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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  June 28, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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this edition of andrea mitchell reports. much more about the benghazi report coming up now on msnbc. hello everybody, i'm peter alexander, we will hear more from andrea mitchell just a moment from now. right now live on msnbc, two years, more than 800 pages and millions of dollars later, the republican-led house report on the benghazi attacks that killed four americans is finally here. the republicans today convinced this eighth congressional report on those attacks could change minds months before this november's election. >> there is new information on what happened in benghazi. and that information should fundamentally change the way you view what happened in benghazi. >> the government failed its people and lied to the public in the aftermath. >> when you read this information, you come to the conclusion, at least i did, that there is concern actually more concern about whether they're going to be offending the libyan
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government by how it is that there's rescue proposed to take place and whether thes reskew actually successful. marinate in that for a second. >> you look at every step of this and i am convinced as sure as i'm standing here, it happened because of political concerns this administration had. >> when secretary clinton said what difference does it make? we can now, as a result of our work over the last year and a half tell you exactly what difference it makes. it makes a difference in how you respond to an attack. >> if you read the report, you will see their report mentions her name far more times than our report does. >> it's hillary clinton's leadership morally reprehensible? >> yes. >> absolutely. >> speaker boehner nor speaker ryan have ever asked me to do about anything about 2016 presidential politics. >> republicans today already having to respond to headlines that there are few bomb shells and no new evidence of any wrong doing by that secretary of state hillary clinton in this report. here's some of what is new.
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president obama and his then secretary defense leon panetta ordered assets during the attack, but none were sent. also security team sat on a plane for three hours changing uniforms four times. a white house meeting resulting in several action items focussed on that now infamous youtube video. two news conferences, daily white house briefing scheduled to begin. there it is on the left side, the state department briefing, that'll begin 30 minutes or so from now. we're going to be monitoring those very closely over the course of this hour. we have several reports right now on this new report from the house benghazi committee, including reaction from the clinton campaign. i want to get right to my colleague, andrea mitchell and andrea, just at this desk a short time ago, you spoke to the charmt of the committee, trey gowdy, what struck you most from what we have now learned in the course of 800 pages and years of investigating? >> well, he is very defensive about the fact that he claims
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this was not political. he is fighting against the perception of course that was fueled by ken mccarthy and the majority leader at the time, and now who was talking very openly about the politics behind it. before that 11-hour hearing with secretary clinton. they have gone through the documents, they have spoken to a lot of people. many more witnesses. and of course the intelligence that they've been able to tap into, they say that they have new documentation and these documents will be eventually released. that's up to the cia and the intelligence community. that shows exactly how badly the administration was communicating at the pentagon, at the state department, at the white house. the new reports about this two-hour meeting led by the chair -- the chief of staff dennis mcdonough and all of the concerns expressed from the state department about libyan sensitivities and the change of uniform that had been briefly addressed before, but never in
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this dined of detail. and there is testimony that they were locked and loaded, they were on that plane that was finally there for three hours and made four changes of uniform back and forth and back and forth as the pentagon and the state department argued over whether or not they should go in in uniform or civilian attire. >> his argument being that the secretary of defense, the president both said go, why did this video conference need to further litigate this at the time? we haven't heard from hillary clinton, her campaign has spoken in advance of the release of this report calling it a partisan sham saying it was full of discredited conspiracy theories. is the benghazi narrative baked into the cake so to speak for hillary clinton now or is there more damaging information here that will perhaps drive her among those independents who have yet to make a decision? >> in reading as much of this as i have been able to and going through it very careful from i, i don't see evidence of anything further than what we already
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knew about her role in terms of there's no -- there's actually no evidence that she making the orders from the state department, she was pent present for that meeting of denny mcdonough, highest ranking person present. there was no thaefd she was probably midlevel state department people or higher level state department people with her on her team expressing those kshs. and so there's, there's no smoking gun at all about hillary clinton. and in fact, what we knew was that there was a failure of the state department to properly protect and the failure of the military to properly protect going into the 9/11 window key facilities in an area that had already been evacuated by all of our allies. >> that's clearly the primary takeaway more than anything else and what more needs to be done to protect diplomats overseas and in situations they occur similar than this. appreciate you being here. andrea mitchell of course the host of andrea mitchell reports. i want to move to another colleague, luke russert, he was at the news conference just a
