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tv   The Place for Politics 2016  MSNBC  November 5, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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good evening to you. i'm ari melber a. by the end of this hour, we'll be two days away from this election. it is only 9:00 p.m. in denver. secret service agents rushed trump after the stage after a disturbance in reno. the secret service has explained the incident. there was someone who wrongly yelled out gun. officials searched the area, but did not find any kind of weapon. trump returned to the stage a few minutes later and finished his speech. hillary clinton for her part plenty busy. a few hours ago in philly
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appearing on stage with katy perry. here's clinton's second campaign event of the day. her first, like trump's, was in florida. quite a day on the campaign trail. we're going to start with kelly o'donnell, who has some of the latest on what was a brief scare, albeit happily only a scare and a bit of a miscommunication according to what we're learning from the secret service. kelly? >> ari, you describe it right. it is a case where perhaps nerves are on edge as we're so close to election day. and there's been an atmosphere that has included some violence and threats of violence on the campaign trail. tonight in reno at approximately 9:00 there was an unidentified person who shouted the word gun. that happened in close proximity
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to where donald trump was at the lecturn on stage. there was a quick reaction from secret service. donald trump was rushed off the stage. what law enforcement officials are telling me now in a formal statement no weapons of any kind were found, and they are continuing an investigation. the good news no injuries, no real crisis here, and we got to see in realtime the training kick into gear for not only secret service, but the local law enforcement who were there as they are at most events. but it is very unsettling to have an incident like this and to have someone shout the word gun when no gun is present. there are really two explanations for that. someone who thought they saw a gun and was just misinformed and was trying to be helpful or was it someone who was trying to incite something. in the training of secret service, if they spot a gun,
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typically all agents, all law enforcement, would shout that word which helps them to all to begin to move on to their training. it is one of the tools and cues they use for each other opinion when that word is uttered, much like hollering fire in a theater, it is something that causes great alarm. frankly, there should be real care among those who are attending an event to not do something like that when it's not called for. there is a lot of screening that is done for those who wait often hours at a time to attend an event. that screening includes checking any bags, being wanded, going through the metal detecters. they went through all their quick reactions to try to protect donald trump. then he did come back and resumed his remarks in reno.
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it was a scare. definitely a jolt coming just a couple of days before the election, but law enforcement says there was no weapon and they're continuing to try to figure out what actually happened. >> absolutely, kelly. sometimes we chase down the leads to find out there was nothing there. some days that is certainly good news. we're going to learn a little more about the question kelly posed of how the miscommunication occurred because we're joined by ben margio. ben, i'm told you interviewed a young man named austin who said he was the individual escorted out. what can you tell us? >> hey, thanks for having me. his name is austin crites. he was the man escorted out of this rally by secret service. we interviewed him after he was released. this was now probably about a half an hour ago when we spoke to him. he was released. he is okay.
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obviously kind of shaken up by this event, but he is physically okay. he told us that he was holding a republicans against trump sign, that he was there not necessarily to try and cause any sort of disturbance, but at one point he held up this republicans against trump sign. people started to try to grab this sign from him. i think that's where the miscommunication that you mentioned started. people trying to grab this sign from him. obviously in the craziness of that something got mixed up and obviously at that point, as you mentioned, gun was shouted. that's when the s.w.a.t. team started to come in. he was tackled by a vifew peopl and taken to the ground, escorted out, and questioned in a bathroom off to the side of this convention center where the rally was being held. >> ben, this is ben mgiving us
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more about the secret service incident. they ultimately didn't find a weapon of any time and cleared the incident. ben, what did he tell you about his interaction with law enforcement, how long was it, what was the questioning like, and is he basically released on his own reconnaissance cleared of any wrongdoing, or is there any other issue here? >> there really is no other issue. like you said, he was cleared under his own power. was able to walk out. secret service and law enforcement escorted him to his car. but after that, totally clear to go about the rest of his day. he didn't tell us much about the investigation. he does say that in spite of everything that happened and being questioned for what was at least 45 minutes that he is thankful for secret service and law enforcement because they were just doing their job and
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doing their due diligence to ask him all of these questions, really making sure that there wasn't something they had missed. >> look, this is a situation where having so much attention on it and so much reporting has in a very quick manner from my experience in the newsroom really got to the bottom of it. from what we can tell from the available evidence, the secret service doing its level best to diffuse a situation. no violence. according to your reporting here, ben, and our local affiliate, no arrest even necessary. thank you for your reporting tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> hillary clinton spending this last saturday before the election with these high-profile geo-tv events. clinton with katy perry and stevie wonder in philadelphia tonight. jon bon jovi throwing a concert in support.
