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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 22, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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and a very good sunday to you. thanks for joining us. i'm richard lui in new york city. for the first time, we are hearing some of the last contacts from the pilot of the doomed egyptair flight 804. that is as egypt sends a submarine into the mediterranean to the search for the plane's black boxes. the race for president, now a dead heat between donald trump and hillary clinton. and shows bernie sanders here with a big lead against donald
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trump. sanders today making the case for why he is the best candidate. >> we need a campaign, an election, coming up which does not have two candidates who are really, really very strongly disliked. i don't want to see the american people voting for the lesser of two evils. >> we're going to start this hour for you with the latest into the investigation of the egyptair flight 804. in his first public comments since the crash four days ago, president el sisi made it clear all scenario are being considered, underlining that, but he stressed that it will take some time to solve the mystery of what brought the airbus down killing all 66 on board. we are live at charles de gaulle airport in paris with the
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latest. kelly? >> reporter: richard, good afternoon. we are now hearing that the investigative team in egypt won't release its preliminary report, that very first report about this crash, until a month from now. this according to a report in the state-owned newspaper today. egyptian investigators looking at everything at this point, crew documents, data from that airbus, things about the alarms that we heard so much about yesterday alerting smoke in the cockpit and in the avionics bay. there is a website that live streams air traffic control communications. now nbc news has not independently verified the audio clip you're about to hear, but it appears to a communication between swiss air traffic
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controllers and the egyptair pilot about two and a half hours before that plane went down. take a listen. >> hello, hello. egyptair 804, flight level 370, squawk number 7624. we have contact. >> egyptair 804, contact. this is padova control. >> thank you so much. good day. good night. >> reporter: significant because it sounds so normal. this is what we've been talking about in the last couple of days. really the first of three and a half hours of this flight seemed completely routine until something went wrong just before the moments it fell out of the sky and crashed into the mediterranean sea. getting on now to that search, they're searching an area of about 900 square miles from what we understand with depths ranging from anywhere from 6,000 to 10,000 feet in this part of
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the eastern mediterranean. lots of ships involved right now, including now this addition that el sisi mentioned of a submarine, the president saying that this sub can dive to depths of 9,000 feet. if that's the case, obviously that would help in searching for bigger parts of wreckage. that's really the rub here. big parts of wreckage are only so big when you're searching such a large area of the sea floor. >> it is 10:03 there in the evening on a sunday. thank you so much. for more on the investigation, let's bring in a terror analyst, co-founder of flash point global partners and a retired air pilot. it is 900 square miles. we have a depth here of about 10,000 miles, 10,000 feet, excuse me, where the average is half of that, which means this
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submarine cannot make it to the bottom. >> they're going to need to find the pingers. whether the equipment is there to do it yet, i have not heard anything on the news saying it is. we have 30 days or so when the pingers will be sending out a sound which could get them to where the black boxes are. >> you heard what kelly said. anything stand out for you at all? >> no, just completely routine. >> there are reports of smoke. i was speaking with another analyst yesterday. he was saying in all the years that he was a captain he had never had the concern of smoke, but that's new this weend. in your experience as a pilot, how often did you have smoke on a plane? >> never had it. >> never? >> no, no. when you get that sensor, you have apparently more than one sensor saying there's smoke. where there's smoke, there's fire. it could be smoke from overheating. they apparently lost a lot of the components they needed to fly the plane and lost control
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of it. >> we have that 90-degree turn that was reported and then a full 360. if you were to have an alarm go off, smoke in the lavatory, smoke in three other locations, what would be the procedure for you? >> it depends on the airplane. you would use the checklist that's already prescribed about turning off certain circuits to see if you can isolate the cause, figuring it is an electrical cause. and then you go through the process and turn off one set and then if that stops the smoke, you figure you've got it. if you don't, you turn that back on and switch to the next set. >> all things are possible at the moment. you have individuals that are mourning in the town of cairo, in the country of egypt as well as throughout the world, because we had different representations of nationalities on that plane. some of them, they want answers at the moment. one of those questions out there
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with no confirmation is was there some sort of terror element here, whether it be a lone wolf or organized. >> they could exist in theory or in practice. in this very specific case, it is still very theoretical. of course, the fear of terrorism, if you will, in that part of the world, especially after the downing of the metrojet russian aircraft, is really high. everybody jumped the gun saying this might be isis, but there's absolutely no evidence suggesting that. in addition, isis' top spokesman came up with a 30-minute audio and he didn't acknowledge egypt or egyptair, yet acknowledging other isis attacks over sseas i paris and belgium and other places. >> is there anything based on the theater that we're talking about that may raise some of the questions that are contributive
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to the potential theories that we will consider today? we are talking about egypt, right? we are talking about a carrier that's based out of egypt as well, which was a center not too long ago of wide unrest. this as that country tries to get back on its feet. >> that's right. the egyptian government is one of the main enemies of isis and other radical factions in the region. actually, we've seen some chatter online of pro-isis folks online just celebrating the event because they say this is going to have an effect on egyptian economy, egyptian tourism. thus, we will grow because of that. again, there is nothing suggesting that isis was behind it. >> what are you watching right now, tom? >> some people are e-mailing saying they're concerned about their flights. when this kind of thing happens, it makes people not think very clearly.
