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tv   MSNBC Live With Kate Snow  MSNBC  November 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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thomas roberts, my colleague kate snow picks things up. >> i like that. it gives us a break. >> happy friday, i am kate snow. four days left. 100 hours from right now we'll be close from seeing our first return on tuesday. you can understand why both hillary clinton and donald trump are racing across the country right now. check out this map. each of them jumping around three different states today as both teams rushed to make their final pitches to you, the voters. i want to start with katy tur. she's out in wilmington, ohio today, it is a packed schedule. i want to ask plans for the weeke weekend, i want to ask you about all the reporting about the fbi and there is a trump contingent within the fbi and people are not in favor of hillary clinton, what are the people saying about all that. >> well, they're trying to use
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it to their advantage. you heard donald trump talk about this red bear report that came out a couple of days ago. there was an indictment that was going to come soon from the fbi. the campaign used that leafly and feeds into their message that they need to get out there and getting uncomfortable republicans to come home to the party and to vote for donald trump on tuesday. brett bear has backed off on that reporting. he said it was art full and now he's apologizing and saying it is incorrect. it is unclear how the campaign will respond to that. they have not done so as of now. but, remember this idea that clinton is a risky move that she's under investigation that she could be indicted if she were in office is something that the trump campaign really wants to highlight. they want to say this in order to get those unconferrabmfortab
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republicans to vote for donald trump. he needs to get every single one of them to vote for him in order to have a chance against hillary clinton. they do also say, kate, that there are a lot of first time voters out there. low frequently voters who are going to vote for donald trump and they're first time voters or not registered voters or relying on them and talking about them and talk to them how there is a movement out there and there is one that's not covered by the press which is inaccurate. they do say their chances are a lot better than the polling shows. there is some internal poll that i have been talking to folks and sources in new hampshire about at least in one state saying he's really closing the gap there and trending towards, what kelly has now and there are a number of republicans will be voting for hillary clinton or not voting at all are coming
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home to the ticket. >> yeah, even the public polling in new hampshire has shown a tightening up there. i have looking at donald trump schedule over the next three or four days. it is crazy, katie, is that indicative of the push they are making, he's trying to go to many places as he can to tighten things up. >> he's going to go through many places. they're talking about a ten state strategy and did not just include the traditional battlegrounds like north carolina and ohio and pennsylvania but also expanding to wisconsin and michigan and colorado and some other states. and nevada as well. it is unclear if he's going to be making it to all of those states and not all of them are on the schedule. we'll find out if he does go to wisconsin or go to michigan. i know the campaign does feel bullished on michigan. they think it is a place where they can pick up votes. it is one where hillary clinton has campaigned in.
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they're a little bit nervous there because of bernie winning during the primary out there. bernie sanders that is. the trump campaign trying to capitalize on that. as of now, the schedule is pretty packed and three events a day going forward. >> katie, thank you very much, lets go back to the new reports that i just mentioned. out today, some other suggesting that there is an anti-clinton sentiment. trump suppo trump's supporter, rudy giuliani , says this on fox news. >> there is something you will hear about the next few days. i mean i am talking about some big surprise. >> oh yeah, i heard you said that this morning, what did you mean? >> you will see. >> rudy giuliani , you are lucky
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because we got to go. i am out of time. >> we are not going to go down, and certainly not stop fighting. that was two days before the letter and earlier today, on fox news, rudy giuliani was asked if he knew ahead of time that the fbi was looking into this newly related e-mails. >> and you looked at martha and look out, something is coming down and certainly it did. a lot what did you know and a lot of networks are pointing it out. >> all i heard were former fbi agent telling me that there is a revolution going on inside the fbi. it is now at the boiling point. >> from more, i want to bring in wayne barrett, author of the untold story of rudy giuliani of " 9/11" and of the great author of trump. wayne, thank you for being with
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us, i think you are by phone, right? >> yes, i am. >> particularly here in new york and retired agents. what's your latest reporting? >> well, he's been, his law firm has been counciled seled for ma many years of 13,000 members active and retired. he was honored twice in the last two years by his association. he did the keynote speech at the convention. he receive d an awad an award t named to him.
