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tv   MTP Daily  MSNBC  June 9, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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coming from all corners of the world for pay their respects. there was a man who reportedly also shared the name muhammad ali coming from bank aregladesh pay his final respects. but even here where we're standing, the turkish president inside and we've seen a-list movie stars, as with he wiell. so a diverse showing. >> andeamon, thank you very muc. that will do it for us live from the white house. mtp daily begins right now. it's thursday and we know where the bernie sanders story is headed. the democratic party is coming together in full force for hillary clinton today. but donald trump's spring of stumbles might be the best thing going for her over everything else. this is mtp daly and is it starts right now.
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welcome to a very busy "mtp daily." the democratic party is coming together even faster than many thought. there is renewed talk of a republican convention mute any against trump. many republicans believe that saint marco rubio, had he been the presumptive nominee instead of trump right now, the last three weeks could have been much different. you had that i fwchg report tha could is been the story for ten days leading up to the california primary. democrats not republicans could have been the ones wringing o their hands. so today could have looked a lot different, but reality bites for republicans because the reality is the reality. and it's the republicans and
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donald trump that have helped make today as big of a day as it's been for hillary clinton 7. democrats are coming together fast. president obama announced his endorsement for hillary clinton. and it was taped on tuesday. we just eyeballed the tie the president is wearing in the two photos. one a screen grab from the clinton video and the other a picture from his meeting with the independent yian prime mini. the white house confirmed that it did happen on the same day. and we can confirm that senator elizabeth warren will officially join the list of supporters of hillary clinton, that announcement will come live tonight at 9:00 p.m. on the rachel maddow show. and the announcement came just moments after senator sanders met with the president this morning. sanders thanked both the president and vice president from keeping their thumbs offer the scale during the primaries. and he took a forward looking
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stance when speaking to the press. >> i spoke briefly to secretary clinton on tuesday night and i congratulated her on her very strong campaign. i look forward to meeting with her in the they're tut to see how we can work together to defeat donald trump. >> sanders will continue to campaign through the d.c. primary to push his message forward. that primary is next tuesday. sanders' day has been packed with meetings including harry reid. he also met with reid's expected successor, chuck schumer. and after his meetings on the hill, it was off to the naval observatory to meet with joe biden. all familiar and friendly faces from the senate who all advocated for giving sanders space in this hard-fought race. the pieces are all clearly starting to tall into place if unity among democrats.
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and for sanders to start laying out what he wants packaged for his endorse the whment when it . chris jansing has the latest on all the various moves today. let me start with i assume the president did tell senator sanders this video was coming and it was coming today? >> and that the endorsement was coming. there was no doubt that all of these pieces were laid out and they were laid out for him. he also has had a series of phone calls with the president. so none of this was a surprise. and if you'll excuse the phrase, in a way this had been like a slow burn. he had been working up his closest aides tell me working up to the idea that the end was near, but then in rapid fire you had surprisingly monday night the a.p. followed by nbc names hillary clinton the presumptive nominee. just as he's about to go out
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into a big rally with 10,000 people. the next day, he was still sounding defiant thinking they might be able to pull out four out of the six states. they ended up losing four out of six states and of course they lost california. and then it was really all about the math. he recognized that there was really no path, but he's getting these phone calls, he's getting members of congress who had supported him coming out in public and saying it's over. he's getting the leaders of organizations, progressive organizations that were behind him saying it was over. and then you have this meeting. so i think he knew what was coming. doesn't make it necessarily easy, but i think all of these meetings were important in their own way. it was important for the affirmation of the president and the vice president, important as he warrants to s he wants to see what he can to going forward. but ultimately nothing will be decided what role he plays until
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he has the face-to-face with hillary clinton. >> i hear you, but this has all happened fast. he's been a team player on this. my only question is, are they concerned that they gave up any leverage. >> you know, i had that conversation with one of his senior staff who last night was one of the people who got called over to this meeting at the last minute late last night at his house. they were all over at hotels. and they think that that leverage two ways. one, she clearly wants those vote voters. you've seen it. there is a skepticism and she needs it. let's look at just young women voters under2:1 and more have been going for bernie sanders. the other piece of. >> prince: he wipuzzle that he donor list that isn't just important for hillary clinton, but look at the members of congress who he's been raising money for. he could made a difference if
