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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 1, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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>> sorry for yelling over you, thomas, my go cubs. hello, i'm kate snow. happy tuesday to all of you. the next time i say that sentence it will be elections day tuesday, one week from this moment, voters will be out in force. it is closing argument time and money spending time. new ad buys by the clinton team in michigan, new mexico, colorado and virginia. and this hour we're waiting to hear from hillary clinton. she'll be live in dade city, florida. our decision 2016 team is in place, traveling with the campaigns in florida and wisconsin, steve kornacki will break down the latest polls on this last full week of campaigning. let's start off in dade city, florida, where hillary clinton expected any minute now. kasie hunt is down there with the clinton campaign. kasie, do we expect hillary clinton to bring up the comey investigation again? is it going to be something she talks about or something they're trying to leave behind? >> reporter: i don't think we should expect her to talk about this again today, kate. this is something i think they
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want to make sure they put behind them and she is letting her campaign fight in her -- while she focuses on the things they want to communicate today. and i think they're really trying to change the subject to women voters. they have a new ad up on the air, a minute-long ad, that talks about what donald trump has said over the years about women. that's going into rotation today. she'll be introduced here by alicia machado, former miss universe who said donald trump called her miss piggy and miss housekeeping. i want to point out, also new from campaign officials talking to reporters on the plane on the way here, her campaign is going up on the air in a series of new states where they haven't been up recently or in some cases at all. virginia and colorado are two swing states that essentially b
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putting in their column, they've been confident they'll have no problem winning in colorado and virginia, but they're going back up on the air in six-figure ad buys in both states in the final weeks. they'll also be going up in michigan and new mexico. michigan, of course, this is about trump trying to scale the blue wall, as our colleague bechlt njy has focused on. that band of typically blue states, wisconsin, michigan, to a lesser sense, ohio, a swing state, pennsylvania, all of those places, part of the rust belt in the u.s. we've known all along if trump could crack those states, he had a chance to get to 270. but that's what it was going to take. this is a sign there is some nervousness, that he might actually be able to do that. michigan has really been a hotbed of trump activity. of course, it surprised the clinton campaign during the primary when bernie sanders won it late in the game. so, trying not to prevent surprises there. new mexico also a completely new addition to the map. this has been one we've barely
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talked about this election cycle. the trump campaign has been suddenly focused on it here in the final days. clearly the clinton campaign signaling they don't want to let the trump campaign get any traction there. while hillary clinton herself trying to play offense in arizona. they have been on the air there. that's the opposite of what we're seeing here. the clinton campaign saying this is about trying to spend the money they raised, $11.3 million in the last week. they don't want to leave anything in the bank. they to want leave it all on the field. the reality is, it's a sign that, you know, there could be some things going on that could lead to a surprise on election night in some of these places that we might not otherwise would have expected. >> kasie, can i ask you about one orbit of news this afternoon, out of the wikileaks, the stolen john podesta e-mails. an e-mail back in february that's written by a lobbyist sent to john podesta. and it reads about the primary. bernie needs to be ground to a pulp. he can can't start believing our own primary bs, they spell it out. this is no time to run the
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general. crush him as hard as you can. you can imagine bernie fans not liking the sound of that e-mail. . >> reporter: i think that's right. that's one of the things we learned about how the clinton campaign conducted itself. we should note these e-mails were stolen from john podesta and not authenticated by nbc news, although some have been corroborated by the people involved. you know, this was an instance where john podesta was getting unsolicited advice from someone outside the campaign. this is something we've seen a lot in clinton world. tough language was shared by others, especially kind of democrats who have long been part or long worked in previous clinton administrations or part of, you know, the center left establishment in washington, if you will. but i think, you know, you add this to other instance of clinton advisers talking about in one case someone called them freaks, deriding progressives as not being able to -- having
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ideas unachievable, kind of making fun of them. i think this will contribute to a longer term split in the democratic party that hillary clinton is going to have some work to do to close if, in fact, she gets elected president and is having to deal with, say, elizabeth warren or bernie sanders on senate appointments, who's going to be the treasury secretary, et cetera. e-mails like this don't help the clinton case on this. >> of course, bernie sanders is out campaigning for hillary clinton as we speak. kasie hunt, thanks so much. tonight, donald trump will rally his supporters up in aeu claire, wisconsin, where katy tur is this afternoon. the trump campaign announcing an ad blitz in 13 states. they're expanding the map. do you get the sense there's a new energy inside their campaign because of the e-mail investigation? >> reporter: well, they're using that term, battleground states pretty loosely, i can tell you. of the 13 states donald trump will now be spending money in and going on the air with, 12 of
