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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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calling 844-844-2424. or visit that does it for this edition of "andrea mitchell reports." tomorrow on the show we will be in ft. lauderdale tomorrow. we'll still be in florida and on to north carolina. follow us on facebook and twitter. hallie jackson is next on msnbc. hey, hallie. >> you are in battleground, florida. here at 30 rock. a week before election day. donald trump finished wrapping up the speech in the philly suburbs when hillary clinton expected to unleash an assault on trump in florida. can he resist taking the bait and trying to stay on message because of attacks on obamacare? first he did. it depends on securing the majority in congress.
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>> when we win on november 8 -- [ cheers and applause ] >> -- and elect a republican congress we will be able to immediately repeal and replace obamacare. have to do it. i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace. >> a little bit of news from donald trump there. we'll break down his new favorite poll. but first our reporters in three of the crucial battleground states -- pennsylvania, florida and ohio. starting with peter alexander live in king of prussia where donald trump wrapped up the speech. what stood out on the policy side. this was all about trying to keep up attacks on the hillary clinton law. >> perhaps one of the best sound bites was from donald trump who said americans can trust hillary
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clinton with health care the same way we can trust her with classified information. that got a standing ovation here. this is a point they were trying to make. as you played in the clip they were going after obamacare, suggesting not only does it have to be repealed but replaced. trying to provide a sense of what it might look like saying they will care for people who have pre-existing conditions, how they will pay for that remains to be seen. what was notable today is they will be spending $25 million. in fact, the first release didn't include this state of pennsylvania. they are down by 11 points in one of the recent polls. they said they will be advertising here as well. hitting states like michigan and new mexico. let's be clear. those are democratic strong holds. democratic leaning states. this is the narrative the campaign wants now to make it look like they are expanding the
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map, they are putting hillary clinton on defense in states she needs to win. >> isn't this more about creating a narrative, talking about expanding the map rather than actually expanding the map? what's your take from what you are hearing inside the campaign? >> i think you're right. the campaign acknowledges that's part of the goal now. they want to keep the narrative alive. they have momentum as mike pence said. he said, i came here it was a series of events. this is now a movement. look at this place. it is worth noting that dr. ben carson has now proep rated the stage. >> didn't he speak before donald trump? >> he's literally taping a primetime show, he says, for a later date with the stage as it was previously set up. saving money on the side by using the flag left behind. >> he should note dr. carson was one of the intro speakers for donald trump and apparently now part of the encore, i suppose. i want to talk about mike pence. but i think we have kasie hunt
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joining uts now. hillary clinton scheduled to speak in a couple of hours. she has brought a rather special guest. let's call it what it is. can we call it an epic troll? >> i suppose so. she's bringing alicia machado here to dade city, florida. it was a change of subject. if you will. just because, you know the focus has been on the fbi in that investigation. this, of course, is what they want to talk about vis-a-vis donald trump. alicia machado, the former miss universe called her miss piggy. this is the second day in the series. yesterday they talked about the nuclear codes and whether or not it was dangerous for donald trump to be in possession of them. this is a departure from what
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she wanted to be doing. they wanted a positive message. they wanted to talk about hillary clinton, her work for the children's defense fund. all of the things they tout as being her positive attributes. they have gone back to hitting donald trump on all of these issues and that tells you about the note on which the campaign will end. i don't think it feels like a different outcome on november 8. it is a nasty end. this could put down ballot races at risk. it doesn't bode well for a potential first few years of a clinton administration. >> epic troll meaning not alicia machado but the act of bringing somebody here in what seems to be a clearly strategic move to try to bait donald trump into responding. the thinking with the clinton campaign if they can talk about that at least he's not talking about areas that could be more effective like obamacare and the e-mail news.