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it's control of congress. >> you bring up a good point. that list is probably the best progressive list there is right now. >> 8.1 million names. p. >> that's a big deal. chris jansing, you've been everywhere today. excellent work. thank you. appreciate it. i'm joined now by clinton campaign chairman podesta. welcome back. let me just ask you this. do you believe today would have been as smooth, these last 48 hours would have been as smooth without donald trump on the other side? >> well, look, i think donald trump is on the other side so it kind of concentrates the mind about what the challenge is. and the stakes of trying -- of even the thought of putting him into the oval office and the kind of temperament he has, the lack of judgment that he has, the divisive campaign that he's run. it is a top of the mind issue. but quite frankly, i think that
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the most important piece for us today was the endorsement by president obama and i think that he is a person who has worked closely with hillary, who knows her, who is a competitor of hers, who came for be hto be he. and that would be a tremendous lift under any circumstances with any candidate on the republican side. so we're really happy about that. >> probably no singular person that has been more of a broker two these two than you. here you were bill clinton's chief of staff and then candidate barack obama asked to you put together the transition, that included bringing hillary clinton on as secretary of state. so i guess what -- explain how they went from rivals with an air of skept icism to the point that he really has come to admire her? >> i go back to those days of
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2008 and after that very tough campaign. i think he's really understood her, saw something in her, wanted her strength, wanted her to be his partner. knew that we were in two wars, we had an economy that was melting down. we needed someone really strong who could project american values across the country. so very early on, he settled into convincing her to be the secretary of state. and it took a little convincing. and i talked to her many times about it. but i'm so glad that she did it because she did an excellent job it for him. and through that course, i think they became true friends. and they are really fond of each other and trust each other. >> i heard somebody describe that the role of barack obama for hillary clinton is during this campaign will be similar to bill clinton, but in a different way. bill clinton was in 2012 the character witness on the
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economy. where this time barack obama is the character witness for hillary clinton on her as a person. is that a fair description? >> well, you know, i think what he can do and what he did do today was to talk about the fight she's fought all her life, the fact that he knows her so well, the fact that he trusts her values. and so you know, if you go across the country with democrats, with independents, with people across the board increasingly, they have come to know and trust this president and i think his voice will be very important to her. he has obviously a particular appeal to young people. and to people who have been left out of the economic recovery. and in he' think he'll be out t and we're looking forward to starting off with joint campaigning next week in which is wednesdisconsin. and we think this will give us a big lift.
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we're so proud that she's >> is his job to try on close the trust deficit issue that she has? if there is one thing that you have to fix, it's this trust deficit. >> she's been hit from left, right and center from a cottage industry of opposition that goes back 20 years. she's been hit now from in the course of the primary campaign, but i think when people get to the general, focus on this, take a look at her, take a look at what she is proposing to get gugu done, she likes to say she doesn't make promises she can't keep. so she will be out there fighting for equal pay and raising minimum wage, creating a fairer economy, taking on the rigged economy. and he can really i think help support the argument that not only does she have the right prescription to move the country forward, to build on his
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success, but in a she has the character, the tenacity, the grit to get the job done. >> what do you need from bernie sanders? >> we want him to be our partner, to support her. he said today that he is looking forward for them to get together. when she called him tuesday night, she suggested that, that she get together and move forward, to not only defeat donald trump, but to build the more inclusive economy, the one that works for working people. and i think we an tis pat after an extraordinary campaign that he will be a good partner in trying to get that done. we both want the same things. we want to see people succeed. we want to see people lead better lives. so i think it's always tough. today is a tough day for bd bernie sanders and for the
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sanders campaign p. we've been there. but i think that when they do come together, i think that they can make really good things happen. >> what do you want him to -- you will need him to convince his supporters who are sceptical. >> that's something that the two of them can talk about. but i think again when it comes to the basic planks in this campaign, the distance between them really wasn't ever very far. they had different ideas about how senator sander wanted to start over with a single payer plan, secretary clinton wanted to build on the affordable care acts. but the same goal, cover everybody in an affordable way, make sure that out of pocket expenses are controlled. they had different strategies, but their goals were the same.
