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tv   MSNBC Live With Thomas Roberts  MSNBC  November 2, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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and arizona and closing the gap in pennsylvania and keeping it hot in florida. a new poll, hot off the presses from wisconsin showing hillary clinton leading by six points. trump who praised the polls yesterday showing him up had a different message for his supporters today. >> the polls are all saying we are going to win florida, don't believe it. get out there and vote. pretend we are slightly behind. we are up in ohio. >> we are up in hiiowa, we are in north carolina. i think we are doing great in pennsylvania from what i hear. >> with six days left in the campaign, the candidate is on a friendly battleground. hillary clinton hillary clinton not so secret weapon, the commander in chief,
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president obama. our political team is covering every step of the race. nbc's katy tur is in orlando and kasie hunt. our chris jansing is in north carolina and our political reporter in the dc bureau. chris, can we kick it off with you. we know the president has left. the president winging his way to you and all those excited folks that have been in line for hours. the thousands in line to see president obama. you have been talking to the people there, can the president make a difference? >> reporter: they have someone speaking out. this was somebody who says he's going to be out once or twice a month. he's out six days or less or seven. he's speaking to a specific audience here in the state where
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we have seen, as you can see the size of this crowd. it was really i think unexpectedly huge, they have been going around passing out water. they're down about 16 points with the african-american vote overall. so he's going to try to get people to the polls and get them to get their friends to the polls and having him out here almost everyday in this final frenzy push. it tells youow valuable the campaign believes he's in a state where this race is less than the point separating hillary clinton from donald trump. thomas. >> all right, south for you to our katy tur and donald trump. donald trump is telling supporters not to get complacent. he's down in the polls. it shows he's down two-points in florida. this is really a check mate much needed state for him. how does he plan to make up the ground there? >> well, they are trying to do what they can do both on the air and on the ground. donald trump is having a three rallies here in florida and just
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wrapped up and he's going to be heading to miami and jacksonville. he's trying to blank it not only his presence here but spent $25 million on a new ad in 13 z states. they're trying to convey this message and it is a lot about media narrative that donald trump is on the offense that he's confidence and not trying to defend himself in battleground states. it is a perception issue that he's going for. in terms of volunteers and ground games, he's had a big deficit here in florida. they're trying to make it up ground. we -- they're trying to tell people where they could go or
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where their polls are. it is difficult though in florida as 4.5 million people this morning have sent in absentees or early ballots and other republicans have done so and about a quarter of them where republicans have voted for hillary clinton. certainly there are a deficit. the message now that we are hearing from priebus and from donald trump's surrogates and the candidate themselves is that they got to go out and talk to their friends and family who are uncomfortable voting for donald trump. all the controversies that have happened over the last year and a half. they're trying to say that you have to do it because hillary clinton is a much worse option. if you don't vote at all, you
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are voting for hillary clinton. look at what's going on with her in the fbi. she could be indicted or still under investigation. this is a message that they're trying to hammer their supporters. we'll find out if it works. it is quite a goal between donald trump. paul ryan was not campaigning even though donald trump was in wallace wiscounsin, he said he voted for him but he did not say his name. that shows quite a gap that donald trump needs to over come in his own party. >> lets go to our colleague, kasie hunt, in brooklyn. clinton is going to be in nevada today. we got the same cnn polls
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showing donald trump down and in florida and pennsylvania. >> reporter: a couple things here, thomas, arizona, the clinton campaign making an effort to show they're playing offense, they're doubling their ads to a million dollars and they are sending hillary clinton, herself, the first lady was there and bernie sanders was there and this is all designed to show they're trying to go on offense and put a red state in play. there is a little bit of a reason for some nerves elsewhere. places like michigan, potentially, that's one i would keep an eye on. you are seeing more activities going on there. i have sources who are flagging it as a potential surprise. democrats believe that it is a solidly blue state and not a