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>> you want to be really involved in winning this election sign up to help. because when your kids and grand kids ask you what you did in 2016, when it was all on the line, i want you to be able to say i voted for a better, fairer, stronger america where everybody has a chance at the american dream. >> meanwhile, the clinton campaign making it clear it wants to hold onto to michigan. they have a stop there monday. president obama going to ann arbor. this was just tonight explaining the strategy while he was on the plane. >> we have tried to calibrate our schedule to be in states at the peak time for voting. so michigan almost all voting happens on election day. pennsylvania, new hampshire, and even ohio. so our schedule is calibrated around that.
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trump's is -- looks like he's trying to go everywhere all at once. >> trump going everywhere, and yet he's been boosted by some recent news. the big question has been suddenly what effect will fbi director comey's letter to congress and related leaks allegedly from inside the fbi about investigations real and according to some nonexistent, how will that impact this election? it's a controversial topic. we have a qualified panel. a presidential campaign veteran and former chief of staff to joe mansion, a republican fundraiser and political consultant, and a national political reporter for bloomberg politics. hey, everybody. welcome to live saturday night coverage here at msnbc. if you're a politics junkie, there's nowhere else to be. chris, let's start with the political side of this.
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donald trump by many estimations seems to be doing better in multiple places. polls appear to be tightening. is there any other major reason for that besides the fbi appearing, according to some, to be involved in this race? >> well, you have a natural tightening when you get into the last few days of a campaign. at least that's what the polls almost always suggest. i know it's crazy for people to think about this, but there's a percentage of people of this who will decide the day of. in particular in 12 you saw obama do far better in the public polls. in terms of the comey effect, if you will, i think what impact it had is with mostly republicans who were moving away from trump, who may have moved back -- >> but isn't that the whole point? that's no small thing. you have donald trump, a candidate who has been underperforming with his party for months and done very little in the notion of true bridge
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building, and he's gotten sort of allegedly gift wrapped boost because now you have republicans who still don't like him, but all they're thinking about is the notion that hillary clinton might be one day about to be indicted and then according to brett baier the next day that was a mistake and takes it back. this is tonight in reno donald trump saying things like this. >> if she were to win this election, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. in that situation, we could very well have a sitting president under felony indictment and ultimately a criminal trial. >> donald trump may be fact free a lot, but i doubt he would make this closing argument with that level of detail this weekend if he didn't have the fbi leaks to go on. >> but in terms of the political impact, here's i think the trump
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major problem. if you look in terms of where the story happened last friday to where we are today, you had a little bit of a bump in the last week or so. but it is starting to dissipate in the tracking polls. consider how much attention this got. he's still behind in every critical state. he hasn't jumped ahead in pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin. when you look at that -- in florida, he's done worse. the problem ends up becoming as much as significant as this story is is it moving voters. it may be consolidating republicans, but it's not moving those other demographic groups which he alienated a year ago with all his rhetoric. >> i don't to play map games with you, but you can argue he's up seven in iowa. that he's within the margin of error in iowa and florida. something is going on even if he's not on pace to win.
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>> well, it's no secret that it's been trump versus the media. trump versus women and even trump versus the gop establishment. everybody witnessed the fact that the polls tightened up on friday. i was sitting on a show on msnbc when we got breaking news that comey released the letter to congress. i think it had to do with the base of the never trump looking at this information and going i'm going to hold my nose, i'm going to put on a blind fold, and pull the lever for trump. >> republicans were already moving in the direction of trump before this came out. this crystallized trump's closing argument that most republicans believe, that she's a criminal. >> it's not accurate in the
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sense there was an exhaustive criminal investigation that didn't result in an indictment. >> every time this has been in the news, hillary clinton's horse numbers go down. it has been a political problem that she has struggled to shake. this last bit of news from james comey certainly does not help, but her numbers with democrats have stayed steady. there's no evidence that democrats are moving away from her. what she needs to do this election is to turn out her base. in the sense, the one silver lining for her is this will jolt the base. this helps the clinton campaign's argument that they have been paranoid about throughout this campaign of their supporters being complacent. >> the new poll to put some numbers on the point there, you've got 51% of folks believing she's done something illegal. chris, come back in here. >> listen.