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short time ago, luke, chairman gowdy repeated over and over again there were significant new details in this report that would change people's view of benghazi. specifically what is he referring to? what in your mind are the biggest takeaways from this 800-plus page report and ones that could sort of drive the narrative of this topic going forward? >> you know, i think there was an interesting divide between the republicans and the public will make up their own opinion, i'm not going to offer my personal opinion, i only let the report speak for itself. you then had mike pompaeo, the conservative group here on capitol hill add an addendum that more directly implicates hillary clinton and her leadership, telling me that her leadership was morally reprehensib reprehensible. gowdy would not go that far. there's that divide. i think what the overall gist though of what they're trying to
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put forward is look, the obama administration wanted to hold up libya as that crowned jewel of the arab spring where u.s. intervention had worked without boots on the ground in a meaningful way. and that that is what this administration could do throughout the arab world and throughout the muslim world in the future and future hot spots and it all came crashing down because of the lack of leadership. that's what they're pushing forward. all that being said, there is a divide do we go after hillary clinton like he wanted to do or do we let the public make their decision like gowdy wants to do? and that just reinforces the questions people have peter about whether or not this is political. and i was going through my notes, and i remembered, when this committee was formed in 2014 in a in may, boehner, a lot of conservatives were calling for his head. this was donough's red meat to placate them. if you want to take the one thing that the committee has done for a smoking gun if you will, remember without this committee, more likely than not,
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hillary clinton's private e-mail server doesn't come to light. and i think when people look back on it, all right, we can relitigate benghazi, its been done by eight committees with, when you take it in its totality, it's the e-mail server. and that is what con continues to dog her heading into the election and it all comes back to boehner's decision to do this committee. >> and on that very topic with, we know that hillary clinton's close add is expected, scheduled or it deposed on the topic of hillary clinton's e-mail server at some point today as well. sop this storyline does continue going forward. luke russert, we'll ask you is to stick around. we to want show you live pictures, this is hillary clinton, you can see her there campaigning as we speak in denver, colorado. nbc's kristin welker of course covers the clinton campaign, kristin, clinton in denver as we see right now. she was not there to focus on this, but this story obviously is now dominating the day, andrea and i were talking about the impact of the benghazi report, broadly speaking, what
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are people within the inner circle saying about this report today and how they try to message going forward? >> well, peter, we are seeing an aggressive pushback against this report, no surprise there. i'll read you a little bit of the official statement that we got from brian fallon earlier today, it reads in part after more than two years and $7 million in tax payer funds, the committee report has not found anything to contradict the conclusion of the multiple earlier zbagss. this report confirms what majority leader kevin mccarthy and even one of trey gowdy's own former staffers admitted months ago. this committee's chief goal is to politicize the deaths of four brave americans in order to attack the obama administration and hurt hillary clinton's campaign. and just to remind our viewers, kevin mccarthy made those comments, andrea eluded to them that effectively tie this committee's work to secretary clinton's poll numbers. that wound up backfiring against republicans. the campaign today trying to remind folks of that and worth
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pointing out, peter, that you're seeing coordinated messaging between the clinton campaign and the white house. this is what the white house had to say earlier today. this has been a right-wing spear theories for years now ae debudget several times over including by republican reports and investigations. so, this is the type of messaging that we're seeing coming from democrats, but it speaks to what you were just talking about with luke, the fact that this is something that fits into that trust narrative with secretary clinton and her e-mails, of course, more broadically continues to dog her campaign. now secretary clinton campaigning today in colorado. she's going to roll out a new tech initiative, i don't anticipate she's going to address this directly, but peter you can bet that reporters are going to have plenty of questions for her once they get close to her after the event. >> hillary clinton focussing on tech today, donald trump scheduled to have a speech about an hour and a half from now focussed on trade. value for him to keep this narrative alive. hillary clinton would rather turn the page right now, nbc's kristin welker, thank you for that. i want to get right to the white
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house, inside the briefing room, my colleague ron allen standing by for that, the briefing as it occurs each day with the white house press secretary, should happen any time now, ron kristin read some of the white houses push back on this, but break this down for us. what is the white house more broadly saying about this as they continue to strenuously push back against many of the claims made by republicans? >> understating it, peter, they are very aggressively pushing back and they have been for some time. the white house is not going to relitigate line by line or charge by charge the issues raised in that report. although we'll certainly ask the briefing today about those things. especially this 7:30 meeting that was chaired by the chief of staff and exactly what the focus was, the video, why that? what happened to the deployment of these assets? these military assets that were sent to benghazi and to tripoli? the white house has been emphasizing this investigation has been going on longer than the watergate investigation, the 9/11 investigation.