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risk. keep an eye on that one. wisconsin and nevada, new polling there. in nevada, that new cnn polls show that trump is leading. i have to tell you the sources that i see in the ground at nevada don't see it yet. democrats are confidence about the early voting number that is have come in so far. they were a little bit scribner vou nervous that it was going to be tight. there is still some strong confidence they can win there. as for wisconsin, the feeling is yes, this may have been tighten like the national map has over the course of the last week. whatever that's going on in wisconsin is all about the senate race there and the senator trying to take a seat back from ron johnson, the
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republican incumbent and democrats are very confidence of almost waltz into victory here. >> democrats' hopes to take the senate, four seats is the difference could rest on that four seats. thomas. >> we have a lot of data as we dive into what's happening in wisconsin. lets go to leah conway. >> donald trump republicenforci narrative that folks in wisconsin can go back and change the vote if they wanted to. what does it say to you? >> he must have had internal polls showing that early voters are coming out enthusiastically for clinton. that's a good sign for clinton. voters are more excited to vote for clinton and also talk about
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the ground game to get out the vote effort for democrats, much stronger for clinton and getting those voters to the polls. republicans really should have a good ground game there as casey mentions, there is a senate race and a competitive senator race there a there. so there is a couple of components here about those early vote numbers that 64% are backing clinton should give clinton a little bit side relief as of now. one thing about wisconsin is even though the state polls among likely voters have tighten a little bit for clinton and since the last poll. one thing that has not change for nbc news battleground map in wisconsin is still states of democratic state for hillary clinton, even though other
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numbers have shifted. this morning, the new map shows, clinton, before she had a total of perhaps, 287 electoral votes and now it is down to 274. >> all right, still four over of what she needs to meet the threshold of 270. >> leanne, thank you. >> lets go to jacob rascon. >> trump says sometimes the polls are good or sometimes they're rigged. how is he characterizing it now. >> reporter: i would say when he was at his worse a few weeks ago, he heard a lot of it is rigged. now, when trump is talking about oh, these polls are good, they echo of what he says. lets talk to one person here. you voted for marco rubio and now you come around to trump.
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where do you think the polls stand? >> i think it is going to be really tight. i think trump has the edge. he's close to election day. >> reporter: you are telling me it was gradual going from trump. why do you think -- or did you think the comey thing coming into effect? >> before the leak, odd things are going on. >> reporter: what has to happen for the next six days for donald trump to win? >> i think he's got to keep up the momentum. he's got the win on his back and he has to keep it there. if he does, he will be our next president. >> last question, donald trump talked about the polls being rigged when they show him down and good now when it shows him
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doing well. >> it depends on the pollsters. i think he means more in terms of how it is being used to influence people's attitudes or anything else. i don't have any information. i don't think it matters. >> reporter: you believe it is a close race, it is very tight. >> yes, very close to the end. >> reporter: thank you phil for your time. every once in a while we talk to somebody like that, and others telling us, still, donald trump is going to win. he has to. there is no way that hillary clinton can be that close. a lot of them do believe like he did that the race is close just like the polls show us. >> thomas? >> thank you very much, we want to go back to katy tur. and i know you got caught up in that and i want to show folks what happened today. take a look. >> we have two more today in florida and we have massive
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crowds. there is something happening. they're not reporting it. katy, you are not reporting it. if there is something happening katy, there is something happening. >> katy, that's a trending topic. what are you not telling us, what are you hiding there in florida that trump is alluding to? >> reporter: i guess we are not talking about the polls, i don't know. it is part of donald trump's, it is part of his strategy is to go after the media and say that we are not being honest becaus because -- that enables his supporters to look the other way when the polls are not in donald trump's favor and look the other way or blames somebody else if he does end up losing the election. certainly, we show the crowd as much as we possibly can. >> when donald trump goes on that extended rant.
