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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  May 25, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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protests have erupted outside a trump rally. police say they've used smoke grenades on those protesters. let's go live to the scene and again with hallie jackson of nbc. hallie, give us your report. >> you can see police have been clearing, block by block, intersection, by sberkz, trying to get the demonstrators out of the road, get their vehicles away. when we last talked, you were asking about the smoke. >> yes. >> reporter: what we saw on the intersections, were people spinning out tires. we saw that four or five times in the span of a couple minutes here. as we walk here with the police, as we walk here with the officers on horseback, trying to get out of the street. when you ask about what these protesters are here for, several
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of them here, many of them here regarding immigration policies. and this woman that we spoke with earlier was talking as well. ma'am, tell me about why you're here today. >> we're here today because the people of albuquerque specifically do not want donald trump in our city. he doesn't know the difference between latinos, hispanics, and mexicans. we are native americans, we have hispanics. we didn't want trump here. and mayor berry of the city of albuquerque, refuses -- refuses to listen to the people. >> reporter: let me ask you this. what do you hope to accomplish with a protest like this? how do you think that will help? >> well, it's not about it being accomplished or for us to accomplish something, but rather people have had to resort to. because our own governor, our
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own government refuses, refuse toes listen to the people. we go in there week after week like reasonable people trying to pick up the phone and we go unheard. time and time again, we have failing schools. we have a high rate of police violence. all of that is symptom of corrupt government. >> but does it help to come out and to have a -- >> no, it does not help, but it's self-defense. donald trump cannot come to our city after calling us rapists, lies. he is not in the spirit of people, in the spirit of democracy and in the spirit of the promise. we all have certain leenble rights and he acts like they only belong to the people that support him, and that is untrue. they belong to all people. all people. >> what's your name? dina alves. >> and where are you from? >> new mexico, born and raised. >> we're going to let you go. thank you very much. >> that's what i wanted to hear. >> guys, i'm going to have my
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cameraman here and our crew walk up here to show you what's happening. now we're down at -- i believe it is central and third in downtown albuquerque. this is very sympathy lafr, chris, to what we were seeing earlier. people with flags, people spinning out tires, a iraqus crowd, obviously. i spoke with folks earlier and i said are you here protesting or just watching? they said we just came out to watch. that is a mixture, we're seeing some like diane who are here with a message, others who are here to see what is going on in albuquerque. this donald trump rally ended maybe about an hour and change ago. this has been going on ever since then. trump has obviously departed albuquerque.
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>> this rally you say by trump is over. is there going to be a collision between them and these protesters? how does that stand? >> the trump rally ended as the protests were happening outside. though protests began before the tramp rally. that, again, is typical to what we see during these events. police were here, the rallies was happening outside. it was a normal event. it was a typical rally we would see from donald trump. he made comments about hillary clinton. he gave his typical stump speech. what we saw afterwards was a little different. police barricaded entrances. they did not want people leaving, they did not want
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people leaving. partially that's because of damage. we understand from albuquerque police that there were pellet guns fired, rocks thrown. there was a shattered door at one point. people were directed out other exits. so you didn't see the type of clash that you might have seen at previous trump rallies. i'm thinking, for example, chris, of chicago. you remember when that happened a couple of months ago. so you're not seeing that incident interaction between the trump supporters and protesters here. i think what you're seeing is, if anything, interaction between demonstrators and the police. everything at this point fairley calm as riot police slowly begin to clear these streets and continue to do so as we're here in downtown albuquerque. >> the protesters discovered your camera. they're looking for a camera to
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go and find something to say to. the woman you spoke to was great. she made it clear her anger was based upon what trump has done and what the governor of that state has not done. she talked about education, poverty, she had a lot of thought about why she was there. that's what you usually want to hear when you cover a rally. jacob is on the other side of the protests. jacob. >> chris, we'll be careful about turning on our light because every time we do, they rush the camera and stick up their middle fingers. when i ask the protesters what their message is and what you're looking at, by the way, are the officers on protests trying to get them out of this intersection. but when we ask them, what is the message? what do you hope this accomplishes? a lot of people will tell me they've been waiting for trump to come to their backyard ever since he said what he said about mexicans.
