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tv   MSNBC Live With Stephanie Ruhle  MSNBC  November 2, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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they say i can't vote for hillary clinton and how that falls really depends. >> there's one place in this country that is a brexit place, i think. >> where is that? >> michigan. >> michigan may be brexit. it may be a shocker. the clinton campaign seems to think that. i still though, i'm still looking at north carolina. i think that may be the most important state this year. trump may get really close. he's got to get over the top of north carolina. i don't believe the poll that says he's up 7 points today. i just don't believe it. that race is really close. >> that does it for us this morning. >> game seven. >> game seven. >> game seven! >> go cubs. >> go cubs/cleveland. go both. >> you're such a politician. >> you know what, i'm not -- i love both of these teams. >> stephanie rule picks up the coverage right now. >> whatever. hi there, mika. i'm stephanie rule. it is game on. it's the final sprint. candidates and surrogates are in
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an all out cross-country blitz. each side diving into one another's territory. >> in just one week we are going to win the great state of wisconsin. >> no surprise on the attack. hillary clinton rales against donald trump supporters in her most emotional tones yet. >> i am sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> channelling the bernie sanders point as hillary clinton tries to refocus the election on donald trump's treatment of women, even trotting out miss universe alecia machado. >> he said to me miss piggy, miss housekeeping, miss eating machine. >> and it is do or die. donald trump crisscrossing florida, a state he must win as he implores people who early
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voted for clinton to actually change their vote. >> a lot of stuff has come out since your vote. you can change your vote to donald trump. >> we begin today with a very crowded campaign trail. nearly one dozen politicians are pounding the payment trying to make the case for themselves and their candidate. hillary clinton is in the tossup states of arizona and nevada while donald trump is hitting three separate stops in his must-win state of florida. he's got just two men helping him do that. his running mate mike pence and his son don jr. hillary clinton on the other hand a power packed posse. seven surrogates out there including the current and former president hitting places like iowa, michigan, and north carolina. and if they're out there, msnbc is out there as well. we have got nearly a dozen of our correspondents fanned across the country in six different states to cover this massively important election. we're going to be talking to them throughout the day. kicking it off here starting with nbc's kristen welker.
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she is in vegas, baby, where hillary clinton is holding her first rally of the day. kristen, the latest abc/washington polls tracking poll now has clinton and trump tied at 46. hillary clinton has got to have an aggressive message in the home stretch. what is it? >> reporter: well, there's no doubt. the clinton campaign makes the point, steph, that they have seen these polls start to tighten since that third debate. you're right, i think we are seeing secretary clinton close out this race on a slightly different note that she was aiming for. when i spoke to them a couple of weeks ago, they wanted to really focus on the positive, getting her message out. how she would lead, what issues she would focus on if she wins the white house. but in the wake of that fbi probe we're seeing her really go on the attack more aggressively against donald trump. going back to some of these old themes that we have seen from her in the past. why he is dangerous for national security. why he's not good for women voters. we saw that on display
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yesterday. why he is divisive. take a listen to what she had to say at one of her events in fort lauderdale yesterday. >> what he is doing with his conspiracy theories, with his insulting and demeaning and degrading millions of americans proves he should not be allowed anywhere near the white house. >> reporter: and i think you're going to hear an equally aggressive tone today when she campaigns here in nevada and also in reliably red arizona. her focus will be on latinos and you'll hear her reprize some of those attacks we've heard against judge curial. some of those comments that energizes latinos and get them to the polls. a key part of her strategy for winning the white house. >> kristen, when we look at her schedule and shift in spending to some of these traditional blue states that we thought hillary clinton had locked up. it kind of seems now like she's out there defending her turf.
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>> reporter: well, she is. the campaign says they're not taking any of these states for granted. they can't afford to. take a look at some of the states where we are seeing her make a last-minute ad buy, steph. i'm going to run through them with you and we'll discuss them on the other side, michigan, colorado, new mexico, wisconsin and virginia. she'll be heading there at the end of the week. her campaign says because they don't have early voting there and she wants to energize people before tuesday's all important vote. you're absolutely right, steph. what we are seeing is a campaign trying to expand by going to a state like arizona but at the same time making it very clear they have to defend their turf. this race getting a lot tighter as we get closer to election day, steph. >> now we have to take you to nbc'slexander. florida is a must-win state.