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if terms of the poll camera, i want to tell you guys out there. how it works a little bit behind the scene. the poll camera is supposed to show on donald trump because that camera goes out to every news organization and it stays on trump so we can make sure we get everything the candidate says and it is the same thing for every politician out there. oftentimes we'll show you that during the live feeds when donald trump is speaking. >> donaltrump knows all of this and i know you know he knows this. he's been apart of the media for quite sometime. he has had his own show and he knows about production. he jokes about how he knows the pool camera cannot move booiehi the scenes with reporters. this is part of his take and going after reporters is part of
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it as well. it is not just me, it happened at fox the other day. it does make the crowd very angry and it does concern a lot of folks about the safety of journalists because who knows what message a person out there could take and what can happen further. that's a concern with that and donald trump does understand the basic logistic tv works. >> katy tur, thank you very much. >> reporter: he knows what sound bites play. >> they do. go take your twitter everybody. >> i said i am with tur. >> you don't have to whisper it. everybody say it together. "i am with tur." thanks gang. with six days left, can he win over female voters.
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. the clinton campaign is stepping up on donald trump trying to shift the narrative back to his treatments of women. machado and hillary clinton teaming up to remind voters of trump's record with women. >> it is really clear that he does not respect women. >> you got to ask why does he do these things and who acts like these? >> i will tell you who, a bully. that's whoa.
11:20 am
joining me now is lara trump. lara husba lara's husband is eric trump. it is great to see you. >> thank you. >> you have been on the trail for the women's bus trump. how do you make that case? >> well, i don't have to make a case. the reality is the support from women is very strong for donald trump. these rallies we have, we have several hundred women a lot of times coming to our rally and they are so enthusiastic to vote for donald trump. you know a narrative that suggests otherwise i just wrong. these women come up to me day after day and say why do they keep on saying we don't support for donald trump, every woman in my family is voting for donald trump. what we want to do is come out and talk to voter and connect with people about the donald
11:21 am
trump that we know and i have to tell you this, the support is incredible. >> the donald trump that folks get to know is someone that the campaign is promoting. there is several campaign ads where it is just him. here is the latest one from this week >> i look right in her fat ugly face, she is ate like a pig. do you treat women with respect? >> i cannot say that either. >> alreadl right, good. so lara, for people that see that, can you understand why certain people would think that your father-in-law does not respect women. >> listen, it is obviously, those are all things from before he was ever in politics. donaldmp has been an entertainer his entire life and a businessman. the attack from hillary clinton are very shallow. we have a woman been in politics
11:22 am
for 30 years and had nothing to show for it. the only thing she can attack donald trump on are things in the past or in the entertainment arena. i understand how people can take it the wrong way. he wants to make sure that people are back at work and we are safe in our country and fixed. people are distracted by things like that. we are going to see on november 8th, the turn out for donald trump is overwhelming. i don't think those attack ads work. >> as a candidate, he went after megan kelly where he brought up rosie o' donnel of a woman he was rude towards on the last debate towards hin tollary clin he called her a "nasty woman." a certain disrespect to women
11:23 am
that he may not feel to be equal. >> listen, i think you can argue that with donald trump with men and women. this is a man when he's attacked, he will fight back. we need a fighter in the country. you look at all the examples of him going after men when he feels that something has been unjust with him. i would disagree with you on that. >> as i commend him for that. >> should women feel uncomfortable about that, being an equal opportunity offender. >> like i said, we need a fighter for this country. we are not respected as a nation anymore. the spirit of america is dying. when you see president obama flying to china, they don't even roll out staircase for him.