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this tension between prosecutors and the fbi, he was one of those federal prosecutors who always got along terrifically by them and he's beloved by them. he's had an ongoing business relationship with them for many, many years and he certain certainly knows a lot of agents and to have him say that he did today of this one way conversation with fbi agents. you know, he did not say anything, they just told him how outraged and offended they were. watch what he's done the last few months, he's trying to convince the post for donald trump or doing things that's official to donald trump. he talked about these conversations as other people
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and jim calstrom is a big trump supporter. >> in new york. >> he said and conversations with people involved. >> are you doubting that there is one way conversation and the idea that rudy giuliani is only listening and not talking about. >> i have known rudy for many, many years. i knew him extremely well when he was a federal prosecutor. i don't think he ever had a one way conversation. the suggestion being made that there is a group in several publications today that there is a group of agencies here in new york feel strongly that hillary clinton deserves more scrutiny. does that match with what you are hear sng. >> i call it a fifth column. you know, i don't think it is pervasive everywhere but i think
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there is certainly some agents who have been pushing this agenda. now, that's not something that depends on my reporting. look at the reporting that's been done and the times and in the wall street journal or whatever. stories indicated that the agencies in the new york office who were looking at the weiner's e-mails were the ones that went down and convinced comey to essentially issue it. >> are things at a boiling point as rudy giuliani said it. >> i think theyer at a boiling point right after the letter was issued. i assume that there maybe a bigger celebration. i think they were quite pleased of what comey did. i don't know if it is a boiling point right now, i don't know if they -- between now and election
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day. they should be quite satisfied of what they have done. >> wayne barrett, author and a deep knowledge of rudy giuliani , thank you for being with us. >> rudy giuliani will be joining "hardball" tonight with chris matthews. stay tuned for that. >> i am joined by hughes hewet, he's the host on salem network. i want to start condolences to you about the world serioes. we were standing on the eve of the seventh and you told me how the cubs are going to lose. >> yeah, there was the rain. >> it was all the rain. >> it was the rain. >> all seriousness of what we were just discussing in this news in several outlets today
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about the fbi and a split there. >> comey has got to get control of the ship again. is that alarming to you? >> no, thea number of them are saided th persuaded that hillary clinton got a free pass this summer. >> he had a validly investigation into secretary clinton and the foundation, doj backed off. there is tensions between political apipointee from the dj and investigators believing they ought to be pushing harder. the weiner's laptop really broke it opened. if huma abedin had not hooked up to it, we would not be talking about it. all of this heat is secretary
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clinton's doing. it is good that it is being done, i hope there is not any obstruction. let me switch over to bridge gate. other big news, chris christie has been found guilty on that lane closure scandal. do you see that hurting donald trump? chris christie is deeply involved and he's having two events this weekend out on the trail for donald trump. >> i like nate silver by no mean is a conservative. he knows the blue wall that hillary clinton constructed broken in new hampshire. it may also be breaking in michigan and pennsylvania. that's not going to be impacted by chris christie. that's got a lot to do as your prooef you report pointed out by katy tur. we'll have a president elected, secretary clinton wins under two active federal investigation
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including one which has been confirmed that some of her e-mails from state shows on the weiner's laptop that's not previously been found. we won't get the results of this until afterwards. if one exists, i hope he produces it. >> last night, gop nominees in the past in mesa, arizona, talked about romney campaigning for john mccain who seems to be doing very well. romney has been critical with donald trump as you know, here is what he said last night. >> i don't know who's going to win the presidency. i know that this, who ever wins is going to need somebody that's been in the middle east time and time gagain what it is and a person who understands what vladimir putin is and a person understands our military and the needs of our veterans. a person who understands how america is the hope of millions
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and billions throughout the world and that man is john mccain. >> he says all that about mccain and nothing about donald trump. is that discon concernicerning ? >> does he need to come home and yourself included? >> governor romney is not going to vote for donald trump. i am glad to see him out with john mccain. he locked it down largely not only in his record but in phoenix. the obamacare exchange and benchmark, its premiums went up to 155%. the benchmark plan got up to 50%. >> todd young is ahead in indiana because of the collapse in obamacare. >> romney will be out working make sure no matter who wins whether it is donald trump or clinton.
