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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 12, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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unify. party leaders have labeled today's series of meetings a big success. donald trump and house speaker paul ryan put out a joint statement calling their conversation a positive step toward unification. listen to what the speaker said just a little earlier. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i i believe we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. to bridge the gaps and differences. from here, we're going to go deeper into the policy areas to see where that common ground is. >> but there are questions that still need answers. the speaker was clear this was the beginning of a process, but what's still unclear is where that process will end up. just two and a half months from the republican convention. it has been a crazy day down in washington. our team is spread out across capitol hill bringing us every angle of what came out of today's meetings with donald
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trump. let's start with hallie jackson. she's been trailing paul ryan today. >> reporter: what a wild day on capitol hill. paul ryan coming out after that meeting with donald trump, first the early meeting with chairman reince priebus. ryan has been holdout now. ryan has held off on that. today, we heard him use the word encouraging again and again and talking about the positive steps that today brought as far as the relationship between himself and trump. but part of that, kate, it's not just the principles that ryan has talked about so much. it's also that personality aspect as the two men get to know each other. ryan has said he's only met trump maybe once or twice over the last couple years. he says 30 seconds in march was the most recent one. listen to what he had to say about today's meeting. >> i thought he was very good personality. he's a very warm and genuine person. like i said, i met him for like
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30 seconds in 2012. so we really don't know each other. we started to get to know each other. i actually had a very pleasant exchange with him. >> reporter: while the sense that we are getting at nbc of how these meetings went, trump is beginning to charm the colleagues here on capitol hill, charm fellow republicans. there is still a hard core never trump contingent on the hill. people who have said they would not endorse trump and don't intend to do so. trump has some work to do. house leadership sources are telling nbc news that trump has been invited back, that invitation was extended at the end of this morning's meeting we kathy mcmorris rogers, one of the top house representatives here to meet with the full gop conference, members who say they want to hear from donald trump, all of them, they want to hear from him directly, and we expect that to happen before the convention in july.
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>> i was going to ask you, how quickly does that meeting have to happen. he's on his way back to new york. >> reporter: yeah, he's already gone. we were over at jones day, that law firm, where he held a meeting before he left. presumably -- one of the things you're hearing from folks on capitol hill, is the need for trump to build those relationships and continue to build relationships here. so presumably trump will coming back to washington to continue to build those relationships. >> hallie jackson on one side of capitol hill. before he left, donald trump also met with senate republicans. let's turn to luke russert who's covering that side of things. luke, what do we know about what happened on the senate side? >> reporter: hey there, kate. donald trump did meet with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell and other members. that with the organization
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tasked with keeping the senate and republican hands. there are a number of senators who represent blue states that are a little apprehensive about donald trump. i'm talking about ron johnson of wisconsin, kirk of illinois, kelly in new hampshire. rob portman in ohio. it's fair to say john mccain in arizona could be vulnerable. mitch mcconnell said the meeting was constructive. i had the opportunity to talk to the chairman of the foreign relations committee, bob corker of tennessee, who has been mentioned as a possible trump vp pick about what he understood his colleagues thought of the meeting. take a listen. do you think it's a good step in the right direction? do you think your colleagues are getting to full-on yes with trump? >> i was not in the meeting. i heard comments at lunch. i got the strong sense that everyone who attended really
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felt good about the meeting. so i -- i would settle and say not only did they -- i've never met him, but -- not only did they say they enjoyed the meeting, but they really liked him. so i think -- from what i can tell, the mean, the reports to us today at lunch were very positive. >> reporter: so looks like the charm offensive by donald trump is certainly wooing lawmakers. the number two in the senate leadership tweeting out a picture of himself and donald trump giving the thumbs up. we'll see if those happy thoughts continue all the way to cleveland. >> yeah, we'll see. what about the democrats? i know they also -- they didn't want to be left out of the show today. they held a press conference to get their views out, too. >> reporter: they did. and from all the democrats i've spoken to, they are very excited about this because they believe that donald trump, while he is
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somewhat of a wild card, he is the one they can really run against in a meaningful way, especially in the senate. chuck schumer, he actually was going out of his way to tie mitch mcconnell as well as tie those vulnerable senate republicans i just mentioned to donald trump saying they preach from the same hymnal. so you get a hint at the senate races in november. nancy pelosi did very much the same thing, the paul ryan agenda is the donald trump agenda. they are trying to join those guys at the hip. >> luke, thanks so much. there were three people in this morning's first closed door meeting at rnc headquarters. you've heard from two of them so far. let's hear from the final man in the room, rnc chairman reince priebus. katy tur talked to him one on