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you contrast take with what is coming from donald trump who says wages are too high, who says women should being punished for exercising their pre-productive rights, who has nothing to say about trying to move to cleaner energy sources. the differences between senator sanders and secretary clinton just pales when you look at the gulf between donald trump and the two of them. so i think that they can come together. we can have a strong progressive lat for platform. we can unify the democratic party. and one thing that i think senator sanders might be able to vouch for is that she's tough and she'll get the job done. >> let's me ask you one final question in responding to donald trump. donald trump has promised to do a big speech monday or tuesday early next week that essentially goes after the clintons in general for making money off of politics. probably talking a lot about the
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clinton foundation. so let's me ask you this. is hillary clinton going to say, okay, here is how i'm putting the clinton foundation in a blind trust over here or bill clinton is going to resign and not be involved here or -- are you going to put out in advance exactly how the clinton foundation will work if she's president since we don't get a lot of trance parms cisparency p and his businesses? >> we will talk about how we build a country that is stronger together, how we build an economy that is stronger because everyone is participating, everybody has a chance to live up to their god given potential. and donald trump is trying to change the subject. it's his business practices that are really at issue. the fact that trump university according to his own employees was a scheme and a scam. and he's trying to change the subject. that's what he does. he attacks, attacks. >> why not take higher ground? >> the clinton foundation has
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been transparent. all their contributions have been disclosed. >> but how it would work going forward. >> we have time for that. we'll talk about that. but when you look at what the clinton foundation's done, 9 million people who get life-saving drugs as a result, the 50,000 premature childhood deaths that are saved because vaccines are available, the women entrepreneurs globally and here in america who are supported through work at the clinton foundation, i think they're proud of the work that they have been able to do because quite frankly that he was a global figure. he's been able to use that to improve people's lives. and they can -- the right wing will generate more and more books i'm sure and attack them more and more. but the work stands on its open. which is excellent. and we'll move forward to try to make the argument about what the economy needs to look like in the united states.
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>> all right. joe podesta, campaign chair, not co-chair, of the clinton campaign. thanks for coming in. and again, tune in tonight massachusetts senator elizabeth warren will officially be endorsing hillary clinton and she will do so with rachel maddow tonight 9:00 p.m. eastern. coming up meanwhile as the democrats come together, the republicans falling apart. more questions about gop support to trump. is the dump trump movement gaining steam again? and later, who is in the veepstakes to be on the clinton ticket. details of what could be the short list as it stance. & in a world held back by compromise, businesses need the agility o one thin& another. only at&t has the network, people, and partners to help companies be... local & global. en & secure. because no one knows &
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it's the end of the road, just one presidential primary remains. it's tuesday's democratic contest right here in the district of columbia. hillary clinton is the presumptive nominee and now has president obama's endorse nmt tow. but bernie sanders is holding a rally later tonight. sanders used his remarks outside
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the white house to express his support for d.c. statehood which is always a big issue for many district voters. but statehood or not, washington, d.c. is probably not going to be bernie sanders country. final primary is tailor-made for hillary clinton. check this out. five of the top 20 zip codes that gave the most money to her campaign, right here in the nation's capital. in terms of hard money, the district is quite friendly to clinton. $9 million has been donated to presidential candidates from the district of columbia, a $6.5 million of it has gone to clinton. just over $500,000 has gone to sanders. d.c. is the second lowest percentage about of white residents. both severe impediments for the sanders campaign. so while sander is still running on principal, don't be surprised if clinton runs away with the actual election. we'll be right back. ooh... >>psst. hey... where you going? we've got that thing! you know...diarrhea? abdominal pain? but we said we'd be there... woap, who makes the decisions around here?