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>> that's been their tactic dealing with donald trump. try to bait him into talking what they want to talk about. they did it successfully. i will be interested to see if it continues on. it's within harder to do it on the campaign trail. easier than when you are standing across the podium from somebody. >> i want to bring up one of clinton's surrogates on the campaign trail. somebody who has supported her, bernie sanders. he's wrapping up a campaign event in plymouth, new hampshire. these are live pictures as clinton deploys the team of people who support him like senator sanders, like president obama where we have kelly o'donnell. people like the first lady on the campaign trail this week. bernie sanders shaking hands and saying good-bye. i want to bring in kelly o'donnell. president obama is trying to work that electoral magic for her in ohio. the key for them, it seems in a state where donald trump is
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going hard, trying to increase his lead over clinton, seems to be early voting, right? >> it does. it is a reminder to democratic voters they supported twice in 2008 and 2012. he won the state. we are here at capital university where there is, of course, an appeal from the president expected later today to the younger voters they hope to get out as well as just all of the trappings that come with a rose garden strategy that gets on the plane and hits the campaign trail. bringing the president here to be a super surrogate for hillary clinton. the president is the main event trying to make his hardest pitch not only for his own legacy but hillary clinton. if you are looking at early voting, based on the statistics, more than a million, 150,000 voters submitted their ballot. that's a sizable ballot about
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the rules in early voting. how does it break down? so far the experts are telling us democrats have an advantage with a 48% of those early votes being voters who have an affiliation with the democratic party. as you pointed out donald trump sees ohio as one of the key states for hillary clinton. this is the ultimate block shot. if she can win ohio there is almost no mathematical possibility for trump to get to the necessary 270. but the demographics of the moment, the issues of the moment have made this somewhat favorable for donald trump. not so much in the columbus area here. this is a democratic stronghold which is why the president is coming to boost the vote here. this is a situation where we are running up the score in places where democrats have strength ultimately could affect the outcome. driving where your voters are most likely living to try to fight this one out.
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ohio is my home state, too. it is one of the places that's always part of the battleground right to the finish. >> i know it is your home state. when i'm there people love that you are the hometown girl. i want to bring back in peter for a second. >> go indians. >> as we talk to kelly, an indians fan versus cubs fan. president obama has been a surrogate for hillary clinton on the campaign trail. she's got people like bernie sanders, chelsea and bill. she has an army of people out there. donald trump has mike pence who was there at the event at king of praush today. to me that was an interesting dynamic. it was really pence who appeared with him. number two who laid out the policy, meat and poet potatoes this. >> they have now split up and within the last few minutes we learned donald trump did a stop and wasn't previously reported out to us. he's stopped the pride of bucks
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county at a wawa here to buy some tastykakes to make nice with the white working class folks living their lives here. people he's trying to appeal to in a place he's hoping to knock off hillary clinton. there is a surrogate deficit for donald trump's campaign now. mike pence will stay in pennsylvania today when trump heads to wisconsin. compare it to what the democrats are doing today with bill clinton making three stops. not far from his home state of vermont, new hampshire and maine. barack obama, joend out today. the trump campaign says that's hard for them to go against these people. all of whom are way more popular than hillary clinton. >> peter alexander live at king of prussia. mike pence stopping for tastykakes. >> donald trump stopping.
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>> even better. thanks, man. kasie hunt, kelly o'donnell, appreciate you bewithing us. i want to bring in joe watkins, former white house aide to george w. bush and jimmy williams. thanks for joining us. >> i want to pick up where peter left off. his campaign is in michigan where they see potential. this is kind of to push the media narrative. why is trump spending time in these places. time is the most precious resource he has. if you were advising him wouldn't you say to get thee to florida? >> get to the places where you have a shot to really make a difference and win the election. florida is the most important, the biggest prize from the standpoint of tipping point states. he would be well advised to spend time there.
