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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 10, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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right now on "andrea mitchell reports," king of the hill, paul ryan visiting washington. >> i want to get to know him 100% better. i really don't know him. we had one conversation a few months ago and basically the kind of conversation i am hoping we all can have together and not just the two of us is how can we unify our party. >> the high road, hillary clinton is refusing to take donald trump's bait. >> donald trump has really gone after your husband and you as an enabler and the scandal of the
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1990s. >> i am going to let him run his campaign however he chooses. i am going to run my campaign of a positive vision of our country. >> we'll take you behind the scenes of our new focus group. rocking the system, bernie sanders has a late night lesson and perseverance for steven colbert. >> this a win or not really a win? >> not really. >> you cannot give up on that contested convection. you got to rock the system. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] >> that's great. we came together. we did it. now, how about we share that hundred grand bar? >> big day in washington.
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we have new polling on the likely trump/clinton election match up. our new survey released just this morning showing donald trump five points behind hillary clinton nationally. surprising poll numbers in some critical states. clinton's barely ahead of trump in battleground, florida and pennsylvania and lose to trump by four points. joining me now is katy tur at trump's tower. welcome kristin and here in our studio marcus and kasie hunt. first, to you, katy, how is donald trump preparing for his big meeting on the hill on thursday? >> reporter: we saw eisenburg is going to be in the meeting on thursday. that's one way that he's
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preparing and talking about how he's going to finance and fund raise for his campaign in other ways that's not entirely clear he's personally preparing for these meetings with house and senate leadership and paul ryan. we know it is going to take place at the rnc starring at 9:30 on thursday. the first meeting is ryan and the second is with house leadership and the third later to is with senate leadership. i know that ben carson has reached out ryan to smooth things over to have a pre-meeting if you will. >> that was not asked for by donald trump but they right now are okay with ben carson to do that. it is unclear if a meeting has been set up or will be one set up. chris christie as well as sessions have been going around capitol hill trying to make sure the senator and congressmen are as open to donald trump as possible as they can be.
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the media will center around donald trump's tone of this campaign so far and the tone he will have for the next six months as they go into the general election. i was speaking with one rnc's senior strategist last night. donald trump has to find a way to win over the party. this is not like a business. he has not taken over the employee. he's won over the nomination, it does not necessary mean he has won over the republican leadership or the republicans frankly in washington. he will have to find a way to give them on board, too. this party does not believe having a chance in november unless they find a way coming together. andrea. >> it is not clear at all that he wants to win them over. his brand has been he's against the washington leads. that's an open question. i want to go to kristin welker in kentucky where hillary clinton is notably not in west virginia which votes today and
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expecting to lose bernie sanders and you are reporting she's putting up some money in kentucky. >> reporter: that's right andrea, we learned it last night. she did not spend money in west virginia or indiana. of course, she lost that state. it signifies the fact that the campaign is holding down the number of losses that they have in may. this is the month where bernie sanders is looking strong in a number of states including oregon. they're trying to listen to some top democrats. she almost flipping this race out of reach, it is important for her to head in the convention on a strong footing. today she's focusing on family and family related issues. she has an event in lexington that's about to get under way. she's going to unveil a new policy that'll aim to keep the cost of child care at only 10% of a family's salary.
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this is clearly the type of initiative aimed at women voters who'll be critical for her in the general election. she's also fighting the general election here in kentucky and her campaign is putting out a list of the 16 most controversial headlines that we have seen about donald trump in recent weeks and really trying to capitalize on that party division of the gop that you just talked about. >> of course, this is part of the battle for women voters. the majority voters, women voters. we were vote in virginia and loudoun county virginia, this is part of my conversation with a republican woman voter, she's married, here is about why she's not voting for donald trump. >> that's making him look even
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worst in the eyes of female voters and especially married voters. >> you would vote for hillary clinton or you would consider voting for hillary? >> yeah. i would. >> that's because of donald trump's attacks against bill and hillary clinton on the subject of his 1990s sex scandal and accusations this weekend that he was an enabler. >> you sat down with a group of women in in virginia and northern virginia. i want to show a little bit of that conversation. >> there were new comments over the weekend from donald trump and as we move into this general election, he talked about bill clinton's legacy with women and he said hillary clinton was in some way of an enabler of this because of the way she treated the women. >> for me that's kind of ridiculous blaming the women
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because the husband made a bad choice. >> i don't think we can comment onto their relationship. secretary clinton and bill clinton had a unique relationship. they are a machine that's why she would never have left him. >> do you think that history were enabling or however you describe it. would that reflect on the job she would do as a president, would you think? >> i cannot imagine bill clinton being back in the white house again. >> it cuts both ways. >> i think you saw a clear generational divide right there. the two women have a memory of the clintons having been in the white house and they seem to recall what gone on quickly. the younger women seem to be much less willing to entertain that. i will say we continue the conversations a little broadly and not just on this particular subject of enabling and the
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scandal that's surrounding the clintons but also about women in general. i will say all of the women at the table said they did not want to see hillary clinton play the gender card as they put it. they wanted people to support her because she was not a women and did not want name donald trump's comment about women. that was not the thing that was necessary at the top of their list. they mentioned minorities and his immigration policies or other things. there were some resistance being put in a box and discussing this issue through that lens. >> ruth, you and i lived through the 1990s and all of that. just most of the people i talked to out on the campaign trail, republicans and democratic and independent women don't want to hear about that and that's why the republican strategist who i
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talked to yesterday thinking why did he go back there of 20 years ago. >> i am with you. interestingly, there is a piece about some of donald trump's comments about women back in the '90s in the washington post and he says well, you cannot hold against me what i was saying 20 years ago. so he does not want to be held responsible for his comments in but he wants to held her responsible. they recall after the impeachment as newt gingrich. given he has other arguments against her i am surprised he's going after her after the enabler part.
