200 delegates of the nomination. and that brought ted cruz's campaign to a sudden and abrupt end. >> from the beginning, i have said that i would continue on as long as there was a viable path to victory. tonight, i'm sorry to say -- it appears that path has been foreclosed. >> now, some of cruz's supporters did not take the news
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very well. >> i've been working in the republican party for 32 years. i have always, always gotten behind whoever won. this is the first time ever i will not be able to do that. >> well, this morning cruz will be waking up at home in houston, texas, but not before accidentally elbowing his wife heidi shortly after suspending his campaign. earlier trump attacked cruz and his family for what trump said was a role in john f. kennedy's assassination, but he changed his tune after the win. >> just so you understand, ted cruz -- i don't know if he likes me or doesn't like me, but he's one hell of a competitor. he's a tough, smart guy. he's got an amazing future. he's got an amazing future.
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so i want to congratulate ted. >> and rnc chairman reince priebus took to twitter hailing trump as the party's presumptive nominee, but john kasich's campaign manager responded to that posting on twitter saying, quote, until someone has 1,237 bound delegates there is no presumptive nominee. california, here we come. only kasich remains in the fight having won only his home state of ohio and with the slew of states under trump's belt, kasich's chances of forcing a contested convention remain extremely limited. the stop trump movement said, quote, obviously trump's victory makes it more challenging and we'll continue to seek opportunities to draw a clear line between him and the values of the conservative cause. and front pages across the country mourning indiana's results. "the new york daily news" cover shows a picture of a gop elephant in a coffin. but some establishment republicans are opening up to trump. msnbc's kasie hunt reports
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former canada and arizona senator john mccain said he would now advise the likely republican nominee on foreign policy if asked. mississippi governor and cruise backer phil bryant said he would support trump calling for party unity. while the republican fight for the nomination is all but sealed, remarkably it is the democratic contest that's still in flux. bernie sanders pulled off an upset in indiana. he beat hillary clinton by single digits after clinton largely abandoned the state last week. pulling ad dollars and staff. it gives sanders 45 to clinton's 38 delegates. while sanders' win gives his campaign new life, clinton is 200 delegates away from clinching the nomination. the clinton camp remains fixed on the general election with campaign chair john podesta saying quote, throughout this campaign, donald trump has demonstrated that he's too divisive and lacks the temperament to lead our nation and the free world with so much at stake, donald trump is simply too big of a risk.
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hillary clinton has proven that she has the strength to keep us safe in the uncertain world and a life long record of fighting to break down the barriers, economic and social, that hold working families back. the campaign is already fund-raising off of the likely nomination of trump. tweeting that he's the presumptive gop nominee. chip in now if you agree we can not let him become president. senator elizabeth warren had strong words for the gop tweeting quote, there's more enthusiasm for donald trump among leaders of the kkk than leaders of the political party he now controls. well, with clinton and trump almost assured to go against one another in the general election it will be the first election in history that pits the most unlikable candidates of each party against each other. and donald trump will be msnbc's "morning joe's" guest later today for a fresh reaction from his indiana win. don't miss that. or this, because joining me now is best selling author and
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analyst, ellis henican. >> ted's excellent adventure comes to the end. >> are you surprised it came to the end? >> well, yes. >> because of all the contested convention talk and the numbers. >> i think the people in the room were surprised. no, no, no. yes, because he gives us every reason to think his cause was such that he was going to fight it till the final day. but i guess he bowed to the reality that the rest of us have seen, that this ain't going to happen this year. >> what do you think trump won in indiana? what does that say about the republican voters and what they want to see in the president? >> it's not just about indiana. clearly, there was a trump tidal wave that's come across this country. you know, there was a couple of specific things in indiana, the challenge of jobs going away, the closing of the carrier plant. you know, some of that stuff i think probably played to trump's advantage. but listen, this is a year about
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attitude not ideology and he has the attitude. >> well, he's taken the curtains back if you will and showed us the way that the campaign works behind the scenes. >> that's right. >> some things that a lot of us, especially viewers didn't know about. in a way, i think people find that being an honest broker. >> the reality tv -- >> yeah. >> and there's a connection between those two. right, it really is. you're right, it's revealing stuff that used to be hidden. >> right. will it be hidden or will it be known about cruz's supporters? i mean, are they going to go to trump or to clinton? >> well, there's still a lot of bitterness out there. it was a few hours ago that cruz was calling trump a pathological liar. can he actually endorse trump? that's going to be really interesting to watch. he said so many horrible things about him. history tell us that eventual people do tend to come around and maybe ted and his people will as well. >> well, i want to put up some
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numbers here because nbc news exit poll is out and it shows that democratic primary voters say clinton has a better chance of beating trump compared to sanders. is that a key factor going forward? >> yeah. first of all she's going to get the nomination. so there isn't a real issue at this point about that. >> but there may be a contested convention according to bernie, right? >> i don't think that's really -- but the numbers you said earlier, how many americans don't like either of these people. we have never had an election where the two leading candidates were quite so unpopular. it will be interesting to see how that plays out. >> absolutely. very interesting. and there's so much talk and there has been -- remember with the woman card that trump was saying that hillary was playing and this and that and how others were backing up hillary clinton saying, wait a second, donald trump has a female problem here. look at the numbers. another exit poll out that says nearly 50% of women voters still went for trump in indiana. does that surprise you? >> you know, it doesn't because this is a very specific universe, of passionate