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they've been waiting to have their voice heard. that's the whole point of this, a lot of them say. a couple of people i talk to say we don't know when ask what to do, but we thought we should come out and get our voices heard and be angry just because we don't want him to win. and what you're watching, i think you can see this are the officers on horseback, again, trying to push this line back. you can see they're a lot more aggressive than they have been. they have been staying in place and the people who have moved the line are officers with gates. this is the first time i've seen the officers on horseback beings as aggressive as they are now in pushing this line back. chris. >> well, thank you.
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we're joined now with joan. what impact do you think this has, across the board, left, right and center? >> i don't know yet. i think for some trump supporters, it's going to make them -- all the more. we've got chaos in the streets. this is the tough guy that we need to have. but i think it's showing other americans that there is a level of desperation and anger out there that trump has continued to dehumanize people and 350e78 are living in conditions of desperate, grinding poverty. albuquerque is a valuing city with concentrated -- and i think people have been waiting for a chance to tell their story. i don't want to get obsessed with hooligans.
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they are people that want to lend their faces, their bodies, their words to say they won't want this in our cities. >> it's quite a dynamic. some people come to right a situation because they have that personality trait. and the other people here, as you say, all night long making a point. as many as we can get to cover the microphone, it's better for us. >> i was outside that trump rally. >> what did you make of that? >> i was outside talking to trump supporters and protesters. you have to keep in mind, the campus at the university of illinois chicago that was predominantly minority. >> just like here in had
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albuquerque, there is a way for him to make a statement where he can say i can two into an area where i'm going to be the most hated and there will be a spectacle. i'm going to generate that to feed my own supporters and rise their hatred and resentment, and frankly, make him get on television. i think that's what his ultimate goal is. >> do you think he wants this picture we're looking at? >> i think he wants this picture we're looking at. you heard a lot of people suppressing the same sentiments as miss vargas expressed. i think trump is loving all the hatred that he inspires and all the hatred that he benefits from. >> the protesters that hallie just interviewed, i found it interesting that he was protesting martinez, and that is a contrast with trump's own
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words tonight because he took on martinez for giving out food stamps. >> she wasn't really there. >> exactly. and trump chose to attack her on her home turf, the current head of the republican governor association and this is something that the activists galvanizing the activists who are there in protest of trump. >> and attacking her for using that coded language, the food stamps. >> look at hallie jackson right there with the interaction with one of the police officers. >> this -- even though we're on the east coast and it's after midnight now, it's only about 10:00 out there now. >> this could go on for a while. >> so these kids look like they're available. they're young guys, i don't think they look poverty strict b. and it's a night to get out.
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>> also, at mtv, we've been doing our own research on this stuff. 92% of young voters, millennials, think this whole thing is like a bill big reality show. and iveng what you see here, you might have a couple people rushing the camera, but at the end of the day, these folks are sick of being dehumanized and they want everyone to focus on the issues that trump, just by his mere presence, brings into the election. >> let me ask you something. you have the hot hand here now. i mean it. you've been saying the things i want to hear tonight. one thing i think is clear, it's not just trump, and here is the scary part. they don't like the trump people because they think these people are buying his stuff and they don't like that attitude because they know that attitude is shared. am i right? >> yeah. because those trump voters are the people that they run into in the local grocery and they're suspected of stealing or are like a criminal. also, the people they have to
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deal with on a daily basis at work or in the subway. those are the people that they have to deal with. they don't have to dole with trump on a regular basis every day. they have to deal with the hatred that trump inspires and is feeds off of every day. >> joan. >> and we've had these situations where, you know, white students at schools, where they're playing minority students in volleyball and basketball start chanting trump as they're losing. >> what did that start? >> it's been going on for months. >> yeah. it's crazy. he's become the symbol of white defiance, white grievance. and to these people, they're speaking back to all of his supporters the. >> and this is a setup that trump has been clamoring for for years. he wanted to do a white versus black apprentice. where you had like a racial standoff on "the apprentice." >> that's healthy. >> exactly. >> being sarcastic.