11:24 am
donald trump would not stand for that. when the president flies some where, he should have that. he's going to fight for our country, man, woman, he wants us to have a better country and get a step up. quite frankly, the way things are going right now are scary in this country when you have 95 million americans out of the work force and education system that's 30th in the world, we have big, big problems. $20 trillion worth of debt. we have to have a fighter that's going to fight for the american people. >> meanwhile, we know that getting female supporter is essential. >> melania is going hit the trail on thursday. >> you just mentioned ivanka, she's considered the strongest female surrogate for her dad. why is she not on the trail right now with six days to go. >> she's, she's going to be in north carolina. we are all traveling all over. melania has done an incredible
11:25 am
job herself. she's a mom and she always said that at home, taking care of barron and it is incredible and important to her. we are all out here. tiffany is in pennsylvania today. we have trouble keeping track of where the other ones are. we are feeling strongly about donald trump as our president. he's the only person that can get this job done right. >> you have to bring someone from outside of washington, d.c. to clean up this mess. >> well, i hope you enjoy your home state, i know you are traveling out tomorrow. safe travels, lara trump, thank you. >> lets look at our polls. as trump and clinton making last minute multi million dollar ads, do you think it is too late.
11:26 am
63% of you say yes, and 37% of you say no. the polls is live on back to the battleground in north carolina. that state could decides who moves in the white house and that's why president obama is swinging into chapel hills the next hour before he leaves office in just 80 days. today, there's a new option. introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a tens device with high intensity power that uses technology once only available in doctors' offices. its wireless remote lets you control the intensity. and helps you get back to things like... this... this... or this. and back to being yourself. introducing new aleve direct therapy. find yours in the pain relief aisle. [music] jess: hey look, it's those guys. shawn: look at those pearly whites, man.
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it is game day, i want to go back to my colleague, nbc's chris jansing, who's there in north carolina. this is a key state that's going to send one of these two candidates to the white house. a millennial vote is necessary here. i want to play for everybody how president obama addressed the room yesterday about the clinton's e-mail problem. >> i trust her. i know her.
11:30 am
i would not be supporting her if i did not have absolute confidence of her integrity and interest of making sure that young people have a better future. i do think that there is a norm that, you know, when their investigations, we don't operate on innuendos and we don't operate on incomplete information or leaks. we operate based on concrete decision that is are made. >> the young folks you are talking to, does obama vouching for clinton sway them for their votes. >> reporter: he's here to convince a lot of these millennials that they have to goat the polls. it is critical here, not only they can vote until saturday or early voting, they can register to vote. one stop shopping as what they are calling it here. it is critical in a state where the race is too close to call.
11:31 am
they call this-- this is also a blocking and take a look at the size of this crowd. it is been a really enthusiastic crowds with the shirt on. they got some boos. this is what the campaign believe the president does very well. that's debra ross. she's the senate candidate. this is all about -- voting for the down ballot and going forward. >> i think there was one in the crowd wearing a duke shirt trying to emphasize your point.
11:32 am
chris, obamacare aried thcarrie state in '08. why did the clinton campaign feels that president obama can help now. >> reporter: the smallest margin of defeat in 2012. they know who his voter is. if there is one thing the obama campaign can put in practice is micro targeting. know who those voters are and in a city like this and a region like this, they have the democratic support. they want to get those numbers. they also know that there are two parts of this. they never believe that the black vote can be as strong as it could be for barack obama. the second thing is there is been a number of courts and suits and democrats of charge voters and suppression and t
11:33 am
the -- you can bet we'll hear president obama talk about that today as well. >> chris, send me an update on those shirts whether it is for duke or the election. >> thank you for your reporting. >> reporter: what? >> my old eyes could not tell. >> our guy, he's also the former political director for the clinton's '08 campaign. >> these were considered solidly blue states. six days out to the election. how is this not a sign of panic. >> if you take a look at 2012, president obama's campaign was on the air and many of these states, he went onto win wisconsin by seven points and colorado and virginia and new mexico. at the end of the day, our job
11:34 am