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republican voters. he also won the republican african-americans which must be three or four people in indiana and the republican latino. that doesn't mean that's going to spread across the entire electorate in november. so don't read too much into those numbers. >> all right. we shall see as they say. >> another exciting night. >> thank you so much, ellis. we are learning more about the u.s. navy s.e.a.l. killed in combat during an attack by the isis fighters. he's identified as charles keating iv, grandson of charles keating who was involved in the savings and loan scandal. charles keating was a former student athlete at indiana university where he ran track and cross country. u.s. military officials say keating was shot by isis terrorists during a large scale attack north of mosul. arizona governor doug ducey has ordered all flags in the state flown at half-staff today. he released a statement saying,
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quote, our state and nation are in mourning today over the loss of a u.s. serviceman and one of america's finest. now, to the latest on prince. new reporting from the "minneapolis star tribune" says he died one day before he was scheduled to meet with a california doctor in an attempt to end an alleged addiction to pain killers. according to attorney william mousy who works with howard cornfield, known addiction expert, prince would agree to go to california for supervised long term care. he have found dead after cornfield's son andrew arrived to meet with him. prince's sister tyka nelson reportedly declined to comment when contacted about the report. nbc news has not independently verified this report. as you know, the investigation into prince's death is ongoing. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning, landon. >> hi, there. good morning to you. takata is expected to announce it's recalling an additional 35
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to 40 million air bag inflaters. reports say the expanded recall more than double than what is the biggest action in u.s. history. to date, automakers have recalled 24 million vehicles due to the risk that the inflaters can explode with too much force. spraying metal shards inside the vehicles. also, over on wall street, could add to tuesday's losses today. stocks falling, giving back all of monday's gains. the decline in china's manufacturing sector, that's raising fresh concerns about the world's second largest economy. look for data on u.s. private sector jobs and worker productivity. and google and chrysler are teaming up. the minivans will be solely for testing and will be available -- won't be available to the public. it's the first with a major automaker. >> cool to see them on the road. it's the third leading cause
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behind cancer and heart disease. can you guess what it is? plus 60,000 residents evacuated as wildfires rage on. we'll show you where.
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welcome back to "first look." if you're in the northeast, don't count on the sun any time soon. i know many of you haven't seen it since saturday. more clouds and rain from philadelphia, outside new york city. and here's another batch of rain coming down from chicago. towards indianapolis. that's going to move through michigan. so there's some umbrella weather, but the big story, stormy weather in the east, the storm in the west and in the middle of the country it's great. we call this an omega block. what you get today you'll get for next couple of days with big, beautiful, high pressure in the middle of the country and stormy weather in the east. so the gloomy weather pattern continues. periods of light rain into the upcoming weekend for areas in the northeast and new england. watch out today areas in florida, strong storms, probably a few severe storms are
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possible. when you get in the weather patterns, the stagnant patterns, if you're on the good side, it's good. denver, 80 degrees. minneapolis, 85 on friday. dallas, low humidity. there's some gorgeous stuff, betty. just not here. >> i was going to say i want to on the good side of it. not today though. >> not any time soon. >> wait it out a little bit. thank you. well, an entire city in canada was forced to evacuate last night. a massive wildfire ripped through the city of ft. mcmurray, sending the town of 61,000 to flee for their lives. even firefighters were told to back down. as high temperatures and high winds fueled the flames. teachers in detroit, they're expected to return to their classrooms this morning following two days of protests in so-called sickouts. their return comes after michigan lawmakers advanced $500 million restructuring plan to help fund teachers' pay. how is this for a hospital
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horror story? medical errors in hospitals are the third leading cause of death in the u.s. right behind heart disease and cancer. the errors claim about 250,000 lives every year. and that includes everything from bad doctors to communication breakdowns. now you know. and a terrifying ijs -- incident in berlin to show you. gusty winds sent a hot air balloon out of crowd. serve -- no one injured but several were treated for shock. a boy in finland is $10,000 rich richer after hacking into facebook's instagram. the company still rewarded him anyway and he found a flaw that allowed him to delete texts posted by other users. sounds like he might have a good career ahead of him. a legal one that is. one of the most famous images in u.s. history and this morning the marines are looking
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at the new evidence as to who raised that flag. it was off off of japan a few hours apart. the six service members that raised the flag had identified five marines and one navy corpsman by the name of john bradley. but new evidence from amateur historians including dustin spence found upon looking at the details of the clothing and the caps they believed bradley may not have been among the six famous men identified six decades ago. the marine corps will look into the most famous image. just ahead, how would a clinton/trump match-up look in the general election? steve kornacki will crunch the numbers next.
