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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  May 23, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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one of the six officers not guilty. the reactions is swift and loud. [ inaudible ] >> neck and neck, our new poll showing a dead heat in a general election match up between hillary clinton and donald trump. as clinton continues her battle at bernie sanders. we have surprising new numbers from that poll at this hour. >> my campaign is not going to let donald trump try to normalize himself in this period. >> bad judgment, she suffers from bad judgment. >> and urgent search, the window is closing fast to find the black boxes from egyptair flight as investigators searching for clues as to what went wrong and how did that impact airport security in the u.s. already facing jammed check points. >> i am more concerned of the
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lines. >> i don't want security compromised especially when you are flying over seas. >> it is frustrating to get here early and still have to wait in long lines. > >> coming up, secreta secretaryd security secretary jeh johnson right here on "andrea mitchell reports." and we are following breaking news out of baltimore where a judge just issued a ruling in the case of one of the police officers charged in the death of freddie gray. he has been found not guilty. r gray suffered severe spinal injury. he died a week later. nbc ron is live outside the courthouse. the initial reaction to this verdict, he was not as we understand, he was not the key player and did not involve of the transfer of freddie gray. >> reporter: yes, he was a peripheral player by most of the
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count. a lot of people were not surprised by this but really by way -- a lot of folks saw this was the weakest case of the six. there are now five of the cases to go. he responded to the phone that day. he joined into that pursuit and physical contact with freddie gray was grabbing him by the arm and retrieving the inhaler that freddie gray say he needed. now, he will face an administrative panel reviewing of his job with the baltimore police going forward. i spoke with billy murray who helped with a $6.4 million settlement in the city, he says the family wants justice, they
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want the officers to have their rights in court and their day in court and the laws with the case and the system deliver a verdict whether it is by a jury or whether it is by a judge. now, officer nero decided to go for a bench trial which was different from officer williamsportewillia william porter. it was interesting about that twist, andrea, the state and his attorneys had been arguing back and forth since that verdict in december of the miss trial about whether the state can compel him to testify against the other officers, the court s of appeal say yes, in fact he can. it will be interesting on that. andrea. >> thank you, monique dixon, lets talk about this and your
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concern of the civil rights reaction of the investigation. a year ago the legal defense and the justice department to come into do a civil rights investigation of the department. we believe these individual cases are an in sample of a large systematic problem. so we asked the justice department to come in and the investigation began may of last year and it continues now. one of the things that the justice department is looking into is the way officers in baltimore stop questions and arrest criminals. >> we have seen the removal of police chiefs in baltimore. had there been influence in terms of the ability of
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monitoring, in the interim while we wait for the investigation. >> i was in baltimore and what i am hearing from my neighbors and other advocates that not much as change. i know the commissioner is trying to implement a number of policy changes but it is going to take some time for those changes to go to be applied in the community and we are not seeing the changes and policies yet. >> monique dixon, thank you very much, we'll stay on top of this. this is the final hour of daylight along the mediterranean. the fifth day crews have spent searching the sea for flight 804. u.s. navy is apart of this search effort using sensor cameras to provide additional
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assistance until sunset. nbc's chief global correspondence bill neally is joining me now from cairo. what is the latest of no further proof of any theory. >> reporter: good afternoon, it is day five and really we are no near to knowing what brought down flight 804, strong winds here apparently strong winds in the search area which are ham hampering that search. quite interesting, he told us how crucial to find those black boxes. he said we really are in the dark. i asked him did he draw any conclusions from the debris and the body parts found so far? he said no, not yet. it is simply not enough. i asked him, do you have a sense that you are closing in on
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something significant or anything? he said no, we are far away from closing in. we find only a few small pieces so far and we cannot draw any conclusions on that. we are not eliminating any of the causes, he says, it could be a terror attack. i also asked him and something that i find very significant so far. there is been complete silence from isis on this date. they put a big statement over the weekend, their main spokesperson, the guy that's responsible for their actions, it was a long statement but he did not mention the missing plane once and not a word. there is nothing from either any other terror group. the minister said it did not make me draw any conclusion. no terror group has said we did this. some of the details on the body parts here, they are being
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matched with dna that's going to be taken from the relatives and of those who are missing or staying at a hotel. he said they were calm and dig any f d dignified. the minister is optimistic that the search would make progress in the coming days, back to you. >> bill, nealy, thank you very much. a lot of troubling and a lack of information indeed. tsa check points at the u.s. and jeh johnson is joining me up next. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc. adult size s? this is what the pros wear. look at the lines... uhhh... look at the other line... mm...mhh... that's why he starts his day with those two scoops... in deliciously heart healthy kellogg's raisin bran. ready to eat my dust? too bad i already filled up on raisins.