was to make sure that hillary clinton has the best chance to be successful as possible. >> she's at or above president obama for performance. it is our job just to make sure that we believe no stones unturned so that next tuesday she's elected president of the united states. >> one wants to get complacent. >> it shows clinton has a firm lead against trump. now, we are seeing and leading in polls, does that concern you? >> no, if you look at the polling averages in in evidenne our own polling in nevada, we have a stable lead there of two or three points and while i think we have a real chance in arizona, our pack to victory can go through states like nevada and florida and wisconsin and places where we are leading. i remain a very optimistic that we are going to be successful. >> democrats and independence that are republicans supporting hillary needs to make sure we
11:35 am
are continuing to do the hard work early voting and into election day. >> our polls with clinton ahead of 49 or 47%. >> these other states of virginia and colorado, guy, was the campaign over confidence? did they pull out over ad buys too soon? >> secretary clinton continues to lead by as few as five and by as many as eight points. again, i don't think it is a matter of being complacent, it is a matter of spending your money strategically so we are investing and expanding the map for places like north carolina and arizona or the president was not successful. i am confident of colorado and virginia. if you take a look at colorado and places that i worked before. colorado is one of the two places in the country where millennial voters represent a
11:36 am
higher percentage of the ele electorate. >> we'll look back at those races and be able to understand the data much better. guy cecil >> thanks for coming. >> thanks for having me. >> plus, who side are you really on? >> the vp pick is going low. >> here is bill ray on the rachel maddow show. >> i am doing it based on my personal experience with her and i think she deserves to have people to vouch for her. william weld. is it a caregiver determined to take care of her own?
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a live look right now. president obama is set to take the stage. that stage could be do or die for either candidate. i want to give you an update on our microsoft, pulse question today. do you think it is too late. take a look. >> 62% say yes and 38% say no. the pulse is live, check it out at next, could a lack of enthusiasm hurt chin tlinton's chances of winning the white house. we reveal the key polls after this. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox.
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hillary clinton has been painting her opponent as dark
11:44 am
and decisive when it comes to minority. here is a new radio ad plays currently in pennsylvania. >> donald trump openly mocks the african-american communities. >> african-americans are living in hell. you walk down the streets, you will get shock. >> listen how he talks about them. >> i have a great relationships with the blacks. >> trump repeatedly disrespected president obama. >> president obama has been the most ignorant president in our history. >> so african-american voters will be crucial for a clinton's win especially in battleground states like florida and north carolina. >> in north carolina more black voters have cast early votes than 2012. joining me now is our political
11:45 am
analyst and ceo of the naacp, ben, it is great to have you with me. explain why hillary clinton seems to have this perception of enthusiasm gap within the minority communities especially the black community? >> well, look, she's dealing with a whole lot out there and quite frankly, the story of what you are seeing is kind of threefold. on the one hand, you know the gop in that state has attacked a black vote again and again with new laws designed to suppress that vote. you see all of these ads of hostile ads that have come onto design and suppress enthusiasm for democrats across the board. you have donald trump really encouraging people to turn out and not to discourage people at the polls.
11:46 am
there are new polls coming out on friday that suggests that black folks understand that this year is more important than 2012 that keeping trump out is really -- all of us want to make sure that our country continues to move forward. >> we have the new headline of the kkk official news paper supports trump. now, his team and trump himself says they denuancounced that kif support. would it seen easier for clinton to make sure that minority kmooun kmoou kmoou communities backed her. >> folks get that. quite frankly and seeing a historic black church and greenfield, mississippi, burns down and people understand that this man's campaign has already inspired hate crimes.
11:47 am
it is already inspired of the bullying of children black and brown and muslim, and the bullying of girls. he spells bad news for our country. it really sums it up to see that photo of hopewell church burned with trump spray painted on the side. >> are michelle obama and barack obama the best surrogates that clinton has at this point? >> they're for a whole host of reasons. what's important of the final stretch is turn out, turn out and turn out. >> and quite frankly, you know trump's voters inspired often for the wrong reasons and what the democratic party has to do is turn folks out. 93% of blacks in terms of turn out votes, is 96% or 97%.
