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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  September 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> why do you have a gas mask? i don't have a gas mask. >> police searching for someone who had an outstanding warrant say they shot and killed another man, keith lamont scott, because he'd drawn a weapon. his family insists he was unarmed and had a book, not a gun. >> he didn't have no gun. he wasn't messing with nobody. they jumped out their truck. they said hands up. he got a gun, he got a gun. pow, pow, pow, pow. >> just a few moments ago, the police chief pushed back on claims about that. >> a weapon was seized. a handgun. i can also tell you we did not find a book. >> just a few minutes, we are expecting to hear from scott's family in charlotte, north carolina. when that news conference happens, we will of course bring it to you live on msnbc. let's start with what's happening on the ground. we turn to a man who knows
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charlotte better than most. he lives in the area. chris, we just heard from the police chief there. he he says they do have police dash cam video. they do have body camera footage of what happened. any word on when that might get released? >> no, to answer your question on that. in fact, what they're also going to look for is any cell phone video that anyone who may have witnessed this shooting yesterday afternoon. but, probably the most emphatic thing chief putney talked about was they did have evidence this victim keith scott was in fact armed yesterday afternoon and did show that gun and used it in a threatening manner to those officers. here's what he had to say about that a few moments ago. >> i can tell you from the facts that the story's a little bit different as to how it's been
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portrayed so far, especially through social media. >> so mayor jennifer roberts also speaking about the investigation, that it's going to be thorough, that she's calling for the community to remain calm at this particular point, but both of them very emphatic on the fact that keith scott was, in fact, armed, which is contrary to what a lot of the people who took to the streets here in charlotte overnight believed was the case. in fact, that's the reason why they mounted the protests that they did. attacking police officers, injuring 12 of them. although none of then very seriously. they then took the protests over to a major interstate that runs through charlotte, i-85, blocking the traffic in both directions, as you can see here. those protests went into the wee hours of the morning, but they
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finally did disperse. those protesters giving up after going through a couple of waves of tear gas overnight as well. and even after attacking some of those police cruisers and some of the police officers themselves. >> we herd a few moments ago from the chief saying there had been one arrest. he referred to the protesters as agitators, especially later in the evening, later into the morning i should say. any word on whether we can expect more protests tonight in charlotte? >> no, the naacp is getting ready to hold a news conference with the family to get more reaction and i can tell you, i spoke a few moments ago with coren mack, the executive director president of the local naacp chapter. she does not believe emphatically, she does not believe that keith scott was armed and so that is sort of setting up a narrative that we might be hearing in this news
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conference that is still contrary to what the police department is telling us. >> chris, did she tell you how that belief scaquares with whate heard from the police chief who seemed pretty emphatic the guy did in fact had a gun and said he'd seen video to support that. >> she does not. only because, again, she's just very suspicious about yet another shooting of an african-american man at the hands of police. >> we'll come back to you later sir, thank you. the presidential candidates weighing in on events in charlotte and tulsa, oklahoma, as well. trump tweeting the situations in tulsa and charlotte are tragic. we must come together to make america safe again. in a second tweet, he said hopefully the violence and unrest in charlotte will come to an immediate end. to those injured, get well soon.
