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tv   MSNBC Live With Hallie Jackson  MSNBC  November 3, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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tomorrow we're on the trail in pittsburgh. i'll have an interview with tim kaine's wife. follow us online. hallie jackson is up next right here on msnbc. >> hey, andrea. thank you very much. hi, everybody, i'm hallie jackson here in new york. right now we're looking at new faces out on the campaign trail. melania trump will be making her solo debut in about an hour from now. ted cruz is out with mike pence. within the last couple of minutes, donald trump has been hitting president obama on the campaign trail. you're looking live at trump still speaking right now. here's what he had to say a couple minutes ago. >> why isn't he back working? he's campaigning every day. i think considering she's under criminal investigation, i
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actually think he's got a conflict. >> both candidates spread across florida and north carolina, surrogates in iowa, ohio, michigan and nevada. it's a battleground blitz with tens of millions of people having already voted, by the way. trump seemed to get a bump in new battleground polls, leading by a point in new hampshire. in colorado, more new numbers show clinton may have lost her lead there, too. we have our team of reporters out on the trail with just five days to go. we are blanketing the country. let's get into those polls where the candidates and their surrogates are today. our reporters in the swing states of north carolina and florida. peter alexander, kasie hunt, jacob rascon. we have seen trump go after president obama, after the president's campaign rally earlier this morning, where he gave it right back to trump. what are you hearing that's different? >> reporter: in the course of the last 24 hours we've seen donald trump make the point. as he said it out loud, he has to stay on message. he has to stick to the script.
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he's stuck to his message, which his aides tell me is the most effective way forward. he acknowledged last night, no sidetracks, today hitting president obama on one item that is popular with many people in this room, what he calls t disast disasterous obamacare. saying a criminal indictment is likely for hillary clinton in light of a criminal investigation. the whole time, the secretary of state, none of which has been corroborated or substantiated, but all of which resonates with the people in that room, many of whom we've seen in the last hour or so marching around here proudly showing off their freshly spray painted shirt request "lock her up" on the front and some items looked like fresh that halloween as prison guards, some saying "inmate hillary clinton". >> peter, thank you. stick around for a second. i want to bring in kasie hunt with president obama out on the trail for hillary clinton in
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miami today. a lot to talk about with that. as you hear peter talking about donald trump staying on message, president obama is staying on his message and he's fired up about it. increasingly so, it seems, as we creep closer to election day. >> reporter: you're seeing the president that we have covered for so many years and talked about how he has so much fun on the campaign trail as opposed to actually hanging out in the white house. he seems to be enjoying the final stretch of this campaign. he's somebody who democrats privately acknowledge is better at turning out the minority voters that the democratic party really needs than hillary clinton herself is. that's why he has been spending so much time on the trail and trying to make the final argument to those particular groups of voters. of course, that's very important here in north carolina, also in florida where he was. today on the trail -- this is the big picture, too, for the president, is he really feels as though his legacy is on the line
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in a variety of ways. policy being with him. that signature health care law that he passed, of course, potentially in jep. definitely in jeopardy if a republican president is elected. that's what he focused on a little today in his speech. take a look. >> they don't even have a pretense of a plan. they don't even have a semblance of a plan. there's not even a hint of a plan. not even a moat. not even a -- there's no plan. nothing, zero, nada. >> reporter: that, of course, an argument that republicans don't necessarily have a plan to replace the health care plan they want to repeal. that's a policy argument that speaks to minority voters, particularly in the african-american community, a lot of people are relying on this law now to get health care
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coverage, to keep people from preventing -- to keep health care companies preventing them from getting thrown off the rolls because of preexisting conditions, et cetera, hallie. >> kasie, we're going to jacob, who is in the same state of you, in a different part. he's in concord, north carolina, this state one of hillary clinton's firewalls. there's a big battle there over voter rolls, who gets to vote in north carolina. we have new reporting on this. break it down for us. what do you know? >> reporter: yeah, there are a couple lawsuits we're talking about. the first one is from the naacp, suing the state, saying they've systematically taken thousands of people off the voter rolls and that those are disproportionately african-american. the state doesn't dispute thousands of people have been taken off but saying it's not systematic but on a case-by-case basis because of citizens who have challenged that. the naacp says they have a couple of plaintiffs who are registered voters who are suddenly not on the rolls. that's going forward five days
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before the election. the other is about the dmv, voter rights act viss saying thousands of people who registered to vote through the dmv have not been processed and are not showing up on the rolls. the state replied and said they will -- a judge actually has said the state must do this the state will allow those who show up who said they registered through the dmv but have not shown up to have a provisional ballot. the judge says that ballot must be counted. these voting rights activists say that's not enough. there's not enough education for poll workers. so, all of it is sort of unresolved. and this just five days before the election. hallie? >> and north carolina is a state, kasie, where the donald trump team believes they have a shot. talk a little bit -- it's one of the questions we talked about a little bit ago, the mood in the clinton campaign. you said they were feeling jubilant.
