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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  November 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive. good morning. i'm stephanie rule here on a sunday. why? special election sunday edition. breaking news, our new poll releasing right now showing hillary clinton with a four-point lead as donald trump set his final play in motion trying to win the midwest. >> democrat strongholds where we're now either tied or leading. >> rushing the stage. secret service swarming donald
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trump. >> bam, i get tackled by all these people who are just, like, kicking me, grabbing me in the crotch, and just beating the crap out of me. >> after a fight breaks out in a crowd, and someone shouted the word gun. the protester who started it all speaks out. >> and battle of the stars, beyonce, jay-z, bon jovi, katy perry to name a few all out for hillary clinton this weekend. donald trump cries foul. but now he has announced his very own star, ted nugent, and breaking news, "snl's" final crack at donald trump and hillary clinton going from fu y funny -- >> but what is even a putin. >> i'm running to the store. need anything? >> i'm good, sweetie. >> wow. to very serious.
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>> vote for, but on tuesday we all get a chance to choose what kind of country we want to live in. >> all right, well, we're going to begin today, why, with just 48 hours from the start of election day. and the final sprint is obviously under way. our brand-new nbc news wall street journal poll just came out minutes ago. this is our last major national poll before tuesday. it shows hillary clinton maintaining a four-point lead over donald trump, which is less than half of what it was a month ago. this race has clearly tightened. she has got just two stops today, both in tossup states, while donald trump is trying to breakthrough the blue wall that includes michigan, minnesota, and pennsylvania, trying to flip just one. well, guess what, we have got our team of correspondents literally, literally all over the map this morning from the state of pennsylvania to colorado and everywhere in between. we got the best team in the business standing by. i want to start with our own
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hallie jackson, here in new york city, right outside trump tower where it all happens. first, help me understand the incident that took place in that rally in nevada last night. >> yeah, really dramatic moments here, we play some of that video there. what we know what we saw as this was unfolding last night was donald trump getting rushed off the stage by his secret service agents. and a group of armed agents escorting a man out who appeared to be in handcuffs. what we found out afterwards was this, the secret service says that somebody close to the stage yelled the word gun, which is why trump was rushed off, but the secret service says no weapon was found in the crowd or around the crowd. question marks about what triggered all this. some of the questions were answered when the man who was taken away and looked like to be handcuffs told our local station in reno that he had tried to pull up a sign against trump, a republicans against trump sign, when the crowd began booing, et cetera, and that seems to have been what triggered this. trump, a couple of minutes after
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the incident, got back up on stage in reno, saying he was defiant, saying we will never be stopped. he also in a statement thanked the secret service for their actions, and then to be honest, late night rally in denver, didn't bring it up. he moved on to other campaign issues. it was a moment that everyone watched. last time i remember something like that happening was in dayton, ohio, back in the spring, way back in march when secret service agents jumped up on stage then and then, of course, that vegas incident in june when a man, a protester in the crowd, a british man tried to apparently grab a gun from a police officer there. so this is the most recent incident, just a couple of days before election day. >> to your point, donald isn't letting up, from reno to colorado, and where is he spending the next couple of days? >> no. eight states. he's got a packed schedule. and it is an interesting schedule, and you look at where he's visiting. let's talk about today. he's all but giving up on wiscons wisconsin, his campaign canceled a planned stop there. he is adding a stop
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interestingly in minnesota, this is a state where currently hillary clinton has, i think, about a seven or six-point lead. minnesota has not voted for republicans since 1972. not even during that sort of 49-state landslide for ronald reagan, walter mondale's home state, went for him, but the campaign manager said this morning that they see minnesota within three points. interesting some say head scratching stop for trump, but i'll tell you what the priority is, michigan, that is where his last campaign stop will be, monday night, 11:00 p.m., last one before election day, really trying to pull out all the stops there, that's the battleground that is typically blue that they think they can flip the most. the other one, iowa, where a new poll shows that trump is up over clinton by seven points. so a lot of state talk over the next 48 hours as we look at how the battleground map is unfolding. >> michigan is a state where you have a whole lot of angry americans who certainly feel forgotten. thanks, hallie. we have to turn to hillary clinton. we're learning more about she's
