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tv   Lockup San Antonio - Extended Stay  MSNBC  September 25, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> gang members disrupt the housing unit. >> they all feed off each other. one kicks in the door and they all join in and start screaming. >> when inmates fled their cells, the sert team takes action. >> you must comply. >> and they place one in special restraints. >> [ bleep ] drop you first [ bleep ].
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>> [ bleep ]. >> i told them in the hallway i could feel an attack was coming on. i feel like i'm going to hurt somebody. >> a female inmate poses a dangerous threat to staff. >> she took a swing at me, scratched my face and it was on. >> she's like, uh-huh, uh-huh. >> we went toe-to-toe. >> bam. >> when somebody disrespects me or something, we're going to take care of business. >> already facing 16 charges, a gang member picks up five more inside the jail. >> you know, everybody thinks that this job that we have is such a gravy job and such an easy job, i challenge anybody to come in here and work this job for a week and see if we're overpaid.
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>> from the alamo to its famous riverwalk, san antonio is one of the most popular tourist destinations in texas. but like any big city, there is a constant fight against crime and a landmark of that battle is just outside downtown. the bexar county jail is a modern-day fortress that houses approximately 3500 male and female inmates. most have only been charged with crimes and are awaiting trial for the resolution of their cases. >> we're very regulated on how we have to handle inmates. we realize that even though they're incarcerated, they still have rights. we also realize that we're not here to punish or to convict anyone.
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it's just to hold them. >> but in jail, holding inmates is never a simple proposition, especially when they don't want to be held. >> a lot of the gang members, because they're secured in a cell for 23 hours a day, they've got all that time to, you know, think of different games they can play with the officers. because they're trying to create a reputation for themselves that they're not to be messed with. >> i'm easy to get along with, but once somebody disrespects me or something, we going -- we going to take care of business. >> jose hidalgo is a member of what officials describe as the fastest growing and most notorious gang in the jail. the tango orejones. but hidalgo describes the gang as more of a fellowship. >> they're supposed to make sure that the home boys make it safe back to our families and to make sure if one of our home boys needs something, we're going to be there. >> since the age of 14, hidalgo has spent most of his life
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incarcerated. he's been in jail for the past three years charged with 16 crimes. >> i got an ag robbery, evading arrest, possession, daily conducts, dwi, assault, bodily injury. i got my whole list in my cell. >> hidalgo has entered not guilty pleas on all his charges. he also plans to plead not guilty to the five new criminal charges he's picked up inside the jail. >> two assaults on public servants and two arsons. i just picked up one last week and i got to wait to get indicted on that. >> what did you pick up last week? >> assault on a public servant. >> hidalgo's latest assault on staff occurred after a rare period of good behavior. >> most of the time that hidalgo has been in our facility he's been housed and grouped alone because we found that when we house him and group him with other inmates, he tends to rub off on those inmates, and instead of dealing with one hidalgo, we're dealing with many. although recently for the past few months he's been out of
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trouble, he's been cooperative, he's been behaving. one thing he requested because he's been behaving is a cell mate. after a careful review we allowed him to have a cellie. >> hidalgo's cellmate was steven guerrero who is awaiting transfer to prison to serve a five-year sentence. >> i grew up pretty good. but hang around the wrong people. i guess good kid went wrong, huh? >> on the second day guerrero and hidalgo were housed with each other, the two inmates quickly showed up on staff's radar. >> hidalgo and his cell mate guerrero were disruptive across the day. and when we did chow later, guerrero apparently stuck his arm out the tray slot, wouldn't bring it back in so that we could close it. >> after the meal service, corporal leyde and his partner decided to check the cell for contraband.