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>> we'll see what happens on tuesday. >> it is great to talk to you as always. >> congratulations for the cubs. >> thank you very much. >> lets check in with our clinton campaign out in brooklyn. she's done so often, my colleague, kasie hunt, you learned a lot about a candidate of what they are doing when you look at the map. we talked about trump, what is hillary clinton up to? >> she was in arizona. the rest of it is playing defense. she's in pittsburgh right now on her way to detroit, michigan, where we had the race there is tightening. still showing hillary clinton ahead but just a four point gaps with donald trump. he heads to cleveland for a
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concert with jay z. and manchester, new hampshire, this is all places that we know on tuesday, we look up to find out that she's won florida. there is no way for donald trump to get the election college votes that he needs to win the presidency. >> places like pennsylvania and michigan and new hampshire, where polls have shown that this is a closer race than it maybe has been in the past shows that there maybe some risks there than they otherwise thought. the challenge here and being out on the road with her all day yesterday and some of teahese events are on the smaller side. the staff at this point is feeling like and the mood on the plane is something along the lines of kind of fighting it out and grinding it out in these final days. their challenges is going to be try and convert that into that
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feels like. the concert with katy perry and the concert with jay z. >> they'll be in philadelphia for a final rally. they are still confidence that they are in a good place to win the election. more question marks today than there may have been in previous weeks. >> kasie hunt out covering the campaign. as we wait for president obama, you can see someone introducing him in north carolina. we'll bring that to you or keep an eye on it. up next, two of new jersey's governor chris christie former aids found guilty on all counts of the lane scandal, a case that captures the nation's attention and shook up politics. yep.
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happening right now, president obama in fayetteville, in north carolina, we are going to keep an ear out and listen to him while he's taking the stage. for the moment, we'll follow breaking news out of new jersey. two former aids to govnor christy, kelly and baroni have been found guilty. they were convicted of seems closing the two lanes of george washington bridge as punishment against the mayor because he did not endorse chris christie. christie was not charged. he's scheduled to campaign for donald trump. let me be clear again that i had
12:22 pm
no knowledge of this and had no role of authorizing them. anything said to the contrary over the past six weeks in court is simply on true. for more, i want to bring in our msnbc ari melber. >> reporter: guilty on all counts. the jury blocked the prosecution arguments that the two defendant shuts down the lanes to punish the mayor. he was not going to endorse government christie back in 2014. very tense, bridget kelly, crying and baroni sit tlg stokically just as he had
12:23 pm
staring at the jury, the jury sat there as one guilty verdict as one after another was red and bill baroni continues to say that he's innocent and both vowed to appeal that could take at least to a year. governor christie for his part issued a statement after the investigate saying he continues to deny any knowledge of the lane closures both before and during. he will speak out in the coming days. he wants to set the record straight. sen sentencing will be february 21st. both defendants could get anywhere from two or three years. >> ari, let me go to you. chris christie denied knowledge ahead of time of the bridge closure. it does not match of what we heard of the testimony. does that make the governor vulnerable? >> this was a total victory for
12:24 pm
prosecutor who says there was a political scam and they win on all nine counts and we know this governor's case, chris christie was in audit. is he on the list? we don't know and we'll never know. the legal chapter ends. look, we only charge when we think we have enough evidence to win. we only went after the people, these two is guilty according to the jury that they had the evidence for by implications. he did not talk about chris christie. there is not evidence after all this investigation and today's trial. that means legally, this is over for chris christie. >> ari melber, thank you.
12:25 pm
>> today marks the final day of early voting in the battleground state of georgia. >> over 1.9 million people have voted in the peach state and 53% are republicans and 42% of democrats. >> donald trump leading hillary clinton by a razor thin. >> chris jansing is joining me now from decatur. >> this is virtually deadlock there. i know you have been taking a look at the african-american votes because that could make all the difference. >> reporter: it absolutely could in places like this in dekalb county where the population is 57% african-americans and there is been a huge soul to the polls push. you mentioned that 1.9 voters, early voting could reach to 2.2 million compares to the last presidential cycle of 1.6.
12:26 pm
looks like they are going to increase the early voter numbers. john has been on the ground and knocking on doors and talking to people. what are you making of the fact that hundreds of thousands are in early voter this year. >> the voters feel it and they are showing it through a level of activity that occurs on both sides of the isle. >> outside folks, look at what georgia has always doenl. >> sometimes the last gubernatorial election, those are all lagging indicator. leading indicator is voter's turn out and excitement of this source. >> reporter: you are pushing hillary clinton, what encourages you? >> i am encouraged boo i the fact that turn out is so high and folks can make a difference.