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rudy giuliani said he has to win florida or it's over. >> reporter: tim russert said it best, florida, florida, florida. they're spending more time in the campaign than any other. trump has had a total of 32 stops ahead of today. he has three more. clearly they need to secure this state. they need to turn portions like this one where we are, the panhandle of florida deep red to get out the vote. sort of a mosaic as a strategist described it to us where there are different portions of the state, not just regions. small areas, little pockets that the campaigns were trying to focus on. that's what they're pinpointing here today. obviously as you and kristen were talking about, the strategy isn't unique to florida. one of the ways towards 270 is to try to pick off some traditionally democratic states. places like michigan, wisconsin all of the places where they show trump trailing. they have some confidence from internal polling according to aides within the campaign. they're looking better in places like pennsylvania and michigan, frankly, than they are in
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wisconsin. michigan worth noting where hillary clinton will return to later this week. she will be there on friday. superpac supporting her campaign is now on the air with a seven digit ad buy. >> peter, donald trump came up with this new line of targeting democrats that frankly took me by surprise. democrats who already voted. here's what he said. >> for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse, wisconsin is one of several states where you can change your early ballot if you think you've made a mistake. >> forgive me, peter. i didn't even know you could change your early ballot. where exactly does this work? >> reporter: well, so there are only seven states in the country where this does work. they include michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania among others, but to be clear, this is rare and there are certainly a lot of restrictions to be able
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to do it in places like michigan and pennsylvania. you have to have an excuse to be able to vote early so the numbers in those places are lower than elsewhere. what trump was trying to capitalize here was this conversation that's happened since friday when director james comey, the director of the fbi, came forward with that announcement of the renewed views of the e-mails that may be related to hillary clinton's private server investigation. on that day and the days since the number of people who have google searched change early voting actually spiked. trump is hoping he can sort of grow that number and convince democrats on board with hillary clinton or even republicans to come around to him. they're suggesting this is a rare phenomenon in the past and there are reasons why it's hard to do going forward. >> thanks, peter. i want to get more from charlie sykes who is also part of the never trump movement and dana
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millbank. charlie, i want to start with you. besides the battleground states, which are obvious, donald trump and the rnc are now targeting blue states, like new mexico, michigan, your home state of wisconsin. is it realistic that donald trump could actually turn a blue state or is it more about optics? seeing him being aggressive actually appearing in a state where he could turn them, is that what it's about? because donald looks his best when he's on the aggressive. >> reporter: well, it is possible at this point. the reality, it's going to be a heavy lift. the reality, he has momentum on his side. he is getting the republican base back together again. obamacare is working on his -- on his behalf. he has the e-mail issue. hillary clinton has to find a way to flip this script. she's got to be able to turn this issue from her honesty, her issues to the issues of temperament and character and the danger that he poses to the economy and national security. we'll find out later on today what the situation is in
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wisconsin. the marquette university poll will come out and that will give a better indication of how close this is. in wisconsin this is going to come down to the suburbs, the wow counties. very much like the philadelphia suburbs and the kinds of issues that hillary clinton is raising going after the women, reminding people of what he has said, that's going to be a real problem for donald trump here in a state like wisconsin. >> dana, how exactly did donald get this momentum shift to happen so quickly? ohm was a headline gift. this is obama's issue not hillary clinton's. we still don't know what's in it? how has donald trump shifted momentum? a week and a half ago his theme song would have been "staying alive." >> i don't think it's anything that trump has done or that hillary clinton has done or not done. i really think it comes down to two words, james comey. now it's true that there's not necessarily any new information
