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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 12, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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and house speaker paul ryan. we're told the meeting itself got under way at roughly 9:30. they are also going to be bringing in the rest of the house republican leadership team into that room. the goal today very simple, bridging the gap between speaker ryan and new defacto leader donald trump. aides tell us that ryan has grown uncomfortable with trump's harsh and often controversial tone on the campaign trail. obvious differences in style but the more striking differences are on matters of substance. there's likely some wiggle room on some of the policy differences too. last night we saw the presumptive nominee appeal to roll back some of his rhetoric, calling the proposal to ban foreign muslims from the united states just a quote, suggestion. some analysts even some republicans now privately fear that the party's control of of the senate control of the house even, could be at risk with trump at the top of the ticket.
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again, a live look right now, roughly a block away, rnc headquarters. you see the gaggle of reporters out front. we've also seen a number of protesters as well assemble there. our political team spread out from the headquarters to here on capitol hill. luke russert, kelly o'donnell, mark murray, and let's get started. katy tur, outside rnc headquarters in washington. what's the scene? what's happening right now? >> reporter: this building is completely surrounded by press and we might be the clever ones who have found the alley out back where we think donald trump will end up leaving. it's unclear if there will be a news conference afterwards where donald trump will address the members of the media to tell us exactly what happened in the meeting. what i can tell you right now and we'll move out of the way because a lady is trying to leave her house, the trump folks
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believe that this meeting will be a really good first step. they don't necessarily think they are going to heal all of the wounds of the republican party with this first meeting, but they believe this will be one of many to come. and their thinking is that donald trump and paul ryan, the leaders of the house and senate, need to come together, get in the same room and get to know each other. donald trump doesn't necessarily know these folks. they know him by reputation and what that i have seen on the rally stage. they don't necessarily know him one on one. that's part of the reason why ben carson said he did reach out to paul ryan earlier to talk him through who donald trump is behind closed doors and what policy positions are. we're told one of the main points of contention between the republican party and donald trump is his unpredictable. you don't know if he stands hard on an issue or something that's
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flexible for him. he said everything for him is flexible on the campaign trail. he we saw that as he has spoken about the idea of a muslim ban and in some circumstances when it comes to immigration. so the republican party is trying to get face to face with him to figure out who exactly he is. another car is coming through as i'm told. we're going to see how these meetings go. again, rome wasn't built in a day and that's precisely how the donald trump campaign is looking at it right now. craig? >> katy tur in a back alley a block from where i sit here at the capitol. let's get to hallie jackson. she's covering house speaker paul ryan. it's a wild scene. we've seen folks with -- at one point saw bag pipes and there was a coffin. what are those folks doing there this morning? >> reporter: well, let's take a walk and we'll show you. we're outside rnc headquarters
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and here's where the protesters are. i'll have our camera man paul show you. they are from ultnited we dream. they are trying to make a stand or show their voice here. they tried to deliver a fake coffin to the rnc. you can see it behind the shot. if you look down there's more members of the media back that way. if you come back this way, there's also to give you a sense of what kind of circus is, there's a group of bag pipers playing, they have shown up and they are sort of giving a performance if you will outside the rnc. there are a couple of trump supporters here. there's one gentleman wearing a make america great again shirt. so it is a circus unsurprisingly outside the rnc. we should note that the members of the media seem to outnumber the protesters that are here. when you talk about what's happening inside. we can tell you the meeting between paul ryan and reince