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again this is where not having organization really impacts the campaign. i have talked about this time and again with you and others, hallie, on msnbc saying donald trump raised money. not as much as hillary clinton. but he's not chosen to use the money he raised to build organizations. he doesn't have the same organization hillary clinton has. she has a massive organization. a well oiled machine out there pushing for her in the key tipping point states. >> if joe is right and clinton has better organization on the ground why isn't she doing better in a place like florida where she's visiting today? >> we have to look back in 2012, 2008. let's be honest about the election. there are seven or eight states that are battleground states. they are toss-ups if you will. if she wins florida she goes way over 270. if she wins, arizona, the same thing. if she wins any of the states except for iowa and georgia chi
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think have six. that would put her just short. of all of the states that are toss-ups, north carolina are the only ones barack obama didn't win in 2012. she needs just one of them. if i were hillary clinton or advising hillary clinton i would say go to the places that matter like arizona, southern florida and to the middle part of florida. the orlando and tampa area. you will get more bang for your buck. you asked earlier why it is donald trump isn't going to places like florida, arizona. here is the reason why. massive latino populations. he is wildly unpopular with those groups. >> when we talk about where we see the polling happening and what we see now with polling, our numbers show the comey announcement hasn't had much impact yet on voters. the trump campaign aides tell me they believe the obamacare attack is effective for them.
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do you see it as a concern for hillary clinton in the last seven days? trump hit it hard today. if you are on her campaign are you quaking in your boots? >> i stalk donald trump on twitter. i look at the number of retweets and likes he gets. on the e-mails, 25,000, fine. every time he tweets about obamacare, 5,000, 6,000 retweets. that's a sore subject for a lot of american people. obviously the republicans have done a fabulous job dekraaiing and making obamacare seem like something terrible. it doesn't help that the clinton campaign said obamacare needs fixing as has joe biden. listen. the e-mails, that's baked in. when it comes to people's health care that affects them and their families they care more about that than e-mails that have nothing to do with their daily lives. >> is it more helpful for donald
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trump or the republicans down ballot who were fighting for their lives. definitely affect it is down ballot race. pennsylvania, of course, where you have a hotly contested u.s. senate race. at the end of the day the candidates, there is not a lot to move the needle at this point. they have to take advantage of what ek this. the comey announcement was certainly a big announcement. but it doesn't move the needle. i don't think it's going to. if anything the revelation he chose not to mention the fact that russia was trying to impact the campaign is something that hillary clinton could use to help herself. because americans don't like unfairness. trump views the fact that donna brazile leaked those questions to the clinton campaign to his advantage. clinton will likely use the comey information to her advantage. >> thanks for being with us
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today. we want to ask you this microsoft pulse question. on this topic. despite fbi director james comey's surprise letter to awe nbc news poll shows clinton maintaining her lead over trump. will the fbi announcement change your vote? the pulse is live at pulse. weigh in on twitter, facebook, snapchat. in the meantime, there are a lot of numbers coming at you. hope your eyes aren't glazing over with which poll shows what. some seeming to contradict each other. where does the race actually really stand? one of the smartest guys out there helps us break it down. steve kornacki on set with us. and the fbi now launching a preliminary inquiry into trump's former campaign manager's ties to russia. more ahead on that. stay with us. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer.
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that's a dramatic swing from last week. trump leading, wow, now leading in abc/washington post poll 46 to 45. gone up 12 points in two weeks, mostly before the crooked hillary blow up. steve, let's start with the new poll. newt gingrich tweeted, hey, this probably isn't real. donald trump probably wasn't down 12 points two weeks ago.
10:21 am
how do you put it in context? >> first of all, two weeks ago when it was at 12 in one poll this is the poll donald trump was talking about. he said they were rigged and went on an extended riff about how rigged this poll is. suddenly this is the greatest source. explain where the number is coming from. the question of enthusiasm. what they are looking at here is the question of who is actually going to turn out and vote and make up the electorate on election day? they are finding more enthusiasm now for trump than for clinton. >> got it. >> they say that's changed in the last week or so. they are saying this predate it is comey news, the fbi. this poll was tightening before that. they say there are fewer people saying i am enthusiastic to go out and vote for hillary clinton. the flip side is what they are measuring and what could be a factor in the election not to
10:22 am
vote for her but against donald trump. that negative enthusiasm may be a factor. >> i had a smart person say thursday, maybe friday we'll see some real fall out in public polling in battleground states. >> we had a couple of polls so far. a couple of said our own survey monkey poll says no change whatsoever. there is what is four or five days of coverage, media coverage. four or five of the clinton people getting their side out, the trump people getting their side out. that's what can be a greater fact. i take the polls we are seeing now with a grain of salt. i wouldn't say anything.