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>> and about the time the door opened i don't remember who was on which bunk, but hidalgo and guerrero both stood up and came towards the door and stood side by side creating a barrier. >> he wanted to search the cell and we didn't try to let him in. >> so we were like, hey, we want to come in and do a cell inspection, search for contraband. and they were like, no, you can't come in here. >> they're like get against the wall. i said, no. i said for what? he said to shake you down. i said you're not going to shake you down. >> the first thought i had was there's something in this cell. then i realized, no, this is it, there's going to be a fight. >> as corporal lighty's partner who has requested anonymity tried to pass between the inmates, hidalgo attacked him. >> hidalgo hit him -- as far as i could tell, hidalgo hit him with his right hand. >> i defended myself and i went off him. we were fighting. >> the officer, he was on the floor repeatedly hitting my
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cellie. >> it was here. >> guerrero then jumped on the officer's back. >> apparently he put him in a choke hold with his right and was banging on his head with his left. >> officer lighty came to his partner's defense. >> i came in, i grabbed guerrero by the arms, and i pulled him and tried to pull him off. but i sat there for a few minutes, you know, wrestling with him a little bit. >> the corporal was trying to restrain me. i'm with the other lawman trying to get him off my cellie, my home boy, blood everywhere. >> officers inside the housing unit security control room witnessed the fight and alerted the special emergency response team or sert. >> the sert team arrived, they secured inmate hidalgo. >> they came and dropped their knee on me, boom, split my chin, which caused me to take stitches. blood's coming out. so i'm laying in my blood. so when i get up and come out, one of my other home boys seen it. >> as hidalgo and guerrero were escorted by the sert team to medical, another orejones gang member, jeremy gonzalez, witnessed the procession.
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>> i seen him that he was bloody. and being that's my home boy, like i been knowing him for a long time and me and him been through a lot and i wasn't just going to let it just ride, you know what i'm saying? i let my anger kind of get the best of me, too, and popped my door and ran out there with the shank. >> inmate gonzalez apparently was able to defeat the locking device, open the cell door and he ran out of the cell and was holding a seven-inch piece of metal. >> it was made out of the top blade of a squeegee. >> unfortunately for gonzalez, by the time he figured out how to pop the lock on his door, hidalgo, guerrero and the sert team had already left the unit. >> he came running out into the day room because he thought everyone was still here fighting. he got to right about here and then he realized that, you know, he was a day late for the party. >> there was four laws down there. a sergeant, a lieutenant, corporal and regular officer.
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>> and he started to get real nervous, because, you know, he had no backup, he's over there with a weapon in a secured facility. >> with gonzalez already outnumbered four to one, members of the sert team escorting hidalgo and guerrero are called back to assist. >> go, go, go. >> i'm not stupid, you know, they laid it down real quick, threw the shank away from me. i just chilled out real quick. >> he threw the knife on the ground, not at the officer. it was very clearly, you know, gently thrown to the ground and then he laid down on the floor and we secured him. >> luckily nobody was hurt in the process. what does scare us is that he did have that shank, and what that scares us is what would have happened if he was close enough to use it before an officer would have saw it. you know, it could have just as easily as gone bad as it did go good.
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>> okay, sarge. >> all three inmates involved in the incident were moved to single-man cells and were given new felony charges. for gonzalez, the new charge can carry especially serious consequences. he is awaiting trial on a murder charge. he has pled not guilty. >> i just wish i wouldn't have done that because it's going to be like a domino effect with my other case, you know what i mean? just that little case right there, it's going to get me bad. they're going to be seeing me as like a threat to society coming out with shanks in jail, you know what i mean? so that's probably going to -- it's going to sting me, you know what i mean? coming up, backed up toilets flood a housing unit and jeremy gonzalez faces off with a special response team. >> opposition. >> [ bleep ] my arm's stuck so don't [ bleep ]. >> but first -- >> i had a mechanical pencil, and poke your eye out. do not move. >> one of the most feared female inmates in bexar county. only 16 he was 34% eastern european.