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priebus and donald trump has ended. the second meeting is set to begin in a couple of minutes if it hasn't already begun inside. after that we expect to hear from paul ryan over on capitol hill and over at katy tur's location. a lot going on outside the rnc as these protesters we get out of the way start to march down the walk here. and again, this is something -- let's point it out. we see it wherever donald trump goes. people protesting him. he always draws a crowd. there are tourists and people heading to capitol hill on business who stopped to kind of gawk at the scene. it's not something you see every day on capitol hill as we walk with these protesters. and craig, if they'll allow it, let's try to interview one of these folks if we can if we can walk and talk. it is a little bit loud. what brought you out here today? >> we're here with the united we dream action to tell the republican party we're not going to be okay with them going with their hate message and here to
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stop them. >> reporter: do you think this is an effective way to get the message across? >> it's for people to learn that donald trump is not a joke. a lot of people think he can actually be a president. we're here to show that and shape him for the message of hate he has. >> reporter: the protesters here heading out to where donald trump's motorcade is. see if you can flip around and show where we're headed. as we head to the rnc, you can see the rest of the media scrum waiting for donald trump to emerge. taking advantage of a very large spotlight, a lot of attention and media on this meeting between trump and ryan and priebus. why is this so important? this is key for party unity. what we hear from speaker ryan at 11:30 will be indicative of what direction their relationship is headed. a couple hours from now we should know more and craig, thanks for letting me take over the airways for a second. >> thank you. it was quite impressive to watch
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you walk backwards and big thanks to paul as well, your photographer who i've worked with paul a number of times. that's an impressive talent. hallie jackson there, roughly a block away with protesters and as hallie just noted. the first meeting appears to have wrapped, between donald trump and reince priebus and speaker ryan. that meeting wrapped and appears to have run a bit long. now the meeting will happen between donald trump and some of the gop leadership as well. luke russert also at rnc headquarters. i know you've been talking to some of the republican members of congress who publicly support trump, stopped by party headquarters this morning. what are they saying about the meeting so far? what are they saying about paul ryan's reluctance to endorse donald trump? >> reporter: good morning, craig, i'm here outside rnc. you can see the spectators by
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the metro. what you're referencing to here is the capitol hill club. that's a republican meeting place and very swank place, shall we say. members are going in and out of there this morning. some of them even taking pictures of the media circus that shows when donald trump comes to down. i saw chairman goodlatte taking a picture. tom cole, a former chairman, someone willing to work with leadership, pretty solid minded guy. as someone as a figure head within the house of the republican conference, what worries you the most about donald trump? and he said unpredictability. i would venture to say that's what paul ryan worries the most about trump as well, unpredictability on policy and temperament and what exactly donald trump will do to the republican party in the future. and when paul ryan has this meeting today and that one just concluded but now he's having one with the rest of the house
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gop leadership. i would venture to say this is the most important one. the leadership he's meeting with right now, they are the front lines of the conversations with the members. after this meeting you'll have kevin mccarthy, and steve xa lease and pat mchenry, the deputy whip. they will take what they heard and they will start answering the texts and e-mails and start answering the knocking on the doors of the rest of the over 200 members of the house gop conference who are going to say, who is this guy? we don't know him because there's always sometimes never within the conference regarding donald trump. this meeting is the most important as we've talked about earlier. obviously some love him, some hate donald trump and some are trying to get to know him. we'll know a lot more once we get the readout from the leadership team that's having the meeting right now and see ultimately what the rank and file, what they come to think after all of this, craig.