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it costs a lot of money and they insisted broken no new ground in the force echoing what kristin was just reporting about the clinton campaign, their saying this is all partisan and hate it produce statements by republicans insinuate that as well. a lot of politics. one thing we can clarify a bit. a lot of focus of the report was about the military's role, the military's response, and the pentagon just released a statement shortly saying in part for example that the military was instrumental in the evacuation of all americans who are attacked in benghazi, stabilizing the wounded and tripoli, of course, and evacuating the embassy in tripoli, not benghazi. no explanation for why they never gots there. so that's one of many questions for the white house as to what happened in that chain of command and why those got there. emphasizing that they could not have changed the result the deadly result. >> reporter: as we wait to hear
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close a short time from now as we hear him speak. we'll monitor that and bring that tow folks at home. ron, thank you, as we speak, just in, a new tweet from senator marco rubio saying, clinton is disqualified from being president. you can see that up on the screen right now. the house select tells us what we already know, she's disqualified from being commander and chief. to weigh in, we want your take. here's today microsoft polls question, doo you think the benghazi reports will have any impact on the presidential campaign? pro or con for either candidate you prefer? the policy is live. we want your opinion. cast your vote by logging on to elizabeth warren hitting back at donald trump for calling her racist and repeating that familiar refrain, calling her pocahontas, plus trump is making his first general election stop in battleground ohio after talking trade in western pennsylvania. that happens next hour. can he tough talk on trade deals
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happening right now live on msnbc, hillary clinton not talking benghazi, but talking about her republican opponent donald trump. let's listen. >> not just those at the top. and that's why today, i am releasing a comprehensive plan to keep america on the cutting edge of technology and innovation. it is one of our biggest assets. and i want it to be dmoktized. i want more people in more places to feel that their future lies in stem, in technology, in helping to create the jobs that we're going to attract. so first, let's make it easier
10:18 am
for young people to become entrepreneurs. exactly what's going on here at galvanized. i talked to a lot of people in the field -- >> we're listening to hillary clinton speaking in denver, colorado, you'll see the stronger together sign behind her. just moments before we came back, we heard her say keeping america great is about going backward and that's not who we are. she's there at an event focussed on technology where she said among other things, i'm on a mention mission to find out what works. donald trump also seeing what works in pennsylvania and ohio today. he's trying to appeal to a broader swath of voters. and along the way, he's shifting his stance on what was and remains one of his most controversial proposals, that ban, temporary, on muslims. trump is now backing away from the policy as swing state polls show him slightly trailing clinton in pennsylvania, but effectively even with her right now in ohio, trump, however, not backing down from his attacks on one of clinton's potential vice
10:19 am
presidential choices, elizabeth warren. it was during this show yesterday that nbc news first reported an interview with donald trump and called warren racist and a fraud for claiming to have native american heritage. trump supporter, scott brown who warren defeated to win her country senate seat in massachusetts then called on warren during a conference call to take a dna test. moments ago on the view, senator warren responded to those attacks. >> donald trump will say or do anything. and so will scott brown. look, i'm like, unlike most people, my brothers and i learned about who we are from our families. and people who have hired me for my jobs, the work i've done have awesome said that my background didn't have anything to do with it. in fact they mostly didn't know about it. what this is really about is can they bully me into shutting up? can they just be nasty enough and ugly enough and throw enough
10:20 am
stuff in my direction that i'll say, oh, and just go back into the shadows. and the answer is nope, not happening. [ applause ] >> that was elizabeth warren this morning and that is nbc's halle jackson this afternoon. she is in pennsylvania today where donald trump will hold his first campaign rally since his trip to scotland, halle, give us the latest in terms of your reporting from the campaign. what he hopes to accomplish today and also what he's been saying about this muslim ban. mixed messages from within trump's orbit, but he is trying to change the narrative a little bit in the way he goes forward with this. >> well, let's start with that, peter, then we'll talk about why i'm standing in front of a lot of different palette of aluminum here, set to begin in just a little bit. on his temporary proposed muslim ban, this is one of the corner stone of his campaign, it was after the san bernardino attacks. now, trump has talked more about this in recent days.