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out there, but what the fbi director has done is fundamentally altered this campaign. before he came out there was a question of how big clinton's victory margin would be. now that's not at all clear. it's not the details of what he said, it's the fact that it's changed the conversation. so that in these crucial final ten days of the campaign, clinton is on the defensive and it's been all the way through this campaign when we're talking about hillary clinton, she's doing poorly. when we're talking about donald trump, he's doing poorly. and what the fbi has managed to do is make this final week of the campaign all about clinton. that is an enormous gift to donald trump. and it continues, we saw, with the dump of the mark rich papers by the fbi just yesterday. >> charlie, i know that you can cherry pick whatever numbers and polls you want to look at to tell the story that works for you. >> right. >> but i look at the target smart poll showing 28% of early voting republicans in the state of florida cast their ballot for
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hillary clinton. that can't be good news for donald trump, but for you is that a big signal? >> reporter: it could be, and i think this is something to watch in states like wisconsin and pennsylvania again going back to these suburbs again. how many republicans will come out to the polls and will vote down ballot, vote for republicans all the way down but then i don't know what they will do, write in evan mcmullen, or vote for hillary clinton at the top of the ticket and robert costa has a story about crucial wa waukashaw county. donald trump has to run up huge margins if he's losing 5, 10, 15, 20% of the republican vote, that's going to make it very difficult for him on election day. >> dana, when you look at the surrogates and who's out there on the trail, on the republican side it's just mike pence, it's donald trump jr. and donald himself. now he is his own best advocate,
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but if you put that against who hillary has, sort of this all-star lineup, you know, reflecting who she had at the dnc, does it put her in that strong a position? she truly out weighs him in terms of surrogates. >> it does, but i think we've seen throughout this campaign that the surrogates, the endorsements don't necessarily do anything. it's very important which markets they're going to. in the local media market each of these surrogates will get a lot of attention. it can help at the margins in these crucial battleground states. i don't think that's going to be the dominant story as we go into the final days. it helps a little bit. of course, as you noted, donald trump has the largest megaphone out there. he's dominating coverage no matter what market we're in. >> indeed, he does. dana, charlie, thanks so much for joining me. you guys need to take a nap, eat your wheaties because it is going to be an exciting six days. all right. we've got some breaking and very serious news out of des moines,
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iowa. an intense manhunt is underway for a gunman who carried out ambush-style attacks on two police officers. very early this morning two officers were shot and killed in separate attacks as they sat in their squad cars. just minutes ago police released a picture of a suspect, 46-year-old scott michael green. police are holing a news conference right now in des moines. they say they may never know a motive for the shooting. we're going to bring you more details as we get them. this is a tragic, tragic story unfolding in the state of iowa. we're going to take a quick break. when we return we have to get back on the campaign trail. there's new reporting on the fbi looking into trump staffer's connections into russia. one of donald trump's closest advisors, retired lieutenant general michael flynn will be joining me next. before we go, the mystery has been solved. after four months of vigorously searching, washington post reporter finally tracked down a photo of the six foot tall portrait of donald trump that
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the fbi has launched multiple investigations trying to determine the nature of ties between the trump campaign and the russian government. while many experts say trump policies seem to favor vladimir putin, there's been no direct link between him and the russian leader, not one that has been found. want to bring in one of trump's closest advisors. retired general michael flynn. general, good morning. >> hi, stephanie. >> paul manafort was investigated. you yourself have spoken on russian state owned tv.
