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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 20, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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crash. >> so far we have no claims of responsibility or evidence that that was an intentional act. the fbi is working with our partner around world to get a better understanding of what happened. >> unpopularity contest, new poll number showing the likely presidential opponents are the least liked in history. who is qualified for president, he said not the other. >> hillary says some things and i said some things and i go back to work and i have a lot of fun. she got horrible judgment. >> i know how hard this job is and i know we need steadiness and as well as strengths and smarts in it. he's not qualified to be president of the united states. >> dying wish, a former senator apologized to muslims from his death bed for the words of donald trump's. >> he said are there any muslims
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in the hospital. i would like to go to every single one of them apologizing on behalf of the republican party for donald trump. >> good day, i am andrea mitchell, with the latest breaking news on the egyptair craft. it is near sun down at this hour ending another day of intense search across the vast area of the mediterranean where officials lost contact of the airliner. egypt officials told reporters today the wreckage including human remains, seats and luggages have been spotted. there is still to claim of responsibilities. possible terrorist according to u.s. officials. u.s. officials say none of the passengers on a plane were on a terror watch list. joining me now is msnbc's tom costello. take us to what we know and what we don't know and where the investigation is pointed.
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>> we have the greek and the egyptian agree that terror is as likely cause. the plane is flying at a 37,000 feet andrea, don't simply vanished and don't come apart on midair. that would lead them to believe that terror is involved in some fashion. now, you may recall the u.s. intelligence said there was no military, suggesting there is an explosion. there is other data that might suggests that within the intelligence world. in order, different communities and country share information. we talked yesterday to the u.s. >> we have triied to make the world very small, something like this happens, we share information and that process is going on right now. we spent 15 years since
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september 11th building extraordinary capabilities to understand threats and information and share information across law enforcement of the united states and intelligence agencies and countries. >> one big concern is there may have been a back door vulnerability. you are looking at videos in paris where police are showing us their capabilities in term of explosives after the paris attack in november at charles de gaulle airport, at that airport, they had to get rid of 70 employees who had skurecurity badges because of their concerns. the concern about a potential back door vulnerabilities, somebody having access to the airplane or airplane and has the ability and the means to get a weapon on board, that's a
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concern. charles de gaulle has some of the best security in the world. you couple that with other vulnerabilities as other airports don't have good security like charles de gaulle. we are talking about airports in the middle east who don't have that robust of security. you become conservative of where might something of al place on this plane if in fact it was an explosive. that remains a big "if," back to you. >> that tom, because the plane before it went from paris and cairo, it had other immediate stops as well. that more dangerous region of north africa. lets talk about other possibilities. there are two basic possibilities if it is terror. if it is terror, it is either those baggage handlers or it is a vulnerability that the
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passenger got something through the system. american officials are most concerned about that possibility because our technology is the same technology as charles de gaulle, the french and us share the same technology. that would indicate this terrorist group came up with a form of explosives. >> this is not a new phenomenon. we had a somali air bus 320 back in february or march with a hole on the side of that plane and it was somebody smuggled that explosive on board and they believed it was a laptop. if you believe isis, they packed it and they said in a soda can which they emptied out and put a plastic explosive in. >> it was an explosive that brought down that plane, though
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we don't know if it was that kind of explosive. it was great concerns that if you can pack explosives on something so small and it would seen be nnigh that suggests difficult to make sure 100% of the time that a plane or the car go is secure. >> tom costello. thank you very much. >> we turn to the congressman, joining me now from houston. thank you very much, you were on top of all of this. what are you learning and what is your suspicion and i know we have hard evidence. a plane at 37,000 feet not on full-time approach and is at vulnerable stages. >> there are no distress signals
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from the pilots. the mediterranean saw a flame in the sky according to them. i think would point towards the theory that there was an explosion on the aircraft and andrea, when you look at the last point of departure, i was just in cairo last week at that airport inspecting it. they do not have full body scanners. it will not pick up non metallic id. isis brought down a russian airliner. if it was an explosion and a bomb, it could have originate out of cairo of a timer or an inside job. they weeded out seven jihadists