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one. >> reporter: i want to ask you a little bit about the meeting. what was the mood like inside it? >> it was positive mood. it was a mood of cooperation and a feeling that it's time to unify the party. and i think both parties wanted to do that. and it was great. it was really a positive step toward unification. >> reporter: what is one issue that paul ryan and donald trump were able to come to an agreement on? >> i'm not going to get into the specifics. i hate to spoil the fun. it was a private meeting, private conversation. certainly everything you're hearing is accurate. it was all positive. >> reporter: there's concern about donald trump flip-flopping on issues, being unpredictable. just yesterday, he talked about enforcing this muslim ban. paul ryan has not supported that idea. had he going to back off of it? >> again, i'm not going to get into the specifics of what was discussed only to say that it
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only can be described as very positive and i think a first step toward the speaker and donald trump working together in unifying the party, but getting to know each other too. >> reporter: why hasn't paul ryan endorsed? >> this thing was supposed to be over a month from now or two months from now. i think everyone was a little caught off guard by how quick it ended. >> reporter: you would not have said that about mitt romney winning in 2012. why hasn't the leader of the republican party come out and said i endorse him? >> i was in the building in 2012. romney was expected to win in the late months of the campaign, it was just a matter of time. and it was totally different. people are being honest about this, okay? no one's spinning you. people didn't think this thing was going to be over two weeks ago. people thought senator cruz was going to at least go to california. i think it threw a few people off. let me just say this. very positive and paul and
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donald trump had great day today and they're going to take it from here. >> reporter: one last question, is donald trump going to get in line with the republican platform as it stands now or are you going to have a new one come the convention? >> look, he's in line with the platform. there's never 100% unanimity in anything. most of us don't agree with our own spouses 100% of the time. reagan said, my 80% friend is not my 20% enemy. we believe that. >> joining me by phone, mark halprin. we played sound of speaker ryan answering your question. sometimes it's different when you're in the room. so i want to start by asking you, what was the sense in the room? did you get the sense that it really was a positive meeting and that he really dislike donald trump? >> yes, the positive meeting. i can't say i'm 100% sure that he likes him all that much, but
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i don't think he dislikes him. the fact that reince priebus was there as a bridge and a broker, you heard him there with katy being very careful in his words. he recognizes that this is a big part of his responsibility and he's lucky to end up with a speaker of the house, a very close friend of his, and he's been dealing with trump for a long time. on the question of what was different in the room, i think ryan clearly understands that room is a very big room in the capitol visitor's center. ryan walked in and noted that normally not every seat is taken and every seat was taken. this was one of the highest profile moments of his speakership. he started out talking about the legislation the house has passed to deal with drug abuse clearly knowing that that was not going to be the topic that reporters want to ask about. to me, the biggest thing is, a number of committee chairs come out for trump to support trump and i think ryan recognizes that he is the person now who has got
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the most leverage in trying to bring trump around the way he wants to go. clearly in his answer to my question, ryan wanted the message out of this meeting to accentuate the positive. he wanted to deal with turning the skepticism towards the positive. >> and not an accident that he comes out knowing that the world is watching and going to be on cable networks and talking about opioid prescription drugs and the epidemic in this country. that's kind of unusual to hear that get such a stage. >> that's right. >> why would he not just come out and endorse donald trump today? as much as he said nice things, he's still holding on. >> this has been the fascinating thing. you have the bushes almost immediately say that they would not endorse him. other than that with the exception of mitt romney which i'll get to a moment, you've had most people moving towards
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saying they will support him. it is pretty extraordinary now to think about four years ago now the ticket of romney/ryan are in totally different places. romney still very much the leader of the never trump movement since the bushes are doing it quietly and ryan now i think using this moment to move towards trump, to keep people from being too critical of him for not embracing him, but recognizing in his view that the more he holds out, the more possible it is that trump not only has a better chance to win in his view if trump becomes a slightly different kind of candidate, by from ryan's point of view, this is a guy he will have to govern with, compromise with, make deals with. i think ryan doesn't want to endorse until he gets a better sense that trump will be a strong general election candidate and a partner in the kind of legislation that ryan would like to pass. that's why he's in the job he's in, to get things done. >> i'm going to put you on the spot a little bit, i apologize.