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when you look at the last point of departure, i mean i was in cairo last week at that airport inspecting it. they do not have body scanners. we know isis is very in egypt and they brought down a russian airliner. >> the chair of the security house mccall. describing of the dangerous vulnerability in cairo. the hunt for black boxes. joining me now is jeh johnson, there secretary, thank you very much. >> thank you for having me, andrea. >> well, right off the bat, the concern of not understanding as you saw bill neally just had an interview with top officials in
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egypt of what could have happened and we have no theory of the case. >> well, it is still early of the investigation and the black box has not been recovered. there are search teams out there now. at this point, we do not rule out something -- we don't know yet. i suspect we'll know in the coming days. there is always this circumstances that plays a tremendous pressure to rush to judgment. we have to be careful not to do that. we do not allow of an active terrorism but there are other possibilities. >> the other possibility? >> some sort of mechanical failure. i suspect that in the coming days we'll know a lot more once more things from the water are found. >> is there any reason for the u.s. to demand that other 830s
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to be checked to see if something no one could ever suspected could happen to the world fleet? >> my instinct on that is we need to know a little bit more about the nature of the reasons why the plane went down before. we or other governments demanded a complete inspection of this type of aircraft. that does expect of more details there. >> having said that, it is important for the public to know that after the crash, we did in fact, i directed that we do reviews of the security airports in the region of our departure airports and we made certain enhancements to security and it remains the case that direct flights to the united states, every one and every thing that goes onto the plane as well as the plane has to be screened to
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u.s. standards. >> what about this kind of flight where it was in tunis and before going to cairo and paris and paris cairo. those last point of departures, the airport is more in line with our technology. what about others in north africa? >> even if there is a lay over, lets say the equipment comes from some part of the world and then to the last part of departure at the airport before coming to the u.s., it has to be screened to u.s. standards. other governments as well will screen things even though the flight may have had many lengths to it. other governments will have their own screening standards before the next leg of flights. >> mccall when he was in cairo last week of no security camera.