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i think part of the problem here is when you look at any -- you have two candidates that have high negatives. let's just be really frank here. when you have two candidates with high negatives, it does create a degree of instability in the race. the fundamental problem that trump has in his candidacy, he hasn't been able to expand his base of support into new demographics. if you look at it in terms of what needs to happen for him to win, he has to have a massive turnout in terms of white voters. there's got to be a depressed turnout in terms of minority votes and women. >> which we're not seeing in the early vote necessarily. >> exactly. part of the problem here for trump is he just doesn't have the math. i'm not going to suggest for a moment that this race hasn't tightened. it has and there's more of a path for him to when i know, which is why democrats have to be really motivated and mobilized on election day. this is not one of those things where it's like, hey, we've got
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it in a bag. >> let me get a republican in here. do you think he can win? >> i think he has a very nar low path to victory. >> so you think it is unlikely donald trump wins? >> as somebody who a republican pundit sitting here looking at all 16 candidates in a primary, did i think donald trump was going to be our nominee? no, i did not. >> but we're not in the primary. >> i know, but we're looking at a general. anything can happen. florida is a very purple swing state. >> he would have to do florida, ohio, and what? >> he would have to do florida, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina. things are tightening up. >> that's a lot. >> final thought. >> florida seems plausible. if he does ohio, iowa, even if he does nevada, he still loses. he has to win a state like
8:18 pm
colorado, like wisconsin, pennsylvania where he's consistently behind. >> but it's starting to tighten up. >> super fast, chris. >> it's really simple. there's four states. it's florida, it's pennsylvania, it's ohio, and it's michigan and north carolina. when you look at those states, if trump can't win in particular, he has to win florida, north carolina, and ohio. that's a given. he has to pick off pennsylvania or michigan. we're going to know pretty quick in theory considering when the polls close where he is in pennsylvania. >> that's the -- yeah. >> it becomes almost impossible. >> he could win so many of those battleground states if he doesn't win the super six, he still comes up short. that's why it is hard to get republicans to explain it, but we're going to be watching for it. all a fun conversation. this is of course the last
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saturday night before the election, which means it is the last "saturday night live" before the election. 2016 did offer so many great moments. we're going to actually show you the best comedic moments of the year for a little light moment time. stay with us. it's worth it. right after the break. because, healthier doesn't happen all by itself. it needs to be earned every day. using wellness to keep away illness. and believing a single life can be made better by millions of others. as a health services and innovation company optum powers modern healthcare by connecting every part of it. so while the world keeps searching for healthier we're here to make healthier happen.
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testing. testing. gina. gina. >> alicia machado. >> who is that? >> thank you for bringing that up, lester. she's a strong political prop that i almost forgot to mention tonight.
8:23 pm
alicia machado was miss universe in 1996. >> alec baldwin as donald trump and kate mckinnon as hillary clinton. it's been a year of extremes in the race for the white house. comedy writers racing to keep up, but the campaigns themselves do offer some laughs without anyone having to do impressions. to reel it all in and enjoy it, we have jay thomas, host of the "jay thomas show," and nancy giles. >> i used to work with jay. hey jay. >> hey nancy. >> i love bringing you together. jay, what are your favorite moments of truth that were comedic this cycle? >> i think it's what he did to people. i don't think it's what he said. i'm going to do a republican and a democrat. he said to ted cruz how can you
8:24 pm
be an evangelical christian because you're the biggest liar i know. he started calling him lying ted. he said your father was friends with lee harvey oswald, which kind of meant he helped kill jfk. and he said his wife, her mental problems and her face, please find the picture this week of tre ted cruz answering telephones as a volunteer with the big donald trump sign. >> i think we have that. keep this picture up. what does that say to you? >> it reminds when shakespeare introduced the cockuld husband.