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>> katy tur, he just seemed as though this is the kind of october closing shot that you take when you are behind the campaign but to go negative before you establish an optimistic positive, image brand. >> reporter: yeah, it is not clear of a coherent strategy behind this line of attack. i mean this is -- this is one of the signs that donald trump is literally throwing everything that he possibly can on her, against her. it is been pointed out a number of time that there is so much political history there that there is so much donald trump could go after her for and various votes when she was in the senate and various positions that her husband has taken and various positions she's taken as secretary of state and benghazi being one of them. some of the stuff he brings up, so far, the hardest attack he has been making has been on her
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personal history with her husband trying to paint her as an enabler. i can tell you at rallies, that's something that does play well. he gets cheers and laughs for it. donald trump has been somebody who plays for the crowd that he's speaking with. given that he's getting such positive feedback there, that could be one of the reasons why he's continuing to go after it. it is not clear that is going to work in the general election. it is not clear that as we have been saying over and over again would be receptive and as potentially a republican one is. one of his strongest arguments in his favor is not necessarily the personal stuff but do you want another clinton in the white house argument. a third term and our third presidency of the bush and that same argument could be made against the clinton. i know at this rnc meeting that
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his staff had yesterday getting the lay of the land on what the republican party has to offer for a general election campaign. they were shown of what they have on hillary clinton from the opposition research. and the offer research they have to come on her. it will be interesting to see how much donald trump uses that in the coming weeks, how much he pivots or if he pivots at all. >> it could be he is just responding when he does in front of these live groups. >> absolutely. >> this is the really controlled hillary clinton's response when he asked her about it yesterday out in virginia. >> oh, i am answering all the time. no, i am answering on what i think voters care about. i am answering him on the differences of our records and our experience and what we want to do for our country and how important it is to try to unify the country and i have been very clear a lot of his -- a lot of
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his rhetoric is not only reckless but dangerous. >> that's hillary clinton that you are going to see throughout the campaign. as long as she can maintain it. i don't know what happens at the debate stage when she's face to face. >> it will be dangerous donald of her argument. he knows that and that maybe one explanation why he's doing it. when it came up earlier in the primaries, when she talked about trump being sexes and it kind of shuts the clinton down a while. she's going to have to leave a lot of that to surrogate. i am not running against donald trump, i am running to promote my vision. of course, she's running against donald trump. this is an irritant for her going forward even though i don't think it is his best argument. >> it will be a big job for her running mate.
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katie hunt and kasie hunt katy tur and kristen welker. thank you very much. the white house announced that the president will visit horoshima, japan where the u.s. dropped the atomic bomb at the end of world war ii. a decision that was hotly debated in the white house. the white house says the president will not be revisiting the decision to use the atomic bomb at the end of war world 2. and coming up, thanks but no thanks, trump's former rival taking hims oing himself out of running for running mate. you are watching msnbc, "andrea mitchell reports."