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knowing that some of their peers have less than ideal hygiene, many inmates at san antonio's bexar county jail do all they can to make their cells as sanitary as possible, especially raymond diaz. >> are you surprised that 75% of the pim people who leave have better hygiene habits? >> diaz who is awaiting trial and has pled not guilty to charges of theft, burglary and cocaine possession says cleanliness, or the lack of it, can also lead to conflict. >> that's a big part of being locked up. you know, there's people who get dropped, beat up, because they don't keep things clean. >> diaz's cell mate, marcelo cardenas, who is convicted of aggravated assault, and is awaiting transfer to prison to begin a six-year sentence, is happy to indulge him. >> he jokes i have an obsessive compulsive disorder. but which is fine for me, right? >> well, i'm not a germaphobe,
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but being in prison might make some people anal. >> that's why we keep a towel or shirt to keep all the dust out and all because people walk by, it blows dust and air and stuff like that. so for all the people who think that we live in filth, on the contrary. we probably have a cleaner -- a cleaner cell than most people's houses. >> while the jail lets most inmates use cleaning supplies, others like erica haywood are only given the bare minimum. >> she's getting pine b, which is very little and mixed with water and two sanitary napkins to clean her cell. >> let me know when you're done, all right? >> it's just a yellow cleaning solution they give us. and i just basically put it on the floor. i use it for my mattress, the toilet. they won't give me a broom because i had an incident last week with one of the guards. and we got into like a
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confrontation. so now they won't give me the broom. >> we used to give her brooms and all that stuff. and last week she decided she was going to try and jab at an officer through the tray slot with the broom. >> in the three months she's been at bexar county, hayward has been cited several times for fighting with staff and other inmates. now, she is housed in a high security female administrative segregation unit where she's confined to a single-person cell 23 hours per day. it is often a noisy, disruptive unit. >> some of them are very hostile. some of them are very aggressive. we do have to be very careful because at one moment or another they could just snap at you. >> haywood has done time in jail on prior convictions. her latest arrest came after a fight with a bank security guard who had ordered her to get off the telephone. >> if he had just approached me differently, i probably wouldn't have did that, but he was embarrassing me in front of the whole bank. so we started going off each
9:17 pm
other. he was in my face, i was in his face, and he reached in for me to grab me, bam, i got him. i took him down. i had a mechanical pencil, i like, boom, i'm going to poke your eye out. do not move! >> haywood has yet to be tried on the resulting charge of aggravated assault with bodily injury but plans to plead not guilty on grounds of self-defense. she admits, however, that her temper is hard to control. >> you start to feel yourself bubbling up. you start to feel that hot anger just boiling inside of you like you're going to explode. and you tell yourself you can control it. you tell yourself, i can control this. i'm not going to hurt nobody. but when it actually comes time to do it, like, bam, you just hit somebody. it's like a reflex. they might say one wrong word to you, bam, you hit them. >> officer laura was also a victim of haywood's temper. >> the day that erica assaulted
9:18 pm
me, i was just doing my observation rounds and passing out mail like i would normally do. >> i told them in the hallway i could feel the anxiety coming on. i knew an attack was coming on. i feel like i'm going to hurt somebody. >> erica was out in her day room. and at that time she was only wearing leg irons. her hands were completely free. >> here's the lady passing out mail. i confront the lady. you know what i'm saying? like why you trying to play me and this and that and she just look at me like mm-hmm, mm-hmm. >> she took a swing at me. she scratched my face, and it was on. we went toe to toe. i did punch her in the face. i punched her body. all i wanted her to do is stop charging me because she continued to charge me. >> and then i started getting her back. i started fighting her back. next thing i know, here come the sert team. >> i was able to move out of the way because all i saw was a sert officer with a taser. and they tased her. >> they shot me.
9:19 pm
i had a probe, like a long string with a pin look like a dart stuck into my body. [ bleep ] they got me mostly in the shoulder area, i think, and i could feel myself going out. >> stop resisting, haywood. >> because the pain is so excruciating, all you could do is take that pain, take that pain, take that pain. my family taught me do not let people disrespect you. we just like that. we're just very reactive people. this is the way i grew up. so people look at that like she's violent. she's this, she's that. i'm like i'm nowhere near what my family has raised me to be and what -- and they have no idea. that's it. >> [ bleep ]. you [ bleep ]. >> i'm mild. very mild compared to some people. >> [ bleep ] you.
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as in other correctional facilities, tattooing is not allowed at the bexar county jail in san antonio. violators could get up to 60 days in segregation or even face additional criminal charges. but the demand for tattoos on the inside is so great there are always inmate tattoo artists willing to take the risk for a payout of commissary goods or other forms of compensation. they make ingenious tattoo guns by assembling the parts of other items they are permitted to possess. and staff are constantly on the lookout for them. >> i was patting him down, down in his crotch area, and i felt the -- you know, the bulge, not a usual bulge.
9:24 pm
asked him what it is and he just pulled it out. opened it up, tattoo. a catch like this is pretty rare. >> was a good catch, man. >> right here is from inside of a light, a staple. this right here is the same copper wire that came from the inside of the hair clippers and two checkers pieces to hold it together. these guys know what they're doing. another inmate marcelo cardenas is not a tattoo artist but has gained a reputation for crafting high-quality jailhouse tattoo guns. >> i rent the gun or i sell it, it goes for $30, $25 or $30 in this county right here. >> because he is due to leave the jail any day now to start his six-year prison sentence for assault, cardenas agreed to demonstrate how it's done. >> right now it's not like i really care about it. if they run me out, i'm going to leave before they do punishment or the reprimand on me. >> cardenas starts with some wire scavenged from some electric hair clippers.