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going to be spending her final days of the campaign rallying her base and playing defense and kristen welker has more. >> hey, steph, good morning. a top clinton campaign official says the mood inside the campaign now, energized, focused and aiming to stay on offense. it is all hand on deck for the democrats. that's why you have top names from the entertainment and political world jumping in, helping secretary clinton, we saw that on display last night. she had had the big concert with katy perry, later today, joined we the king, lebron james in cleveland. and then at the end of the evening, she'll hold an event with james taylor in new hampshire. other top political surrogates out on the trail as well, from eice president to president obama and the first lady from now until election day. in terms of her strategy, let's take a look at the states where she's going to be in these next 48 hours. ohio, new hampshire, north carolina, michigan, and pennsylvania. now, that michigan stop is raising some eyebrows. the reason, that is a reliably
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blue state, but the polls there getting tight, she does have a lead, but up by four points. donald trump making a strong push in that state. if he can pick off that state, it would significantly complicate clinton's path to 270, so she really wants to hold court there. clinton officials feeling energized, emboldened by the fact you've seen a strong latino turnout in states like nevada, but they want to hold their ground here in a key battleground state like pennsylvania. that is why there is going to be so much focus on this state, they're going to be more than 1 million volunteers nationwide knocking on doors, pointing the pavement, trying to get out the vote, including thousands coming right here to philadelphia alone from neighboring d.c. and new york. their message is going to be every vote matters. >> thank you, kristen. i want to bring in conservative radio host and msnbc contributor charlie sykes, also with me anesh al cinder. michigan, pennsylvania,
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minnesota. minnesota is a state that hasn't voted republican since 1972. when i look at the new nbc poll out right now, that has hillary clinton up four, why does it make sense for donald trump to be in these blue states? >> minnesota makes no sense whatsoever. he bailed out of wisconsin here when somebody in his campaign realized that the rally that he had scheduled for later today, with paul ryan, that would have been quite a rally, was actually scheduled opposite a green bay packer game. which tells you a little bit about -- a little bit about what is going on in this campaign. did not occur to anybody that the worst possible thing you could do would be to come to wisconsin in the middle of a packer game. that tells me that a lot of this stuff is just throwing stuff up against the wall. this is a tightening race, no question about it. given the -- i guess the disparity in the ground game, in the turnout, and the digital campaigns, between these two campaigns, i think that, you know, if it is a coin flip in these states, the advantage has
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got to go to hillary clinton. >> minnesota and wisconsin might not make sense. let's talk about michigan for a moment. while you have people who might not be classic republicans, this is michigan. people who are dramatically hurt by the financial crisis, flint, michigan, where people have written their houses down to zero, and have no chance of a job. is the need, the desperate desire for change, so strong in a state like that, donald trump could flip it? >> it is really hard that he could flip it, but this idea is that bernie sanders won michigan and he won michigan on the same kind of message that donald trump has, this idea that the trade unions and the trade issues that hillary clinton supported at one point, that those are the things that hurt your family, so he made it very personal. and he said, these factories, the reason you don't have a job, the reason why your grandfather could retire and you are now kind of stuck in this place where you're not sure about your future, it is because of the clintons. i made that very clear. i think that donald trump, this is something he's really been coming to hillary clinton from the left really, and he's really
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been trying to ease this issue to really speak to people in the midwest. i think michigan in their minds thinks that they think they can flip it. whether or not that can actually happen, this is a very still working class, blue state, whether that is going to be something that they can do is up in the air. i think donald trump is looking at bernie sanders victory there and saying i could do that too. >> i want to play a part for you, donald trump spoke in reno last night where there was that incident and i want to share with you for a moment what he said. >> it is being reported that certain key democratic polling locations in clark county were kept open for hours and hours beyond closing time to bus and bring democratic voters in. folks, it is a rigged system. >> okay, charlie. it was a rig system a week ago when the polls looked so bad for him. in the last week, we haven't heard donald mention a rigged