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we need unity and leadership. hillary clinton tweeting this about tulsa, another unarmed black man was shot in a police incident. this should be intolerable. we have so much work to do. we'll get to tulsa in just a moment. i'll talk to the attorney representing that officer in a moment. now, our reporter here in the studio, let's talk about what's going down in charlotte first. if it turns out he had a gun, we don't know whether he pointed the gun at officers. if it turned out he had a gun what then does that do to the protest movement if you will in charlotte? >> it's starting to be a bit redundant but we say this after every shooting of an unarmed black man. there's a long history in these communities. just in 2013, there was an incident involving a man who got in a car accident. door.nt knocking on a neighbor's she called police. e officers arrived, shot and killed him. that ended in a mistrial. the tension we see time and
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again is a direct result from these frayed relationships. now, at this point, we saw, after the shooting, someone who said they were the daughter of mr. scott, that he had a book, didn't have a gun, that she believed they were already starting to manipulate the evidence here. now, the chief, we saw moments ago, was emphatic in saying they did not find a book as his family is purporting he had, but he did indeed have a gun. i still believe, whether he was armed or not, this will continue to fuel the protest. because every day almost in america we're seeing another black man killed by the police. not to say this is minutia of detail, but that's almost irrelevant in terms of the bloodshed. >> we heard from the attorney general. this is what she said. cameras were apparently not allowed. this is what she said. quote, the department of justice is aware. is aware of and we are assessing the incident that led to the death of keith lamont scott in charlotte. we are in regular contact with
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local authorities as their investigation into the shooting begins to unfold. on monday, the justice department opened a civil rights investigation into the death of terrence crutcher in tulsa, oklahoma. as always, the justice department will be thorough, impartial and exhaustive in reaching a determination about this incident. again, this, coming from u.s. attorney general loretta lynch just a few moments ago. let's turn our attention to oklahoma as well. because the video there in oklahoma, we do not have video of this incident just yet. but you look at the video in tulsa and it's hard to get your head around the theory that's been put out there by law enforcement. >> for a lot of people, it won't make sense. believe me your lying eyes. similar to this event in charlotte. police in both cases were not after these men. these men who were shot and killed were not the subject of any investigation. they were not being the ones
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stopped. in tulsa, oklahoma, police were en route to another crime and they come across mr. crutcher's stalled vehicle. from there, police say that he approached officers and that by the time he's walking up, we see this in the video pretty clearly, his hands are back to his vehicle. the police say at some point he reached into his vehicle but the window was up. so it doesn't make sense, again, another video capturing another really gruesome and tragic shooting in america. again, tulsa, charlotte, it's just adding to this terrible and tragic symphony we've seen played across america for the past couple of years. protesters and community members quite frankly are quite sick of it. >> tremain lee, pulitzer prize winning reporter, nice to see you. last night after news spread of that shooting. >> no peace, no justice. no peace, no justice.
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those protests grew overnight. growing violent at times when protesters clashed with police. also targeting and damaging police cruisers, even a news van as well. >> as of right now, we have 16 officers who have been injured. we have multiple police vehicles that have been damaged. and our officers acting heroically were just trying to deescalate the situation and resolve it as peacefully as possible. >> one of those eyewitnesses to last night's violence is adam ru, the associate editor with charlotte magazine. adam, walk us through what you saw. >> well, i got here somewhere in the 900 hour. at that point, there had already been some tension between police and the demonstrators out here. it was really in the 10:00 hour where things started to escalate. we started to see a small group
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but a violent group within the group start to throw rocks and water bottles and glass bottles at the police officers who were lining up along the road in front of the apartment complex where this shooting took place. that went on for maybe about a half an hour. and then shortly thereafter, the police gave a dispersal order. when the crowd did not disperse, that's when the police started firing tear gas canisters. that happened over the course of about 30 minutes. police continued to fire volleys of tear gas canisters to deploy those, to try to get the crowd to disperse. another group got back together and that's when we saw some of the violence in the overnight hours on the interstates here in charlotte. again, some of the fires and things that we saw in the middle of interstate 75 here in charlotte, craig. >> you say you've covered a number of protests there in charlotte. but this one felt different.
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how so? >> it did. from the moment i got here, it felt different. when we had the democratic national convention in charlotte four years ago, we were all prepared for protests. we were prepared for then to turn violence. and the police and the protesters did a really great job of coexisting. the police gave the protesters wide berth. the protesters were respectful of the police in many instances. and it went very smoothly. we had a similar situation last summer after the trial of a police officer who was accused of shooting a black man, shooting and killing a black man here in charlotte. that trial ended in a mistrial last summer. again, we prepared for violence. but it didn't -- it didn't materialize. and so when i got here last night and already saw bottles being thrown, there was a police cruiser with the windows that had already been smashed out. we had this sense that last night was going to turn violent and unfortunately that bore out over the course of the night.