9:25 pm
>> we rub the wire like this here. >> he winds the wire around the screw to make a crude electromagnet but he also needs a metallic magnet which is pilfered from a phone or speaker. >> the magnet, when you put it on top of the screw, it bounces with the cycles of the electricity. you bounce like this. >> the needle is made from a staple attached to a q-tip shaft. >> and then you use soft string to tie it up. that's pretty much how you do it. the magnet when it bounce, it push the needle. i don't invent it but i learn it. >> several other bexar county inmates also make their own tattoo guns or rigs, and the source of their knowledge could very well spring from just one man, jose hidalgo. >> early on in his incarceration he was teaching the other inmates how to create these tattoo rigs, how to do the tattoos, and as a result they
9:26 pm
were destroying county property. >> once we're in the cell 23 hours a day, we get creative in breaking lights to get the wire. we burn grease to make the ink. >> even though we pulled him out, the knowledge he gave them on how to make the rigs is still something we're combatting today because inmates are constantly making rigs and they're constantly tearing apart the light fixture, and it's something that he started. >> hidalgo has also been on the receiving end of the jailhouse tattoo trade. >> when inmate hidalgo first came into the facility he didn't have anywhere as near as many tattoos as he has now. most of the tattoos that he has received he's received within our facility and he's very proud of his tattoos. >> i was made in the hood so as a reason for that. 237 is my hood. my zip code, 78237.
9:27 pm
san antonio. playboy bunny. i'm a player so that's why i got that. i got females. got like money. >> hidalgo's underarms display the initials of his gang, tango arejones. and on his abdomen is the image of a glock 40 millimeter handgun which he says is the favorite weapon of drug dealers. >> on the scale. i don't trust no one. when you're selling drugs you can't even trust nobody. even though when you do know the ones that are snitching on you. >> although hidalgo is proud of his extensive body art, he's starting to worry about how a judge and jury will react to it. he's expected to soon begin a series of trials on a litany of charges, including assault and arson. >> i should have waited until after my trial, but it's too late for all that. for somebody to see as tatted is going to judge me. i feel it's going to affect me.
9:28 pm
>> coming up. >> the guy started flooding his cell. i asked him why, he said just for no reason. he's notorious for doing something like that. >> a major disruption prompts the special emergency response team to take action. >> that's it. >> [ bleep ]. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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heldo hello, this is today's top stories. sad day in the sports world. legendary arnold palmer died sunday. he was 87 years old. and baseball pitcher jose fernandez was killed in a boating accident. he was a two-time all-star. in politics, hillary clinton and donald trump continue to prepare for monday night's first debate. can you watch all-day coverage on msnbc leading up to the debate at 9:00 p.m. eastern. now back to "lock up."
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due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. you may take a seat. despite staff's best efforts to stop them, some inmates at san antonio's bexar county jail still find ways to illegally tattoo each other, but if staff can't catch every tattoo, they can at least document them and add them to their intelligence database. >> tattoos are the most common nonverbal forms of communication in identifying gang affiliation. gang members love to put their gang somewhere visibly on their body so rival gang members or their own gang members can identify them as, are they friend or foe? and we train our class officers to look for these identifiers and if they can't get the gang member to self-admit then they refer to the gang officers and we look at these tattoos. aside from just tattoo, we'll
9:33 pm
look at their history in the facility. do they have a history of conducting gang-related activity. strong-arming in the units. group assaults, things of that kind of nature. in conjunction with their tattoos and that history, we can establish whether or not the guy is a gang member. >> raymond diaz is up front about his gang-related tattoos. >> the stuff i got on me, a lot of it is gang related. they call them like stamps, you know. everything was done behind bars with a staple. we don't use fancy needles and all that. the main part on my chest, it's the blast and that's for dongo blast. it's probably one of the biggest prison gangs in texas. i chose to put it in big letters on my chest because when i get to a prison unit or a pod or something the first thing i do is i take off my shirt, and it's clearly visible. if someone has a problem with me, they're going -- they're going to let it be known. >> diaz is also a tattoo artist and says he has applied many of his tattoos himself.
