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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 4, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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thank you so much. on msnbc, the final four, the final days of a presidential campaign that's gone on for more than a year and a half are here. election day just a few hours away. 93 hours from now, the first poll will open out of 50 united states. it will come down to a few. over the weekend, right after election day, candidates are concentrating on just a handful of states. florida, new hampshire, ohio, pennsylvania getting the most attention. it will decide the next leader of the free world and crossing paths thursday. donald trump will be in the same sate aga state again today and in cleveland for that concert rally with jay-z. meanwhile, trump starting his day in new hampshire before heading to ohio and then pennsylvania. it's the start of what will be for at least one of them.
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the last weekend as a private citizen. closing arguments sounding just like their opening statements. >> hillary can't be trusted with our security because of her disastrous record on foreign policy. >> i want you to think about every issue you care about. everything that is dear to you. >> we are led by stupid people. okay? we're led by stupid people. >> the best way to repudiate the bigotry and the bluster and the bullying and the hateful rhetoric and discrimination is to show up with the biggest turnout in american history. >> the nbc news and msnbc political team out in full force as you can see here. covering every single aspect of this campaign from coast to coast but let's start with our guy. nbc news political director moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd not sleeping for four
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days. let's start with some scenarios here. the race to 270. how narrow of a path are we looking at right now for donald trump? >> right now, the path is so narrow, it's a dead end if you just look at our battleground map right now where we see the states leaning. we already have clinton over 270 but let's go through the scenario here. let's assume all these toss-ups that trump grabs them all. north carolina, ohio, new hampshire, utah, arizona, and let's give them even the one there in nebraska and you can see, he's six short. where does he get it? i think the most likely place he attempts is one of these three upper rust belt states. is it pennsylvania? that would be enough, obviously. is it michigan? that would be enough. is it wisconsin? that would be enough if it happened. it's one of those but what if that's all blocked? where does he find six? he's flying out of colorado this weekend. that's another one he could find. so they're searching for another state to flip and know they're short. that's why they announced an 11
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state blitz where he's going around the country. they don't have one state to look for but multiple ways to get out of it. >> the state right now based on current polling, most likely to flip. is there one? >> i think of the blue, i think it would be new hampshire but of the blue states here, i think it's still wisconsin. i think that's the one. if i were them, i'd be camping out there and that's where they would have the best opportunity. they still think pennsylvania and i tell you, the clinton campaign, when you look at their final, look at how they're spending money. they're n the obamas, the clintons, everybody is in philadelphia because they believe that's a check mate state. they believe that michigan and wisconsin are out of reach. you put pennsylvania out of reach and as you saw in all the different scenarios, put colorado back to blue here where we had it. that is what they feel is check mate as far as the clinton campaign. >> tuesday night, what we watch
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for early, for instance, if, if florida's blue, north carolina's blue, it's over. >> i think one of the two, it's almost over but both of the two, it would be but truly is if they lock down pennsylvania, it shuts out and they think they still have a shot in arizona, hispanic turnout is still high and think they have a mild upset shot in utah simply because of the crazy third party aspect. >> and georgia. right now, just a point separating the two? >> and that's a turnout scenario. i think this is about african-american turnout. if it starts to increase, it's been sort of lethargic this week but if it starts to increase, watch out for georgia. >> stick around. i want to get to our reporters. kristen welker is in the aforementioned pennsylvania. let me start with you. i understand you've got new reporting on what trump's final
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days of the campaign are going to look like. what can you tell us about that? >> call it a final campaign blitz. in the next three days, visiting ten states including traditionally blue states that you guys were talking about. wisconsin and colorado and some others. right now, he's in new hampshire. he will be. that's where we are. this is where his campaign really got started. gave him his first primary win and throughout the general, polls have shown clinton well ahead including ours that showed her ahead by 9 just last week but show the race in a dead heat. it shows momentum for trump. so he's, in fact, just added a stop here on election eve so he's planning to wrap up his campaign right here. so the strategy right now is he's even said in his campaign speeches, to stay on message, on track, not to get too off track. here he was yesterday though talking about the military. some ad libbing. >> you know, when i look at these great admirals and these