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what about the level of security in kay rcairo. >> even though they do not have equipment like us in the u.s., there are ways to compensate for that. if there is a level of equipment that an airport does not have that we would expect to have in the u.s., security personnel in order to meet our standards with compensate for that and evaluate passengers in other ways. >> when talking to officials immediately after the crash, they were telling us that there were two levels of concerns. one would be an inside job of baggage handlers or mechanics and the other troubling to intelligence officials is would be if the screening machine itself had -- we are now vulnerable to work around isis or other terrorist groups, they found some way to make explosives that could get to a
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screening mechanism which was similar to paris. >> the way that i look at homeland security, we have to prepare for the next possible one and not the last one. we enhance security with respect to the aircraft and people and things brought onto the united states. when we do this also, a lot of foreign governments will follow hello our lead particularly in europe and i am pleased to say that over the last two years, we have been insisting on additional security and over seas and points of departures. and at this point, it is too early to know more about what cause this plane to crash but there are a lot of resources and people to vote it and i suspect we'll know more in the coming days. >> lets talk about tsa and the long lines. all of us worrying about security also complained about
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long lines. you have to balance that. what is tsa's responsible and culpability and not anticipating travel rush. what would you and your team could have done better? >> first, my standing instruction of tsa, we are not going to shortcut aviation security and not going to shortcut public safety and the safety of people who travels. that's been true as long a as -- last year, i gave tsa administrator a ten point plan for aviation security and refocusing on aviation security. there were years where we were downsizing work force because we had been moving to a space strategy for aviation security and encouraging people to sign up for tsa. beginning last fall we concluded that we need to reverse that trend and start building back
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the tso work force. this year, we avoided the further elimination of 1600 positions this year. we now expedited the hiring of another 800 or more and we are making those long return investments in addition to more canine work and we are working with the airlines and standard rate for carry on luggage and everybody traveling through tsa knows that a lot of reasons you have to wait is we have the screen to carry on. we can do together to reduce the time of screening and the number of things that's brought on carry on. we encourage people to sign up for tsa carry check. we have 15,000 people a day who signed up for tsa pre-check and the average wait time is something about five minutes or
9:20 am
less. we continue to encourage people to sign up for that. >> but, the problem is also the airlines have rejected your call to eliminate the baggage fee. >> there are a lot of things airlines can do and have been doing. for example, insisting and enforcing the one plus one rule. your personal item in your one carry on and ensuring that the carry on is the proper size and the proper weight and some of us recall the boxes that you put your carry on that's on the right dimensions and the right size. airlines have been working with us on that. >> and the fees? >> it is something that i know a number of senators have to call for. looking and hoping to get support from the airlines in a number of ways. it is a work in progress and we are going to keep at this. we have to ensure aviations
9:21 am
security aggressively as possible and bringing on more people and more overtime and equipment to meet the summit. >> jeh johnson, thank you very much. it is good to see you. >> coming up, burning down the house and sanders campaign jeff weaver is up next as bernie sanders funding the democratic party chair. you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. these guys represent blood cells. if you have afib not caused by a heart valve problem, pradaxa helps stop blood cells from poong in the heart... forming a clot... which can travel to the brain and cause a stroke. adaxa was better than warfar at reducing stroke risk in a study. in the rare event of an emergency, pradaxa has a specific reversal treatment to help you clot normally again. pradaxa is not for people who have had a heart valve replacement. don't stop taking pradaxa without talking to your doctor. stopping increases your risk of stroke or blood clots. ask your doctor if you need to stop pradaxa