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which were states that president obama won in 2012. places like new mexico, which has been a traditionally pretty blue state. so, they do have a new energy in this campaign. they feel that this fbi revival of the e-mail investigation is something they can really sprint to the finish with. they feel they have three things at their disposal right now we talked about this yesterday but it's worth bringing up again. not only the obamacare premiums rising and the fbi revival into the investigation and the donna brazile/cnn potentially e-mailing hillary clinton a heads up for questioning during a cnn town hall. those three thing they can use to their advantage in this final stretch. to play into the narrative they've been wanting to put forth, which is donald trump is a change candidate. what they want to do, what they really need to do is bring republicans home. get as much republican support as they possibly can. remember, that hasn't been entirely easy. he does have a strong base of support, but there are many moderate republicans out there
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who do not believe in donald trump. and folks like john kasich who wrote in john mccain on his ballot the other day. he is getting a vote from paul ryan, which we learned today as well as from touchdown cruz. it's notable we're in eau claire, wisconsin, and paul ryan will not be here. this is his home state, leader of the republican party, and he won't be campaigning in the state. it's still a hurdle for him to get to the 93, 94, 9 % support that past republicans have enjoyed among their party. but they are trying to do so in the same way they're trying to muddy the waters for democrats and independents, those who just might not find hillary clinton all that palatable. they're going to hope, want necessarily they vote for trump, but they don't vote at all. >> katy tur following the trump
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campaign. thank you. we have a dizzying amount of new numbers out today. i'm joined by my colleague, steve kornacki, thank god. you understand this stuff. we have polls starting to tilt trump's way. what's the race to 270 look like right now as we sit here a week out? >> we see the national polls today have made some headlines. the question is that fight for 270 now a warning, a lot of the polls coming out even. not taking into account the news of the fbi looking into clinton's e-mails. we'll see how that shakes out. we can show you the new numbers, show you what trump is up against. when you hear donald trump is looking for a jolt here to move these states in his direction, this is what i mean. the challenge for trump in this final week of the campaign, every single one of these gray states on the map we consider them -- we say it's a toss-up right now. he has to run the table. he has to sweep them. he has to win every single one of them. the biggest individual challenge here may well be north carolina, brand-new number out of the tar heel state today. hillary clinton with the
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narrowest of leads there, 42/41. we have seen this in most of the polls for the last month, six weeks out in north carolina, a lead for hillary clinton. this on the lower end. some have put her up more like two, three, four points. this is something trump absolutely has to overcome. he must win north carolina. if he doesn't pretty much, you can shut things down on election night because he's not getting to 270. if he does get that, if he gets the win in north carolina, if he gets, and if this is a gigantic if, if he gets the win in every toss-up states, including these toss-up congressional districts, a couple do votes by congressional districts, even if he does that, if he runs the table, he still needs one more state. one blue state. that gets to what kasie hunt was talking about, the clinton campaign trying to shore up the blue states because that will be the final piece for donald trump. we have a couple polls out of the target state. one they're looking at, new hampshire, new number today. hillary clinton still up in new hampshire by seven points. another one in the trump campaign is looking at, no
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secret, pennsylvania. look at this, bad news for them there. brand-new numbers today. 11-point lead for hillary clinton in pennsylvania. they have not been able to get that one to budge. also virginia, this is one that used to be a real big swing state. certainly in '08 and '12. a lead of six points for hillary clinton. this actually is on the low end of what we've seen for hillary clinton in virginia. remember, this is tim kaine's home state. again, donald trump would have to win all the toss-up states and then he has to pull a rabbit out of the hat in one of these blue states. when you start in michigan, new mexico, targets like that, opportunities like that the trump campaign sees, that's what they're thinking about. they need one more on top of everything else i took you through. >> fascinating. let me ask you about one national number. actually, donald trump loves it because he's up by a point. what do we know about that poll? >> the abc news/washington post tracking poll has trump ahead by a point. a week ago this is the poll donald trump was calling rigged when he gave that big speech