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system or bad poll numbers because the polls were liking him, now we're back to a rigged system. is this a hint that donald trump is starting to concede, starting to acknowledge, i'm losing, better blame the system? >> breaking news that donald trump is not going it be a gracious good loser here. what he's describing is one of the big stories of the weekend, the explosion in the latino vote, and what a dramatic picture out of nevada. in retrospect, we'll look back on this campaign, perhaps, and say, wow, that was relatively predictable, this a campaign that began with a demonization of immigrants, mexican-americans, using language that donald trump used, would end when he basically awoke the sleeping giant of the hispanic vote. and you saw hundreds if not thousands of latino voters turning out, and these were the voters that republicans needed to win over. it was obvious four years ago that republicans had no future, if you didn't get a large portion of hispanic vote. and now they're turning out and the trump campaign is reacting the way the trump campaign has
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reacted by trying to make excuses about it. but, you know this is this campaign reaping what it sewed from the beginning. >> your paper in the new york times reported it is the latino vote that could help hillary clinton in places like arizona, florida, which are so important. we saw after the last election the autopsy, the republican party did, where they said, we have got to get african-americans and latinos and women. is it latinos that are going to help push hillary clinton over the edge here? over the top, not the edge. edge is the wrong direction if you want to win something. >> latinos would definitely be part -- if she wins, it will have to be in large part because of latinos. i've talked to a lot of republican strategists who -- this is why the republican party, the establishment was so angry when donald trump was the nominee. you had that never trump movement because they understood very quickly that he was exactly the oppositef what they were trying to do. this idea is they were trying to convince hispanic voters and
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african-american voters, do some real initiatives that they could be republicans, they should trust the republican party and donald trump really just did away with -- he undid a lot of the small work that they were doing. so i think the voters will be big. and there is this idea that hillary clinton was really going to try to re-create the obama coalition, but she's showing she'll have her own coalition and latinos and women will be key to that. >> donald trump has clearly fired up his base. the question is, we have been asking this question for months, is that base too small, we have two days to go. charlie, thank you so much for joining me this morning. we have to take a quick break and pay the bills. coming up, that scary moment at the trump rally in reno. the secret service rushing him off the stage. now the man who sparked the incident is speaking out. >> i literally just had one sign that said republicans against trump. >> that man said he feared for his life, but, first, i want to share with you something i've been working on for last two days. we're going to show you what we heard from voter on the street
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here in new york city. >> a lot of people are concerned that politics is so ugly this year. >> it is. i'm afraid to bring it up. there so much rhetoric and mudslinging, it is hard to tell where anybody stands. [ keyboard typing ]
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more now on those frightening moments at a trump rally last night in reno, nevada. secret service rushed donald trump off stage after someone in the crowd yelled gun and complete chaos erupted. cops removed one protester who tried to hold up a sign that read republicans against trump. >> people just kicking me, grabbing my arms, twisting and finally i'm very thankful for the law enforcement who was able to quickly come because had they not been there, it is possible these people could have strangled me and killed me on the spot. >> i mean, hello.
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i want to bring in msnbc law enforcement analyst jim cavanaugh, joins me from tennessee. it is unclear who yelled gun and there was no weapon found. so when is your reaction? >> well, first of all, the secret service and the reno police did a great job. they ushered quickly, no gun found, so you know pretty good work by law enforcement. certainly not an attempted assassination as people said publicly, more like an attempt at free speech, that was beaten down. only crime looks like here is an assault. the police did the right thing. they didn't arrest the man with the sign who said, you know, republicans against trump. so, you know, whether they'll be able to charge anybody with assault remains to be seen. >> as you said, he was holding up a sign, republicans against trump. donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway moments ago on cnn said that man, the protester was a democratic operative.
