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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 1, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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morning's abc news "washington post" poll. it's the first time the republican has led in this survey since he clinched the party's nomination back in may. it's also a 13 point swing in just a week. our senior political editor mark murray helping us understanding what's going on there and also, donald trump taking to twitter this morning to praise that poll showing him ahead. not all good news for him though. the fbi looking into his former campaign manager's relationship with russia. a report in "the new york times" that trump used, quote, legally dubious methods. trump on the trail in pennsylvania and wisconsin, two states where he's down in the polls and president obama and vice president joe biden campaign for hillary clinton in ohio and north carolina respectively. the nominee herself spending her day crisscrossing florida and calling on the fbi to work fast.
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>> now they apparently want to look at e-mails. one of my staffers and by all means, they should look at them. and i am sure they will reach the same conclusion they did when they looked at my e-mails for the last year. there is no case here. >> the best political team in the business. standing by across the country from the campaign trail to polling stations in those critical swing states. we start with mark at the map. let's start with these three new polls looking at the national race and these things are all over the place. walk us through them if you can. >> absolutely, craig. let's go into the numbers when we ended up seeing. our nbc news survey monkey poll that came out just yesterday afternoon that shows hillary clinton with the 6 point lead. 47% to 41%. then you have an ipsos reuters poll.
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donald trump up 43% and 37% and here's the one you talked about earlier. "washington post" and abc has donald trump up 1 point. 46% to 45% and craig, the best explanation here is not every poll is created equally. they all have different methodologies and likely voter models but you mentioned, this abc "washington post" poll has moved 13 points in the last 7 or 8 days and a lot of that well before the big comey news from friday so you do need to take that kind of number into perspective. very volatile. or polling has shown a more consistent and steady race. >> let's talk about the fbi nouc announcement. did it show up at all in our poll? >> our poll showed it was absolutely no difference between the monday through friday before the the big bombshell news happened. it was a 47% to 41% race. the two days after, you ended up having an equal 47% to 41% race.
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this methodology in our poll is an online weekly tracking poll but it has 40,000 likely voter respondents so a huge number of people who were able to interview and survey before and after friday's really big news. but then, craig, there is the story about whether voters actually think that the big news from friday is a distraction or it's important and what we're seeing is that it's pretty much going along party lines. overall, 55% say it's important versus 45% who say it's a distraction. but then 93% of republicans think this is important and 83% of democrats think it's a distraction. but if you are a democrat and maybe one concerning news, independents seem to be a little bit more worried about this news and say it's more important than a distraction versus how democrats are perceiving it. >> what do we see in the battleground states? >> we see hillary clinton's firewall on the state she's been leading.
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let's go to pennsylvania. she has an 11 point lead according to this poll from franklin and marshall taken both before and after the big news from friday. and then you end up looking in new hampshire and hillary clinton has a 7 point lead there. donald trump has to really win both pennsylvania and new hampshire to be able to win and also, craig, my little two cents about where the national race is. if hillary clinton has a double digit lead in pennsylvania and up to single digits, she probably has the national lead. >> it sounds like mark murray is saying a 13 point swing is highly unlikely. >> what i will say is let's keep on looking to the next polls. >> spoken like a true pollster. senior political editor. thank you, sir. the rest of our team now, kasie hunt, peter alexander, pete williams. let me start with you, kasie. new reporting on why some democrats are considerably more nervous today than they were this time last week. is this all about the fbi
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investigation also? take us inside the campaign. >> reporter: hey, craig. no. so i'm here on the ground in florida. we're in dade city which is outside of tampa and i'm looking at the early voting numbers and a lot of the strategists who worked in florida for a long time on both the republican and the democratic side are looking at the way those votes are coming in and saying, you know what? there actually might be reasons for hillary clinton to be a little bit nervous and that's a shift from last week. of course, the fbi investigation is still a little bit of a wild card here but so far, republicans have a very slight edge in early voting. so a few more republicans have showed up to vote whether by mail or in person early and that's a little bit concerning potentially for some democrats. there's also some demographic changes potentially. african-american voters, probably as expected and not at the same point as they did in 2012 but i would just say the strategists and watchers that i talk to regularly are distinctly
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more either nervous about hillary clinton's chances or bullish on trump's chances than they were at this time last week. there's a lot still at stake. hillary clinton here for 3 events. bill clinton also here primarily african-american areas for three events today in florida and there really is no question it is going to be extraordinarily close here and known that all along and no reason right now for democrats to feel more confident than they did previously that she could pull this out. >> down in dc for us in the washington bureau. last hour, i think i heard you mention that there could be, could be an update from the fbi later today. anymore news on that? >> still later today is the expectation, craig. and we're in a very unusual situation here where we're basically asking the fbi to give us kind of a play by play on how their investigation is going and that's something they don't usually do.