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citing the polls were all against him. this is the one he was talking about. now he-t has him up by a point? what do they say changed, what washington news and abc news say they're seeing enthusiasm. they see more people now are saying, they are very enthusiastic, aka, very likely to go out and vote for donald trump than, say, they are very enthusiastic about going out and voting for hillary clinton. so, a change in enthusiasm for the two candidates, they say, has trump voters more motivated to turn out. in their poll, at least, has trump ahead by a point, we should say, other polls out there including our own nbc news survey monkey poll still show clinton leading by mid-single digits. if you average them together, she's still ahead. there's still that one encouraging poll for the trump campaign. >> steve, thanks. next hour, stay with us for his horse race and polls and all of that next hour as well. let's get more analysis now. i'm joined by eli stokeles, national political reporter for politico. he's often out on the trail with
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donald trump. nice to see you. thanks for being with us. >> of course. >> building off what steve just said, what is your vantage point one week out? >> it's still clinton's race to lose. certainly there are reasons why donald trump can project that confidence today and do so a bit more convincingly, although even nutd beginning rinewt beginning showing him up one, newt saying donald trump did not gain 13 points in a matter of a week. didn't happen. have you to step back, look at the polling in gate. when you look at clinton campaign spending money in blue states or swing states they thought were in their column securely, the clinton campaign has a ton of money and they're doing this mostly as an insurance policy. it is telling they're not putting that money into utah or georgia or arizona at this
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point. they're making sure that buffer is there rather than trying to run up the score. that's a change from where we were a week ago. >> you wrote yesterday, it's almost over. and trump has 20% chance of winning the white house, almost double what it was days earlier after a month of poor debate performances and increasingly angry surveys. over the weekend show fbi is bringing some disaffected republicans home to trump but that a majority of voters are unlikely to change their minds. are you saying voters's minds are already made up? people keep using the term, baked in, they already had their opinion about the whole e-mail scandal? >> i think that's right. the polls we saw over the weekend that took this into account showed somewhere between 6 and 7 of every 10 voters is not going to change their mind based on the e-mail stuff. just doesn't seem like there's really a whole lot new there. the clinton campaign has made a coordinated and strategic push to sort of shift the narrative.
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i think a lot of the movement back to trump was coming from disaffected republicans and it started before the story came out friday about the reopening of this investigation. maybe that was a result of democrats. republicans considering they might actually vote for hillary clinton and then seeing elizabeth warren and bernie sanders and obamas jump out of the bushes and try to run up the score and get a democratic senate and win seats in the house and say, can't quite do it. it may also be the affect -- the fact it's been a couple weeks now since the last debate. that was really -- those debates really sharpened the contrast between clinton and trump. they really worked, all three of them, to clinton's benefit. as people sort of forget about that, as those events fade, it makes it easier for those disaffected voters to come back into the fold. i think that's why you see the clinton campaign making a late push with advertising to remind voters, women voters, trump's more damaging comments,
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essentipecially when it comes t way he takes about women. >> let me ask you about a blue state traditionally. before politico, you were in colorado for a decade or so out there. >> a long time. >> the most recent poll in colorado taken before the comey news had clinton ahead by three. trump just announced that that's one of the places along with 12 other states where he'll be investing in more ads. what do you think, if you had to call colorado right now, could it flip to trump? >> i think it's pretty unlikely. he has been there and he's put a lot of time in on the ground over the last couple weeks in colorado. much more than hillary clinton has. and i think he's maybe forcing them to go up on tv and make sure that doesn't slip away from them. it's not a great state for either clinton or trump. it's a lot of independent sort of less idea logical voters in colorado. has a little libertarian streak to it. the internal polling there shows it's not quite as close as just a three-point race right now on both sides. and, you know, i think in terms of the early voting numbers,
12:16 pm
i've been hearing from republicans, they're used to -- it's a heavy early voting state. every registered voter gets a mail ballot. usually what happens is the republicans have the advantage in terms of ballots returned leading up to election day. three years ago at this point, republicans were plus three. today democrats are plus three and republicans just sort of shaking their heads because they're used to the democratic ground game making up the difference at the end. if democrats are already plus three there and everybody accepts the premise that clinton has a stronger organization on the ground in the state, not too many people out there expecting that state to somehow go red. >> interesting. i used to live south of there, new mexico, so i'm watching that one really closely as well. eli, national political reporter, politico. thank you for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. up next, details on the high profile meeting fbi director james comey held following news of the renewed investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. who did he sit down with? what came out of that meeting. my name is barbara and i make dog chow natural.
