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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 2, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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president-elect. our nbc news political team out with a brand-new battleground map. take a look at where this race stands right now. six days out. you see the numbers there. bottom left. hillary clinton still has more than the 270 electoral votes that she needs to win the white house. but just barely. the big changes, georgia, iowa, maine's 2nd congressional district. now all trending in donald trump's favor. at the same time, new hampshire, north carolina, taken out of clinton's column. they are now classified as toss-up. candidates, their surrogates campaigning coast to coast. hillary clinton and her most prominent supporters, including president obama, holding nearly 2 dozen events today alone. this morning, team clinton also dismissing suggestions that they are nervous after resuming ads in traditionally blue states. one senior democratic official telling msnbc a short time ago
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that astsumption is, quote, wrong. adding they will spin whatever it takes to win. the candidates making a combined five stops tuesday. but each had one message. >> hillary is not the victim. the american people are the victim of this rigged and corrupt system in every way. >> he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading, insulting, and assaulting women. >> you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great again, okay? >> i am sick and tired of the negative dark divisive dangerous vision and behavior of people who support donald trump. >> we've got you covered by the best political team in the business. the power of nbc news and msnbc correspondents spread out across the country covering every campaign stop. let's get right to our reporters on the trail.
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katie tur is in miami. katie, let me start with you. looking at this new battleground map, even if the toss-ups go to trump, even if all go to trump, he still has to flip one blue state. where do they think their best chance is to do that right now? >> well, if you're talking about blue states president obama won in 2012 which i guess could be considered toss-ups right now, ohio is likely his best chance. beyond that, though, he does need to pick up a few more states. among michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. he's down in polling in all three of those states. but his best chance perhaps, and this is just a perhaps at this point, is michigan where donald trump was campaigning. hillary clinton is going to campaign there again. a bit of a untraditional move because michigan has been traditionally blue. her going on the defense in that state does indicate some concern at least among her campion.
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the trump campaign says, and they want to at least portray themselves also as expanding the map. that's why you're seeing them going up with tv ads in a number of blue states including new mexico and michigan and wisconsin. but they want to convey that message because they want to look like they're on the offense. they want to convey confidence. they want people to assume that he is the one that has a handle of this race. that he has control of this race. the likelihood of that happening is still not entirely plausible at this moment because the electoral map does not look to be in his favor in the way it is for hillary clinton. just it usually is stacked up for democrats a little bit better. if he does have a chance to get to 270, he's going to have to find a way to get michigan, wisconsin or pennsylvania. but right now, that could be quite difficult. >> all right, katy tur, stand by. kristen, i understand you've got breaking campaign news right now. >> i do, i just learned moments ago secretary clinton is going
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to double her ad buy in traditionally red arizona for the final week of this campaign. it's going to top $1 million. why is that significant? because she is making a real play for this state which typically goes republican. they think they can win it because they think latino voters are going to turn out in force in this election cycle. particularly in the wake of all the controversial comments you have made, you have heard from donald trump. and of course she's going to be there a little bit later on today. tim kaine is going to be there tomorrow. in terms of messaging, we're starting to see clinton really formulate her closing argument. she is going after donald trump. attacking him. i think you'll see that on display here in nevada and arizona. she's going to talk about all of those controversial comments he has made about latinos. really her final pitch to latinos. it comes as her surrogates are out in force, including president obama, who is in the
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all important battleground state of ohio yesterday. >> i want every man out there who's voting to say to yourself, if you're having problems with this stuff, how much of it is, you know, that we're just not used to it. so that -- when a guy's ambitious and in the public arena and working hard, well, that's okay. but when a one suddenly does it, it you're like, well, why's she does that? >> in terms of the messaging, i can tell you several weeks ago i spoke to clinton campaign officials who said they wanted to end this race on a more positive note, focusing on the policy positions secretary clinton will bring to table. there's no doubt they've gone back on attack in the wake of these poll numbers. and the revelation by fbi director comey they're looking into new lly discovered e-mails. the campaign insists this is not comey related.