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given where these polls are now, do you sense a real sense of nervousness? >> reporter: i think the nerves are increasing a little bit over the course of the last 24 hours. i think they're still in this kind of grind it out phase. i think there's a sense that they're moving a little past the fbi conversation and james comey, although as peter reported at the beginning of this broadcast, that's potentially being revived by some of these reports from unnamed sources. so i think from the clinton campaign perspective, they feel like they can push ahead of that. they're now in really the phase where they're holding these events, making sure they are doing it in places where they can make a specific ask of people. here in north carolina, early voting under way. she can come here, hold a rally and say to the crowd, hey, go vote right now. i think that that's how they would explain their strategy, is how they explain going to michigan as well because of the deadlines there. the reality is, they are more on defense now probably than they
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have been at maybe any point this fall. some of that is tradition democratic nerves, a lot of fundamentals are still there for them. these tightening polls in new hampshire, for example. new hampshire is a state that has a history of making moves at the very last minute. it's a little different than some of these other places. but i do think, you know, that they -- they've got some work to do in the final hour. >> you talk about the mood in the clinton campaign. the mood in the trump can campaign, you know from reporting and talking to folks there, they're feeling pretty darn good, quite frankly. when you look at who they're deploy, it's an interesting strategy. you have trump going after democrats on the affordable care act. you have melania making her solo debut in about 50 minutes from now, five days before the election. what took so long? at this point, is it too little, too late for melania to make a difference? >> reporter: well, in effect it's her solo debut since the convention speech that was panned because so many lines were lifted from the first lady.
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nonetheless, the campaign is very proud melania trump will be speaking today. they say she's going to talk about -- speak from the heart about her life with donald trump, talk about family, about marriage, about the campaign experience, and what she would hope to accomplish as first lady, among other things, improving education, bringing integrity back to washington. i spoke to a campaign aide this morning saying you haven't seen melania because the family has a young son and that's her top priority. nonetheless, they hope by putting her out in the suburbs of philadelphia, pennsylvania, they'll be able to make a real difference as she resonates with women for trump. they pass out these pink women for trump signs everywhere. they believe her story helps make that point. >> jacob rascon, kasie hunt and a remarkably awake looking peter alexander, who i know stayed up late to watch his cubbies win game seven. we're with victoria, msnbc contributor and professor at the university of texas, hogan gidly
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is joining me on set, a republican strategist. thank you both for joining us. hogan, i want to play you something donald trump's campaign manager said this morning on this network on "morning joe." listen. >> i think we've got them on the run. they're sort of following our lead. they're sticking tim kaine in wisconsin, sticking hillary clinton in michigan. >> she says her team has the clinton campaign on the run. i'm going to channel my inner seth meyers here. really? do they really have clinton's camp back on their heels? >> for the first time in a long time, i think it's pretty obvious hillary clinton is on the defensive. she's not been in this position for quite some time. we've been litigating donald trump and his personality for the better part of a month. here we are in the last couple weeks of this campaign and it started basically with the three-pronged attack. first was obamacare -- >> which the trump campaign thought was effective. >> especially in a state like north carolina where you'll see a 34% increase in premiums in that state. then we also saw the pay to play scandals, clinton incorporated