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biggest story in american politics tonight a nis not the democratic party coming together, it's the republican party that appears to be coming apart. donald trump's racial attacks on a federal judge have thrg fwized talks against a mute any against him mostly mere in washington right now, but also has been hitting conservative radio. there is talk of dumping trump at this summer's convention. take a listen. >> i've had delegates from at least eight states have contacted me in the last four days about a revolt in cleveland. >> republicans are starting to get really nervous. people who told me if weeks to shut up are now starting to say we may have to do something. >> they ought to get together and let the convention decide. and if donald trump pulls over a makeover in the next four to five weeks, great, they can keep him. >> among republican governors, there is also talk of a convention resistance. scott walker walked back his support for trump. john kasich still holding out. they are both looking towards
2:23 pm
cleveland. >> sad fact is it's sad in america that we have such poor choices right now. he's not yet the nominee. officially that won't happen until july. so for me that is the time frame. i want to make sure that he renounces what he said in regards to the judge. >> the qualities we need in a leader is very important. this is not a game for me. i can't go to dividing, name calling or somebody that doesn't really represent conservative principles. >> it's positive you can walk in to that arena in cleveland, ohio and not endorse? >> absolutely. >> republicans on capitol hill, they're also threatening a revolt. senator mark kirk withdrew his support and another talked publicly about a convention challenge. and this is not a good sign for trump. suddenly the words hillary and clinton don't seem so bad for some in the gop.
2:24 pm
listen. >> is it voting for hillary clinton? >> there will come a point in time that what mr. trump's offering the country, is it good for the party and the country. >> i've never even met donald trump, i've never been in the same room with donald trump. whereas i do have a personal relationship with hillary. if she's elected as president, i'm sure we would work very well together. >> between clinton and trump -- >> it's not simple. for me it's how donald trump does in ohio, it's on him p. items on him how he does in the country. >> this all comes as never trump ringleader mitt romney hosts a sum hit in utah with like minded senator ben sasse as well as top republicans who are all coming including paul ryan, reince priebus. the big question, though, is dump trump for real or is it just more pipe dreams coming out of washington?
2:25 pm
i'm joined now by a great power breaker in the republican party these days, former mississippi governor haley barbour. how are you? >> i think i'm feeling better about things than you think you ought to feel about. >> parties that are united lose, parties that are divided win. a pretty simple equation. the most divided party is usually the one on the losing side. what do you do? >> well, let's don't forget that bernie sanders got 43% of the vote in a head-up race against hillary clinton. she got about 55%. that party has very much division in it. bernie sanders ran on what is wrong with this administration. he may not attack barack obama, but what he says is we don't have -- we have too much income inequality, we have low wages. look, that's the product of this
2:26 pm
administration. that's not the product of something that happened in the past. this has been the weakest recovery since the great depression. 48.5% of adult americans have a full-time job. if the same percentage of people it the the united states were still trying to find work, the unemployment rate would be 9.2 are%, the same merge as when barack obama came into office, we would have a 9.2 unemployment rate. which is why two thirds of americans say our country is got in the wrong direction. a lot are independents. >> and that's my point. the opportunity here for the outparty, the republican party to win the white house, hasn't been this good in a long time. frankly, what you just described in various ways, it's a better opportunity than republicans had in 2000. arguably. on paper. so -- and you won.