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having said that, this is not the tone in which they were aiming to close out this race. >> they wanted to go more positive here within the last week, correct? >> that was the goal. they had signaled they were going to have a lot of positive ads, that secretary clinton was going to be focusing on her policy positions. they wanted to give voters something to vote for instead something to vote against. what we are seeing instead is secretary clinton reverting back to some of those arguments she has been making against donald trump all along, making those arguments for why she says he's a device ivisive figure. they think that is more effective right now, given the fact this race is getting increasingly tighter and more competitive, craig. >> when you talk to folks inside the campaign, going back to what you just reported on, on michigan, do they think they really have a shot in michigan? there hasn't been a single poll that showed donald trump ahead in that state. michigan or wisconsin for that
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matter. >> when they talk about these states that are spending money in, traditionally blue states, they do say their internal polling shows a tightening of the race. now, i haven't seen this polling so i can't confirm that. that could be just the narrative they're trying to play to reporters. if they did not think they had a chance and they were spending money in the states, if he does lose, that would certainly look like a bit a waste of type and a waste of energy and a waste of money. that being said, these ads that they are running in these new 13 states, 12 of them are states that president obama won in 2012 and part of the reason they're doing this, craig, is so that people like me, reporters, will say, well, donald trump is trying to ex-sp spa-spa spapand at the confidence he has. he doesn't want to portray the image he is fighting for his life in battleground states. it's not the image they've trended towards during this entire campaign. they've always talked about a 50
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state strategy. and they've always talked about doing things that normal politicians do not do like campaigning in places like outside of seattle for instance when he was in washington state. places that normally republicans do not go. part of the reason they do that is because they get national attention wherever they go. they want to show these crowd sizes that come out to see them in even traditionally blue states. to your question, do they think they have a shot in a place like michigan? they certainly hope they do. they need to turn that potentially to wisconsin or turn pennsylvania. that could be difficult. but remember, there is a poll out of wisconsin coming out this afternoon so we're going to find out a little bit more of the state the race there and whether donald trump really does have a shot. >> katy tur for us in miami, kristen welker there along the strip in las vegas, nevada, early in the morning for us. thank you so much. here with me, chairman of the
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democratic campaign committee, steve israel. congressman, thank you for coming in, sir. >> great to be with you. >> let's start with strategy. why go back on the air in places like michigan and places like wisconsin, new mexico, virginia? why do that? >> i used to share the dccc which explains the gray hair, and i can tell you as one who chaired a national campaign committee, when you are a week out of election day, less than a week, this is when it becomes day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, and you are full thrust throughout that whole process. and so you begin to make decisions that are required to increase your win and that's exactly what both are doing. >> is that a manifestation of nervousness perhaps? >> no, it's a manifestation of winning. you do what you have to do to win. this is where all those years of planning and preparation, they all come together. and you have convergence of two things in the final six days. number one, message. hillary clinton is doubling down on the message that donald trump
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is temperamentally unfit and dangerously reckless to be president of the united states. the more important thing now is the ground game. this is where your infrastructure counts. i was in florida last thursday, friday, this monday, tuesday. i saw more field offices, more volunteers, more canvassers, in the hillary clinton infrastructure, than all my years of politics. >> you mentioned florida. lea let's talk north carolina. early numbers show the share of the early black vote in that state is down from where it was four years ago. how much does that worry you? >> i would say three things. number one, accept the fact obama was an historic candidate for the african-american community. number two, we have six days left. now it's just day by day, hour by hour. so we have time to increase that enthusiasm. third, i will tell you, i am concerned with republican voter suppress efforts.