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donald trump left capitol hill and went over to the jones day law firm which is the firm that represents donald trump. was he just having meetings with his lawyers or was there some other secret meeting this afternoon? >> well, there's certainly a lot of buzz in washington that he might be meeting with one of the possible people who would be on the ticket with him. the reality is, one of the facts of life are donald trump who's not been in politics very long is he does not have close relations with some of the people being talked about to be on the ticket with him. he's been friends with chris christie for a long time, but some of the other people are virtual strangers to him. even if he went to the meeting with such a person today, we don't know for sure, i wouldn't be surprised if over the next few days and weeks he does have secret meetings with people to try to get a sense of, is this someone i want on the ticket. if he wins, there's a -- four years and trump's made it clear he's going to invest a lot of authority in his vice president
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to deal with capitol hill. >> mark halprin, thanks to much. mark jetted down to washington and he's on his way back to new york. thanks for being with us on the phone. after the break, we take to a congressman who endorsed donald trump despite his boss, hoist speaker paul ryan, avoiding that endorsement today. does he think this party unity we keep hearing about is actually on the horizon? quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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our mission is to build homes, community and hope. our homeowners are low-income families, so the ability for them to have lower energy cost is wonderful. we have been able to provide about 600 families with solar on their homes. that's over nine and a half million dollars of investment by pg&e, and that allows us to provide clean energy for everyone here. it's been a great partnership. together, we're building a better california. back now on very busy day in washington. house speaker paul ryan says today's meeting with donald trump was the beginning of a process to unite the republican party. i'm joined now by congressman bill shoouser. he endorsed donald trump back in
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late april. >> thanks for having me. >> you're in an interesting position here. you've endorsed donald trump. but you've also got your house leader, you've got paul ryan not coming out and endorsing him today. the speaker said he thought there was progress to be made, but he wasn't ready to endorse. are you happy with that answer? >> yes, i think it was very, very positive what occurred today. let's look at this and face the reality. this was a bruising primary that many people thought, including myself, thought this was going to go on another couple weeks. it's over now. i think it's appropriate for the speaker of the house to want to sit down and talk to the presumptive nominee. >> but if it's over now, why can't he just endorse? >> i think he needs to sit down and they get to know each other. i don't think there's anything wrong with it. it's been a bruising primary. i think today was a very positive step. i have all the confidence in the world that we are going to have
12:19 pm
a united republican party going into the convention. it has to happen. if we want to elect a republican person, we have to support donald trump. >> let me play a bit of sound from earlier. this was paul ryan when asked why not endorse today. >> the process of unifying the republican party, which just finished primary about a week ago, perhaps one of the most divisive primaries in memory takes some time. >> so he's saying what you were saying, it's going to take some time. as you just mentioned, you've got two and a half months until the convention in july. don't you need to move pretty quickly? >> i think they will move quickly. the primary season basically just ended a week ago. it's going to take some time, and i don't think it's going to take a lot of time. we will start to come together even more so than we have.
12:20 pm
paul is doing the absolute appropriate thing. sitting down, talking to the presumptive nominee as the highest ranking republican in government. i think it's completely appropriate. i'm convinced we will come together. >> give us a sense for how many people feel like you versus how many feel like they want to unification to happen faster. because yesterday we had a source tell us, there were five or six members, republicans like you who stood up and said things to paul ryan, who said they didn't appreciate his position. >> i don't believe there's a big division. in our conference of republicans in the house, we have differing views on many different issues and this is another one of those. i think at the end, you will see us pull together and work to get donald trump elected president. he's going to come to washington and shake things up, which needs to happen. i look forward to having a president in the white house to change this government and get the country back on a positive
12:21 pm
course. >> you've been congress since twun. you replaced your dad, who by the way, i used to cover when i was a congressional correspondent. i've driven through your part of pennsylvania a lot. i know that whole area. is donald trump so popular there that you have no problem with your endorsement in terms of your own reelection? >> donald trump won my district in the primary by 63% of the vote. we've had significant numbers of democrats switch parties, a lot of it because they wanted to vote for donald trump. i think he's going to win my district of course in the general election, but i think he puts pennsylvania in play. and it's going to make pennsylvania front and center in getting to the white house. so i'm looking forward to it. i'm excited about it and i think he's going to have tremendous support in pennsylvania. >> nice to have you with us on a disease d busy day. thanks so much. >> let's go to a man who has
12:22 pm
said he will never, ever, ever support donald trump. charlie sykes. conservative radio host. nice to see you again. >> nice to be back. >> you've been listening. you heard what the congressman just before said. saying don't worry, we're all going to get together and be ready for the convention. to that, you say? >> you know, lots of happy talk today. but there's a long way to go. in order to make donald trump really acceptable to much of the republican party and the conservative movement, you have to change two things. his character and his principles. what paul ryan is doing is absolutely the right thing. he's not getting on the train without determining where that trap's going. he's trying to salvage a pretty horrifically bad situation for republicans by at least trying to draw donald trump into letting us know what kind of candidate is he going to be.