9:34 pm
most are gang related but one is a fan tribute. >> which is my taylor swift. she's -- i did her for my own personal gratification. i don't know what it is about her but the first time i heard her voice, i was locked up. i would listen to her music and she's got like this really, cute, country voice. it soothed me. no matter what's going on, there might be fights, chaos, the building could be burning down but if i'm listening to taylor swift, i'm relaxed. >> but it seems no melody can quiet the outbursts that punctuate life in the administrative segregation wing which houses members of the jail's largest gang, the orejones. >> usually they'll cause a disruption if they're upset or they just want to gain attention. mostly they all feed off each other. if one's kicking a door they all join in and start screaming. some days it's worse than others.
9:35 pm
they're young, rambunctious, they have nothing better to do, so that's the way they make their noise. you know, everybody thinks that this job that we have is such a gravy job and such an easy job. i challenge anybody to come in here and work this job for a week and see if we're overpaid. >> going to start flooding! start. >> later in the day, the disturbance escalates when one of the inmates starts flooding the unit. >> the guy in 12 cell started flooding his cell. i asked him why. he said just for no reason. he's notorious for doing stuff like that. >> the inmate is well known to staff, jeremy gonzalez. besides facing charges of murder and aggravated assault, gonzalez just picked up another felony charge after confronting jail officers with a seven-inch-long shank. since arriving at bexar county he has been sanctioned for several other infractions, as
9:36 pm
well. >> i was trying to do good. i've been doing good for like six months straight. i've been trying to chill and get all my visits back and get back with my family and go through depression mode and you go through being aggravated and it messes with your head, you know what i mean? i just couldn't take it anymore. >> within minutes two other inmates add to the flooding. >> they're utilizing their uniforms, whatever material they can find by stuffing it down the toilet drain and continuously flushing the toilets and causing it to overflow just to be belligerent and disruptive. >> gonzalez's friend and fellow orejones, jose hidalgo, says he is not impressed by his actions and that such behavior is now looked down upon by the gang. >> and they know we don't [ bleep ] do that no more. they know we don't do that. >> what are you doing? >> the special emergency response team, or sert, is mobilized to restrain the
9:37 pm
troublemakers. >> the sert team was called in due to the flooding. it came into the office and triggered the alarm, which the system was activated. >> put your hands through the tray slot. >> they will put them in the hand restraints due to their disruptive behavior, not to harm themselves or anybody else. >> the team begins with gonzalez, who submits to their orders but not quietly. >> all you got to tell me is [ bleep ]. ain't a [ bleep ]. >> anyone who is shackled, be in their restraints for one to two hours and be medically evaluated every 30 minutes by medical staff. that is medically to see if there's any cramping, anything that's any injury towards the inmate himself. >> they hog tied me. [ bleep ]. >> before long the sert team has
9:38 pm
restrained two other pairs of cell mates also involved in the flooding. >> big time orejone. >> just when officers think they have the situation under control, gonzalez manages to slip his hands out from behind him. >> he's got restrained in front. >> the sert team decides that it's time to deploy the restraint chair, which is designed to temporarily immobilize inmates who pose threats or refuse to follow orders. >> roll over on your stomach on the mattress. roll over on your mattress on your chest. comply. you got it? >> as the sert team enters the cell, gonzalez launches a verbal assault. >> you take the head. >> you're going to see, dog.
9:39 pm
mark my words [ bleep ] [ bleep ] mark my words [ bleep ]. >> in other words he got a hit on everybody. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ] dog. better hope i don't ever get out the [ bleep ] jail and see you out in the world, huh? i'll start swinging on you and beat you [ bleep ] you ain't kidding me [ bleep ] i'm going to drop you first [ bleep ]. i ain't resisting. >> only when gonzalez feels a taser gun pressed against his back does he finally give in. gonzalez will stay in the chair until he calms down, or up to a maximum of two hours.