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would it matter either way? >> doesn't matter what party, doesn't matter if he's from mars. if he's a man with a sign at a rally, y can't beat him up and can't assault him. it is free speech. that's what america is all about. there is no assassination attempt. any claim at that is hog swal as we say in tennessee. but the secret service performance here is excellent. reno pd is excellent. they even saved the protester from being severely beaten. so they did a great job. but, you know, as far as whether anybody can be arrested for the assault, i say that remains to be seen. >> one thing interesting, donald trump returned to the stage just a few minutes after everything was given, the clear, the okay. how vulnerable are these candidates when they're up there on stage? when you stheem coee them come that's interesting. >> yeah, it is. it is. what you got here is a secret service professionals, they can assess that situation quickly, clearly.
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they have control behind the stage. i've been behind the stage myself with the secret service details with the candidates. they have total control back there, a few feet away. they control the front line. they know everything that is going on in there. they felt very secure. they found out who this guy was, he was interviewed quickly, and they're advising the candidate, it is okay, you can go back. he's relying on the secret service and he was safe there. in any charged political climate, as we know from our history, it can be always dangerous for any political candidate in the history of america. >> i want to stay on the danger factor. i do not want to be an alarmist here, but we have got two days left, this is a very angry, divisive election, what kind of screening takes place before people are allowed to enter into these venues. as you said, the protester said he feared for his life. >> right. he was being pummeled, looked like he was on the ground, a crowd on him from his own witness statement being punched and kicked and grabbed. so, he was in danger apparently.
6:21 am
i'm not sure anybody else was in danger. the candidate was removed quickly. yes, there is a danger when the tempo goes up. there is not ever a candidate that doesn't receive some threats. but the secret service is able to, you know, analyze those threats through their protective intelligence division to see what the level is. and as you get closer, there is always a little tempo. but i think they have a good control of it right now. anything can happen, steph. you're right to be alert to those issues and i tell you, the service is very alert to them in the waning days of an election. they're on their game. they know that happens. and they're going to be ready. >> tensions are high. feel like they're only getting higher. thank you for joining me this morning. >> thank you, steph. next, it may all come down to the ground game on tuesday. that's what helped obama so much last time around. we're going to take you to the battlegrounds and the populations each side are trying to get out and vote. plus, the celebrities have come out in force for hillary
6:22 am
clinton. but there is a secret strategy behind the concerts. >> i've always been a huge clinton fan. i'm excited to see a woman president finally. >> how about you? >> no. i don't think being a woman in this day and age should be a reason to vote for someone. dakota's nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed.
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welcome back. it is time for your morning primer. everything you need to know to get your day started. we're going to begin with it being less than 48 hours before the polls open, we're in the homestretch,ild donald trump is sprinting through five swing states today including iowa, michigan and virginia, while hillary clinton is holding an event in ohio with lebron often known as king james before heading to new hampshire. three weeks into the battle for mosul, iraqi led forces are now converging on the isis held city's southern borders near the mosul airport. it comes just days after iraqi forces pierced the city's
6:26 am
eastern edge for the first time in over two years. devastating story down in south carolina, a man accused of keeping a woman chained inside a metal container has been linked to a total of seven killings. police say todd kohlhepp pointed out two grave sites on his property. the who was briefly placed on lockdown yesterday after a man if a mask walked near the grounds with a gun. the man was taken into custody after a struggle with the secret service. a blast from the past, on last night's "saturday night live", the church lady didn't hold back when it came to xarg the presidential nominees. >> well, it is a tough choice we have on tuesday, don't we, colin. do we vote for a bitter female android from the '90s, or riverboat gambler with a big tummy and orange head? >> so you have not chosen a
6:27 am