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out of that airport a few weeks ago. i am concerned that this was an act of terrorism. >> in your conversations with other officials are there steps being taken here domestically and foreign destinations to increase security until we know what this is. the biggest threats in the united states are these departure airports are most concerned with. they are targeting aviation obviously, they are still very -- bringing down aircraft as they have done and they would love to do that. i am worried about really the last point of departures. one is kcairo and they go to jf directly. the other one is paris and multiple flights everyday coming to the united states. i can tell you charles de gaulle has the best technology but of this inside job theory, that's
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really hard to stop if you have somebody that's been radicalized and corrupted. in the case of cairo, they have both the technology and deficit. that concerns me even more. these are both, i think real threats to the security of americans here at home. >> do you have any concerns in your meetings with tsa before this crash happens that the pressure, the public pressure about security lines and the end less of days and all of that bad publicity they have been getting may force them to cut corners or be careless? >> yeah, of course, after the terrorist attack and tsa ramped up their screening and they had a 95% radar. we do not want to compromise the security of americans on airplanes, however, we are
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looking at next week of the tsa administrator will be testifying before my committee. the legislation we plan to introduce next week to address the alliance situation by overtime pay and redirecting personnel to where they are most needed and also by really talking with more flexibility to the airlines and airport authorities themselves. i met with them last week and they said tsa has little contact with them about where tsa officers need to be at the right time. that would fix a lot of these problems. >> mike mccall, thank you very much for being with us. >> up next, coming home, republicans finally rallying around the presumptive nominee. new polls. on "andrea mitchell reports," only on msnbc. you're like nothing can replace brad.
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in a new york times cbs polls, donald trump's unfavorable rating is 55% and hillary clinton behind it at 52%. >> nearly two-thirds of voters say clinton and trump are not trust worthy and 27% say that donald trump has the right kind of temperament to be president. joining me is mike murphy. if you are working on the trump campaign and you saw these numbers, what would you say? how can you make two candidates that's so known, how do you
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change that brand? >> boy, i would take a stiff drink. i would take some solis, hard for me to imagine this to be a republican and not a hillary clinton fan. the votes between the both 40s number they add and the 50s of the winning in your opinion, 49 49.5 maybe, democrats maybe in tend voting for hillary clinton. although the washington leadership class republican party is inching towards trump, there are interesting things about these numbers. she owes some kind of doubt about trump. they don't trust them and if you look internally, the republican numbers are divided than the democratic number which is a bad sign. to win a republican needs to get about 95% of republicans and win
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independence and scoop up a few conservative democrats. although it looks like seven or eight point race, trump is sitting there at 41 and the nine point between that and winning for him is as steep climb. her strategy going out yesterday and just hammering him, i mean -- he's not qualified and going point by point, she's taking a risk there because she's being so negative but trying to drive up is negatives to say he's to risky and untrust worthy. with the clinton people, all you have to do is fix hillary which is maybe unfixable. they got to do with her numbers and turning her into hillary-esque version of trump. i don't think is the path forward. i am surprised for being so tough on bernie sanders. one, he's not going away as a
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figure of great strengths in the democratic party. she got the delegates to be nominee. she got to be killing him with kindness. this thing is like a pool party, you got to wait until the beer run out before anybody going home. the beer will run out in early june and take a look at unifying the party. there are a few things she can do now to help set that up. >> in the last year when we saw donald trump's tax returns 1981 ba because of a ruling and gambling became legalized in new jersey. he paid no taxes. could that be one of the reasons why he does not want to disclose any of these back taxes and the working class and middle class guys that he's appealing to may
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not like the fact that he does not pay income tax. >> we know he got a black belt of cutting corners in business and creditors. there is no surprise he's fighting to keep his tax a secret. there is an enormous problem there. he joked that he could murder somebody and still get elected president. he thinks his taxes are worse than murder because they are one thing for some reason he won't release it. it is clearly a problem there if he releases them. >> in the meeting bob corker, there is indication that there could be thpart of the vetting r the vice president. that would be a good pick in terms of slolidifying his experience. >> on paper it is. the problem is you become kind of the side kick to you know ahmad man, i have a lot of respect for senator corker and i always thought it wise to sign
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on a sucker deal like that. we'll see what happens. the party accomplishment is inching its way to donald trump. the fact that two-thirds for trump to be unfit for president. it could be undone if trump implodes more. we got a lot of campaign to come. >> can he win you over? >> i will never vote for trump. i am going to run in somebody. i am hoping that mit romney of another republican voice of all the damages this guy is going to do. >> mike murphy, thanks so much. >> coming up, republican senator, bob bennett has one final week of the last day of his life, it had to do with donald trump. i talked to his son jim who'll be with us next right here on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. if you have allergy congestion muddling through your morning is nothing new.