8:25 pm
you're a crook. close up. okay? you don't have the stamina to be president. >> yeah. >> the best one. he goes like this. she hates her country. nancy? >> yes. >> she did that. i just -- i couldn't believe it. i thought that's impossible to me. i found that he made people look silly and funny. >> i have to agree with jay. so much of what came out of this election was actual lines that candidates said and actual things. hillary's shimmy, which was captured so well. it's funny that jay mentions the smile. i remember reince priebus criticized her after the first debate for not smiling enough. you can't win for losing. i just have to say because with a guy like donald trump where
8:26 pm
appearance matters so dearly, especially with women, i just don't think i can get around the hair. i don't know whether someone is advising him or not advising him. >> nancy, he has promised as an ecological thing to release his hair into the wild. we both know each other. >> yes. >> he just did a shock jock thing. he said some things that really resonated with people. but it would be like if me or howard stern or some crazy d.j. or wendy williams ran for president. that's what it's like. >> that's why with the impressions you see so much dove tails back into an understanding of these two individuals that are somewhat unpopular. here is more "snl" clips. >> i wish that i was that
8:27 pm
hurricane, tearing through all of that hot miami [ bleep ]. oh, yeah. i would just destroy it. >> i'm really nervous. it is a very, very sad day for our country and for all women minus one. >> do you think he should drop out? >> no, no, no. give him a shot. >> nancy, one of the funny parts here is the fact that when these terrible things would happen in the view of many, that donald trump would offend, right? >> right. >> hillary clinton had to both say this is so terrible because of what he said while obviously it was the biggest political gift ever. >> of course. it's a very difficult path to walk, but i think she did it with a certain degree of grace. i hear more and more she's actually like digging into it. like can you believe -- i think she said something at a recent
8:28 pm
rally. i know. she was comparing the fact that he was talking about why hadn't she done more in the last 30 years, where was she. she said something like i had to hold back from saying, donald, where you were. >> she did the shimmy. >> you can't help it. >> jay, you look at this and what people decide they like, that they don't like, so to speak about some candidates, because there are lovable things. bill clinton, who had many a failure, was often seen as more lovable or human at least in a satire point. here's phil hartman's famous impression of him chowing down while with voters. take a look. >> ms. montgomery, last year i visited the capital of poland. let me say from the outset that milwaukee is a beautiful state. >> are you going to finish these fries? speak of the devil, that's one of those mclean sandwiches.
8:29 pm
isn't it? >> would you like to try it? >> well, maybe just a bite. >> how do you compare that to the way this year's nominees are coming across? >> the difference is that -- and i've seen clinton speak a few times. he's absolutely brilliant and funny. the thing with donald is he's the wrong messenger. i think on "fox and friends" they asked giuliani when he is going to say something rather than getting people clapping. giuliani started laughing. i don't think that makes him a president. >> sure. >> i don't know what he can do. he never said anything to me as a candidate about he can do something. i would have elected somebody. >> he never outlined any plans, jay. i like to think of him as --
8:30 pm
>> how about the way he does understand his persona? the end of last week trump started doing the impression of his advisers are telling him. cool down. cool down. he's got a comedic quality that people do like that. >> he's been trained. let's be honest. nbc helped train him. >> i heard about that. >> you might have a vague recollection of 15, 17 years on "the apprentice." despite his business failings, there he was on tv in a boardroom with his hands clasped saying, you're fired. it does help sell this persona of somebody who knows what they're doing. he's the put your hands together kind of candidate. when everybody says put that you are hands together at a concert, they clap. with trump, he'll say things
8:31 pm
like usa, america, safety. people are like, yea. usa, usa. >> with "the apprentice," you make the point if it happens on tv, it must be real. you know that, right? >> i live that. >> that's not actually true. >> he looks like he is having the time of his life. no tie. the baseball cap. he's having so much fun that i wonder if he's thinking, you know, being president is hard, by the way. you'd have to really read a lot of books. >> and you'd actually have to work. >> they're telling me we're out of time. >> i think he's having the time of his life and i've never seen anybody so relaxed who didn't know what they were doing. >> thank you both. you get the final punch line. >> love you, nancy. >> bye, jay. >> we'll give you a live look at denver right now where donald trump is expected to speak any moment. it'll be his first appearance since that incident earlier when
8:32 pm
he was rushed off the stage in reno, nevada. colorado is a state that donald trump wants to win back from the democrats. it's one he needs, and there's a republican congressional district there that democrats are trying to flip. we'll explain it joined by the democrat hoping to do just that straight ahead. flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ]
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welcome back. i'm ari melber. half past the hour. we're awaiting donald trump's
8:36 pm
arrival in denver. this rally would be the fourth of the day. it is supposed to start any minute. tonight in reno, donald trump was rushed off the stage by secret service. the secret service found no weapon. trump did return to the stage a few minutes later. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us, but we will never be stopped, never, ever be stopped. >> as for the rest of colorado, it is very close. we have partners over at target smart and they have found that more than 1.6 million people there have already cast ballots and the breakdown between republican and democratic affiliated voters, well, looks pretty dead even. you can see it right there. also a very tight congressional race in colorado. i'm joined by morgan carol who is challenging mike kaufman for his seat in the house.