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bad that a court in beinorth carolina said republicans were engaged in a surgical assault, i'm sorry, not sexual -- >> these days, it's easy -- >> that's right, we're in that climate, but a surgical assault on the right of african-americans to vote. the best way to deal with that is go out and vote. >> you said something earlier that caught our attention. you told the "times" of israel, quote, think that trump's statement and conduct over the past few months has actually eclipsed the concern that some may have had with respect to iran. what makes you think that jewish-americans are now more afraid of donald trump than tehran's nuclear capabilities? >> number one, donald trump said when it comes to israel, he will be neutral. number two, he has said he will force the israelis to reimburse the cost of security. number three, beyond israel, if you're concerned about the environment, if you're concerned
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about women, if you're concerned about the ability of college students to afford their education, donald trump is a bad deal on all of those metrics. hillary clinton is an important and very positive influence on those metrics. you put it all together and people -- the american jewish community is solidly behind hillary clinton. >> new york congressman steve israel. >> thank you, go have that baby. >> well, you talk to my wife, sir. thank you. we have some new details right now on a breaking story we've been following. police in iowa have just identified a suspect in that ambush-style slaying of two police officers in the des moines area. police say scott green, scott green. they say this is the man who shot those two officers in separate incidents as they sat in their squad cars. we have a reporter headed to the scene right now. we'll bring you the latest details in a live report coming up in just a few minutes. meanwhile, final stretch strategy. donald trump, barn storming blue states, hope to redraw the
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battleground map, but at what cost politically. we'll ask a veteran of three gop campaigns. also, game on. hundreds of students literally hundreds standing in line, sleeping in line, sitting in line, all of them there to hear president obama work the tar heel crowd in critical north carolina today. our own chris jansing live in chapel hill, chris. >> so look at this place. to you, to you, i hear you. to everyone with this pain that makes ordinary tasks extraordinarily painful, i hear you. make sure your doctor hears you too! i hear you because i was there when my dad suffered with diabetic nerve pain. if you have diabetes and burning, shooting pain in your feet or hands, don't suffer in silence! step on up and ask your doctor about diabetic nerve pain. tell 'em cedric sent you.
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if you live here, or in michigan or pennsylvania or minnesota, those four places, you can change your vote to donald trump. we'll make america great again,
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okay? >> donald trump. in the blue state of wisconsin last night. reminding early voters that they can switch their votes if they're having second thoughts about hillary clinton after friday's fbi announcement. as the polls show a tightening, the trump campaign announcing an aggressive $25 million ad buy in battleground states, as well as some blue states like michigan, like wisconsin, virginia, new mexico as well. msnbc political analyst ben ginsburg is a partner, also former national council for the romney and george w. bush campaigns. let's talk about this last-minute strategy by the trump campaign. ad time where hillary clinton has been leading. maine, virginia. virginia by double digits according to some polls. what's the strategy? >> it's twofold. number one is i think they see a glimmer of hope in some of the
7:18 am
polls. and number two, this is the week where campaigns sort of play mind games with each other. so this is an attempt to put the clinton campaign back on defense. in fact, she has put more money up on a number of those states. so it's a combination of a wave that the trump campaign wants people to see and to get a reaction out of the clinton campaign which they're also seeing. >> so it sounds like you're saying there may be some internal polling that suggests they have a shot in some states but this could also very much just be about getting hillary clinton to spend money and spend time in states where she otherwise might not. >> it's a no lose proposition. if you're running behind going into the final week, sort of a chaos strategy is the best strategy for energizing your voters. getting them out to vote. making your opponent sort of scratch his or her head and wonder what you're doing and what you're seeing in your
7:19 am
polls. >> what about the latest appeal we heard from donald trump there off the top in wisconsin, he made it a few other times yesterday. he's also doing it on twitter. this appeal to get early hillary clinton voters to change their votes. is that something that's going to work? >> well, i think -- i think maybe once the votes are cast, they're cast. in some states, you can pull out an absentee ballot. but not in others. again, this is all part of the psychology that goes into the final week. and donald trump's strength all the way through has been as the disruption candidate. and hillary clinton's strength has been as the establishment candidate. and so this plays into the theme of if you're satisfied with the status quo, vote for hillary clinton. >> you advised bush, advised romney. if you were advising trump with six days left what would you tell him? >> would tell him to stick with the issues that matter to the american people. look like a happy warrior.