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great generals. and these great medal of honor recipients behind me, to think of her being their boss? i don't think so. and, you know, the incredible patriots would never say a thing but i know what they're thinking. it's not for them, believe me. >> reporter: so trump ad libbing, pretty mild nowadays. does seem to be sticking to offense. those ten states, by the way, new hampshire, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, colorado, ohio, wisconsin, and michigan where he will be in the next three days. one more note. he hasn't held a formal press conference now in 100 days. craig? >> jacob rascon there. kristen welker in pittsburgh. hillary clinton giving an economic speech or at least what's being billed as an economic speech there today. can we expect the shift towards
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a mostly positive message from the democratic nominee, kristen? >> reporter: i don't think you're going to see a shift toward a mostly positive message. i think it's going to be a mix. we have seen secretary clinton sharpen her attacks in the final days of the race. i think that's what we'll hear today. i think she'll try to draw a sharp contrast with donald trump when it comes to the economy and particularly when it comes to policies that support women and families in the workplace. she's going to talk about things like paid family leave, making child care more affordable. but the reason why we're seeing here sharpen her attacks, craig, is we are seeing the the polpol getting tighter. you heard chuck talking about the fact this is a check mate state. the clinton campaign still ahead here. most polls show her ahead by anywhere from 4 to 5 points but she wants to defend her ground here. this is critical territory. then later today, she's raising some eyebrows. she's going to michigan. that's a reliably blue state and some democrats getting a little bit nervous when they saw that stop on the map.
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the clinton campaign said no need to worry. we're just defending our turf and making sure they don't suffer a big upset like they did during the primary. that was the state where bernie sanders pulled off the surprise victory during the primary. it is an all hands on deck approach from the democrats. not only from the likes of president obama, the first lady, bernie sanders who was with her last night but also celebrities. pharrell with her last night and she'll be joined by jay-z in the mother of all battleground states, ohio. >> really quickly, i understand there's also another prominent democrat on the trail in georgia. chuck and i were just talking about how tight that race will be and who's campaigning on her behalf there. >> reporter: former first lady roslyn carter and she's going to be focused on down ballot races but no doubt it's to energize voters and she's holding a trio of events and it's interesting.
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one is a luncheon and one aimed at millennial voters. there's a sense there in georgia which is traditionally a red state. getting the millennial voters out could make all the difrnls. lo the latest poll. donald trump leads by one point. 45 to 44%. so the clinton campaign making donald trump, may recollectikin republicans play defense in some of the reliably red states and think that ultimately helps them get to 270 but above 270. we'll have to see if it works. again, they have the big unity event in philadelphia on monday night. the president, the first lady, secretary clinton, and former president bill clinton. craig? >> kristen welker for us there in pittsburgh. obviously, the thinking there, chuck, being they can run up the numbers so high and offset losses in the real pennsylvania, if you will. >> western pennsylvania this time. normally, the description is always pennsylvania is a mini
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american map. it's blue on the end. red in the middle. but he is overperforming in western p.a. which makes it that much more necessary. >> let's talk about wednesday morning. if donald trump loses this thing in a landslide, what does that then mean for the republican party going forward versus if he loses this thing by one or two states and if the margin is there? >> i think it really is the difference between who's in charge of rebuilding the republican party. i think a narrow trump loss will give sort of the trump wing of this party and i think there's sort of three distinct parts of the republican party, this populist wing that trump, your sort of traditional conservatives on both social and economic and then your business wing. the people that had been the first ones off the trump train on the business wing. so i think a landslide type thing and then that business wing of the party. the paul ryan wing of the party gets to be in charge of the
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rebuilding process. a narrow trump loss and i think that pendulum switches and i think people say, if not for, hey, maybe i could have won wisconsin if you, paul ryan, had helped so the recriminations inside the party become more high profile in the narrower trump's loss is. >> chuck todd. busy man in the next few days. thank you for coming out. >> you too. working weekends. weekdays. >> is the deck stacked against hillary clinton inside the nation's top law enforcement agency? new reporting on leaks, rumors and rising tensions inside james comey's fbi. plus, new campaign low? the final friday on the trail gets even uglier as donald trump targets clinton in this masty new ad. this is msnbc. the place for politics. hey listen, when you tell our friends about your job, maybe let's play up the digital part.