2:27 pm
but the problem is you got a nominee that doesn't seem to allow hillary clinton to make him the story. isn't that the problem? >> well, there is no question that the democrats do not want this to be a referendum on obama's bad policies and failed results. so they will make this as much as they can and their friends in the liberal media will help them make this as much about what's wrong is donald trump. but for me, life is a series of choices. and if the choice is between hillary clinton and donald trump, i'm for donald trump every time. mrs. clinton -- bernie sanders says he's a socialist. john podesta just said there really isn't much difference between bernie sanders ' views and hillary clinton. she doesn't call herself a social list, but not much difference in their views according to the campaign manager. they don't want obama to have a
2:28 pm
third if he weterm, but she cam running that she would be obama's third they were. term. >> you arctticulated a case tha you believe is easy, but at what point do you say trump can't win. if you were the rnc chairman and you have all these people saying you should open up the process again, how would you be handling this? >> u.just like i did when we nominated bob dole, ronald reagan when i was a young operative. we've had about 31 million people vote in the republican primary. they voted for donald trump. i don't have any right to substitute my judgment for theirs. you know, i've been party chairman, governor, sure. but i don't have any right to
2:29 pm
sus substitute my judgment. donald trump has gotten more votes than any other candidate in the history of the republican party. i just -- i think most people understand the people have chosen. we have to make the best out of it we can. we have to try to make him a better candidate. we have to try to be sure he gets good support on public policy. i think some of the things he said like his energy speech were very, very solid things. good policy that would be good for the american economy. and that's what we need, somebody that can get our economy into a real recovery. >> do you understand why there is hesitance among republicans to support him? >> sure. look, there are lots of people who did not support him for the nomination. i didn't support him for the nomination. and they have to reconcile themselves to this. and it is being fanned that there is some idea. well, to me, in our party, we
2:30 pm
don't overrule what the voters have voted for. and so he's going to be our nominee. we got to make him a better candidate. and when he sticks to policy and issues, his positions are so far superior for the country's future than hillary clinton's that it's not a close call. that's why the democrats' whole campaign will be here's what is wrong with donald trump. just like it was about mitt romney who you mentioned a while ago. obama dpidn't run on his re-election, he ran on what is wrong with mitt romney, a rich white guy who doesn't care about people like you, a guy no shifts jobs overseas, a vulture capitalist who is a quintessential plutocrat mattered to a known equestrian. >> he remember when i used that line before. i don't know what else to do except leave it. good gets great, great gets
2:31 pm
worse. another one of your great quotes. thank you. well, let's turn to another point of view on this issue of never trump and it's bill kristol. a fierce critic of trump. how do you convince haley barbour is this. >> i don't think i can convince him and he can't convince me. why i hear much of a defense of donald trump's qualification. he just wanted to talk about obama and hillary clinton until you forced him to address it. and then he got back to attacking president obama and secretary clinton. which is fine, but donald trump will elect hillary clinton. the person helping hillary clinton the most is not hillary clinton, it's not bernie sanders, it's not barack obama, it's not elizabeth warren. it's donald trump. and for me it's not about the
2:32 pm
political calculation. it's more about the fact that he shouldn't be president of the united states. here is it another name that haley barbour didn't mention. judge curiecuriel. what about that? is that something that haley thinks the republican party should stand for? >> is there -- do you buy that there is still time do this? do you think that is what the convention ought to do? >> sure. >> you to have the issue of overturning the will of the voter. >> i think there is time for an end kachd daes. candidacy. >> that's not true p you can't get on 40. >> you can get on 45 quite easily. and you can get on the other -- i see texas, north carolina will be central to a legal challenge, but you all want to -- i don't know why exactly there is such skepticism that it might be
2:33 pm
done. john anderson did it. p. >> you need a candidate first. >> i totally agree. the convention track, i haven't focussed on as much. but it shows ouch thehow much dt there is. and it didn't come from anyone except a lot of people around the country thinking my god, is my party just going to roll over and nominate this guy? haley spoke eloquently about the 31 million votes cast so far. donald trump got 45% of them. he won fair and square and i'm not challenging the fact that he beat everyone else, but the notion that it would be so illegitimate for the party to take cognizant of who this man is and what we've learned about him isn't ridiculous. but i think the convention could happen. you may have reported on this, but yesterday there was a senate republican lunch. mitch mcconnell who has been a staumpg pastaunch party unity b said we're pretty close to hitting the end of the read with donald trump.