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draws a huge crown. >> i will have the beer that no one likes but gets the job done. [ laughter ] >> saturday night live take on the clinton and sanders campaign. 76% democratic voters think the primary contest between hillary clinton and sanders are either good for the party or makes no difference either way. the poll does show only 66% of sanders supporters would switch to clinton. it is a big warning side for democrats if clinton is indeed the nominee. jeff weaver is joining me now. >> the polls indicate that bernie sanders and his campaign is doing real damage to her if she becomes the nominee against donald trump. >> it is either good for the party or does not make any difference. we saw that in exit polls in indiana or other places. voters frankly in place like california and district of
9:26 am
columbia, they would like to have their say. >> no one is saying they should not have their say at least overly unless you were getting private pressure from the clinton campaign to get out of the race. with that said, there is a lot of internal damage to her if she and she's heavily favors given the number of count and the super delegates, she's becoming the nominee barring some major offsets in terms of his outcome in california and new jersey and other big states. do you have any concerns going forward that she will be a heavily damage democratic nominee and that you might in the end, your campaign be blamed for like donald trump. >> that does not mean it is real. the truth the matter is, this race has been civil from the beginning and an issue focus of bernie sanders that says he's going to support the democratic
9:27 am
nominee and the secretary has said this same. they'll have a discussion all the way until the end of the process. in 2008 the numbers are shown by the number of sanders' supporters who would support the secretary, the poll is similar with the number of hillary clinton. as we all know that barack obama won a resounding victory. i don't think there is anything to the myth of the primary and the caucuses. trump is the presumptive nominee and of name calling and gutter politics, i -- >> bernie sanders would need 68% remaining of the delegates. your theory of the case has been that you can make a good case to super delegates that he's won all the primaries and brought
9:28 am
base support. do you have any evidence of any super delegates coming your way, can you give us a count or your name. anything that, you know, been delivered to you? >> well, this process with super delegates is only going to be engaged once the process of vote is over. two elections going on. one with voters and one with super delegates. we can argue the merits of super delegates. on the 14th the district of columbia and puerto rico on the fifth. then i think the case we make of super delegates based on your poll or every other poll which is a much stronger candidate an secretary clinton. we'll be glad to make that decision. >> i know you had differences with the democratic chairman thinking she's favoring hillary clinton even though she claims he's not endorsing on her way but to come out and endorse her
9:29 am
opponent, her primary opponent, what does that say where bernie sanders is in terms of the democratic party. >> her opponent is a democratic and a democratic strict. so in no way it hurts the democratic party. i think it is only natural that she should support the alternative. >> he said the other day not to reappoint her as chair. i think there is a number of instances of fairness and people are aware of those. the handling of the data and the joint fund agreement and taking money out of safe parties and giving it to the dnc and the standing committee and the conventio conventions. she since only picked three of our people and appointed chairs. the issue is she has certainly
9:30 am
then again the sanders campaign. >> you gotten five members of the flat form subcommittee. is that enough or what more do you want from her sub commission? >> we want a few things. a fair process and a number of people that's great. we don't have a majority so we cannot force our will on the subcommittee. we want a fair process, we want to make sure the views of senators, have directions in the country. we want to make sure other other committees the standing committee and the rules committee are fair based on the primaries and caucuses. i think if we have a fair process, i think a lot of people within the democratic party working to make sure there is a fair process but i think that's important. >> last time around in '08, hillary clinton went out to
9:31 am
campaign. is bernie sanders prepared to do anything if after these last primaries, he does not have the majority pledge and super delegates. is he prepared todd endorse th campaign with her. he certainly said post convention, the party is unified and he will campaigning day and night 24/7. i think you are going to see bernie sanders out on the campaign trail during the general election. >> jeff weaver, thank you very much. >> always a pressure here at andrea. >> president obama is in vietnam today. the only second time the u.s. president has visited the country since the end of vietnam war. the president announced the u.s. will lift its embargo from arm south to vietnam. he attended a signing ceremony sending billions of dollars of trade deals, 16 billions between the country. later this week, president obama
9:32 am
travels to japan visiting to hiroshima. coming up, officials are urging calm after a baltimore policeman was found not guilty on all charges. this is the first freddie gray trial to reach a verdict. joining me next on "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the controller. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool.