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>> i grew up about 70 miles south in columbia, south carolina. i know the area well. do you -- you get the sense that we're going to see more of this tonight and in the days ahead? or do you get the sense that this is -- this is behind us? >> you know, it's really hard to tell at this point. certainly the mayor, the police chief, appealing for calm this morning. there's a group of faith leaders who are going to be out in the community throughout the day today, trying to tell people that there's a peaceful way to protest. that while it's, you know, certainly appropriate to demonstrate here in charlotte, maybe there's not the need for violence. but i think we're in uncharted territory, again, because of what i just described. our protests here typically don't turn violent. this is really unusual territory for car lot. charlotte. i think there are a lot of communities waiting to see what tonight will bring in particular. >> adam ru, charlotte magazine,
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for us, thank you. ahmad rahami, the man accused of detonating powerful explosives in new york and new jersey. now facing federal charges of using weapons of mass destruction and bombing a place of public use. we're also learning more about a possible motive. live outside the family home in elizabeth, new jersey for us. what did we learn from that criminal complaint? >> yes, craig, we learned a lot of specific details in some of the evidence gathered by officials. he is facing federal charges, five counts of attempted murder in union county. some of the details we learned specifical specifically. he came through manhattan through the lincoln tunnel around 6:30. that there was an ideological connection based on some
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ramblings he had written in a notebook found on his body when they arrested him. they also said as a result of that indictment, 31 people were injured, ball bearings were used. we do get some specifics in terms of what was the specifics of the case against rahami. in addition to that, they said there was recent cell phone video of him in elizabeth in the backyard of a home where he was light things on fire, including an incendiary device that they say could also be a precursor to setting the explosions off in elizabeth and in new york. >> let's go back to that journal that you just mentioned that was found on his person. what do we know about what was in there? >> yes, it seeps there was some writings expressing solidarity or support for known terrorists like bin laden and anwr aawlaki, who was killed in a drone strike back in 2011. there was a lot of anti-american sentiment, expressing outrage over what america was doing in
7:15 am
parts of the muslim world, saying that they were being slaughtered as a result of american policies. so there is now at least a tangible piece of evidence that shows his own ideological support, his own sympathies to terrorists groups. so prosecutors can make a link that they now have at least an ideological not itch by the actual suspect's own handwriting in that journal they found on his body. >> his wife not in this country but is speaking to authorities. any idea what she's telling them and where is she? >> well, we know a very specific detail. she said she had no knowledge of this incident before it took place. she's now in the united arab emirates. both uae officials and the fbi con firmed she is in custody there, being questioned. the fbi now is saying they are at least aware that she had nothing to do with this. she's probably going to be allowed to continue her travel to pakistan. but that's not been confirmed by uae officials who say they're
7:16 am
still holding her there still for questioning. a federal law enforcement official told nbc news that at this stage in the investigation, it does not seem that she had any prior knowledge to this incident or may have played a specific role in the execution of this terrorist attack. >> ayman mohyeldin for us, thank you. we continue to keep a close eye on the ground in charlotte where we expect to hear from the family the keith lamont scott any moment. when that happens, we will bring it to you live on msnbc. first, another community demanding justice for police-involved shooting. we'll get a life report from tulsa, oklahoma. i'll talk to the attorney for the officer who shot him next. if you try to write, on a plain old mac the difference can be seen (it doesn't work) get the surface pro (the keyboard detaches from the screen)
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now to tulsa, oklahoma, where hundreds of protesters
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gathered in downtown tulsa, tuesday, demanding the firing of the police officer there, betty shelby. police say she is the officer who fatally shot an unarmed african-american man. video appears to show the 40-year-old man, terrence crutcher, with his hands up moments before he was shot. crutcher's sister told nbc news the family is devastated and wants justice. >> we want charges pressed against the officer immediately. and the video and everything that's out there speaks for itself. it's really clear cut. >> in just a moment, we will hear officer shelby's side the story from her attorney. first, nbc's janet shamlien is in tulsa. get us to to speed with the latest on the investigation. >> both of them are looking at pieces of this video with
7:21 am
terrance crutcher with his arms in the air. additionally, toxicology reports have been done on the body of terrence crutcher. we're not expecting results on those for several weeks. regardless, though, his family says however the results company back, it's not important because it does not justify his treatment. here's what their attorney, ben crutcher, had to say. >> the toxicology has not come back. she knew nothing about terrence crutcher. for all she knew, he could have been the choir boy, the preacher. he could have been a drummer. he could have been anything. he was a man who car had broken down and nothing in that video suggest anything that you can tell about him unless you're prejudiced against people of color. >> the protests here, unlike what we saw in charlotte late night, have been respectful and