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let me go to howie jackson again. >> hey, increase. i am here with one of the protesters who is out here, sign this says toxic trump, america was never great. tell me why you're out here. what's your message? >> what we're protesting is the hate from donald trump and everything hay has in his policies, anywhere from banning muslims, anywhere from hating immigrants, hating women, hating -- calling mexican rapists. you're in new mexico and what do you expect the mexican community to act like? i'm personally not mexican, but i see a lot of mexicans over here with their flags. starting pretty much a riot over here because they're so angry at the fact that this guy comes over here to new mexico after he's insulted everybody. >> what do us to the critics who say the protest like this and a scene like this is counter to your message? >> right. but the point is to get the
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national coverage of how people feel about this issue in the city. so i can any protest that gets you guys in the mainstream to actually get the video going, you're over here talking to people, it's actually working because now we're getting our message across for the entire country. >> what do you ultimately want? what's the end game here? >> to demonstrate we're not going to toll rat trump's speech and hate and this is what the people are here demonstrating. >> tell me your name. >> and where are you from? >> diego. >> and where are you from? >> albuquerque. >> are you here with an organization on your own? >> on my own. >> we're going to pull off here. i'm going to show you the scene. there's another couple of guys we were hoping to talk to to give you a couple of these voices. this is the line as the cars go by -- i'm losing track of my camera here. but you can see the crowd, incredibly active. i'm looking for a couple of these protesters that we were
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talking with earlier about why they have come out. several of them, multiple protesters have is said to me they're out here obviously because they are very strongly against donald trump. they believe he's racist. i'm going to swing the camera over and see if we can talk to these guys about why they're out here, chris. so give us a minute. we're going to walk. come whack to us in maybe 30 seconds, okay? >> i like this. >> here we go. >> and you can see the police -- yeah. >> hi. what brought you out? >> nice to meet you. >> what's your name? >>er ving. >> tell me why you're here. >> because trump -- obviously, we can't control them. that is obviously a chant that
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you've heard a lot out here. that is a chant we've heard quite a bit. >> thank you for joining us. we want to -- give us a sense of the element of danger if there's any here. i don't see violence here. i did see the police car with the windshield smashed. what does it look like to you? >> i'm not quite sure what you mean by low key violence. >> i don't see anybody with their face bloodied yet, i don't see any danger yet, but you tell me. >> i was trying to, sir. earlier in the night, we had people showing rocks and bottles at our police forces. they were throwing shirts lit on fire at our police officers. no one was hurt severely. at this point in time, it looks more like it's a mass riot of people who are not necessarily anti-trump, but looking to cause some problems. >> have any of your officers been injured inspect.
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>> no officers have been injured at this point, sir is. >> and what's the plan of the police, to allow the people to sort of dwindle out, to phase out and let them give up? they're not being pushed from the scene. >> we're actively trying to move them in a general direction. we're trying to get them to go in order to keep them moving and get them out of the downtown area. >> and what are the role of the horses? how do you use horses in a situation like this, the mounted police? >> the horse is the equivalent of 8 to 10 police officers, almost 2,000 pounds. they can move a lot more people a lot more effectively than an entire lineup. >> officer, thank you so much for joining us. our panel is staying with us as we continue to watch the protests in the streets of albuquerque. it looks like it's quieting down.
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well, we continue to cover
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the protests in the streets. i don't think they're that violent. how do we assess the extent to which trump is igniting these kinds of things by the locations he's selecting? >> since the beginning of his campaign, donald trump targeted the american southwest as a hot bed for the kind of supporters that he wants to have as his political base. these are people who are populist webs not tied to the traditional public party and frustrated with immigration and globalization, as well. >> and so to what extent does that involve -- what's the right word, taunting, encouraging? this happened in chicago when they went to an urban school with a large minority population, a large campus population of minorities. trump chose to have a rally there. he had to eventually shut it down.