7:20 am
don't go to dark places. and give people a reason to vote for you. >> jeb bush's son, george p. bush, making some headlines this morning. this is the headline in the dallas morni ing news. george p. bush voted for trump but his presidential uncle and grand pa, maybe not he says. what do you make of that? >> well, i'm not sure what to make of it really. i do think you should not let family members talk for yourself about the way you vote. >> ben ginsburg, thank you. >> great, thanks, craig. we have a brand-new nbc news battleground map just ahead. see which states have been flipped, see how donald trump could get to 270. that path to 270. trump and clinton with just six short days left to win over voters. the political powerhouse of nbc news and msnbc following every
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hillary clinton, donald trump, locked in a dead heat according to the latest nbc news/"washington post" daily tracking poll. trump had a slight one-point advantage yesterday. also new this morning, our updated nbc news battleground map shows a tightening electoral map. it shows hillary clinton's path to 270 has narrowed a bit. let's get to mark at the map. right here with me in new york city. what's changed here? >> we end up giving hillary clinton, nevada in the lean democratic column on her side. for donald trump, we ended up putting iowa in lean republican for him. and we put georgia in lean
7:25 am
republican. then maybe the biggest changes, north carolina, which we had lean democrat, we put that back in toss-up and put new hampshire up in toss-up as well. the polls show hillary clinton ahead. some of our own polling shows that might be be a little bit closer. given all the changes you have hillary at 274. she just need also 270 electoral votes. in some ways, even more importantly right now, these toss-up states we end up having right now, they represent 84 total electoral votes. you add up donald trump's 180 with 84, give him all the toss-ups -- >> he's still short. >> still short of 270 electoral votes. >> he wins florida, picks up ohio as well. >> i'll put them in red. >> where else can he get to 270? >> let's give him all the red here. he's now at 263. his ability to be able to win and get to 270 electoral votes really goes through the midwest.
7:26 am
we're talking about also with pennsylvania too. all of a sudden if donald trump is able to end up turning wisconsin red, boom, 273. craig, today's actually a really big day in polling. there's the gold standard wy wisconsin poll that companies out later this afternoon. or does that blue fire wall continue to exist for hillary clinton. >> so this explains then why we see such a renewed interest in michigan. >> absolutely, and so not only michigan, you basically have michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania. and, craig, what the clinton campaign says, particularly as it's putting in money and resources into michigan and wisconsin, they feel pennsylvania is locked down for them. what they want to do is make sure this blue wall continues to exist. and, again, that poll's going to be fascinating on what it shows. if hillary clinton's up four, five points, that blue wall looks tough for donald trump. if it's a closer contest, as i've been telling other people,
7:27 am
c katie-bar the door. >> both candidates crisscrossing the country now. are they reaping t inreaching to could matter most though? we've got some brand-new early voting data on black voters, on hispanic voters. we'll take a closer look at those numbers. >> this is a message for any democratic voter who have already cast their ballots for hillary clinton and who are having a bad case of buyer's remorse. in other words, you want to change your vote. >> he sure has spent a lot of time demeaning, degrading, insulting and assaulting women.
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perhaps you heard north carolina still very much in play. recent polling shows hillary clinton, donald trump, in a virtual tie in these final days. nbc's chris jansing is in chapel hill, north carolina where president obama will be later today. chris, i see you, there she is. what are you hearing from those students? >> look, there's a lot of enthusiasm here. i know there's concerns about millennial voters. but not on the campus of unc. the first person got in line at 4:00 yesterday afternoon. now, why's he coming here? in fact, why is the clinton campaign blanketing the state? virtually everyone. these two are my personal bodyguards. they said they would body block anybody who didn't let me through. the reason is they're worried about enthusiasm and they want that enthusiasm. so this kind of line is what they're hoping for and these are some of the students that they hope will company out.