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is there a group of rogue fbi agents in the tank for donald trump and are they trying to influence this election? matt zabatowski. matt, last hour, rudy giuliani, former mayor of new york city, big trump surrogate said, quote, there is a revolution going on inside the fbi. accurate or overstatement? >> i think that's a big of an overstatement although it is certainly true there's a lot of tension in the fbi. tension over all things clinton. tension over the eric garner case. i don't know that there's, sort of extreme as rudy giuliani says but certainly there's a lot going on there. >> and this tension is between, to be clear here, which groups inside the agency?
7:16 am
>> well, it varies depending on the case you're talking about. and the case of the clinton foundation, we understand field agents in the fbi's new york office are pushing on one side of that prosecutor and the justice department's public integrity on the other side of that. a similar dispute at play in the eric garner case. in the clinton e-mail case, more like leadership and fbi and justice at odds. >> what was the impetus, if you will, for this mutiny? >> it's hard to really trace the roots of it. it does seem to be centered on all things hillary clinton. we understand that agents in the new york field office for months have been wanting to press forward an investigation of the clinton foundation and they feel like they have been stymied by their bosses in washington including career public integrity prosecutors. not political appointees who feel like they just don't have enough to go forward.
7:17 am
in that culture, we've seen all these leaks that a lot of people suspect though, i don't know that anyone can prove or coming out of new york, the suspicion is that maybe they are disgruntled and want to air their grievances publicly. >> tim kaine in an interview with nbc's mariana atencio yesterday questioned director comey's release of the letter to congress. take a listen. >> when director comey issued the very krip ticryptic letter, disturbed and surprised. two protocols usually, not commenting on pending investigations and not putting out information on the eve of the election. i don't understand why they were broken in this case. >> matt, what have you found out about fbi protocols and if they have been followed here? >> look, it is certainly true that in the time leading up to an election, you are not supposed to take over steps in
7:18 am
cases that could impact that election and in fact, we are told that in other cases including the foundation case, the fbi was told, hey, do not take steps in this case that could become public and could impact the election. director comey's letter seems to fly in the face of that, i think defenders of him would tell you he was between a rock and a hard place. say this now. wait until after the election and deal with criticism that maybe he was holding back something that the american public deserved the know or maybe supporting hillary clinton by holding back something. >> matt zabatowski. thank you for that. hillary clinton taking her case to voters in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it is a state where clinton's double digit lead in the polls. that lead is all but evaporated. it's a tight race in the keystone state.
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the trump campaign out with a hard hitting national ad targeting hillary clinton for her ongoing e-mail scandal. >> hillary clinton is under fbi investigation again after her e-mails were found on anthony weiner's laptop. think about that. the most sensitive secrets unlawfully sent and received by hillary clinton, her staff and anthony weiner. hillary cannot lead a nation while crippled by a criminal investigation. hillary clinton, unfit to serve. >> let's bring in congressman brendan boyle, democrat from pennsylvania. hillary clinton supporter. congressman, let's start with the ad there. there's new polling out showing that voters right now give donald trump a 9 point advantage over hillary clinton when it comes to trust in handling
7:23 am
government. he has an 8 point lead when it comes to honesty and trustworthiness. why hasn't your candidate been able to do more of the course of this campaign to close that trust gap? >> well, first, good to be back with you, craig. it's amazing to me that a candidate who has broken a complete norm in american politics that had always been accepted that you would release your tax returns is somehow ahead in the polls when it comes to trustworthiness and honesty or a candidate probably the least experienced and knowledgeable about government to be nominated by a major party since 1940 is actually leading in that category. so i just simply disagree with the poll results and in the end, i think part of the reason why he will lose is because enough swing voters will determine it just wouldn't be responsible to put someone like donald trump in the oval office. >> it sounds like you're saying you don't believe the numbers but you do believe there may be
7:24 am
enough voters out there who say, maybe donald trump is a little bit more honest than her but i still don't trust the guy. >> i think in the end, it depends on how you define trust. i think there's a focus on hillary clinton for 25 years. it's not too surprising her numbers wouldn't be great in this area, but i think the question of who do you trust to do the job, i think she scores much more highly on that and i think he scores probably lower than any other person the republicans could have nominated. >> your state, actually, your congressional district getting a great deal of attention as you know. hillary clinton right now depending on the poll, if you look at pretty much an average of these polls, her lead there, 3 points. maybe 4 points. she had a 12 point lead a month ago. on monday night in philadelphia, you'll see the president. you'll see the first lady. you'll see hillary clinton. you'll see chelsea. you'll see bill clinton.