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and how much information they'll be willing to share, we don't know yet. the optimism over the weekend was that this could go pretty fast. and we're told that there had been no technical problems with what they've been trying to do is to take the data off the hard drive that was in anthony weiner's laptop loaded into a software program and analyze it and this is something that the fbi does all the time so technically, it seems to be going well. what the results are, we just don't know yet. >> there's been some talk this morning about the kind of software that these investigators are using to go through these e-mails. what more do we know about that? the size of the investigation team at all. >> well, it's a couple of things. there's a forensics team that will help the team that did the original clinton e-mail investigation and they'll be working on this together. it's not terribly complicated the task of the software but to take the e-mails, dump them into
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a huge bin and separate them. looking at the to/from dates and huma abedin's letters sent to and from her at the time hillary clinton was secretary of state and second program will go through and analyze all those and compare them with the database of known e-mails and eliminate the duplicates. pretty straightforward task. it's called de-duping in the industry and the software for this is well established and it shouldn't be a difficult process. >> peter alexander in the suburbs. news this morning about trump's taxes, separately, news that the fbi looking into paul manafort now, the former trump campaign manager about his ties to russia. a separate fbi investigation perhaps. what more do we know about that? >> reporter: that's exactly right. learned via law enforcement and u.s. intelligence sources there is what they're describing as a preliminary inquiry taking place
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right now into donald trump's former campaign manager paul manafort specifically relating to his foreign business connections. the fbi when we reached out for comment did not provide us with one but it comes a matter of days after harry reid the senate's top democrat came forward. effectively attacking james comey, accusing him of breaking the law and having a double standard for possessing as reid described it, explosive information about ties between donald trump from his top advisors and russia. so at this point, that's where that conversation stands. nbc news reported in the past that manafort was a key player in some business propositions with russian and ukrainian leaders including one ally of vladimir putin who is said to have ties to organized crime. craig? >> kasie, what's the clinton campaign saying about this new
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information as it relates to possible russian business ties in the trump campaign? >> reporter: they've obviously seized on it, craig. the top advisor talking to reporters about it, putting out a statement. it's something they obviously would like to refocus on in light of everything that pete was talking about with the investigation and these new e-mails, newly discovered e-mails from huma abedin. that part of what they want to focus on today. the other part, i would say, trying to change the subject back to women voters and a lot of comments that donald trump has made about women over the years. they're out with a new minute long ad which is, you know, obviously more expensive than a 30 second ad so significant kind of compiling all of these comments donald trump has made and we're expecting clinton herself to appear today with alicia machado the former miss universe who donald trump now somewhat famously once called miss piggy. it's clear that as new information trickles out on this
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fbi investigation, it's going to be tough for them to change the suspect but they're giving it their best shot. >> peter, i know you're at a campaign event there. we're expecting donald trump to stay on message today with the policy speech on the affordable care act. i know you've been talking to some campaign aides. what can you tell us? >> reporter: one more thing to say. paul manafort is denying all the information out saying there's no inquiry taking place but about the conversation that's going to happen here within the next hour, donald trump is going to be joined here by his running mate mike pence, campaign aides tell me and describe this speech to focus on what they call the disastrous obamacare premium hikes as evidence of a profile in leadership and a call to action, as they say. it includes calling for an end to obamacare and donald trump will be on stage with mike pence and notably with dr. ben carson as well as other leaders, republican leaders in congress
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including one senator, john barrasso who himself is a doctor from wyoming. craig? >> peter alexander and pete williams, kasie hunt. pete williams, let's say hillary clinton gets elected. she's president of the united states. how likely is it this investigation and other investigations continue well into her first term? is this something that's going to loom othver her presidency should she be elected? >> if you asked me in july if this would be over, i would have said yes but they're in a position now if they find more e-mails, they'll have to look at them. that's certainly true but impossible to predict whether others turn up. it does seem with the passage of time, the fewer and fewer of them will be apparent but they'll look at whatever they have to is the easy way to say. i just can't predict it. >> justice correspondent pete
7:13 am