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>> this is donald trump. this is the trump who a year ago wanted to go to arizona, showcase himself in arizona. he's going to the border, going here to kick off the general election in a sort of way in new mexico. this is who trump is. confrontation, political battle. >> and we have a lot of people that have noticed this mess haddage and don't like it. certainly black lives people who are demonstrating in a more organized fashion. people here today, in a less organized fashion. it is part of the story we've been noticing here. and i guess who else is apt to get them? lati latinos, african-americans, what other groups protest donald trump? do women's groups come out there had? >> i've seen women's groups. there's a sense that trump is someone who disrupts the political order across the sphere. a lot of republicans and conservatives are angry with
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him, as well. but i can trump, he relishes these moments. you saw it in chicago, you saw it in arizona, you see it here in new mexico. >> i want you to react to this. trump's senior adviser and social media leader, dan skevino tweeted, quote, watching thugs and punks in albuquerque en route to california. they don't even know what they are protesting. there you go, complete disdain from his critics. >> dan scavino is with trump on the plane, he's with trump almost every minute on the campaign trail. if scavino is saying something on social media, it usually means trump has said it himself or is delivering a message. >> every time we interview them, they seem to be quite clear on why they're there. >> much more ahead on tonight's protests in albuquerque. we'll be right back after this.
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we continue to watch the protests outside trump's rally in albuquerque, new mexico. with us now is jacob. take it away. >> yes. so the new group of protesters came in. now they have joined us with others. what you're looking at here to my right is the police line that continues to push back. and we'll show you over here that the new group of protesters. initially, we had hundreds and hundreds of protesters. we're now at about 200 to 300 if i look everywhere. it's hard to see, of course. very dark. but these protesters continue to throw things at the officers and the officers respond by continue to go push the line back.
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so we had bottles, we had some rocks being thrown. hey. huh-uh. huh-uh. chris, we're going to have to send it back to you. we have people hitting us. >> that's a rough job out there. >> i wonder how much more of this is going to come over the next six months. i really thought trump had toned down a little bit his rhetoric about saying that he would pay legal fees of people who beat up protesters at his events. back when he was just openly inciting violence. this, i just wonder how much the protests from him camp the pushback is going to continue. >> it's not all new, joan. i'm older than this. in 1968, 1970, richard nickso and spiro is agnew would go out there and nixon loved it when he would do this because this was the sign of the anti-war
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movement. he would love to get them gearing up and show it on the nightly news. >> i thought it was calming down a little bit, too, but i think we have to take in the reality that donald trump is the republican nominee and this is reverb rating across the landscape in different ways with different people. i think if you were a latino immigrant, you would by frankly terrified and very angry. i can see why we're going to have another -- and he's going to california, that's going to be interesting. he had protests the last time he was in california. and i think to see the reality of him as one of 1 versus he is the standard there, he's going to represent one of our major parties is frankly terrifying to a lot of people, myself included. >> you've covered this now. let's project to the mid summer, to july in cleveland. >> my hometown. >> we had terrible -- the kid being killed in the playground. he had a toy gun. there's a lot of history there.
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it seemed like we've got something coming like this. >> i was born and raised in cleveland. so you have -- really, on the west side of town, sort of a petri dish for trump supporters. you have a lot of resentment, a lot of folks in working class who are not getting the pay that they need and you have, obviously, a heavily minority city which is mostly black. so you have -- you're going to have outside of the arena where the convention is going to be held people who are protesting, you know, against police brutality. cleveland is under a consent decree. >> an organized black lives matter -- >> plus other groups who are going to be protesting.. >> it's not terribly high, but there is certainly a significant number of people. and i think people are going to be coming in to cleveland, also. you have to take into account that people are going to be coming in from detroit, from pittsburgh, from cincinnati, from all different parts of the nation, really. so a lot of people are going to
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be assembled there and you're going to have people protesting police brutality, trump's presence, and then you're going to have -- you're going to have republicans or conservatives upset with this trump nomination protesting. so you're going to have a lot of friction outside arena. let's keep in mind ohio is an open carry state. >> wonderful. >> yeah. so in july -- >> which means you can walk into a crowd of people in a busy intersection of people where there's a lot of rioting and you can have your gun, what, in a holster showing it. >> yeah. it's an open carry state. that is -- when you think about all the people who are upset about tony rice's killing and the lack of justice in that case, the lack of justice in the michael prilo case -- >> fair enough. anyway, when we return, we're going to talk to a local crime reporter in albuquerque as the protesters continue. this is "hard ball" the place
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for politics.