7:32 am
hal haley, mchale and cole, thank you for being here. this is kind of crazy, right? >> this is crazy. >> unc/duke kind of levels? >> i don't think it compares. >> really? crazier than that? >> yes. >> you're a trump supporter? >> yes, ma'am. >> does this make you nervous? >> no, i encourage everybody to get out and support their candidate and i thirn it's wonderful there's so many young people here like me supporting their company and getting out and talking about what they believe in. >> what does it say to you and tell me about the mood on campus. >> sure, i mean, i think unc is a very politically active campus so this is really exciting. i think everyone's really interested in this election and it's really tightening. >> you recognize a lot of millennials, they're concerned about getting them out to vote. >> exactly, i think early voting was so successful, they made it on campus. it was easy to vote. >> cole, you're technically undecided. does this sway you at all? could the president sway you at
7:33 am
all? >> i'm hearing the president today. i wouldn't say this event in itself is going to sway me. it is exciting. i know people on both sides of the aisle here today because any time you have the chance to see the sitting president come and speak about the future of our country is an exciting time. there's people of all stripes here today. >> all right, thank you be, all, very much. i want to let you get -- you're not singing today. but as we take a look at this line that goes all the way down for several blocks, circles around, i have to tell you, craig, the real issue here is now that these numbers have been moving. it's less than a percentage point. this is not a must win for hillary clinton. it is absolutely a mutt win for donald trump. hard to see how he gets to 270. they call it a check make state. that's why she's putting so much energy into this state and having so many surrogates come here. it's because they believe if donald trump can't win north carolina, it will block his path
7:34 am
to the presidency. craig. >> you would be hard-pressed to find cities where president obama's more popular than chapel hill, north carolina there. chris jansing in the tar heel state, chris, thank you. hillary clinton starting her closing argument in what could be the last campaign her political career. she is going after donald trump in the waning days of this campaign. >> i am sec and tired of the negative, dark, divisive behavior of people who support donald trump. it is time for us to say no, we are not going backwards, we're going forward. into a brighter future. >> catty day, washington correspondent for bbc world news america and jonathan kaypart, opinion writer for "the washington post." i understand you just got back from north carolina last night as well. what did you see? what did you hear on the ground there from voters?
7:35 am
>> you're hearing the same thing we're seeing reflected in the polls, craig, whilst there has been a reasonably good turnout overall, the turnout amongst african-americans a s ars is no. the democrats hoping the big day for early voting in the african-american community would produce the kind of numbers they needed that they had in 2012. it was better than it had been previously in the early voting but it wasn't strong enough. they've only got one more weekend day. early voting ends on saturday in north carolina. so they really only have next saturday to try and make up those numbers. that's what's worrying the clinton campaign. >> souls to the polls as it is known in lots of communities. we have some new data that looks at the early vote. this is what we know about two crucial states, florida and north carolina. the total number of black voters. total number of black voting early up.
7:36 am
percentage though when compared to 2012 as you can see there, the percentage is down. we know they've done some things in north carolina to restrict early voting. but is it about that or is it about president obama not being on the ballot this time? >> well, i think it's both of those things, craig. i mean, first, when you limit the number of days people can early vote, particularly african-americans, and then when you -- when you're purging voter rolls in certain counties where african-americans are predominant. then you add on top of that the one person who polled those voters into the voting booths in 2008 and 2012, he's no longer on the ballot, you know, this is the sort of nightmare scenario that democrats have been worried about for a very long time. and, you know, it's great that -- i think catty was just talking about how the african-american numbers are good but they're not astronomical like they were over the previous two elections.
7:37 am
that is worrisome, that is something that the democrats are going to have to push hard for. i think the president is going to north carolina either today or tomorrow to put an exclamation point on this idea that hillary clinton, if she's going to become president of the united states, she should win north carolina, especially since it's a state president obama won in 2008 but lost in 2012. >> president obama there this afternoon. in fact, right now, a lime look on the right side of your screen. chapel hill, north carolina, where there -- students have been standing in line for apparently more than 12 hours in some cases, more than 18 hours in some cases according to chris jansing there. unc chapel hill, you see students reading in line while they waited as well. catty day this id yty kay, this notion that some have brought up that hillary clinton cannot or is not fully embracing her
7:38 am
gender and telling women voters, look, if the united states of america is going to have a female president in the near future, it's me or nobody. where do you fall on that notion? >> i think you're hearing a lot about gender. the fact she's bringing up alicia machado again, she's really focusing in her speeches on what donald trump has said about women, what he has done to women, the allegations against him of sexual harassment. she's going back to her base in a sense. hillary, donald trump had a -- i mean, president obama had a strong turnout in the african-american community. hillary clinton has always hoped she would have a strong turnout against women voters. her argument at the moment is not vote for me for the first female president of the united states. because i think she's learned during the course of this campaign that that argument doesn't resonate particularly well with millennial female voters. those younger women assume they're going to have a woman president in their lifetime. they're just not sure they want it to be hillary clinton.