williams. >> craig? >> go ahead, kasie. >> reporter: i was going to say, politically, yes, there's no question. the oversight chair is out saying that after he switched from unendorsing trump to saying he voted for him. it's very clear that we're in for quite the run of digging into the clintons on the part of republicans in washington. >> all right. big thanks to all of you. as criticism mounts against james comey, hillary clinton getting support from an unlikely ally. the former congressman who said if trump loses, quote, i'm grabbing my musket, is my next guest and also, scare tactics at the polls? democrats say it's happening in multiple states and they are suing to stop it. is it a professor who never stops being a student? is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own? or is it a lifetime of work
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seven days from now, polls will be open in 48 of the 50 states. so after, we should know who will be the next president of the united states. it's been a campaign years in the making. so how will these late in the game revelations from the fbi impact the outcome if at all? let me bring in former illinois republican nationally syndicated radio host as well someone we can say is not necessarily a fan of hillary clinton. joe walsh. congressman, good morning to you sir. >> good to be with you, craig. >> i want to start with this tweet that you put out on sunday which probably came as a surprise to a number of your followers. look, i think comey should have said prosecute her back in july but what he did just 11 days before the election is wrong and unfair to hillary clinton. elaborate on that for us. >> and again, it's good to be with you. look, i'm no fan of hillary's. i'm a trump supporter. but i just felt sunday night,
7:18 am
i'm an american and i'm pissed off when anybody tries to influence our elections whether it's russia, whether it's wikileaks or whether it's james comey. i mean, the fbi director, he comes out 11 days before the election. for him to open his mouth, he better have a damn good reason for doing so and he better tell the voters why he's coming out 11 days before an election. i'm still waiting and i got to be honest, craig. i never thought i'd say this in my life. what he did friday is incredibly unfair to hillary clinton. >> you think it was pressure inside the agency or outside the agency or a combination of both? >> i think he was worried about the leak but tough, sop ttop th leak. they're not supposed to publicly comment on cases. he blew it going back to july but look, i know a lot of people on my side are happy because it's hillary's ox that's being
7:19 am
gored but this should bother all of us because what james comey did is messing with our elections and that's not right. >> since we talk about your twitter feed here, i want to call your attention to something else. this one from last wednesday. quote, on november 8th, i'm voting for trump. on november 9th, if trump loses, i'm grabbing my musket. you in? >> yes. >> why? why tweet that? why put that out there? >> first off, it's a musket. craig, it's a metaphor. it's a call to arms. two weeks before, i tweeted the same thing. no matter who wins, i'm grabbing my musket. whether trump wins or not, there's millions of americans that are pissed off at both political parties. >> versus grabbing my gun, you could understand why a lot of folks have a problem with that. especially considering the
7:20 am
current climate we're in and numerous reports of trump supporters at rallies who have called for revolution in some cases, armed revolution. >> craig, i said musket. if i had said gun, that's one thing. >> a musket is a gun. >> okay, fine. then take me literally. why the hell would i advocate anybody to grab a musket? nobody can find a musket anywhere. i challenge you to find a working musket. if you want to take me literally, that's idiotic. nobody would charge washington with a musket in the year 2016. it's a call the arms. >> i think you're a smart guy. i think you know precisely what you were doing there. i think there are a host of other phrases you could have used but you decided to go with, i'm going to grab my musket. it's clearly a whistle. >> it's our founders, we believe, craig, that we've lost this country. it harkins back to what our
7:21 am
founders did and grab muskets and went off to war. it's a call to arms because so many people like we've literally lost this country. that's what's behind trump. >> you've glost the country to whom and what? >> our freedoms, both political parties to people like hillary clinton and all of these elites in washington, craig. republican and democrat who no longer give a damn about regular americans. that's what's carrying trump. it's really not very little to do with trump. this is not republican versus democrat, craig. it's us against the elites. >> former congressman joe walsh who is a pretty popular radio host these days. thank you for your time, sir. >> good to be with you, my friend. one week from election day, democrats suing the trump campaign and republicans in four battleground states. chief legal correspondent ari melber standing by and he'll explain why. (announcer vo) when you have type 2 diabetes,
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breaking news out of baltimore this morning. an investigation is now under way into a gruesome crash involving a school bus and a passenger bus. a look there above the scene there. at least six people have been killed. nbc's tom costello is following all of that live in baltimore. what can you tell us? >> reporter: absolutely horrific. no children were on board the school bus. it happened at about 7:00 a.m. the school bus coming this way down the road and hit this mustang, the back of the mustang and the school bus continued on down this road. it hit a concrete pylon, if you will, and went right into an oncoming city metro bus. in total, six people killed. the school bus driver and five people on that city bus. we don't know if the bus driver was among those but in fact, in all, six people dead. ten people transported to area hospitals.