8:37 pm
we have invited senator kaufman. he was not available to join us. people are thinking more about the presidential race than individual house races, although they will add up to define who the next president works with in congress. on the presidential, what are you seeing first and foremost in colorado? >> we're just seeing a lot more energy behind hillary clinton's campaign in colorado, and we are feeling the effects down ticket as well. we've been seeing volunteers packing field offices throughout the state, doing phone shifts, doing field canvassing to get the voters out, but there's a lot of energy here in colorado and it feels pretty good. >> would you define your message as completely linked with hillary clinton or you're offering something in concert with her, but something extra or distinct? >> you know, when we first filed on this, we've been running on a populist message really from the beginning, and i think it
8:38 pm
overlaps pretty well with where she's at. mine's informed by 12 years of having served this community on the ground that has lost patience with congress, i would say. so even before we knew there was going to be a donald trump or who was going to get the democratic nomination, we've been hearing on the ground in a swing state is people were really frustrated with a do-nothing congress, a shut down congress, a congress that was defaulting on debt, and people that really, if anything, have been on the brink of giving up on whether congress is a functional body at all anymore. just when we thought congress couldn't be anymore unpopular or frustrating to people, congress itself becomes eclipsed one of the strangest presidential elections we've ever seen. >> you use the term do-nothing congress. there have been periods where a republican house has dealt with a democratic president like under newt gingrich by being active or putting ideas of
8:39 pm
legislation. then there's some sort of battle over them. your argument here seems to be you have a republican house that doesn't even bother, doesn't pass anything. they have a majority. they could pass bills. >> i don't know what they're doing with their majority because if you put the party stuff aside for a minute, people are clamoring for student debt reform. in a district like mine, people are clamoring to see some movement on comprehensive immigration reform. we've had all of these issues that there's no reason we can't be getting some progress through, and what we've seen is a very boastful do-nothing congress that has made it its primary purpose to obstruct president obama and to obstruct and to be proud about it. and whether that's the u.s. senate that's refusing to do confirmations or the u.s. house that's refusing to bring bills up for a vote, america is languishing. congress is doing nothing. and that reality preexisted this particular presidential race, and so while a lot of eyes are on the presidential race,
8:40 pm
whoever is in the white house, if we don't get people in congressional seats that are willing to put congress back to work for people again, we have a very high risk of continuing this do-nothing congress. and i think people are honestly pretty sick of it. >> colorado state senator and congressional candidate morgan carroll. thank you for your time. >> thank you so much for having me on. >> donald trump cancelling an appearance in wisconsin tomorrow. is trump writing off the state? if so, how does that alter his strategy where he needs to put together a lot of states for the win? we'll examine that when we come back. (vo) maybe it was here,
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every day in this campaign is exciting and being here with all of you, the last saturday before election day, really gets me geared up. we are seeing tremendous
8:44 pm
momentum, large numbers of people turning out, breaking records. >> hillary clinton there says she's excited about the turnout in florida today and in wisconsin. latest poll by wisconsin's marquette university has her up by six. trump was expected to campaign with wisconsin native paul ryan tomorrow, but that was scrapped because trump abruptly cancelled. joining me now now for the straight dope is scott ross. you're in the thick of it. how are we supposed to interpret the cancellation, first of all? >> well, first of all -- and thanks for having me, ari. first of all, trump was going to hold a rally in wisconsin 20 minutes before the packers start playing up in lambeau. >> never a good idea. >> just a terrible, terrible idea. the numbers are what they are
8:45 pm
from the last marquette poll. clinton is up six points. if you look at the cross tabs on it, there's a gender gap of 15%. she is tied in the sort of the right-wing suburbs of milwaukee county, what they call the ring of fire. and donald trump currently has zero when it comes to african-american voters. not 0%. there was not an african american in the poll who said they're supporting donald trump, s so he has a real problem here. they have a massive turnout operation under way. i don't think people could name who the heads of donald trump's campaign are here in the state of wisconsin. >> how do you square that and hillary clinton's apparent lead with some kind of lack of coat tails for russ feingold who is considered a progressive democrat struggling to take back that senate seat? >> i would say this.