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>> nervous? >> when it comes down to it, you're safer driving to the supermarket and taking a flight is about the same, and we do that all the time. i think people are looking for closure. if it's terrorism, that's not new. we're already dealing with that. if it is a mechanical problem, once we define the problem, it will be something that can be solved very quickly. >> worldwide air travel is the safest way to get from point a to point b. one thing you're watching? >> i'm watching isis expansion outside of iraq and syria, specifically southeastern asia. it's really interesting as they lose some territory and have a pretty massive u.s.-led coalition targeting them in the iraq of syria that they're flattening the hierarchy around the world. >> thank you both so much.
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appreciate it. we're also following developments in pakistan where the leader of the taliban has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. he died in the strike yesterday near the afghan border. our chief pentagon correspondent joins us live from the white house. nick, you broke this yesterday for the network when we first became aware of this. what's the significance of his death here? >> it is significant because he is the leader of the taliban. the taliban has frankly been on a tear, launching more attacks against afghan military and seizing more territory. all this, of course, after u.s. military were pulled from direct combat and their numbers reduced in afghanistan, but secretary kerry in myanmar said today this should send a reassuring message to the people of afghanistan
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that the u.s. is standing steadfast against them in their struggle against the taliban. nobody is saying, however, that the death of the leader is a game changer in this situation, that it will take a much stronger and better trained afghan military to be able to defeat the taliban in their quest to retake control of afghanistan, richard. >> while we have you, another headline you're watching is the president. president obama now moving to asia. an important military theater that at least this white house had made note of over the last four years. what can you tell us about this trip? >> well, ostensibly this is all about economics. he is going to stress that. vietnam is an emerging -- a potential emerging economic trade partner in the region. he'll go to japan to talk at the g-7 summit. part of the discussion will
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include military expansionism by china. and along those lines, the president is pushing to move all ban of u.s. sales of military equipment to vietnam in an effort to send a strong message to china that the u.s. is willing to back up all its potential and current pat nrtne in that region against any chinese adventurism. >> appreciate it. up next, we turn to the presidential race and the new poll showing hillary clinton and donald trump in a dead heat today. what it could mean for hillary clinton who is still battling bernie sanders for her party's nomination. man, my feet are killin' me.