7:26 am
firefighters arriving had to cut through the seats on board the buses just to get to the victims. there were no skid marks here on the ground, craig. so whatever happened here, the school bus never stopped. also on board the school bus was an aide, but not any children. so the question everybody has this morning, did the school bus driver suffer a sort of medical emergency that caused them to slam into the mustang here and then careen another block or two down the road bouncing off the concrete pillar and going straight into ricochetting into the city bus. the police say their investigation could take some time and the medical examiner will look at whether, in fact, that school bus driver may have had a medical emergency. back to you. >> tom costello for us in baltimore where the investigation is just getting under way. tom, thank you. once considered a reliably red state, arizona now finds itself firmly in the toss-up column where we find my colleague, chris jansing.
7:27 am
chris? >> reporter: i'm telling you, it's unbelievable. less than 1% now separating hillary clinton from donald trump. what's going to be the difference here many arizoin ar? i'll talk to the mayor of phoenix coming up live next. yep. stirred it... mm-hmm. drowned it again... mm-hmm. and now just feel if it's cold. yeah. cool. [camera shutter clicks] [whistling a tune] smokey just gave me a bear hug. i know. i already posted it.
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you may be muddling through allergies.oned with... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®. > this morning, democrats are suing the trump campaign. the campaign of donald j. trump, roger stone, stone's organization stopped the seal, the nevada republican party and others are conspiring to threaten, intimidate, and thereby prevent minority voters in urban neighborhoods from voting in the 2016 election. let's bring in nbc chief legal correspondent ari melber. always good to have you, sir. what are the specific allegations in this suit? >> the specific allegations, as you note, in multiple states is
7:31 am
basically the concern that donald trump through his words, which are quoted in the lawsuit and talking about voting, rigged voting and poll watching combined with republican activities on the ground including former aide, roger stone's organization are basically whipping up a type of intimidation. you can observe the polls and obviously go campaign. that's first amendment rights but don't want to act in a manner that's intimidating to people exercising their right to vote. that's the allegation. i want to make another point because there's so much discussion with the campaign unusually emphasizing rigging in advance. more about words than action at this point. it will be litigated but often see some kind of cases back and forth like this making these allegations so i would not say, is there a big problem on the ground? we're not seeing evidence of that yet but the type of skirmishing that makes sure the right to vote is protected.
7:32 am
>> what type of resolution are democrats looking for seven days out? >> the one of the things you see here is basically clarity and orders from judges. ideally, judges saying, hey, don't even come near the polls if you're not registered or not working with the official organization. one of the problems here that is happening to what trump said is people thinking they should just show up at the polls. they should just sort of vigilante style watch and look, if you're not trained or working with a local civic organization or partisan organization which is fine, you're probably more likely to make a mistake or have a sort of mob. and the arizona republican party, one of the defendants say, look, this relief they request is orwellian trying to get a court to prevent people from participating in the political process in ways that are protected by the first amendment. that is the other side of the argument and the point i raise. you can certainly go watch and peacefully partake in the
7:33 am
process around a polling location even after you voted but you can't act in a manner that intimidates. >> we're keeping a very close eye on this. the chief legal correspondent ari melber. thank you, as always. ari just read a statement from arizona. that typically red state has become quite the battleground. current polls has donald trump and hillary clinton in a virtual tie with just seven days to go until election day. chris jansing is standing by for us in phoenix this morning. chris, what are you find ting there? >> reporter: the tension is unbelievable because it's so close, less than 1% separating these two candidates and we're in the heart of it. phoenix, folks are out for breakfast this morning at matt's big breakfast but just to know how important this is to the hillary clinton campaign, she'll be here this week. tim campaikaine here. and donald trump has been here seven times already including this past weekend. what's the difference? we ask the mayor of phoenix.