7:25 am
how real is the worry that pennsylvania is going to go red on tuesday? >> you know, craig, last time i was on your show, i predicted two things. first, i said the eagles would have a good season. you laughed at me. the second thing, i thought pennsylvania would be close. i thought we would mirror the national popular vote and even when it got up to 10, 12 points. i thought some folks on my side were being a little too exuberant and now that it's tightened, i'm not really surprised. i always thought we were a 4 point, 57 poi point, 5 point state. we were in 2012. i think though in the end, what will make the difference is the area i represent, suburban philadelphia and the city. trump is so badly unperforming what a typical nominee gets in
7:26 am
suburban perform and 25% of the population of the entire state resides. with those kind of numbers in such a big area and then when you combine it with the city, it's 35% of statewide voters where he's getting absolutely hammered. it's hard to see him do so well in western p.a. that he could make that up. >> brendan boyle, congressman, thank you for your perspective. go eagles? not. >> that's right. >> good to see you. good luck there next week. >> good to see you. less than 100 hours until election day. no shortage of polling. where do the candidates stand? how natural is the contest tightening that we see talking about? we've got the best in the business. a guy who has been following polls for literally 40 years. he'll join us. to do the best for your pet, you should know more about the food you choose. with beyond, you have a natural pet food that goes beyond telling ingredients to showing where they come from.
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coming down over the last few days. you've seen it. >> well, donald trump trumpeting the tightening in the polls. despite slamming polls for weeks. probably won't like the new ones. daily tracking polls showing hillary clinton with a 3 point lead. this is after she trailed trump by 1 point just a few days ago. here to talk about this final weekend of polling. i want to bring in nbc news senior political editor mark murray and nbc news "wall street journal" pollster peter hart founder of hart research. he has been on tv every election night since 1964. that night he was on television as a 6-year-old. we'll get to mr. hart in just a second but let's start with mark at the map. mark, what do you have for us, sir? >> we ended up releasing several red state battleground polls yesterday and some interesting findings. let's start with my home state of texas where we had donald
7:31 am
trump with a 9 point lead over hillary clinton. this is interesting because mitt romney in 2012 ended up winning texas by 15, 16 points. we have it just at 9 points. let's go to arizona where we end up having donald trump with a 5 point lead. there have actually been polls that show even a tighter race. the clinton campaign thinks it's tighter than this. and yet again, this is yet another red state where in 2012, it wasn't looking as good for democrats but let me then bring you to georgia where our poll has a 1 point race will, craig. and then a final red state that i want to be able to go through and this is a monmouth poll that came out recently and donald trump is just 6 points in utah and again, mitt romney ended up getting in excess of 70% in the election. this is a big important story, craig. it kind of tells you that the national polls might not necessarily be aligning with battleground state polls. underperforming versus mitt
7:32 am
romney's performance in 2012, you can end up seeing that hillary clinton could end up having a bigger lead nationally than she does in some battleground states that usually end up reflecting where the kind of the middle of the country is and for an example of that, let's go to new hampshire where there's a tied race. hillary clinton had had a lead but the polls we've seen recently show you have 42% to 42% or 44% to 44% and this battle ground, at least, it's a tied race. so very interesting findings, craig, and kind of all makes up for some unpredictability in the final days. >> i want to come back in the poll of the day. but peter, let me bring you into the conversation here. there is, of course, this plethora of polling every day if not every hour. what, for you, so far, has been the big story out of all of this polling that we've been digesting over the last few
7:33 am