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from an outsider's point of view it seems so unusual to have so many people on one campaign tied to a very dangerous foreign government. >> i would tell you the first couple of names you mentioned, they're not tied to this campaign anymore. we ought to be talking about the fact that the fbi just reopened a major national security investigation against hillary clinton because they discovered 650,000 e-mails on a pedophile's laptop in the name of anthony weiner. so, i mean, all -- even the fbi said that there's nothing there with the russian stuff going on with donald trump -- >> sir, no, hold on. >> let's face -- >> hold on a second. >> go ahead. >> just to be clear, james comey has reopened. they are looking at these e-mails but thus far -- >> they've reopened the investigation against hillary clinton. the investigation that they found new evidence from the one that was closed. >> no, excuse me, sir. no, i'm sorry. they have not said they have found new evidence. >> why did they reopen it? >> we have not yet found out and
6:20 am
they haven't said that there's nothing in donald trump's campaign so for example -- >> the fbi has brought in -- the fbi is bringing in -- they are bringing in the cleared personnel from the task force that they had from the last -- you know, from prior to july, they're bringing in those people to be able to look at the potential and what i understand is classified information on the 650,000 so, i mean, just the dark cloud of scandal around hillary clinton and around the clintons is just to the point where, i mean, i think the american public are just sick of it. they're just sick of it. >> that investigation is going on from the fbi just -- >> it's inexcusable behavior when you're -- and now you talk about all the stuff that's coming out on the wikileaks that's showing the inexcusable behavior and discussion between people in her own campaign saying very, very disparaging things about her. i mean, you know, to me this is -- this is a presidential campaign for president of the
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united states and we have somebody that really has no business running for president. >> okay, general. let's just break something down really quick though. the fbi is investigating. they have not yet found something just like they investigated paul manafort so it is ongoing, number one. >> paul manafort is not part of the trump team. >> then we can take paul manafort out even though he was. donald trump himself has never flip flopped on one thing, vladimir putin. he has said he is a strong leader. maybe they can work together. this is a man, a leader who's killed journalists, invaded crimea, who's funded assad. so for you, vladimir putin, sir -- >> here we have rhetoric. go ahead. >> we can absolutely sbeek hillary clinton, but when i think about vladimir putin and what a dangerous man he is, i ask you, how would you describe vladimir putin in one word? >> you know something, stephanie, here we just cut a deal, the united states of america just cut a deal with russia, with russia's direct
6:22 am
involvement to give the leading state sponsor of terrorism in iran a nuclear weapon. put them on a path to be a nuclear weapon. so if russia is so bad, why is it that our government, our current government right now, and hillary clinton was over there trying to do a russian reset -- >> sir, they would argue that that deal puts a check in place so they don't do it. >> it just gave the leading state sponsor of terrorism -- i mean, you know, they're -- they're -- iran's national anthem is death to america. they have said they are going to annihilate, annihilate the state of israel. come on. this is our current government. hillary clinton was definitely behind and influencing the iranian nuclear deal when she was secretary of state. so here the u.s. is working with russia to give iran all of this nice stuff, you know, $150 billion. we're working with them right now to try to resolve the issue in the middle east. so all donald trump is saying is, hey, look, let's find some common ground with the russians.
6:23 am
let's have mutual respect. >> can you -- is vladimir putin someone you would respect, someone who kills journalists, who's invaded crimea? is that a man you respect? >> i mean, stop it with that kind of stuff. i mean, that's -- >> i'm sorry, stop it with what? stop it with what? >> how you're describing a leader in the world that is -- actually, that we have to deal with. we're dealing with him right now. >> may i ask you -- >> we have to deal with russia. >> without a doubt then. >> we cannot make russia an enemy. russia is a nation that is deeply involved in the middle east right now. the middle east is totally unstable. we have over 5,000 of our own troops there in iraq trying to fight, you know, the rise of isis. >> then, general -- >> russia's right involved so we have to figure out ways to work with them instead of making them an antagonist. >> so when 17 intelligence agencies say it was russia behind the wikileaks hacking -- >> i'm not sure all 17 have said
6:24 am
that. i don't agree with that. >> okay. you joined donald trump in these intelligence briefings. >> right. >> you didn't learn from any of these briefings that it was russia? >> those -- those issues did not come up and that's the extent of what i can talk about, what we -- what we -- what topics we did talk about, but those particular -- that particular topic did not come up. >> okay. we'll move on. but just for me, i don't know vladimir putin. how would you describe him in a word? >> well, here's -- here's what i would say, that we have to find -- we have to find common ground with all of the nations on the -- you know, in the world to be able to work with them to figure out ways to settle some of these situations down. the instability in the middle east could lead us into a much, much greater conflict and that's what my concern is and that's what donald trump's concern is. what we don't want to do is we don't want to go into an unintentional -- an unintended war at a great skrer level.