7:34 am
greg stanton. good to see you. what is going to make the difference? when you talk about arizona state where the governor, the legislatu legislature, both u.s. senators are republican. can hillary clinton pull this off? >> first off, welcome to the most beautiful city in the united states of america. >> a great breakfast. >> new voters are going to make the difference. i know traditionally, people thought arizona as a red state but this is a deep purple state. when you have a high percentage of latino citizens here and a growing percentage of latino citizens and the candidate on the republican side started out by insulting them, saying very vistriolic and demeaning things they're fired up and getting rid of sheriff joe arpaio. you put that all together, a very fired up base, an angry base, a lot of new voters and you have the purple state.
7:35 am
>> reporter: you have a controversy over the weekend and seems to be building about director comey looking into some more about the e-mails. whether you agree with what he did or not, are you worried that it reinforced for some people who may be on the fence and the clinton campaign said specifically, we need the independent voters and move over some of the republican voters, will it scare them off? >> i don't think so. i think at this point in the election, any issues related to the e-mails, people have already kind of made up their mind. i think moving forward, the issue is going to be, who's the right leader for the united states of america? in our state where comprehensive immigration reform is such a critically important issue. obviously, secretary clinton said she's going to make it one of the highest priorities and then donald trump has the deportation forces and taken a very kind of demeaning and vitriolic task force. you can't insult people and expect to be the leader of those
7:36 am
people as well. so i don't think that this e-mail issue, which i know it's got a lot of media attention, i don't think that's actually wast going to drive voters in phoenix, arizona. >> reporter: early results show that the republicans are ahead. but let me go back and talk to the clinton campaign what they said to me from the beginning. if they're going to win in a place like this where they're outnumbered in terms of registration, they're going to have to bring some of the republican and independents over, craig. >> chris jansing for us where there will be so many eyes a week from today. arizona. arizona. arizona. chris, thank you. polls, meanwhile, across the country in florida. the race there, also a dead heat. msnbc's mariana atencio in the studios and talk radio station, wiod where apparently the broadcast is going on simultaneously. >> reporter: that's right, craig. not only we have to say good morning to you, sir, but to
7:37 am
radio host fernand and his listeners from all across south florida. we are live on two stations. on msnbc. now, fernand, you are a democratic pollster and also both obama. what are undecided voters waiting for? >> the candidate won't leave florida alone and the campaign spills over into every aspect of their life whether at home or workplace and workplace tensions here in florida, a lot of listeners calling in saying, they've made up their minds but they're dealing with some of the colleagues. i call it political harassment. forget sexual harassment but folks on both sides of the aisle. especially in florida because every vote, we've seen it before, does count and could make the difference in the election. >> reporter: if we have a couple calls, we'll take those on the air as well. >> undecided voters, harder to
7:38 am
find but they're still out there. we do have a segment here called convince me and expose them to 90 second elevator pitches from the trump campaign and the clinton campaign and see if we can get them across the finish line to the land of the convinced but let's go to the phones and see how people deal with the question of the presidential campaign. the ending campaign that's always in florida. let's kick it off with barbara. you're on the air. wiod and msnbc. >> caller: hi, good morning. >> good morning. >> caller: the previous caller, this is the the firfirst time i called the radio station. >> i'm honored. thank you for that. >> caller: i'm sorry, i've been getting text messages on my cell phone telling me, have you already voted against trump? i mean, first of all, you're nobody to tell me who to vote and who not to vote for. second of all, i have been getting them, obviously, from
7:39 am
the democrats. and it's very brazen because for instance, one i got yesterday, it was addressed to hey, velma, have you made up your mind to go against trump? first of all, my name is not velma. my phone. >> reporter: so we're getting that concern from that voter here in florida. is that something you see in the state? >> it was, a big story that broke the other day, mariania. a robo-call in the morning and signs of voter fatigue here because the pollsters don't stop calling and the campaigns don't stop calling and everywhere, they're ready for the things to be over. >> reporter: and the candidates don't stop coming to florida. no coincidence, both bill and hillary here today. i have one special guest in florida as well today. we ha we have bowser.