7:22 am
peaceful. a couple hundred people gathered last night. now waiting to hear whether any charges will be filed against the police officer, betty shelby who remains on paid leave. craig, back to you. >> janet shamlian for us, thank you. scott wood is the attorney for officer betty shelby. thank you for your time this morn. >> you're welcome, thank you for having me. >> the video, now seen by millions, it looks pretty damning. he clearly had his hands up in the video. why did officer shelby shoot? >> you know, one thing that's important is to understand what happened before any video started being taken by either the police helicopter or the other arriving police cars. officer shelby's on her way to a call when she sees this car in the middle of the road and stops to help. she's going to find out if someone's broken down, if
7:23 am
there's been a problem. and within that next minute to a minute and a half, this thing escalates by mr. crutcher refusing to follow any of her commands, refusing to communicate with her in any way. and it elevated and led up to the shooting there at the side of the car. >> but why did she shoot him? what was it that led her to shoot him? >> when she first encountered mr. crutcher, he was walking along the north side of the roadway, headed west, and she thought maybe he was the driver of the car and said, sir, is this your car, come talk to me, we need to get it moved. he kind of mumbled something. it's the only time he said anything verbally during the entire ordeal. over the next minute and a half, he periodically puts his hands up and then will put his hand back down by his left pant pocket at least four or five times. during that time period, she
7:24 am
became increasingly concerned that he had possibly a weapon in that pocket. she ordered hip to get on the ground and he refused to do that. that's about the time she got her gun out. also radioed in and said hold traffic, i've got someone here who won't follow commands. >> there was no gun found on crutcher. there was no gun found at the scene. in the vehicle. how do you explain that? >> well, mr. crutcher's behavior led her to believe that he could possibly have a weapon. if you ask any police officer, someone who's carrying a gun, civilian clothes, usually will constantly touch it or check it. especially in an encounter with law enforcement. in this case, she could tell he was under the influence of something -- >> based -- >> -- pretty strong -- >> based on what? she could tell based -- did she see drugs on him?
7:25 am
how -- what made her think that he was on something? >> she is a drug recognition expert, has been for about 2 years. i think she got her training back in 2014. it's about a five or six week course for police officers to take. you know, most of us -- i've never seen anyone on pcp, but that is not an uncommon occurrence in certain parts of the country or in tulsa, oklahoma, to see someone under the influence of pcp -- >> so officer shelby in a matter of seconds that she was able to interact with mr. crutcher deduced that he was definitely on pcp and had a weapon? >> she believed he could have a weapon in the pocket. shep was pretty sure about being on pcp. you know, she spent over 2 minutes trying to get hip to comply and follow orders leading up to the shooting.
7:26 am
>> has officer shelby reached out to the victim's family, either directly or through a third party to offer condolences? >> you know, she has shared with me that she feels horrible. this is a tragedy in light of the fact that afterward no gun was discovered. she has been pray for the crutcher family. she knows a family lost a loved one. >> any idea whether she might step aside or asked to be reassigned? >> she's not even reporting for duty at this point while the investigation's going on. we have to wait, be patient. you know, the district attorney is going to have more facts than i have. more facts than anyone has. when he sits down and goes through this file after it's completed and makes his decision
7:27 am
about whether or not the shooting was -- there was any criminal aspect to this shooting. >> scott wood, attorney for tulsa police officer betty shelby. mr. wood, thank you. >> thank you, craig, i appreciate you having me. >> new questions this morning about donald trump's charitable foundation after a new report has launched the third story in as many weeks, raising questions about the foundation's money trail. what the trump campaign is saying about handling other people's money, next. quick reminder, be sure to tune in to msnbc for all day coverage of the first presidential debate. now just five days away, monday, september 26th. we'll be broadcasting live from hofstra university starting at 9:00 p.m. eastern. don't miss the live telecast of that debate moderated by nbc's lester holt. followed by late-night coach ra coverage with our post-debate team.
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all right, let's get down to charlotte, north carolina, where the family has assembled there again. this is the shooting there in charlotte. i think this news conference has started. let's listen in. >> thank you for coming in support of brother scott. we do know that the mayor gave her comments this morning and i guess told their side of thor to as relates to the chief and the government center. we want to tell our story. multiple witnesses seen what happened yesterday. about an hour after shooting, i was here and stayed until night fall. today we want to express our side. our feelings. and just the climate of what we call hate across this entire country. first, opening pray will come from a good friend of mine.