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type language. a little muddled for most voters but they understand there's something fishy there. last is the fbi investigation. when that reopened, that confirmed a lot of fears and concerns for those independent voters out there who just can't get across the line for hillary clinton. >> is that enough to overcome the structural disadvantage the republicans have right now? >> i wish those things would have occurred two or three weeks ago, but this is where the structure and everything we know about politics and how you set up a real campaign comes into play. hillary clinton has been doing this for the better part of eight years, using a lot of barack obama's network. trump won largely in these states. remember, we said he doesn't have the organization. will these people who are coming out to his rallies actually vote? they voted in droves. he didn't need the organization, but that was the primary. this is the -- this is the general. a lot of it more excitement on the republican side than on the democratic side for the nominee. but it still remains to be seen if that takes him over the finish line. >> one thing we talk about, when we talk about places like north
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carolina, florida in particular, places like arizona is the latino vote, have you an article up on that says if you want to understand the latino vote in these battleground states, have you to understand how diverse they are. explain that. >> absolutely, hallie. i think florida is going to be fascinating to watch in terms of the latino population because in florida we have a traditionally republican population in cuba americans who vote republican. but over the last three, four years, we've seen a massive growth of the puerto rican population in orlando. a lot of folks leaving the island because of the economic recession. and these puerto rican voters tend to side with the democratic party. so, you have these two strongholds of latino voters, but will they cancel out their vote in terms of democrat and republican? so, that's going to be fascinating to watch in florida. and in arizona, my home state, a traditionally red state, the growth in the latino population and the electorate is pushing the state -- i'm not going to
10:13 am
say toward blue, but toward purple or light red. and the other thing is the anger toward sheriff arapao and what trump has said. we're seeing mobilization of anger. how much comes out to the polls, we'll see on tuesday, but there seems to be movement in those two states in particularly. >> i'm watching hogan and you're nodding your head. you think it's mobilization by anger. do you think that should be a concern for the trump campaign? >> i'm not worried. these polls are tightening nationwide. it's because of the things i mentioned before. the several issues that have come up that have dogged hillary clinton and put her on the defensive. when you come to the tail end of a campaign what you want to be doing is laying out the positive vision. for the first time in the race donald trump has been doing that and doing it effectively, staying on message. even joking at campaign rally, i've been told to stay on message. we've been waiting for that as republicans. we said the whole time, if you litigate hillary clinton, you win the race. he's just now starting to
10:14 am
litigate hillary clinton. not to mention the fact the fbi is investigating her as well. >> with less than a week to go, right? >> less than a week to go. >> victoria talked about arizona. tim kaine will be delivering a speech in spanish there. mike pence is out on the campaign trail, interestingly with ted cruz. >> he gave such a strong endorsement of ted cruz, as i recall. >> is this 2016 or 2020? what's mike pence doing. >> i have no idea what he's doing. he's been a dutiful vice presidential nominee for donald trump, solidified a lot of the base when the base were concerned about where the trump campaign was going. he offers the social conservatives they're missing from donald trump and he offered some measured speech, something donald trump is obviously not known for. it's a really good ticket. i think republicans are starting to come home because, listen, nothing rallies republicans like the clintons. when they start to do their 90 shenanigans and see things from e-mails and start to see investigations reopening, people go, the '90s again?