6:25 am
what we want to do is find common ground to deal with it particularly in the middle east and stabilize it and get out of this thing in a much cleaner way. >> sure. foreign policy -- >> the situation that was created by the vacuum when we departed in 2011, which hillary clinton and barack obama made that decision. >> all right. strong foreign policy and diplomacy massively important. >> >> yeah, it is. >> i want to talk about another organization right here. one that i am personally afraid of. the kkk. the official paper "the crusader" backed the campaign. >> how many times has donald trump have to say he's debunked that organization. why do you bring that up? you're a good journalist. by even raising that issue at this point in time after how many times we've said it isn't debunked. >> i haven't gotten a chance to ask my question. >> you're bringing up an organization that we've said, hey, that's a disgusting organization. we have no ties to them. >> will you do me the honor of
6:26 am
allowing me to finish my question. >> why even bring that issue up? >> you know what, guess what, i'm respecting you. will you please allow me, sir, to finish my question. >> go ahead. i'm sorry, steph. >> without a doubt donald trump and the trump campaign immediately rejected, disavowed the support of the kkk. >> right. >> this is my question and i will tell you my honest fear. do you have concerns that the nationalist views around this country or that many trump supporters have are dangerous? when i hear people say we're going to start a revolution, i'm afraid, are you not afraid of the tone that has been set, the tone by not half but there are some supporters of donald trump, are you not afraid of this? >> i don't know -- i don't know why you're wasting your time. here's what i know. what i know is that the american people are very smart and the american people are very sick of the establishment in washington, d.c., and the dishonesty that continues to come out of that
6:27 am
establishment so that's what the american people know. that's what i believe. that's why i'm sitting here today. you know, i appreciate your question. i appreciate your fear, but i think it's fear that you should not have. i think the american people are much, much smarter than you know. >> i do believe that the american people are good and i believe they're smart but i will tell you, i look at the people who come after me on twitter and the things that they say and i am without a doubt afraid for myself and my children and all of this hate has been unleashed in the country. >> and this is a great point. so, you know, this is back to the rule of law in this country is under assault. we just saw two police officers tragically ambushed, targeted because they're police. so we have to have leaders in our country that stand up for our police. i mean, i hope that the president of the united states comes out today, today and says something about this assault against our police forces and our law enforcement professionals around this country. because, you know, i have children. i have grandchildren.
6:28 am
i mean, so, yeah, i have concerns about my safety and their safety and the safety of my friends and family. and this is where i get concerned about the assault on our law enforcement professionals and, frankly, the rule 6 law in this country. i wish that our current leaders would say more about it. >> without a doubt. lieutenant general, thanks very much for joining me. >> thanks, stephanie. appreciate it. coming up, the polling is all over the place. the candidates are locking in their final schedules. our own chuck todd joins us live. what does each side need to do to win it? we know they're both in it to win it. plus, who's former president george w. bush voting for? a new clue this morning. what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"!
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welcome back. you are watching msnbc. we are six days away from the election, that's right, six days and the campaigns are making their final push. donald trump once again in the battleground state of florida while hillary clinton heads to
6:32 am
nevada before campaigning in reliably red arizona. according to george p. bush, the respective grandson of george w. and h.w. both could potentially vote for hillary clinton. and an intense manhunt is underway in the state of iowa for 46-year-old scott michael green. his image right there on your screen. he's suspected of launching two separate ambush-style attacks on police officers while they sat in their squad cars. both officers were tragically killed. and a new report is out on the disappearance of malaysia airlines mh-370. investigators say new analysis of satellite data and recovered debris suggest no one was controlling the aircraft carrying 239 people when it plunged into the indian ocean two years ago. and it's the two best words in sports. game seven. the cubs face cleveland for the decisive game tonight after winning game six 9-3.