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as we mentioned, hillary clinton out on the campaign trail in florida today. close aide huma abedin, who usually travels with clinton, appears to be off the trail. she has been for about four days now. this as the fbi continues to comb through abedin's clinton-related e-mails found on the computer of her estranged husband, disgraced former congressman anthony weiner. on monday, a lawyer for huma abedin told nbc news that she did not know her e-mails were even on that computer. for more, i want to bring in our justice correspondent, pete williams. pete, you have some new reporting. we teased this before the break about a meeting between loretta lynch, the attorney general, and james comey. what's the latest there? >> it was a brief one. they have regular meetings several times a week on national
12:21 pm
security issues. sometimes they meet in the command center at the justice department. sometimes right across the street in the command center at the fbi. and after yesterday's meeting, according to people from both the justice department and the fbi, the attorney general pulled the director aside. they had a brief discussion, don't know how long it lasted. it was short. they talked about the need to get this e-mail issue resolved quickly but thoroughly. she expressed her continued confidence in him. she apparently even asked him how he was doing. and, remember, this was after a rather tense back and forth between the justice department and the fbi on friday. thursday and friday last week. justice was opposed to it saying it would oppose long-standing policies. apparently that didn't come up in this meeting. both sides say, kate, it was cordial. >> in term of the process they're going through right now, i heard you describing it earlier on msnbc, it's painstaking. this could take a while.
12:22 pm
>> it is. it already has taken a while and it's going to take some more while, i think. the thought was originally that if they could get started on this quickly, which they did, they started sunday night as soon as they got the search warrant from the judge, they would be able to go through it and get an answer, perhaps, by monday or tuesday on some of the basic questions, which is how many duplicates are there, what do they have to look at by hand, but apparently they're not there yet. they can't tell us, they say, at this point how many of these thousands of e-mails are duplicates of e-mails that were already in the system. we understood from talking to people in the government that this would be a matter of hours, but apparently that's turning out not to be the case. they simply don't know how long it's going to take. it's not like launching a program on your computer and watching the progress bar at the bottom of the screen so you know you're 35% done. it's not like that, they say, so they don't know how long it's going to take. they can't say whether they'll
12:23 pm
have the answer to these questions by election day or not. they just don't know, they say. >> pete williams in washington. thanks as always. appreciate it. we're also following news today about donald trump's former campaign manager, paul m manafort. according to intelligence sources, the fbi has been conducting a preliminary inquiry into manafort's foreign business ties. for more on this part of it, i want to bring in nbc's cynthia mcfadden. what are sources telling you about this inquiry and what they're looking for? >> the first point, kate, is this is an inquiry and not a full-fledged investigation, although they do have subpoena power around this and they're taking a look at what paul manafort's business, his foreign business relationships were, particularly in the russian and ukraine area so, right now, it's an inquiry. they're looking hard at things. we understand some money and tax issues involved. >> i was going to say, do we know what they're looking for. >> i think that's as far as we can go. >> and in terms of manafort's
12:24 pm
response, he's not been with the campaign for a while. i know you reached out. >> yes. paul manafort and donald trump separated in august and so paul manafort says all of this is poppycock. i want to read you a statement he released to us. he said, none of it's true. there is no investigation going on by the fbi that i'm aware of. this is all political propaganda meant to deflect. so, paul manafort striking back. he wouldn't necessarily know if he's under investigation -- excuse me, under inquiry. >> appreciate it so much. you're looking live at the stage in dade city, florida. any minute hillary clinton expected to take the stage for a rally. we'll continue to monitor that and we'll be right back. beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe... to knowing they are. going beyond expectations...
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one week to election day, we are in the final stretch.