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well, look at that. smoke out there from police raids. this is in the streets of albuquerque as it gets closer to midnight out there as the police are out there dealing with what was a trump rally. we have hallie jackson back with us. give us an update since we talked a few moments ago the. all right. i am looking down an alley where i'm seeing protesters throwing
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rocks here in the intersection. we have moved off to the left because, as you mentioned, there were a couple canister owes of what appeared to be smoke, not tear gas, although some protesters were yelling tear gas, tear gas. we're not feeling any impacts from that. so the situation has escalated, obviously, since we last spoke. police cleared another block and a half or so to try to get the remaining protesters out. i will tell you alba kirksy police believe most of the demonstrators is now disbursed. you can see more canisters being thrown. they believe most of the people who are left are here only to disrupt. that is coming from albuquerque police. we're being asked now to get back as some folks are continuing -- right. continuing to throw rocks, you're feeling pebbles coming down from that alley down the side. right. so i'm sticking with my camera crew as we walk down with rocks
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continue to go be thrown. so we're behind the police line now. we're going to toss it back to you. >> do you know if that's pepper spray, the canisters that the police are holing? >> she's choking. >> watch out. >> hallie, i couldn't stay at that spot. >> yeah. >> robert is with the albuquerque general newspaper. he's on the phone with us right now. can you give us a sense ow how this is moving right somehow? >> yeah. it seems police are moving protesters, mostly south away from the area in which the protests started. as they're doing so, fewer and fewer protesters are sticking around. it seems like the crowd is getting rowdier. the crowd is more willing to push forward. >> can you give me a sense of what kind of crowd t. they have the mexican flag that show their point of view on this issue of immigration. but what do you make of the
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crowd? are they -- you say troublemakers, but a lot of kids get out, the young people get out and they get razzed up by the situation itself. >> yeah. i think there's some truth to that. the protests started initially. it was sort of like any other protest. people were talking about healthing care, etcetera. trump's comments with regard to hispanics have been a big topic all along. as this has progressed, many of the people sort of interested in discourse at last. and it's these people that are willing to throw bottles at the cops. >> do you know if people are being thrown out by the camera? is the crowd growing with new faces? >> i think it's growing with new faces. young folks who just got out of school today are coming out and it's -- people are out here to have fun, if you will, or their
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version of that. so i think the protests, as it started, is kind of not taking place right now. >> okay. thank you so much. we'll be back with you in a moment. let me go to hallie jackson who works for us right now. >> hey, chris. we moved off the to side a little bit. as you saw in that last piece we showed you, we got caught up in that line moving demonstrators out of the way. this is kind of what's remaining of these ro tests, obviously, much smaller than what we he heard earlier in the evening. and i can tell you as we were talk, folks, asking people why they are out here, something i heard is we're here to see what was going on. we wanted to watch what happens happening. at the same time, you are here watching protesters who are here with a message. i can spot one woman we spoke to
12:38 am
earlier. she knows we want to speak with her. we're going to climb over here, staying back off the police line. the police are gesturing us back, so we're not going to cross over just yet. we're going to come around here as we take a look at what's happening. so, you know, i think that it can be reiterated albuquerque police believe the people who are left are here in order to disrupt. hi. good to see you. talk to me a little bit, if you can. i know we spoke earlier about your message and why you're out here. >> i just gave them two up there hugs because the message we're trying to get across is right. we're people, let's love each other. there's families out there. we're having fun. you know, it was stop trump's hate with love. and then quickly, once the trump supporters started coming in and you see a trump supporter, you know, you're -- >> go ahead. i know we've got a lot of -- >> i'm sorry.