9:40 pm
>> [ bleep ] two hours. after that, what's going to happen next? still do the same [ bleep ]. come on, man. come on, man. [ bleep ]. ain't going to stop nobody. for a couple hours. yeah, but not for life. they're going to do it again. and keep doing it. just passing time. >> coming up -- >> this is one of the sparks that we use to add to the tattoo guns. >> the ingenious techniques inmates use to conceal the tattoo paraphernalia. >> that's how we do it. >> and? she'll roll it up into a ball and throw it underneath, which actually rolls into the other cell. >> erica haywood's disturbing behavior and the impact it has on her neighbors. >> went right under my bed. oh, man. ergy pills
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managing a sprawling urban correctional facility like san antonio's bexar county jail is a task full of challenges. from inmates acting up to dealing with gangs and an illicit tattoo trade, officers are constantly put to the test. >> these inmates in here do have time to study. they know almost everything about your job. they know exactly when you're coming. they know exactly what you're looking for. inmates that are actually doing the tattoo, they'll stop what they're doing, they'll put away everything. all in most of the time within 20 seconds. they have time to actually hide their tattoo rigs, their ink, they will hide it on top of the light fixture, under the stairs as well, in a toilet. they will find any little small
9:45 pm
opening that they know you won't find and they will put all of their contraband in there. >> hiding anything in jail where every area is subject to inspection at any time takes determination and creativity. just ask marcelo cardenas. >> this is one of the spots that we use for -- to hide the guns, the tattoo guns. i'm just right now making one. >> cardenas, who is sharing his secrets because he is soon leaving for state prison and says he is not worried about punishment, has a clever technique for hiding his homemade tattoo guns. the process begins with another piece of contraband. a box hinge. >> this is my tool that we use to break the wall in by literally scratching it. >> in this case, since the hole is still small, cardenas demonstrates how he uses a bar of soap to conceal one of the
9:46 pm
magnets used in his guns, rather than the gun itself. >> the thing we do here is we put the magnet inside the hiding spot. we break the soap so you can fix it like -- you have to take more time but right now i'm just showing you. >> cardenas then gently peels small strips of paint off the wall. >> we peel that off a little bit. >> then he moistens the paint with water. >> because this paint is based on water, so the water make it stick. and then you put some paint on top of the soap like this. but then, you know. so you go like that a little bit and you have the wall covered up. it's like doing a tunnel. that's what the mexicans do.
9:47 pm
>> while cardenas uses stealth to get around jail rules, erica haywood's disobedience is anything but covert. when managing haywood went from difficult to dangerous, jail officials mandated new precautions to prevent further violence. >> it came down that after that assault that happened with me and erica, they now need to have the sert team take her to recreation and bring her right back just in case she tries to assault somebody else. >> now she is only allowed to leave her cell under heavy security. haywood's assault on officer lara came after haywood claimed to be having an affair with a male officer. a charge the officer and his co-workers emphatically deny. >> erica does not have a romantic relationship with an officer. all she does is write letters to him and causes him stress. >> officer lara believes
9:48 pm
jealousy drove haywood to attack. >> she started making these allegations. you want to take my man, you want to take my man. i said, no, erica. >> haywood's erratic behavior prompted jail officials to order an in-depth psychological evaluation. the results proved her to be mentally competent. >> i stayed in psych hospital for two weeks and they are like, why are you here? you're not incompetent. >> she tries to be the victim all the time. if something happens to her she's always like, oh, they did this to me. i believe erica is just one of those mean people. she's not mental. she's just mean. >> stripped of her privileges and required to move about under heavy guard, haywood has continued her campaign against staff using the only weapons she has left. >> well, when i protest because they were not picking my trash up, they weren't picking my trays up, i threw some bodily fluids and things, bodily products.
9:49 pm
>> she started gassing officers. basically gassing is when you take your urine and your feces, you make it up into a little cup and you let it sit between a couple hours and a couple days and once the officer comes to retrieve your tray or whatever they're going to get from the tray slot, she threw it out. that happened last week where it got completely on the right side of the officer. and as far as these inmates go, we don't know what kind of diseases they have and all that bodily fluid carries. >> haywood's latest actions with bodily substances have gotten the attention of other inmates in her segregation unit. >> so she'll take her feces, and she'll roll it up into a ball, and throw it underneath which actually rolls into the other cell. >> she would aim it at certain doors. she aim it at 15's door, my door, number 8's door. but it's -- you know, when you make her mad, she knows that we don't like it, of course [ bleep ], so she'll try to throw it at our door. >> as disgusting as the barrage might be, haywood's neighbors take it in stride. they've even developed
9:50 pm
mitigation strategies. >> she actually started getting nice about it. she'll warn us before she's going to do it. she'll be like, okay. what do you say, haywood? [ inaudible ] >> yeah, better put your [ bleep ] up so i'll get this right here and i'll put it like this on the bottom. and i'll barricade it in there. you know what i mean? so i got to barricade this on the bottom of my door so she can't throw [ bleep ] in here. >> one time i got real pissed though because she threw a meatball and i thought it was a piece of [ bleep ] shut up, girl. my friend said don't worry about it. it wasn't a piece of [ bleep ]. it was a meatball. but it looked like a balled up turd. it went right under my bed. i was mad. >> haywood's reasons for doing what she does covers a wide range of alleged mistreatments in the jail.