12:23 pm
does he actually have principles, is he going to change the tone of his campaign. if he doesn't do those things, then this thing is going to be an absolute train wreck. what paul ryan is doing is absolutely the right thing. here's the real big question. let's say that donald trump tells paul ryan, yes, i'm with your agenda on all of these points, how do you know he's going to stick with it? how do you know what he says on wednesday is the same on tuesday and you're only one tweet away from the whole thing blowing up anyway? >> i know you like paul ryan. >> very much so. >> he's your guy. you're friends with him. are you 100% behind what he's doing here? should he have been perhaps pushing donald trump even harder than he did in terms of trying to get trump to come back toward the republican mainstream? >> well, we don't know what went on in that meeting. 45 minutes a not a lot of time. that's less than you'd spend eating lunch. i understand what paul ryan has
12:24 pm
to do. he is the speaker of the house of representatives and he has to limit the losses of his own members. that's number one. he's also the intellectual leader of the conservative movement. i think it's important for him to articulate the fact there are principles that we believe in, bedrock principles that we need to run on. you don't want two liberal democrats running against one another. he is in a ridiculously difficult position. this is a dilemma for him. >> you could argue that the voters are not with you and paul ryan who have the conservative agenda in many ways, a lot of what donald trump is saying is anat ma to traditional conservative policies, especially when it comes to the budget. >> sometimes you have principles that aren't necessarily popular. i understand that donald trump won this nomination. here in wisconsin, paul ryan still has the voters with him. he has about 79% approval rating
12:25 pm
in his own district. there are some bedrock principles we don't abandon simply because of a primary election. you don't blow with the wind. and this is -- there's a short-term problem of getting through this campaign and then there's the long-term problem of the branding of conservatism. what do we stand for? do we abandon all of these beliefs simply because donald trump got 40% of the republican vote? i don't think so. i don't think that prr simply folds his at the same time. he is the polar opposite of donald trump in the sense that he actually is deeply interested in policy. >> did you hear reince priebus, the head of the republican national committee, telling katy tur he believes donald trump really is in line with the republican platform? >> you know what, i -- i really want some of what reince is smoking these days. it would be helpful. look, donald trump -- it's not
12:26 pm
whether donald trump is a liberal or conservative. he's a man without any principles, which maybe is the opportunity for paul ryan to persuade him because he is malleable, perhaps what paul ryan can do is explain to him what conservatives actually believe, explain to him the kind of issues he could run on. that's what jack kemp did with ronald reagan. maybe they could play a similar role. >> we're just getting word that james baker apparently was in that meeting that we saw trump head off to when he left capitol hill and went to the jones day law firm. just reporting that james baker, the former chief of staff to ronald reagan and george h.w. bush. what does that tell you. if he was there, can we read those tea leaves? >> i don't want to read too many tea leaves into this except that the republican establishment is apparently ready to rollover to the guy that rolled over for
12:27 pm
them. whatever this process is, i think at least on the surface, you're going to have people falling into line with the exception of mitt romney and the bushes on all of this. this doesn't change the central dynamic that donald trump is still -- >> can i ask a crazy question? is it possible that james baker would be considered as a vice presidential running mate? >> well, that would be interesting wouldn't it? >> just asking. >> very interesting year. that would be an -- that would be -- >> donald trump has said he wants someone with experience and policy experience and someone who can talk to law makesers and get things done on capitol hill. >> well, sarah palin's available. >> we'll leave it at that. charlie sykes, thank you so much. up next, we're going down ballot. what affect will trump have on those tight november races where a number of republicans are in jeopardy of losing their stronghold? intelligent one.