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democratic primary is doing nothing but helping donald trump right now? >> i didn't say that. i'm saying if we don't respond to donald trump, which i'm doing, i am going to keep focused on donald trump because i will be the nominee. i will be running against donald trump in the fall. >> hillary clinton on "meet the press" today saying she will keep focused on donald trump despite the ongoing democratic primary. joining me now is kristen welker. clinton saying she will be the nominee in the fall. meanwhile bernie sanders doubling down against one of the party's leaders. any surprises here from what we have seen just in the last 48 hours? >> i think some democrats are surprised this fight is still so heated and contentious. senator sanders showing no signs of backing down. in some ways he is ramping up his rhetoric, accusing the dnc
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chair of rigging the system. this is similar language to what you hear from donald trump. this could make it more difficult to unify the party in the fall. what we're seeing from secretary clinton is this two-pronged fight. she is allocating her resources between states that have yet to vote, but she's very focused in terms of what she's saying on donald trump, the person she will likely be facing off against the fall. she's slamming him for his controversial comments about women and majorities. take a listen at what she had to say today. >> i think in the course of this campaign we are going to demonstrate he has no ideas. there's no evidence he has any ideas about making america great as he advertises. he seem to be particularly focused on making himself appear great. we're going to be demonstrating
1:18 pm
the hollowness of his rhetoric. >> i thought that word was interesting, the hollowness. it's a previous of what we can expect to hear from secretary clinton in the coming days and in the coming weeks. right now, though, the campaign also very much focused on how they're going to unify the party, if and when, she does win the nominee. key to that will be continuing to fight vigorously in this primary value and at the end of the day being able to say, look, we fought a good fight. we won fair and square. that will enable senator sanders to ultimately make his case to his supporters they should get on board. >> what are you watching in the coming week in the two democratic candidates at this moment? you were mentioning the fight for hillary clinton being two pronged. bernie sanders also being two pronged. >> i'm watching where they will
1:19 pm
be campaigning most vigorous. i anticipate that will be california. hillary clinton doesn't necessarily mean it for the ground, but the optics. i'm going to be listening very closely to senator sanders tone. does he scale it back at all, specifically if secretary clinton has a big win in new jersey. i'm going to be seeing if secretary clinton engages senator sanders at those personal attacks. at this point, she's not going to engage. the clinton campaign is standing by that. we're going to go after him on policy issues, but at any point does she break from that, we'll have to see. >> kristen welker, always great to talk to you.
1:20 pm
we're joined by joan walsh and our national political reporter for bloomberg politics. let's start with you joan. we've been watching the poll that came out from nbc news and wall street journal. it's showing it's tightening trump between clinton, but bernie sanders still maintaining a strong double digit lead. i want to play a little bit of what was said here by hillary clinton on "meet the press" and i'll get your reaction. >> great. >> i don't think he's had a single negative ad ever run against him. that's fine. we know what we're going into and we understand what it's going to take to win in the fall. finally, i would say that polls this far out mean nothing. they certainly mean nothing to me, and i think if people go back and look they really mean nothing in terms of analyzing what's going to happen in the fall. >> you think this lead for
1:21 pm
sanders is an illusion, a little bit? >> i'll let others speak to that. i think i'm in a much stronger position. >> we have others. joan walsh. there hasn't necessarily been a negative attack against him. >> no, there hasn't. she has left him alone. he's run an excellent campaign. she is now fighting someone on her right and someone on her left. that's very hard, but i think that we've seen this before. i think we know in 2008 around the time that john mccain consolidated -- clinched the republican nomination he was leading barack obama because he was in a bitter primary battle with then secretary clinton. this happens when one party finishes earlier and the other party is still fighting. >> we'll pull up those numbers in 2008. barack obama at 42% at this time in 2008. john mccain had 44%.
1:22 pm
hillary clinton, 46 now, and 43. >> i think in that poll, richard, we saw he jumped nine points with independents. it is really important to remember 1xiii o1 1/3 of republ independents lean republican, 1/3 lean democratic. >> bernie sanders, he's not a fan of debbie wasserman shultz. he is now going after the dnc. does this indicate he may not be aiming his guns at hillary clinton as much as he was in the past? >> richard, i wouldn't call it so much a shift as i would call
1:23 pm
it an outgrowth of bernie sanders general message and his general attitude. debbie wasserman shultz is the avatar of the establishment as the head of the dnc. he's had more than his share of differences with her, whether it is about debate roles and people in his campaign getting into the voter file when they shouldn't have. he's kind of elevating this to a point where it's very remarkable and it's rare to see a major party presidential candidate trying to take down a major party leader in a primary. it will be an intriguing proxy war between the sanders' wing and the establishment wing of the democratic party. we'll see how strong they really are. debbie wasserman shultz has had a pretty good lock on that seat for a decade. >> is there an opportunity? you're at halftime, if you will, if you want to call this quarter time or 3/4 time. an opportunity for the numbers