12:27 pm
a lot of folks don't realize that most of the people in the country live in a state where they vote for president may get counted but it does not really count. only people in live in competitive states have votes who reallie really counts becau can really make a difference. voters know it by showing up in a higher level used in the past early on. both sides in the state knows that there are enough registered voters who'll sit this election handout and inside the election either way. as both sides know that, the turn out and folks are showing up to vote. >> reporter: you know the state, how close is it going to be in the end? >> i don't know how close it will be. presidential elections are much bigger turn out than midterm elections. it is a plurality election. folks know it is a close election. >> thank you so much.
12:28 pm
>> reporter: he says it is going to go one point either way, the reason we are talking about the black votes too much, black voters are going for hillary clinton at 91%. that's why places like this are so important to her campaign. >> chris jansing, thank you very much, outside of decatur. president obama is speaking in f fayettevil fayetteville, we'll hear more of him tonight in charlotte. don't miss our reverend al sharpton on "all in" with chris hayes. >> up next, millions spending on tv ads and team clinton out spending team trump from 2-1. after the break, we'll take a look at those tones of ads.
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president obama in north carolina, delivering a speech for clinton. lets take a listen in a moment. [ cheers ] listen up. hey, everybody! everybody, hey! i told you to be focused and you are not focused right now. listen to what i am saying, holdup, holdup. everybody sit down and be quiet for a second.
12:33 pm
>> listen up. i am serious. you got an older gentleman who's supporting his candidate. he's not doing nothing. you don't have to worry about him. this is what i mean about folks not being focused. first of all, holdup -- holdup, first of all, we live in a country that respects free speech. [ cheers ] second of all, it looks like maybe he may have served in the military and we got to respect that. third of all, he was elderly and we got to respect our elders. fourth of all, don't boo. [ cheers ] don't boo. vote! come on!
12:34 pm
now, i want you to pay attention. because if we lose focus, we could have problems. this is what's happening here during this election season, we get stirred up for all kinds of reasons that's unnecessary. now, i want to remind you what i was saying. we cannot afford a commander in chief who insults pows, attack a gold star medal, who talks down to our troops, says he knows more than our generals, even the republican senator said we cannot afford to give somebody like that our nuclear code of somebody that's so erratic.
12:35 pm
i want you to think about that. when i was sworn in as president, the next day i'm siting down, actually that's not the next day. just the next day, i had to sit down to somebody explaining the whole nuclear thing. it will sober you up, it is serious business. we cannot have somebody like that handling our nuclear codes. we cannot have somebody who gets upset because saturday night live does a skid about him and starts tweeting at 3:00 in the morning. that's not the temperament that you want for somebody who got the nuclear codes. if you believe in america's stronger when everybody does their part. if you believe america is stronger when everyone pays their fair share. yes. >> then we can elect the first
12:36 pm
candidate in decades who refuses to release any tax returns. admits he had not paid federal income tax in years and someone stiffs small business people who work for him or workers works for him who will not pay because you know what, i got more lawyers than you. the notion of somebody like that is going to be the champion of working people. somebody who exploits working people, somebody probably don't know any working people except the person that cleans up and the person who mows the fair way at his golf course, how can that person be a champion for the working people? if you cherish our constitution, we cannot elect the president who threatens to shut down the
12:37 pm
press when they say something they did not like. our constitution does not allow that. there are places around the world where that's acceptable but that's not the united states of america. pla [ applause ] >> if you believe we are stronger together, then we can elect a president who mocks americans with disabilities, call immigrants criminals and rapists. we cannot elect a president who brags being famous allows him to get away and if you read the description that qualifies as assaults. and who calls women pigs and dogs. michelle and i got two magnificent daughters.