10:21 am
specifically since his trip to scotland and after the orlando shooting, you've seen him lay out perhaps more of a geographic-based essential test for people coming into this country for people trying to enter the united states. trump now telling me on the phone yesterday, in a top aid telling me today that in fact, trump will be looking at terror nations, a list of countries that have had problems is the trump campaign puts it with terrorism, and banning essentially people from those countries from coming into the united states. so nobody within the trump campaign is calling this a walk back or a moderation. what has been clear is trump's since orlando has become a little bit manufacture specific or at least seemed to try to clarify what he meant by this. this that comes in the conversation i've been having with people in republican circles a z a relief to many, given that his proposed muslim ban had been almost virtually denounced by relationship in congress and elsewhere. so, trump looking at the
10:22 am
immigration policies, another part of his campaign that has been central for him since the beginning, has been trade. and that is what he is talking about here and western pennsylvania peter, this is a very specifically chosen region for the trump campaign. it is a republican-leading county, it voted for platform back in 2012. it's an area in steel country where manufacturing jobs have become harder to find frankly. trump trying to play to some of that population to those blue collar working class voters who he needs to win over in order to have any shot of beating hillary clinton in this fall. so during his speech today on trade, you can expect to see him draw contrast with hillary clinton on trade policies. he will likely go after his idea of globalization, arguing that bad trade deals through democrats from president obama and secretary clinton when she was secretary of state helped to talk about and promote are hurting american workers. you know that this has been central to trump's populist message throughout his campaign and it is a theme we expect him to hammer today. he will probably also talk
10:23 am
about, i'm told, if he were to become president, trade violations that he would lodge against china in front of the world trade organization, arguing that china is a currency manipulator as well. that's what we'll be looking for for trump coming up in the next hour. >> eastern ohio, western pennsylvania, an area the trump campaign believes is ripe for the picking for them come this fall. halle jackson with donald trump today. halle, thank you very much. more breaking news, this from the senate wurk help provide money to help fight zika in the u.s. failed to get the votes it needs to move forward. senate democrats blocking the $1.1 billion measure because it also is restrictions on planned parenthood money and fell short of the $1.9 billion request that president obama had made just about four months ago. the president had vowed to veto the measure if it had passed. senator mitch mcconnell placing the blame on democrats tweeting, if senate democrats believe zika is so critical, why did they block the resources to combat
10:24 am
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breaking news right now. >> no one has thought more about or lost more sleep over the lives that we lost the four
10:26 am
americans which was devastating. and question owe it to those brave americans to make sure we learn the right lessons from this tragedy. that's why i immediately put together independent committee to go everywhere, look every where, come up with what recommendations would help us prevent such tragedies in the future and that he, of course, should be the goal. i understand that after more than two years and $7 million spent by the benghazi committee out of tax payer funds it had to today report it had found nothing, nothing to contradict the conclusions of the independent accountability board or the conclusions of the prior multiple earlier investigations carried out on a bipartisan basis in the congress. so while this unfortunately took on a partisan tinge, i want us
10:27 am
to stay focussed on what i've always wanted us to stay focussed on and that is the important work of diplomacy and development. that's especially true in dangerous places. we cannot withdraw or retreat from the world, america needs a presence for a lot of reasons and the best way to honor them is to redouble our efforts to provide the resources and support that our development experts deserve. so i'll leave it to others to characterize this report, but i think it's pretty clear it's time to move on. thank you all very much. >> we've been listening to hillary clinton live in denver, colorado, this is, this has been billed as an event speaking about technology, but obviously given the events of this day, the former secretary of state felt it necessary and
10:28 am
appropriate to address the report from the house benghazi committee more than 800 pages that she said spent $7 million of tax payer money, but came up with, with no new findings. certainly no findings of any wrong doing, republicans on the committee would dispute that and say there are details that they have found through the course of this investigation that they think are significant and germane for the public in its decision-making process. processes going forward. there on your screen, you can see the chairman trey gowdy among the details that we did learn today was about what was in effect a two-hour meeting that was then overseen by the man who is now the chief of staff for the president, denny mcdonough then with the national security advisors to the president. and this meeting took place after both the president and the secretary of defense leon pennsylvan panetta both agreed and candidateded that they believe resources should be sent to that
10:29 am