12:39 am
>> you know, you're use lts, go to school and get a job. i went there with my brother and friends who worked 40 hours a week while going to school. this is the idea they have of us because they're fed this idea by trump. in my opinion, trump is a narcissistic rich sociopathic person. and it's easy for them to -- for him to use his -- their fears to manipulate them. >> you're wearing, obviously, an anarchy shirt and critics have said these protesters are coming out here to disrupt. did you come out here to disrupt? >> no, no. the only reason i'm out here right now is because i don't even know what's going on. i left to pick up my mom who works 12 hours at the hospital. my family is the type of family that bernie promises to help. >> you're a bernie sanders supporter. >> yes. sorry. i think they might be -- this is
12:40 am
wrong. >> you were saying -- i'm going to walk with you here. we're going to walk a little bit back. you were saying earlier in the evening this was intended to be a stop trump protest, stop trump with love. >> that's what most of the supporters were out. when i came here, over half of these people were not -- love against hate or whatever protest. we all went out there with signs that said things like -- a lot of themmer heartfelt. but there was this one group of guys -- there's always -- is it okay? >> it looks like we're going to let you go here. tell me again your name just so you have it. >> madeleine. i just wanted to say i'm sorry this turned out the way it did. i'm here because my brother is here ask i'm worried about him and i'm trying to keep the kids away from all this, as well. what's wrong? >> madeleine, thank you. i hope you find your brother. good luck. that gives you a sense of how the evening escalated. you remember we were out here
12:41 am
with diego who was holding that sign earlier. there are people throwing things now, throwing items at cops. there is another canister coming from behind us spooking the horses, as you can see. police now firing back. we're going to get out of the line here. >> give you a shot. >> make sure we're staying safe. >> anyway, i was captivated by her description of the whole room. thanks for joining us. what are we looking at in terms of police behavior, police strategy and trying to end this evening with minimal damage to anybody? >> right. they're doing a very restrained action here with the forces and the tactical lines slowly moving up. you know, you see the smoke canisters, maybe some pepper gas earlier. but they're just slowly walking. it doesn't look like they're making any arrests. they're trying to make the people leave without making
12:42 am
arrests. so often, it's been handled very well. >> there were particular grievances, like a lot of the social policy of the governor there. they don't like trump's point of view, what he said about minorities, what he said about hispanic people, especially latinos. and they had a very clear, i thought, ar particular ewe la statement. a lot of people, they have come out to see what is going on. what about the use of the smoke grenade. and what's the difference between a smoke grenade and tear gas sthp. >> the smoke they can use to make the crowd think it's tear gas and they can move away. it's just encouraging them to leave. when i was in charge of the dallas division of albuquerque
12:43 am
officers in my division. i went there frequently. and i know that city well. and it's a very vibrant city, a great city. it has a large latino, hispanic and native american.population. these people are not -- you saw one broken window, some chanting, some tires burning out. >> what do you think about -- without advertising the possibilities of it in a bad way, but i keep thinking about cleveland and i think about the organized groups and i think about the responsible takenus arrival of people. and i wonder about cleveland being an urban town, a mixed
12:44 am
town with a lot of minorities ask history of police problems right there. are we going to have something much bigger than this in cleveland this july? >> i think we'll probably have a lot of protesters, chris. we have to rely on the leadership, the state, the governor, the mayor, the city. and we have to rely on the comma commanders, the city, the law enforcement chiefs to make sure they're there and they're disciplined. i think both of these convers n conversions this year are going to see a lot of police activity the. and like people in number number, their backs are against the wall with donald trump, with what he said about immigrants and muslims. they really feel trapped by that. and they see hem getting stroker and they see these conspiracy theories that he talks about. and it scares them. ask so there's a fear there and they're iraqiing to it.
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>> and i think probably a strong element of pride, when you're humiliated in the newspapers and on television, it's your community. and if you don't om out and say something about it, you're passive and nobody wants to be passive in this country. >> i think that's right. >> thank you so many for joining us tonight. our coverage of the albuquerque protests such as they are, and this is not big time stuff here, fortunately. this are young people throwing some rocks, which is not a good thing to do. it's illegal. this is not chicago 1968. we'll be right back after this.