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>> it has been such an active day in our nation's capital. while there's been all that action happening in washington, there are of course democrats running for the white house too. hillary clinton held an event in new york city earlier in brooklyn and bernie sanders is holding three events today in south dakota. bernie sanders paid his first ever visit to mount rushmore in south dakota today. sanders was almost giddy with excitement while he was there. the senator took a few moments to speak to the press. >> who could imagine that people can be up there sculpting in an extraordinary way those faces in that steep mountain. >> senator, can you envision yourself up there one day? >> you think there's a location right to lincoln's right? i see some spots. but this is just extraordinary. it's a good day to be an
12:32 pm
american and something we should be very, very proud of. >> it is a spectacular place. we have both democratic candidates covered today. let's start with hillary clinton. she continues to push forward to the general election. her campaign is trying to highlight the gop split by retweeting this video. >> i am is unifier. we're going to be a unified party. >> he's a con artist. >> a phony. >> donald trump is the know nothing candidate. >> donald is a bully. >> that video published the day trump became the presumptive nominee, just one week ago. kristen welker covers the clinton campaign. she joins me now from washington. the never trump campaign out today as well with a demand for trump to release his taxes, that comes after hillary clinton again last night went after him hard on that question, demanding that he release them.
12:33 pm
>> that's right, kate. i think you can anticipate to see this tactic taken by secretary clinton. the campaign seeing an opening here. yesterday, was the first day that she forcefully called for him to release his taxes. making the point that she has released 33 years of her taxs. >> when you run for president, especially when you become the nominee, that kind of expected. my husband and i have released 33 years of tax returns. we got eight years on our website right now. so you got to ask yourself, why doesn't he want to release them. yeah, well we're going to find out. >> clinton campaign officials tell me they are going to keep using this issue to try to cast a cloud over donald trump. you heard secretary clinton there saying what is he hiding. that's the type of language we can anticipate hearing. she is also keeping her sights on capitol hill and the campaign today not surprisingly pointing
12:34 pm
to the fact that paul ryan has not yet endorsed donald trump. let me read from a statement they released earlier today. today, speaker ryan met with donald trump, but he wasn't swayed by the nominee as he again refused to endorse him. so this is something that they are clearly going to continue to try to capitalize on, kate. but she continues to fight her own primary. of course senator sanders just had that win earlier this week in west virginia. she's putting a lot of resources and a lot of time into kentucky. i think we can anticipate seeing her there again before voters go to the polls on tuesday. i'm also told they are going to aggressively campaign in california as she tries to officially clench this campaign in. >> bernie sanders campaigning in south dakota. part f of his effort to visit all 50 states. today, he got a boost from the
12:35 pm
"wall street journal," read in part, mrs. clinton has proven to be a lousy candidate. mr. trump is probably the weakest candidate republicans could nominate. yet could mrs. clinton be the one democrat who could lose to mr. trump? maybe democrats should consider a contested convention. let's turn to kris january sing. that op-ed had to catch the campaign's attention? >> reporter: that's the kind of thing that they've been making an argument about for a long time. it really focused on the super delegates and the whole idea that if it was a more equal playing field, what bernie sanders has been arguing, if you look at the pledge delegates, those are the ones awarded as you well know why the voters, that it would be a much tighter race as opposed to the super delegates many of whom committed to hillary clinton even before anybody else was in the race. on the other hand, there was another piece. this one was in the "washington
12:36 pm
post" by somebody who used to work for john kerry. he made the opposite argument that bernie sanders is the zombie candidate. he is the walking dead wreaking havoc on hillary clinton and the democrats' chances to win the nomination. so there was a very tightly worded fundraising e-mail that went out from jeff weaver for bernie sanders who said in fact that he would be courting disaster by nominating hillary clinton, not because he says hillary clinton's a disaster, but because and again, the center point of bernie sanders' argument that he is the better candidate to beat donald trump. thwarting disaster by allowing trump to be elected president. we're on the road in south dakota. it may not seem like the place you would spend a day if you were managing a campaign and heading toward california. if bernie sanders is to have a
12:37 pm