10:15 am
republicans i talk to, one sentence, have i no idea what donald trump would do as president and that scares me, but i know what hillary clinton would do and that scares me more. >> all right. hogan gidley, victoria, thank you for being with us. i want to get to our microsoft pulse question of the day. for the first time since the rnc, melania trump will be giving a speech. this one in pennsylvania. can she convince suburban moms to vote for her husband? weigh in. we want to know what you have to say. coming up, we have trump closing in on hillary clinton's lead in the polls. you can see him wrapping up his rally there. can he build on his new-found momentum to beat clinton in states like pa or michigan with five days left? coming up, a senior adviser for the trump campaign will answer. as we go to break, a live look at senator bernie sanders campaigning for hillary clinton in youngstown, ohio. just like the people
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they are in four battleground states today. his kids, ivanka, donald jr., eric and his wife, ma lan, yeah as we've been talking about. in about 45 minutes she'll be making her first solo on the trail campaign appearance in pennsylvania. joining me now is former georgia congressman, jack kingston. thank you for being with us, congressman. >> thank you, hallie. >> let's start by talking about mike pence. you saw him with ted cruz earlier this morning and in a lengthy interview with the national vee view he declined three times to answer the question whether paul ryan
10:20 am
should be elected as house speaker. i pose the question to you, would donald trump support another term for speaker ryan? >> yes, he would. i'll tell you what unites the two of them is the agenda. the agenda is tax reform, immigration security, national security. they have a lot in common. they might not agree on every single point. the points that paul ryan has outlined in "there's a better way," that's the name of his agen agenda. the ten points donald trump outlined in his gettysburg address. there's so much they agree on. repeal and replace obamacare, unleash american energy, conservative judges on the bench, ethics reform, tax reductions. there's a lot more in common in their agendas than you would ever think based on the coverage that's been out there. but paul ryan is a good leader. he's going to get things done in the house. he's going to work closely with the trump administration to make sure those things get over the finish line. >> you talk about their
10:21 am
commonalities, congressman, even though paul ryan won't say the name trump. he hasn't said the word trump in days, even when asked about him. does that concern you? >> you know, hallie, he did say he voted for the ticket. as i have said to my friends, many democrats, i said, you know what, a win's a win. that's what we say in sports. and -- mr. ryan has supported the entire ticket. i think that sends a strong signal. ted cruz has come on board in a major way. as you just pointed out, he's doing surrogate speaking, ben carson has, to some degree so has mr. rubio, but he's doing his own. kasich and bush have signed that pledge and how they decide to vote, we can't -- you know, we can't control -- >> we know john kasich voted for john mccain. he revealed that in ohio. not quite supporting the top of the ticket. i want to ask you another question, you talked about national security. i want to play you what the chair of the house homeland security committee, mike mccal said last night about impeaching
10:22 am
hillary clinton after she's elected. >> this is why you have security protocols, to protect classified information. she exposed it to our enemies and now, steve, our adversaries have this very sensitive information that not only jeopardizes her and national security at home, but the men and women serving overseas. this is, in my opinion, quite frankly, it's treason. >> that is some strong stuff there from mike mccall. you have said the election of hillary clinton could lead to a constitutional crisis. what do you mean? >> well, i can say this, hallie, having been on the defense committee and having been cleared for classified briefings, i can tell you this, you don't ever take a smartphone inside those briefing rooms or outside one, as she has done. you never let that information leave the room. you can't even take notes, handwritten notes, and leave the room with them. the fact that huma abedin now has as many as 650,000 e-mails
10:23 am
that are wandering around out there, we don't know how much of that's classified or not. we do know that director comey said hillary clinton had 110 classified e-mails on her server that are -- on her private server and there were 53 classified e-mail chains within there. it is some scary stuff. >> but is it treason? is it going to be a constitutional crisis if she wins? i guess that's the point i'm getting at here. >> well, there are as many as five fbi investigations surrounding hillary clinton, ones that involve the foundation, ones that involve governor taking $120,000 from chinese national, podesta, there's more out there than have been recently reported. there are some concerns. this are very, very serious allegations. i believe the fbi, if they were unshackled and able to do their own investigations, for example, the doj has not let them have
10:24 am
subpoena power. they have not let them empower a grand jury. if they are able to interview everybody that they need to, i do believe people are going to be going to jail. >> congressman, we have to leave it there. you brought up a couple other issues i would love to get in to. we will next time, noting these are republican talking points against the clintons. thank you for joining us here, jack kingston. >> i look forward to it. >> campaign working overtime to get latino voters out to the polls. up next, jacob will be joining us talking with two young -- we have new reports now of voter suppression, just five days from the election. allegations of two states disenfranchising thousands of americans, blocking them from casting their votes. we're going to talk about that coming up later in the show. stick around l these purchases you made with your airline credit card. hold only got double miles on stuff you bought from that airline?