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i do the composite sketches which are the bad guy sketches. you need good resoluti, powerful processor because the computer has to start thinking as fast as my brain does. i do this because i want my artwork to help people. breaking news from the supreme court today, a 7-1 decision that clears a way for a new trial for an african-american man convicted of murder and sentenced to death in 1976 in georgia. pete williams is live outside the courthouse with we details. >> reporter: timothy foster was convicted of the brutal murder. evidence found after the trial shows that they went out of their way to show blacks off the
9:36 am
jury. the names of perspective jurors will mark on the list with a green highlighter with a b out to the side. prosecutors did everything they could to keep blacks off this trial of a black man accused of killing a white woman. is it unusual for the supreme court to issue a ruling like this and involves krcorrecting miscarried of justice. the supreme court would use this case to limit out prosecutors will keep people off the jury without a good reason. you mentioned a 7-1 decision, the lone defender is justice thomas. you have to defer to the trial judgment here and the technical reasons the court did not have the legal standing and the jurisdiction to hear this case, andrea. >> pete williams. thank you very much. we are following more breaking
9:37 am
news out of baltimore. the judge is handing down the first verdict of the case of freddie gray. officer nero found not guilty of the death of freddie gray last april. joining me now is congressman of the 7th district. thank you very much. >> what is your council to the people of people baltimore today after this acquittal. >> what i have been reminding of the people of our city is that they ask for justice and here is what justice looks like. you don't always get the verdict that you want or maybe even expect. but the fact that in most cases when unarmed person, african-americans injured or
9:38 am
killed while in the custody of police. there are no charges. here you have officer nero who had some of the best lawyers in the country. they battle it out in the courtroom before and an african-american judge who i know and have tremendous respect for. that judge made a decision. he made a decision that there is insufficient evidence to find officer nero guilty. we still have five trials and it comes up june 6th. >> i want to ask you about the benghazi report. that report will come out before the conventions. are you familiar and are you
9:39 am
included in the writing of this final report and did you know anything of the timetable? >> no, we have been excluded from their regular report. we had not been able to have a number of the transcripts. so this is basically going to be a republican report. again, we'll see. the general has been saying he's been producing a report for a good while. we'll see. i do believe leader mccartney was absolutely right when he said this was a tax paying up front effort to the real campaign authority clinton and i have seen nothing otherwise. >> regarding sholts of the congressman from florida, now, bernie sanders has endorsed her opponent. what if anything does that tell you about efforts to unify the
9:40 am
party? we we >> well, i don't want to get into that. i am more concerned of the platform, andrea, as you know and today i was appointed the head of the drafting committee for the platform. we are going to have a open process and we are going to hear these interveeiews. >> as reported, five of the members will come from the sanders campaign and six from hillary clinton. so it is pretty much of an even split, correct? >> yeah, that's pretty unusual for a person in sanders' position in a campaign with the voting of the way it is coming out so far to have that many people on the drafting committee. but, again, it is going to be a very opening process and hopefully, it will be a unifying process, i would have it any
9:41 am
other way. i am looking forward to hearing the views of all americans. after all, i don't want to be disstrakt distracted show. >> elijah, thank you very much, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> coming up, honing out why major republican donors refusing to back donald trump. that's next on "andrea mitchell reports," on msnbc. our cosmetics line was a hit. the orders were rushing in.
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♪ ♪ [engine revving] the all-new audi a4 is here. senator bob corker was seen going into trump's tower today for a meeting with donald trump. right now still meeting with tru trump. his name has come up as a possible vice president candidate even for secretary of state. as you can see that's corker coming into trump's tower today. that's the latest meeting that donald trump has the presumptive nominee with member of his
9:45 am
establishment trying to move that he can be more establishme establishment. joining me now the past finance chair for mccain in 2008. good to see you fred. >> good to see you. >> donald trump is saying he can be donald trump and defining it as boring. it will be so boring i only have a couple hundred people showing up instead of 10,000. what do you want to see from donald trump in the interest of a party to reassure people. >> the first thing he need to do is unifying the party. i think if me or paul ryan putting down the lest of supreme court justices that he would appoint, his meeting with somebody like corker and other people he's meeting it, that's a great feirst step. i think what all republicans want to see is reaching out and bringing people together and not separating them. >> paul ryan was asked about all
9:46 am
of this on a podcast with lynn, i want to play it for you. >> if you were betting, would you say he's going. >> i am not going to bet. i think if we get our party unified and do the work we do to get ourselves in full strength and offering the country in a clear agenda that it is inspi inspiring and it is inclusive and fixes problem and solution based and based on principles, yes, i think we can win. there is a report of our colleagues at the new york times saying a lot of big money republican donors are reluctant to contribute to the trump ticket. >> yes, there are a number of donors are holding back and a number of good friends who are good republicans that are
9:47 am
holding back. they want to see more evidence and reaching out. there are a lot of people coming in. this is what is being missed is really two pools of money. one is the super pac and that's where the big donors play and where the check comes in but there are also the campaign money. these are $2,700 limit. that's hard dollar that you use for staff and organization to control your own advertising. you cannot act coy between the two. you got to have that money. >> he's behind it. >> he does not have that. how is he going to raise the $1 billion to be competitive? >> i don't think he's going to be competitive. i think he's going to be not competitive. >> hillary clinton's campaign
9:48 am
herself had been added for years. it was still a tough spot to get the money. you need to have people in place and you need to have them working for you on a continuing bases. he got to build it from the ground several months. you are going to fall short. that does not mean he can raise enough to run a good campaign. unless, he's prepared for a big check. >> i interviewed jim bennett last week, he said his father informed and imparted by his women faith and of the muslims ban was felt strongly on his death. donald trump really hurt the party and he was apologizing individually to muslims he met at the airport for donald trump's comment. >> i saw senator bennett and i knew him well and respect him and it is a great loss with him.