10:23 am
this hour we have a new poll from missouri showing the senate race. interesting stuff. i know this piqued your interest. what does it say about the state of the vulnerable republican senators. tom of the ticket. double digit lead over hillary clinton. this speaks really, we talk all the time about is donald trump going to be a drag. this is a state where trump is doing better than the republican senate candidate. blunt has what trump tapped into, this anti-washington, anti-establishment, anti-insider. roy blunt has been in washington for two decades. there is news his wife is trying to join a pricery country club in the ritsee suburbs of maryland. that headline is telling voters
10:24 am
in missouri this guy is a little too washington. it's putting him at risk. >> another new poll out from pennsylvania. on the senate side we have the presidential numbers saying hillary clinton is up by seven points. 47 to 35 over pat toomey. >> the drag for donald trump. donald trump is doing now in that poll 12 against hillary clinton in pennsylvania. if donald trump is getting blown out by a margin like that in pennsylvania and that's possible. in the philadelphia suburbs, the one-two punch. if you can put together a big punch there if you are hillary clinton and she can now. the question is down ballot. if you are pat toomey, the republican running for senate can you make up for it? will the voters vote for a republican for senate or just go right down the line with the democrat? that's a huge risk for pat toomey. >> i have 17 more pages to discuss with you. >> keep going. >> i appreciate it, steve.
10:25 am
thank you very much. glad you're here. coming up we have hillary clinton and donald trump turning up the heat. we are talking arizona and a virtual dead heat in the grand canyon state though it only voted democratic once in 40 years. up next the top as republican trying to keep this state red during the election. we have more ahead. okay, so what's our latest data say? our customer is a 21-year-old female. heavily into basketball. wait. data just changed... now she's into disc sports. ah, no she's not. since when? since now. she's into tai chi. she found disc sports too stressful. hold on. let me ask you this... what's she gonna like six months from now? who do we have on aerial karate? steve. steve. steve. and alexis. uh, no. just steve. just steve. just steve. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple.
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so just within the last hour the trump campaign is announcing it will put up new tv ads in the blue leaning battlegrounds of michigan and new mexico. a couple other states as well. and trump and clinton are in a dead heat in arizona as she tries to make a play. you can see them there hoping to get early voting going in their favor. but not if arizona republicans get their way. they are working overtime this week. so is my colleague chris jansing in phoenix. you have been talking with local gop officials.
10:29 am
what are they doing to try to stop clinton momentum there. >> it's all about get out the vote. both sides. here it is interesting. this is phoenix. goes all the way down to the border. this is the population center and these folks are making calls, making sure people returned early ballots. making sure they are voting for donald trump and the down ballot candidates. robert graham is the gop state chairman and senior adviser to the trump campaign. we have never seen anything like this in a generation. what are you looking for to tell you how the race will go? >> every day we track voter returns. we look at republican return, democrats and others. >> early voting returns. >> we don't know how they voted. we have great data on each individual. we get a feel for the trend. we are trending for outpacing the democrats. 5% statewide now.
10:30 am
>> you have an advantage. >> 175,000 registration advantage. that was a lot of effort that went into it. that's part of it. you have the registration advantage and the get out the vote effort cultivates a great outcome. >> we also want to show you some of the social media they are doing. how both sides, technology has changed this election. this is the room where they are looking at what people are talking about on social media. giving a sense of what things are, for example. this is donald trump. they are looking at things that are trending. things like veteran spy, obtain document, russian. >> this tells us the conversation on the web. if you look at the bubbles these are by the second. blue is neutral. green is positive. red is negative. the size of the bubble tells us how big the conversation is getting. we know what people are talking about. if it is positive about the candidate we want to get the message out there and be
10:31 am
aggressive. this one says good guy as it relates to donald trump. we want to get in the conversation and make it larger. on the opposite for the democratic candidate hillary is giving us a lot to talk about now. if we were tracking her in this screen we want the conversation to be trending around all the bad things she's doing and has been for 30 years. we can get in here, redirect and steer the conversation. not just in arizona but nationally. >> thank you very much. by the way here in arizona as much as 22% of all the calls being made nationwide are being made here. they feel they have what they need to keep the red state red. the democrats would beg to differ. we'll be talking later on this afternoon. >> chris jansing with her walking shoes on.