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>> it's interesting, luke, you mentioned the unpredictability being one of the chief concerns raised by lawmakers. it also has become the hall mark of donald trump's campaigns. i don't know exactly how you reconcile the two. >> reporter: yeah. >> thank you, sir, we'll come back to you. >> >> reporter: think about that. go ahead. if you think about that, look, this is the canon house office building, capitol hill. so much of what they do is regimented. they have committee hearings and schedules and know what side of the issue they are supposed to be on. you have think tanks that put out pieces and issue ideas. one member said to me, we often talk about disruption in silicon valley. donald trump is completely disrupted everything we know. and i think that's part of where ryan is, he's sort of representing the questions that so many of these guys have but
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also there's a little bit of a fear factor of whats around the corner. we never dealt with anything like this before. they all thought they would have until cleveland to come to grips with it and part of the reason there's such a panic, oh, gosh, this happened in may. we thought ted cruz had more life. so it's fascinating. i think you hit the nail right on the head there. >> we'll come back to you in just a moment there, good sir. don't go anywhere. i feel like we should let our viewers know we have five boxes on the screen here. we'll show folks exactly what we're looking at here in washington, d.c., the areas that we have staked out. and you know what -- there they are. so upper right screen you see of course donald trump, the motorcade we just found out that when the meeting concludes he'll hop in the car and he'll head this way. there's a meeting of course with senate gop leaders that will happen at roughly 11:30, 11:45. upper left you see rnc headquarters over on first
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avenue and we also just had a shot of protesters there as well. quite the wild scene that hallie jackson was showing us. mark murray, senior political editor for nbc news and kasie hunt and mark, let me start with you, what can we reasonably expect to come out of the meeting with donald trump and paul ryan? >> i don't think we have answers to that. i think many people think at some point you're going to end up seeing donald trump and paul ryan say they had a productive meeting and able to agree on xy and z but maybe still some disagreement s but have a framework where a relationship can go forward. i'm looking at three different kind of questions we should be able to get from at least in the next couple of days or even today and that is one, does paul ryan endorse donald trump? the fact it's gone a week with donald trump being the presumptive nominee and don't have the house republican speaker endorsing donald trump is an amazing an extraordinary
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development. it's unprecedented since i've been covering politics. the other question, does paul ryan continue to be the chairman of the republican convention in cleveland in july? if you don't see that endorsement soon from paul ryan, the fact that it's very possible that ryan doesn't be the convention chair. thin the third question is, what -- is paul ryan making a play well beyond november? that's if donald trump ends up losing, is paul ryan positioning himself to pick up the pieces or have his own presidential bid in 2020? to me i think we should try to get an answer to those three questions, either today or in the following days but that's what i'm focused on. >> there has been a bit of a development since we started our conversation, mark. we have gotten our first report, first read out, if you will of the meeting. there it is from reince priebus, in the room with the speaker and
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donald trump. the meeting was great. it was a very positive step towards party unity. that just posting a short time ago. it seems as if mark murray, the reason went well. it will be very interesting to hear and see precisely what speaker ryan says about the meeting and some of the questions that he'll be taking when he comes over here to the hill at roughly 11:30. kasie let me bring you into the conversation in terms of uniting the republican party and we heard of course from speaker ryan yesterday that that was his chief objective, how far does this meeting go? how big of a role does this meeting play in uniting a fractured republican party? >> well, it's clearly what paul ryan has been out there saying he needs in part if he is going to get on board with donald trump. i think reince priebus has definitely played a critical role in the establishment --
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what's basically left of the establishment republican party moving to embrace trump. he was on the leading edge the night donald trump became the presumptive nominee. before we started to see hedging from many conservatives and of course from paul ryan. also keep in mind, craig, paul ryan's own experience in being on the national stage. think about where -- how he got to where he is today. it started in many ways of course, with his conservative entitlement plan. that was enough to put him on the national radar to help make him mitt romney's vice presidential pick and becomes speaker of house by insisting he didn't want to do the job until it became clear he could take the job on his terms, and in such a way that it presented as him doing something in the best interest of the party and not evennessly himself. that is quite a fete. i think behind the scenes i'm
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curious, what are conversations like between mitt romney's world and paul ryan's world? is mitt romney encouraging ryan to slow walk what's going on with donald trump? and some of the reporting i've been doing of course, indicates romney's interested in being involved in this race. secondly, i think it's up to trump to convince ryan that he's got the party's interest at heart. i think ryan feels as though he -- ryan himself does of course have those greater interests at heart here. the question can trump convince ryan it's about more than just him, it's about the republican party as a whole, craig? >> the two faces of the republican party meeting behind those doors, roughly a block from where i sit here in washington, d.c. that meeting continues. our coverage will continue as well, mark murray and kasie hunt, a big thanks to you. thousands of tourists are also planning visits to the nation's capitol to capitol hill as well.