7:32 am
comments will be from brother b.j. murphy, representative nation of islam. pastor amay from detroit, now has a church in charlotte, abundant faith word church. we'll also be expressing what time our meeting is with the attorney today. we're going to be meeting with attorney timothy d. smith and we're going to collaborate his law firm with christopher chestnut who's in florida who i contacted on last night who helped us with the federal case in charlotte so we thank you for being here. in the spirit of civil rights, we're going to open up. before we start that, we do this press conference in memory of tamir rice, trayvon mart be, as i traveled the streets of stanford, florida, stand here in memory of michael brown shot down five times and one of the bullets will in his eye. i attended his funeral as well. we're here for jonathan ferrell, some of the other unknown individuals that's been shot in
7:33 am
charlotte. aaron westchester. brother brown and others. the list goes on and on. brother shot at north lake mall. i think on christmas day or the day before christmas. all of these shootings across the country. we're sick and tired of being sick and tired. so before i get into all of that, we're going to open up in prayer by bishop kevin long. >> gracious god, our heavenly father, we do thank you and we do praise you for today and today our hearts are heavy but we come in obedience to your word when we've been instructed to in all things give thanks for it is your will concerning us. today god we company together with the collaborative effort and a united front to cry out against injustice here in the city of charlotte and elsewhere. and we thank you, god, even as you taught us to pray through your son jesus that your kingdom should come and your will should be done. today, god, we come admitting the kingdom of god, declaring justice and equity for all those and, god, for those who have
7:34 am
been wronged, we declare now restitution. and, faeshther, we know that yo will is justice will roll down like waters from the hills. so today, god, we stand united, declaring and decreeing your glory. it is in the name of jesus i offer this prayer, amen. >> amen. >> folks, first speaker we're going to have, not speaker, first individual that's going to speak briefly is mr. b.j. murphy, longtime friend of mine, also a million man marcher associate of mine as well. he's going to come. representation of the nation of islam. open up in the name of allah. i bear witness there is no god but allah, muhammad is his messenger. i greet everyone at this press conference in the greeting words of peace. i am not the official spokesperson for the city of charlotte. brother muhammad, he is on his way. being a media person, a longtime resident of the city of charlotte, and we're watching
7:35 am
our black men this week being gunned down and there's no redress for our grievances of black people being killed. with our brother scott, they said he had a gun. somebody said he had a book. we need to do our own independent investigation to see if that is actually true. but what we're standing up for now is our black manhood and our black people who are being gunned down in the street or we're going to get no justice. what i'm calling for and what we're calling for is an economic boycott of the whole city of charlotte. since black lives do not matter for this city, then our black dollars shouldn't matter, right. keep our money in our pocket and let you -- we're watching modern day lynching on social media, on television and it is affecting the psyche of black people. that's what you saw last night. this is what -- you get your
7:36 am
justice, we don't get redress for our grief, and we don't get justice, this is what you see. and you're going to see more of that. we're not telling our brothers and sisters to stop. we're not going to get out there and tell ya'll, oh, brother, you shouldn't do that, you shouldn't do this. when we are getting no justice. everybody in charlotte should be on notice that black people today, we tired of this bull, we tired of being killed and nobody saying nothing. we tired of our political leaders going along to get along, they're so weak they don't have any sip pathy for our grief. and we want justice. so i say take your money out of north lake mall. take your money out of south park mall. take your money out the epicenter. hell, let's not even have the ciaa this year. how you going to party have a drink in your hand and we don't get no justice in here. we're calling on all black people in charlotte to keep your money in your pocket and let the city of charlotte with their
7:37 am
great shiny buildings and skyscrapers and panthers and hornets and all that. keep your money in your pocket. let everybody feel the pain economically what we're feeling physically when you kill us. so that's what we're calling for it we're calling for economic boycott in the city of charlotte. don't spend no money. with no white folks that don't respect us. and that's all i got to say, brothers and sisters. i thank ya'll. i don't want to offend nobody but we don't got nothing to lose. we are offended because we can't get in justice. the thing sad about it, when black people are killed, there's no sympathy on social media on the radio on at the vision. nobody wants to feel our pain. so the question is what are you trying to force us to do? and i'm saying take our money out of charlotte and let's put it in our own community. let's create our own black wall
7:38 am
street right here, city of charlotte. >> thank you, thank you. >> greetings. i'm pastor from kalamazoo michigan. ex-profession aal basketball player. i am a proud father of two sons. one who has an academic scholarship at north carolina. the other is a professional basketball player trying out for the bulls this week be. i'm concerned as a father. i'm concerned as a black man itself. it's hunting season and the black male is the prey. and something has to be done. so i greet you in the name of jesus christ. but at the say time, the psychology of the church of the nation is that christians are weak. but we're not standing here as a weak body. we represent the love of christ. but we also represents the temperance of christ that we're fed up. we're fed up being stopped by police, driving while being black. we're fed up for having skittles
7:39 am
in our hands and a life being taken. we're fed up from having cds in our hands and our lives taken. now we have a book in our han and our life is taken. you say all lives matter but to me it's obvious it's not the truth. if all lives matter, hispanic, asian, would be dying like we're dying by. black lives does matter. i come from a psychological aspect i'm challenging all the caucasian leaders across this country, the major pastors, pastors all over this world. chances are that white supremists police officer or racist police officer won't come to my church but they probably have a chance to come to your church. you need to use your platform to tell them that black lives matter. it's not until you begin to speak up and voice your opinion and tell these people that are taking our kids lives that black lives matter that change is going to come. there's no need of us rioting. there's no need of us burning our own community down.