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confident that arizona is still in play, tim kaine will campaign in phoenix later today, speaking in spanish. arizona, nearly, a third spanish according to the census bureau. my fellow road warrior jacob is in phoenix for your final up for grabs installment. this is it, the last one, five days out? >> reporter: stop shedding tears, hallie, everything is going to be okay. tim kaine will be having that spanish language rally not too far from here and they're going to be trying to reach people in neighborhoods like this where there are latino activists scouring to reach -- the number we heard is 150,000 new latino voters. that would typically tip registrations in maricopa county from republican heavy to democratic. whether that happens is still to be determined. one thing we know is latino activists are hitting the streets. we got to go along with them in neighborhoods just like this to try to turn the tide, even if they can't vote. take a look.
10:29 am
>> this is our group of volunteers and folks that are knocking on doors. talking about folks getting out to vote in this election. >> this year we did register more than 150,000 new voters. that's why this year many things we will see many changes in the state of arizona. for the simple reason that we registered a lot of millennial voters. >> like myself, my parents being undocumented, too, i didn't have a voice. they were oppressed. >> reporter: let me stop you. you can't vote but you are choosing to use your time to campaign? >> definitely. well, we're choosing our time to bring justice to our communities. >> let's do a quick chat. everybody repeat after me. we. >> we. >> we believe. >> we believe. >> let's go knock on some doors. >> reporter: how old are you? >> 16. >> reporter: 16? >> 16 years old. >> reporter: you can't vote either. >> she can't vote either. >> reporter: no way. >> last time i knocked on a door, it was recently, they asked meings you're 16. you can't vote. why are you doing this?
10:30 am
>> reporter: yeah. what did you say to them? >> i said, well, yeah, i'm doing this because you're not out here doing this. you're allowed to vote. you're not voting. that's why i'm here knocking on your door because you haven't sent your ballot in. >> hi, guys. >> hi. >> reporter: oh! that's the only time i ever made a basket. >> my name is michael. >> hi. >> ms. mesa, have you already sent in your ballot? >> no, i still have it here. >> can i ask you to put it in your mailbox right now? >> oh, sure. >> can i walk with you to drop it off? i apologize for interrupting you. >> reporter: we came to your house. we're on your turf. >> i'm very, very happy that you are now putting your ballot on the mailbox because it does count and it still counts. >> reporter: as two people who for different reasons actually can't vote, when you make contact with somebody like that who -- >> makes our day. that's amazing. i just got -- i just got chills
10:31 am
right now because it's -- you know, we don't have -- i don't have the opportunity to vote, right? so, for me, every vote, every vote matters. >> reporter: how about for you? >> i actually like seeing the smiles on everyone's faces. when they're like, oh, my gosh, thank you. i'm just like, you're welcome. >> reporter: hallie, if hillary clinton and tim kaine can pull off a victory here in arizona and grab those 11 electoral votes with help of the activists like the ones i was walking the neighborhood with, hillary clinton would be only the second democrat to win arizona since 1948. can you guess who the other one is? >> you know, i like pop quizzes. what's the other one? >> reporter: bill clinton. >> thank you. where are you walking, bilt? where are you headed? >> reporter: we're walking to the tim kaine event. the car broke down, so we're almost there. >> good luck to you, my road warrior huffing it today. thank you, jacob. appreciate it. tim kaine in arizona. as you know, mike pence, by the way, out with ted cruz.