12:38 pm
[ cheers ] and they are primarily magnificent because michelle is magnificent. [ cheers ] [ applause ] they're smart and their cute just like their mama, the thing that i am so proud of them is because they are kind and generous and we taught them to respect everybody that nobody is higher than you but nobody is lower than you. you don't lift yourself up by putting somebody else down. pla [ applause ] >> those values we taught our children and you are teaching your and children, we cannot have a president who everyday seems to violate those basic values. >> yeah. >> and the problem is that he's done it so much that it becomes
12:39 pm
almost normal. it is like suddenly, reality tv has entered into the race for the presidency. it is not even survi"survivor" "the bachelorette." it is like some love and hip-pop stuff. [ laughs ] it is just some stuff that up until this election, we would have said it is completely disqualified. and yet, somehow, everybody gotten accustomed to it and acting like it is normal. we hear people justifying and making excuses about it. well, you know, he did not really mean it or it is locker
12:40 pm
room talk, or -- well, maybe he did mean it and as long as he supports tax cuts for the rich or support doing the things we want to do then it is okay. come on, man! [ cheers ] we cannot be thinking somehow that just because he agrees where they are on some policy issues or just because you're frustrated with government that it is okay to display the kind of behavior he displays. because i want to tell you something about this office that i have been in for eight years. who you are, what you are, does not change once you become president. [ applause ] >> it will magnify who you are,
12:41 pm
you have more power in consequence. it will shine a spotlight on who you are. if you disrespected women before you were in office then you will disrespect women once you take office. [ cheers ] if you accept the support, if you denounce them right away because you are kind of not sure, well, what are you going to do in office? if you disrespect the constitution when you are running for president, then not only you are disrespecting when you become president but you maybe able to violate the constitution once you are president. the reason i say all this is
12:42 pm
yes, i am a proud democrat. we are not democrats or republicans. we are children of god's first. we are american's first. we are human beings' first. i got republican friends who do not think or act the way donald trump is acting. as a consequence, they are not voting for him. this is somebody that's uniquely unqualified to do the job. all of you are uniquely qualified to make sure he does not get the job. [ cheers ] president obama is speaking in fayetteville in north carolina. i want to bring in two folks that's been listening along with us, charlie sykes and tad, thank
12:43 pm
you for being with us. tad, i will start with you, from the beginning you can hear him -- i heard you say your ear pieces is coming out. >> i am told a military man holding up a trump sign and he was escorted out. obama was almost preaching, stop losing focus, you got to stay focus. are they starting to get worried on turning out and people focusing on this election. >> boy, that speech reminded us how good barack obama is on the
12:44 pm
stump and what a powerful surrogate he is. i thought he was interesting. he's left nothing on the table. he's throwing the whole kitchen sink at donald trump. this is the closing argument is to make this election about donald trump's temperament and the way he's treating wardriome. donald trumps and the republicans are going to make it on the e-mails. but, boy, the president certainly brought it to donald trump in the last few minutes. >> this is from a republican, ladies and gentlemen. >> tad, let me switch it over to you. i spent a good part of last night with my eighth grader watching commercials. he had an assignment in history class today whether political ads are convincing people.
12:45 pm
i cannot believe from both sides. this is from donald trump. a new one that came out. >> hillary clinton is under fbi investigation again. after her e-mails were found on anthony weiner's laptop. think about that. >> america received and exposed by hillary clinton, her staff and anthony, hillary cannot lead the nation. we are crippled by this. hillary clinton, unfit to serve. is that going to work in either case. do you think any of the voters have not made their minds yet or swayed by these ads? >> the purpose is to do two things is make people so sick of the process that they don't show up and energyize his own base.