wooe weeks and months? >> we take every poll as equal with every other poll and i would tell you is if you don't have a track record, be wary. if the poll is jumping up and down and all around, i would tell you to be cautious. if, as mark said, like new hampshire where you've got several polls showing you're in a dead heat, believe that poll or those polls and if it is something that's an outlier from what is the usual, be careful. >> why would that be the case? why would you have in the simplest of terms, how could it be, for instance, our polling is fairly consistent within 2 or 3 points and then other polls and you'll see a candidate might be up by 12 or 13 one week and then 3 or 4 next week. how can that be? >> it can be because their sample is changing. and they may consider likely voters in a different way from one week to the other. but is the american public moving 10 or 12 points in a
7:34 am
week? absolutely not. you have enough stability that you know where things are at, so when mark says texas is going red, you have a pretty good sense that it is going red. when you see new hampshire in purple, it deserves to be there. >> it sounds like you say methodology matters. >> that's what it's all about. i thank you for sbroointroducin as father time in polling. >> i said you've been on television every night. >> what can i say? >> more for you here, peter. the concept of a natural tightening in the polls. we've been talking about that ad nauseam here over the last week or two. what is that about is this what is this natural tightening and what can we attribute that to? >> i think there are two things happening. hillary clinton has been in the spotlight in the unfavorable light and i think that makes it closer. number two, what always happens is your party regulars come back. donald trump has had a hard time
7:35 am
with republicans. i think he's been picking up support because their natural home base is there. so again, i'd say, watch ohio. watch florida. that's what we've been watching since the tannon/russert days. >> hopefully you and i will chat before then but let's go to virginia and kind of talking about stability, hillary clinton has a 7 point lead according to this roanoke poll. that seems to be where the conventional wisdom is and that's good news for hillary clinton because it makes donald trump's path to be able to get to 270 votes. he has to go to the industrial midwest. or he has to go to colorado to be able to pick off another state. so at least according to this poll, hillary clinton looks pretty good in the state of virginia. >> mark at the map. thank you. and our man, peter hart. all good to see you, sir. thank you for your time.
7:36 am
the final jobs report before election day is out. it's been out for about an hour and a half. labor department saying 161,000 jobs added last month. that's below the 175,000 that was expected by a number of economists. also down a notch to 4.9%. the trump campaign clearly unimpressed. here's part of the statement. the disastrous jobs report underscores the total failures of the obama/clinton economy that delivers only for donors and special interests and robs working families. ali velchi what it means in terms of election. we like to call ali to help us separate fact from fiction. >> we are showing 161,000. you said it's lower than what was expected and the average this year about 181,000. but let me tell you. dmi economists will say anything
7:37 am
above is generally good so the trump criticism is generally off. unemployment rate. and some context around that. it's october of 2016. we always get the unemployment number from the month before. it's 4.9%. october in 2009, it was 10% and october of 2008, just as the recession was getting under way, it was 6.5%. still, i don't put a lot of stock in the unemployment percentage number. what you want to really think more about is jobs that are created. why does any of this matter? if more jobs are created, you can get a better wage. in 2008, the median wage for an american household was 57,400. half of households were earning more and half were earning less. the number adjusted for inflation is 56,516. this is the problem that people, households, are actually on average, earning less than they were at this time in 2008. >> wage stagnation, we hear so much about. >> that's your problem right
7:38 am
there. >> how do these jobs numbers compared to the jobs numbers from previous presidential administrations? >> look at the last six presidents. this is the average number of jobs created in a year. bill clinton was the mac daddy of them all. 2. 8 million. bush, 161,000 a year and president obama a little lower than average. 1.9 million going the way we are now. that's per year in office. not bad. >> the clinton years, again, what, 2. 8 million. >> a lot attributable. >> it was coming off a recession. that always happens. these are important. presidents get more credit and blame than they should for job creation. >> good to have you. dead heat. our latest nbc news "wall street journal" reporting putting hillary clinton and donald trump neck and neck in georgia. it's the last day of early voting in the peach state. chris jansing there for us live.