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well, reporter chris ramirez is now here from nbc station kob
12:48 am
tv. he joins us now on the phone. he was at the truthful rally and covered the protests tonight. chris, thank you for joining us. give us your description. i think this is a limited problem, but give me your sense. >> yeah. chris, you were right. i was at both the actual rally that donald trump held tonight and shortly after the rally ended, i went outside and, of course, the streets of downtown albuquerque are covered in protesters. inside the rally, chris, it was sort of what you would expect from any of the trump's protests that you were see. secret service and is local police quickly took them out. a couple of women were actually taken out by their feet, dragged by their feet because they refused to go. but, really, the big scene was outside of our cop vengz center where thousands of peopler are gathered. i think what ended up happening was earlier in the day, there were some political groups who were there protesting, but some legitimate causes. and those groups got splittered by people who are more radical
12:49 am
and really just trying to intentionally incite violence which i think you're seeing a lot of video of. >> is there a lot of affiliate coverage tonight in albuquerque? are a lot of the local stations covering these people that we're covering? >> absolutely? a huge deal. our downtown has been taken over by protesters. this is a really big story for new mexico and img it's a really big story for our local government. i think the mayor of albuquerque and the mayor of new mexico have had to deso many resources to control what is happening on our streets tonight. but they really have to ask the question, are we financially prepared to have more trump visits to new mexico if these are the kind of resources that our government will have to use. >> well, the police are very restrained tonight and disciplined from what i can see. it's a good account for them tonight. thank you, chris ramirez, from kob in alba quickie. our coverage continues after
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>> oh, isn't that nice? get this them out of here. get them out. bring them home to mom. go home to mommy. go home to mommy.. >> well, we've gotten used to that. we haven't had it lately. that's donald trump taunting the people that are being thrown out of his rally in albuquerque. that's another version is of the treatment, obviously, inside there. we're back with joan walsh, jamil smith and is joy reid. joy, you've been away for a bit. that's an interesting crowd. trump obviously has his fans there. but here we are in albuquerque, new mexico, which might be an indicator that people don't agree with him. >> yeah. and trump -- >> so he knew what i was doing. >> absolutely. and trump does remind me in a lot of ways of george wallace
12:53 am
who took a rally like that into madison square garden, into the blue state of new york and had a iraqus rally and some of the video you see is him throwing black protests out and the only four letter word that they don't know is s-a-o-p. >> he was doing that or wallace was doing it? >> wallace was doing it. ette taunting the protesters, he was threatening them saying if any hippie he lays down in front of his car, it will be the last car they lay down in front of. he used humor and ridicule to get his crowds going and the crowds would go crazy as he was taunting the protesters. >> and something that that young woman said who was so wonderful who spoke to hallie a little while ago talking about how this is a rally, we wanted to show love and we're not about hate and one of the things that happened was trump supporters,
12:54 am
it was a peaceful rally, little old ladies, young latino students, wonderful, wonderful peaceful protesters and the trump supporters would come over, tell them to get jobs, they would call them ugly. they were push people. the level of support was phenomenal and was trying to turn a peaceful rally into a wild rally and it didn't work. >> this is interesting coverage tonight. and i think it's interesting how it's going to play out in the papers tomorrow. this will be a story in the morning papers around the country and it's going to follow along what happens in chicago when you were there and it's going to become part of what i think is rolling trouble. >> yes. >> and -- >> and some bad guys are going to get the message, here is a chance to raise some hell. and then you'll have the militants there that care about
12:55 am
the issues. it will be a real jamboree and all in the city that's probably wishing they weren't there. >> one thing it can offer is a way for the democrats to unite around fighting trump the. >> explain how that box? >> if you see violence at these rally webs for instance -- >> who got elected in 1968? who got elected? >> but that's 1968. this is considerably prouder america than it was in 1968. when you see trump alienating the populations growing most in this kuj and looking for a way to unite, this provides them a bath. >> those scenes help trump with his base. >> he wants strength in the face of this order. >> he's run ago nixon-type campaign. he's saying he's a law and order guy, he's going to get black lives matter under control.
12:56 am
>> we're watching these pictures continue, by the way. and the police are using various means, horses, to try to mf the crowd and also some spray earlier. but we're see. it's going to be in the streets. with he visitors tonight, we had news. we had the state of washington and we had the beauty contest out there. we're waiting to see. it looks like it went for hillary clinton. >> pretty decisively. >> we'll we right back, about 20 more minutes to finish this story. we hope it's over by the time we're over. our coverage continues after this.
12:57 am
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1:00 am
covering breaking news this evening. you're watching the streets of albuquerque, new mexico. continuing to watch the protests there. and donald trump held a rally there earlier tonight. and protesters took to the streets earlier during that rally and stayed on. let's go to the scene and howie jackson, who has the calmest voice out there. i have to say. some unmodulated. i'm watching you run. and you don't run out of breath. and you run and start over again. you're quite calm in covering what could be a tricky situation. >> thank you. appreciate that. we're back on the street where the police have really quieted things down. most of the