region to try to help the individuals in harm's way. those resources as chairman gowdy has indicated were never sent as we speak right now, we're waiting to hear from the white house, the demt press secretary eric schulz to take to the podium. the state department scheduled to have its official response at its own briefing to take place just moments from now as well. as soon as that happens, we will take you there. and coming up on this broadcast, we're also going to speak to one of the republicans who is on the committee, representative susan brooks. i'm joined now by my colleague nbc's kristin welker who covers the clinton campaign for us, and kristin, we're just getting you in front of the camera, hillary clinton in effect said we've been playing for the audience that nothing has change, and her desire has been focussed on real solutions to make sure there is never an event like this again. as she said, we owe it to those four americans to learn the right lessons from this tragedy. and in effect, she's hoping to
10:30 am
put this behind her as the campaign moves forward. is that a strategy that the campaign is confident will work for them at this point after the ig's report a couple weeks ago, donald trump had several self-inflicted wounds, but now this report comes out again and puts clinton on defense once again. >> it puts her on defense, but they think the strategy has worked in the past. she's effectively trying to turn the page peter and you'll recall when she testified for more than eight hours, she came out on top of that. a lot of folks thought that that backfired against the committee. in this instance, there is new information which you were talking about with andrea, i think her strategy was to comment on it and to there shall try to put it away, but obviously the thing that lingers that e-mail scandal and of course testifying about that today and it all fits into this broader narrative and questions about her trust worthiness, peter, that's why we are seeing secretary clinton out on the campaign trail trying to reintroduce herself to voters. and remember there's that ad campaign, millions of dollars of
10:31 am
ads running in key battleground states effectively replaying what the campaign sees as some of her top achievements. so i think that the strategy is one to try to turn the page and then to remind voters of some of the other work she's done, peter. >> we just got the two-minute warning from the white house. you can see the reporters fixing their blazers as they take their positions. we're going to watch what happens there life as well. kristin moments ago, hillary clinton says, i'll leave it to others to characterize the benghazi report, it's clear it's time to move on. but one of the things he hasn't been able to move past is this issue of trust. it's the most when we do these word clouds as they describe them, we asked people around the country for word association with hillary clinton, and a lack of trust worthiness, untrust worthy repeatedly comes up as the most frequently provided word to us in the course of this. we talked about the advertising by, spending millions of dollars
10:32 am
around the country. it's as much about defining donald trump negatively as it is about building up her positives and getting americans to reinvest their energy and their trust in her. >> i think that's right. what's so striking about this campaign, of course, is that these are effectively the two most unpopular candidates in modern history. secretary clinton's unfavorability's at about 55%, donald trump's even higher, closer to 70%. so that is really striking, it's what makes this election cycle unique. but the clinton campaign has been hammering donald trump trying to paint him as someone who's unfit to hold office. we see that essentially every day when clinton is out on the trail. it was on display yesterday when she held her joint appearance in ohio with senator elizabeth warren. both of them were effectively on the same page. these are two politicianings who've had their differences in the past. they put that away yesterday, they were sing the same tune yesterday and essentially trying to make the case and elizabeth warren's words in a donald trump is a money grubber, that he's
10:33 am
only in this for himself. and you're right, peter, that is important part of her strategy, i think, if she tries to turn the page on the trust worthiness issues. >> i want to talk more about elizabeth warren, these vice presidential candidates obviously the very basis of vp pick is defined your attack dog. someone who can turn the tables on the other person's nominee, presumptive nominee at this point in donald trump. obviously elizabeth wairp has done that effectively, josh ernest i should note the press secretary for the white house is at the podium right now. we're going to monitor what he says, it's striking because we were under the impression it was going to be deputy press secretary. the press secretary here on what's certainly a big day for this white house as well. but kristin, as we talk about elizabeth warren, i think, i think the folks that you speak to in the clinton campaign would obviously agree that what she has done so well is focus the attention on the other guy. now as i say that, i want to listen to josh ernest who's speaking live, let's listen. >> they received from house
10:34 am
republicans today. this was a $7 million effort, funded by tax payers, to do what the would be speaker of the house says was their goal, which was to tear down secretary clinton's poll numbers. so that was their goal, remains to see if that's what they accomplish. >> specific blame that the military was slow to respond to the results and eight hours after it had -- no military assets were directed towards libya. >> this has been thoroughly debunked by previous republican, republican-led investigations in the congress. so, i'm not going to get into the back and forth because frankly, republicans have already done that. republicans in the house intelligence committee have concluded that those charges are not true.