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these are our neighbors. these are the people that we work with. that matters to me. i have three children that are going to grow up here and i want them to be able to enjoy all the things that i was able to enjoy. together, we're building a better california. luke russert is at rnc headquarters and luke, i understand that you have -- one of pennsylvania's finest there with you, someone who is not yet sold on donald trump. >> reporter: that's right, craig, i'm here with the congressman from pennsylvania, charlie dent and we were just talking off camera. you had a very interesting comment, the breakdown in the conference right now in regard to trumg p, how do you see it? >> two types of people who
7:22 am
raised concerns about donald trump, those on the hard right concerned about donald trump's lack of idealogical disciplinary maturity. there are others concerned about the lack of policy substance, few policy positions and often conflicting or contradictory policy positions, the few we've seen and very insend dairy comments on disabled, muslim, hispanic, et cetera. >> reporter: what does it say -- the congressman from arizona, very conservative and then somebody like yourself come back over here, charlie dent, what does it say that someone can unite both of you from vastly different ends of the republican spectrum against one person? that's got to be worrysome for the future of the party? >> it is a concern. uniter, not a divider, huh?
7:23 am
no, look, it speaks to the level of concern of all members of the conference when a candidate takes these kinds of positions. for me, i may say something positive about donald trump right now, he's kind of lifted back the curtain a little bit, torn back the veil. there was a stereo type that all of the base voters were somehow very idealogically driven, that's not the case. a lot of people who are supporting donald trump understand he is not ideologually on everything and there are a lot of republican primary voters who might be somewhat conservative on some things and less so on others. i think that's what he is exposed within the republican party. >> a sense of willing to do business. you mentioned you have a meeting at 12:30 with house speaker paul ryan. what would you like to hear from him in regards to his meeting with donald trump? >> i had a opportunity to meet with the speaker weekly and we
7:24 am
talk about how to move forward and you know, i'm sure he'll brief us on what's occurring over here and i don't know what he's going to say but i certainly applauded him for what he said last week. i think the concerns he raised were concerns that all of us, that all of us in the republican conference, supportive of donald trump or whether you have reservations, all of us share those concerns about the lack of policy specificity. that's a very big deal. >> the longer this goes on, the worse it is for the party though, if the speaker can't support the nominee. >> clearly the party is not in a good place when many members are having a hard time rallying around the presumptive nominee. it's a tough spot. >> charlie dent from pennsylvania, fascinating insight, a moderate perspective. but his moderate perspective against trump lines up with the conservatives in this conference who have the idealogical purity issues with trump. >> luke, we'll let you continue
7:25 am
to wrangle congressmen. we should let viewers know as well. while luke was talking you probably thought you heard bag pipes because you did in fact hear bag pipes. the protest scene outside the rnc headquarters over on first avenue, that protest continues. you can see that in the upper right side of your screen there. a number of folks who have gathered, we heard from one of those protesters, a dreamer, a short time ago. they have been camped out front. we also saw a number of them moving to where trump's motorcade is. they appear to plan to try and confront the presumptive gop nominee after the meeting. that meeting continues inside between donald trump and reince priebus and members of the house gop leadership as well along with paul ryan. we expect to get somehow of a readout from that meeting when paul ryan heads here to the capitol. we're told that is scheduled for
7:26 am
11:30 but we're told they are running a bit behind schedule. we're hearing a lot about what insiders on the left and right have to say about the meeting, but what about the voters? jacob soboroff outside capitol hill has been talking to visitors in the area about what they think. what are you hearing, sir? >> reporter: hey, craig, just like everybody else, like these people walking up here and people from the capitol visitor center over this way, i'm a visitor, tourist here in washington, d.c. today. it's amazing to think about you wouldn't actually know this giant rnc summit, crucial to the party is going on today if you talk to some of these tourists. i ask people what do you think about the summit and a lot said, i'm not all that sure. let me give you a look what one person said then we'll talk about the other side. take a look at this. >> do you think if donald trump and paul ryan can't patch things