10:32 am
clinton maintains her six-point lead over trump. will the fbi announcement. 91% of you, the vast majority say not going to change how you see the election. 90% of you say yes, it will. we'll check in on the results later in the show. also later in the show a lot of questions for fbi director james comey and new reporting on the agency timeline. sources saying he didn't want to name russia in a hacking scandal because it was too close to the election. also looking at ties between russia and the guy on screen. former campaign manager paul manafort. details from one of the nbc reporters who broke the story. cynthia mcfadden here with us next.
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we have some developing news in the clinton e-mail probe into the server situation. nbc news learned attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director james comey met on monday to talk about the pace of the investigation and we could learn more today about where things stand with the newly discovered e-mails from top clinton aide huma abedin. joining me now nbc's pete williams. talk us through some of the details about how the fbi is going through the e-mails and specifically about the timing here. i understand it shifted a little in the last day or so. >> as they go through we are told they are learning this will take longer than i think some had initially thought or hoped. there are no technical problems, we are told. they are analyzing the e-mails taken from the hard drive of anthony weiner's laptop computer. they are analyzing a copy of the computer. they have all these different things to do.
10:37 am
narrow down the time frame, subject matter and so forth. we are told they can't even say at this point how many are duplicates. the expectation is a lot will be. in terms of the timing they just don't know. it's not like there is a little progress bar at the bottom of the screen that shows you how close you are to the goal line. they just don't know how long it will take. therefore, they can't say whether this will be done before the election. let's assume they do find this is strictly for the sake of argument here. assume they find e-mails they hadn't seen before that could arguably contain information that might be classified that they have to be referred to the agency that originated the information. that's a long process. one of the reasons why the clinton e-mail investigation is so long. apparently they don't know the answer. >> how about the meeting between the attorney general and fbi director. can you characterize the mood of the meeting.
10:38 am
the fbi director and the attorney general and others have meetings several times a week alternating between the justice department's command center and the fbi's to discuss national security, potential threats and that kind of thing. there was a meeting and when it was over the attorney general pulled the fbi director aside. they had a brief conversation. i don't know how long it lasted. they talk about the mutual desire to get it wrapped up as quickly as they can and still be thorough. i'm told it was a cordial discussion. that sot one point she asked the fbi director, how you doing. there was tension over the weekend. the justice department was -- late last week the fbi was being urged by justice not to send the letter. i'm told the meeting was cordial and they got along well. >> pete williams in washington. our chief justice correspondent.
10:39 am
thank you. >> you bet. >> a lot of focus on the fbi today with the agency looking into one of trump's former team members. law enforcement and intelligence sources tell nbc news the fbi has been conducting a preliminary inquiry into paul manafort who ran trump's campaign earlier this year. nbc news senior legal and investigative correspondent cynthia mcfadden joins me now. i want to get into what we know more about the preliminary inquiry which is not an investigation. >> important to point that out. this is the beginning stage. whether or not it develops into an investigation we don't know yet and our sources don't know yet. it involved paul man afort's foreign business dealings. one source told us it involves a look at money and taxes for business dealings. that's some of the thrust of the inquiry. >> what's the connection between man afort and the chem. lynn, et
10:40 am
cetera. >> from documents and sources he had links to one ukranian and one russian oligarch, both of whom have ties to the russian mob. there were business dealings between mr. fan fort in both of those individuals. he was paid at least it is reported he was paid $12.7 million cash through pro russian government sources in the ukraine. >> man afort himself down played any connection. >> he has. we reached him yesterday regarding this. he says and i want to get this exactly right. he said none of it is true. i have no business ties oversaes and haven't had any since the last campaign. there are no investigations going on by the fbi that i am aware of. it is entirely possible he would not be aware of it. we spoke to the campaign. it is an interesting language.