candidate yet? >> jesus is not on the ballot, colin. >> you can always write him in. two days to go and the presidential nominees, they're macking a closing argument to voters in a mad dash across the country. what are we doing? following them with the best team of reporters in the business, blanketing the swing states. let's take you to ohio, where donald trump has a five point lead in the latest polling, jolene kent is live. >> good morning. the millennial vote is very critical. we're here on ohio state university campus where the democrats are turning out in favor of hillary clinton. a lot of students here very passionate about senator bernie sanders and moved over their vote. this is all coming together as many have early voted across the state of ohio, though, jobs and the economy continue to be a very important issue. especially for the thousands of steel workers who have lost
6:28 am
their jobs. that vote is now going more towards donald trump, in addition to hillary clinton, and changing here. what we have seen in several counties, though, is that voter turnout is high, up 50% over the last week alone. we expect record turnout here in franklin county where they say vote totals have already surpassed what we have seen in 2012. the lines, of course, are very long. but moving quickly. >> now to florida where it couldn't get any closer, donald calls it his second home. mariana is in jacksonville where it is the last day of early voting and where mitt romney beat barack obama back in 2012. >> hey, stephanie. as you mentioned, it is the last day of early voting here in the sunshine state, it is rainy where i am now, but that hasn't stopped people from coming in and out of this polling station, behind me. i'm seven hours north of miami and the city of jacksonville as you said, and this is home to a
6:29 am
different kind of florida voter than southern counterparts. here in this county, duvall county, white voters make up 60% of the electorate. jacksonville is also home to 85,000 veterans. in other words, steph, this is donald trump's base in florida. and two days out, he really needs people here to turn out for him if he is to have any chance of winning the white house. >> rudy giuliani said florida is a must win. if donald doesn't win it, it is game over. we have to take you to pennsylvania. heading north, the latest polling showing hillary clinton with a slight lead there. msnbc's casey hunt is live in philadelphia. i know you didn't go to philly for the katy perry show. what are you doing there? >> i -- we are here outside the hotel where hillary clinton has gathered with i'd call it extended clinton world, the extended clinton family, a lot of nostalgia here last night after that katy perry concert as
6:30 am
a lot of these aides gathered to reminisce. because it is really the final, final push here. many of these people are in philadelphia, working on get out the vote efforts across the state. philadelphia area is absolutely critical. both the african-american vote here in the city and also the -- in the suburbs, there are a lot of republican women, that is the area where i grew up, who frankly have not seemed to be willing to vote for trump, but you've seen such a push from the trump campaign lately, melania trump giving her speech there. the challenge for them, can they get their voters to the polls today? hillary clinton heading out later for an event in cleveland with lebron james. >> now we got to take a turn. we're going to stay singing. but in north carolina where hillary clinton is holding a three-point lead, but that lead is within the margin of error, earlier this week, president obama was there telling people they can change this election, they must vote. morgan radford is live inside a church in winston-salem with the key african-american vote is.
6:31 am
i can hear the singing. >> that's right. welcome to a praise and worship service in my home state of north carolina. predominantly african-american church in the heart of winston-salem and this is the vote that both candidates are trying to get just days before the election, this final stretch. this was the critical vote that some say made a difference in 2008 and 2012, for president barack obama and this is the vote now that both candidates are trying to get as older african-americans here, remember when they had to fight for their right to this vote and now their grandchildren are saying it is their duty to go to the polls on tuesday. >> thank you so much, morgan. thank you to all of our incredible reporters across the country. i'm going to say it, wean sit here on this beautiful set in new york cit all day long and tell you what the country feels like, but it is that team on the road, those road warriors, who have taken us there. thank you. president obama in an interview with msnbc says the fbi should not be politicized.
6:32 am
this as tim kaine says that's is exactly what has happened and they're targeting hillary clinton. we're going to dive into that debate next. >> is there a candidate you think can protect our nation better than the other? >> yes, i can. >> who? >> donald trump. >> i know he doesn't have the experience, but i trust his instincts better than i do hillary clinton. it's easy to love your laxative...