7:39 am
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it's the last day of early voting in battleground georgia. the latest polling there shows donald trump with 45% and hillary clinton 44%. that means it is a virtual tie. georgia has voted republican in every presidential election since 1996. the nbc news and msnbc political teams out covering every angle of this campaign from coast to coast as you see there. chris jansing is in decatur, georgia, for us this morning. chris, what's different in georgia this time around? >> reporter: well, the african-american vote is outperforming what we're seeing in a lot of other states. craig, i've gone to the red states where the clinton
7:43 am
campaign thought they were making progress and could even win places like texas and utah where that gap has widened and places like arizona with time and energy but it's here in georgia where it's too close to call and where this polling place has been very busy. maxine daniels is director here. how many people today? >> we expect 4,000 to 5,000 people in this building alone and 20,000 across the county. >> reporter: you have been very busy. how does this compare especially in heavily african-american counties and this county is 57% african-american. make the comparison to 2008. how does your turnout compare day-to-day? do you know? >> day-to-day is hard to compare but overall, we expect the same numbers to 2008. >> reporter: what do you attribute that to? >> the fact that this is an election where there's no incumbent president and we
7:44 am
always expect large urnoturnoutr that type of election. >> reporter: you've got a lot of work to do. >> about a week to put the election to bed. >> reporter: thank you very much. so that's really what the clinton campaign is going to be looking at. places like this, heavily african-american. obviously, the city of atlanta, and macon, strong turnout there as well but if they match the 2008 numbers, it will definitely be a big plus for hillary clinton. >> chris jansing there in decat decatur, seeing roslyn carter later in georgia and congressman john louis is traveling with miss carter. chris, thank you. inside the government's massive operation to protect election day from a cyber attack, what we have learned about the threat, the risk, and the possible response. ♪ one day a rider made a decision. the decision to ride on and save money.
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mounting fears of a potential election day cyber
7:48 am
attack as u.s. officials preparing for the worst. an attack on the power grid, internet shutdown or even a last minute data dump with false information. nbc, msnbc's cynthia mcfadden with an exclusive report. what kind of cyber mayhem are we talking about here? >> what more information we have today is the federal government is launching a really unprecedented response. the things you just talked about, those are things and plans they are making in case they should happen. what they really believe may well happen or the latter two. that's what they think that social media may be interfered with to try to affect election, who goes to the polls and where and who they vote for and perhaps this dump of information which would be dumped so late, there would be no opportunity to fact check it. >> are fishofficials seeing a correlation with the possibilities of what we saw two weeks ago?
7:49 am
>> essentially denial of service when the internet shut down effectively across the country and other places across the world. officials tell us throughout both military and intelligence sources they believe that may well have been a dry run for something around the election or an inspiration for someone else to do such a thing around the election. >> likely we might see something? >> i think it's really important to point this out. they do not feel that the actual vote tally will be messed with but a lot of mischief of who goes to the polls and who they vote for. >> your vote may be counted but may have to return to a house that's pitch black. >> i love that line and one intelligence told us that. your vote will be totally safe but you may be in the dark. >> thank you for coming in to break that down for us. it is the final friday before election day and as my friend mark murray and "the new
7:50 am
york times" maggie haiger man pointed out, friday has brought most of the bombshell news. the week could end quietly or close with yet another in a series of wave making afternoons. my next guest covering it all, in the house on friday morning. this is rare. stay with us. will your business be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order
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we take what could be our last opportunity before election day to talk with joy reid host of "a.m. joy" and this week, "p.m. joy" as well. and "miami herald" for some time. sunshine state, a big question mark for both campaigns. clinton with a slight edge but within the margin. what are you looking for in florida? >> florida, florida, florida. always an important state.
7:54 am
florida on track to bank upwards of maybe even 70% of the vote before election day even happens. we'll have a good sense of where it's going. in florida, you have a slightly higher share who come out early because absentee tends to favor the gop but democrats catch up. over the weekend, souls to the polls sunday helped democrats to get closer to republicans and edge them out in in-person early voting and cut that margin done. and a huge independent vote in florida. more republicans slightly than democrats who have come out but we don't know about 20% of the vote that's independent. which way it will fall and a lot of that is increasingly hispanic or african-american. and not necessarily good news. >> some vote totals there giving democrats reason for pause.