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congressional republicans are scrambling as they are ready for donald trump trying to take the hill. trump is ready to meet house speaker powell ryan. joining me now is luke from capitol hill and from the milwaukee journal. mary, thank you very much for being here with us. >> mary, you covered paul ryan out there in wisconsin, you know him well. what is his attitude going into this meeting with donald trump? >> you know, he said that he really does not know donald
9:20 am
trump that he wanted to get to know him and get to talk to him a little bit. i would say he set expectations pretty low. he did not say he was planning to come out of this meeting and immediately endorse him. he said he really want to have a straight conversation with him. >> there is a new donald trump's tweet, i look forward to meeting with paul ryan and the gop party leadership on thursday. together, we'll beat the dems of all levels. he's sounding like the party player. yet going into this meeting, luke, there is been so much tension and so rare for the speaker to signal his displeasure with a lot of things donald trump has been saying. >> reporter: there are a lot of tension, you are right and aside from what donald trump said in the past of muslims and with the
9:21 am
kkk, those things paul ryan commented on during the course of the presidential campaign. ryan is right now is trying to show a lot of activity activicot have serious questions o f donald trump and he's not ready to hand over the party with donald trump without getting some clarifications or guarantee of trump saying i will be conservative on the issue. trump is running on the left of several issues and a lot of republicans are concerned of trump's position on free trade and tax policy that came up recently. paul ryan has said recently many conservatives felt alienated in the process. he's hoping for a clarifying election and the belief that donald trump is "flexible" then they won't get that election and
9:22 am
have more years of gridlocks. that's the concern of ryan's cam and we'll see what that meeting can do on thursday tampering down those concerns. these are different men with different life philosophy and different personalities. this is oil and water, it really is. >> and as you point out in our interview with vin weber who woi pointed out that paul ryan cares about fiscal policy and budgets and we heard nothing from donald trump that indicates he understands anything of balancing the budget. mary, you were in the meeting with donald trump and paul ryan about the trump's meetmeeting. when paul ryan says he would be okay without being the chair if
9:23 am
donald trump does not want him to. did you get the sense that he would like to be relieved of this controversial convention? >> he did not say i am praying that he will remove me but he certainly seen willing to consider that as an option. he said that he wants to unify the party and that he wants to stay close with his conservative principles. i got the feeling that he's trying to signal that he's not going to jump on the trump train and happily leaving the convention. would he be heartbroken if he did not chair the convention? i kind of doubt it. >> mary, thank you very much for joining us from wisconsin and key listening post for all things paul ryan these days as well as luke who's covering on the hill. thank you very much. >> thank you, andrea. >> tonight hardball with chris mathew. he will be joined with paul
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you may feel today, know this, the department of justice and the entire obama administration want you to know that we see you and we stand with you and we'll do everything we can to protect you going for war. . the attorney general loretta lynch responding to the bathroom bill. joining me now is nbc's pete williams. >> this is such an issue for you and a couple of states who's been out front of this. the justice department is drawing a line clearly. >> it is and the real question here is does the civil rights law, does the two sections of it actually make discrimination. the state says no and the federal government says yes.
9:29 am
it is really kind of a question that's just reaching its way to the court now. the fourth circuit includes north carolina and there was a decision last month involving a transgender high school student. and they said if you make distinctions and allow -- you can say transgender people cannot use the bathroom of their choice and other can. it is illegal under title nine. that's the essence of the legal question here. >> what the state of the injunction request in term of the timing when things become or going in effect? >> to be determined. it will be up to the courts. the state filed its lawsuit in one federal district. the justice department filed in another. there are two separate lawsuits here. now, it maybe that they'll be combined into one. that can only be with the request of one of the two
9:30 am
parties and it is not for sure that it is going to happen. these two could go along on parallel tracks. >> is this for an immediate injunction or get argued? >> it is for an immediate injuncti injunction. the politics of this and the business community in north carolina and the banking commutety there and wells fargo and other banks and other entertainers refusing to perform there and threatening to boycott. >> well, there are two aspects of the law that's been gendered this response to the business community. only one is subject to the law. the other part it is not. that's the other part of this. is the part the part of the law that says people cannot sue for discrimination. governor pat mccory says he wants the legislature to change on that part. the other interesting thing is the university of north
9:31 am
carolina. they stand to lose billions of dollars and the attorney general said yesterday, the government, you know, still has the reserve the right to cancel if they believe what the state is doing is illegal. a, we have not enforced this law yet and b, we are stuck here in between iraq and our place, we want to abide by the federal law and we have so far. this is the state law, give us a break here. the board of regions of the university is meeting today and is going to determine how to respond to this and based on that that, the justice department will decide whether it will hold onto funds. coming up on the short list, we'll talk to one of the people hillary clinton is eyeing as a possible running mate. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. ith , o ' ♪ you see, we've got the power to turn back time. ♪
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president obama was meeting with the national security team today discussing the fight in iraq and syria. the secretary of state is trying to put together a cease-fire in syria. virginia's senator tim cain is joining me now. thank you very much. i want to ask you about your continuing fight of authorization of the force. when we look at syria and iraq, let's talk about the guardian footage and the death of charles king the fourth of navy seal in iraq. not far from mosul. how can we look at this and say