chance to really climb that uphill vertical climb and mount a challenge delegate-wise to hillary clinton, but he has committed to visiting all the states that are still left. he believes he has a real chance to win a majority of the remaining primaries. while yesterday we were in oregon, montana and ended up the day in south dakota. today, we're in south dakota, we'll end up in north dakota. and so on it goes until that big primary june 7th in california, kate. >> and let me ask you one thing about that. we heard kristen welker talking about ad spending. i understand that now the sanders campaign is saying they won't spend additionally on ads in the state of california? >> reporter: right now, they have about a half million dollars they've spent in cable ads in oregon and california. they don't have any plans right now to add to it. we've talked lot about the fact that last month, fundraising was down. they've also made a decision they're going to do a lot of
12:38 pm
barnstorming, spend time in the places that would be very friendly to bernie sanders. also, as you all know, kate, california is an extraordinarily expensive place to run a television campaign. in 2008, hillary clinton and barack obama spent more than $10 million combined. so they're pretty much laying off in california. hillary clinton obviously saving her money, she believes, for the general election. bernie sanders who's putting his money elsewhere. you're going to see a lot of bernie sanders traveling to california as we get closer to that race. >> all right. i don't know if you've been to all those states before, but, man, you're checking off your bucket list. >> reporter: can i tell you -- >> tell me. >> reporter: i don't know if anybody told you this. this is my 49th state. we're going to be in forgo tonight, my 50th state. >> excellent. all right.
12:39 pm
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everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. following a lot of developments in the newsroom today. steve kornacki with here with me. we've just learned that james baker, senior statesman, long-time member of the gop establishment was seen at this meeting with donald trump after he left capitol hill and went over to the jones day law firm. this is a guy we were just talking, this was a guy who was secretary of state, secretary of treasury, chief of staff. he's in his 80s now. is he advising donald trump do we think? >> it would be a surprise if there's any connection here at this point because james baker is about as close to the bush
12:43 pm
family as you can get. he was george bush 41's close friend and confidant going way back to their texas days back in 1980. it was jim baker who helped him team up with ronald reagan. it was jim baker who ran the legal strategy for the bush campaign, lot of people say got george w. bush into the presidency. if there's any kind of a move there on the part of somebody like baker moving towards trump's direction at all, that's noteworthy just given his ties to the family that trump has savaged in this campaign. >> bush said again, i'm not going anywhere near donald trump, not even a paper endorsement from jeb bush. >> you have the realists, the realist camp in the republican party of foreign policy.
12:44 pm
a lot of people thought maybe there was distance created between jim baker and the bush family because of the foreign policy that george w. bush pursued. james baker wasn't as eager for affirmation after the 9/11 attacks. baker was on capitol hill today and it came up marco rubio actually asked a question at this hearing, james baker was testifying on foreign policy. rubio asked about one of trump's proposals, which is basically, do we really need nato anymore. that's something trump has been introducing into this campaign. baker at this hearing said that would be a disaster. in terms of that one policy item, jim baker separating himself from trump. but, no, the fact that he's at this meeting, that's our reporting, i don't know what was said there, i don't know what it means. the fact that he's there alone, very interesting. >> oh, to be a fly on the wall at that meeting. we learned that lindsay graham
12:45 pm
had a phone call with donald trump today. >> he talked about 15 minutes on the phone with donald trump saying it was a cordial conversation. saying he talked about his assessment with the situation with isis right now. he reiterated at the end he's not in a position right now where he's endorsing donald trump. when you look at what's been said between donald trump and lindsay graham, donald trump has had probably -- i don't know that he attacked one of those 16 opponents harsher. >> and vice versa. >> certainly reciprocated. graham was once joking about ted cruz being murdered on the floor of the u.s. senate and ended up endorsing ted cruz. if he could overcome that kind of a thing, i guess anything's possible. >> steve, thanks so much. up next, we're going to go jake walking. jake is down in washington,
12:46 pm
d.c., hitting the streets checking in with the tourists visiting our nation's capitol today. >> reporter: you know what's going on here today? >> no. >> reporter: there's a couple people meeting. any guesses? >> house, senate. >> reporter: important guy from the house. >> president? >> reporter: he speaks for the house. the speaker of the house. yeah. and a presidential candidate. >> oh, i heard donald trump. you are working with humana and your doctor to maintain your health. because in 5 days, 10 hours and 2 minutes you are going to be 67. and on that day you will walk into a room where 15 people will be waiting... 12 behind the sofa, 2 behind the table and 1 and a half behind a curtain. family: surprise! but only one of them will make a life long dream come true. great things are ahead of you when your health is ready for them. at humana, we can help you with a personalized plan for your health for years to come. ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen.