7:40 am
>> on the night of november 8th, hillary clinton is going to be doing this. >> thank you so much. coming in as the closer. i know you've been working a lot of campaigns. >> mariana, thank you. and a big thanks to the woman not named velma as well and that is why we love talk radio in this country. thank you and thanks to bowser as well. could donald trump go to attack on hillary clinton? and could it be rooted in his own digital drama. my next guest has an article laying out allegations trump has his own e-mail controversy trailing him for decades. first though, we all need this. the late night laughs and zimmerm samantha bee on president obama on something he may have wanted to say for a long time.
7:41 am
>> after leaving office, have you thought of whispering donald trump's ear, saying, you're right, i wasn't born here. >> i think it's fair to say, i will be organizing my post-presidency where i'm not close enough to him to whisper in his ear. hey look, it's those guys. [music] shawn: look at those pearly whites, man. [music] bud: whoa, cute! shawn: shut-up. jess: are you good to drive? shawn: i'm fine. [music]
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never in history have we seen such a cover-up as this. one that includes the total destruction of 33,000 e-mails. >> donald trump in one of his attacks from hillary clinton's e-mail issues and two hours ago, tweeted this. crooked hillary should not be allowed to run for president. she deleted 33,000 e-mails after getting a subpoena from u.s. congress. rigged! now "newsweek" reporting donald trump himself may have e-mail problems of his own. the magazine found over the
7:45 am
course of decades, donald trump's companies have systemically destroyed or hidden thousands of e-mails, digital records, and paper documents demanded and official proceedings often in defiance of court orders. kurt eichenwald, senior writer for "newsweek" wrote that article. over decades. that's a time frame that predates e-mail. what did you find? >> that's why it has documents. back in the '70s, they were destroying documents when the federal government was seeking access to them. they were playing basically hide the ball. they would get orders to turn the documents over and not turn them over. in that instance, delayed for six months and after six months, donald trump was under oath. and he revealed that they had been destroying documents for the six months. this is indisputable out of donald trump's own mouth. as you move forward in time,
7:46 am
oneon once e-mail gets created, there's litigation where they're asked about the existence of servers and there are sworn affidavits submitted saying no such servers exist and then a year or so later, they turn around. the same person files another sworn affidavit. the person who's running the servers says, oh, i was wrong. the servers did exist but we deleted all the e-mails. >> why haven't they been busted for any of this stuff? >> the thing is when you get into civil litigation including in the '70s, that was the housing discrimination case. it's very rare for there to be a criminal referral out of that kind of action. primarily because they can just say, oh, we made a mistake. in fact, that's what they keep saying. they're doing the same thing over and over again. and then when they're called on
7:47 am
it to the court, they tell the court, oh, we made a mistake. in some instances, the court expresses disbelief. in another instance, they impose sanctions. in one where they had the server, the disappearing server that reappeared, court came to distrust the trump organization and donald trump by so much that they said, we are sending an independent investigator into the trump companies and they're going to do the search. we're not going to rely on donald trump to produce the documents and found every e-mail that proceeded the time that was important. there was the controversy of that, it depended on getting e-mails before january 2001 and every e-mail that existed prior to january 2001 had been destroyed. >> really quickly here, kurt, before we let you go, any comment from donald trump or the campaign itself?
7:48 am
>> they tend not to respond to my questions, but i did have one instance. i had the general council of the trump organization in an instance where they failed to produce a document to the other side and then later acknowledged that the document existed. he said that was my fault. trump wasn't involved. >> kurt eichenwald. senior writer, "news week." thank you. >> thank you for having me. paul ryan casting his early vote in the latest republican to draw fire and apologize for outrageous comments this campaign season. stay with us. out your job, maybe let's play up the digital part. but it's a manufacturing job. yeah, well ge is doing a lot of cool things digitally to help machines communicate, might want to at least mention that. i'm building world-changing machines. with my two hands. does that threaten you? no! don't be silly. i'm just, uh, going to go to chop some wood.