9:36 am
advisors only and not in the combat role. >> reporter: this is something i have been trying to get my colleagues to embrace. and look, we need to take this action against isil and at that point inviting congress to participate. since that time, congress has wanted to criticize the president but has not want to be on the record yesterday or no when our navy seal force was killed, he was the third death in combat. the 14 death of an american deploy over seas to support operati operation. i don't think it is moral that we force people the risk and give their lives if congress is unwilling to do our constitutional job and have a jo vote on it. i thought it was interesting of the story of charles skeeting
9:37 am
and there is story of an active duty officer who filed a lawsuit in federal court dc who says i am carrying out this mission and congress should be forced to finally step up and declare where they are and our troops deserve to know they have the support of congress. >> you have our supporter, hillary clinton, he's being described, i guess you can generalize to say -- she's described as being hawkish, where does she come down whether there is reauthorization vote? >> reporter: secretary clinton has spoken about this strongly. she thinks there needs to be congressional authorization. the organization passed right after 9/11 covers isil even though that authorization go after the perpetrators of 9/11 and isil did not formed until two years later. secretary clinton has called for a new authorization, she feels
9:38 am
it is the right legal course but also of the thing we need to do to have the debate in front of the american public and show our troops that we support them. almost two-thirds of the member of congress were not here when the that vote were cast right after 9/11. most of congress never had to cast a vote on whether the u.s. should be engaging in military action against non-state terrorist, that's an important debate that should be held in the american public. i sort of agree with the lawsuit that congress has been on this. >> i want to ask you of the muslim ban of donald trump of the day after he became the presumptive nominee. now, you got the new mayor of london tweeting out today in response to donald trump banning on muslims and what this says about america. what do you think about that?
9:39 am
>> reporter: well, andrea, it really troubles me. you got a guy and donald trump who wants to be commandeering chief but who says repeatedly the american military is a disaster. i got 1.6 million people served in the military and they volunteered in the time of war to do so. i want a commandeering chief talking to them with respect and gratitude. he wants to be the nation's chief diplomat and he's going around saying we are going to keep muslims out and even the first amendment of constitution which was written by virginia and james madison basically says everybody in this country can worship as they pleased and they won't be preferred or punished of the choice they make of religious belief. it is time to turn the first amendment on its head and start to punish the people. that would subvert american values. of course, our troops are out
9:40 am
defending those values everyday. this election is high stakes. it is about america defining itself even more of the particular candidates. >> i was in your state yesterday where hillary clinton was campaigning, reaching out to women and including independent women in the swing district there in loudoun county. it was right after donald trump has been spent days after days hammering bill clinton and clinton calling her an enabler in the 1990s. what do you think the reaction is? do you think that he knows it works or backfires? >> reporter: he's doing it because of consistent of the way he talked about women his who will life. the next president is going to be the president that celebrates the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote.
9:41 am
we are a nation, it took us 144 years to give women the right to vote and now it is 100 years come 2020, the next president will be the first one leading that commemoration of 100 years of women voting. we got a choice of somebody who's impaired of women or saying offensive things to women. that shows a way how high stakes this election is. >> are you being bedded for the running mate? >> reporter: i am just doing my work here in the senate and virginia. i do think it is a critical stake this november. i will do everything i can to help hillary win. >> you are from the state with the democratic governor who would appoint a democrat to replace you. >> reporter: i think it is fair to say of terry mccall of the democrat. >> are you being vetted to your knowledge? >> reporter: the only thing i am doing for the clinton campaign
9:42 am
is going out and campaigning and helping them win in virginia. that's the only role i have now at the campaign. >> okay, right now i am going to take that as not a yes or a no. >> reporter: good being with you. thank you. >> thank you very much, senator. >> coming up is the economy, what do budget experts want to hear from the candidates, from all of them. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. reals making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing 8 layers of wheat... mini-wheats®... and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult and kid - in all of us. ♪
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9:46 am
which would potentially under mind the whole credit and sound ing of the global economy. he got off of it by saying no, i would not re-negotiate, i would only print money. >> nobody was talking about the debt. donald trump has kind of moved into this area and you just leave scratching your head. >> i think so because if you remember a couple months ago, he also said i am going to pay off the whole $19 trillion debt in eight years which is impossible. we are not talking about balancing the budget because the fiscal hole is so deep. paying the debt that means you have no treasure market. there is been a string of comments that left wondering what exactly he's saying. first, he was saying he's going to re-negotiate with the bondholders. that's a business deal. i am sure people holding the u.s. debt are not going to pony
9:47 am
to the table and accept lower pay out. and then he came back and said, oh well, it will be debt buy backs. that's something we do on a running surpluses. we have huge deficits that's expected to grow every year. the u.s. cannot default other than situations on the debt. but, that still did not und under -- did not fix the confusion of him saying he's going to re-negotiate with the debt holder and expect the feds to be printing money at the same time. all of us are left utterly confused and did not understand the parallel between the u.s. and debt market and business deal market which are really different. >> now with bernie sanders talking about free college for all and a lot of domestic proposals as of hillary clinton.