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joining me now, congressman javier becerra, chairman of the house democratic caucus and, of course, a hillary clinton supporter. congressman, thanks for being with us. >> of course, kate. >> let's start about talking about the latest from pete williams about the fbi investigation. he says they are meticulously combing through these e-mails. it's taking a while. they're following protocol. do you have any problem with that? >> not with the protocol of going through the e-mails and doing the work they're supposed to in any inquiry. that's fine. it's typically when the fbi does an investigation, it sdw it without going out and publicly sizing they're doing an investigation. they typically wait until they conclude their investigation to report findings if they're going to make some -- take some action after that. they're not in the habit of employing out there and saying, by the way, we got some information, we're going to take a look. that's where i think director comey went overboard. it was something unprecedented. and i think most people agree, republicans and democrats, that
12:29 pm
he was out of line. >> let me play some sound from a fellow democrat, former pennsylvania governor, ed rendell. he was on msnbc a little earlier talking about this very thing. here's what he said about director comey's action. >> i think he had toe do what he had to do because of the leaks, but what he didn't do and should have done, he should have put a sentence in that says, look, we haven't had a chance to review these e-mails. no one should infer anything from this action other than we're doing our job. >> but he's saying, had to do what he had to do. do you disagree? >> i absolutely do. when you're a prosecutor or you're an investigator, it's not your job or your business to be informing politicians or even the public that you're doing an investigation. because you have to got into the habit of doing that all the time, including investigations that end up producing nothing. what you do is you just raise red flags and you leave these impressions. comey himself in his e-mail to
12:30 pm
his fbi employee sent out an e-mail saying, i know that this might create misleading impressions. that's exactly what he did. and that's the wrong thing to do. you know -- y'all are reporting on this news that there may be some involvement of russian influence with the trump campaign, the trump businesses through trump's server, through his business operations. >> that's an article on sleep you're referring to last night. >> right. and also that the -- looks like the fbi or our law enforcement authorities may be investigating the relationship between some folks from the trump campaign and russia and putin -- >> there's the inquiry we we just covered with cynthia mcfadden right before you. >> right. do we want director comey to come out and tell us where they are on that? do we want the director of the fbi to constantly come out and tell us where they are or where they happen to be on a particular investigation? no. you want them to be able to say,
12:31 pm
here are the facts. sergeant friday from dragnet program, just the facts, ma'am, because you want to have credibility as an investigative body. you want to believe that no one's going to question you once you reach your findings and your conclusions. otherwise, you're going to be in the -- in the game of having to give everyone some -- a little tidbit of information to satisfy their hunger for information. >> congressman, just given the optics right now of all of, this should huma abedin still be on the campaign? should she still be working so closely with hillary clinton, do you think? and does she have a place, if she's elected sdshgs she have a place in a clinton administration? >> see, that's exactly why director comey made a mistake. you're asking me about huma abedin, a trusted employee, someone who has been a confidante of secretary clinton for the longest time, who puts in hours and hours. now you're asking me if she should somehow leave her post. based on what?
12:32 pm
i think it's so unfortunate because you start to impact the lives of so many people. huma abedin is a worker. she just goes out there and gives her all. and i know that secretary clinton looks at huma and says, you know what, i apologize you're caught in this as well. we just have to move forward. i think that's what hillary clinton has made very clear. she's going to move forward because all this stuff is just noise. we have seven days. let's win this thing. you know what will happen? i think huma abedin will always do the right thing. right now the right thing is to help hillary clinton become the next president of the united states. >> congressman becerra of california, nice to have your perspective. thanks much. a live look right now. this is the site of the rally in dade city, florida. any minute now we're expecting hillary clinton to make her first campaign stop of the day. we expect she'll be introduced by alicia machado, the former miss universe who has said that donald trump treated her badly. coming up, art imitating life? whatever happened to that large portrait of donald trump that
12:33 pm
donald trump bought in 2007 using $20,000 of his foundation's money? you remember that story? we're going to tell you where that po portrait went when we come back. [ keyboard typing ]
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with just one week to go before election day, new polling coming in daily. we're paying close attention to the swing states. our tour of battleground america picks up with our team of reporters standing by. today in florida and arizona. let's start in florida. that's where hillary clinton is making three campaign stops today. one coming up shortly. she's trying to energize millennial voters and get out the vote. a recent "usa today"/rock the vote poll shows clinton down six points from where she was. 68% to 62% among millennial voters, yet that's still very far ahead of donald trump's number at 21%. surrogates from both parties are out competing for their vote.