10:35 am
questions have been raised about that assertion by the benghazi committee's lead investigator. so, this is -- there's plenty of term just to review what republicans have concluded about this incident. and the fact is, those congressional committees that have been committed to trying to understand the facts of a tragedy that led to the death of four americans have concluded that what happened was a tragedy. but they've also concluded that the variety of conspiracy theories that have been flowering on the republican side of the island are politically motivated fantasies. and it's unfortunate that the depth of four americans would be subject to that kind of political fantasizing. but the that is -- that is the state of the republican party these days. >> on another issue on the hill, democrats have said it's time to take another look at agency
10:36 am
policies regarding displacing the confederate flag, federal cemeteries, would president obama agree with that and would he direct the administration and also the national park service to remove the flags? >> i'm not aware of how this question's been raised a mrtively, we can take a look at that. i do know that house republicans in a partisan attempt to extend displays of a confederate flag did include that in the zooe baa bill they passed. in the dark of night last week. i think that underscores the partisan nature of the legislation that they put forward. but i'm not aware of any executive action being contemplated on this question.
10:37 am
>> i want to talk about the brexit, scott is talking about way the to get to the eu db. >> we've been listening to josh ernest behind the podium as he speaks about this new house report. the committee investigating benghazi, his remarks peppered with the refrains to reporterers like myself and kristin welker talking about the politically motivated fantasies about the conspiracies about poll efforts in order to knock down hillary clinton's poll numbers. here as well. obviously kristin, as you've been reporting, sharing a single message when it comes to their pushback on this topic. >> right, and we've sort of witnessed this coordination in terms of messaging now for a few weeks between the clinton campaign and the white house. and the white house's argument today is effectively look, there have been so many investigations into this and this latest investigation didn't reveal anything new and that's not
10:38 am
quite accurate. as you know you've had a lengthy conversation with andrea mitchell earlier in the show, there were a number of new revelations that came from this benghazi report. the question is though is there any smoking gun that points to any wrong doing by secretary clinton or anymore of what we knew before and there are real questions about whether that's the case. i think moving forward, you are going to continue to try to see this type of coordination between the white house as they are also trying to turn the page. obviously this is something that is overshadowed this administration as well since the day happened, peter. >> kristin welker joining us now as we've been monitoring the white house briefing. the state department briefing is going to start in a couple of moments. we're going to take a short break then take you there after this break. what are you doing? getting faster. huh? detecting threats faer, responding faster, recovering faster. when your security's built in not just bolted on, and you protect the data and not just the perimeter,
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you get faster. wow, speed kills. systems op to all, but closed to intruders. trusted by 8f 10 of the world's largesbanks.
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happening right now, you can see mark toner, one of the press individuals talking about benghazi at the state department. let's listen in live. >> i think also it's important
10:42 am
to note a couple of things before we get into your specific questions about the report. takes benghazi and the lessons we've learned from it more seriously than state department, it's important never to lose sight of the human element of this story. they did represent our very best and their loss is a tragedy that remains with us. our thoughts always remain with our family and our friends, those who knew them, those who worked with them, and we work hard every day since this terrible event to learn lessons from benghazi and to internalize those lessons and by that i mean
10:43 am
notably in addressi ining secur concerns. speaking specifically to your question about the report, i would just say, we believe that the essential facts surrounding the 2012 attacks in benghazi have been known for some time. there've been numerous reviews, including, as you all well know the accountability review board report that was released, i think more than three years ago. there've been seven congressional committees and that includes our house permanent select committee and senate select committee on intelligence and so, all of these we believe have reached many of the same conclusions about the events surrounding the tragedy in benghazi.