10:32 am
interestingly, just got a note here, looking at the rally from last hour, cruz never mentioning trump at that event, although he was praising pence, saying he looks forward to calling him the next mr. vice president. let's see what you're saying about today's microsoft pulse question. for the first time since the rnc, melania trump is out giving a speech in pennsylvania. can she convince suburban moms to voted for her husband? here are your votes so far. 96% say no, 4% saying yes. one who said renee two tweeted me says his wife has been m.i.a. on the campaign trail and now she's trying to approach? what do you think? coming up, the fullcourt press, president obama in florida where he wrapped the first of two rallies in the states a few minutes ago. finally here, hillary clinton and donald trump both hoping to swing those key
10:33 am
battleground states in their favor. we've got a lot more ahead, especially some live events coming up next hour. hang out. you work at ge? yeah, i do. you guys are working on some pretty big stuff over there, right? like a new language for crazy-big, world-changing machines. well, not me specifically. i work on the industrial side. so i build the world-changing machines. i get it. you can't talk because it's super high-level. no, i actually do build the machines. blink if what you're doing involves encrypted data transfer. wait, what? wowwww... wow? what wow? there is no wow.
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10:37 am
democrats on the trail today, making the final argument for hillary clinton clinton. next hour he goes to jacksonville, florida. ron mott is in florida for us. how important is it to the clinton campaign that the president is out there making this closing argument, as you are, it looks like, on stage, my friend? >> reporter: i am. i'm on the presidential stage. he's left so we've taken over. he's the stronger together hillary, comes out this way. here's the -- here it is, the president, without the seal, though. an amazing speech. another amazing speech. this one was about young people. this is a huge multiracial institution, a huge minority community. the message was simple, get out and vote. the clinton campaign and president are very concerned about turnout, turnout in the final days. a lot of what the president had to say as well was about donald trump. ridicule, sarcasm, he keeps turning it up higher and higher. here's one of the lines you'll probably remember, something about how this is not a reality show.
10:38 am
>> this isn't a joke. this isn't "survivor," this isn't "the bachelorette." this counts. >> reporter: it counts and the other thing the president kept saying was, come on, man. it was a real sarcastic line he's been throwing at donald trump and the crowd really loved it. things are pretty much done here. he goes to jacksonville. he might actually bump into donald trump there because trump is there before the president gets there. he does his speech there and he'll come back to orlando on sunday, one of the final stops and the final stop here in florida, we believe, because he's going to be in new hampshire and in philadelphia on the final day before the election. but quite an event here. another one as the president tries to nail things down for hillary clinton, especially with young and latino and african-american voters urging them to get out and vote. hali? >> ron allen, thanks so much. appreciate that. joining me to talk about that philly trip is washington
10:39 am
post opinion writer and msnbc contributor, jonathan capehart. hi, jonathan? >> hey, hallie. >> as ron talked about, the night before election day, clinton is bringing out what a lot of people consider her two most effective surrogates, president obama and michelle obama, the first lady. how important is it that the obamas help close the deal in pennsylvania? does she need them in order to do that? >> she needs them and she needs pennsylvania, although the idea that pennsylvania would go republican is one of those things folks can't possibly imagine. what hillary clinton gets out of that big moment with them is a visual sort of passing of the baton from the sitting president to what everyone hopes will be -- when i say everyone, meaning democrats -- hope will be the next president of the united states. and there are no two, as you said, no two better people to do that than the current sitting president and the first lady.