7:40 am
we need an exodus not only of the macies and out of these stores but we need a major exodus out of these churches. a lot of african-americans support caucasian pastors and the pastors never come to our communities. they never support our community. they're not even here today at the press conference. we need to have an exodus and major boycott of these churches you all support. not only caucasian pastors but black pastors that take our dollars that won't come to our community, black pastors that take our money that won't support our children. black lives do matter. regardless of what people say, god has created us, he put us first in the garden of eden and before he created the church, he created the black man in eden in africa. so we have to understand we are fed up. we are not scared, but by any means necessary, we don't want to get to a place that change only by bloodshed. it's critical you help us
7:41 am
embellish, enhance, our community. how do you do it? by providing us jobs. by giving us adequate education. you cannot put us in a confined area, limit our food, limit our education and don't think we're not to turn on each other. from the 1970s, chicago. the experience. they put a male rat with a female rat with two children that were mice and they put them all in the confined area. they fed 'em. the family was good. they continued to feed them, the family was good. they began to take away their water supply, their food supply and they noticed the male rat began to turn on his children. he began to turn on his wife. from that experience you have the projects that birthed out our inner city community. we have to cause change to happen in america. take the liquor stores out of our community. take the abortion clinics out of
7:42 am
our community. if we want change, change can only happen when everybody is on board. i'm pastor from abundant words church, thank you. >> thank you, pastor, thank you. >> yesterday, standing here behind the police line, heard a 13-year-old tell me everything that happened. she just got off the bus and she witnessed everything. the police always wants to run with a gun. so what? my mother got a gun. the truth of the matter is, did he point that gun? did dhe intend to really sit ina vehicle waiting on his son to get home from school and then shoot the cop if they pulled up on him? they told me mr. scott sits there either dvery day in his v wanting to pick up his son and give him a hug. yesterday, his son could not get that hug. across the country, we are being shot down. shot down. very few cops go to jail for
7:43 am
that. here in charlotte just two years ago, standing here yesterday, where i was standing in court for jonathan ferrell. shot down ten times. shot at 12 times. how can the city of charlotte cut a check for $2 million? if you cut a check for $2 million for a family, then obviously something is wrong. how many in the world you not lock the officer up? then you give him his three year salary as if everything's okay. and then you file a complaint on my lawyer in florida, christopher chestnut, and say he been passing out business cards at a funeral. how dirty are you, charlotte? 19 days before the court date. july 19. jonathan's trial. the chief of police resigns. now he's doing security in florida at the coca-cola plant. my question is the say chief that put the charges on the cop was not in trial. they brought 30 cops out talking about stuff we didn't even know. >> yes, sir. >> bullet range and how powerful was the gun and what part of the bullet hit his hard. we don't want to know that.