10:44 am
and we have been working hard to incorporate the recommendations surrounding concerns about the security that the accountability review board contained in its report or put in its report. and in that regard, we have closed out now i think 26 out of 29 of the recommendations that they've made. sop we're about 98% there. >> not 98%, that's about -- >> some of them are -- >> 90%. >> during the benghazi attacks. we're joined now live by congressman susan brooks. she is a republican from indiana. she is of course on the select house committee, investigating benghazi. and you may remember this moment when brooks presented hillary
10:45 am
clinton with a stack of e-mails during her testimony to that committee back in 2015. congresswoman brooks i very much appreciate your time, thank you for being with us right now. i know you were just getting settled, you may not have heard what hillary clinton said a moment ago. i'll repeat it to you, she said we owe it to the four americans to learn the right lessons from this tragedy. as a result of your extensive investigation, what do you think in simple terms are the right lessons that should be learned from this? >> first of all, i'm very honored to have served on this committee and there certainly are lessons that we can learn, but there were actually lessons prior to this attack that i and members of the committee are very concerned as to why the secretary in the state department didn't follow recommendations that have made, made by previous arbs or accountability review boards.
10:46 am
first and foremost, the secretary of state, whether it was secretary clinton at the time or secretary kerry now, is responsible for security of their people. security should be a top priority. and in fact, in 2010, when secretary clinton ordered a review of processes, there was a strong recommendation made that changes should be made about how the state department handled security. that was rejected by undersecretary kennedy and they went with the status quo or what they called regular order. so things should have changed before this incident ever happened. and once ambassador stevens and envoy stooechevens, he went wit military experience and requested multiple times to have more agents, to have more physical security and quite frankly, it was rejected by the state department. >> and because, and
10:47 am
congresswoman because this is an issue that's been so heavily litigated, publicly, politica y politically, and behind closed doors as well, immaterial to get a sense that the state department just moments ago said in effect that the essential facts from this report have been known for some time. what do you point to as an essential fact from there that you think disproves that argument? that you think is critically important that we did not know prior to the completion of this investigation? >> well, some of the things, and this report and this investigation was about looking at all of government, and what our response was, not just the state departments -- >> so what conclusions do we draw? >> some things that we found that i hope people do read the report, it was really unbelievable to us that in fact the defense department had no assets, moving toward benghazi at the time that the an exwas attacked. so almost eight hours after the initial attack on the mission
10:48 am
compound and after our brave men had moved to the annex, there were still no military assets moving directly to benghazi. we also learned that there was a white house secure video conference that took place, we did not know that previously. that secretary clinton participated in and other white house officials, although secretary panetta did not, the president did not, and they had discussions for over two hours about how to go in without truly offending libya. how to send people to tripoli, never to benghazi, and so there were some significant, i think, deficiencies and mistakes made and decisions that were made about how to go rescue our people. >> congresswoman -- >> those are significant facts that we hope the american people read this report and read it in its entirely. >> we appreciate you spending time with us, to be clear the report does not dispute that the military forces stationed in europe could have gotten to
10:49 am
benghazi in time to save any of those individuals, but it doesn't, it doesn't in any way lesson the significance of your findings. congresswoman susan brooks, republican from indiana, we appreciate your time, thank you. >> thanks, nice to be here. bernie sanders says he's going to do everything he can to keep donald trump from becoming president, but is the vermont senator ready to endorse his democratic rival? wait until you see his response, it's next. what about endorsing her? do you see a distinction between voting and endorsing her or are they one and the same? ith braindrone? can't blame you. it's a drone you control with your brain, which controls your thumbs, which control this joystick. no, i'm actually over at the ge booth. we're creating the operating system for industry. it's called predix. it's gonna change the way the world works. ok, i'm telling my brain to tell the drone to get you a copy of my resume. umm, maybe keep your hands on the contrler. look out!! ohhhhhhhhhh... you know what, i'm just gonna email it to you. yeah that's probably safer. ok, cool.