10:41 am
mr. trump severed ties months ago. mr. trump has no knowledge of his past or present activities. >> cynthia, you mentioned manafort had no idea about an inquiry. would the fbi reach out to him? does that happen? >> yes. >> okay. thank you. >> great to have you in the same physical space. >> lovely indeed. >> hallie jackson. >> thank you very much. coming up, more about the question of whether the clinton campaign is in panic mode. she's struggling to win over millennials. they propelled obama to victory in 2008 and 2012. that's next. see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.
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these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. african-american voters are key for clinton in battleground florida. after in person voting there turn out is falling flat. nearly 90% of voters support clinton over trump according to
10:45 am
our latest nbc news/"wall street journal" marist poll she's trailing where president obama was with the coalition in 2012. i want to talk about this. with me now is leslie wims, president of the women's caucus. thanks for joining us. >> hi. how are you? thank you for having me. >> they were in panic mode over the lack of enthusiasm with black voters. is she still and are you? >> when i said that in september that the enthusiasm level for african-americans as far as hillary clinton's campaign was not there, i was right. they were wrong. they didn't want anyone to know they were in panic mode. i want everyone to know i was right. if they don't want to admit they were in panic mode they should admit it now.
10:46 am
i said then it wasn't too late. it is too late now. >> there is nothing she can do? >> oh, no. it's over now. as far as the african-american community is concerned. she had time back then to get into the community and get people out to vote. now, you know, the numbers are the numbers. it's nothing she can do now. as far as bringing in all of the surrogates i said then that wasn't going to get the african-american community to the polls. it didn't work. the numbers are the numbers. what she can do now is hope the hispanic community can carry her over the top. to be honest with you i don't see it happening. with the african-american community you could probably bet they were going to vote democratic. that was pretty much a sure bet. with the hispanic community it isn't as sure of a bet. they could go republican. they could go democrat.
10:47 am
the clinton campaign should have taken my advice and should have gotten into the community and did more to get out the vote. they didn't do it. >> you say it's over now. there are still seven days left. you don't think it's enough to do something to make a last ditch effort? she's down there today trying to get out the vote. >> no. what i said before is she didn't have the luxury of being barack obama. we are not as enthusiastic about seeing the first woman president as we were about seeing the first african-american. so, no. i don't think in seven days she'll get out there and magically we'll say, hey, hillary clinton. it's not going to happen. she had an opportunity to get out there and do the things she needed to do and she didn't do it. >> you talk about president obama. he is on the campaign trail. forcefully making that appeal to get out and go vote for hillary clinton. we have heard him say it again and again. we'll hear it over the next week. is that going to help? >> i'm sorry. say it again. >> i was wondering if i don't
10:48 am
think it will help that president obama is making the appeal for the folks to get out and vote, for democrats to vote now. do you think it will help with the african-american community that backed him his last two races? >> well, hallie, we love president obama. that doesn't transfer to hillary clinton by osmosis. we are going to attend his rallies. we are going to be happy to see him. that doesn't mean we are going to go to the polls to support hillary clinton. the numbers show that's not happening. so, yes, we are going to attend his rallies. we are going to be happy to see him. that's not going to transfer to the polls. you see that. like i said, bringing surrogates isn't going to get people to the polls. it was the engagement of the community. like i said back in september that's what she needed to do. that wasn't done. you needed to engage the community. it wasn't done. having surrogates done. having rallies, that wasn't what
10:49 am
needed to be done. >> before i let you go are you voting for hillary clinton? >> i have already voted. i did vote for hillary clinton. i did. i want to see her as the president. but you need to engage the community. >> thank you very much for being with us. appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> coming up, hillary clinton making a final push to shore up support with women with a new ad letting donald trump speak for himself. we'll take a look at whether that's going to help sway women voters coming up. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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he may be gone defending donald trump but paul ryan followed through on his pledge to vote for the gop nominee. >> i already voted here for our nominee last week in early voting. we need to support our entire republican ticket.