7:39 am
she's making the alternative argument which is donald trump is actually bad for women. it's don't vote for him because look what his record is on female voters. when did her polls go up? her polls went up and she got that big lead after the access hollywood tape and all the early accusations of harassment against him. i think she's trying to revive that atmosphere and remind women voters in the closing day, that's what their choice is. >> kricsten welker off the top f the broadcast spent some time talking about the idea the campaign, the clinton campaign, had wanted these last few days to be spent on a positive message. that's not necessarily the tone we are getting. why is that? >> well, that's because we are in the closing days, thank god, of the most unusual presidential
7:40 am
campaign. under normal circumstances, with normal -- with two normal candidates, yes, these would be the days where the message is hopeful, the message is about moving forward with each candidate's agenda. instead, we've got one rationale reasonable candidate and another one who's thrown the playbook out the window. doesn't even know what it is. and so right now what you're seeing especially in that clip you showed, a very energized and boisterous hillary clinton fighting for every vote, pushing hard to get african-americans out there, pushing hard to make sure people understand donald trump and his record such as it is with women. so that way she leaves no votes on the table. she doesn't on election night have any regrets that she tint do everything possible to get every vote possible to be elected. >> jonathan, catty kay, always enjoy your insight, thank you. we need to update you on
7:41 am
this breaking news in iowa where we just learned a suspect has been captured there in iowa. this is a suspect accused of shooting and killing two police officers outside tee mine police say the pair of officers were found about two miles from each other. officials also say it looks like it was an ambush. blake mccoy is in des moines for us this morning. blake, what else do we know at this point? >> well, this is just a horrific double murder of police officers here in iowa this morning. authorities have worked very quickly to identify and apprehend a suspect. we can tell you that suspect has been taken noon custody. we to have his photo for you. scott michael green. 46 years old. of urban dale, iowa. authorities say leads and tips led them to identify green as a suspect and person of interest. they've not said yet if they're looking for anyone else. officers have been moving quickly here this morning. it was just 1:00 a.m. when they responded to a shots fired call
7:42 am
in urbanle dale, iowa, that's w they found a police officer shot dead in the front seat of his car. about 20 miles away, they found another officer also shot dead in the front seat of his car. authorities say it does not appear whoever shot them had any contact with them before the shooting. they say this does appear to be an ambush-style attack. >> blake mccoy for us there, in des moines, where, again, a suspect, scott michael green, has been taken into custody. blake, at this point do we know whether he was taken into cu custody without incident? was there a shootout? >> we're actually hearing he may have sur renn deshed. we're working to confirm that detail right now. we're told he's going to be brought back here to des moines though for questioning. >> all right, blake mccoy for us in des moines. we'll come back to you in a little bit. blake, thank you. just moments a the clinton campaign announced it is going
7:43 am
to be cancelling a planned rally in iowa with bill clinton and tim kaine. out of respect for those two slain officers. donald trump tweeting this a short time ago. praying for the families of the two iowa police who are ambushed this morning. an attack on those who keep us safe is an attack on us all. high hopes. the legal pot industry hoping for big wins in five states on election night. is this the beginning of the end for the war on weed. >> this is a major issue for not just the country but for the rest of the world. it's going to change our foreign policy. in a very significant and beneficial way. >> my buddy harry smith here with us early on a wednesday morning good to see you. we'll have mr. smith's story coming up in just a bit. before danny got what he was dreaming about for the holidays.