12:37 pm
>> you guys can determine the outcome of this election. no malarkey. here's the deal, are you now larger than the baby boom generation. no, you are. two-tenths of 1% more of the generation that's dictated the last 30 years. so, if you show up, if you show up, i tell you, you can determine the outcome of this. >> it's great to be able to be on college campuses talking to young people because, honestly, you guys are the ones that are going to get stuck with the burden our politicians are putting on us. >> joe biden and donald trump jr. there. we're joined live from miami. she's been all over the state speaking to millennial voters. how enthusiastic are they about actually voting in a week, or sooner? >> reporter: so, kate, i'm actually with a millennial now. we're going to ask her. we're having a late lunch at this iconic cafe at the heart of
12:38 pm
little havana. jessica, president of the miami young republicans. she was also the youngest delegate for florida at the convention. jessica, when you hear about hillary clinton's drop in numbers with millenials, what do you make of it? >> it's surprising. i think a loot of millenials felt a little bit let down by her candidacy. a lot were supporting bernie sanders. i think there's a lack of enthusiasm on her side. and i think it's getting harder and harder for her to connect, in my opinion. >> reporter: now, when you hear donald trump out there today talking about issues like health care, does that resonate with you and your millennial friends here in florida? >> absolutely. a lot of us are entrepreneurs. we make our own jobs. and the increases in obamacare have been crushing to us. you know, we're trying to make it, we're trying to be able to pay our bills and these big
12:39 pm
increases in obamacare has made it very difficult to just afford a normal life. it definitely resonates with us, donald trump's message to repley peel and replace obamacare. >> reporter: as a millennial, cuban-american millennial, canvassing for donald trump, marco rubio, tell us about get out the vote efforts in this very nontraditional campaign. >> we've really been working with the republican party of florida and their team has been really great at creating targeted demographics for us to knock on doors. so, a lot. young republicans across the state and here in miami have been knocking on doors, speaking with voters, spreading donald trump's message. and, you know, making phone calls. so it's been really positive. there's been a lot of energy from the donald trump supporters. and, you know, hopefully it will take them over the -- and win florida. >> reporter: i know you worked past presidential campaigns for republican candidates in this state. how does the donald trump get out the vote effort compare to
12:40 pm
previous campaigns? >> it's definitely a nontraditional campaign, which makes sense for the type of candidacy he's put forward. he definitely doesn't have the -- we definitely don't have the same number of people from the donald trump campaign, and we all know that. but i think the republican party of florida and the local republican executive committees have been really helpful in connecting volunteers and people to the campaign to get those offices filled and getting, you know, volunteers knocking on doors and speaking with voters these last couple of days. >> reporter: now, donald trump will be here tomorrow, kate, and he needs millennial voters like jessica to really carry the sunshine state. it is a must win for him. a small difference here can really make the national difference on november 8th. just as a side note, best coffee in town in this cafe. >> i know. >> reporter: this is very cuban. some impanatas -- >> i would join you in a
12:41 pm
heartbeat. i love versailles, wonderful food and the coffee. appreciate the report. let's continue our tour through battleground america. let's see what chris jansing has out in arizona, once considered reliably red. now considered a toss-up state. it's a close race there. the numbers prove it in arizona. i think we're going to take a quick break for one second and go back to florida because just now, i was told, hillary clinton's event is about to start. alicia machado, the former miss universe pageant contestant in 1996. she's talking about -- probably about donald trump and his treatment of her. let's take a listen. >> all of you, my name is alicia machado. [ speaking foreign language ] you know, i was at home with my mom and my daughter watching the first presidential debate when i
12:42 pm
was absolutely surprised to hear hillary clinton say my name. it was such an honor. during that debate hillary said about me, and i quote, she has become a u.s. citizen, and you can bet she is going to vote this november. [ cheers and applause ] well, she's right -- thank you. like -- okay, i lost my speech. like all of you, i'm excited to be voting in this election. and you know what. i could not be prouder to cast my first presidential vote for hillary clinton. [ applause ]
12:43 pm
[ speaking in foreign language ] i was the first miss universe after trump bought the pageant. it was such a gift, an honor to represent my country, venezuela. and to be miss universe 1996. but i was only 18 years old. a little girl with -- 18 years old. there was still so much i didn't know. trump was overwhelming. i was scared of him. he made fun of me and i didn't know how to respond.