2:34 pm
we cannot tolerate this in our party. >> it does seem as if he's at a minimum on double secret probation with mitch mcconnell meaning one more thing, anything at this point becomes the tipping point. as judge curiel was the tipping point already for at love republicans. how would you advise how to makt convention work where it didn't look like an establishment coup? >> i think it would be the delegates who would decide and the delegates will be the majority of delegates elected for trump. so the key would be some trump delegates stepped forward and said i can't do this. i think the more promising avenue honestly is the independent candidacy. but honestly either way, the republican party that haley has spent his lifetime working in and for and i've spent quite a lot of time with, i don't know if the party can survive having donald trump as its carrier, as it flag carrier. >> is there anything that donald trump can do in the next three weeks to calm your nerves on
2:35 pm
this? >> no, because he's really not suiteded to be president. we've seen -- susan collins who i like said he should poll gaze to judge curiel. that's ridiculous. it's not that judge curiel is insulted, it's that what he said shows so much about how donald trump looks at the world and what his understanding of the obligations of a -- the idea that you're the nominee, presumptive nominee for president, and you say what he has said, it's been a real window into his way of thinking about politics, about life, and such an upnattractive one. and i think haley is underestimating the damage in a donald trump would do to the republican party over the next four or five months. >> all right. he'll leave it there. too bad we couldn't have had the two of you debating live together. >> anytime. up next, we have your democratic veepstakes cheatsheet p but first shear johere is jos. >> thanks. stocks he said with the dow
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falling 19, s&p off 3, nasdaq 16. number of americans filing for first time jobless benefits dropped. claims town to 246,000. economists were sxerkexpecting increase. and tesla is bringing back its lower priced model s. it will have a base price of $66,000 before federal and state incentives. shares finished down more than 2%. that's it from cnbc. [beekeeper] from bees tobus,
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do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, or adempas for pulmonary hypertension, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or scle ache. to avoid lg-term injury,get my headache, upset stomach, for an erection lasting more tn four hours. if youavany sudden decrease or ls in hearing or vision, any symptoms of an allergic retion, ask your doctor about cialis and $200 savings card we are seeing this incredible outpouring of love and testimony about the impact that he had. somebody who ended up becoming an ambassador not just on behalf of one of the word's great religions, but also somebody who sought to bridge, you know, a relationship of peace and understanding between religions. >> that is president obama this
2:40 pm
afternoon, he took time during his facebook live chat to discuss muhammad ali's role as an ambassador for the muslim faith and as the world prepares to pay their final respects to the champ. the muslim community gathered today in ali's hometown in louisville. a prayer service was held at the kentucky exposition center. ali's family attended along with thousands ever mouof mourners f faiths. a public service will be held tomorrow. and tomorrow night, a special presentation of something if you haven't seen, set your dvr and see it. when we were kings, former rivals pay tribute toot greatest. we'll be right back.
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back now with today's race of the day. now that the democratics have their nominee, let's look at the contenders for be hillary clinton's running mate. we've identified six people each with their own pros and cons. first four are all senators. elizabeth warren would go a long way to uniting the party and a fierce trump attacker. but it would let a republican governor fill her seat and the vp slot may style her voice on progressive issues. and she will be on with rachel tonight. next ohio sherrod brown. but a republican governor would choose his senate successor. and then there is amy close about a similar. and in minnesota, a democratic governor who would then pick the suck ser sore. but arguably she does lack the
2:45 pm
national profile of both warren and brown and is she even the most progressive senate currently serving. and ten will is tim kaine, he has the resume. form governor, senate armed services chair, democratic governor pwill is tim kaine, hes the resume. form governor, senate armed services chair, democratic governor p. maybe a bit too established for progressive tastes, but he may fit somebody familiar with governing. beyond those four, a couple other options. we've heard about julio castro, a young latino rising star in the party. but he may not have enough experience. there is labor secretary tom perez just as with castro, clinton would bev fnefit, but o elected experience in county government. here is a long shot, former joint chiefs chairman mike
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mullen. just something to think about. go to for much more. we'll update the list as we hear more. up next, the prp republican canyon and democratic bridge. you know what that is about. stay tuned. i want to say one thing. >> we stern
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wrely on the us postal service? because when they ship with us, their busiss becomes our business. that's why we make more e-commerce deliveries to homes than anyone else in the country. here, there, everywhere. united states postal service priority: you . >> this evening president obama returns to "the tonight show" stage. you can see the interview tonight on your local nbc station. he apriled it taped it yesterday.