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nearly 60 million americans this time next week could be waking up with legalized pot in their state. five states, massachusetts, maine, nevada, arizona, california. all them have ballot initiatives that could abolish long-standing prohibitions against the drug, if all of those initiatives pass it will be a threefold expansion for legal can busineqancannabis country. nbc's harry smith works the pot beat for us here at the peacock, if you will. likelihood this will pass? >> that's a really good question. some people think -- one of the things you need to understand first is the demographic shifts in this. you have a pew poll right now that says 57% of americans want legalized marijuana. you have a gallup poll that says it's up to 60%. that's all driven by younger people. millennials if you will. what nobody knows is if these
7:48 am
folks are going to show up or not and drive this, drive this legalization through in those five different states you're talking about. the polls as of a week or so ago in california said it looked like it was going to pass. that's like they had similar polls, you know, several years ago when the last time this was on the ballot. so nobody really knows what's going to happen. >> lieutenant governor in california has been one of the staunchest advocates for it. a lot folks really watching california because of the size of that state. is it reasonable to assume that if this is something that happens in california, we start to see the expansion eastward? >> think about this. this is the literally big enchilada. we're talking about almost 20-some percent to 25% of the country will have legalized weed. it may force the federal government into doing some stuff that it's been really reluctant to do. there was an opportunity to reschedule marijuana down from a
7:49 am
schedule 1 drug earlier this year. the dea said no. there's some big stuff. lots of moving parts in this. and if california goes, the feeling is it's going to be very difficult for a lot of other states to not say yes. >> i know you travel to colorado for this particular story. it's been legal for a number of years now. >> right. >> what's been the result in california? >> well, in california -- >> colorado. >> no worries, you know what, this year, they'll be over $1 billion of both recreational and medicinal marijuana in colorado. you're talking about $150 million or so in tax revenue. governor hickenlooper there, who i spent a lot of time with over the last couple of years says it best. what we don't know yet is when you legalize an intoxicant like this what the actual social costs are. once over a couple of years once you really start to measure, then we'll know. it's really right now too early to tell. >> harry smith, always good to
7:50 am
have you, sir, thank you. >> pleasure. >> pandering, sexism and celebrity in the 2016 race for the white house. with radio personality charlemagne, next. ot a job as a developer! its official, i work for ge!! what? wow... yeah! okay... guys, i'll be writing a new language for machines so planes, trains, even hospitals can work better. oh! sorry, i was trying to put it away... got it on the cake. so you're going to work on a train? not on a train...on "trains"! you're not gonna develop stuff anymore? no i am... do you know what ge is?
7:51 am
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7:54 am
>> that was the first question i asked her. i wanted to know that. like, that was the narrative. he was a black man now. with hillary, like, we got the first woman president but so many things in the past, so many things going on with donald trump, we tend to forget. this is an historic moment we tend to celebrate right here. >> i think honestly it's just sexism. to be truthfully honest with you. >> really? >> yeah, i think a lot of people
7:55 am
don't like women to be in position, of power. >> even in 2016? >> especially in that eld too. that's a field that's been dominated by men. what do they always say, the person over the hill first, cowboy over the hill is going to catch the most bullbullets, rig? in this case, a cowgirl. >> do you think it's more difficult for her because of her husband and because of some of the troubles that the clintons have had over the years, whether it's, you know, legitimate scandals, the infidelities? >> that's the thing that gets me, when they say things like crooked hillary. like, she's a politician. how many politicians aren't crooked? so why is her corruption any worse than any other -- >> so you think she is crooked. you just think the rest of them are just as crooked. >> no, when they call her crooked hillary and talk about things like benghazi, i look at everybody else's resume and, like, they've done things just as quote/unquote bad, right?
7:56 am
>> yeah. you spend a lot of time with celebrities on your radio show. it seems as if in our society we value, you know, the opinions of people who can act and sing and dance. we value their opinions when it comes to politics. why is that? so much more weight than we do our next door neighbor? >> i think america just loves celebrities. we care about what celebrities think for whatever republican. not just politics, matters of religion, when it comes to the world in general. i feel like that's why donald trump is where he's at because in a large part due to his celebrity. we care about celebrity more than anything else. i was having a conversation with my guy yesterday. he's got degrees and he want mess to come out and speak at the universities because he says i have something i don't have which is fame and i'm, like, that's not the way this should work. >> on november 9th, the day after the election, what do you think happens? how do we move past this, regardless of who wins? >> i can't even say regardless of who wins because i feel like if donald trump wins, i don't
7:57 am
feel like donald trump can unite america. i don't feel like he can unite the country. i feel like it's going to cause too much division. i think hillary has a better chance of uniting, you know, the country again. >> charlemagne the god on politics. we'll be right back. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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that wraps up this hour of msnbc live. i leave you in good hands, though, tamron hall takings it away. >> right now on msnbc, a crowd is gathering in battleground north carolina. they're all waiting to see president obama campaign for hillary clinton today where polls show the race is deadlocked in north carolina. donald trump is zeroing in on florida. making three stops there today alone where polls show yes, a statistical tie in the sunshine state. now trump is making an unusual pitch to people who voted early. he is saying to them


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