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10:52 am
is. houngs aw long are you goin wait before you make a decision? >> you're asking in all due respect the wrong question. the question is not my endorsement, it's a question of the american people understanding that secretary clinton is prepared to stand with them as they work longer hours for low wages, as they can not afford health care, as their
10:53 am
kids can't afford to go to college. is make it clear she is on their side. >> that was bernie sanders speaking to andrea mitchell a short time ago. it's been 22 days now since clinton was declared the democratic party's presumptive nominee. yet sanders still apparently no closer to conceding or endorsing clint clinton. still her supporters are warming up to the former secretary of state. here's the newest nbc news "wall street journal" poll number. it finds 78% of sanders supporters are picking clinton. only 10% of them back donald trump and joining me now is nina turner, a former democratic state senator from ohio who is one of sanders' fiercest supporters throughout the course of this campaign. nina, very nice of you to be with us right now, appreciate your time. it's now been more than three weeks since hillary clinton was declared the parties' presumptive nominee. in 2008 it took clinton four days after president obama, then
10:54 am
senator obama, was named the presumptive nominee to endorse him. what is bernie sanders waiting for? >> well, there's a big difference, peter, i would argue between the environment in 2008 and what we see happening in 2016 there's an awaking of people who believe this country deserves more. senator sanders seeks to take his 1900 delegates to that convention and to continue to poor for the most progressive democratic platform we've ever had in the democratic party's history, number one, and, number two, to make sure not only do we have the requisite platform language but also that we have the commitment to the policy implementation that is going to be needed to lift the people in this country. >> strategically is the best use of senator sanders' capital right now? people have suggested his capital is diminishing, waning the longer he waits in effect because he wants language change
10:55 am
in a platform which many, including those within hillary clinton's campaign, say they're glad to work on language with him. >> well, of course, they are going to say that senator sanders was the man in the arena, he's been very much true to his word which is let everybody vote and i'm going to the convention. he is continuing to push and i would argue and so would a lot of other folks whether they supported senator sanders or not that the democratic party is moving more to the left, more so than it ever would have had he not been in that race. in that platform committee so far, which we have a long way to go, now abolish the death penalty, that wouldn't have happened without senator sanders. so we have more work to do. it's not waning. people are saying that. he had almost 12 million people vote for him and he was face to face with almost 1.5 million so of course they are going to say that. but this has never been about him, peter. this is about the american people and what they deserve in this country and progressive leaders like myself, we are not going to compromise our values or principles.
10:56 am
we're going to keep fighting because so many people deserve so much better than what they're getting right now. so, no, his influence is not waning or diminishing at all. i was just in new york with him last thursday and there were still thousands of people waiting to see him and hear him talk about the future. >> it's no doubt he has definitely changed the dialogue over the course of this campaign season. yesterday in your home state elizabeth warren and hillary clinton side by side. you talked about a desire to get progressive issues at the fore, were you impressed by that performance by elizabeth warren and what do you make of her as a potential running mate for hillary clinton? >> that's up to the secretary. i always -- i certainly believe any presidential candidate -- >> does she capture your message adequately? >> senator sanders, again, was in that arena. certainly senator elizabeth warren has progressive bona fides. i would never take that from her. but we are going to continue to push. it's going to be -- people need more than just the words, they want to make sure there's deeds behind those words, peter. that's what we're looking for.
10:57 am
we've had many platforms in the history of the democratic party but this time the people want to make sure that platform is implemented. that's what we're looking for, not so much talk but action. >> nina turner, we appreciate it, former ohio state senator, thanks for your time. >> thank you. let's look at your responses to today's microsoft pulse question. do you think the benghazi reports will have any impact on the presidential campaign. the results to this point up on your screen. 79% of you say no. only 20% say they will. the poll stays live. is we hope you'll weigh in. cast your vote at time for the your business entrepreneur of the week. at just 12 years old, greg whitstock began building ponds with his dad. by the time he was 25, he had a booming business called aquascape. behind the scenes, a family drama, the recession and a building collapse almost ended it all. see how he turned everything back around on your business sunday mornings at 7:30 on
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still ahead, donald trump live in pennsylvania talking trade and taking on hillary clinton. i'm peter alexander here today in washington. my colleague, thomas roberts, picks up from msnbc headquarters in new york right now. >> peter, thank you. i am thomas roberts. let's get to work because the long-awaited full benghazi report is out