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...when that lax loves your body back. only miralax hydrates, eases, and softens to unblock naturally. so you have peace of mind from start to finish. love your laxative. miralax. the final nbc news wall street journal poll before the election was released just minutes ago. it has hillary clinton with a four-point lead over donald trump. it is one of the few national polls that has her lead stabilizing. joining me now is msnbc political analyst and conservative radio talk show host hugh hewitt. our new poll has hillary pulling ahead. do you think the state polls will follow? >> i really don't know. i can't predict the pennsylvania and michigan turnout model. and i think all of this is going to come down to three states, michigan, pennsylvania and
6:36 am
florida. not beyond the realm of possibility that he could lose florida and win the two big blue states that have resisted republican appeals forever. michigan hasn't been in play for so long that it was the last time that the wolverines beat the buckeyes twice in a row that that state was actually contested. that's a long time ago. 1999 to 2000. and so it is a strange map, donald trump has won basically iowa. he's ahead in ohio. which two states that mitt romney did not win. he has changed the map, and he has got a real possibility, 4% is a poll that isn't within the margin of error but awfully close to being there and depending on how those states fall out on tuesday, pennsylvania, michigan and florida, donald trump could win. >> a state you didn't mention is ohio. it is extraordinary to me, just minutes ago, we were talking about the ohio poll donald up 5 points. a more recent one has him up one point. this is a state where the governor, republican john kasich, not voting for donald trump. hillary clinton is spending a
6:37 am
huge amount of time there. could she win it? >> no, i love ohio. it is my hometown. i named my son's middle name is ohio. i know it very, very well. lebron got his meriracle this year, he brought home the ring, but he won't bring home mahoning and trumbull county. ohio is very definitely trump county because of the coal region, which is in southeastern ohio, because of the decline in manufacturing in northeastern ohio, and because of the farm economy in the western part of the state. there just simply isn't that much enthusiasm for secretary clinton under two active fbi investigations in ohio. so, no, i think she'll have a nice rally, good thing for lebron to show up, everybody loves lebron, so do i, but he can't deliver ohio for hillary. >> here is what is interesting to me, strategic ground game. listen, donald trump said it on friday night, he might not have
6:38 am
j. lo and jay-z, he's by himself, but americans want that. that does resonate. this is more than just a democratic candidate with movie stars who like her. at that jay-z concert, if you wanted a ticket to that show, you got that ticket right near the polling center. they are being very strategic with this ground game, and people might not like hillary, but they love them some jay-z, beyonce and to your point king james. >> let's also look at the ground game in ohio. i'm a republican, people can discount -- but rob portman is winning by 15 points over ted strickland. not a basket case, a casket case campaign. he's dead. rob portman worked that state from the beginning and no one puts it within double digits. he's delivering votes, already delivered votes to the polls. that's where the ground game plays for donald trump. in pennsylvania, senator pat toomey has re-established a four-point lead over mcginty in some polls. in new hampshire, james taylor
6:39 am
will show up, god bless james taylor, i love him, he isn't going to deliver one single trump voter to hillary clinton when he shows up and plays her concert tomorrow or today. can't remember which day it is in new hampshire. celebrities are fun. but ground games matter more. and those -- and senator ayotte, senator toomey and senator portman delivered ground games to donald trump he didn't build, but he'll benefit from. >> you don't think they delivered ground became games themselves but not the gop candidate. you mentioned kelly ayotte and others, they haven't been on team trump all the time. >> no, no. they haven't. they build turnout machines and right now because of these fbi investigations, we had the developments over the weekend, the state of qatar gave a million dlooollars to the clint foundation, that was confirmed by many sources, not reported to the state department when secretary of state clinton was in office. more and more comes on.
6:40 am
and the fbi is nonpartisan but professional. 14,000 special agents follow leads whether on anthony weiner's laptop or in the files of the clinton foundation, and people in those states, and i think michigan as well, are wondering can we handle clinton fatigue for four years? it is going to be a mess if she wins. it is going to be a wild ride if trump wins, but an absolute investigate electoral mess if secretary clinton wins because we never had a president under active fbi investigation, it will be unusual. >> it will be unusual. donald trump has a court date around trump university coming up in november. we have to leave it there. >> not criminal. civil, not criminal. >> that's true. that's true. coming up, as the polls get tight, the role of gary jonsson becomes more and more critical, even his vp candidate seems to be saying don't vote third party. the potential spoiler joins me next. >> you think about making this decision, what matters? >> somebody is honest with me. >> do you think like any of the
6:41 am
candidates are honest with you? >> i feel trump is more honest than hillary clinton. >> he's the lesser of the two dangers. ordinary tissues left dakota's nose sore and red. so dad slayed the problem with puffs plus lotion, instead. with lotion to soothe and softness to please. a nose in need deserves puffs, indeed.