7:49 am
with that? yeah we don't have an ax. or a fireplace. good to be prepared. could you cut the bread?
7:50 am
7:51 am
where do you stand on voting for donald trump and endorsing donald trump and how should that impact? >> i stand all -- >> all republicans and democrats right now? >> where i stood all fall and all summer. in fact, i already voted here in
7:52 am
jans janesville. we should support our entire republican ticket. >> adding he still has no plans to campaign with donald trump and that he is primarily focused on preserving his house majority. with me now, nbc political analyst and host of "the hugh hewitt show." thank you for being with us. that was not exactly a ringing endorsement from the speaker there. wouldn't even use his name. do you still think this is a tough choice for a lot of republican voters? >> it became a lot easier with the comey announcement two days ago or on friday, craig. i think it brought back all the memories of the '90s. i heard speaker ryan talking about that and the additional revelation of the second investigation into the clintons. the foundation investigation which has drawn less attention but actually more troubling since it was in four different fbi field investigations.
7:53 am
it will bring a lot of republicans home to donald trump over the next five to six days. clinton fatigue is back. i spent three hours talking about it today and the depth and breadth of this with the foundation and the e-mails is actually hemorrhaging hillary's enthusiasm in the "washington post" abc poll and i think that's probably as decisive as bringing home republicans. >> you would acknowledge, a 13 point jump in a poll is pretty bizarre, hugh. >> i'm not going on the 13 point drop. i think the first 12 point lead was an outlier but i think there's some enthusiasm level skyrocketing and continuing to go up and hillary's falling off. her most enthusiastic voters dropped i think by double digits in the last four days because this does have a weary effect even on hardcore clinton supporters but most definitely on marginal clinton supporters. probably for people for bernie
7:54 am
sanders in the primary and swing states. they just get tired of the e-mails, of the server and especially now of the clinton foundation scandal. in that "wall street journal" story, craig, there was a very explicit pushback from the deputy director of the fbi and department of justice saying i'm going forward with this investigation. are you telling me not to proceed with the verifybly but even hardcore democrats shake their heads. >> republican senator richard burr locked in the tight battle for reelection. this is him on saturday to a private group of campaign volunteers. >> i don't feel any better than i walked into a gun shop. it was a copy on the counter. got a picture of hillary clinton on the front of it.
7:55 am
i was a little bit shocked at that. didn't have a bull's eye on it. >> i was a little shocked . we talked about this idea of violence from trump supporters should he lose, hugh. even trump himself said second amendment people could take matters into their own hands. this is coming from a sitting u.s. senator who has since apologized. are you at all concerned about the rhetoric? >> i don't think it was an appropriate joke. i'm glad senator bur quickly apologized. it was a dumb joke. a bad move but i don't think it leads to any conclusion there's going to be violence. i don't believe that. i don't think there's going to be any kind of violence. >> it would be nice if folks would stop saying stupid stuff. you would acknowledge that. >> i dwragree with you. it doesn't help anyone to say stupid stuff but in north
7:56 am
carolina, it will probably matter more that 85% of those in the individual market have only one health care provider and that, the blues, increased premiums by 32% or increasing again this year, 18%. so i think what's going to happen in north carolina is you find richard burr ends up winning by a margin as surprising as tom cotton's in arkansas two years ago. mitch mcconnell. they were supposed to be in tight races and i don't think he's setting an acl lawyer. i am glad he apologized. i want stupid stuff to end and focus on important issues and i think we will be over the last week. >> hugh hewitt. host of "the hugh hewitt" radio pro program and thank you. >> thank you, craig. before i let you go, you need to see this thrilling performance at the white house. we'll be right back and share with you.
7:57 am
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that will do it for this tuesday. that wraps up this hour of "msnbc live." tamron hall picks things up now. several new allegations about trump's ties to russia. sources telling nbc news the fbi has been conducting a preliminary inquiry of former campaign manager paul manafort's reported business ties to a pair of russian oligarchs and james comey did not want to publicly disclose it was behind hacks behind it's close to election day but accused of a blatant double standard. showing hillary clinton appearing to be weathering the turbulence from comey's surprise but what does this mean for down ballot races and


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