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bob bennett is the epiphany of utah. he was hired for big heart and big ideas. he died at his home. complications from cardiac cancer and a stroke. he expressed to jim, his son of his specific dying wish. i spoke to jim. please watch. >> he was concerned of a number of things and it was startling to me. in the hospital he was talking to me and my mother and he said is there any muslims in the hospital and i sure there are dad. he said i would like go to up and apologize to everyone on
9:24 am
behalf of the republican party to apologize for trump. he would bring it up. he brought it up in a phone interview that he had here and it was difficult for him to talk. he was struggling with the effe effects of the stroke. there are a lot of muslims out here and they are wonderful. they were not quite sure of the context and i had to explain what he had said at the hospital. that was something that was a deep concern to him not just in his dying days but the last few months of his life. my mother talks about him coming home for christmas and salt lake city and seeing a woman at the airport who went up to, i would like to apologize on behalf of the republican party. this was a concern to him even before the stroke that ended up and taking his life. >> the woman at the airport was
9:25 am
wearing a hishab, i understand? >> that's correct. >> was part of this informed by his women faith of t? >> i think so, the church has put a tremendous amount of focus on support or refugees. the general conversation had many speakers were talking to reaching out to refugees. my father felt strongly that was something that was essential for everybody to do. i think he linked that kind of -- the need to help refugees with the need to be inclusive to muslims. i think his distaste for the kind of rhetoric of the trump campaign and trump himself over the course of the last few months.
9:26 am
>> your father is as lifelong republican and a pillar of the republican establishments for decades and decades in your family. >> yeah, he was honored. he stood up and said i have been a republican all his life. the tea party is the one that calls me the rhino, they're the rhino, i have been a republican all my life. >> that's absolutely true. he was a reliable conservative and a principle extensive activity, he was really distraught of the turn the party is taking at this late in the campaign. >> in your father's last year as he was diagnosed with cancer and seeing what was happening to the party, how did -- how often did he talk about this and how important was it to him of the muslim ban? >> sure, it is interesting because my father was extraordinary happy. he said several times to me he should have done his six years
9:27 am
career. enjoy the fact that he did not have opinions on everything and he was not following everything closely. but, the same time there were hot buttons that really, he really got passion about and this is one of them. this is the top of the list. when he was in the senate, immigration reforms were very important to him and the rhetoric of building the wall and all that kind of thing rubbed him the wrong way. i think this was parceled with that. there were elements of what was happening in the world were important for him to comment on. the day-to-day horse race following politics was not something that consumed him after he left. i think he was grateful for that. >> we are grateful for his life. from all of us covering the senate and covering politics, he was a fine man by any measure
9:28 am
and our condolences to you and your family for you and his cla class. some exciting news, a member of our family, tom brokaw received france's highest honor in france. [ speaking french ] >> for his work on the world war ii memorial and the museum. the president of the world war ii museum in new orleans were recognized today. we'll continue to monitor the search of egyptair flight a 804.
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turning back to the investigation of a 804, sunset of another day searching in the mediterranean is minutes away. teams in the region are resuming their search at dawn. mourners today visshaken. today, we are hearing from an egyptian air said that he was booked on that flight but skipped on the faithful flight. >> due to, i believe my meeting, i survived.
9:33 am
a little bit scary, of course. >> a lot scary. >> joining me now is bill neally. so they found debris and now it is verified that this is debris from the plane and they found human remains. i guess that helps localize it as they search for the black boxes. >> reporter: yes, andrea, good afternoon as the sunsets on the second day of the search here. yes, the egyptian government confirming this em with grim ne that they have found human remains and suitcases and other personal belongings and it is in such bulk that it seems unlikely that this has come from the many refugees boats that crossed in the stretch of mediterranean.