12:46 pm
with the clinton's ads, it repeats the words of trump, they are persuasive and there is been impact. both campaigns are doing what they have to dochlt t. the clinton's campaign were positive but when james comey launched the launch on friday, they got competitive. >> charlie, i got to ask you questions about wisconsin. >> lets start with paul ryan, maybe he may step down after election day. just this afternoon, he came out and said, no, this is typical chatter, "i am going to seek staying on as speaker." what's that all about do you think? >> you have trump's world that's targeted him and morphing in to this agreement. >> ybut paul ryan pushed back
12:47 pm
den definitively, he's not going anywhere. he's the most qualified person to lead the caucus. if donald trump does lose on tuesday, paul ryan is the last man standing. i know trump's folks would love to decapitate the leader of the republican party, he's making it clear that he's not going anywhere. he's campaigning tomorrow, he is in wisconsin with mike pence, that's a sign of maybe aittl bit of date time between the two. we'll see how it goes forward. >> is that a sign that they're maybe thinking, i know they're trying to get wisconsin, what do you think of the whole notion of trump being able to take some of that blue states. >> i don't think it is fwoing to
12:48 pm
happen. the reason in wisconsin and pennsylvania, trump has been unable to consolidate the republican base and he's losing more republican votes than he should in order to win the election. they are there out of necessities and not out of opportunities. >> thanks so much to both of you, appreciate it. >> up next, oh, how sweet it is, tens of thousands of people swarm ing the streets of chicag this afternoon celebrating the team's first world series win. have we mentioned that in 108 years. we are going to chicago after the break. when it comes to healthcare, seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected
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comcast has connected over 3 million people in need to low-cost internet at home. welcome to a brighter future. comcast. city of chicago throwing a victory parade of 108 years in the making. millions of chicago cubs fans,
12:52 pm
those of us here in new york, we have to hang our "w" outside the house. that's my house and my daughter and i all geared up from watching. we are celebrating from afar, not like blake mccoy, he's got the front row seat in the city. it is being as one of the celebrations of the city. 108 years. that's how long it has been since they won their last series. how big the crowds are out here today, 5 million people between the parade and the rally in grand park. chicago is a population of 3 million, so people have come from all over, it is like a holiday here in the city. the last, one of the last time we saw a crowd this big in grand park was eight years today. that was when barack obama gave his acceptance speech on election night, that was eight years ago to the day here, among
12:53 pm
those celebrating at the grand park today, cubs' manager, joe madden, take a listen. >> the other night, we were out there and had a most beautiful weather and all of a sudden, it was the worst weather but it was necessary in the moment and our guys got together and we composed ourselves and came back out and we are able to do what we did and now we are all standing here today. so never be desereceived about . it is a player's game. from me, the coaching staff and everybody up here, congratulations to the 2016 chicago cubs players. [ applause ] >> reporter: live here at the chicago river, it is been dyed blue. the only time they dyeed this river is on green for saint
12:54 pm
patrick's day. kate, i know you guys are big cubs fans. >> it is something, i love the blue river behind you blake. that's just great. thank you very much, appreciate it. we want to take a look now at how latino millennial voters in the lone star state texas. >> we are going to win texas so big. >> hillary clinton and donald trump stumping in the lone star state home to 20% of the country entire latino population. enough voters to single handedly to turn the state blue if they turn out to vote. >> 18, are you going to vote? >> no, why not? >> i waited 18 years and my two options are not the brilliant ones. >> matthew rico lives in southeast austin. like him, five other million
12:55 pm
latinos are eligible to vote but out of that number, less than half do. >> why are you not using it? >> our vote is 1%, that might change it but it is not going to change it up? >> you don't think your vote is going to make a difference. >> it is that thinking that troubles carissa lopez. >> a campaign coordinator in austin hoping to get young texans to the polls and voting democrats. >> i am confident that texas is going to be blue. if we can increase voter's turn out, texas would be a democratic state. this year, texas democrats are feeling confident with the election being closer. >> this time, you have donald trump making disparaging remarks about mexicans and i mmigrants.
12:56 pm
>> hillary clinton is not the answer. >> i am a young hispanic republican. >> trevino, a member of the hispanic of texas. my dad votes democrats and my grandpa did. we still have failing schools and high poverty rates. >> still. >> trump's stance on immigration and his comments about mexicans. >> they are bringing crimes and rapists created a stir in texas, even from those who vowed to remain silent in this election. >> my parents are not rapists. >> highwow did you feel? >> that's the biggest lie. mexicans sent their best. >> morgan radford, nbc news. >> we'll take a quick break and we'll be right back.
12:57 pm
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i will see you on sunday more nightly news, up next is steve cornacki. >> thanks for that. from the nation's capitol. we are just four days away now from election day. topping the agenda right now. the home stretch is finally here. >> now, let me ask you, are you ready to choose your president and commender in chief. >> we are four days away from the change that you have been waiting for your entire life. >> a lot of volatility and four days away. where does this race stand right now? we'll head over to the big board and we'll break it all down on that road to 270 also on the agenda. does hillary clinton have enemies inside the fbi? new reporting suggesting protrump officials


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