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which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza®. it's covered by most health plans. welcome back. 21 minutes past the hour. this morning, we go to msnbc election guru steve kornacki for an inside look at what a trump/clinton general election match-up would bring and just what states trump would have carry in order to beat clinton in the fall. >> let's look at what a trump/clinton general election would look like, with the question how could trump do it? if he gets elected president, what would the path look like? and the first thing to keep in mind, the path that donald trump will have to follow runs counter to everything we thought we learned after the last presidential election.
2:22 am
this was election night 2012. this is what america looked like. this was obama's win, what was behind obama's win? it was all about demographics. what republicans say was mitt romney got nearly 60% of the white vote. and basically every election in the past, that probably would have and could have been enough to win the presidential election but because the country was becoming so much more diverse, no longer was that enough. this became a huge problem for republicans. donald trump he will be the republican nominee for president and right now we see in our most recent poll he starts off behind hillary clinton by 11 points. here's a couple of problems for donald trump. one that jumps out, remember mitt romney got 59% among white voters and he's in the exact same hole as mitt romney when it comes to latino voters. the path is going to look different for trump than the path that republicans thought they were looking at. four years ago the republicans talk about florida. they talked about virginia. they talked about colorado and about nevada. trump he's going to be playing for the rust belt. pennsylvania, ohio, michigan f
2:23 am
iowa, wisconsin. these are the states -- these are states with more white populations, these are noncollege educated whites. more blue collar whites. these have been trumps voters and he will try to drive up his support there. it's not about winning over the latinos. but there's the game plan. >> that's why he's the guru. okay, just ahead which famous comedian just welcomed his ninth baby to the world? plus, powerball is at it again. we have details on the new mega jackpot. that's next. you know when i first started out,
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e.t. phone home. [ soft music ] when you find something you love, you can never get enough of it. change the way you experience tv with xfinity x1. a news conference was held
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yesterday regarding the disappearance of air force veteran tricia todd. the sheriff said they have yet to find evidence that a crime occurred. her ex-husband submitted to a lie detector test but it didn't kantd he was involved in any way. the teacher of the year was honor at the white house yesterday. president obama took the opportunity to thank teachers for their hard work. >> it's a good day with all of you guys here in washington. to say thank you for the extraordinary work that teachers do all across the country. it's also i guess a pretty good day for substitute teachers because we have a lot of -- >> that is a good point. well, president obama is scheduled to travel to flint, michigan today. he will attend a briefing on the toxic water crisis. he may meet with little miss flint who said to have inspired
2:28 am
the president's visit after writing to him. and tonight's powerball is $348 million and if we do the math here, $226.1 million if you take it in one lump sum which bill karins and i will do once we win this. it's the second highest jackpot in the past year. good luck, everybody. >> we may give our evie, our stage manager a couple spare change. >> the odds of winning are around 1 and 220 million. and a six legendary acts are coming together in october. we a talking about bob dylan, rolling stones, the who and roger waters of pink floyd. they're all headlining the event that's titled desert trip. two acts will perform full shows each night over the three-day festival. tickets go on sale monday. they start at $199 for a single day but over 1500 bucks for a
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three-day standing pit pass. make it nine for eddie murray. he and his girlfriend welcomed a ninth child. his other eight children from previous relationships average in ages 9 to 26. thanks so much for watching today. this is "first look" on msnbc. happy wednesday. on this international "star wars," may the force be with you. it really looks like a massive victory and looks like we win all 57 delegates. [ cheers and applause ] >> together, we left it all on the field in indiana. we gave it everything we've got. but the voters chose another path. we are suspending our campaign. >> ted cruz, i don't know if he likes me or if he doesn't like me, but he's one hell of a
2:30 am
competitor. >> i understand that secretary clinton thinks this campaign is over. i have some bad news for her. all right, good morning, it's wednesday, may 4th. i'm sam stein. as the kids like to say, may the force be with you. yes, i'm being held hostage by show's producers. donald trump hasn't officially won the nomination, but this morning msnbc is calling him the likely nominee. he won the seventh straight state last night claiming 53% of the vote in indiana. it was a knockout blow to senator ted cruz who promptly


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