9:34 am
nbc news spoke to one of the commander, who said he's convinced that this debris is from the plane. the current is strong. it will narrow down where the plane is and together with the information that we already know from satellite and the aircraft path. it should not be too long before they can find the actual plane. the mediterranean is almost a mile deep. we should expect the discovery of a black box any time soon. three french investigators here trying to find out what happened on the ground in less than 80 minutes that plane was on the ground at charles de gaulle. who had access to it, cleaners and caters and our investigators are asking those questions. they are looking at cctv and they are looking at the five
9:35 am
flights that plane made before it took off from paris to its final journey. the other thing is there is no claim of responsibility from isis or any terror group. that remains quite significant. back to you. shawn henry joins us now the current chief operator, shawn, thanks very much. of all the science, there are reasons why explosions can take place in a catastrophic incident, the suspicion from our intelligence sources and i am not sure if you would agree that there is some sort of terror incident. >> andrea, that's where a lot of people default coming from paris and with the population that was in the aircraft, there is a couple of reasons that the aircraft is going to fall out in the sky and sometimes a catastrophic failure of the aircraft itself which could be
9:36 am
mechanical or through an explosion or somebody on that plane that forced that plane down whether it is pilot error or somebody who intentionally did it with her or crew or passenger. this is going to be a long investigation. we talked about this any time and we see or hear of this type of event. the physical evidence is a tell tale here. what did the voice say and is there a bomb residue and how did the shell of that aircraft splinter and what does it look like? and can we tell if there is a bomb inside that. this is going to be a long ranging investigation between multiple intelligence services and agencies, andrea. >> how good is coordination between the fbi and investigators. >> they have assistance who are
9:37 am
representatives in both cairo and athens. it does not appears to be any americans on that aircraft. the united states maintains a lot of intelligence as it relates to terrorism. we coordinate closely with foreign partners and any time there is an incident like this. the global intelligence community really comes together. this is a threat and a risk to all citizens in countries around the world and everybody wants to make sure they are using all forces and resources capable and possible to prevent this type of attack from happening again. they'll want to make sure that they are collaborating and being able to identify who may have been involved and if there are other attacks pending, andrea. >> shawn henry, thanks so much. breaking news out of baghdad at this hour, a curfew is in place after security forces opened fire on protesters.
9:38 am
this is a repeat in some part of what happened earlier this month where there is a protest and it took over the parliament and dozens of people were injured. iraqis security forces trying to force the protests to leave the international zone using tear gas and firing guns in the air. we'll keep you updated on that. the peace offering of bernie sanders, that's up next here on "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc.
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treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. ♪ [engine revs] ♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here. >> i will be the nominee for my party, chris, that's already done in effect. there is no way i won't be. >> clinton sounding very confident as democratic leaders
9:42 am
are scramming to patch up the party. in philadelphia today, site of the convention in july. the democratic committee plans to offer bernie sanders seats on the platform. democratic senator, durbon, said today on "morning joe." he's of course, not endorsing anything that's happening in nevada and is not planning to burn the house down. >> i think he called me because in the end, he understands we have to make sure we come together as a party for the right values and the right reasons, making sure that donald trump is not the chief of united states of america. >> joining me is contributor is ed randall. it is going to be challenge to say the least.
9:43 am
i read dick durbon's conversation is a double x deal. bernie sanders trying to give his supporter going in california. but, at the oeend of the day, hs not going to fracture the party. the polling is showing he's already causing a lot of damage to hillary clinton versing donald trump. >> sure. the question is, could that damage be repaired? >> i think the answer is yes. as you recall in 2008 after hillary clinton is through at the convention where she moves to the senator/obama, there were hillary supporters who were bitter and they were holding out. by the time november came around, 95% of hillary clinton's supported for barack obama.
9:44 am
i think that's the same thing that'll happen. i agree with senator durbon, bernie sanders understands what he's done and what he has accomplished. he focused the nation's attention on key issues and he's been popular with the democratic party. he has come a long way and he's going to have influence on the platform. i hope he has a major speaking role at the convention. he's going to have to be the one that'll repair the damage just like hillary clinton did in 2008 i believe that he will because he cares about the issues he talked about. he knows that hillary clinton is more likely to do something about citizens united than donald trump. >> we go through all of the issues and he knows hillary clinton is more likely to make progress on the things he cares about than donald trump. i think he will send out a strong message to his
9:45 am
supporters. >> with that said, the new york times cbs poll shows, heard unfu unfavorable rating and three points behind donald trump. this is been such a -- i don't know how you repair that. >> those favorable rates are fluid. president obama moved up in the last month and a half of ten points. i remember when hillary clinton was secretary of state, as i recall her favorability was over 60%. those things can change. i think senator clinton is going to campaign in a realistic matter laying out real plans to deal with america's challenges. i believe as the campaign goes on, her favorable rating will increase. republicans are telling me
9:46 am
they think they got a real shot at pennsylvania and not just puni michigan, if they do pennsylvania and michigan and ohio and florida and romney states. i know it is a hard find but they can defeat her. what about pennsylvania? >> well, there is no question. he has a lot appeal of the segment of the america's population. we don't estimate that in a second. they'll put a lot of energy and money to it. in the end, i think hillary clinton will do so well, particularly among modern republicans and independence as well as democrats that i think with the suburbs and the city she will have enough to carry the states. we don't think it is going to be easy. we don't under estimate mr. trump and his appeal.