7:55 am
especially in places like ohio. voter turnout, early voter turnout specifically with black voters and down from four years ago. how could that affect chances for democrats and to what can we attribute that? >> i think in ohio, it's a really good bell weather state to understand the art of artificial increase in the black vote. nowhere did that happen more than in ohio. you have this incredible inflation of the vote and don't typically vote in presidential contest and i think it artificially inflated the vote to where hillary clinton is not going to match and democrats try to get close to it and get out the voters. these aren't people who vote in every election but two elections to get them out for the third one. jay-z is heading out there. and the obama campaign did it in florida in 2008. you can come to the concert, but
7:56 am
you pick up the tickets where you vote. here's one report. cuyahoga county, where the bulk of the african-american vote is, there's not a lot of other options to early vote. >> just one. there's only one. >> just that one. >> and one place to go. a quarter million people registered to vote in cuyahoga county. you say it's by design. you see some of the republican efforts to restrict early voting in ohio. we start to see the manifestation of the work. >> absolutely. john houston played a game of keepaway since he became secretary of state. if you sign the name with the inappropriate squiggle, you can't vote. on this part of the line rather than this part of the line, it's a key thing but in north carolina, i think that's the belly of the beast when it comes to voter suppression. i spoke with reverend william barber who you know earlier this
7:57 am
morning, 70% use early vote in the first week of early voting. so when republicans pass that law to change the way you early vote, what do they cut? the first week of early voting. surgically cut all the ways african-americans vote. a court reinstated that first week of early voting so what did republicans led by dallas woodhouse who put it on paper, on our air, republican operative in north carolina, he said, okay, we'll comply but comply in a way that helps republicans. what did they do? some places had 20 early voting locations and now they have one. doing the same thing in cuyahoga county so you have places in north carolina like goldsboro where everybody in goldsboro, where reverend barber's church is, one location. a recent hurricane. a lot of those places were under water. so african-americans are having a really tough time in terms of having enough early voting locations. north carolina is probably the most aggressive state in voter suppression in the united states right now.
7:58 am
>> what are you looking for come tuesday night after the polls close around 7:00? >> i think that you're going to see some surprises. i think that north carolina is now officially a swing state. obama when he lost it, only by 93,000 votes and won it by 14,000 votes. hillary clinton on track to win that state and made the joke about someone shooting hillary clinton who's also blocked three african-american women from getting either judgeships including the current attorney general. stood in the way of her becoming an attorney general. two african-american women waiting to be elevated to court, judgeships, that issue is now starting to percolate through the african-american community and very unpopular. so i think you'll see a surprise in democrats' favor, perhaps in north carolina. florida is going to be the closest state in the union. right now, that state is basically 50/50. once again, florida is giving us a drama. >> yes, it does. always good to see you. >> you too, craig.
7:59 am
thank you. our special weekend coverage begins tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. eastern with a live one-hour show hosted by joy reid. this tuesday, tune into msnbc for wall to wall coverage of this historic 2016 election starting 8:00 a.m. eastern. up next, reverend sharpton's one on one interview at 8:00 eastern on "all in with chris hays." tamron hall picks things up right now. craig, you can't have joy reid. she's mine. mine. >> no. >> all right. thank you very much. up next on msnbc, it's friday and that means the final weekend of campaigning. it's the last chance for candidates to engage voters and outline their closing arguments as both sides appear to ditch that traditionally optimistic tone we've come to know at the end of campaign.
8:00 am
>> if donald trump were to win this election, we would have a commander in chief completely out of his depth and ideas are incredibly dangerous. >> if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis that would cripple the operations of our government. >> up and down some. erratic race and others say it's been consistent. tightening battleground states and explosive new early voting figures with a significant uptick in battleground states like arizona, nevada, florida. may determine the outcome of this election. good morning, everyone. i'm tamron hall live from our msnbc headquarters in new york. can you believe we are four days away? and as we head into the home stretch, here's the state of the presidential race right now. beginning with the new numbers


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