11:48 am
quite frankly, the president and the first lady can be very, very helpful. >> all right, we'll see the president coming up here shortly. if folks are seeing the man down there in the box next to ben, that's james taylor. he's playing ahead of president obama's visit there in chapel hill, north carolina, thank you, ben. appreciate your time. >> always good to see you. coming up next, battleground blits. is the rhetoric hitting home with retirees. we'll take you live to the villages in florida after the break. but, first, a cryptic halloween leak. here is russell brandon with the verge update. the majority of the addresses are located over seas and making it difficult to attribute
11:49 am
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all right, lets take i back to north carolina, he's playing right now, james taylor, we see him right there playing the harmonica. ♪ >> one of his newer songs that i did not play back in the '90s in college. college kids today, 2016,
11:53 am
probably are playing this song. we are following breaking news. it is in the battleground states. we get the mix picture of the race for the white house. trump is making three campaign stops in florida. >> but, he has taken a lead in arizona and nevada while closing the gap in pennsylvania. >> florida, we know it is critical for donald trump who meets that state to have a national path to victory. >> mariana is talking to reti e retirees and 60% of them went with romney in 2012, what do they say about donald? >>. >> reporter: that's right, 150,000 retirees here. most of them are solidly booipd donald trump. >> 2-1 in this community. this is a heavily conservative
11:54 am
area. >> sarah palin, campaigned through these streets in 2008. roger and debbie were there. clearly, we know who rogers are voting for. >> yes, ma'am, i love you. we are voting for trump. >> debbie, what are you hearing for your friends in the community? >> everybody is behind trump. we cannot let what's happening in the world with hillary to upset us. i used to be a democrat, now i am a republican. i switched in 1999 and i have been one ever since and i am behind trump because of the issues and what he's standing for. >> reporter: now, we have seen some registered republicans in this community who told us they are supporting hillary clinton. >> what has been your reaction seeing that in your neighborhood here. >> i am very happy with it. >> because, there was hillary tv
11:55 am
people here. about three weeks ago and i said let me out and i need to say what i want to say. i pulled up and they slammed the door on me and told me i had to vote for hillary. >> thank you very much for sharing your story, donald trump just landed in orlando moments ago and he really needs this key voting block. voters over 60 years of age is supporting him in florida and if he is to win the sunshine state and have any possibility to win the white house. >> i think margaritaville down there and mariana atensial. >> mariana, have fun, thank you. we'll be back with much more after this. aid, ann.
11:56 am
i've always admired how you just say what's in your head, without thinking. very brave. good point ted. you're living proof that looks aren't everything. thank you. welcome. so, fedex helped simplify our e-commerce business and this is not a passive aggressive environment. i just wanted to say, you guys are doing a great job. what's that supposed to mean? fedex. helping small business simplify e-commerce.
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months ago when donald trump tweeted, we should take out a sex tape of a former universe contestant, i said if you look up, you will see rock bottom. if you look up, you will see absolutely nothing and i will tell you why. we have not only rock bottom but to the core of the earth and we come bursting on the other side of startling kangaroos and whether there is no up or down, just an anger body which death is a sweet, sweet relief. please, please, let this thing be over soon. >> six days, that's it. john is saying what most of us are thinking. let it be over. >> my ideas of looking up to escape. in boston hotel there, is offering an election package of a two night stay including a tv with all the channels blocked and much of the same in mexico, one resort promising cocktails around the clock for you, you
12:00 pm
can call an island in french your own. jeff boone is throwing everybody a bone offering flights special for as low as 40 bucks. that's a deal. that wraps up our coverage this hour. don't go anywhere now, kate snow, is picking things up. >> thomas rob berertroberts. thank you very much, good afternoon, it is so close, you can almost taste it. take one look at the campaign schedule today and one thing is clear, the final count down is on. check out this map. it is a crowded one. obviously, a busy day in ten key battleground states. the ones that decide what happens less than one week away. coming up, president obama, at north carolina, campaigning for hillary clinton. james


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