9:48 am
sanders, first, has anyone explain of how they are paying on what they are proposing? >> they there are a lot of promises out there. >> both they put plans on education and health care and a lot of new spending program. and, to their credits they put forward ideas that would pay for th those. >> the numbers don't add up and they don't add up trillions of dollars so that means his mass of expansion of government would expand the government tremendously. it would fall short of paying for it. i think this is really important and he would raise taxes so much that there would not be any money left. so once you pay for the amount of the offset he's recommended, his income tax rate would be at
9:49 am
the level that many economists say you cannot raise rates any higher and get money. >> hillary clinton is a much smaller version of that. looks like those numbers do add up. they come close to paying what she would spend. we have not heard of her campaign emphasizing the need of physical responsibility in terms of dealing the aging population and the baby boomers and the fact that we are not investing and the public fears so much money of these money going into our programs. you don't hear these candidates mentioning deficit or debt at all. we are worried of them not putting any ideas of fizzixing these challenges. >> please come back, we'll drill on all of this. >> coming up, feeling the burn, will bernie sanders win in west virginia in we'll hear from minors hitting hard. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. choice for him is aleve.
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voters are heading to the polls today in west virginia today. our business correspondence, oliver stern is just back from west virginia. >> i remember we came back from work and it is nothing and the tracks are all gone. >> reporter: now, just 24 years old, he's already been laid off twice and worried about supporting his young family. >> do you think this mine is ever going to be reopened? >> no, it is all done. >> lately levy's hope is fading as the coal industry goes up in smoke. productions forecasted drop another 18% this year.
9:54 am
>> on the main street of madison west virginia, collateral damage. there used to be all these businesses. >> all these used to be booming and so many people coming in. >> this whole town depends on the coal job. >> absolutely. >> even like i said, it is the coal factory. businesses going out of business and schools laying off teachers. >> the jobs are not coming back is what's worst. >> coal employment in west virginia has been declining in decades. it is very unlikely that those coal jobs are going to come pack in significant numbers. >> the biggest head win are new environmental regulations. political landscape is also changing rapidly. >> olivia stern is joining us now, it is been a progress over the year but it is so dramatic now. i was there last week watching
9:55 am
hillary clinton. she arctically trying to explain to these coal industry workers that their job is disappearing. she did it so badly and got hammered and have little chances of winning. >> every single person i spoke to virginia taken their time defining of that video clip of hillary clinton putting coal mining business out. the coal miner himself is disabled and he voted in the 90s for the clinton. now, after these comments, they are just behind trump. >> hillary clinton defeated barack obama by 41 points i in '08. it used to be clinton's country and now joe mansion, the former
9:56 am
governor obviously was running the other direction and wanted an explanation and we'll see the returns tonight and the voters still have their say, of course, it is fascinating and thank you for sharing olivia stern, it is great to have you on. before we go, i want to mention, i am wearing turquoise today, it is part of national women's lungs week. the initiative aims women rallying their voices. lung cancer is the number one cancer killer of women. we support it anyway we can. remember follow our show online and on facebook and instagram. thomas roberts is up next right here on msnbc. of merate severe crohn's disease. and that in clinical studies, the majority of patients on humira saw significant symptom relief. and many achieved remission.
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you should not receive prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. if you have a weakened immune system, you may have a lower response to the vaccine. common side effects were pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle or joint pain, less appetite, chills, or rash. get this one done. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13® today. hi, i am thomas roberts live from msnbc head quarters in new york. we are following new moves in the hunt of donald trump's vice
10:00 am
presidential pick. this is one potential candidate, marco rubio has taken himself out of contention while rick perry says "count him in". >> i am opened to helping this country get back on track. i offered myself up in 2011 and 2012. we have brand new polling predicting hillary clinton would win a november match up by donald trump by a narrow 5% margin. new polls show a much tighter match up between clinton and trump and florida and ohio and pennsylvania. all states could determine who wins the white house. >> right now hillary clinton is campaigning where she's not responding to trump's recent round of rhetoric targeting her