10:40 am
the other thing to keep in mind, doing it in pennsylvania is not just about shoring up pennsylvania for the democrats, but it's also, since it's in philadelphia, there is a large african-american community there, it's about energizing them. also what happens in philadelphia goes out into the suburbs where suburban white women are extremely important for hillary clinton. so, she's trying to hit, what's the word i'm looking for, all the pockets of votes she possibly can in the final hours of the campaign. >> well, you know, you talk about her work to try to energize the african-american vote. this is something that people who cover the clinton campaign have been talking about for months now. she has so far not been as successful as president obama was. listen to this new super pac ad out targeting black voters. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. >> don't fall for what trump tries to do and just make
10:41 am
everybody deexpressspresdepress >> what do have you to lose? >> donald trump's closing argument is, what do have you to lose? the answer is everything. >> so, clearly a push here to appeal to african-american voters in places like philadelphia, like you're just talking about. why has she been struggling so much, even now, five days before the election, to win over that obama coalition? >> oh, because, i mean, there's no one who has more energized the african-american community not that first african-american president of the united states. in is something the democratic party has worried about since he won election in 2008. how do you replicate that energy? how do you replicate that enthusiasm with them not on the ballot? so it's vital he get out there. i think you showed that commercial, but he was on the tom joyner radio show yesterday practically pleading with african-americans to come out and vote. the first lady was on the steve harvey morning show yesterday
10:42 am
morning, the president did steve harvey show last week. like hillary clinton, the president and first lady are not taking it for granted that african-americans will come out and vote. and they know that if african-americans don't come out and vote in a strong as number as they did in 2008 and 2012, everything that the obama administration, the first lady and the president, have worked for over the last eight years will be wiped away by an incoming republican president. everything from executive orders to laws to even cosmetic things like possibly the first lady's garden. >> msnbc contributor jonathan capehart. thank you very much. coming up, we have a big day for melania trump as she targets the very voters jonathan was talking about, suburban white women outside philly. she's giving her first address since the infamous address in rnc. will her message resonate with those suburban women? we'll talk about it coming up after the break. r who never stops being a student?
10:43 am
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in about 15 minutes from now melania trump will give her first speech out on the campaign trail and first speech since the republican national convention over the summer. check it out. this is a live look at the room, berwyn, pa, suburb of philly. they're hoping she can make them make uhm ground where hillary clinton is ahead of donald trump. msnbc's chris jansing is live there in berwyn. talk to us about strategy here and how important it is for melania strump in the eyes of the trump campaign to try to connect with some of these voters? >> reporter: it's hard to imagine that donald trump has any chance here and he's already behind in the polls by more than the margin of error. but hard to imagine how he can win without doing better than he is right now in what's called these collar counties, four counties around philadelphia, where 20% plus of the vote in the entire state is, and where he has been hurting, except here in chester county. the concern, obviously, those college educated, republican women who left him after some of the comments that he made about
10:47 am
women. so far, you can take a look at the crowd right here. they were expecting 2,000 to 3,000. they set a big screen outside. they felt people would be in the parking lot. not that many so far. and they have the numbers lately. the latest poll, donald trump down 20% among women. in the suburbs here, though, 33%. there is a lot of interest, though, in melania, if you judge by the media, there is one, two, three, four -- four and a half rows of cameras from around the world, australia to great britain. a lot of interest in what she has to say. we're told by the campaign she's going to talk about, and i'm quoting here, what i know for sure about this man in my heart, which is going to contrast markedly from an ad i've seen run repeatedly from hillary clinton on local air waves where they use donald trump's own words about women against him. she's expected to talk about the need for, again, quoting, kindness, respect, compassion, charity, understanding,
10:48 am
cooperation, even in a place where when they first introduce the first speaker, people were shouting, lock her up, lock her up. a lot of tension, i have to say, in this crowd. they don't vote early here, so there's a sense, there's so much at stake over these next four days in getting their folks out to the polls, hallie. >> we're expecting melania trump up on that stage behind you, chris, in the next few minutes here. appreciate that. coming up this hour, looking at charges of voter suppression. less than a week to go before the election. republicans in north carolina accused of conspireing to limit early voting. and now new word that the federal government's getting involved. we'll talk to the executive director of the north carolina republican party about those charges coming up. (man) hmm. what do you think? ♪
10:49 am
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later today, both hillary clinton and donald trump is
10:52 am
heading to battleground in north carolina. essential to both teams strategies, the latest polls had clinton up by three points but that's within the margins of errors. north carolina has been ground zero for charges of violations. i want to talk about it now with the executive director of north carolina, dallas, thanks for joining us here. >> this hour, our nbc is reporting the justice department is planning to send election monitors to four north carolina counties, this is after the naacp lawsuit. your reaction? >> we don't know that. we don't know why those election monitors are coming but we welcome them. in robinson county and north carolina, we had two or three elections where democrats were engaged in broke buying.