9:47 am
we'll see what happens, andrea, and that's a long way from november. i remember leaving atlanta fighting the caucus of 17% with only two and a half months to go. >> politics changes everything. exactly, it is a lifetime. >> thank you very much and we'll see you in philadelphia and if not before. >> we are following breaking news of the sfrpread of the zik virus. the number of women infected by the zika has tripled. zika can cause a birth defect and other serious brain about normal ma normalities that's spread by mosquitos. the president was briefed on the response to zika through the nation's top health officials. >> here is the out shot.
9:48 am
this is something that's solvable. it is not shotgomething that wee to panic about but it is something we have to take seriously. if we take make a modest investme investment. cairo needs to get a bill that has sufficient funds to do the job. they should not be going off on recess before this is done. and, certainly this has to get done over the course of the next several weeks in order for us to be able to provide confidence to the american people that we are handling this piece of business. >> his argument though congress has been cutting the money that the cdc says it needs to defeat this disease. up next, breaking news about a georgia man who died in police custody after being tased by police officers.
9:49 am
that's next right here on "andrea mitchell reports," msnbc. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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we have breaking news right now from a video in msnbc. allman died in police custody after being tased. the video russ eleased by the district's office. this incident happened back from november, chase sherman was coming home from a wedding. his fiance we are told pulled over in atlanta and called police for help. this video showing state trooper handcuffing and tasing him in the backseat during the struggle. the subject is combat activity and grabbed the taser from the trooper. the da is reviewing this. this is an open video inquery.
9:53 am
this video is violent. here is the screaming in the car. >> they got my taser. >> okay, okay. >> i cannot get him out. >> all right. >> stop fighting.
9:54 am
calm down. >> you can see what a chaotic scene that was. this new video we are showing for the first time. mr. sherman died shortly outside of the car. afterwards on the video, the new york times report there was another important part of the incident that you can see here. we are going to play that. >> we got him out of the car. i am [ bleep ] tired. >> did you see my cuff? look at my cuff. >> that again there the police body camera showing the officer talking about right after the incident. he's not fired and the da has an
9:55 am
open case here and those officers are still under duty and all under investigation. >> you can see and hear him say i quit, i quit. he was resisting and apparently he had been on spice or synthetic marijuana. he clearly had a problem. i think i read that his family requested for the people in the car, requested police assistance because of his behavior. >> what you are looking here is that his family is there in the back. they're in the front seat at the front seat of the car. they called this in. i will tell you from reviewing cases like this, this is a mental health response gone wrong because it escalated and he did resist. when you have someone resisting on the side of the road like
9:56 am
that. ultimately, msnbc obtaining the taser record, there were 15 total discharges while federal guidelines saying you should not tase them more than once or twice. the incident caused the death so the question is not whether police killed him but ultimately it was justified that we are going to continue to be reporting on. >> quickly, what was the cause of death. >> we don't have the medical coroner's report. the da ruled a homicide. they have not release the entire material. >> incredibly is disturbing. thank you for bringing it to us. >> that does it for us for "andrea mitchell reports," brian williams is up next picking up on the development of egyptair a 804 right here on msnbc.
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on the air at this hour and update you with the situation of the down aircraft over seas. egyptair 804. the search today has reports of three different types of debris, floating aircraft matter and see cushions and floating personal effects that could be traced back to passengers and sadly, what could be floating human remains. additional area of what the european space section of a possible slick on the surface of the water. that should be able to be tested because jet fuel is light as oppose to the many, many vessels in the mediterranean leaking something like oil and diesel fuel. all these clues together could give us a first concrete look of where this aircraft went down and near