9:51 pm
>> the lady brought me the tray and some of the food was missing off the tray. the food was cold. it's the crap they feed us. that's what we got for lunch. >> she's never responsible for what she does. and every time that we try to put like blame on her, this is what you did, this is why the consequences, she's like, oh, no, you triggered it. it's your fault that i am behaving this way. >> she's just something else for real. coming up -- >> this is the life i chose, i guess. it's not the life i'm going to choose forever. >> the true cost of jose hidalgo's life choices. >> i mean, i'm still here for him, because he is my son. but people grow up, and people change. and i hope my son will change. ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪ ♪ go paperless, don't stress, girl ♪ ♪ i got the discounts that you need ♪ ♪ safe driver ♪ accident-free ♪ everybody put your flaps in the air for me ♪
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9:54 pm
hidalgo -- >> yeah. >> jose hidalgo is getting ready for a big day.
9:55 pm
>> hidalgo. >> for the nearly three years he's been in jail, hidalgo has only seen himself get into deeper trouble. but he's maintained strong support from his family, and today his mother and grandmother have arrived to visit him. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> i visit him as much as i could, maybe every week, every two weeks, and it takes maybe four to five hours to even see him because he is one of the inmates that has to be walked with security next to him. he's not in population. he's always in lockdown. >> hidalgo also gets financial support from his family. they deposit money into his inmate account which he can use to purchase snacks or toiletries from the jail commissary. >> when i see people don't have family around, it's trouble. but my family is around. if it wasn't for them, i'd be struggling too. >> thank you.
9:56 pm
>> do you all have a password? >> yes. >> my mom, she only speaks spanish, so when we come here to visit him, we talk to him in both of our languages, but she's always there for him. she loves him very much. >> hidalgo? >> hi, mijo. >> hi. [ speaking spanish ] >> i want a picture. >> crystal's baby. we went yesterday. >> she's already 15? rudy! >> hidalgo's mother worries about the extended time her son might have to serve. he's recently added five new felony charges to the 16 that brought him here. >> he's always getting into trouble mainly because he gets mad and frustrated just being locked up. it worries me because it seems
9:57 pm
like charges are never going to stop. >> hidalgo now has a trial date for his most serious charge, aggravated robbery. he recently turned down a plea bargain for 25 years but losing in court could result in a much longer sentence. >> i mean i'm just praying that everything's going to be okay. >> if i beat that one charge, i've still got to wait for the other charges. >> now that he's had all these cases, sometimes i feel that he's never going to come out. i mean i'm still here for him because he is my son, but i hope one of these days he's going to change his life. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. and stay out of trouble. >> all right. >> be good. >> bye, mijo. >> bye. >> this is the life i chose, i guess. this is not the life i'm going to choose forever. right now i got to see what happens. i mean, that's pretty much it.
9:58 pm
>> hidalgo's friend jeremy gonzalez is in the intensive supervision unit after he burst out of his cell with a seven-inch shank and then flooded his housing unit. his murder trial has been postponed, and in the meantime, he's limited his contact with family because it's just too hard to deal with. >> i tried to use the phone. it breaks my head. pushed me into water. i ain't going to be there for a while, you know? >> despite his efforts to avoid thinking about family, a reminder has just arrived by way of today's mail. >> i got this letter from my oldest little sister. she's 12 years old. she's real smart. she gets straight a's in school. so i'm real proud of her, you know what i mean? hi, brother. how you been? i've been good just working hard
9:59 pm
in school. i want to see you but every time i go, you're on restriction. you need to behave in there. i love you, brother. be good and write back. sincerely, your sister. man. she's worried about me. she's really young. she shouldn't have to be worrying about me, you know what i mean? all my family are stressed out about the time i'm looking at and what's going to happen. i hate to say it, but i try to forget about all of them, you know what i mean, because if i don't, i'll just keep thinking and thinking and go crazy in this cell. you can't do nothing else but try to make the best of it. you know what i mean? i've got to be stronger, you know what i mean.
10:00 pm
>> announcer: due to mature subject matter, viewer discretion is advised. >> narrator: a two-on-one assault leaves an inmate bloodied and injured. but getting to the bottom of this fight requires some digging. >> you both lay in the corner. you're going to stand there and lie to me some more? a popular restaurant owner accused of capital murder fights for his freedom.


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