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12:49 pm
you've been to my place. no, i wasn't...oh look, you dropped something. it's your resume with a 20 dollar bill taped to it. that's weird. you want to work for ge too. hahaha, what? well we're always looking for developers who are up for big world changing challenges like making planes, trains and hospitals run better. why don't you check your new watch and tell me what time i should be there. oh, i don't hire people. i'm a developer. i'm gonna need monday off. again, not my call. here was the scene in washington, d.c., on capitol hill today. hundreds of protestors showed up to be outside rnc headquarters this morning. going on inside, the highly anticipated meeting between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. outside, a medium scrum, plus kind of a potpourri of people.
12:50 pm
jacob is jake walking in d.c. today. you're over by -- right by the capitol building. are the folks you're talking to even aware of what's going on?k they are not. there have been tour groups around here walking around all day. thousands of people have come around the capitol building today, and most of the folks that i talked to, despite a huge amount of media attention on this and a huge amount of attention from the party elites and frankly on both sides of the aisle, this is not really something that people are paying that close attention to, though i did grab one gentleman in the middle of his morning-afternoon run to think what he thought and tell mow what he was thinking. >> a lot is happening behind closed doors and we'll see what comes to life in their meetings. obviously, you know, ryan is having his -- you know, he's publicly expressed his opinion on what he feels about trump. >> doesn't want to endorse him. >> not yet, not yet, see if that comes to light after this
12:51 pm
meeting but obviously there's going to be more headwinds moving forward. >> if you're paul ryan and you're not endorsing, you're holding out, what are you holding out for? what does he want out of this thing? >> i mean, i think that's everybody's question right. obviously politically there's a lot of, you know, a lot of just impact moving forward obviously with the rest of his career so i guess we'll see. >> reporter: this gentlemen, kate, was keenly aware of what is going on and what paul ryan stands to gain from this include clout going perhaps into 2020 and that presidential race but not unlike the stop trump movement, and weave talked about this before. a lot of folks in washington and folks in the media are paying close attention to but not necessarily the voters on the ground, especially the ones that are diehard trump fans and i met some of those out here, too. >> jacob, thanks. after the break, it's never too soon to talk veepstakes. we'll hear from a former vice president himself, dan quayle on
12:52 pm
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while republican leaders focus on party unity heading into the convention, we are staying on veep watch as well. donald trump still narrowing his list of potential running mates. former vice president dan quayle in an exclusive interview on
12:56 pm
"today" offered up this suggestion for vice president this morning. >> presidential candidate should be? >> rob portman, senator from ohio, be a great choice, man of stature, substance. you pick him, that's the way he's going to govern. rob portman. >> funny he should say that. i put that hypothetical question to the senator just yesterday, and here was rob partman's reaction. if he came to you and said i want you on the ticket. i need you on the ticket? >> no. >> no? >> point blank. >> because, you know, i'm running my own race in ohio right now. we have a senate race in ohio. i'm in the middle of that. i love representing my state. >> a tight race in ohio right now. >> that's what i signed up for. >> that was a no in case you didn't hear it. that does it for me this hour. see you back here tomorrow 3:00 eastern. my colleague chris hayes picks up our coverage right after this. little miss muet sat on a tuffet eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home
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good afternoon. i'm chris hayes in new york. donald trump is on his way home from the u.s. capitol of huddling with top washington republicans today. this morning's main event, a closed-door meeting with house speaker paul ryan and rnc reince priebus. for his part, trump tweeted out, of course, earlier great day in d.c. with speaker ryan and republican leadership. things working out really well, exclamation point. even this afternoon ryan has yet to endorse the presumptive presidential nominee for his party. he did say earlier he was encouraged by their conversation. >> i think this is going in a positive direction, and i think this is a first very encouraging meeting, but, again, in 45 minutes you don't litigate all of the processes and all of the issues and principles that we're talking about. >> to help us break down everything that happened on this very busy thursday in the nation's capital joined by a of nbc reporters hallie jackson and