7:27 am
up it will be a problem with republicans in november? >> yeah, it makes people swing towards the democratic side that normally vote -- >> you think they'll go democrat? >> i think it could. >> reporter: what should a united republican party look like? >> everybody on the same page, basically, supporting the nominee. >> reporter: craig, pretty amazing stuff. and the more people you talk to, the more you realize this is something that elites and insiders are focused on quite a bit. when you talk to the average republican they say i do want to see the party patch it up but i'm not sure this is going to be particularly important as far as people coming out and supporting donald trump. i talked to a pair of women up here who had a vague idea what was going on today but they like the message donald trump is putting out there. i'm not so sure they are concerned about the establishment wing of the republican party. we'll talk to folks today and see if anybody has differing
7:28 am
opinions. >> jacob soboroff, thanks. more of our continued coverage with donald trump's meetings with leaders on capitol hill. stay with us. this is msnbc. 100 years ago into a new american century. born with a hunger to fly and a passion to build something better. and what an amazing time it's been, decade after decade of innovation, inspiration and wonder. so, we say thank you america for a century of trust, for the privilege of flying higher and higher, together. ♪ jofor their wedding one searching place
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like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at back live here from washington, d.c., donald trump, the presumptive nominee arrived shortly before 9:30 for the meeting on headquarters over on first avenue. he met initially with house speaker paul ryan and also reince priebus and then they brought in the gop leadership. gop leadership sitting down with donald trump and priebus and ryan as we have this conversation. right now that meeting continues when all is said an done, donald trump will head here to the capitol and spend time in the upper chamber. kelly o'donnell is covering that upcoming meeting with the gop senate leadership in the next
7:32 am
hour. i also understand you have a guest as well. >> one of the things i love about covering the senate is i sometimes bump into some of the senators here and i just did that to jeff sessions of alabama. grabbed him by the elbow. he was kind enough to come over. you were the first senator to endorse donald trump. i'm on the trail and hear him talk about you all the time. and appreciating your support, what do you want your senate republican colleagues to hear from him and what do you think can be accomplished today? >> there's a lot that can be accomplished. there's so much common ground here, i think there's way too much emphasis on smaller issues of difference when the fundamental grounds are common. i have good optimistic views about the meeting and i think we'll continue to build unity. >> unity is the word of the day. is that essential for your senate colleagues who are up for re-election to have a better relationship with the presumptive nominee? >> i think so. i mean, look.
7:33 am
donald trump is bringing in a lot of new voters. bringing in almost a new wave of support. and that's why he's polling so well nationally now. and i do believe that smart republicans need to listen to what the voters are saying and make sure they are hearing their pleas to washington and responding effectively. in other words, that's an advantage when you have a candidate who's adding to the party, bringing in new people. >> he has also been running against washington and come to sort of the belly of the beast in a way. and can he be willing to offer some things to your colleagues here, to paul ryan on the house side and mitch mcconnell and his leadership team, can he give something too? >> he'll certainly listen to the requests people are making and digest that. i'm sure there are many things that he would feel comfortable in working with members on.
7:34 am
so i don't -- i don't sense any big gap here that can't be bridged. and pretty optimistic about that. >> reporter: what kind of time will it take for the party to get more comfortable with trump as a nominee, especially if there are policy difference and even style and personality differences? >> look, you know, political campaigns particularly for republicans are really intense affairs. the republicans are principled people, they love their candidate and they fight for their candidate and it takes a little time to examine the situation and cool down and for voters to move along. it does look look from polling data that the voters are coming together rather rapidly in support of trump. so i'm optimistic about that. >> have you had to defend your support for donald trump as you go about back home or even here in washington? have you gotten nudges from colleagues to say why did you get out on that?