6:33 am
we have to get back to i'm going to call it a much more important game, the race is down to the wire. just six days until election day and both campaigns are on a mad dash to shore up votes as these polls tighten. they are not just targeting battleground states. hillary clinton is headed to red arizona while donald trump focuses on blue michigan. are you ready for this? not just on the phone, host of "meet the press," the one and only, chuck todd is in the house. >> stephanie, nice to be in the house. >> charles -- >> we share this house for the next week. >> for the next week. >> i think so. i think this is also -- i'm leasing. >> all right. well, the game is on. you tell me. look at this map. what's the most important thing? >> this is our new battleground map. we still have her over 270. so we're saying here -- so the most important thing to know about this map is right now this is where we see the battleground, which means that if you watch donald trump's
6:34 am
numbers here, he can win florida, he can win north carolina and he can win ohio and still be short. that's important. he can win arizona and still be short. he can win utah and still be short. so, he's in michigan. why? he's got to break the big blue wall. pennsylvania, michigan or wisconsin. one of these three he's got to put into play. that's why he's trying something. wisconsin yesterday, michigan today. the numbers as you can see, they don't add up. new hampshire is not enough. getting one more out of nebraska is not enough. that's why he's got to somehow break this. i think of the three, it's wisconsin that might be the most fluid. we will pull out today. >> if the m word that works for hillary is math the m word for donald is momentum. while he's in the blue states, you mentioned wisconsin. does he actually have that much of a chance of flipping them or is this more about donald being on the aggressive offensive? because it works for him.
6:35 am
>> that's what we'll never fully know. let's say this is what the electoral map looks like or maybe she gets slightly more because she wins one of the sunbelt states. we'll never know if this is natural tightening, republicans, quote, unquote, coming home or is this a comey effect. is this a motivator for republicans? i think if we see that it's a motivator, then do these states, all of them, go under five points. do we see that that final result is somewhere under 5? i think we see that, then it's not just momentum, it's comey momentum. >> we know hillary clinton has money. why not spend it and shore up your votes. time is something she does not have a lot of why go to michigan? >> i think the clinton campaign is nervous obviously and i think they're starting not to trust even their own numbers a little bit. the fact is they haven't spent a lot of time in michigan. michigan caught them off guard during the primaries. >> bernie sanders. >> their polling didn't show him
6:36 am
winning. there's been this concern. look, michael moore is somebody that has been shouting from the rooftops that he believes that the entire industrial midwest is more in play than the clinton campaign thinks, he being a guy from flint, worked a lot with the blue collar voters. i think some of it is simply a little bit of paranoia, but you know what? you don't want to say why didn't i go? you don't want to have any regrets. >> is that why she's focusing on virginia and colorado? it felt like she had that sown up and she had moved out of the rocky mountains. >> virginia doesn't feel like that is real. there is some evidence that something is happening in colorado. the real question is gary johnson. he's over performing in three states, arizona, new mexico where he was governor and colorado. is he going to stick in double digits? if he's in double digits in these three states, it can complicate the map here. i just don't see that there is
6:37 am
a -- he would need 40% to be a winning number in colorado to win and i don't see it. >> then does gary johnson do something about that? we've heard from bill weld he does not want to see donald trump win. does gary johnson make a move if he truly sees hillary clinton being at risk. >> have you read gary johnson tweets in the past couple of days? there's what bill weld has done. he still says, no, no, no, no, no. there's a personal relationship that he and hillary clinton have. gary johnson's been tweeting about the fbi investigation, he's been pushing this. they've been fundraising off of it. it would be quite hypocrite calve him if he suddenly said, whoa, hey, guys, please support hillary clinton. >> i want to break down, charles todd is mentioning it would be hypocrite call. >> i know. it's american politics in 2016. >> chuck todd is worried about hypocrisy in american politics. >> you know who cares, libertarian voters.
6:38 am
>> charles, an honor. an honor in the flesh. >> will you stop. i will see you -- >> chuck todd, wow. you better watch chuck, mtp daily. >> i'll tell you which world series team have you to root for? >> really? >> yeah. >> i can tell you now. coming up, the fbi wades into the election yet again this time releasing documents related to bill clinton's pardon more than 15 years ago. what is going on at that bauer row? for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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fbi investigators have been busy examining thousands of newly discovered e-mails connected to the long-time hillary clinton aide huma abiden. those e-mails were found on the computer of disgraced former congressman anthony weiner who, of course, is abiden's estranged husband. i want to go to pete williams. are we going to get an update from the fbi on this e-mail investigation before election day?