1:24 pm
to readjust. if this is a season you can do anything, why can't hillary clinton do the very same tackle left, bring in the bernie sanders ring, and then tackle back to the center as she goes towards the general? why not? >> i think she has moved to the left. she will make some concessions in terms of process around the convention and nominating process. i think there are ways on the platform she will make concessio concessions. i think it would be wonderful if she placed student debt more central to the campaign. first of all, the same rules don't apply. only trump, i think. rules are always tougher on her. if she flip-flopped and went far left, she would be called on it. i am on the left of the democratic party, but she has an opportunity with moderate republicans and republican women to pick up some votes there. i think the electoral calculus
1:25 pm
is complicated right now. her people are looking at we want 95% of the sanders people in the fold, but we have an opportunity to go for some of those people in the middle and how do we do that best. >> 20 seconds to you quickly. >> this speaks to bernie sanders' end game. his road ahead is very, very steep. he called it a steep uphill climb. i would call it a miracle. he's playing a game of leverage. he wants to win as many votes as he possibly can, take as many delegates to the convention, influence the democratic platform, and crucially prevent hillary clinton from moving to the center in the general election on his issues like trade. >> i think both of you agree june 8th will be an interesting day to watch. thanks for joining us. next, appeals for calm in
1:26 pm
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you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. welcome back. tomorrow morning could be a step toward closure for the family of freddie gray and the baltimore community. officer edward nero will learn his fate. a circuit judge there is expected to announce his verdict after testimony in the bench trial ended on friday. gray's death sparked outrage throughout baltimore, ignitinin days of unrest and riots. >> this trial and those that
1:30 pm
will follow are but steps in a long journey toward a more just and peaceful community for us all. >> joining me now is reverend ron owens. he is a friend of the gray family and helped to organize freddie gray's funeral. reverend, what is the gray family telling you right now? >> well, i haven't spoke to them. but a few weeks ago, i had the pleasure to march with freddie's twin sister in a peace march. i think they are excited that justice is rolling forward. justice don't always take the form, shape, or image that we want. we found it applaudable that these cops were even brought to the criminal justice system. for that, we are excited. i think no matter what the verdict is of course they would like a guilty verdict, having shared that we me.
1:31 pm
even if not, i think they'll be delighted that the system has moved forward. >> reverend, what we're hearing around what is happening there in baltimore, monday is expected to be the decision coming from the judge here. the judge says no, no conviction. what will be the response you believe from the family and the community itself? >> let me just speak from what i think the response will be from the community. i think the community will respond like it has responded when the first verdict came in a mistrial. i think what ends up happening is that people anticipate that people cannot accept the verdict and the rule of law. i think the biggest excitement for baltimore was the fact that for once we've found justice happening when three people appeared to violate the rights of someone else and were brought to justice. >> your thoughts, your discussions with the community, with those that do come to you
1:32 pm
for advice, this is a judge, not a jury making a decision. any difference here? >> i think that it's the defendant's right to choose who he wants to be tried by. i think there are a couple of factors that help make this easy. you see the political process or the criminal justice process rolling forward, but you see participation. the judge himself is an african-american leader and a great community advocate, great supporter of everything that's awesome and incredible about our great city. i think that people believe if anybody is going to give justice and a fair outcome, it will be him. even if that outcome is not what we believe it should be, i think all of us will be happy that it came to trial. >> reverend, i was there on the ground in baltimore with you during those very difficult times. everybody knows who has been to baltimore a fantastic city with
1:33 pm
so many different layers to it. are we at a better time today than we were then when we had those protests? >> i remember when you were here. i think baltimore is in the best posture it's ever been. we are a city that is about to transform and revolutionize how a city rises from the ashes. we just came out of an election, electing the best possible candidate and the greatest mayor probably to ever lead this city, katherine pugh. you'll find a city that's pauoid for revolutionary change. the atmosphere is ripe for good things to happen. what you saw during the riot was a boiling pot of people's frustrations and aggregations in the sense of being intimidated and bullied by the police. without a sense of thinking or a sense of control, you saw the pot boil over and the lid fly
1:34 pm
off the pot. and you saw a chasm of issues that have been exposed, but you have seen a great city unit from rich communities to poor communities that said let's sit together and figure this thing out. we have the potential to be one of the greatest cities in america. >> i'm behind you. reverend ron owens, i appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> you bet you. happening now, we're learning more about the men and women who died on egyptair flight 804. the heartbreaking story of two of the victims, that's next. hmmmmmm..... [ "dreams" by beck ] hmmmmm... hmmmmm...