10:53 am
>> paul ryan still not saying trump's name. he's the latest republican on monday, former trump rival, ted cruz revealed he also cast a ballot for trump and voted republican up and down the ticket. with me now is susan page, covering -- is it your tenth presidential campaign? >> indeed, it is. it's my tenth. >> i think we said ninth last time. my apologies. you're in the double digits. appreciate that. let's talk a little about what we are seeing down ballot. house speaker ryan saying he wouldn't vote for trump, and telling those to run their own races. we talked about this new battleground poll of missouri showing democratic challenger jason kander closing the gap between blount. are you seeing that resonate in other key battleground states where there are vulnerable senators? >> blunt is a republican who's
10:54 am
in unexpected trouble. general will he we see republican senators who we thought would have tough times looking like their situation is a little better than it looked like it was going to be. of course, ohio, rob portman looks pretty safe. if you look at florida, pennsylvania and new hampshire, those are very tough senate races where the fact that hillary clinton's vote may be just suppressed a little bit, a little discouraged by this latest e-mail story helps the republican incumbent senator in those three states running for re-election. republicans are encouraged by indiana. that's a state with an open republican state. evan bayh thought he could win his seat back easily. he's running even there. that's not a good sign for democrats. democrats are a little less confident they'll take control of the senate and republicans are feeling a little better. we should remember, we still have a week to go. >> some republicans are selling the idea, vote for me so i can be a check on hillary clinton's power, if she ends up in the white house. take a listen. >> i'd look her right in that
10:55 am
fat, ugly face of hers -- >> she ate like a pig. >> a person who is flat-chested is hard to be a ten. >> you treat women with respect? >> i can't say that either. >> susan, that is obviously not an ad for republican senators down-ballot. that was the new ad from hillary clinton's campaign going after donald trump on his prior comments about women as you just heard. now, this is, as kasie hunt talked about earlier in this hour, not exactly the ad necessarily clinton's team thought they would be running going after trump so hard. they wanted to run a month pop campaign. taking the traditional turn in the last week. how effective do you think an ad could be getting the conversation focused back on donald trump and the gender gap that has existed this entire campaign? >> traditionally you would go positive. this has been an untraditional race from the get go. we shouldn't have expected it to be traditional at the end. this ad goes right at what might be, what i believe, is the most crucial swing group in this particular election. that is college-educated white women who voted for mitt romney,
10:56 am
disproportionately voted for mitt romney four years ago. they have tended to vote republican. they have gone for double digits for hillary clinton this year. it's hard for republicans to put together a coalition that gets them to 270 electorates unlessthy get the women's vote. this ad reminds them, reinforces their decision to vote for hillary clinton, even if they're not that enthusiastic for her. >> susan page, thank you. will your business be ready when growth presents itself?
10:57 am
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time for one last look at today's microsoft pulse question. we want to know, despite comey's surprise letter, our new nbc news poll shows clinton maintaining a six-point lead over trump. so, will it change your vote? most of you say, nah, 16% say yes. now the handoff to my colleague, thomas roberts, here in new
11:00 am
york. >> hallie, great to see you, especially in person. welcome back to 30 rock. a lot to cover this hour. only one week to go. they say the best defense is the best offense. today hillary clinton rolls out a new renewed line of attack on donald trump to try to reclaim control of this race, taking on trump's checkered past with women. machado will introduce clinton while trump with a new $25 million battle ground ad buy and promising to stay on message. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace. obamacare has to be replaced. we will do it. we will eliminate the obama/clinton defense and rebuild our badly depleted military. when did we ever need it more? i'm not a politician. my only special interest is you, the american people.


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