6:42 am
it's what we've heard from many republicans and democrats calling for it. >> well, they've been calling for it since friday but that doesn't mean that it's going to happen. it all depends how the search of the e-mail is going. i would say nobody knows whether we're going to get an update before election day or not. >> i've got to ask you about these tweets. some people are questioning, i'm on that list, the timing of tuesday's fbi release of documents from an investigation into bill clinton's, and it was very controversial pardon of mark rich. what is the agency saying about this? suddenly we're seeing tweets about mark rich's pardon? >> right. well, here's the answer to the question. there was a freedom of information act filed by a freelance writer for documents about this pardon in 2001 just before the president -- president clinton left office. it was controversial at the time. the fbi investigated it because his wife, denise rich, had given some money to hillary clinton's campaign, the democratic party and others. the fbi and the u.s. attorney's
6:43 am
office investigated it and found no wrongdoing so the freedom of information act request was filed. it went on the conveyor belt at the freedom of information office in west virginia. when it was done they put it on their website. they -- the fbi says they don't -- the political part of the fbi doesn't control the timing of these foia releases, that when they're done, they're done and the fbi can't stop them unless there's potential national security information. so it's a coincidence the fbi insists. the tweets went out because whenever something is uploaded into what the fbi calls their document vault page on the website it sends out a tweet. there actually were a whole bunch of tweets that went out yesterday because the auto tweet wasn't working, they installed a patch, and then a tweet went out for everything since may. it wasn't a plot, a cunning plan like everything in government, just the way it happened.
6:44 am
>> luckily we have to go to commercial, pete, because i'm speechless. this just keeps getting weirder. >> back to you. >> pete williams. coming up, the clinton campaign begins a spending blitz in what has been said to the solidly blue states. with six days to go, is it simply nerves or is there a real chance hillary clinton could lose some of her hard core states.
6:45 am
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actually, has she texted me back yet? [squishing sound] wow, i get, like, no bars in this place. i wonder if they have wi-fi here.
6:47 am
. hillary clinton's campaign has just announced she's returned to ohio on sunday to campaign just before election day and i want to bring in david brock, a clinton fund-raiser and founder of correct the record, a site that defends clinton from attacks. david, let's talk campaign strategy. hillary clinton going back to ohio, a state that's tough to win, but also a state that the governor didn't even vote for donald trump. they went for john mccain. she has the money. she's buying ads in michigan, colorado, virginia. republicans, kellyanne conway,
6:48 am
is taunting hillary clinton over twitter saying, i don't know, sounds like you guys are nervous. is it nerves or is she simply trying to lock things down? >> i think it's locking things down. i mean, take a look at michigan and the public polls that we see. secretary clinton is up by about seven points in the early voting there. in 2016 you had a republican advantage at this point in the early voting of 13 points. today at this point secretary clinton is up by three. ohio is a battleground state. she ought to be there. she should be there. the truth is if you have the money, which they do, you've got to spend it and you've got to make sure that you can lock everything down. the only be thing people are nervous about, i've been nervous since donald trump won the nomination of the republican party because there are only two people here who can be president. you have somebody so unfit, unqualified, divisive, we've been nervous all along. nothing heightened in the last couple of days i don't think. >> from schedule to strategy and messaging.