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hilly ary clinton and donal trump are not the only one on the ballot on tuesday. don't forget about gary johnson who could still play a big role in this race. national polls still have him in the low single digits, he's got five or six points in places like new hampshire, ohio, arizona and michigan. in each of those states, johnson's number is larger than the gap between donald trump and hillary clinton. libertarian presidential candidate former new mexico governor gary johnson joins me now. governor. >> hey. >> good morning. i want to go out of the theoretical, and into reality. we're two days away, can you acknowledge, accept you're not going to win this race? >> no, i'm in chicago right now, the cubs have won the world series, stephanie.
6:45 am
and, you know what, two days from now, 20 days from now, two years from now, how did you vote in 2016? vote for johnson, well, you're going to hold your head high. >> but you're talking about what u would say at a party and holding your head high. you got states like ohio, new hampshire, michigan, arizona, you could swing these states not for yourself, but you could swing who ultimately wins those states and it wouldn't be you. >> oh, but to give people their first choice, where is the representation of trump and clinton? representation johnson, well, fiscally conservative, socially inclusive, really skeptical when it comes to our military interventions and free trade, that's a big difference between the two of them. so it is important to give people their first choice. we're leading among active military personnel. doesn't that speak volumes and here we are in chicago, chicago tribune endorsed us, as did
6:46 am
seven other newspapers, major newspapers, that said, hey, these guys might not win, but on the basis of principle, on the basis of experience, this is the choice. >> principle, theory, experience, these are all very important. but something else that is important is your running mate big we bill weld. he said last week, when it came to the democratic candidate hillary clinton, he had a lot of good things to say. i want to share it with you. >> well, i'm here vouching for mrs. clinton. and i think it is high time somebody did. and i'm doing it based on my personal experience with her. and i think she's deserves to have people vouch for her other than members of the democratic national committee. so i'm here to do that. >> okay, governor. your running mate, bill weld, is vouching for hillary clinton. >> he's really got it in for trump. and, you know what, hillary, from the day that she -- if she's elected, the day that she takes office, she's going to be under a drumbeat of impeachment.
6:47 am
whether or not the impeachment happens or not, it is going to be there for four straight years. and i got to say, all this wikileaks stuff, all this stuff about her saying one thing to wall street and another thing to main street, hey, when it comes to either one of them -- >> okay, gary, would you be upset if hillary clinton won? >> i would be upset -- i'm upset if either one of them win. and that's why i'm in the race. i'm going to give people a first choice. stephanie, why don't you take the theory that nobody that comes out to vote for us would have voted in the first place. we're giving people their first vote. i'm going to stick with that one and, you know what, i'm going to feel good about my impact on this. actually being the principled candidate in this race, pointed it out earlier, we're the only candidates on the ballot in all 50 states. >> i want you to feel good. my fear for you is you're not going to feel good on wednesday morning. >> believe me, believe me, you're the one that may feel a little ill over the fact that
6:48 am
somehow you're pressing the principled guy in this whole race. ten years in the future, when everybody is talking about the issues that bill weld and i are talk ing about right now, you're going to look back and go, gosh, why didn't i give that guy more attention? >> governor, i would -- governor -- >> i'll pray for you. >> i'm not asking you to pray for me. why not -- why didn't you take a more aggressive stance earlier in the campaign. this could have been the moment, a real change election. and if you're going to talk about hillary clinton, and wikileaks, and go there now on twitter, why didn't you do it six months ago had it could have made a difference. >> well, amazingly this is a story that is evolving, isn't it? comey comes out and drops the investigation in july. clearly principled on the notion that he didn't want this overhanging the election. but with just 11 days to go, i have to believe that there is
6:49 am
something there. and then with regard to this wikileaks stuff, and the clinton foundation, and pay to play, really six months ago this stuff wasn't out there like it has been evolving. so this is an evolving story and i'm just surprised that you haven't done more than you've done. >> we have -- >> you have a responsibility for this also. >> we have done quite a lot, governor. thank you for joining me today and good luck on tuesday. >> all right, thanks. >> all right. coming up, 16 years ago, florida and hanging chads decided the presidency. looks like florida could be a key state yet again. we'll head down to the sunshine state for the last day of early voting. >> donald and donald loves putin. >> no, no, no. she's a liar. i don't know putin. i've never met putin. what is even a putin? >> wondi'm running to the store. need anything? >> i'm good. thanks. >> erin, he kissed putin.