7:35 am
>> not much and i think i know why because they know that this is consistent with the principles and policies i've been advocating for several years. i believe we need a lawful system of immigration that serves the interest of the american people. i believe the trade agreements that i have supported in the past have not worked effectively for working americans. and both of those issues pull down wages and i'm hearing -- i supported president bush all along on foreign policy. but i believe donald trump is correct to say we've got to be cautious about nation building and we need to be more careful about that. in all three of those big issues, i believe that's what i've been saying for a long time, recommending that our party advocate more clearly and trump got out in front on those and went to the top. >> i have one last question. you have sort of given some of your staff, steve miller who is now working for trump.
7:36 am
trump is having a hard time hiring people in the republican party. can you put a message out for staffers, for people who could work on the campaign, they are behind in hiring? >> well, they've had the leanest campaign from the beginning. it's incredibly lean and effective and decisive campaign which shows something about good leadership -- >> there are people afraid to work for trump -- >> there may be -- i think he'll be adding people. certainly people like steven miller that worked for me before, just a fabulous addition to the team. they've been incredibly effective. but it will need to be expanded as we go forward and good talent is needed and people are being talked to now that i think would be great additions to the team. >> reporter: thank you for your time. i really appreciate it. you were say good sport. i literally grabbed him by the elbow. thank you, senator sessions. craig, we'll toss it back to you. senator sessions has been
7:37 am
supporting donald trump and been an ambassador for the trump campaign. >> we always appreciate your hustle. good to see you, my friend. much more of our continuing coverage of donald trump's meetings with republican leaders here on capitol hill. we heard the alabama senator talk about trade and also spending time there talking about immigration as well. the substance tif differences, there are a number of them. up next the future of the republican party at stake. if trump loses this election is paul ryan the guy who has to rebuild the gop? what would that mean for his political future? we'll talk about that next. hose diabetic nerve pain... shoots and burns its way into your day, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain
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7:41 am
reince priebus and leaders were inside the building. katy tur out back where folks are expected to heads to their respective motorcades in just a bit. katy tur, what can you tell us? >> basically just that right now, the meeting has wrapped up, donald trump is expected to leave here pretty soon to make his way to the senate meeting which will be held across town. not clear so far what that meeting -- the meetings they just finished, what they consisted of. we do know paul ryan tweeted it was a good meeting, which is not very substantial but we're expecting to find out a little bit more in the coming minutes. there could even be a presser or two to let the press know exactly what happened and whether they were able to come to any agreement on any issues or if this was basically just as expected, a meeting for the two men and donald trump to get to know house leadership. this is a big day for trump. he's been the presumptive nominee for a little over a week
7:42 am
now. he hasn't had strong ties to the republican party. he has not been a politician until now. so in order for him to move forward with the party, these meetings are taking place so they can all try and get on the same page. donald trump is an untraditional candidate and hasn't been running by any stretch of the imagination, a traditional campaign. he's been angering a lot of folks in washington by saying they are all beholden to special interest. even paul ryan in february, he trashed him for 2012 and running with romney and basically saying that he is going to cut entitlements. he mentioned that infamous commercial where the grandma in the wheelchair is being pushed off of a cliff. the two men have a history although not necessarily a good history, whether today's meeting was enough to fix all of that, i don't think anybody is expecting that but they do believe it is the first step to move forward and to try and build a
7:43 am
relationship, get on the same page. the one thing donald trump has that people so unease about him, the fact he's unpredictable. he could say one thing in the meeting today and go back on it in a week or two weeks or six months before the election. they are trying to figure out if they can nail him down on a few core republican issues, things like abortion. things like immigration, muslim ban, entitlements and thaey'll try to see if he'll commit to changing his tone on the campaign trail. is this going to be solved today? i don't think anybody is expecting that. >> in terms of who was in that meeting, priebus was there and paul ryan was there and using the term gop leadership. specific names or do we know precisely who was there? >> reporter: we do know. we know that the majority leader kevin mccarthy was there and paul ryan was there as well as reince priebus. a number of folks, including
7:44 am