6:49 am
i want to talk about her messaging for a moment. one could argue she could end on being the most qualified, her history, her experience, but it almost seems like donald trump is ending on this, let's make america great again. chuck todd has said donald gave maybe his most effective speech on obamacare repeal yesterday. and hillary is sort of returning to a negative note in terms of bringing alecia machado back and ending on this, don't forget donald trump is a sexist pig. >> look, i think you've got to do what works. i think what works for secretary clinton is a combination of the positive. we've got to go forward, not backward. i was in florida over the weekend. i attended some of her rallies. she's got a mixed message of further progress, but also let's remind people about who donald trump is. that has to be part of the message, and the truth is he is divisive. he's bigoted. he's sexist. racist. he's in this only for himself, and that works and it particularly is going to work for people that she's trying to
6:50 am
reach, college educated white women, for example, who have a lot of trepidation about donald trump. some early voting in a poll that came out last night at a poll in florida show a substantial number of republicans actually going out voting for hillary clinton. i think it's a combination of those messages. >> david, something that doesn't work for hillary clinton is e-mail. again, we know that wikileaks, the content hasn't been verified. we are concerned about who the hackers are. i want to speak to you about the john podesta e-mail. it says, quote, we're going to have to dump all those e-mails. i mean, that's a tough one. >> as you know in washington parlance, dump means release or make public. >> so hold on, john podesta wasn't saying -- >> let's just take it at its face. what he was saying is we're going to have to release or make these e-mails public. he knew that 55,000 pages of secretary clinton's e-mail had
6:51 am
already been turned over. what he was doing is saying they had to be turned over. secretary clinton asked the state department a few days after that e-mail to make these public. they were made public. people forget was really an unprecedented act of transparency to make all those business-related e-mails public. he references lanny davis in there, clearly lanny davis. let's put all of these things out. that's what that dump meant. >> perfect. david, thanks so much for joining me for that clarification, dump, as in let's put it out there. david brock, appreciate it. coming up, north carolina couldn't being more important to both campaigns and the polls there are tightening! we'll go to chapel hill where there's a massive line for president obama's speech. are you ready for this? not even going on stage for another five hours. looks like those kids are missing school. and i couldn't wait to get my pie chart. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american.
6:52 am
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6:54 am
into the classroom. together, we're building a better california. with six days to go before election day, it is game time.
6:55 am
donald trump is now in the lead in north carolina. the real clear politics average of polls now has donald trump up by one point. as part of our battleground america series, nbc's chris jansing joins us from chapel hill, north carolina. good morning, chris. >> this is exactly what the clinton campaign wants. this line is unbelievable. i've been covering the president for 2 1/2 years. i've been on the campaign trail for a year and a half. i've never seen anything quite like this in terms the atmosphere. the line goes almost it seeps forever. it wines around on this campus of unc chapel hill. you showed how close the race is. that's why they need it. the clinton campaign these days practically living here. take a look at who has been here. you have a situation where it's been bill clinton. tim kaine. joe biden. today the president. hillary clinton tomorrow.
6:56 am
the president knows as well as anybody this state and how tough the was his smallest margin of victory in 2008. it was his smallest margin of losing in 2012. this is all this is about, get out the vote, stephanie. >> the heat is on in north carolina. thanks, chris. coming up, hillary clinton and donald trump, they're not the only names on the ballot tuesday. the chairman the democratic congressional campaign committee will be here. can i give it to you straight? that airline credit card you have... it could be better. it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet? [chains dragging] [eerie music playing]
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for generations. remember, all medicare supplement insurance plans help cover what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. that wraps us up for this hour. you can find me all day long on twitter @sruhle or tomorrow i'll be right here at 9:00 a.m. now i turn to my very good friend, my trusted ally, my colleague, my brother. my co-anchor of the "today" show on the weekends. >> stephanie, thank you so much. right now, 135 hours until election day. this time next week we'll have a
7:00 am
president-elect. our nbc news political team out with a brand-new battleground map. take a look at where this race stands right now. six days out. you see the numbers there. bottom left. hillary clinton still has more than the 270 electoral votes that she needs to win the white house. but just barely. the big changes, georgia, iowa, maine's 2nd congressional district. now all trending in donald trump's favor. at the same time, new hampshire, north carolina, taken out of clinton's column. they are now classified as toss-up. candidates, their surrogates campaigning coast to coast. hillary clinton and her most prominent supporters, including president obama, holding nearly 2 dozen events today alone. this morning, team clinton also dismissing suggestions that they are nervous after resuming ads in traditionally blue states. one senior democratic official telling msnbc a short


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