12:44 pm
he told me that i looked ugly and i was massive. he even called me names. he said to me, miss piggy, miss housekeeping, miss machine. soon -- soon it became a joke. alicia machado was a fat miss universe. it was really painful for me. he was cruel. for years afterwards i was sick, fighting back eating disorders. [ speaking foreign language ]
12:45 pm
>> alicia machado speaking in spanish, saying she was really scared. she was only 18 years old and she used to make so much fun of me. >> it is really clear that he does not respect women. he just -- he just judges us on our looks. he thinks he can do whatever he wants and get away with it. well, now i'm standing here on behalf of women and latinos across the country. americans who have been
12:46 pm
horrified with his dangerous ideas and vision of america. and together we are going to say, loudly and clearly, no trump, is not getting away with it. [ crowd chanting "no trump" ] >> hillary has been fighting for women, children and latinos, just average people like me and you. her entire life. when she was still a student, she traveled across texas to register latino voters and make sure they were able to make their voices heard. when she was first lady, she
12:47 pm
organized the first ever white house conference on hispanic children. and when she was in the senate, she fought for -- she fought for comprehensive immigration reform with a path to citizenship. [ cheers and aplus ] those are just a few reasons why i support hillary clinton. she's going to fight to fix our broken immigration system so families can stay together and everyone can take part in the american dream. that's important to me and so many other people in florida. she's going to make sure that women finally get equal pay for their work.
12:48 pm
and she's going to work to make jobs better for families, so everyone can be a good worker and a good parent. i've been talking to voters, signing up volunteers and making calls. today there is so much enthusiasm for hillary across the state. so, to all my fellow floridians who have the right to vote, vote early, vote today. and to all the latinos, this is our election. this is our election, latinos! [ speaking in foreign language ]
12:49 pm
>> let's work as hard so we can finally say, madame president. on november 8th. now is my really honor and my pleasure to introduce the next president of the united states of america, hillary clinton. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ your power turned up right now i'll be strong ♪ ♪ my fight song and i don't really care for nobody else ♪ ♪ please because i still got a lot of fight left in me ♪ ♪ no i've still got a lot of fight left in me ♪ ♪
12:50 pm
>> hello, dade city! wow. i am so excited about being here. thank you all for this really warm, wonderful welcome. i am very grateful for her support. i am delighted we are joined by your great senator bill nelson and his wife, grace. i also want to thank representative amanda hickman
12:51 pm
from the florida statehouse and michael cox from the chamber of commerce, michael led better, the executive committee chair and his wife, beverly. thanks to retired colonel wilson elton for his pledge of allegiance and all of you for not just joining us, but helping us to get out the vote in this last week. it's almost hard to believe, jpt it? there are only seven days left in this election. so are you ready to vote? are you ready to volunteer these last seven days? i hope, too, that you are ready to elect patrick murphy to the
12:52 pm
united states senate! patrick who has been in congress will be an independent voice for florida families and i am so excited to think about what he could do because unlike his opponent, he has never been afraid to stand up to donald trump. somebody asked me the other day why do you keep coming back to florida? just look around, folks. >> hillary clinton in dade city, florida. embracing the crowd and getting a big hug from the woman who introduced her, alicia machado who was miss universe and we will continue our tour through battle ground america. we paused for a second to listen in.
12:53 pm
we were talking about arizona which was once reliably red and now is a toss upstate. the numbers prove it. if you look at maricopa county, the most populous county in the state of arizona, 1.5 million early ballots were mailed in and 700,000 ballots are in and counted and they show a slim margin between democratic and republican votes cast there. chris jansing is in phoenix and trump and clinton are in a dead heat, but some thing they can flip the state to blue. >> yeah. they almost can't believe it. they are working on it. it was interesting listening to alicia machado because key here is the hispanic vote. for all the high tech and there is plenty of it going on, so interesting when you come to these offices. they are looking at precinct by precinct. her husband could have won or lost by two votes or 17 votes.