6:50 am
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a snapshot of early voting shows turnout is way up in several states among latinos. that is why president obama will be in the sunshine state today on the final day of early voting in florida. for one last get out the vote rally as part of her battle ground american series, chris jansing joins me now. >> reporter: when we look at the latest poll, hillary clinton is up by one. so with florida hanging in the balance, it is up to the president to fire up voters on her behalf. what is she doing? >> reporter: i heard about half of that. we have an enthusiastic crowd here for president obama. but look, you mentioned 2000 earlier. i know how heart stoppingly close it can be here in florida
6:54 am
and believe me, it will be close again if the polls are any indication. one point separating hillary clinton. now, she's just edging ahead of him. early voting is off the charts. in heavily democrat being places, take a look, miami-dade county, up 39%, a big, big push in broward county. but the reason president obama is here in kissimmee is because of the hispanic population. lots of puerto ricans have come in and 200,000 more have voted already this year than in all of 2012. about one in four new voters democrats have made a very heavy push for that. why is he coming here today? well, gms outpacing republicans number one, number two, it's not as much as barack obama was ahead in 2012. so last day of early voting, the
6:55 am
president wants to push that up margin so that come election day when the republicans tend to outroou outvote the democrats, she has enough breathing room so we don't run into another situation where it's too close to call. but i tell you, the enthusiasm here is huge. last week when the president obama was in south florida, he had an overflow outside of 7,000 people. that is why barack obama is here today. >> i don't know if you can pan the camera out. are you at a football field? how many people are there? >> reporter: honestly, i don't know how many. there is a minor league baseball stadium in there that holds over 5,000 people. as i told you you, he got an even bigger crowd than that. obviously miami, south florida, more population density. but this is like a happening. look at this, this isn't just
6:56 am
people waiting in line. people are playing music, people are here with their families. it really is sort of the heart of this. i guess the big question, let's go over here, how many of you have already voted? have you already voted? how many have already voted? so the real question for the president, can he get the people who have not foughted yet to the polls. they're yelling we voted. and also stephanie, obviously you can get your friends and family out. you'll hear the big final push from him here today. >> both campaigns are fired up. thank you chris jansing joining us from kissimmee, florida where president obama will be. for me, i'll head out of here because today is the new york city marathon and i have to root by executive producer's brother on. and you can catch me anytime on twitter. i'm talking politics, marathon
6:57 am
and our special election coverage continues tonight at 5:00 p.m. with mtp daily, chuck todd and this tuesday this is the only place you want to be, msnbc the place for politics. wall to wall coverage of the hi 216 election. but fenext here is joy reid. see ya next year. this season, start a new tradition. experience the power of infiniti now, with leases starting at $319 a month. infiniti. empower the drive.
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(i wanted him to eat healthy., so i feed jake purina cat chow naturals indoor, a nutritious formula with no artificial flavors. made specifically for indoor cats. purina cat chow. nutrition to build better lives. good morning and welcome to a.m. joy. we are now two days away until election day and here is the state of the rates right the now. donald trump is heading to michigan, one of the five states that he's hitting today. he'll the be in iowa where a new poll finds him with a seven point advantage. for the democrats, it's all hands on deck fresh off another star-studded event. hillary clinton will stop in ohio and new hampshire today. and we have a brand new poll out this morning, t


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