mitch mcconnell. the whose who on the hill and who he has to figure out how to convince. >> you can see protesters continuing there in front of the rnc head quarters on first avenue here in southeast d.c. hallie jackson is with those protesters who as i understand it are once again on the move. >> reporter: yeah, hey, craig, we're walking with this small group of protesters, only a dozen out here, they are heading to the nrsc, where the meeting between trump and mitch mcconnell and rest of the senate leadership will be happening, a group of eight to ten people. we passed one of the media scrum and the action moving over to capitol hill which is where we're headed. and then after that over to the nrsc as well. i'm with one of the leaders of this protest group. tell me why you're out here today. >> we're out here today to let
7:45 am
the gop know they are dead to our community and donald trump is a the final nail on the coffin. >> reporter: did you expect more of a turnout? you're vastly outnumbered by the media. >> we're very sure group and filled with many organizations fighting on behalf of our community and we're here representing 11 million people strongly. >> reporter: critics would say this may not be an effect i have been way to get your message out given that trump hasn't come out to see you, is this an isktive way? >> one of the main goals to let our community to know we'll fight back regardless of what it is. they are listening and they are aware we're here and that's a very useful tactic we have been doing. we're here to let them know we'll hold them accountable. >> reporter: thank you. from the group united we dream action. immigration has been an issue that donald trump has run on and propelled him to success in the primaries but also an issue on which the gop is divided.
7:46 am
that intraparty tension between donald trump's policies and d d donald trump's proposals and where the party is from a platform perspective. not just with house leadership but senate leadership as well. broad looks at conservative principles. wanting him to commit to some of these broad conservative principles like limited government and additional talk about bringing republicans together, because of deep divide, on taxes and for example, nato and on foreign policy. there's a number of areas in which trump and some of the base of the party die verge. that is an area we'll need to address, probably starting today. we don't expect that to wrap up as we look for donald trump to come out and speak to folks. as we get ready to chat with speaker ryan set to begin an hour from now. >> hallie jackson on the move
7:47 am
there at the capitol as well. hallie, thanks, i want to bring in rick tyler. former spokesman for the ted cruz presidential campaign. again, i apologize in advance if they do decide to have some sort of impromptu news conference, we'll go to that. paul ryan has just as much at stake as donald trump some could argue. how does his embrace or distancing of donald trump, how does that affect him post election, after november? >> it all depends who's going to win the election. craig, what they've done, paul ryan set the expectations as low as could be. they are saying first step, they are saying it's a good start. the reason is they don't trust donald trump. they think he's unpredictable. these two couldn't be more than 180 degrees out of phase. paul ryan thinks of the republican party as an intellectual party and wants to
7:48 am
be a vehicle for conservative policies and party of substance whose policies can lift america up and grow the economy. he's tackled entitlement reform, path to prosperity, which would balance the budget. this is his vision of how the republican party could grow. he also wanted to include more african-americans, more hispanics and here you have donald trump whose policies are literally 180 degrees out of phase and not particularly substantive. in fact, now he's backed off the muslim ban, you heard that over the last 24 hours and talking about a cut in benefits and increased taxes. in our party, anybody who proposes increases taxes and cutting entitlement benefits, doesn't typically do well. >> how does paul ryan have a hand to play? here you have a guy who is i think 29 contest -- i think he's won 29 so far, picked up millions of votes it would seem
7:49 am
to me donald trump would have the better hand to play. he's saying, look i won. you wanted them and i brought them. you should rally around me. he wants to keep and protect the members of his house similarly mitch mcconnell would want to protect his -- so they have control of the house and senate and feel as though donald trump will somehow be causing their candidates to have to respond to the latest thing that donald trump said. >> if trump blows this thing in november, paul ryan, the guy that's going to have to come and put the party back together, he the guy that picks up the pieces? >> he'll be one of them. he's been an intellectual leader of the party. i don't believe he ever truly wanted to be speaker. he arose there because he's respected by the party to be fair to paul ryan and i know a
7:50 am
lot of conservatives don't like him. to be fair to him, he's done a lot of hard work for entitlement for balancing the budget and doing the things to limit government. he wants to preserve that aspect and have it stand for that. >> good to see you in the flesh. we will take a quick break and much more from our nation's capitol when we come back. i've just arrived in atlanta and i can't wait to start telling peopleow switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, r's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. but i've managed.e crohn's disease is tough, except that managing my symptoms was all i was doing.