12:54 pm
then you have this. they still do phone banking. you can microtarget who you want to call. you still have to pick up that phone. kate is a hillary surrogate here. how are you feeling? you have good signs which is that registration among democrats outpaced republicans. early voting you are behind. how do you see it playing out? >> we feel like ground zero for the national political debate. we are thrilled hillary clinton will be in arizona tomorrow and tim kaine will also be here the day after. >> giving a speech in spanish which i was talking to latino leaders this morning. they think that makes a difference. will it? >> it does. we have a candidate who understands and worked so much with latin america. we cannot under estimate the ties with mexico and we learned the hard way that when we don't
12:55 pm
have trade can mexico, people lose their jobs. >> when i was over a couple of hours ago at the republican headquarters similar to this and talking to the state gop chairman, he is looking at the trends and they are so excited about the trends they see with the early voting. can you close that gap we are seeing so far in the next six days? >> democrats don't usually vote early. we are ahead of where we usually are in arizona. we have the enthusiasm and for better or worse, democrats wait until the last minute. they are not this time. we are seeing areas in arizona like our mormon community and communities with large mormon populations that are not turning in the ballots at the rate they usually are. john mccain is bringing in mitt romney to fire up that community. this is unprecedented for united states in arizona. >> the thing you look for and where you put the money.
12:56 pm
the campaign put two million in here and have been bringing in surrogates and now you are seeing hillary clinton herself and tim kaine coming as well. donald trump has been here seven times. take a look at the polls of all the battle ground states. this is one of the tightest and most unexpected and i can tell you from being on the ground for 24 hours here, one of the most intense. >> with one week to go. thanks so much. always appreciate the inside look. we are following a report from "the washington post" just out about the portrait that donald trump bought for 20,000 with money earmarked for charity. we now know what it looks like. the painter michael israel participated it to raise money for a west palm beach charity called home safe. i want to bring in the author of the report who has been tracking donald trump's charitable
12:57 pm
donations for feels like years now. i guess it has been months. >> months. >> you figured out what this participating was and who made the painting. >> in 2007, he bought the painting of himself for $20,000. this guy performs it at charity galas and paints it in five or six minutes and does it upside down and you go wow, it's john lennon or a dog or donald trump. in this case it was donald trump. they bought it at an auction for $20,000. that's great and half of the money goes to the charity, but he paid for it with money from the donald trump foundation. he cannot just buy things that will decorate the walls of his house or business. in this case it did. no you that we have seen the painting, we have to figure out where it is. >> we don't know where the painting is.
12:58 pm
you know more about the genesis of it. we don't know where it is now. >> the last it was seen after it was bought, it was ordered to be shipped up and shipped to trump's golf course in westchester county, new york where it would hang in the board room or conference room. i don't know if it's still there, but that's where it went after that. >> the viewers on the left, you see the painting. if you have seen it, let us or david know. i want to ask you about the big article that you wrote in "the washington post" where you went over years and years. you reported out years worth of looking at donations by donald trump and the foundation. what is the bottom line that you found? >> donald trump spent a lifetime, more than 30 years trying to make himself seem that he is as generous as wealthy or successful. often he goes to great lengths to exaggerate what he gives. he has given $7.8 million in
12:59 pm
charity. he often promised much more than that to charities that he doesn't give or described in the story, he shows up and acts like a donor and doesn't give anything. he actually crashed a charity ribbon cutting for a charity he had never given a dollar to and stole for a donor on stage through the whole ceremony as if he was a big donor and leaving without giving anything. >> one of my favorite parts of your article, as a former cub scout den mother and current girl scout leader, you write about $7 gave to the boy scouts of america when trump's son happened to be the age of a boy scott and $7 what was it cost to register a boy scout? do i have that right? >> when did the trump foundation go wrong? it has been spending a lot of monoportraits for donald trump or legal disputes on his
1:00 pm
businesses, but when did he stop being a charity and start being things for trump? that was two years after the foundation began, it gave a $7 grant to the boy scouts when it cost $7 to register for the year. i don't know if it was donald trump, but that's what you are supposed to use your charity for. >> there is so much more. we will try to post links on my twitter to today's story about the painting and the second story about all of it. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> that will do it for me at this hour. we will see you here tomorrow afternoon after the cubs win at 3:00 eastern time. we pick up the coverage with a deep dive into polling. >> a bold prediction there. thank you for that. i'm with the cubs


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