7:44 am
we want to know why the mystery man chief monroe was not on trial. he charged the officer. you got things going on behind closed doors we're aware of. told me about the third eye. look behind those doors. where they're smoking cigars plotting on the lives of african-americans. america, you're not going to be deleted out of my memory bank in reference to what you did during the tuskogee experiment. sticking syphilis in the veins of african-american then. and then bill clinton, as they say, the first black president, bill clinton gives an apology 40 years later. you're not going to tell me you're not plotting on our community. you call our communities projects. in schools, a science project is if i pour some baking soda in this thing, maybe it's going to blow up and maybe it won't. so today we're standing. now, i do encourage the youth to be controlled. but i can't control 'em. dr. king said a community that doesn't feel they have a stake in that community will
7:45 am
unconsciously try to destroy it. guess what, i'm not saying tear down the walmart, but we don't own it. i'm not saying burn down auto zone as i seen auto zone burned down to the ground in ferguson when i went there for michael brown's funeral, but we don't own it. my question is this. what will charlotte do about this second shooting? almost 15 shootings since we been in charlotte in the last decade. you going to cut another check? top ten cities in this country have cut $248 million for the lives of african-american men. ask mr. gray family. ask walter scott. $5 million will not bring back walter scott getting shot in his ass five times, in the buttocks. as you see, the cop tried to hide the gun, tried to set up something. that's what they did yesterday -- >> all right, we have been listening to a news conference in charlotte, knock knonorth can the heels of what we saw transpire there overnight.
7:46 am
after the civil unrest i believe is probably the most diplomatic way to characterize it. we're going to keep an eye on what's happening here in charlotte. keith lamont scott killed. the police chief telling us last hour that officers saw him with a gun. the family disputes that. we are waiting to hear from the family. they're going to be taking the mic any moment now. right now though, let's go to cleveland, ohio. donald trump speaking in cleveland. was introduced a short time ago by boxing promoter, one-time boxing promoter don king who made some news. it's all over social media now. he's taking some -- donald trump's taking some questions. >> 16,000 they endorsed us recently. they endorsed trump. first time they've ever endorsed a presidential candidate. we are going to stop the drugs from poisoning our youth from
7:47 am
pouring into our country. just poisoning our youth. >> the african-american community has traditionally voted democrat. i'm going to be honest, we got strong opposition from the democratic party through the black community for this meeting. >> all right, we're going to -- we're going to keep an eye on cleveland, ohio as well. that's pastor daryl scott. along with don king. don king, the guy in the back there, holding the american flag. wearing an american flag as well. we're going to keep a close ear on cleveland. let's get back to charlotte. charlotte, north carolina, where that news conference continues. keith lamont scott. we're waiting for one of the family members to take to the podium there. the police insisting he did, in
7:48 am
fact, have a gun. sparking the protest. here with me in the studio, there with us in charlotte. standby, i want to come to you, for folks not familiar with the relationship between the police and the policed in mecklenburg county. talk to us about that relationship. >> it certainly has been a strained relationship as one of the speakers at the news conference just mentioned a few moments ago. it's like the 15th shooting, police involved shooting over the last ten years or so. some of them have turned out deadly as this case yesterday. the mayor and police chief in
7:49 am
charlotte being very emphatic that keith scott was indeed armed when he was shot by charlotte police officers. their evidence is they had the gun. they had the gun. they retrieved the gun from where mr. scott fell after being shot by police officers. >> when we get a family member there at the microphone, i'll stop talking so we can listen in. you made an excellent point. having a gun in this country we know is perfectly legal. even if he had a gun in that vehicle. we don't know if it was unlicensed or unregistered. we don't know if he was brandishing the weapon at this point. >> the police chief said at this point it's not even clear wh whether he pointed the gun at the police officer. those who are activists and fighting in communities every single day say that simply
7:50 am
having a gun is not the issue. it's being black with a gun automatically makes you suspicious. we think about that shooting in tulsa of terrence crutcher. the guy in the police helicopter says he looks le s like a bad d. the assumption of criminality. we don't know anything at this point in terms of whether he had a permit to carry the gun or not. as we sit back and watchseemed drag on a little bit. many folks might be uncomfortable with the nature of what they talked about. they talked about the tuskogee experiment. they went through a long list of people in this community who have been shot. they talk about the concern for their black children. no wonder when people erupt. i think that's what we continue to grapple with in this country. people cannot understand why these protests tend to swell and turn violent. the trauma experienced by some in these communities is extraordinary to say least. >> it was interesting to hear one of the earlier speakers say
7:51 am
he was not going to call for an end to the protests. not going to call for an end to what we saw take place last night in downtown charlotte. it will be interesting to see how it plays out or if it plays out tonight there as we -- there's a march. we're just told. they have announced a march is going to happen there in charlotte in downtown charlotte at 7:00 eastern tonight. again, 7:00 eastern. we're just coming from this news conference. again, we're on this news conference by the way for our viewers and listeners at home. we're on this news conference. because we're told a family member of keith lamont scott would be speaking. perhaps even taking some questions. we're going to take a quick break here. when we come back, we'll check back in to see if that has happened. this is msnbc. stay with us.