8:46 pm
in every poll that's come out so far throughout this campaign, russ feingold has been ahead. absolutely it has tightened. >> historically or how is he doing right now? >> right now he's up a point according to the last poll. >> which is within the margin of error. >> absolutely. >> he is tied. >> yeah, no. for sure. but what has been going on here is there's been this onslaught of money. scott walker's larger donor has written $6 million worth of checks to operations that are supporting ron johnson. i think it's like 5 to 1 right now the spending, but i think with the turnout operation that the democrats have and have been established for probably close to a year that that is what will, if feingold comes across the finish line, it will be attributed to that. >> i have to ask you about paul ryan that has tried to thread the needle this whole race.
8:47 pm
people think he has landed the in a place where he has no clear principle on donald trump or no clear loyalty to the republican party. he's done the best he can. my question to you, how do you think that's playing out with wisconsin voters and will it stick with him over the long haul? >> it's a tough one. he was booed at the event that was held after trump's comments came out about "access hollywood." donald trump was disinvited to the event in wisconsin. there were people chanting against paul ryan at the event, which is really -- paul ryan has been the sacred cow of republican politics in wiscon n wisconsin. i want to add one thing as to why i think the democrats have an advantage here and that is early voting. early voting wisconsin, i checked the figures before i came over here. 775,000 people have early voted in wisconsin. some of that is because we had a
8:48 pm
lawsuit. we got walker's early vote attacks thrown out. people are taking advantage of it. early vote is up 16% up from 2012, which was a record amount of early voting. you're seeing huge numbers out of dayton county, which is where madison is and milwaukee. i think that's some of the advantages that go on election day and just one last thing. wisconsin hasn't seen a democrat running for senate lose in a presidential election year since all the way back to 1980. >> that's an interesting stat in context. you mentioned paul ryan as a once sacred cow. i guess the question is he headed to become a golden calf if you're into exodus references. i don't know if you are. >> i'm no biblical scholar, but i appreciate what you're saying on that. paul ryan has enjoyed a lot of support here in the state of wisconsin. one of the reasons is he hasn't had real opponents over the year. this might open the door to some
8:49 pm
challenges in the upcoming election. >> we'll see. scott ross, executive director for one wisconsin now. thanks for joining. >> thank you. donald trump campaigning out west earlier in reno tonight where he was rushed off the stage in that scare. we'll talk with one of the reporters that was in the room. that's next. [burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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you may have seen this. earlier tonight in reno, there was a potential scare that was
8:53 pm
quickly resolved. secret service ushered donald trump off the stage after a commotion in the crowd. joining me is seth richardson who was in the room when that occurred. seth, this is the kind of thing that, first of all, you're glad that it worked out, no problem, no violence, no arrest. yet, any time when someone is removed from the stage be it in this case donald trump or hillary clinton or president obama, it's a notable and rare occurrence so we want to report it out. what did you find out in the room? >> a man went towards the stage and had a sign on him and someone yelled out he had a gun and that's when secret service got him out of the area and made sure they got mr. trump into the back area as a precaution. he later came out and turned out
8:54 pm
that, yeah, he was just holding a sign and the threat wasn't really there. >> and i have a statement that came in that is not the loudest station around and the secret service said, "this evening at approximately 9:05, mr. trump was removed from the stage and no weapon was found." while the subject was released, not arrested in any way. from the video footage here, it looked like a lot of people sort of on the move, which is the quickest course of action when you don't know what is happening. what did you see in this room? >> it turned to scattering really quick, people running for the back and people confused. . i mean, everyone was confused because you couldn't see what was going on. scattered and panicked real
8:55 pm
quick. people started to calm down and donald trump came out quickly afterwards. everybody was energized, to say the least. >> according to early vote and the latino turnout, it would look to seem that donald trump is unlikely to win the state. what's your take on the ground? >> it looks like it's hard for him to overtake anyone in this state. granted, republicans turn out more on election day but they have a voter registration in this state.
8:56 pm
some of that will trickle down to the republicans, so to speak. >> seth richardson, at that rally and political reporter for the reno paper, thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. believe it or not, that ends our special live coverage. i'm ari melber. you can find me on instagram as well. i am going to go to bed but you don't need to. you can keep the tv on and watch "all in" with chris hayes, which is up next.
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good evening from new york, i'm chris hayes. at this hour, we have duelling rallies. donald trump about to take the stage at an event in reno, nevada. hillary clinton about to hold a concert in philadelphia with singer katy perry. we are now, i can't believe it, just three days from election day and as of this morning, there have been nearly 40 million votes already cast national polls show clinton with a three-point lead although of course it comes down to the electoral college. clinton has a clear lead in 268 electoral votes in hand. she


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