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7:53 am
a live look right now, the kara vans have started to assemble there. he will head to the next series of meetings on capitol hill and will meet with a number of gop senate leaders and also we expect -- we expect we'll get somewhat of a readout of what went down inside that meeting over on first avenue. we know it was donald trump and reince priebus and paul ryan and kevin mccarthy we're told was in the room. that's the live look we're getting. donald trump will soon be leaving the gop headquarters and heading here roughly a block. we saw a number of the doors opening there for the folks who were assembled for that meeting. we also have here, erin mcpike
7:54 am
and ed o'keefe with me onset. let me start with you, ed, this visual we'll have throughout the day of donald trump, the new face of the republican party. >> right. >> and paul ryan, who for all practical intents and purposes had been the defacto face for a while. the heart and head, if you will. it's going to be interesting to see how enthusiastically paul ryan embraces donald trump, if he embraces him at all. does he have have a choice though, ed? >> it's beginning to seem like he doesn't, right? members of his caucus are making clear they support him and want him to be a good soldier and deal with it. the problem with ryan, he's been so seeped in the brain of the party if you will, the ideas. his concern is that all of his life's work essentially as a lawmaker and staffer before that as a think tank guy could get ee raised by trump in the next few
7:55 am
months if he starts deviating from what has been party origin originor no dox. >> maybe some discussion of ideas. >> big party leaders do get together. think about the 2008 democratic primary after barack obama beat hillary clinton, bill clinton didn't much like barack obama and those two had to meet and come together but still doesn't like barack obama that much. >> neither obama or clinton spent the entire six months calling the other nars cystsi n cystic or liar. this is different. this is different. >> it's different but here's the other thing paul ryan needs to think about. every two years, on wednesday mornings after primaries, we would see in this building, republicans incumbents in
7:56 am
congress lose their primaries. hanging their heads like what's happening to our party. donald trump figured out what it was going to take to win a republican primary in this climate and he executed. it is as simple as that. >> that's going to do it. that's a good spot to leave it here. good to see you. >> welcome to d.c. >> good to see you as well. thanks for joining us for this hour of msnbc live. i'll see you back here at 1:00 eastern. tamron hall is up next. a busy, busy day here on capitol hill following donald trump's meetings with congressional rpz. we'll continue to follow those meetings throughout the day. speaker paul ryan will be coming here to the capitol to give us a debriefing in just a bit. this is msnbc. some cash back cards are, shall we say, unnecessarily complex. limiting where you can earn bonus cash back... then those places change every few months... plea. it's time you got the
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8:00 am
as you can see by the screen, a very active day in our nation's capitol and all of it focused on the gop's presumptive nominee. we're waiting for donald trump to arrive at the national republican senatorial offices to meet with republican senate leadership. just a few minutes ago trump wrapped up meetings at the rnc headquarters. he was meeting with speaker paul ryan and rnc chairman reince priebus and gop house leadership, this all happening as protesters were voicing disapproval of the candidate. we're continuing to get new information on how the meetings went, including just a short time ago a tweet from reince priebus calling his meeting with trump, a positive step towards party unity. shortly we'll actually hear from speaker ryan, expecting to hear from him this hour when he holds his weekly