10:53 am
and protecting everybody's rights to vote in north carolina. what's good in north carolina, we are seeing record turn out for early voting in north carolina, a lot of republicans voting and a lot of everybody voting. we had record turn out early voting, that's a great thing to see. let me stick on the subject, dallas. i am reading from this report here that came out from my ipad in the last hour. the state board election is aware that the doj is monitoring those counties. this sound like something you must accommodate here. the district judge was overseeing this naacp lawsuit. she's mortified -- >> you are trying to connect things that we don't know it is connected. >> you kind of have to accept
10:54 am
these. >> you are sorting the reasons why they are coming that you don't know it is true. >> the bottom line is, we are glad to have them. these are great careers, non partisan problems, they are investigating the scandal of clinton and we welcome them. we had had some problems at robinson county. we are glad that they can go down there and help. >> you talked about issues or your pretty good record. i want to talk about this batch of e-mails including some of yours talk about limiting hours in north carolina. the report ingreporting, many f angry of six days of voting and one week is enough. you injuurged on members to fol
10:55 am
early line on on early voting. >> the bottom line is we have conducted this election under virtually all democrats' rules. we voted on sunday. six days a week is enough voting. we had 17 days of early voting, i assume that you are in new york or new jersey where they have not had one single day of early voting or not one single day of early voting, we had 17, north carolina and republicans and our board of elections have offered more early voting sites and hours than the democrats ever did. we are seeing record turn out with early voting. we don't have to a suppression voting problem in north carolina. if elected can have these --
10:56 am
>> are you bringing props for our show here, dallas? >> absolutely. >> this is the kind of rhetoric we are seeing five days out of election. >> look, here is the bottom line. mr. obama was here in north carolina yesterday, chapel hill and had a big rally. he's not her. he's much more inspiring to people in north carolina to vote than she is. >> to vote for her. >> and with her e-mails and accused with problems and with the clinton foundation and people in america don't trust her. there is no suppression problem because early voting is vastly up all across north carolina. >> i am getting a hard wrap from my producer but i want to have you back. >> well, your produce should loosen up, we make good team here. >> thank you, dallas.
10:57 am
melania is about to speak and in about an hour president obama in jacksonville. a lot to look forward to, stick around. i'm so proud to make dog chow natural in davenport, iowa. you're a smart saver. you find ways to stretch your dollar. so why not compare your medicare part d plan with other options? call or go online now and see how aetna medicare rx saver could help you save. with a low monthly plan premium. access to over 60,000 pharmacies. plus $1 tier 1 generic medications at preferred pharmacies including walgreens and walmart. shop smart. compare your part d options today. and find out if aetna rx saver is right for you.
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that does it for this hour, right now we have my colleague, thomas roberts. >> thank you halie jackson. we see melania of her solo speech. she's expected to take the stage any moment in the suburbs. with no time left, this is the nominee themselves hitting the battleground with their running mates visiting vulnerable states in the west and midwest. there is surrogates flooding all zones as well. trump and president obama share the same geography today. both holding events minutes apart in the sunshine state. >> i just left, by the wa


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