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real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. realamazing as officials search for answers behind the crash of egyptair 804, the 66 lives lost aboard the tragic flight are being remembered this weekend. we have a heartbreaking story of
1:38 pm
two of the victims there. you spoke to a family member. what did he tell you? >> reporter: that's right. we had a chance to speak to the brother of a man along with her husband died on that plane. their story is one of the many heartbreaking stories of the passengers on board that flight. she was sick for sometime. she had been diagnosed with cancer and her husband decided to take his wife to france to get treatment. in fact, a statement that was posted today on the school's website where she was a teacher's assistant actually described the family as a very close-knit family and said that, in fact, at one point when he came to the school, the children's school, the school said to him, why don't you stay behind and let her go to france and get that treatment on her own. he said he would not let his wife to go to france to be by herself during this difficult time. he was quoted by the school we
1:39 pm
either live together or die together. after completing her treatment there in france, they were returning home to their three children that they had left behind. unfortunately, today the children were told the sad news that their parents would not be coming back. the school said they would accommodate those children to make sure they can continue their education without any cost, if you will, to the family. you can imagine how difficult it is for the relatives who will be raising these three children on their own. in addition to that, we've been hearing so many of these similar stories of heartbreak from families all across cairo. we are expecting an memorial service held by egyptair for the two pilots on the plane as well as the flight attendants. it is all these types of stories that we continuous hear throughout the day of the individual stories that make this that much more difficult with all the unanswered questions. richard? >> thank you so much. next, we'll turn to the
1:40 pm
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and it's available in two new flavors, vanilla caramel and double chocolate fudge. i'm not about to swim in the slow lane. stay strong. stay active with boost®. new today our nbc news wall street journal poll. it shows hillary clinton and donald trump now the two most unpopular likely presidential candidates in the history of the nbc news/wall street journal poll. what does that mean for the run up to november? we're going to look into that with our guests. so let's start with this here, joe. when we look at the numbers here, both of the negatives big. both are growing or staying pretty much in the same area. is there anything you're looking at that would say this will not be the same situation when we
1:44 pm
hit november that will be the battle of the unfavorables? >> people may not be enthusiastic about the candidates, but ultimately they're going to vote. there's going to be a huge election. there's going to be a great turnout. i think people are incredibly interested in who the next president is going to be. whether they like the person or dislike the person, they're going to want to vote, show their vote at the polls. so far, donald trump has done remarkably well. all the polling data shows this race is a very competitive race, especially if you look at those important battleground states. this will be a very, very close battle. donald trump is doing very, very well. there's very little people can throw at him, whether it is the lack of popularity among some sectors or anything else that's slowed him down. >> i want to look at these numbers at the same point in the election of '08. when we look at the numbers today, hillary clinton, the net favorability rating is negative
1:45 pm
20. donald trump negative 29. again, historic numbers as we were just saying. go back to '08, hillary clinton, net plus four. john mccain plus two. anything you pull from that other than the fact there is certainly much more track record for hillary clinton for folks to point at? >> this is going to be as republican operative put it to the closest thing you can get to nuclear war in a presidential election. these two presumptive nominees are the two most unpopular nominees of a major party in the history of modern polling. by 2 to 1 margins, the american people doesn't view either one of them as honest or trustworthy. hillary clinton does a little bit on does this candidate share my values. she does better on is this person qualified to be president.
1:46 pm
you saw a 22 point shift in his direction for independents. president obama lost independents by 25 points and still won. if donald trump runs up big margins with independents, it could be very intriguing to watch. >> this morning donald trump did talk about what he's going to do based on where he's sitting at in the polls to help other republican candidates. let's take a listen to what he said. >> i'm also helping other people get money. i'm helping governors. i'm helping senators. i'm helping other people in the race, and i think we're doing very well. i would much prefer if i win getting in there and having a senate and having congress where we have the majority. right now, it's going to be some close races. >> this is very interesting, is it not, joe? while he's saying he's going to help other down ticket or down ballot candidates, there's some key gop donors, as you probably saw in the headlines over the weekend, there's paul singer and joe rickets, whory s rare sayin
1:47 pm
we're not going to give you money. >> donald trump is somebody who can draw a crowd. if anything else, he can draw a big crowd. people want to see him. they want to hear what he has to say. i've been a candidate before. i ran for the u.s. congress. i was a primary candidate in the u.s. senate race. i know what it means to have the person at the head of the ticket come in for you and to raise money for you. donald trump can go to those places and raise money for those candidates because he's somebody people wooant to see. >> does donald trump take this energy and do more than he's already doing since hillary clinton is fighting this two-pronged war? can donald trump do more to fight her right now, either on the air waves or through rallies to take advantage of this situation? >> i think he's trying to do two things, richard. i think he's trying to rally the troops. i think he's trying to mobilize the base. and he's trying to get the elites on board. he's going to have to work with congress. if he does get elected, it is likely going to be a republican congress.