7:52 am
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whenpneumococcal pneumonia, it was huge for everybody. she just started to decline rapidly. i was rushed to the hospital. my symptoms were devastating. the doctor said, "pam! if you'd waited two more days, you would've died." pneumococcal pneumonia almost took me from them. if i had known that a vaccine could have helped prevent this, i would have asked my doctor about it.
7:55 am
talking about charlotte, talking about tulsa. let's listen in. >> they're great people. they're great people. now, great people, you always have problems. you have somebody in there that either makes a mistake that's bad or that chokes. i must tell you, i watched the shooting in particular in tulsa. and that man was hands up. that man went to the car. hands up. put his hand on the car. i mean, to me it looked like he did everything you're supposed to do. and he looked like a really good man. and maybe i'm a little clouded because i saw his family talking about him after the fact, so you get a little bit, you know, different image maybe. but to me he looked like a, you know, somebody that was doing
7:56 am
what they were asking him to do. and this young officer -- i don't know what she was thinking. i don't know what she was thinking. but i'm very, very troubled by that. i'm very, very troubled by that. we have to be very careful. so, i mean, these things are terrible. that was, in my opinion, that was a terrible, a terrible situation. and we've seen others. we've seen others. and the police are aware of that too. why the way, the police are troubled by it too. now, did she get scared? was she choking? what happened? maybe people like that, people that choke, people that do that, maybe they can't be doing what they're doing. okay. they can't be doing what they're doing. [ applause ] >> donald trump, man of the people! president of the united states! >> thank you.
7:57 am
thank you. >> so we all respect our police greatly. they will just have to get better and better and better. thank you. >> let's put our hands together for mr. donald j. trump. >> president of the united states! >> donald trump there speaking at a predominantly black church in cleveland, ohio. flanked by don king. also the person who heads up his african-american outreach and pastor scott, doing a lot of work with the campaign as well. the candidate making a bit of news there. talking about the case in tulsa oklahoma. talking about terrence crutcher. saying he, quote, looked like a really good man. going on to say based on the video, based on what he saw, it looked like he did everything right. a member of the trump campaign's
7:58 am
national advisory counsel. keep me honest here. is that what you heard as well? >> that's exactly what i heard. by the way, i would agree. i'm not a cop, i'm not an authority figure here. i don't want to render judgment, but just as an individual, as a human being watching that video, it appeared troubling. it appears that young lady police officer really just acted completely irresponsibly. but there are hundreds of thousands of cops in this country. we have to have their back in general because almost all of them are wonderful people, brave people who put their lines on the line for our protection. i'm very proud that our campaign has gotten endorsements of police unions across the country. when you have hundreds of thousands of people, you're going to have some bad apples. it appeared this was a tragedy. >> i want to talk about this "washington post" report regarding the trump foundation. "the post" says that the foundation misspent a fair amount of money. the campaign says this is another witch-hunt.
7:59 am
$258,000 by the way to be exactpy. what exactly -- what specifically has the foundation done or currently doing to make people's lives better? >> well, craig, over the years, the foundation has done a lot. i think what this -- this "washington post" reporter i believe is on a witch-hunt and has been unfair to donald trump over several months of articles. i think what they're trying to do is create an equivalency between the -- >> give me one thing the trump foundation's done. >> veterans. what he has done ever since the 1980s. he has given millions of dollars to veterans both personally and out of his foundation. the author of that article challenged me on twitter to do that. i did to him. i haven't heard anything back. going back to the 1980s, donald trump has given million dollar plus donations to veterans groups both personally and via the foundation. >> i hate to cut you off. we are out of time. if he would release his tax
8:00 am
returns that would probably clear up a lot of that. thank you so much. that's going to wrap up this hour. tamron hall joins me now. >> thank you very much. i'm coming to you live from msnbc news headquarters in new york. we'll get you updated on the rally for donald trump. the breaking news out of charlotte, north carolina. supporters and the family of keith lamont scott, an african-american shot and killed in an encounter with police yesterday, they are holding a news conference right now. one supporter saying, quote, we are fed up. another calling for a million man march this evening at 7:00 p.m. the shooting prompted angry protests overnight. demonstrators clashing with police wearing riot gear. police using tear gas to disperse those protesters. that's the scene from last night. all of this started around 4:00 p.m. yesterday.