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some side effects can lead to dehydration, with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, click to activate your whin. ask your doctor about ce-weekly trulicity. attacking the integrity of a judge because of their ethnicity. that is absolutely, morally abh abhorrent. i hope he can listen to some advisors around him that there's certain things you don't say. you don't get into petty fights with people about these issues. >> that was raoul labador. he was always a bit of a thorn in the republican establishment side unloading on donald trump.
2:51 pm
he said don't blame trump for -- don't blame conservatives for this. blame john boehner and mitch mcconnell. welcome. let me start with what's going on inside the republican party, ron. >> hillary clinton has had a fantastic roll out and donald trump has had a flaming flame out. they're completely divided. you have donald trump who is all but disqualified himself in the minds of many republicans. actually, disqualified himself. >> including many who have endorsed him. >> that's basic what he is saying there and what lindsey graham has already said and jeff flake. >> you can't get those back. you can't pivot from depravity and racism. >> on one level it's astonishing it took this long and this much to get republican there is.
2:52 pm
he's said so many other abhorrent things along the way. i'm reminded of can this marriage be saved feature. you see the democrats, we spent so much time and energy talking about they're coming apart. they're on the verge of reconciliation. the marriage will be saved and strengthened. >> it's kind of what we have seen in the past. >> we cannot overstate the despair among republicans. the plane is flying into the mountain. republicans telling me that last week, they would have said that donald trump had a 33% chance of winning. now like 20%. very worried but not really going to do anything about it.
2:53 pm
we talked about what are the mechanics of dumping trump. >> technically you can't. the republican party can write their own rules. >> i find it almost comical. they can't be surprised. he says racist things. he tipped his hand all along. >> hugh hewitt was deliberately restrained during the primaries. why wait. not like you didn't know. >> the voters were speaking. >> you have a job as a leader -- >> i think -- i get why the republican leaders. >> you have to speak up and lead the voters. they enabled him. they can't walk away from this guy as the nominee. this is the republican party. >> so many of them thought they
2:54 pm
had to endorse him and if they didn't, it would become a thing. it would be distracting. now people are really rethinking that. >> imagine the last three weeks had a presumptive nominee been marco rubio. it's just stunning how comfortable hillary clinton now is running for president. he's the first time she's looked comfortable. >> she knows she has the high ground. >> she realizes i have the high ground against him. i can win that argument. the state department and ig report, if presumptive nominee is marco rubio and it's ten days of democratic hand wringing and this week doesn't happen this way inside the democratic party. >> if donald trump refrained from doing what he did. you don't need a stronger nominee like a marco rubio. you just need donald trump not stepping on his own campaign. >> he can't restrain himself. going forward this idea that all he's got to do is change
2:55 pm
himself, what the republicans is saying all he's got to do is hide who he is. >> mitt romney tried to be the white knight. it didn't work. who is the guy that if he broke from trump then bar the door? >> it would have to be paul ryan. he has the legal standing and moral standing. i think he's assuming a president clinton, if he weren't, he's probably running himself. he's set himself up with a human policy shop to be an effective face the opposition that john boehner never tried to do. the leader of the party is not paul ryan. the leader still donald trump. >> every republican candidate is going to be asked one question
2:56 pm
which is what do you think of what donald trump did today? >> can trump fix this? >> he can't because he is who he is. you can't take back what you said. you can't pivot in the 21st century when every voter is a keyboard away from what he said. paul ryan will inherit a party that will permanently stained by donald trump. this doesn't end this november. >> trump can change if he wants to. >> thank you. i have yet to meet the 69-year-old person that can change. thank you. >> even if he does, he can't take it back. >> we'll be right back. business built with passion... but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. with it, i earn unlimited 2% cash back on all of my purchasing. and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year gog back into my busins... which adds fuel to my bottom line.
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that's it. we'll be back friday. "with all due respect" starts in five seconds. "with all due respect" to the revolution which will not be televi televised, this 2016 presidential election, will be sub tweeted. he's with her sports fans today, president barack obama made much anticipated full endorsement of hillary clinton to be his successor as president of the united states. it was much fanfare at the white house. here is the general


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