9:49 am
i feel that he has to be more inclusive. politics is a game of addition, it is not a game of subtracting. people want to see inclusiveness, we are all americans welcoming to a republican party. as ronald reagan says if you agree 80% of the time and if you disagree 20%, you are not my ene enemy. >> how does he say about things he said about muslims and other minoriti minorities? >> action speaks more than word. you have to prove that you are inclusive. >> fred mallic, thank you very much. >> up next, will hillary clinton will be able to win if she's the nominee. a lot more coming up on our washington journal polls coming up next on "andrea mitchell reports," msnbc.
9:50 am
it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. trane. the most reliable for a reason.
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joining me now for our daily
9:53 am
fix and more on the news of our journal polls. list cillizza. a very high number saying they are against her. >> yeah, andrea, it under scores how the popular votes are for donald trump and hillary clinton. >> of course, our system goes and ballot access, those are the options for most americans. you also highlighted this. bernie sanders' voters in the democratic primary has a negative impression of hillary clinton. 38% positive and 41% negative. those numbers are flipped around among clinton voters about bernie sanders. it shows theat bernie sanders'
9:54 am
supporters does not like clinton much. right now you have one side that bernie sanders, don't like clinton very much and clinton on the other hand do like sanders. >> chris cillizza. all the csignals today they sai they're not going to endorse before the election. unlike what she did when she went to new hampshire with president obama right before she dropped out back in june 2008. >> lets say mid june and you don't have a bernie sanders endorsement of hillary clinton -- as you said, jeff weaver indicates there will not be one. i am not sure, is it hugely d t
9:55 am
detrimental. it will continue to nagging her before presumably sanders' endorses. you want it sooner rather than later. you want those bad feelings to go away. >> our other option is donald trump and how does it sound to you? >> the sooner you can make that argument if you are hillary clinton. >> and the trump folks have come out a new instagram today going after bill clinton on the women issue again. they're going after this time and time again. she said she's not going to response to it but how could anyway deny i. >> you know the '90s were going to be relitigated from the moment hillary said she's going to make a bid. i think a lot would not suspect of what trump is going so hard
9:56 am
and so fast. the republican process going right in the individual. the question is, do clinton, her supporters bringing up other things from trump's past. e m and so that's going to be an interesting on how that plays out over the next five and a half months. >> mark murray and chris cillizza, thank you very much. that does it for us, we are out of time for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." we are on the road tomorrow and we'll be live in la for the big primary in california. follow the show online and on facebook and twitter. peter alexander is up nooeext rt here on msnbc. with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic.
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10:00 am
baltimore a few moment away. right now donald trump, the chairma chairman of for reeign relation committee is in trump's tower and our latest nbc's wall street journal poll shows clinton's double leader of trump. >> my campaign is not going to let donald trump try to normalize himself this period. >> we are going to demonstrate he has no idea. and there is evidence he has any ideas of me making america great. >> bad judgment, she suffers from bad judgment and that's
11:51 am
i have called for and we are