1:48 pm
he realizes people like paul ryan and reince priebus can offer him a lot of help. he needs all the help he can get. he's made a lot of inroads in unifying republicans behind him. i think some of the recent polls we've seen show him and hillary clinton at roughly the same level when it comes to party unity. something like 85% to 80% of their party support them. donald trump is going to need the voter files for republicans. he's going to need the donors and financers that other republicans have connections with. >> i thank you both for your time today. >> thanks, richard. next, united as victims of fear and prejudice. muslim read letters written by japanese internment children in
1:49 pm
war camps at that time. pet moments are beautiful,
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we know that good friends like you would be glad to have us back, but others who do not know us or understand us may not be glad to see us. >> we all know that there are people all over the world who hate certain races and they just can't help it. >> but i'm sure when this war is over there will be no racial discrimination and we won't have to doubt for a minute the great principles of democracy. >> it's part of a new short film. very emotional. called "letters from camp." muslim american children read letters that were actually written by japanese american children during world war ii while they were held in internment camps during that time. the film is part of an upcoming memorial day visit at the
1:53 pm
smithsonian. we're joined now by the filmmaker who created this video. frank, you see a parallel here. you saw an opportunity to bring two points in history together. tell us whoo that similarity is that you thought you saw and what you wanted to articulate. >> sure. thanks for having me, richard. i've always believed it is important to respond to hate with love, and this was my act of love in a moment where we really need it. we live in a time where hate is making a real comeback in our politics. if you hear the survivors of the camps, the kids who grew up there, talk about it today, people like congressman mike condit who is in the video, they'll tell you the words they're hearing today from our politicians, from people on social media, remind them a lot of the words that they heard when they were kids just months before they were shipped off to those camps. that's why i made it. we need to make sure that we never repeat the mistakes of the
1:54 pm
past. i've been watching the video make its way around the internet the past couple of days. there's a lot of love, which is great, but there's also a lot of hate. that's to be expected. i think what i'm most concerned about when i read these comments are the people who say, i never knew that the american government locked up 120,000 japanese americans without any due process during world war ii. there was not one camp that was set up for americans of german descent or italian descent at that time. i want to make sure this film helps us learn that we should never repeat the mistakes of the past. >> we only showed a little bit, as you know, but what did you hear from the young muslim americans as they were reading it. what was their sense of the reaction to what was said so many years ago and what resonated with these young muslim americans? >> you know, the kids in this film are ages 7 to 13.
1:55 pm
and you can tell -- just from my conversations with them, they knew. they know there are people here in this country that don't want them here. the fact that them and their families, who know that everyone more so, insisted on participating in that project, that said everything they needed to say. those words are real and they're harsh and they're from history. they were totally fine with making sure they helped make that statement of love in this moment of hate. >> as i was watching it, i was noticing those who had been children in the internment camps, those american internment camps of japanese, and the reaction they were having. you brought up representative honda. this was very emotional for them too. >> absolutely. absolutely. and they talked about that. that's why the last person shown in the video, kit, she had heard the kids read those lines so
1:56 pm
many times when we were filming. she was the last person to be filmed. when it was her turn that democracy would be restored after the war, it just breaks your heart. i think that's why she got caught up in that moment. look, this film is for muslim american kids who are afraid that who they are will get them hurt. therefore japanese americans who want to memorialize the experience of them and their families. stakes are high. this is an incredibly high stakes moment where you hear republican presidential candidates talk about patrolling muslim neighborhoods. you have the presumptive republican nominee talk about banning muslims from the country. you had a democratic mayor say that japanese american incarceration was justified to ban syrian refugees.
1:57 pm
>> those points are hard to hear from those communities no doubt. filmmaker frank chi, i wish we had more time. thank you for stopping by. that does it for us this hour. we'll see you again here next week and right here on msnbc. for now, i'm richard lui. have a great sunday. not to be focusingo finaon my moderatepe. to severe chronic plaque psoriasis. so i made a decision to talk to my dermatologist about humira. humira works inside my body to target and help block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to my symptoms.
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